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Get up each morning dear ones and look in the mirror. Greet the Divine within your own eyes with reverence. “Good morning dear God in the costume of this body. Good morning!

October 31, 2020,

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today, many of you celebrate Halloween – a holiday where you make light of darkness, dress in costumes, share tricks or treats, and in general have fun with what might otherwise be considered very scary topics. Can you imagine that you are all souls in costume, that all darkness will indeed eventually be seen for the illusion it is, and that, through your free will, you alone have given yourself either tricks or treats!

You are Divine love in costume, cloaked in a body, wearing the mask of your personality, and playing a particular role. Your political candidates are divine love in a costume, cloaked in a body, wearing the mask of their personalities, and playing a unique role. The ones you love and the ones you can’t stand are Divine love in a costume, cloaked in a body, wearing the mask of their personality, and playing a role as well.

Unfortunately most upon the earth have forgotten to identify with the light within. Instead you relate to yourselves and one another as the costume of the body, the mask of the personality, and the roles that you play for one another.

Your challenge is to remember that no matter what you look like, no matter what characters you play, no matter how your personalities differ, you are all united in the One love that breathes life into each and every one of you upon your planet earth.

When you whisper telepathically to a soul, “I remember who you are beneath the costume, the mask, and the role,” you help them remember too. When you treat a person as if they are the costume, the mask, or the role, you help them identify more strongly with that facade.

What if, on Halloween, instead of saying, “Hi Bob! Hi Sue! Hi dear friend of family member! Hello, my dearest child,” you believed in and reacted as if your dear ones were their costume, their mask and the roles they were playing? What if, instead of greeting your friends with love and humor, you started to fight the pirates, scream in horror at the skeletons, beg the superheroes for help, flirt with the barmaids, and bow to the princesses. Aptly enough, your friends in costume would, more seriously, embody their roles in response!

Likewise you have the power on earth to bear witness to the light within each soul or to trigger them to more heavily identify with their body, personality, or role. It is your choice. If you fight the pirates and the villains, they will become more pirate or villain-like! If instead you treat them as if they are a soul beneath a mask, they will act more kindly. If you beg your superheroes to help you, believing they have more strength, clout, and power than you do, they will likely assist, but you may just forget your own innate power in the interaction.

If you treat someone like the body-costume they wear, they will respond as such. If you treat someone as the personality they exhibit they will respond in kind. If you treat someone as the role they play, they are likely to oblige you by playing that role.

If instead you walk around witnessing the light of the Divine in each and every soul around you, regardless of body, personality, or role, your experience of life will be so much sweeter! You will draw out the loving essence of those wishing for it to be seen. You will naturally repel those who identify with the darker roles, and who aren’t ready to be “seen” for the light that they truly are.

Trick or treat dear ones? Do you want to trick yourself into believing that those around you are the costume of their body, the mask of their personality, or the role the play? Or do you want to treat yourself to a greater truth – that beneath these facades, there is One love experiencing itself in many forms, many personalities, and many roles?

Give yourself this gift. Remind yourself there is a spark of light in every soul, beneath every facades. Allow yourself to imagine fanning the flames of this light with your prayers and your love. Relate to everyone as if you know the truth! You know who lives beneath the costume, the mask, and the role.

What if every day instead of saying, “Hello, Bob! Hello, Sue! Hello, dear friend or family member,” you were to say instead, “Hello, God, dressed as Bob! Hello, God, dressed as Sue! Hello, God, dressed as my friend or family member!” I know who you really are, and guess what! I am Divine love too! I am wearing the costume of this body, the mask of this personality, and playing a role too. How beautiful we are in our diverse costumes. How amazing that we can interact in these roles. I love you. I love me. I know who we really are.

Get up each morning dear ones and look in the mirror. Greet the Divine within your own eyes with reverence. “Good morning dear God in the costume of this body. Good morning! Help me remember I am so much more than my body, my personality or my role, and help me see you beneath all others as well.” Then, doing your best, go about your day imagining you are the loving Divine interacting with the loving Divine in all others. Some will remember. Some will forget. But nonetheless, you will treat yourself to a loving experience of interacting with the One who lives beneath all costumes, all masks, and all roles.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
~ The Angels

Picture Credit :Feel More Than Fine at French Alpes 2019.

Love the wounded children within those who bother you dear ones. -The Angels-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment right now. Think of someone in your life who has once bothered you, or is bothering you at this moment. It can be someone you know, or someone you simply witness on the news. It can be someone you care about deeply, or someone you’d prefer never to see again. Just for a moment think of this individual. Trust the first one that comes to mind.

Feel the sensations in your body as you do so. Notice the tension, perhaps in the jaws, the back, or the gut. Notice if you feel peaceful or settled, fearful, or angry. Just notice for now without the slightest bit of self-judgement.

Now imagine this person as a child, lost, lonely, beaten, abused, or ignored. See them as a little child crying for love but feeling nowhere to turn. Feel the pain of their confusion and loneliness. Feel your heart open with compassion for this little one feeling so unloved.

Now, if you can, imagine that you can see this little hurting child within this person that bothers you so much. imagine you can send that little child love, light, and reassurance that he or she is an important part of life on earth. As you send this little child love, imagine that the older version of them begins to soften. Imagine this older version begins to open perhaps, and look at you with wonder and gratitude. They don’t realize what you are doing for them, but they feel your love.

Feel the sensations in your body as you send love this child. Feel the flow of warmth, relaxation, or even energy. It feels good to be you.

Dear ones, within everyone on earth whom you would consider to be a menace, a monster, or a maniac, there exists a very hurt and lonely child. Within every perpetrator is an abused child. Within every addict is a sensitive child, overwhelmed by the harshness of the world. Within ever narcisisst is a lonely child crying for attention. Within every manipulative liar, there is a child who was disdained for their truth.

Love the wounded children within those who bother you dear ones. We are not asking you to be doormats, to allow for abuse or even unkindness, but perhaps from a distance, send love to those hurting children trapped in a shell of hardness or hatred. Send love to those abused children trapped in a grown abuser. Send love to those little overwhelmed souls trapped in the grown addict. Send love dear friends to the innocent spark of light often mired in darkness within those you can’t stand.

The very same innocent spark of the Divine lives in you. When you send love to the innocent light within others, this is the highest form of Self-love, for you are loving the Source and the Self that lives in all things and all beings. You are loving God.

In this flow of love you connect with your deepest, truest Self. In this willingness to love the light and innocence within anyone, you will feel more deeply in love with your own true Self than you could possibly feel with all the righteous anger and defensiveness in the world.

We encourage healthy boundaries in the 3D world. We encourage clear discernment about what gives you joy and what does not. We also encourage you – even as you honor your human self in these ways – to honor the spirit within by sending love to the innocent light and spirit within all human beings.

You don’t need to spend time around people with whom you don’t resonate. You don’t need to like their personalities. You don’t need to make excuses for their behaviors. Instead, love them, the real “them” – the soul within them – and you just might be the one who tips them from the path of their pain and darkness into a greater truth and a greater light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from the Angels

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We are so proud of each and every one of you. You have been working hard to reap the gifts offered by this extremely challenging year of contrast upon your earth. You have been diligently striving to gently shift your thoughts towards ones that make you feel better. You have been doing your best to stay out of fear. This is the work your soul came to do.

You wanted to create from the arena of contrasts. You wanted to grow into mastery of your mind, so you could master your own energy. You wanted to use your free will to aim the power that creates worlds in directions that please you and thus allow the expansion of the Divine. This year, more than any before in recent history has afforded you an opportunity for amazing growth and therefore, amazing grace.

Some of you are chafing at the bits, ready to get going with life, but not yet motivated to act. Some of you have surrendered to truly enjoying your time under current conditions. Some of you have gone inward to create your future from the inside out. Some of you have been working non-stop to assist in healing, delivering, re-birthing, and more. Many of you are feeling exhausted and in need of great rest.

Wherever you find yourself at this time, remind yourself, it is OK. I am perfect exactly where I am. I am feeling exactly what I need to feel now. My feelings are my guidance. If I am tired, I am being guided to rest. If I am energized and inspired, I’m being guided to act. If I dream of the future but don’t want to act, I’m being guided to dream and create in my inner world. Trust. Don’t compare yourself with others. You are on a unique and beautiful path which has been defined by your very own desires.

Embracing the here and now is actually the quickest path to your dreams. Finding loving thoughts in the here and now ensures more love later. Appreciating the abundance you have in any area will increase your abundance in every area. Sleeping when you are tired, moving when you are energized, eating when you are hungry, are all ways in which you can honor your guidance. You want to feel good, so when you have thoughts that don’t, continue to gently switch them one by one.

You are tired of a non-stop barrage of negativity and conflict, so give yourself permission to disengage. You are weary from having to “defend your position” so give yourself permission to simply listen to others rather than having to explain yourselves, unless of course you enjoy it.

Just be yourself in a given moment. Instead of asking, “What should I be doing?” ask instead, “What do I feel like doing?” and trust any feeling that feels good and loving to you. We understand many of you have to work, keep schedules, etc., but you can always ask, “What do I feel like doing?” and then at the first available opportunity honor that. Trust.

You are all doing such amazing work upon your planet. We would love to help you see yourselves through our eyes. You would see your courage, your tenacity, your beautiful love and concern for our Mother earth, your love for all souls, even the ones that drive you crazy. You would see your sweet, sensitive, strong and caring hearts. You would see yourselves as nothing less than the Divine embodied in so many perfect, beautiful, precious forms.

Don’t be hard upon yourselves. Trust that where you are at is exactly where you need to be. Trust that if you feel like doing (or not doing) something and the thought feels kind or loving, that is your guidance. Trust that there is nothing wrong with you, no matter how you feel – whether you are joyous or working through grief.

This has been an exquisitely challenging year. You are still going through change as your Mother earth continues to release her pressures and cleanse the energies that have been stagnant for so long. You are, in many cases, facing highly charged political decisions. Nonetheless, if your guidance is to rest, rest. If you guidance is to ignore the world’s problems and tend to your own vibration, by all means do so. If your feeling is to act, act.

As you honor your own feelings, rather than contrasting and comparing yourselves with others or superficial standards – as you do what feels like love to you in a given moment – you allow yourself to feel the energy that creates worlds moving in you and through you. In this reality your very existence is a gift to the world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/03/2020 • Stand for right but give up the fight

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is an age old belief that you must battle darkness, battle ignorance, and battle disease. You battle people with opposing beliefs or those whom you believe to be threats. You battle with your weight, fight with your hair, battle your ex… and the list goes on. The human race is steeped and stewed in the idea that life is a battle on levels great and small. Someone pushes at you. You push back. You see something you don’t like. You focus on it, often obsessively, and fight it.

In the 3rd dimensional paradigm of reality, which is based on physical action and reaction, this appears to make sense. There are some 3D battles which must be fought, given your current paradigms of reality on the earth.

However, in the 5th dimensional paradigm of reality, which is based on energy, focus, and attraction, you will come to understand that battling something – vibrationally – draws unto you that which you are seeking to eradicate.

Imagine you had a magic spotlight on your forehead, much like a miner’s light. Whatever you focus upon with that light – positively or negatively – you empower and attract into your experience. You would learn quickly to be very discerning about where you point your attention. Would you point it on those you love, or on those you are arguing with? Would you point it at illness, or the efforts to support well-being? Would you point it at the politician you can’t stand, or the one you support?

