Archangel Michael Tells Why He Favors a Global Universal Basic Income

Archangel Michael: It is about walking on the streets and seeing the lines of worry, fear, and being beaten down erased from the faces of people.

It is about being in a grocery store and knowing that it is being filled with healthy, nutritious food and that people have enough money in their pockets – yes, that currency thing – that they can buy that food and thrive.

[It’s about seeing] that the children are kept safe and that they are exposed to a broad spectrum of learning, of expansion. This new generation is wide awake and the education systems are doing their best to try to shut them down. So envision education that is different and children that are laughing and smiling and free to be children.

Spend time physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally building your world because this – what you will do in your undertakings and our undertakings – needs to be reflective of that vision, of that beauty.

Steve: Well, it’s not until somebody speaks that vision that it begins its journey to become real, right? It isn’t until I say, for instance, that I’m going to give a universal basic income of $100,000 to each Canadian that both that and other things inspired by that arise.

AAM: Yes. But it is not merely the vision of the money going to Canadians. It is the idea of liberation, of freedom, of the latitude of each person to have flexibility in their choices. And inside of that is the paradigm of honouring free choices.

So it is not that you are standing there and saying, “I am giving you a universal income so you will pay this much for rent and pay attention to your children’s education and you are going to buy the right food.”

No. Inside of that, the vision is truly the honouring, not only of free will and free choices, but the innate intelligence…

Will some people spend foolishly? Well, yes, but only in your opinion. They may think a bright red bicycle is the best decision they ever made.

So it is that permission and the vision that people can make kind and loving and intelligent choices. So it is truly anchoring the vision.

And if it isn’t talked about, if it isn’t developed, if it isn’t nurtured in a personal way of what it means to you, starting the conversation, then when people say, “We are going to build a New Earth,” the discussion has no substance; it has no legs.

Steve: I have the thought that I need to put out some ideas.

AAM: We are encouraging you to put out the ideas.


Steve: That’s good. That’s what I need to know.