Ascension is the most important aspect in this timeline of our existence as humanity.

-Prime Creator-

Mayan’s prophesy about the arrival of photons on Earth emanating from the central galactic Sun after the date of 21 December 2012 is becoming more and more apparent all around us.

Prime Creator,Mother Father God,The Archangels , Sananda  (Jesus),Mary,The Angels and  Ascended Masters are confirming by connecting with those ones who master the art of raising their frequency at will and with intention to connect with the Higher Realms in order to receive enlightenment and more definition in words of what is occurring on our planet touching all forms of life.

These confirmations come to be very useful when we can understand their veracity simple by crossing observations in our reality.We come to notice the beauty of a flower opening in  spring  and the magic of the simplicity of life,which requires extreme sophistication in the making , understood only by the minds of what we label as genius.Of course there are still many sources out there that are not transmitting pure love & light and therefor it is of the outmost importance to learn to use our internal radar called feeling to be able to filter what is coming through and see with the eyes of our soul what news we choose to  resonate with.

Enlightenment is not to be understood rather to be accepted for what is.Remaining present continuously while being thankful and aware that we are creating in every moment of our existence is something that we can master with disciplined practise on a day to day basis.And i don’t mean to be too serious about it rather than have fun with it same way as dolphins are expressing happiness.

Before our incarnation in the physical bodies we live in we agreed that we wanted to be here and now to witness  all the amazing things that take place and to remember what is our purpose of existence.

Each one of us has a specific mission to accomplish that is anchored in our DNA library which we awaken through intention and will to vibrate higher.The only way to experience density was to forget who we really were and all of us without exception living in the here and now agreed to be part of this.There are those who have taken the conscious steps towards discovering the truth and those who have no idea of what is truly happening.

We attract what we fear,we attract what we believe and we strengthen what we oppose.

– Sananda –

We have Free Will,that is The Present of Life given to each one of us  and we can choose in what direction  to go.Free will can be a dangerous tool if we don’t know how to use it,there is the way where  no suffering is present where one lives with an open heart in peace,joy,freedom,abundance,prosperity the one we call 5th dimensional and there is the opposite lifestyle where a lot of suffering exists,serving the ego, living in a competitive world and spirit and loving with conditions which we call 3 dimensional.Nevertheless our choice ,we are loved beyond measure and those who choose to follow a dark path have the choice to come back to the light at any given time they wish as Prime Creator does not condemn or judge anybody.The only difference is that these souls are facing suffering in their experiences and if this is their wish,so it is.

Self love is the way to guide ourself to the light.Self love is the way to be able to become compassionate and serve others.

True Love is Unconditional and Sets Free.

From a higher perspective we all came here to experience the process of Ascension and to help through our presence.Human beings we have the power through our frequency to transcend all realities around us with our conscious use of our emotions.

The powerful energies that come from above need to  be channeled through our bodies to Mother Earth.In this way we are helping our planet to ascend when we take off our shoes and connect with her on a daily basis.If this is not done we experience pain in different part of our bodies,the energy is seeking way to get out. The planet of course has its own life and can decide at will when is the right time for transformations to take place.Energies coming out of our bodies ,guided towards Earth to all forms of Life around us even at  a long distance through the power of thought and presence are  practises that contribute in the achievement of True Global Peace and the reactivation of Gaia to become pristine again.With 2 powerful waves of photons that came through on the dates of 28 September 2015 and another one mid march 2016 about 10 billion people living on the surface of the planet have been activated whether aware of it or not.A 3rd wave arriving on the planet in June 2016 is going to activate the remaining 1/3 of humanity.All this is predicted by Archangel Michael and Sananda and of course those who are aware of the changes have felt it with a positive outlook for all these new sensations appearing in our bodies while many believed that they got  ‘sick’ / caught a flu and run  to use pills to hide the ‘effects’.The ‘effects’ is just Love & Light knocking our door.

The food we choose to eat is important ,a choice in vibrating high or low goes through our stomach.

It is evident that people who are Vegan have bigger compassion not only for the animals but also for one another.When we add to this a holistic lifestyle with meditation  and movement integrated in every day life the effects are immediate as we are helping consciously to reactivate our ‘junk’ DNA and with the help of the energies we are becoming more telepathic,we are able to heal with our hands,to move objects with our thoughts or even to teleport ourself for those who have mastered the art of raising their vibrations.This is to become The Pure Christ for each one of us.

Of course there is no doubt that hidden advanced technologies have been used against The Human Race to prevent this awakening and of course those who are connected with God always knew that there is nothing to be afraid of, we are eternal spirits living a human experience.

Dear beloved we gathered all here today to get through this thing called life  but i am here to tell you,there is something else,the after world -Prince-

One of the best ways to raise our frequency is through dancing and laughing and with the intelligent combination of  moves and breathing can learn to do this in a more effective way.I have been sharing these movements in short videos that i  have posted on youtube and i am sharing those in all the events i organise called Feel More Than Fine.

The warm up is based on few very simple moves connecting us with our higher self in action and a lot of fun.

Music  attuned on the natural frequency of 432Hz and use of other frequencies such as 528z make the experience more intense.

Raw Vegan Pure food ,fruit juices,purified water & elixirs of life using pure organic materials are helping to raise our frequency.

Alcohol,white sugar or meat  are materials that low our vibration dramatically and therefor they are intentionally not part of the FMTF experience.

Sober is the new drunk and something that is becoming very trendy.

FMTF events are here to help rush into the Golden Age of New Earth Realities that are far beyond what our imagination can conceive in this moment i am writing this and which is actually happening right now.To start with the official release of disclosed documents of the existence of UFO in Australia beginning of May.

So what to expect?The unexpected.Much More UFOs in our skies in May 2016???absolutely!And the meeting with our galactic brothers and sisters after the landing take place once we all agree upon this as a United Human Race.Free Will in action always! I expect people running in the streets and hugging each other,especially when they don’t know each other as we have discovered that ALL IS ONE in the core of Our Being.

Ascension Keys.

Nikos Akrivos.


Feel More Than Fine on Tour!

Holy Electronic Beats,Barefoot Dancing & Meditation.

Wednesday May 18th Düsseldorf:13h00-16h00 Coco Mat.

Sunday May 22nd Bonn :16h00-19h00 Pole Dance Bonn.

Monday June 20th  Düsseldorf :13h00-16h00 Coco Mat.

Join us and experience what can not be expressed with words.

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