This is indeed what you do with your focus and attention. You empower the vibrations, and therefore the reality, of that which you focus upon.

This is why we encourage you to focus on solutions rather than battling problems. We encourage you to focus on supporting health and vitality, rather than battling illness. We encourage you to focus on the political ideals you love rather than focusing with vitriol on that which you hate. Your actions might look identical, but your energy, your emotions, and therefore what you attract, would be totally different.

In the energy of battle you feel anger, blame, revenge, and urgency. You miss your guidance and you are pinched off from the power of the Divine within you.

In the energy of love for the solution, you feel passion, love, enthusiasm, and grace. You are guided. You plug into the power that creates worlds.

Very few of you would say, “I hate this. Let me watch more of it on TV.” “I hate my body. Let me tune into a station in which I am modeling.” “I can’t stand this actor! Let me go to a feature film in which they star!”

Yet, you do say, “I hate this,” and then you witness more in your world. Many of you do say, “I hate my body, and continue to stare at it in the mirror with disgust. So many of you cry unto us, “I can’t stand this politician or that one, and then obsessively watch them on TV, empowering all the qualities you don’t like in them with the spotlight energy of your strong anger.

It would be far more empowering, loving, and productive to say, “This is what I love. Let me watch more of that.” “I would love a healthy and vital body. Let me watch programs that help me play up my assets and empower my health. I would love to see this and such in politics. Let me tune to a station where people are striving for these ideals. I would love to see us all unmasked and healthy! Let me tune into the broadcasts talking about good news and advances in immune support!”

Dear ones, when you point your attention at anything, anyone, or any behavior here upon the earth – for any reason, positive or negative – you will witness, and often experience, more and more of the very same.

So instead of battling ignorance, support education. Instead of battling the political parties you hate, empower the ones you love. Instead of striving to battle illness, support well-being. Instead of battling racial ignorance, support the awareness of beautiful cultural diversity. Instead of battling abuse, at a human level you must, of course, take necessary steps to swiftly stop it and to create healthy and well-defined boundaries, but work even harder to support healing and reform. Instead of battling darkness, empower light.

There are 3D physical battles that can still be “fought” without getting into the 5D vibrational battle. The firemen bravely battle the wildfires, but the majority of them don’t hate fire. They respect it. They understand it. They love protecting people and property. Their 3D battle is rooted in 5D love. The same goes for many soldiers who fight your 3D battles while engaged in a 5D love of protecting those they care about. There are many front line health care providers who do 3D battle with disease but remain healthy because they have such an incredible 5D love and compassion for their patients that they know self-care is necessary.

The sun doesn’t fight or hate the darkness of night, instead it loves to share its shine. You can’t get rid of an ideology you despise, but you can empower one you love. Stop the struggles with one another. Stop battling yourselves. Start instead empowering, enlivening, and focusing upon that which you wish to love and support, and even when you feel the need to battle something in your 3D world, do it with love for what you desire, for in that reality every soul will “win.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The love you birth in your earthly dimension is eternal.

Message from the Angels through Ann Albers
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are in the middle of powerful birthing contractions upon your planet earth. Just as a human mother exerts energy, then rests while attempting to ride the natural cycles of life that force a baby out of the womb, so too your mother earth is allowing the powerful energies of love that have been repressed by humanity to be released through her body – in the form of fires, floods, and various other earth changes.

Although we know these earth changes don’t look like love at this point, they are. A human being can only pinch off love for so long before illness appears, and the body of humanity could only pinch off love for so long before the social ills which have been festering quietly have burst forth on the surface for all to see. The floodgates have been opened and the cries of pain and injustice that you witness are energies being pushed to the surface by the love behind them! Yes, dear ones, behind every so-called negative emotion, there is a great and powerful love attempting to surface!

Within the bursting open of a seed, there is the force of Love and Life wanting to expand into something more. Within a mother’s powerful contractions, there is the force of Life and Love wanting to be birthed. Within every angry outburst, there is Love and Life crying, “I want to be Loved! I want to be treated as the Divine being that I am! I want to be seen as equal in the eyes of humanity! I want to be valued, acknowledged, heard, seen, expressed…” Dear ones, Love and Life have been summoned by the cries of human hearts and they are pushing up through every crack, corner, and crevice of your earth, your hearts, and your lives… awkwardly, painfully, or gracefully, depending on your willingness to let this love surface in your lives.

Look for the love beneath it all. “Seek and Ye shall Find. Knock and he Door will be opened.” If you seek the love you will see the love, and you will be the love, because that is your deepest, truest, nature.

Look for the kind souls in communities who have been pummeled by the storms coming together to help one another, without regard to race or status. Look at the dialogues that are being born out of a desire for peaceful resolution after the angry riots. Look at the innocent and powerful children rising up on your planet to create change because they bore witness to the world’s pain and wanted something more. Look at yourself in the mirror, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes upset, craving more. Love is rising up from within. You feel its fiery passion. You feel its powerful waves. And so too, does your mother earth, not because she is punishing you but because she must release this energy or she would not be able to hold herself together, any more than you can when you block the flow of love’s circulation in your own body.

A deep and powerful wound is being lanced in your world. It is not easy, not pretty, and certainly not pleasant for so many, but in the long run, you will live in a far better, kinder, and more connected world. You will feel your connection with one another, with nature, with other countries, regardless of race, religion, creed, or gender. This is why you grieved the passing of your dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she stood for a world of equality, and we assure you that even though her body has passed, she is in absolute bliss as she witnesses the movements she birthed and supported here upon this earth. She loves and supports each and every one of you willing to consider yourselves equal in the eyes of God. She knows she “worked herself to death” and has no regrets whatsoever, for she knows, in the light of heaven’s truth, that there is no death of the Love that one births while there upon your earth.

There is no death of the Love that one births while there upon your earth.

Remember that dear ones. The love you birth in your earthly dimension is eternal. You are the hands, the eyes, the mind, and the mouth of God when you are willing to bring any love to the surface – in any way, in any given moment. Your love remains as a vibration, very much like a note sounded into eternity, that will contribute to the upliftment of the human race even after your body leaves. Whenever you appreciate the simplest thing, you send forth this love. Whenever you treat yourself or another with kindness and compassion, you emanate this love. Whenever you think a thought of delight, joy, or simply contentment, you emanate this love. You are doing it far more often than you might think. Love is natural to the soul and, unimpeded by negative thoughts or expectations for even a second, it flows freely.

You allow Love to pour forth from the Presence of God into your experience here in your earthly reality. Love is ever present beneath the surface, but you are the ones who allow it, through your willingness, into the experience of humanity.

Dear ones, instead of asking “When it is going to get better,” (for it will soon enough), ask yourself much simpler and more powerful questions: “How can I make my life better in this moment? How can I bring a bit of love to the surface in my mind, heart, or life right now? Can I think one kinder thought about myself or another? Can I perform one simple act of kindness towards myself or another, even if it not witnessed by anyone else? Can I appreciate just one thing, right here, right now? What can I contribute to life in this moment, if only a positive vision, or a quiet prayer?”

No act of love is ever insignificant. Love is the nature, the power, and force of the Divine. To the degree that you allow Love through you into your mind, heart, life, family, and community, you will elevate yourself above the world’s unloving challenges, and become the contribution that you truly wish to be. It is, indeed, truly that simple. One loving thought. One loving word. One loving deed… and like a snowball rolling and gathering momentum, your loving vibration will join with others to form a powerful movement of love upon your planet earth. Your notes join together like a symphony that forms a choir of angels, for in your love, you are indeed the angels upon this earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Your world is restructuring itself.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be kind to yourselves. There is only so much you can control in your external reality by using external means. You can’t control the behavior of others, even if you’re trying to help them choose a happier life. You can’t control the outcome of elections, although your vote certainly counts. You can’t stop a hurricane by standing with arms wide open, nor put out a wildfire with a garden hose.

It is easy to feel that your efforts to create a better world are futile in the face of such “large” conditions, but just as a healthy body depends on the health of each of its individual cells, so too a healthy human race, and a calm, peaceful, harmonious world depends on well-being of each individual that comprises it. Your work, your words, and above all, your energy vibration matter in the greater scheme of reality more than you can possibly imagine.

One of you, in conscious connection with the Source within, is more powerful than thousands who are not. Even if you cannot single-handedly change the outcome of an external situation by external means, when you are consciously feeling connected to the Divine within, you are vibrationally powerful enough to calm storms, soothe fires, and to vote (with your vibration) for the most loving outcome for your entire human race. In connection with Source, you are plugged into the power that creates worlds.

Perhaps most important to you personally, is the fact that in your loving vibration you will be guided to live a peaceful, happy, safe, and harmonious life, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

Anytime you are in connection with love, you are experience your connection with Source. Anytime you receive love from the universe – be it an inspired moment of appreciating the sun upon your face, the rain upon your skin, or the grass beneath your feet – you are flowing love. Anytime you allow yourself to think a thought that feels good to you, you are flowing love. Anytime you focus on the good within another, or even the spark of light within them, you are flowing love. Anytime you do anything with authenticity and integrity, you are flowing love.

It is not so difficult dear ones, in a million tiny ways a day, to connect with love, with the Divine, with the Source of all goodness. The more you do this intentionally, the kinder, calmer, safer, healthier, and happier your own life will be, and the greater will be your contribution to the world. Try it and watch for the tangible results – good feelings, joy on the journey, ease, grace, guidance, flow, synchronicities, connection with helpful souls, and eventually, all that you have dreamed and more manifesting in your life. In this connected reality, you are a contribution. Some of you will contribute with inspired effort. Some of you will contribute with inspired words. Some of you will contribute simply by living a happy, peaceful life and rippling that peace outward. You are each inspired to do something, even if that “something” is “nothing,” for many of you are being guidedright now to rest, be at peace in the center of the stormy vibrations, and to emanate waves of calm into a chaotic world.

Your world is restructuring itself. There is a great stirring of soil, cells, and souls, as your Mother Earth releases the pent up energies of the human race. You feel it within you. Many of you feel anxious, unrest, or a simultaneous urge to get going, while not feeling like doing anything at all. It is all OK dear ones. Focus on your internal connection with Source, with Love, first and foremost, and in that loving vibration, your reality will be far kinder than the one you see in the external world around you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

give yourselves permission to dream a beautiful new earth, and a beautiful new life for yourselves, into being.-The Angels through Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Breathe. Go to a place of peace inside of yourself. Allow yourself to imagine the most beautiful, heavenly world you can – a world where people walk freely, unmasked, looking into one another’s eyes while knowing they are looking into the eyes of God. Imagine a peaceful world – a word in which all perspectives are understood to have value. Imagine a world in which there is an understanding that all races comprise a beautiful kaleidoscope called the human race. Dear ones, imagine a world in which you know who you are, what you are, and who everyone else is too. Imagine a world in which you see only One Love in countless forms.

Your world is going through tremendous and intense change right now. Human hearts have cried for unity, and yet many still allow themselves to be bound by hatred and judgment. Human hearts have cried for well-being, and yet many obsess over sickness rather than just dealing with life in a healthy way. Human hearts have cried for freedom, but focus on victimhood. The conflict between desire and belief, wishes and behaviors, the soul and the ego are strong right now. It is a time when opposing forces are clashing and the storms, both within and without, are raging.

