And you?how many years you want to live in this costume called human body?

Those of you visiting regurarly this website, know very well that i am dedicated in offering insights towards a Smooth Ascension process,from myself and numerous channels i resonate with.

In this time space reality we are actually at experiencing our multi dimensionality and discovering and learning to use our new toys resulting from the transformation of our carbon based cells to crystalline based cells and our awareness as Pure Divine Source we start to become very aware that indeed there is nothing we can not be,do or have!Imagination is 5th dimensional thinking and everything one can imagine and practise and visualise on will manifest in diving timing by always taking in consideration the highest good for all and respecting the law of doing no harm to self, others or a thing if one of course wants to attract good things through the law of instant karma.Today i came across this article:

Dave is using stem cells through invasive technology to keep himself young, he wants to live till 180 years old.

Now,from my own perspective, already 10 years ago, i promised myself that i want to live another 100 years.But i got news for Dave!this has now shifted to 900 years or more.Cause that is what Ascension is all about.One can choose to leave their body or remain in their body and live by doing the good work in raising and sustaining vibrational frequency of mind, body and spirit which translates in living a successful 5th dimensional life in the present moment.As Yeshua aka Sananda once said:Heaven is present here and now!From my perspective we are pure love and light and our intention to remain pure in our body leads in prolonging our life in rejuvenation and to discover ways that can prolong our lives till 900 years or more.It is my firm belief that there is no need for invasive technology, we are born perfect, our bodies are perfect ,they have an unlimited number of portals to be discovered as we progress in our Ascension.That is what we came to experience, that is why each and every day i am so grateful to live to be here in the now living this human life.And not only that, we are already discussing about Med Beds and Celestial Chambers that will assist each and everyone in their Ascension process in rejuvenating, living longer lives and even change  genre if they wish so.There is nothing we can not be, do or have!t is a choice to make and a choice that we made before coming to this life and yes free will is always available to use.And besides that, it is  good to know that invasive technology cuts in the energy lay lines interrupting the chi flow of energy in ways that can not totally be understood as science did not reach that level of understanding of our electro magnetic bodies,our bodies seen from the perspective of vibrational frequency.And what is high vibrational frequency?very simple :to make sure to feel good in all choices we make or better said:to Feel More Than Fine always!

Already 15 years following this way of living my life and if i take in consideration all that occurred only these past few years or even these 12 past months Oh My God!what is this going to be next year or 5 years or 10 years from now?What is this going to be when The Light Cities will appear and both those who believe before they see and those who only believe when they see will see!

Excitement and eagerness in gratitude in peace and bliss, joy and love,abundance and prosperity, amen and Hallelujah!