Aligining with 2020 Energies.Visions, Caves of Creation & Crystalline Realms.

Content is Light-Encoded to assist your journey.
Blessings Beloveds ~

A heart-felt blessing of peace to all. This passage is delivering a brand new level of Embodiment, and we witness the effects on our consciousness. It has been a vivid week, and becoming more so as the 12-12-12 Gates open wider.

The photos at top are representations of the incoming light, as a reference for the diamond-crystalline-rainbow realms and visions presenting right now.

Cosmic stargates are opening – right through the Caves of Creation. I was blessed to visit the Caves of Creation this week, a physical place deep within Gaia, guarded by vibrant (and very large) beings. The cave system contains the Master records of Gaia’s Living Library as well as our own quantum DNA, sealed in very advanced crystalline systems. This is where the Soul enters and exits, using DNA to create a physical incarnation. The Caves opened up this week (remember they are multidimensional, so they don’t behave like a linear cave) to reveal a massive new cosmic stargate connection. Wide. Open.

This is like fresh cosmic wind is blowing through the halls of our own minds, hearts and experience. Clearing, resetting, and providing the new experience for pure Embodiment. As always, the Diamond-Solar-Crystalline heart is key.

This also means transformation on a global level is imminent for Embodiers in 2020. Stay focused ~ the 12-12 & Full Moon are the initiation to this timeline-shifting sequence. We are being transformed by conscious choice. Transfiguration, resurrection and the deep peace of bliss keep presenting.

These Gateways are very stimulating to the pineal; this is a global recovery of higher skills for willing, prepared hearts. The pineal assists in grounding the new light level and the experience of it in these realms.

What we are experiencing right now:

– Psychedelic or vivid visions of the rainbow-plasma, crystalline realms, golden-diamond geometries, Divine DNA, New Earth visions, Stargate openings
– Caves of Creation opening to the Cosmic Stargates: The Caves are where our Universal past is stored, as well as our future. For some it means life reviews across multiple dimensions, for others it unveils the future possibilities. You may have rapid-fire visions of parallel scenarios being transmuted – to clear the path for the new trajectory. No need to analyze the visions. It’s a side-effect of the DNA rebundling, aligning your timelines for something new. (Use the invocations in the Ebook.)
-Vivid/busy visions and dreamstate. Processing unveiled and new information from the Living Library.
– Star Family, New Crystalline Light Beings, Higher levels of Self presenting. Larger, purer guides and aspects of Self and the Heart Center are available to assist with these Gateways. Own your Mastery, know your higher choices, respect the connection. Co-create with them at Quantum level.
– Wide awake for Schumann spikes. Surges from Gaia stimulate Divine DNA and transfiguration. Breathe. Be a conduit. Hydrate.
– Rainbow plasma everywhere: Flashes or large fields of pastel-rainbow light in open-eye vision. Gaia is brightening. The higher realty is bleeding through as the veils dissolve.
– Heart openings: The pure frequency of Divine Love is a MAGIcal elixir, and the strongest force in this Universe. This gift of Divine Mother is the key to your full Embodiment.
– Bliss states are amplified, and clearings of what does not complement your next level. Use the Ebook recommendations for clearing and alignment with this precious gift.
– Sleepiness: This recommendation from the Ebook for quality sleep is evident right now. Nighttime is busy, take a nap when needed. The sleepiness will intensify for many. Gates are open for the 12-12. Get outside to feel and integrate this new light; it’s the easiest way to receive. December 11: Full Moon at 9:14pm PST: Timeline choices anchoring. Stay humble and focused. December 12: The 12-12-12 Gateway. Seven year anniversary of Gaia’s Ascension. A very strong passage for those who received the Ascension activations on the 12-12-2012. Gaia unlocks next-level DNA codes for Christ/Crystalline Embodiers. Ceremony, Unity, Meditate, Create as your Source-Self. Honor Gaia-Sophia and she will respond.

Unify with our 12-12 Sedona Gatekeeper Gathering: We will have a global meditation from 12-12:22pm MST during the event to consciously connect and surge the new Diamond-Golden-Crystalline codes of Embodiment to all willing hearts.
  Aligning with the 2020 Energies Ebook

This free Ebook is now posted as an article series, for those who may have missed it last month. We are inviting as many to the table for this Sacred feast of a passage. In brief, this is THE moment to align with the Sacred Self. Launch your next level with a detox cleanse or fast. It allows the DNA to reset.

Download or view the Ebook:

SUNday Unified Creation: Global Meditations

:: Amplifying the 1212 Gateway as ONE :: We walk through this Sacred passage of December-January hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart. Invite all to participate!

Join thousands for our Global Mass #Meditations on SUNday at 5:11am, 8:11am, and 11:11 am Pacific Time (UTC – 8)⁠ to unify with the stargates within and without to infuse peace, balance, harmony and unity into these realms.

Details, time converters and graphics for sharing HERE

Infinite Love Light to this Sacred Tribe

We lead the way with kindness, compassion and Divine Neutrality. With the energies pushing for personal transformation – in order to create collective transformation – it is a perfect moment for self-care, highest choices of Love, and supporting the birth of the New.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! In Love, Light and Service,