Nonetheless, dear friends, you can focus on peace. You can build an energetic template for the most beautiful and kind future upon your planet earth. You can go within and build an energetic template for your own life that delights you and inspires you no matter what storms are raging upon your earth. You can go into your inner world and live in a reality that is so beautiful you are sheltered from the energies swirling around in the outer world.

You have, not only our permission, but our very strong guidance to focus on peace, joy, love, harmony, ease, grace, appreciation, and any of those beautiful qualities that weave a web of light and protection around you.

In every moment you have a choice. You can choose love or hate. You can live in fear, or you can surrender to the most loving thoughts you can think in this given moment. You can judge those with whom you disagree, or you can simply accept your own beliefs. You can become fearfully addicted to the drama and trauma this world is going through or you can revel in your own beautiful reality.

Will you contribute to the peace, or the storms, dear friends? The storms will be raging these next few months, but you need not participate in the energy that fuels them. You can instead be the peace you wish to see in the world, and in that reality, even if you should be in the path of an external storm, your internal peace will allow us in the heavens to protect you, guide you, and help you navigate these challenging times with grace and flow. You have choice.

Hatred dear ones builds a hardened wall around you which the higher vibrations that guide you cannot penetrate. Love elevates you above the negative energies of the planet where you can hear, feel, or sense the protection and guidance that is always there for you. Choose thoughts that feel like love. Choose thoughts that feel like peace. Even if you vehemently disagree with someone who has been hateful, hurtful, or harmful towards you, love yourself enough not to get sucked into the storms of their lower vibrational actions. Remain, if you can, in your own calm center. Rest in the arms of angels.

Love yourselves dear ones, enough to choose thoughts that make you feel your own loving heart.

Love yourselves enough to consciously tune into your place of peace as we have discussed the past few weeks.

Love yourself enough to remain silent or turn away from those who cannot exhibit loving behavior towards you.

Love yourself enough to sit, breathe, and receive our love, if only for a minute or two a day because you have legions of angels available to assist each and every one of you on this earth right now. We simply need your willingness.

Your world is not ending. You are not being punished.God is love, and only love, but to the degree humanity pinches off this love, those lost in illusion can twist minds and inspire fear. Ultimately Mother Earth must release the pressures that build up in human hearts. She loves you. She does not want to hurt you. She gives you warnings if you listen to your feelings. Where do you want to be in a given moment? Listen. Trust yourselves.

Dear ones, as the world goes through an intense re-birthing, countless beings in the other dimensions are here to assist you. We will love you, guide you, hold you when you are afraid, and bolster your resolve to live in grace, peace, and love. Call upon us.

You are never alone. You are never without assistance. You are, no matter what you see in your external world, eternally connected with love, peace, and all things beautiful in your inner world. Go there often when you feel the need, and give yourselves permission to dream a beautiful new earth, and a beautiful new life for yourselves, into being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Now, shut your eyes once again and imagine being in this place of peace. Breathe deeply. Relax. Feel it. Breathe. Relax. Feel. -The Angels via Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe deeply. Think of a situation – either real or imagined – in which you feel deep peace. It can be a place you have visited, a place you have seen in a movie, or one you imagined in your wildest dreams. It may be a memory of being in your lover’s arms, or the first time you held your newborn child. It could be a moment of snuggling with your dog or petting your purring cat. It may be a time you watched the sunrise, listened to the birds, walked in the forest, or sat upon the sea shore. Shut your eyes for a moment and see what comes to mind.

Now, shut your eyes once again and imagine being in this place of peace. Breathe deeply. Relax. Feel it. Breathe. Relax. Feel. Take some time to bask in the deep peaceful feeling, as if you are really in this place or moment in time. there. See if you can memorize this feeling. How does peace feel in your body? Notice your quiet mind. When you are ready, open your eyes. See if you can bring up this feeling of peace with eyes open.

Practice this simple exercise often in the weeks ahead. Pick one scenario – real or imagined – that consistently helps you feel at peace. Practice “going there” in your inner world. Breathe. Relax. Feel. See if you can memorize the feeling. When you are able to easily feel the peace for yourself, imagine it spiraling outward as a soothing light that fills your home, your city, and ultimately your world.

The more you practice this simple exercise, the more you can tune into this vibration – anywhere, at anytime – simply by thinking of your place of peace and taking a few deep calming breaths. In this fashion you can learn to quickly calm your emotions, soothe your spirit, and relax your body. You can put your home in a bubble of peace, and share this beautiful vibration with the world around you.

Your peace is needed now.Your world is soon to go through the final birthing contractions that began earlier in the year. There are storms raging in human hearts and pressures building that must be released by your dear Mother earth. There are passions burning. There are souls crying for unity, and community. There will be change. Simply by practicing peace you can begin to mitigate the intensity of these earth changes. You can stop earthquakes, steer storms out to sea, and calm the winds that feed the fires. You can be the peace you wish to see in the world.

You need not fear. In peace you will hear your guidance. In peace you will be steered to safety. In peace you are protected. In peace you become a soothing force that calms both hearts and winds. Dear ones you have more power within your being than you can ever imagine. Practice being at peace, and you will experience peace, no matter the external conditions.

Right now many of you are feeling an intense desire for change, while at the same time feeling unmotivated, stuck, or tired. Be gentle with yourselves. Rest. Allow yourself to be still. Be peaceful. This is the gift you give yourself, and your world.

When you find yourself swirling with frustration, stop. Breathe. Shut your eyes. Go to your place of peace. When you find yourself burning with anger, stop. Breathe. Shut your eyes. Go to your place of peace. When you feel you’re going to burst, stop. Breathe. Shut your eyes. Go to your place of peace.

As you calm your inner storms, you mitigate the external ones. As you release the pressures you feel inside of you by returning to love, you release the pressures in your dear Mother earth. As you allow yourself to feel your passion for life burning within you take the vibrational fuel that burns acres, and “steal” it from the wildfires. Right now the world needs your peace. We are rarely so urgent in our requests, but now is the time to be the change you wish to see in the world.

You will be safe. You will be guided. You will weather the storms of life with angels by your side and the love of the Divine within you. You can, if you are willing, intend that you want to participate only in peace. In peace, you are guided. In peace you are protected. In peace you begin to feel the the intense Love that flows to you, through you, and indeed, ultimately, is you. In peace, you will not only weather the storms of life, you will be guided around them. You are the peace dear ones. The world needs you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You wanted to be the midwives of a greater love here upon your planet earth, and indeed you are!..Right here, in this moment you can decide that there is nothing more important to you than your own relationship with yourself. -The Angels via Ann Albers-

Message from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are courageous, loving, beautiful, light-filled beings! You are souls who have an inner desire and a strong intention to be here upon this earth in this time of incredible growth and expansion.

You chose to wake up this morning! You choose to transition from your excursions out of the body in the higher realms of reality, and to reincarnate into your earthly dimension each new day. You chose to be here at this time in human history, helping to usher in a grand and glorious new reality during this tough, but nonetheless amazing, time of awakening!

You knew, at a very deep level, that no matter how tumultuous your world looks right now, it was absolutely necessary, at some point in history, for humanity to pause, for each of you to take stock of your direction, and to set a new, higher, and happier course
. You wanted to “stick around for the good stuff!”

You wanted to be the midwives of a greater love here upon your planet earth, and indeed you are!

We know it isn’t easy right now. Many of you are extremely sensitive. You look at the world’s pain and feel the world’s pain. You look at the anger and you get angry. You try to remain present but get sucked into a question floating around the mass consciousness, “When is it ever going to end?”

Dear ones, we ask you to ask yourself a different question – one far more relevant to your own life, your own abundance, and your own joy. “When is it going to end for me?”

Right here, in this moment
you can decide that there is nothing more important to you than your own relationship with yourself. There is nothing more important right now than being kind to yourself, accepting yourself, and loving yourself as you are, right here, right now.

As you continue to be loving and kind to yourself, and as you choose to unconditionally accept yourself as you are, you allow the Source of all Love to flow to you and through you.

In this space of being united with the LOVE that you are, you become a powerful force of light! You can bear witness to the world’s pain while sending it love. You can feel the vibrations of static, yet quickly dissolve them by focusing on love and light. You can listen to angry souls without getting angry because you feel only compassion for their pain. You can take potent guided action, or sit in quiet loving vibration and now that either way you are a contribution to the entire human race. You can enjoy your perspectives and allow others to have theirs as well, knowing that in your diversity of experience and opinion you are stronger than you would be if you were all the same. In love with yourself, and in a state of total self-acceptance you can even choose to dance around your fears by focusing instead on what gives you joy! That is the power of self-love and self-acceptance! As you learn to love and accept yourself; to be kinder, gentler, and more tender with yourself, you will relax. Instead of fighting your fears. you can focus on what you love. Instead of fighting those who disagree with you, you can love your own perspectives. As you labor in love to see yourself through the tender eyes of love, you will eventually slip into the knowing that you ARE not only worthy of love, but you are indeed made of it! You will then be able to grant others the same. You will become the change you wish to see in the world.

It is time to say to yourself, “I’m done giving the opinions of others so much power. I know what I believe. I know where I am guided. I know what feels the most joyful in any given moment.
I’ll wash my hands, and do what I need to do to feel safe, and focus on all that is good in my life. I’ll cast my vibrational vote now, and my civil one later. I’ll focus on what there is to appreciate in order to resonate with my God-given abundance. I’ll be in harmony with the diverse aspects of my own being so I can be in harmony with the diversity of life!

This is internal work. On the outside, self-love and self-acceptance will look different for each one of you.

For example, suppose you are afraid of the virus. You can’t force yourself not to be afraid, so instead soothe yourself in ways that help you feel better and help avoid triggering your fears. There is nothing inherently holy about making yourself face your fears. Far kinder to focus on something you love and in that space, your fears will gradually dissipate. Be gentle with yourself, loving, and accepting. You wouldn’t brutally force a scared child to do something that terrifies them. You’d slowly and kindly make them feel safer until they felt OK venturing, slowly but surely, beyond their comfort zone.

So if you are afraid, sequester yourself, wear the mask, disinfect, and take care, but don’t obsess over things that inspire fear. Instead focus on things that are more joyful and that are within your control. Enjoy your home. Enjoy your friends via computer or phone. Enjoy Online learning. Enjoy being creative. Enjoy napping, walking, or meditating. Most of all enjoy the journey of developing an even kinder relationship with yourself.

You know what is right for you, right now.

Some of you have no fear at all.
Obey the laws because you chose to live where you are for the lessons serving your spirit. Be sensitive and kind to others. Don’t force those who still have their fears to think and believe as you do. That will only cause tension and inspire more separation. It is better to be loving than insist on being “right.”

You know what is right for you, right now.

Live and let live dear ones. There is no one “right way” to weather this except to choose what feels most comfy for you and what helps you eliminate or avoid your fears.

Give yourselves permission to be happy no matter what circumstances you choose, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, and no matter what anyone else around you is doing. You were taught to be unhappy when things didn’t look as you wish. As children, however, you came in designed to seek happiness wherever you were. You can regain that childlike wisdom. What is there to feel good about now? What is abundant now? What is well in your personal world now? These are the questions to ask often.

Dear ones, we know you want to help and heal the world, but you must start by loving and accepting yourselves first. As you accept yourself, as you are, in this moment, you will slowly but surely be able to grant others the same. As you stop empowering the vibrations of fear, anger, and separation, you will experience peace, comfort, harmony, and unity.

