Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Receive Our BlessinG

December 17, 2021,

Shelley’s note: I must say today’s daily message was a total surprise for me. In almost ten years of doing these messages he has never offered anything like this. I think it speaks not only of the importance of the times we are in but also how much support we have through it all. May you enjoy your blessing and may it help you ride the waves into the new.

Dear Ones, we would like to offer you an energetic blessing today to assist you with the final shifts you are moving through as you prepare to step into the energies of 2022.

Simply still yourselves for a moment and with your inner voice, state your intention to receive our blessing. You may feel tingles on the head. You may feel heart expansion. You may feel a minty sensation under your nose or a cooling on your chest. You may hear ringing in the ears. You may feel momentarily teary. All of this is absolutely wonderful!

You may sit in the energy as long as feels good to you, and you may ask to receive it as many times as you like. And if you have felt nothing at all, it does not mean that you did not receive our blessing! It just means the best way for you to receive it was the subtlest way, but make no mistake, it is settling into your energetics as beautifully and efficiently as it is for those who have a stronger physical experience of it.

If it makes you feel better, you can always ask for a sign that you have received our blessing. Keep your eyes open for a little piece of magic to present itself to you as confirmation, and it will surely come.

Allow us to love and guide you. Allow us to make our presence known to you. Allow us to experience this glorious shift on the planet through you and with you, as your devoted servants and biggest cheerleaders.

You are loved and honoured through it all.