Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Shifting into Your Fullest Expression

December 26, 2021,

Settling into heart-centred navigation and trusting your own mastery will not make you fall into ego.

There is a huge difference between egoic self expression and conscious self expression! Trust the work you have done. Trust your awareness. Know that if you start making decisions that aren’t in line with your true self and your truest intentions, you will get uncomfortable in record time and will naturally redirect.

You don’t have to be afraid of stepping into your power, Dear Ones, because you have learned a healthy respect for the responsibility of power which has shifted you from 3D power that seeks to serve the one or the few, to the higher vibrational system of empowerment which seeks to serve the whole.

This shift means that you are ready to step into your fullest expression of self in a way that serves everyone involved. We cannot state enough what a glorious thing it is that you have reached this point of your evolution.