We know you want external change. The only way it can come about is in each moment, with one choice, one soul at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Focus on what you do want, dear friends not on what you don’t.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

From time immemorial there have been theories about conspiracies. Who is controlling you? What is controlling you? Secret governments. Chem trails, 5G, vaccinations, and the list goes on. Some of these theories have a foundation in truth, for fearful souls have always tried to control others through fear. Many are simply fabrications.

We would like to share with you the most hidden fact of all upon your planet earth, namely that you are so powerful that no one or nothing can control you without you vibrationally allowing for it.

Ask yourself, “Does that statement thrill me and make me feel empowered, or does it bother me, and if it bothers me, why does it bother me?” Would you rather give your power to be happy to another, and thus also give them the power to control you? Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to access your power? Have you been so deeply conditioned in believing people, substances, and other forces have power over you? Are you unknowingly addicted to control dramas because you were raised within or around them?

If so don’t beat yourself up, dear ones! You are not alone. You, as a human race, are learning to reclaim your God-given power to create life as you wish it and to stand in a vibration so strong that nothing or no one can control you other than the power of Divinity that lies within you.

You are learning to attune your energy rather than exert your effort. You are learning that no force on this earth, no person, no virus, no substance has more power over you than the power of your own belief.

There have been people of such faith in God’s protection that tornadoes leapt right over their houses. There have been people in the midst of wars and bombs who had such peace in their hearts they lived in love. There have been brave souls in all ages, tending to the sick whose love protected them from the illnesses they tended to.

When you were a child , at the human level people had power over you, but some day, when you truly understand the vibrational laws of the universe and the true nature of your eternal soul, you will see all of life, from conception onwards, as a dance of vibration –  not a clashing of external powers.

We implore you not to waste your precious life and breath on worrying about who or what is controlling you. Instead learn to reclaim your God-given power. Learn to use your mind to select thoughts that attune your energy towards that which you want – so powerfully that you simply do not allow that which you don’t into your field.

Give thanks for your health every day and focus on it so strongly that sickness cannot overtake you. Or if you are sick,do what you know physically, and then focus on what you will do when you feel well. Give thanks for all the goodness you do have. Enjoy life as best you can, and have faith you will heal… because your soul is alreayd well, and that is the only reality you will accept.

When you think of vibrations in the universe that you don’t care for, for example 5G or chem trails, it is fine to advocate for other technologies, but dear ones, don’t fear them! Don’t give them your power. You are Divine! What you focus upon with love is your reality. What you focus upon with fear, slowly seeps into your reality as well.

It is fine to say, “We don’t want secrets” but better to say, “We want truth.” It is fine to say, “We don’t want this and such” but better to say, “We want something better instead.” Focus on what you do want, dear friends not on what you don’t. Never, ever upon your earth have you solved a problem by obsessively focusing on getting rid of something or someone.

If you fear or hate certain technologies you feed the vibration that creates them. If you fear or hate certain political parties or leaders, you feed the very ones and things you dislike with your attention and energy. If you fear or hate your ex, you give him or her a lot of free energy!

However if you love clean, helpful technologies, you empower them. If you love things that assist the body in maintaining well being, you empower that. If you send love and prayers to any political leader or any party, you empower them with greater wisdom! If you send love to your ex, or at least ignore him/her, you keep your power to yourself!

Empower your solutions and desired situation with love! Don’t give away your energy in anger, fear, or hatred to that which do not want to see. You don’t mean to, but many of you are unknowingly empowering the very things you’d like to be rid of through such strong negative attention.

Far better to empower what you DO want to see with strong loving attention, which is far more powerful.

Dear ones, the only “conspiracy theory” worth focusing upon is the “conspiracy of love” for love is the greatest secret in the universe. You live and breathe it. You swim in it. You are made of it. You are connected by it. Set your sights there. Focus upon what you do love, what you can love. Love yourself as often and thoroughly as you can by accepting yourself without condition even as you grow. Love others as much as you can.

Someday, when you truly embrace your God-given power to create a loving reality by enjoying love here and now, and dreaming of what you love with faith in it coming in perfect timing, then dear ones you will be able to live and let live without worry, because nothing or no one will ever be able to control you again.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from the Angels-Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

“When will it all be over,” you ask? “How about now?” we reply. In the midst of a historic, unprecedented, and uncertain time upon your planet earth, you have incredible opportunities for spiritual growth and expansion. Even now, you can find bliss by embracing the power, beauty, and majesty of your true Self.

  • When you feel limited, you have the chance to discover your unbounded soul.

    In a world where running around isn’t as easy as it once was, and will be again, take time to go within. Sit and breathe deeply, in and out, in and out, in and out. If you like, put on some soothing music. As you breathe in, imagine a light within growing stronger and brigther, and expanding beyond your body. As you breathe out, relax into this light.

    As you relax, surrender, and allow the breathe to wash through you, you will start to experience feelings of deep peace, expansion, and perhaps even floating. Some of you may even fall alseep. We will work with you, if you’re willing, to help you begin to feel the magnitude of your unbounded, expanded, limitless soul!

  • When you feel confined, you have the opportunity to discover your freedoms within.

    Many of you are still being asked to stay in as much as possible, and yet within the confines of your 3D limitations, you can find a freedom of soul beyond your wildest dreams. Where would you like to go upon this earth? What would you like to do? Shut your eyes and imagine you are there now. Use as many senses as you can. What do imagine you would see, hear, feel, smell? Who is with you? What season is it? Are you indoors or out?

    You can visit the beach, the forest, family, or friends just by shutting your eyes. Your body will remain where it is located, but your spirit is not limited by space and time. If you practice this skill often, you will begin to feel as if you are actually at the place you are imagining, because indeed your spirit truly is! If you wish to go there in 3D reality, simply have that desire and realize it. Your “inner visits” will magnetize the experience in outer reality, in perfect grace and divine timing.

  • When you feel physically isolated, you have the opportunity to connect in ways you never thought possible.

    Your souls are not limited by distance. You can travel in spirit to give anyone a hug, to do hands on healing, or to offer encouragement and support to a soul.

    Next time you want to give someone a physical hug, ask them to do an experiment with you. Shut your eyes. Imagine your arms around each another. Feel the embrace, sense it, be with it, and then compare your experiences. If you like, you can practice this when you are connected by phone or video so you can describe the hug to one another.

    With practice, your non-physical Self will become increasingly real to you. While a physical embrace is a blessing indeed, an embrace of souls can be an incredible, amazing experience of blissful, spiritual love.

  • When you feel uncertain, you have the opportunity to create.

    There is little certainty if you give your power to the external world. The choices and desires of over 7 billion people are creating consensus reality.

    However, ii you simply live according to your heart in the present, you can be certain that you will experience the things you have felt, because the minute you have a desire the universe begins to work on bringing it to you. Your only job is to enjoy the journey and maintain a high vibe where we can guide you.

  • When you feel scarcity, you have the opportunity to embrace real abundance.

    The Source that lives and breathes within you is not limited by human conditions! If you have lost a job or have income that has been affected by current conditions, you are not fated to experience lack. Refrain from cursing fate and instead count your blessings. Shift your inner energy to create an outer manifestation.

    Perhaps you are being given an abundance of time so you can rest, or go within and create a new future. Perhaps you have to ask for help so you can experience the abundance of love that is available for you.

    Give thanks for abundance already in your life – a home, food, friends, family, health, the vast sky above. Challenges yourself to see an abundant world and soon this inner focus on abundance will magnetize miracles and money in surprising and delightful ways.

  • If you are sick, you have the opportunity to relax, surrender, and allow the Divine light to be your healer.

    The creator of world’s lives within you with a perfect template of your soul’s wholeness and health. In addition to your medical help, get some sunlight, if only in a sunny window. Allow yourself to ask for, and receive, help from others who care about you. Focus on your inner light and imagine it dissolving any darkness in the body. Rest in the arms of angels. We are always there focusing all our energy on the whole and healthy spirit within.

  • If you are a healer, an “essential worker,” or one on the “front lines” so to speak, you have the opportunity to focus on true Divine protection.

    God bless you dear angels on earth if you are serving others in the 3D world during this time. Take good care of yourselves.

    Surround yourselves as you walk out the door in a bubble of beautiful light. Imagine the light flooding into you from above and emanating outward in all directions. Love your clients or patients and realize you are one of the brave ones spreading well-being.

    As well, remember that no matter what you do, the fate of every human being is between their soul and the Divine. You can love. You can help, heal, and assist, but you cannot control the outcome for any other human being. So do what you can with great love, and know that is enough.

  • Whether or not you agree with masks, political parties, or others’ opinions, you have the opportunity to find inner peace.

    This is a time when it is important to remember that “It is better to be loving than to be right.” In truth dear ones, your “right” is right for you. Everyone has a unique “right” for them that facilitates their souls’ growth and expansion. Share your views but never force them upon another, and if another attempts to force their view upon you, listen politely or walk away. If you must say anything, simply say, “Thank you for sharing. I have learned a lot from what you’ve said.” You have dear ones! You’ve learned about what is important to them.

Don’t miss the opportunities in each moment. This amazing time is ripe for growth, as no other. When it is over, of course you can still grow. Right now, however, you are all in situations that make growth a necessity. You will discover a deep joy when you choose to expand beyond previously perceived 3D limitations, and embrace the blissful freedoms of your soul.

Best of all, as you embrace your unbounded spirit, you will develop a mindset and abilities that will carry you forward with greater grace, ease, security, abundance, well-being, and joy throughout the rest of your earthly lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Imagine your world in the distant future-The Angels Via Ann Albers-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine your world in the distant future. Imagine people working in harmony with Mother earth, building Eco-friendly buildings powered by the sun, wind, and waves. Imagine plants growing on rooftops, and energy-efficient clean transportation. Imagine parks and natural preserves that give human beings an appreciation of the vastness and beauty of creation.

Imagine that well-being has replaced sickness, and that people understand the quality of their thoughts creates the quality of their entire lives.

Imagine in work environments there are meetings where for several minutes, participants are guided to visualize and feel the desired outcome. Then connected with the Source within, participants share to bring forth a glorious cooperative outpouring of ideas that creates a better solution than anyone could create individually.

Imagine that there is a recognition between all human beings, that when they look in one another’s’ eyes they see their very own Self at the deepest level. Imagine life on earth is recognized as a dance of creation, a dance of harmony, and a dance of love. Imagine that earth is once again recognized as the diversity of the Divine embodied in conscious co-creators who love to live, and love and create.

Dear ones we humbly thank you, for as you just imagined these things you sent forth waves of creation and you will someday look upon this reality from the higher dimensions knowing that you were part of a group of human visionaries who “seeded it” into existence.

Now, let us work on a creation that you would all love to experience in a future much “closer to home,” so to speak.

Imagine your world this time next year. Imagine that there are numerous new businesses that arose up to honor, care for, and work in cooperation with your dear Mother Earth. Imagine that those who wish to do so are working from home, freeing up more time to be with family and friends, while others who like to work in communal situations are thrilled to be reunited with their peers.

Imagine a world of people unmasked, hugging, holding hands, kissing, and loving one another once again, relieved and overjoyed because their love for a world that is well once again has freed them from the fears which once fed and hosted the viruses of this world – both physical and emotional.

Imagine a world which is settling into a new normal, a better normal, a kinder, more aware, more diverse, more kind, and more caring normal.

