A new message from jesus :

This is a new message from jesus : i could behold an illness without freaking out because the illness didn’t bother me because it wasn’t authentic it wasn’t reality the reality is over here it was just the beginning of the journey to which i was giving my undivided attention and there’s there’s something in that that no one’s quite got their thoughts and feelings around yet that is very powerful because almost everyone is still feeling sorrow or or wishing that it could be better or hoping for the best where there’s still some resistance in it where if in the in the compassionate complete acceptance of the okayness of where you are there’s a complete and utter absence of resistance now here what happens then in the utter absence of resistance this powerful vortex you said it was powerful and it is this powerful vortex now in the absence of resistance takes you right into clear view takes you right in where the manifestations that please you can be revealed to you and then you know you are the center so are you the center of the universe or are you the center of your vortex and it and what’s uncomfortable is not letting yourself be the center of that oh that powerful amassing of cooperative components when you get when you get into when you get into the vortex you have an instant manifestation of of positive emotion or you’re not in the vortex so when you get that now you’ve accomplished everything that you ever would want to accomplish and as you learn to maintain the frequency of that then all the other stuff begins to reveal itself to you and in that revelation you then know unequivocally your power that is really good -Abraham Hicks-