A friend asks.

A friend asks: How to heal a broken heard … Love yes … but if people reject and not talk and still love is there …’letting go’ … i know but it hurts so bad 😓.
My Answer: Pain has its purpose. It is through the wound that Light penetrates. Gratitude while this happens receiving Love from Source will give you ease. Write 10 things you are grateful for this morning. And go to my recent post and try some of the stuff i share. Crying is also good. Be easy on yourself. This too shall pass.

A friend asked me today(2 days ago) : Hi, how are you? Can i ask you where you get the positive news from?

My answer : Hi, i get all directly from God. People’s consciousness manifests along where they stand in their journey. If you make sure to vibrate higher and focus only on things you like you will be able to see through the veil.You sentOnly good is coming our way…for some it can be a journey that is fun for others a pure struggle.You sentwe choose every moment. and the way we feel any moment shows how close we to our truth.You sentfocus only on feeling good.You sentand you will notice only good news coming to you.You sentwe attract what what we vibrateYou sentlike magnets from our thoughts and feelings at all times.You sentif you read the news all the timeYou sentguess what?You sentyou attract only that.You sentyou see only that.You sentbut if you take time to choose for what makes you feel happy and do that all of the timeYou senttime will pass faster and you will have only good stuff coming to you.You senti hope this helps…so you can witness what i do.#feelmorethanfine