Archangel Michael – Angel Warrior Group Results, May 30 2021

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angel Warrior Group.
We are on our knees with reverence for you who came forward to hear the call to action. We thank you most graciously for your energies.
Although there are still captives within the Chinese base, we have removed all but three of them. Approximately 20 were removed this week with your help. This week was a resounding success!
Yes, there are peace talks again in the Middle East. You can thank yourselves for this as well. The will of the people is being heard: You want peace. When you exert that will by bringing your higher energies to bear upon that region, peace will come. It is the people’s will.
This week, we would like you to continue your efforts with the Chinese Chimera base but we also require your assistance with the base in the Congo (Africa). The queen has been taken long ago, but there still remain pockets of workers that are reproducing, snatching humans for food, and continuing to attempt to take hostages.
Yes, Sharon, they are snatching those from the surface they can utilize to their own ends.
As for the Chimera breeding programs, we have most of the breeders in our sights, and these people will be protected. You can forward that message to your contact, if you will.
Me: Yes, absolutely. I will. Thank you Michael!
I am Archangel Michael, most appreciative of your loving efforts and humbly asking you to continue to serve.