Dear ones, this is the vision we are holding for humanity. This is the vision we ask each and every one of you to empower simply by looking forward to it. As you do, you become a mighty force in the quantum reality, calling forth this reality into being.

Within this vision, your personal dreams exist as well. Within this vision is your healthy, your vitality, your abundance, your joy, your love, and all you desire. As you focus upon a world filled with love, and love that vision, you elevate your vibration. As you focus on your own dreams with love you, you elevate your vibration. As you focus with joy and expectancy, you elevate your vibration. As you focus on your here and now with love and appreciation you elevate your vibration, whether you are grateful for your life, or the pillow you lay your head upon at night.

When you elevate your vibration, no matter how you go about it – whether by dreaming a better world into existence and feeling good about how that feels, or by simply enjoying your here and now – you allow Divine Love to flood into you and through you and out into your world.

You are God’s arteries dear ones. In a high vibration you are “unclogged.” You are God’s nervous system. In a high vibration the signals are clear. You are God’s heart, beating with love for yourselves, your lives, and creation. In a high vibration you are strongly pulsating this love out into the cosmos.

You are the life and breath of the Divine in human form, dear friends! You are not separate. You are moving into a 5D reality in which this becomes more and more apparent. The power that makes the universes dance in cooperation, lives and breathes within you. When you raise your vibration, you feel it, you aim it, you fall in love with feeling in love and you become nothing less than Love!

Yes, dear ones you can feel it in our words. We celebrate You! We celebrate your love! We celebrate your intense desire for more love, joy, abundance, well-being, diversity, harmony, cooperation and so much more. It is YOU who will bring about a kinder, better, happier, holier, more harmonious, and healthy world! It is your dreams that fuel a beautiful future. It is your unwillingness to settle for feeling bad, and to reach for thoughts that feel better, that gives you the power to aim the Power that creates worlds.

The 3D world you see in front of you hasn’t yet caught up with your dreams of a better world. Nonetheless, if you could see the undercurrents of energy beneath the choppy surface waves of what you call “reality” you would a huge current, a powerful stream of love moving you towards this vastly improved reality. The more of you that empower it by going within and imagining it, looking forward to, indeed expecting it, the more powerful this current becomes, and the quicker you will find yourself in the new and improved reality.

We encourage you to be Present, but what we witness in your hearts in this Present moment is that you are longing for this future. So right here and now, sit quietly and empower it… just for a few minutes.

Then dear ones, get back to your life here and now. Find things to love and appreciate, knowing all is well, all is moving towards a brighter future. Even those who are leaving your planet are destined for paradise. Even those who have lost jobs are destined to find more meaningful ones. Even those who are afraid, are destined to face and conquer their fears. Why? Because your souls are all seeking an expansion, and a re-birthing into greater truth.

You are courageous beings, to be here upon the earth at this incredible, momentous time. You are strong, capable, loving, and no matter the fact that you slip from this reality from time to time, you are the ones empowering a bright and beautiful future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Next time you feel angry because you disagree with someone else, or they disagree with you, remind yourself. I prefer to love. It feels better.-The Angels via Ann Albers-

Message from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

What an incredible time you are living within! Everything is coming up and out. You’re going within, taking inventory of your feelings. You’re taking inventory of your life. You’re getting clearer on who you are, what you want in your life, and what you don’t. So is everyone else.

There is wonderful growth and expansion, as never before. During quarantine you sent tsunamis of desire unto the heavens. “Yes! We are in it together!” “Yes! We love to see our mother earth clear and pure!” “Yes, we want to be safe, healthy, happy and connected.” “Yes! We are coming to life as never before, craving to show up in the world in a whole new way!” “We want to live! We want to breathe! We want to experience our unity!”

Then dear friends, as light is apt to do, it exposed areas of darkness. The desire for being “in it together” triggered the exposure of all areas in which you were not. Divisions that have been festering for centuries are coming to the surface, Disagreements are becoming more and more heated as people become clearer on who they are, what they want, and what they believe. Tempers are flaring.

It is easier to love, when people make it easy for you. It takes fortitude and courage to love those who do not make it easy. We would suggest that you are never really angry at another person. Rather, if you are more honest – deeply, deeply honest – you will see that you are angry because you feel that they make it hard for you to love them Or in some cases, you feel that they make it hard for you to love yourself. This enrages or depresses you. You do not like giving up your power to love and feel lovable. Deep down, you know that belongs to you and you alone.

We ask you to think about this. Why is it so hard to love someone who disagrees with you? You would not have a massive argument with a friend over whether or not they should eat dessert at a buffet, and yet some of you would argue to near emotional death about politics, masks, or how systemic racial inequalities should be fixed. We see your hearts dear ones. In your deepest truth you want to love. You want to share ideas. You want the diversity of ideas and ideals because from that you can create a better and more amazing world – not by insisting on “my way” or “your way” but rather by sorting yourselves out according to who and what resonates with you, and taking the best of all ideas to create something greater.

Why is it so hard for you to love someone who disagrees with you? Most of the time dear friends it is because you fear them, or you fear their ideas. You fear that what they believe in will not work, that it will put your life or life style in jeopardy. You fear it will compromise your health, make an unpleasant dent in your finances, hurt someone you care about, hurt themselves. You fear that maybe you really are unlovable, unworthy, or wrong because they refuse to validate you or your ideas. The list goes on. When you are feeling fear, you find it hard to love, and nothing aggravates you more than feeling disconnected from your very own essence, which is love.

So next time you feel angry with someone, try thinking about it differently. Try saying to yourself, “I am angry at this person because I fear ____. When I fear ___ I find it hard to love. I really want to love. I really want to feel safe. I really want to be connected to my essence. I really want to love myself. I want to feel worthy, lovable, and right, at least for myself at least. I want to feel my connection with the Source. I want to be who I truly am, and have a sense of connection to and faith in the only real power in the universe.”

Then dear ones, ripe with this truth in your hearts, find a way to start connecting with love. Walk away from the argument or agree to disagree. Seek to understand, or if you can’t stand their views simply say, “I’m sorry. I know you have a right to think however you like and that is right for you, but I do too and our views don’t resonate. I love you, however. I hope you can love me in spite of our differences. We’re both good people. We both want peaceful happy lives and we just have different ideas about how that might look. I’m sure yours are right for you and mine are right for me.

It is true that many who want a fight would look at you as if you are absolutely insane if you spoke and acted this way but the truth is that you would feel like you and that’s all you have to do!

Stop seeking agreement. Seek instead to understand.

Conversely if someone is taking out their anger upon you, look at them, and simply say, “Ow, that hurts. I prefer to be spoken to kindly so I’ll talk to you later,” and walk away. Hang up. Leave the situation or if you can’t remain silent and walk away when they’re done. They might not be able to help themselves. They may be in such pain and fear that their unconscious mind has hijacked their ability to think lovingly. This is not about you dear ones. They are showing you their fears. Be kind to yourself, when others cannot. Agree with yourself when others cannot. Love yourself when others cannot.

In a space of self-love, others who aim their anger at you will appear like children throwing ridiculous tantrums, and their words about you, will mean nothing to you.

On this holiday in the US that celebrates independence, remember the greatest freedom that any of you have is the freedom to think the thoughts that give you joy, to feel the feelings that feel like love, so you can attune to the Divine, and in that energy, receive, allow, and experience whatever it is is you are truly in alignment with!

Your freedom to manifest in this fashion does not depend on the agreement of anyone else.
The power that creates universes lives within you. Align with that love and there will be no need for agreement from anyone, for the essence of all your dreams can be fulfilled. Choose love. Choose joy. Choose any better feeling you can find when you’re upset or sad.

Choose little by little to move your mind towards the thoughts that make you feel good. As you do, then dear friends, no matter who agrees or does not, no matter which politician is “in charge,” no matter who is or isn’t wearing a mask, no matter your finances, your health, your support or lack of it, no matter whether or not you have a supportive spouse or a horrible ex, you are aligning with the Source of all creation!

Dear ones, claim your God given power and employ your freedom to choose your own thoughts!

Love is your nature. Loves is what breathes life into you even as you read these words. Love feels better. Love may not always be a warm fuzzy feeling but sometimes is simply a choice to be kind. Love may not always equate to “like” but you can nonetheless honor diverse ideas if you don’t agree with them. Love, dear friends says “I exist in all thing and all beings. I never intended to be the same. I never intended to think exactly as anyone else. In my diversity I am more than I would be in sameness.”

Much like the cells in the body are a diverse but harmonious population, and much like the trees and animals are diverse but live in harmony within a given ecosystem, you the souls, who are cells in the body of the human race, were never designed to agree with everyone else. Instead you were designed to be yourself, honor your own ideas and ideals while aligning with love, and in that reality, you will be guided in a harmonious way to dance with the rest of creation.

Next time you feel angry because you disagree with someone else, or they disagree with you, remind yourself. I prefer to love. It feels better. I want to agree to disagree. I need not fear because “although I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me.” The creator is around you and within you dear ones. You need not fear, and therefore, you need not argue, and then, (sigh of relief) you are free to love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Sometimes truth is simple. You are loved. You are love…Your world needs your peace right now. -The Angels-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Peace, dear ones is within your grasp this very moment. Peace is available no matter what your world is going through. Peace can be found even in the midst of disease, debt, division, and disruption. Lasting peace can never be guaranteed by your outer world. There will always be waves at the surface of the ocean, and turbulence as you look outward, into your world. Lasting peace can only be found by diving within.

Take a few moments each day to sit in silence, and breathe. It is the easiest thing to do. If you cannot quiet your mind in silence, then put on some beautiful music, or watch a video of beautiful nature. Walk slowly and with awareness. Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds. Cook with full awareness on each movement, each texture, each smell. Look into the eyes of a loved one, hold hands in silence, and breathe together. Whatever you do, take a few minutes each day in silence or beauty and just breathe.

The storms of bottled up emotions are raging upon your planet earth. They are coming in rapid and tumultuous waves. Nonetheless, beneath it all there exists a peaceful presence of Love that each and every one of you is attempting to find – first for yourselves, and then for your world. Just as one can dive deep beneath the waves on a stormy sea to find the sweet, and gentle currents of the ocean, so too, you can dive within and find the sweet and gentle currents of Divine love. No matter what the world is doing, you can choose to dive inward and find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

You are not shirking your duties as a human being when you dive inward to find peace. You are becoming more humane. You are not avoiding social ills when you dive inward to find peace. You are starting to heal them at the vibrational, root level. Systems can only be healed when every part within them is working at its best and human systems can only find peace when the human beings within them do their part from a vibration of peace.

Far from avoiding your responsibilities, diving within offers you the mental balance, stability, clarity, and guidance that you require to be effective in your outer world. Diving within resets and re-balances your body so you can remain strong and healthy. Diving within calms the emotional storms so you can respond to life as a mature spiritual being rather than reacting a wounded child.

Sometimes truth is simple. You are loved. You are love. You are made of nothing less than the Divine that chose to experience itself in all forms. You are God loving God or hating God. You are Love expanding Love or blocking Love. You are Divinity embodied in diversity. You are Source seeking a harmonious dance within all parts of Self. You are not separate. You never have been. When a wave relaxes into the gentle movements of the ocean rather than being buffeted by the storms above, it finds peace. When you relax into the depths of your very Source, through simply breathing with awareness, then you too will find peace instead of being buffeted by the storms of your outer world

Dear ones, you breathe because God breathes life into you and through you. When you sit, breathe, and receive, you are simply allowing yourself to feel who and what you truly are. You are allowing yourself to feel the Source within you that says, “No matter what you witness in your world, there is always love attempting to emerge in every human heart.”

