A Glorious Thanks Giving To You!

It’s been 8 years now since the feel more than fine project came into existence, a project that is supported in all forms and ways as i keep on sharing information, personal perspective and channelings that i resonate with as it relates to our Ascension as Humanity and Pacha Mama New Earth Terra Christa,Galactic Disclosure and Power of Manifestation with the purest intention:The Highest Good of All.During this amazing ride, you are becoming witness that all forms of abundance and prosperity and freedom and well being are available to us.

‘The happier i am, the better things go”.A statement that many ”sceptics”won’t agree with.Yes here i am,doing it and it is getting better and better each and every day!We are Vibrational beings and this is your  Feel More Than Fine Academy!

Now during all these years i have personally paid for all hosting costs to create it and i have also received the help of many of you in one way or another, from creating the design,the logo, promoting events, offering your artists talents or offering your homes to stay at.You have all participated in one way or another to make this reality true.The law of attraction operates in amazing ways, once we understand that what we think and feel we manifest.

And so i want to Thank You All of you for coming to this website, reading my posts, thank you for wanting to be better in your lives and for your intention to learn more about Ascension and for assisting, you know who you are!Thank You,Thank You,Thank You.

The one and only truth lies always inside of you at all times, you only need to connect within the now, relax for few moments,breath in breath out, ask for support in gratitude from your higher self and guides,Angels,Archangels,Ascended Masters,Mother Father God and then just listen and feel the peace and joy emanating from within.

And this is the other intention of this website:to help you realise that the champion is in you and that you are indeed GOD.

I Am All That I Am.I Am Unlimited.I Am God.I Am The Architect of my Matrix.I Am A Spiritual Master,I Am.

I hope this helps you understand  the purpose of what I and you are doing here in this space, timeline and planet.

This website charges no money for the work i am doing in sharing content and for the subscription service that you can find at the bottom of this page.

If you appreciate my work, your donations are welcome here

Much Love and Blessings of Joy,Abundance,Prosperity and Excellent Health to you!