Being Ok with the Uknown.

Being ok with the uknown guided by inner compass in feeling good more often than not and trusting just that for quite some time is true faith and how magic happens. Ultimate freedom is the knowingness of being able to choose to feel good and being able to shift any moment. This is what allowing Universe do its work means. Our effort is not in asking but in allowing and receiving.How one gets there is the description of our life journey. This is not about getting validation by anyone out there as inner validation is happening and so there is no need to convince anyone about anything. When both parties agree through inner alignement is a WOW MOMENT. Can you imagine the beauty of a world where everyone minds their own business doing what they love most? Care only about how you feel, not about how others feel for you, definetely about how you feel for any other and boom MAGIC every step along tge way 🥰☺🙂🙃#LawofAttraction#feelmorethanfine#ascension