To the degree this love is blocked, there is chaos, illness, violence, hatred, and upset. To the degree each soul allows this love there is peace, health, unity, love, and contentment. Love one another by all means, but also we implore you from the heavens, love yourselves enough to dedicate a few moments of your time each day to diving inward, to being present to beauty or embracing silence as you simply breathe.

Your world needs your peace right now. As you take a few moments to detach from the chaos and embrace a greater truth – that you are all loved and held in the heart of the Divine – you will become the ones whose light shines forth in this world. You will be the ones to speak with a voice of loving reason. You will be the ones strong enough to inspire others. You will be the ones that embody the truth of your very being, loving yourselves first, then spreading that love and peace as it spirals outwards through you into your families, your communities, and ultimately your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Ann Albers

Can you imagine a massive world wide call for people to simply look in the eyes of everyone they meet and say, “I love you. I am You. We are One.”-Ann Albers-

This week the Presence came through me with a loving force. As you read the words, I pray you feel the sweet soothing balm of the unconditional love that sources us and breathes life into us all.

Dearest embodiments of my love,

Patiently I wait for all of you to open your hearts. I am working through you to the degree you will allow me, to restore a greater harmony, a more peaceful dance of co-existence, and a loving interchange between you and all of creation.

Within My being I have allowed you the free will to choose how you will live your lives, what you will create, and whether or not you will allow or refuse My love to inspire and move you.

You live within me, and I within you. To the degree you allow yourselves to feel My love – for any love is My love – you feel Me, your Source, your guiding light, and the essence of your very being.

None of you live “outside” of Me. None of you are “evil” for you are sourced only and all from My love. Some of you have forgotten love. Some of you have forgotten Me. Some of you don’t believe I exist even though I am the very breath that keeps you alive. In the forgetting, you feel separate from Love, separate from one another. You feel scared, angry, isolated, and powerless. It is here that humanity falls into hatred, prejudice, and injustice. Hatred says to another, “You threaten me. You make me face my own fears. You make me feel my own darkness. You make me face my illusions. You make me feel powerless.”

When connected to My love you are anything but powerless.

Resist the temptation to fall into hatred. Resist the temptation to fall into fear. Resist the temptation to judge. Turn to Me. Rest in my love. Remember you are one with Me.

Breathe and feel My breath rushing into your lungs. Focus on your heart and know it is My heart that beats within you. Look into your own eyes and pray to see My presence. Look inside of your heart and find the love you truly have for all souls.

Then look into the eyes of every other human being. Look beyond the masks, beyond the flesh, beyond the beliefs, beyond the creed, beyond the color and pray to witness Me and only Me in all things and all beings. There is nothing else.

I am all races, all colors, all creeds. I am in all that you see and all that you can be. What you do to yourself and whatever you do to another, you do unto to me.

I have given you free will so you may do whatever you choose. My deepest desire is that whatever you choose to do, you choose to BE an embodiment of love as you do it.

If you choose to protest, remember you are protesting ignorance and darkness. Call for, and demonstrate a higher consciousness. Raise your voices in a powerful loving awareness, and stand in a light and a loving Presence more powerful than any ignorance.

Can you imagine a massive world wide call for people to simply look in the eyes of everyone they meet and say, “I love you. I am You. We are One.” Do that for a week, dear ones, and your lives, indeed your whole world, would change.

Can you imagine a world wide call for people to pray, all over the globe, in their homes or in gatherings in their cities, or on your social media, out loud, in writing, all in one day, in your own words, with your own hearts open, for peace, justice, and equality and to raise up the hurting, the hateful, the violent, the ungrateful into the light of love?

Can you imagine thousands praying in front of your police departments – for the police, praying in front of your government buildings – for your government, praying in front of your prisons – for the prisoners?

Your world would see massive change very quickly if you were able to do so, for as hearts open in deep and sincere prayer, with loving emotion, you permit My love to rush through you into your world.

Eventually protests will evolve into “Go Tests”– wherein you create resolutions, propose solutions, dialogue, listen with respect, improvise and revise, until you find mutual, peaceful ways to create change.

Hatred is a parasite that destroys human souls and drives them to infect the souls of others. Avoid it at all costs. Choose love over and over and over again. Love does not say, “Your hurtful action is alright.” Love says, “I know who you really are. I bear witness to the light withing you, even if you do not, and I refuse to dignify the darkness!” You don’t want to hate. You don’t want to hurt. You want to heal.

When you feel helpless in the face of the world’s ills, pray to receive my inspiration. I will guide you. When your heart cries in sadness as you feel the world’s pain, ask me to wrap my Love around you and rise up within you. When you feel irritable, intolerant, or upset, pray for me to remove your conflict and restore you to your essence.

Justice is a natural outcome of feeling My love.

Equality is a natural outcome of feeling My love.

Educate, and therefore elevate one another by sharing your hearts – your pain, your hopes, your fears, your dreams, and above all your love.

Ask for My peace, my grace, my inspiration and my loving harmony to fill your hearts and the hearts of all. Love is the force that creates universes. Love is the force that transforms lives and lives transformed lead to systems transformed. Your actions when inspired, motivated, and guided by Love, will create new worlds, news systems, and a more loving and kind dance of humanity upon your earth as well.

I love you. I am you. We are One.

Message from Ann Albers ~ More on Dealing with Intense Emotion

May 30, 2020,

Hi Everyone,

I saw the proverbial “writing on the wall” in mid-March. The US was just beginning to acknowledge the spread of the virus, but after hearing first-hand from clients in countries where the virus was already causing chaos, I knew I didn’t want to participate in the fear-fest that was to come.

I stocked up on TP and groceries the week before things go sparse, got all my necessities for the next several months, and – unmasked at the time – went store to store spreading joy, hope, inspiration, and love to people who were becoming increasingly uneasy. The virus was spreading silently and I could feel the fear around me building, but in a space of love and service, determined to be only a blessing, I felt no fear whatsoever in my waking life.

Instead the nasty vibe tried to get me in my sleep. I woke up after a dream in which I was vehemently spraying a room filled with huge bugs. In the dream most ran for the door, but one – a giant scorpion – stood its ground and stared at me, curling its stinger up over its back and aiming at me in an attempt to bully me into fear. In the dream I stood my ground, stared it down, and turned to pure light. As I beamed the light towards it, it ran away.

I woke up shaking and plastered in a vibration that felt like hot and cold pin pricks. I know this parasitic vibe. It used to attack me and drive me to fear, but now I know it and it doesn’t sway me. I laid there in bed and sent pure love to the nasty vibration until I elevated my awareness into a light so beautiful I couldn’t even feel the fearful, unpleasant energy.

In the morning I asked the angels exactly what that was. “That was the energy of the Covid virus trying to get you,” they replied. “You’re a big target.” Lovely. I determined to love even more strongly!

In spite of having no fear of the virus, I did feel a deep sadness arising as I watched the suffering in the world. From time to time, as the dramas unfolded, I broke down into sobbing fits of anguish that seemed to have no logical reason. One moment I was happy and fine, and all of the sudden a wracking grief would overcome me when I read a story about someone sick, alone, and scared, or a medical worker who was tirelessly facing a tidal wave of pain.

While we could all agree these things are sad, the sadness arising within me was mine – not caused by the world, but rather revealed and triggered within me. It was time to feel and heal.

I went deep into it. I heard myself crying like a newborn and determined to feel my way down to the bottom of this. I sat with the feeling, and asked quietly, “Who am I? Where am I? Who is sad within me?” Immediately my perspective shifted. I was a baby in a dark, air conditioned nursery at a hospital, the night after I was born, ejected from the warmth of the womb, ripped from my mother’s arms, and laid in what felt like a hard container.

I felt the crinkly plastic pad under a thin cotton blanket and the thin blanket on top of me. I sensed the fear of other babies in the nursery that I couldn’t see. I heard their cries in the dark. I was alone, terrified, devoid of warmth, unloved… and as deeply immersed in the core illusion of separation as one could be. I couldn’t stop crying.

I heard the wracking sobs of the baby coming out of my adult mouth but couldn’t escape from the baby’s body and mind. I had enough presence of mind to dial a friend just to hear a voice that would snap me back and re-anchor my consciousness in present day reality.

As “me-the-adult” I traveled went back in time, in my mind, to hold “me-the-baby” and assure her that God was everywhere, even if invisible, and that there was no such thing as separation from love. I held the baby in my mind, turned to light and showed her the invisible worlds that connect us all. I promised her I’d be with her, her whole life until one moment, in my present-now, when we’d integrate.

She stopped sobbing. I stopped sobbing. I remembered all the sad times in childhood when I felt aloneness, and the feeling of a presence around me that always comforted me. I realized that, with the angels, I had always been my own comforter and my own healer.

Suddenly the baby in my vision turned to light and merged with me-in-the-present. I felt a glorious release of loving energy course throughout my entire body. I felt bliss, a home-coming, a sense of euphoric joy that happens when a long forgotten and unloved part of the soul comes home. I’ve had no sadness ever since.

I think this first feeling of separation was what some call a “core wound” – a point in which we make a decision that affects our entire lives. Once felt and healed it releases tremendous power – a power that can now be used for creation of our dreams.

I have shifted deeply. I’m enjoying delicious amazing meditations. I’m craving and enjoying time in silence. I’m going into ecstatic spaces in the gazes and even the simple acts of life feel like a connection to the Divine, for in truth they are.

What is the moral of the story – the part that might be useful for you? Simple and difficult – Don’t run from your feelings. If you’re feeling afraid, sit with it and feel your fear down to the core. If that feels too intimidating, schedule an appointment with a healer or psychologist, or at least a friend who can hold space.

If you’re feeling anger, go beyond the obvious blame of others and ask, “Why am I angry with myself?” The angels remind me often that all anger at others comes from anger at self – knowing we must change.

If you’re feeling stir crazy, sit with it and find the feelings beneath it – the feelings of confusion, worthlessness, fear of never moving forward, the fact that you don’t really know what you want with your life, and the list goes on.

Instead of focusing on blaming the external person or event that triggered the feeling, dive in and search for the roots within yourself. This is where your real power can be found. This is where we find freedom.

While the angels and I constantly encourage positive thinking, there are times when the gravitational pull of other feelings will overcome you and demand acknowledgment. At these times it may feel impossible to be positive. Instead, bring your light and your love into your own darkness and then the darkness and illusions of separation will dissolve.

There is great opportunity being given us at this time, when the world’s intensity is bringing deep feelings to the surface. Take advantage of the triggers. Don’t run from yourself. Dive in with courage, and as the saying goes, be the change you want to see in the world. Love it all, starting with yourself first.

Here are some pointers to help you feel and heal when you just can’t “be positive” and you realize that a feeling is coming up for transformation.

1. Bless – don’t blame – the triggers

When an old painful feeling arises, you will find yourself wanting to blame who or what triggered it. “I wouldn’t be this way if xyz hadn’t happened. I wouldn’t be angry if that jerk hadn’t cut me off in traffic. I wouldn’t be scared if I had money in the bank.” Those statements might be true, but the external events and people just trigger a vibration within us. As hard as it may be, bless them for revealing the parts of your soul that need healing.

