Again, this week, we ask that you spread white light love to your own country,uluru australia and manitoba province canada -aa michael via sharon-

I am Archangel Michael with a message for all light warriors, angelics and bringers of the new age to earth.

It behooves us to have to change the tempo of our message to you this week. Sharon is currently working on a book with Ashtar Sheran about the Storm, which is due out shortly, possibly this week, however she has become aware of certain events being carried out in her country which are a threat to her and other Canadians. As the country is so large, communication is lax and the east is not aware of what is occurring in the west. This type of communication problem must be dealt with and Sharon herself is seeking a solution. If you are Canadian and have anything to report regarding troop movements or other covid/anti-covid developments in your province, please visit our website: where you can leave a message. Lives could depend on it. Sharon will attempt to distribute these messages to Canadians wanting to know what is happening in their country.

This type of communication should be developed for all countries. There are people reporting for the U.S. and Australia as well, this news is going out into the world but there are some countries/regions where reporting is lax and even more difficult due to censorship.

Please endeavour to make time to spread news to your fellow countrymen about these developments. Until such time the devil is defeated, we must all work together in unison.

Again, this week, we ask that you spread white light love to your own country. Uluru in Australia is still in need of white light and if you can make time to send some there it would be appreciated. Now Canada is in trouble and we would like you to send energy to it as well, if you see fit to do so. We would like you to send energy to the province of Manitoba, which is approximately the halfway point, and then radiate the energy outwards to the east and west coasts.

Remember that the energy you send through your mind will prompt you to take action in the physical. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. Sending energy is wonderful, however working to help those in physical danger is better. We must work against the negative manifestation of others on the planet. When negativity is manifested and is acted out we must take action on that level too.

I also recommend that on December 21st you take part in COBRA’s meditation to solidify the timeline and Sharon will post the link below in the comments.

I am Archangel Michael. I am with you, I stand by you, you are my super solider in the battle against darkness and I am your captain. We are love. We are God. We are Legion.