back view of a woman wearing white dress and sun hat standing on the farmland

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Open to All Potentials

The signs and synchronicities you experience are the breadcrumbs that lead you out of the forest into your next grand discovery and adventure. Watching for the signs and following them when they appear is how you stay open to being led to what is waiting for you just outside of your conscious awareness.

It is a powerful practice to simply concentrate on making your next wisest choice, one now moment at a time, because it keeps you operating from a space of presence, which is your base of empowerment and what allows you the greatest unfoldment.

We understand you often consider not knowing to be a negative but the reality is the not knowing so many of you have been experiencing over the past few years has been a gift designed to help you to develop the skill of operating from a space of presence and learning to only move with what is energetically supported.

This is an essential skill that will serve you well once you move more fully into the energies of the new for it keeps you open to all potentials and possibilities. It is switching from being led by the mind and experiencing yourself as being separate to being led by the heart and the fullness of conscious alignment that will never steer you wrong.