No one can make us feel anything we do not already have within us. The external world can only push the buttons that run programs within us. If we had no program of anger inside no one would make us feel it. If we had no fear inside, no circumstance would make us fearful.

If we could truly live and abide in a sense of connection to the Divine at all times, we would truly be in the world, but not of it. However, we’re not there yet at all times, so bless, don’t blame, the triggers.

2. Recognize Resistance & Dive in Courageously

As soon as you start feeling something deeply unpleasant or uncomfortable within you, you will likely notice massive amounts of resistance coming up – things that attempt to keep you from feeling… and healing.

You might have a sudden pain arise to distract. It might suddenly seem extremely important to clean the junk drawer in the kitchen that has been the same way for five years. You might feel an urgency to check emails, scan social media, do errands, turn on the TV, talk to anyone, get angry… anything to distract yourself from feeling! You might find yourself unconsciously reaching for a glass of wine, something sugary, salty, crunchy… You might suddenly feel like running, exercising, having sex, cooking, Online shopping… addicting in any way possible…

While these things are wonderful when done for joy, as we reach for them as unconscious distractions, that is a sure sign of running from your feelings.

This is the juncture in the road. This is where you do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got, or you make a choice to stop, feel, and dive courageously inward.

3. Be with, and love, the feeling / Get Help if needed

If you are afraid to feel so deeply, seek out help. The feelings won’t kill you but if they are too intimidating don’t go it alone. You can stand in the energy of those who transmit love like Braco or me in my gazes, or countless others who elevate and love the soul with a divine love that transforms the lost and lonely parts. You can seek out therapists, healers, friends, a compassionate listener or a help line.

If you’re doing this by yourself, when you’re ready, sit with the feeling. Feel it deeply. Remind yourself it may hurt but it won’t kill you and not feeling will always feel worse.

Ask, “Who or what inside me feels this way?” Trust the answer that arises.

Imagine you can see this part of yourself as a separate person. Talk to them lovingly, Tell them you are in the future, empowered, strong and wise. Imagine you are being the parent, teacher, healer, or partner, they never had. You are now your own healer. After a while of loving and talking sweetly to this sad, angry, or upset part of self you will feel relief. If not seek out further help.

You, every part of you, deserves your own love.

This isn’t easy work. When we can switch our thoughts to love and positivity by all means, we should. But when we honestly cannot, the time has come to free a trapped and wounded parts of self.

As the angels say, it is a perfect time to reveal, feel, heal, see and be free!

We are at a fork in the road where we can free ourselves from the pain of the past and unleash huge amounts of energy with which we create a more glorious future – not only for ourselves but for the entire human race.

Love you all!

You are growing into a vibration where you will more quickly see the results of the energies you are emitting into the universe – where you have a chance to manifest in ways you have not before.-The Angels-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you are empathic. You feel the world deeply. You feel its fears, its upsets, and hopefully its love and hopefulness as well.

You may know intellectually that you’re not afraid of the virus, yet from time to time you feel fear.

You may know you’re not by nature an angry soul and yet you find yourself more irritable and a less tolerant than usual.

You may feel hopeful, excited about the future, and grateful to be alive, one moment, then in the next, frustrated with yourself when worries or guilt creep in.

Be kind to yourselves dear ones. There is massive growth going on in the human race and in each of your hearts as you raise your collective vibration. You are growing beyond anything you have ever experienced, into a dimension of interconnectedness beyond your wildest dreams. You are growing into a vibration where you will more quickly see the results of the energies you are emitting into the universe – where you have a chance to manifest in ways you have not before. You are moving into a vibration where love is valued more than stuff, and where compassion is valued more than being “right.” Right now, however, it is a breach and bumpy birthing.

As greater light arises within each of you it is flushing out the darkness – the old stuffed fears, tears, upsets, worries, guilts – you name it! Think of running clear water through an old pipe. At first all you will see is the gunk washing out. Flow long enough and the clear and pure water will reveal itself.

The feelings are further compounded because you are feeling the world. Your anger will feel amplified by the world’s vibration of frustration. Your fear will seem stronger for the same reason. So too with your sadness, your pain, and also, happily, your joy! No matter what you feel, you are feeling the vibration in the mass consciousness that matches your own feelings, even more strongly.

There is no escaping from yourselves. There is no escaping your connection with one another.

It is time dear ones to remember this simple mantra:

Reveal • Feel • Heal • See & Be Free

Reveal: This pandemic has put you in situations where you are not in control. You’ve had to “be” with yourself without distractions. You’ve had to get to know yourself better. All of life has conspired to bring to the surface the things that you’ve stuffed. You’re seeing your hopes and dreams more clearly. You’re seeing your desire for connection, you fears, your upsets, your loneliness, your light and your brilliance. All your old feelings about these feelings are coming up too!

Do you feel shame or blame for being upset over petty things when people are dying? We would never shame you for your feelings.

Do you feel guilt for feeling amazing? We would only encourage you to feel joy.

Do you feel sad that in order to feel happy you have to walk away from a situation that never quite worked anyway? We celebrate your awakening.

Feel: There is only one thing to do with all these emotions, dear ones. Be with them. Feel them deeply. Send love to the parts of self that don’t feel so great. Send encouragement to the powerful and light filled parts and tell them to shine without guilt. Imagine you are talking to people inside you, for indeed you are talking to aspects of your own soul that got pushed deep within, and were ignored or unloved. It is time to sit with these unloved parts of your soul and heal them.

Heal: As you acknowledge your feelings, you begin to heal. As you love yourself through your frustrations, your fears, your loneliness, your guilt, your tantrums, and in your glorious magnificent light without shame or guilt for being in your power, you heal. Love heals. All that is coming up within you simply wants to be acknowledged and loved. Try not to distract yourself. Try not to fall into old behaviors that allow you to avoid your feelings. Feel yourself deeply and love yourself – all of you. It is in self-love and self-acceptance that you become more whole, elevate your vibration, and feel your connection to the loving Source ever more deeply.

See & Be Free: Observe the desires arising within you. Observe the changes you desire in your life. Grant yourself permission to dream the dreams that you’ve pushed aside. Allow yourselves to fantasize about lives you haven’t a clue how to create. Even when you feel constrained by the “rules” externally, find your freedom internally. Stop censoring your soul. Stop sorting out “acceptable” vs. “unacceptable” dreams. Even if you wear a face mask, take off the mask of the false persona and let others see who you really are. Connect with your eyes, and more importantly with your hearts.

Be kind to yourselves as you move forward into uncharted futures. Be sensitive to yourself. Feel your feelings. As they are revealed, love them and help them heal. Dream your dreams. Be your authentic self. You are dropping the confines you have placed around your own hearts and the walls you’ve created between hearts. You are unmasking your true selves, willing at long last to step forth into the world as the unique, beautiful, bright, and loving lights that you truly are.

Enjoy the journey of your birthing dear ones, even if it is a messy and challenging. Our love is with you every day. Our guidance is with you. We never judge you, always love you, and lovingly ask you to grant yourselves the same unconditional acceptance as you move forward. Revealing your feelings is healing. You are freeing your spirits from the things that blocked you from feeling love. As you do so, you uplift yourselves and the entire human race.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

How do you know what is right for you? Breathe again. Think of something or someone you love. Bask in that feeling of love. Amplify that feeling. Now ask your heart, “Heart what is right for me, right here, right now?”-The Angels via Ann Albers-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Sit for a moment in silence if you can. Listen to your heart beat. Notice your breath. Feel the temperature of your skin. You are here. You are now. That is the only moment you ever have. Why not make it beautiful?

Can you think of something or someone you love? It might be a person, a pet, a sunset, a location, a favorite meal or a memory from long ago. It might be a feeling of fantasy about the future. Take a moment now. Drop into your heart, and feel the love that lives within you simply by thinking of someone or something you love. For some of you this will be easy. For others it will take willpower and intention. Do it now. Breathe while focusing on that love, expand it, and come back to read more when you’re feeling yourself in a space of love.

That feeling of love, dear ones, is what you are all seeking. While some are rushing to get back out to the world and others are wanting to sit quietly at home a bit more, all of you are seeking that very feeling in your hearts.

You want things, people, and situations in life because you hope they will bring you the very same feeling of love that you just brought forth from within you.

For all your searching, seeking, rushing, and procrastinating, you are all wanting the very thing you just found – a feeling of love. When you feel love, you are connected to your deepest, truest, essence. When you feel love – whether it be for a dish of ice cream or the love of your life – you feel the Divine. There is only One love. It lives within and beneath all things, all beings, all situations, all wondrous, glorious events, and all challenges. It lives at the surface in the kind ones among you and buried deeply in the rageful. It lives, nonetheless, within all.

You felt this love simply by using your will power and your intention. There is nothing you had to do externally. There is no one you had to be with. There was no change in your situation. There was only a simple shift in your mind, away from worries, cares, concerns, upsets, frustrations, and fears to love. You chose to connect with the Reality that underlies all “reality.” You chose to connect with You.

So as your world rebirths itself, as you witness a clashing of ideas, opinions, and concepts about the “best” way to go about this – the “safest,” “smartest,” “quickest,” “most economical,” “most courteous,” way to go about it… realize that all you want to feel is Love. In Love you are safe. In Love you are protected. In Love your very biology is stronger and more immune. When you are tuned into Love, you can witness the dramas of the world, and realize there is never one “right” way for all – there is only one “right” way for you. Whether you go out or stay in, dine out or cook, work from home or go back into the office, it is right for you, if you feel it is right.

How do you know what is right for you? Breathe again. Think of something or someone you love. Bask in that feeling of love. Amplify that feeling. Now ask your heart, “Heart what is right for me, right here, right now?” In Love you will find your answers. In Love you will hear your guidance. In Love dear ones, you rebirth your spirit in a single moment.

Birth yourselves into this new world in Love. Then, no matter what others are doing, be in Love, and you will be safe, protected, guided, and inspired along the highest and happiest path for your newborn soul.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

If you are in joyous anticipation of a more beautiful, higher dimensional world, stay in that space! You are creating it, not only for the world, but for yourselves as well.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Be patient with yourselves and one another. You are in a state of re-birthing upon your planet earth and birth is not a process that can be easily rushed. It must come in its own time. The human race is going through intense contractions right now – one moment feeling very hopeful that things are progressing and that you can see the light at the tunnel, and in the next feeling stuck, frustrated, and stagnant.

We celebrate the joyous anticipation so many of you feel. You are indeed moving into a kinder and more connected world, a world in which more people acknowledge the value of every human being, a world in which you crave touch, kindness, and where you have learned that you can indeed “hug” one’s soul even if not hugging a body. So many of you are focused upon this reality and even better. That is a blessing to your entire human race.

We also understand and are sending love to so very many of you who are feeling the very human frustrations that are arise from feeling stuck – stuck at home, stuck out of work, stuck with people you’d rather not be stuck with, stuck without a solution as to how you might manage your present conditions. The feelings of stagnation are as prevalent now as the feelings of peace, love, and kindness. Thus, the contractions.

If you are in joyous anticipation of a more beautiful, higher dimensional world, stay in that space! You are creating it, not only for the world, but for yourselves as well.

If you are feeling irate, stagnant, or stuck, start by giving yourself a hug and speaking to the child within that feels helpless, afraid, or is just simply throwing a tantrum. Love this part of your soul that is irate or fearful. Talk to this inner self as if they are very real, for in truth their energy is affecting you, and not in a way that feels comfortable or happy. Remind this inner child that there is always growth, even if there is no movement. There are always solutions even if you can’t see them yet. There is always a Divine Presence and angels available to assist you if you sit, breath, receive, and believe. You are where you are for a reason. You are there to love some part of you that requires your attention now.

