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A Reminder for Our SUNday Unity Meditations.

woman meditating on rock
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If you want to feel empowered and recharged for the rest of your week, invite you to join us on our SUNday Unity Meditations every SUNday at 5am and 8am and 11am pacific time with thousands across the planet going in stillness for 30 minutes each session preferably offline for better telepathic communication ;). After 5 years that i am on this journey i have experienced great truths within me and i can safely surf the Ascension waves with ease, grace and flow. Of course this does not mean i do not go within any other day, just that on SUNdays we are this powerful group coming together blasting the planet with Light that works for The Highest Good for All and all participants can feel it!!!



ps. times in Central Europe (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam) is at 14h/17h/20h00.