Absorbing Light Easily.

Meditation can be done in many ways.It can be personal and it can be for assisting the rest of humanity and the planet.It is all about intention and collective synchronized focus.

We are doing such meditations on SUNdays and Every day at 3PM East. Find all information here :

Also another great website offering more opportunities is here.

My point is that there is no time that is ‘sacrified’ since time is an illusion.It is all a frequency and the more one looks for opportunities to expand Love and Light for The Highest Good For All the easier one can absorb light.After only 15′ the results can be tangibly felt,a constant bliss and joy that last all day long.Combined with high vibrational nutrition (Vegan /Raw Vegan) and a lot of water and only magic manifests all day long in all things.Calling upon the Ascended Masters and all Beings of Light for support sustains the frequency at high levels with ease,grace and flow.

Feel More Than Fine


Art Work Mark Eden