Rather than shifting blame, or running to addictive behaviors, whatever they might be – busy-ness, anger, sugar… sit with your unhappy feelings and be with them and love them as you would love an unhappy child. For in truth the child within you does want love, and has most likely for some time. Now is your opportunity to heal.

Dear ones, you may feel a combination of both sets of emotions – hopeful one moment, and impatient or discouraged the next. It is OK! Birth is not always an easy process. Birth involves a bit of struggle for most… but birth can also be the greatest teacher of surrender.

Surrender to your own feelings, and love yourself. Surrender to the world at large, because there are some things you cannot change by force. In surrendering to self and world however, you will find your heart, you will begin to change your inner world… and in so doing, you will imagine the “newborn” human race, and your “newborn” life into being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Be patient with yourselves. Accept your own feelings. Be kind to yourself. Only then can you dance with life and be “in the world, but not of it.” Only then can you rise above the world’s vibrations into a much calmer, kinder, and more creative space. From there you can dream marvelous futures into existence simply by placing your focus upon them.-The Angels-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be a little more patient these days as you all strive to get through this difficult time upon your planet earth. Be kind to yourselves and one another, for no matter what the circumstances, each moment is ripe with opportunity to bring love to the surface.

Impatience is a very normal human reaction when life doesn’t look as you wish. We understand. You are afraid this may go on forever. You want to say, “Hurry up universe! Show me this will end! Show me I will make money again! Show me I will meet my partner! Show me I’ll be OK!” It is hard at times, to believe in what you cannot yet see. You get impatient for proof that your prayers will be answered.

While we understand this train of thought, it is important to remember, that you cannot create a better future from a point of frustration in the present. Instead, your willingness to embrace the moment, and accept yourself in each moment, is an act of love performed in a vibration of love… and it is this kind of love that will lead you to the best of all possible futures.

Take this time, challenging through it might be, to ask yourself a simple question throughout the day, “How can I bring more love into this moment, starting with myself?” Can you accept your own feelings and love yourself through them? Can you rest when you’re tired (or as soon as you are able)? Can you be kind to yourself whether you think you are living up to your own expectations or not?

Self-love starts with self-acceptance. If, in the moment, you can embrace yourself when you are afraid, soothe yourself when you feel helpless, or breathe when you feel impatient or angry, then you will be granting the parts of self that have always needed love, the very thing they need the most. You will be healing your spirit.

Dear ones, be patient with yourselves. These are trying times.

From this place of patience with self, you will find greater compassion for the difficult ones among you, and you will not waste your energy focusing upon them. You will see people doing or saying things that you simply don’t resonate with, but you will remember to grant yourself love first, to accept your own feelings, and to take the pressure off yourself to be anything other than you are. From that place, you will naturally be more guided towards the loving future that you seek.

For example, say you are obeying the regulations upon your planet perfectly. You are working hard to remain “socially distant” and yet you see people who seem not to care about their health or your own. You get impatient, angry, and fearful. You start to spiral into a deep angry, victimized space.

And then dear ones, you stop. You talk to yourself as if you are speaking to a little child, inwardly if you like. “It’s OK. I’m creating health, and even though these people don’t care about you, I do. I will keep us safe in a loving energy.” The scared inner child calms down. The soul shines brightly. Suddenly these insensitive souls seem just that, rather than monsters who are trying, albeit unconsciously, to kill you. Suddenly you realize that you rest in God’s peace and grace, and in the arms of your angels. In this space, even in spite of the inconsideration of others, you are safe, protected, and guided.

Be patient with yourselves. Accept your own feelings. Be kind to yourself. Only then can you dance with life and be “in the world, but not of it.” Only then can you rise above the world’s vibrations into a much calmer, kinder, and more creative space. From there you can dream marvelous futures into existence simply by placing your focus upon them.

Dear ones, patience is required, starting with yourselves first, for this too shall pass, but as it does, why not use the time to practice a little more patience and kindness towards yourself so when it does end, you find yourself walking “on higher ground.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


March 28, 2020,

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Right now we honor each and every one of your upon your earth, for you are making history – spiritual history – ushering in a new era of light, cooperation, connection, harmony, and truth. Amidst the darkness, a great love and great light continue to arise. The human spirit is strong beyond measure. Your love is coming to the surface as never before.

That said, there is still a great deal of fear upon your planet. Those of you who are empathic, even though you might not be afraid of the virus, may feel the vibration of fear. Any little fear you might carry in your own spirit can easily be amplified right now. If you are feeling your emotions a bit more intensely than usual, that is absolutely normal. If you are feeling a need for comfort lately, that is normal too.

You can, in the midst of all of this, find peace.

You can find peace by remembering that you always have God, grace, and streams of well being available to you simply through your intent to tap into these energies, and through your intent to be a blessing to others.

You can find peace by praying for the light of love to rise up within your own heart and the hearts of all humanity.

You can find peace by envisioning your body filled with light as well as the bodies of all those for whom you care.

You can find peace by sitting in meditation, or by sitting in the silence of nature, listening to the birds, or watching the clouds go by.

You can find peace by wrapping a blanket around you and inviting your angels to hug and hold you as energy through the material form of the blanket.

You can find peace by realizing that God is always God. Love is always a power greater than fear, and it is through your love most of all that you remain impervious to the lower vibrational effects upon your earth.

Dear ones, this will not last terribly long. Your love will prevail and in less than a few months things will begin to dramatically and surprisingly improve. We see that in your future, your hearts have already prevailed over the darkness.

Instead of driving you further apart, humanity will crave deeper connection. Instead of making you fear and hate, it is driving you to love. This virus has failed in its attempts to separate and isolate you for the long term.

Instead dear ones, more than ever before, you are becoming aware of your beautiful, loving, unity. More than ever before, in spite of status, salary, race, color, or creed, you are realizing you are one human race. More than ever before you care about your neighbors, your families, your friends…and people on the other side of the world, whom you will never meet.

You, dear ones, are the lights shining brightly. You are the ones ushering in a new era of connection. You are the brave ones saying to the universe and all around, “FEAR IS NOT REAL! I rest in the light of Divine Love and that is the only truth I will embrace.”

We are here for you. We are guiding you. in safety. We celebrate your beautiful hearts and your amazing awakening light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

People are turning more strongly to God because they intuitively sense that a relationship with the Source of Love itself IS the answer. They are right.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, March 21st, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Let us tell you a little story about a race of beings who forgot their connection with one another and with the source. They were brilliant, intellectual, scientific, and very advanced in their society. They created marvelous technologies. However, in their quest to automate tasks and communications that once required true connection, they started to create greater and greater emotional separation. In time they became so technologically oriented and so separated that they forgot how to connect with their hearts, one another, and thus how to connect to the Loving Source.

In their forgetting, they did not remember the light, during their passing out of third dimensional reality. Thus, they didn’t go back into the light.. Instead, they formed large colonies of beings in a plane of existence between the third dimension and heavenly. In this state, they knew no other source of power except for the energy generated by others. They became parasitic race of beings, stirring up emotional energy wherever they could find it so as to perpetuate their existence in the “in between.” Without the energy of others, their energy – now unable to experience its loving connection with source – would simply melt once again back into the light. They feared their demise, not realizing, that in dissolving into and surrendering to the light, they would find their souls once again.

This race of energetic beings still exists. They influence the weak minded and stir them into states of fear and anger, not because they are evil, but because they can only live off the energy generated by others. These beings influence any who are willing to allow themselves to be possessed by fear and anger. They are, in a sense, the viruses of the energetic universe, who cannot exist without a willing and weakened host.

These beings sometimes conceive of a grand plan to create massive amounts of fear on your planet. They make use of a naturally occurring phenomena like a virus and guide those tending towards fear to stir it into a terrifying global phenomena, and thus they create quite a feeding frenzy of fear.

However, in the midst of all this chaos, God is still God. Light is still light, and in the greater balance you will see amazing good emerging from this amazing chaos.

Those beings who sought to stir up the fear will find that they ultimately stirred up more love, more cooperation, more neighborliness, more pristine waters and cleaner air, a resilience in human hearts, minds, bodies, and soulsthat says, “We not only survived this chaos, we are now thriving!” It will take time, but just as any virus lives under the illusion that it could live off the host forever, these energies live in the illusion that they can stir up enough fear to live forever.

In truth the love that emerges will starve them off and you will enter a greater time of light, love, and unity on your planet! You will find yourselves united as one human race, regardless of race, color, creed or belief. A time of new light, new love, new connection, new unity, and new care for the environment is upon you!

Bear with the chaos for a while. Be prudent about your health rituals. Treat one another with kindness and take care of your basic need and comforts. If you are temporarily out of work, spend the time going inward and creating your future, or spend the time in connection with loved ones. If you are working amidst the chaos, take very good care of yourself so you can continue to serve. If you are sick, take heart and be courteous of others. You cannot ever die before your time and if it’s not your time, you can emerge stronger.

In truth, well-being, light, love, joy prosperity, peace, and love are always currents flowing through the universe.You can just as easily tap into them as you can tap into fear, upset, and darkness. In the light, your body chemistry is strong and vital. In fear, your body chemistry changes and allows these viruses to take root.

They cannot live without darkness. They spread with fear. They are a creation of beings lost in illusion and they spread only because of the illusions that you could possibly ever be controlled by an external entity. You are light. You are love. You are the divine embodied in human form. How can a microscopic bug wreak so much havoc in your society? Fear. Fear is the virus. Faith, love, and joy are the ultimate antidote.

Dear ones, instead of focusing on fear and upset, focus on the good that is coming out of this situation and you will draw it forth more quickly and kindly as a result.

As we see it, global compassion is spreading more quickly than the virus. For the first time in perhaps your history the entire world has been made equal. Viruses do not distinguish between race, creed, or color. They don’t care if you are rich or poor, famous or humble. The world is coming to a realization that these superficial distinctions don’t really matter. You are all in it together.

There is also good emerging as a result of the vast amount of people that are staying at home. Pollution to your planet is drastically reduced. People are being forced to go within and “be” with themselves. As a result, everyone is being forced to become more self-aware, to grow, to consciously choose to seek the positive rather than sitting alone with one’s own negative thoughts.

While your economy is currently taking a dip into the pool of fear as well, it too will resurrect and proceed with business as usual.

Dear ones, there is so much good coming of this. People are craving more real connections than ever before, even as they are forced to “social distance.”  People are being more neighborly, wanting to help one another, and showing true compassion for those among you who require more love and care. People are turning more strongly to God because they intuitively sense that a relationship with the Source of Love itself IS the answer.  They are right.

Dear ones, LOVE is the answer. Your viruses float in and around you on a daily basis. You have them in your bodies. You have cancers floating around. You are a chemical cocktail of helpful and hurtful entities all living in a beautiful colony that you call “the body.”  You, the soul are in charge of this community of trillions of cells, proteins, and more. You are the one who decides to send love to this community and make if feel supported, coordinated, and harmonious. OR you can send fear to the body in which case, each cell clearly realizes you are pinching off its source of well-being.

Better, so much better, to let the love flow. In this fashion, the social and biological effects of the virus will die off with the uprising of love and the subsequent death of fear.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels