Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Greatest Challenge/Greatest Gift

If you are experiencing an ongoing challenge or theme in your life, you also carry the full potential to master that theme. In fact, that is exactly why you are experiencing it. You want to see that you can also come out the other side of that challenge in a new, more empowered way. You chose the theme because it is on your to-do list to master it, and you are ready to do so.

Let us give you an example that might make it easier for you to understand because it won’t feel so personal. Think of a video game. When you are playing a video game, there is often a great challenge for you to get through before you move on to the next level. You come up to the challenge because you are ready for it. Going through the challenge opens the next level for you.

You don’t see it as punishment or unfair, you simply see it as your next challenge to master. You also know with complete certainty that you have developed the skills to do it. It never enters your mind that you can’t do it. You realize you must be able to get through it because there are more levels to explore beyond it. And you also know the next level comes with new skills and tools, and new areas to explore and enjoy.

The same it is with your life. The challenges allow you to know yourself better and discover the capabilities you have and to move forward in a new, empowered and expanded way. And what is so wonderful is your growth and experiences serve not only you but also the whole and are exactly what is driving the shift that is occurring on your planet. You are intrepid pioneers of empowerment and we are with you every step of the way.