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“Jenga” – Intel SITREP

Wednesday – 12:00:00 – 2.24.16
Anonymous Intel SITREP (Situation Report)


Sovereign Elder Leadership agreed to commence with the RV or Operation Sunrise on Monday – 2.22.16 @ 8:00:00 CST (Sunday 2.20.16 @ 19:00:00 EST).  Benevolent assistance was requested and given per Universal law governing divine life force free will.


An initial AIIB “authorization ping” was sent and returned worldwide by all Central Banks on Tuesday – 2.23.16 @12:00:00 CST (Monday 23:00:00 EST).  An accurate metaphor would be that humanity scored its long awaited RV touchdown.


A second AIIB “performance ping” was then sent out, but not returned by 70+ Central Banks on Wednesday – 2.24.16 @ 8:00:00 (Tuesday 21:00:00 EST).  And because not all Central Banks worldwide complied, the entire operation was delayed.  All proceed or none proceed is standard protocol in the GCR/RV arena.


As of this SITREP, it is unknown if the matter has in fact been resolved and the process restarted.  An accurate metaphor of this event would be that humanity is patiently waiting to kick the extra point after a greedy delay of game penalty was called on the cabal.


This blatant act of non-compliance after an earlier act of compliance is simply a petty negotiating “pull back” tactic in order to gain additional percentage points for handling master account hydration right before closing.  However, any further non-compliance stalling activity generated by the Dark Nobility/Rothschild faction is now grounds for immediate planetary removal and/or central sun reconditioning.


Rest assured the unconditional surrender of the global monetary mechanism of power known historical as “money exchange” is non-negotiable, as increased and unrivaled benevolent assistance is actively guaranteeing the completion of Operation Sunrise (RV) in real time.