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Appreciate the unique beauty of being in the human form.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath and as you exhale, relax. Take another one. Exhale. Relax even more deeply. With each exhale release your cares to the universe. All is well at this moment. You are sitting here and now, connecting with angels, and open to receiving our love. Right here, right now, breathe. Sit quietly for a few moments and imagine streams of light from our hands pouring into your hearts. Imagine your heart is open, like a flower is to the sunshine, drinking in this light. As you breathe and take in this light through your heart, imagine it filling your body, nurturing you, enlivening your cells, and loving you from the inside out. Stay in this space as long as you like.

There are a lot of arguments going on in your world right now. There are a lot of tempers running high. There are also a lot of people quietly doing good, quietly loving one another, quietly cleaning up your mother earth, quietly helping the children, the elderly, and the ones in need. There are people praying every day for humanity, for political leaders, and for the planet. There are people helping animals, people creating crafts, people baking with love. or working on behalf of one another. There are people listening and advising, people meditating, people praying, and so, so many people quietly going about their lives as kindly as they can.

Your world is inherently good. There are so many acts of love performed in the space of a single breath or a single heartbeat on your planet that you will never see. Most of them, you will never hear on your news or read about on your internet. Even in your own lives, on a given day, there are countless moments of love and goodness and things to appreciate.

Your own body is a living, breathing miracle.
 Each breath is a multitude of miraculous coordination. Each heartbeat is a symphony of chemistry and electricity, coordinated in ways that are beyond comprehension. Your life is so beautiful dear ones. Give thanks for it. Appreciate the unique beauty of being in the human form.Your world offers immense beauty. Think for a moment, about a place that you find incredibly beautiful. Imagine yourself there. Immerse yourself in the memory or fantasy of its beauty. Imagine the interplay of light, color, and texture. Feel the wonderful feelings that come from remembering this special place. Perhaps you’ve got a spot in your own home that you find beautiful. Take time to revel in it and appreciate it.

Your world offers beautiful fragrances. What are some of your own? Do you like the smell of morning coffee? The scent of a rose? The freshness of your soap or shampoo? Is a newly cut orange enough to send you into bliss? Do you love the pines after a rain or the smell of cedar? Dinner on the grill? Think of a fragrance you enjoy, and for a moment imagine inhaling it deeply and feeling the absolute, miraculous bliss that comes with knowing your body is experiencing a veritable symphony of reactions to produce this simple pleasure!You have beautiful sounds in your experience. There is music that elevates your spirit, the hum of the bees, the song of the birds, the gentle breezes, the babbling brooks, the roar of the oceans, and even the beat of a lover’s heart. Think of a sound you love right now or a piece of music. When you are able, listen to it. Allow yourself to feel your heart expand and your soul fill with joy as this marvelous vehicle called your body interprets frequencies in such an amazing and delightful manner.

You have tastes… glorious, amazing flavors on your planet! You have foods you absolutely enjoy! Think of some of them now. Recall a favorite meal or a favorite snack. Once again ponder the miracle of chemicals turning to signals to the brain that creates the delicious experience of this meal.

And touch! Dear friends how sublime a gift is physical touch! Give yourself a hug right now, or stroke your own hands. Feel the subtle sensations and how they ripple throughout your whole being. Recall the feel of your favorite blanket or pillow, the fur on your dog or kitty cat, the texture of the grass under your feet, or a smooth stone. Again, can you fathom the electrical and chemical symphony that must take place to give you these sensations?

You are living witth miracles on a daily basis! Your life in this body is miraculous. While you have difficult news on your planet, there is good news going on right here and now in your own body, in your own life, in your own little corner of the world.Seek that. See that. Revel in that. Claim that.

Your existence was never meant to be a dance of adversity but rather a dance of wonder, splendor, sensation, immesion in Divine creation, and a glorious experience of the greater Self in the diversity of its forms. In plain terms dear one you are manifestations of the Divine having a human experience, not meant to suffer, but to revel in the buffet of experiences physical life grants you.

You were not intended to be fearful of death but rather to immerse yourself in life. You never intended to agree – or argue – with one another, but rather to agree with the Divine inspirations from within.

You, dear ones, are lights in this world. Don’t let the viewpoints of those yelling the loudest convince you that humanity is bad, that your world is ending, that your country is going to self-destruct, or that your Mother Earth is doomed.

Humanity is inherently good. Misdeeds result from pain or misunderstanding. Your world is not ending. Your countries are not going to self-destruct. Your Mother Earth is rejuvenating herself. Best of all you are living miracles, each with access to experiences that are simply unparalleled in their capacity for joy. This week, vow not to take your senses for granted. Appreciate your tastes, textures, smells, sounds, and sights. If you are missing one sense, enjoy the others even more.

It is in your appreciation of the so-called simple miracles starting with your own body and your own lives – that you begin to see the light, the love, the goodness, and the truth of your being everywhere you look.

As we’ve said many times, your world is going through a rebirthing, and birth is a messy process. Nonetheless, even a mother in labor can appreciate the fragrance of an essential oil, a tender hand that holds her own, the gentle music or song of birds playing in the background, the taste of a cool glass of water, and a beautiful blanket held around her shoulders.

Right here, right now, dear friends, love abounds. See it. Seek it. Notice it. Appreciate it, and then no matter what your external world is doing you will begin to see the goodness and the beauty that has been there, hiding in plain sight all along.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

More and more, as you raise your vibration by finding things to enjoy here and now, you will easily attract enjoyable things, people, and situations that come to you with very little effort.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you enjoying your life now? If not, what could you do today, to enjoy your life more? Are you enjoying your thoughts? If not what could you think about instead? Are you enjoying the things you focus on in the world? If not, what else might you focus upon?

Life is too short, dear ones not to enjoy it, and you have a choice. Life is a buffet of smells, sights, sounds, textures, tastes, people, beliefs, ideologies, experiences, and possibilities! Life is a veritable smorgasbord of energies in so many different forms and combinations! There literally is “something for everyone” and “someone for everyone.” There are things that you might love that others can’t stand, and vice versa. There are people who
bother you to your core, who seem like absolute angels to others. There is not one person or one thing on this earth that is anything other than a veritable soup of various frequencies.

Would you stand at a buffet and eat what you do not like? Would you waste your time criticizing the food you don’t enjoy? Would you look at all the older offerings and half-empty trays say, “What is this buffet coming to?” Wouldn’t you rather select the foods you do enjoy? Wouldn’t you rather appreciate the beauty in the diversity? Wouldnt you rather focus on the abundance? It is the same buffet, dear friends.

Likewise, it is your focus that makes life satisfying or not. It is your focus in life that dictates whether you will enjoy it or not because there are always things to enjoy, people to enjoy, and always better thoughts to enjoy. Life is a buffet.

So many of you were taught, without anyone trying to teach you, that you cannot be happy if there are problems or undesirable situations in life. You can’t be happy until you have perfect health, until the bills are paid, until everyone around you acts the way you believe they should act, until, until, until… It is not likely anyone said this to you but chances are you watched plenty of people during your young life, teach by example, that happiness was
only possible when things looked the way they wanted them to look. Perhaps you had people in your life who taught you to look at “the glass half full” or to look for the good. What a blessing these individuals were and are! They remind you that joy is here for the taking, and that it is simply a matter of focus.

So ask yourself again, “Am I enjoying life today? If not, what could I do to enjoy it more? Where could I be more true to my desires? What could I reschedule? What can I control and what can I not? How might I treat myself more kindly?” Dig a little deeper and see if you can’t come up with ways to enjoy your day today. Does the world bother you? What do you love about the world? Search if you don’t know the answer to that. “Seek and ye shall find”
is true, always dear ones. You will find what you look for and what you focus upon.

You have permission, encouragement, and a recommendation from those of us in the heavens, to enjoy your lives. If your foot doesn’t feel good, take care of it and enjoy your eyes and arms. If your bank account doesn’t feel good, enjoy the fact that at the moment you have a computer or phone, good clothing, a roof over your head, food, and a variety of wonderful things on your internet. You have Mother nature’s embrace. You have movies. You can shut your eyes and
dream yourself into any beautiful place you wish… So many possibilities exist. If you don’t enjoy the people you’re living with, then go to your room, shut the door, and enjoy some peace. Take a drive, go outside, or visit with people you enjoy more. Look at the people that irritate you and play the game of “try to see if I can find something good about them.” There are so many possibilities dear friends!

We know you’d all rather have happiness handed to you on the proverbial “silver platter” and it can be so, if you’re willing to focus upon and find things to enjoy in the here and now. More and more, as you raise your vibration by finding things to enjoy here and now, you will easily attract enjoyable things, people, and situations that come to you with very little effort.

Don’t put off your happiness till tomorrow. It belongs to you here, now, in this moment, and every moment. Problems will come and go. Challenges will come and go, but happiness can be a constant companion if you just ask yourself a few questions here and there… “Am I enjoying my day? If not what might I do to enjoy it more? Am I enjoying my thoughts? If not what thoughts might be more enjoyable.” Go ahead, dear ones. Give yourselves permission to be happy now
and you will become the lights of the world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

— The Angels

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/24/2021 • Intentions that manifest

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a few minutes after you read our words. What do you want your life to look like as you move forward? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have? How do you want to live your days? What would that feel like? Explore those questions for a few minutes.

Some of you know with great clarity what you want. Some of you know in great detail, and others of you know only the feelings you wish to experience. Both are fine. Each one of you will have varying degrees of detail in mind about your dreams, and that’s ok. If you look in your heart, you can identify what it is you know you want. You want to be happy. You want to feel secure. You want certain things and situations. You want to feel and behave in a certain way. You want to live your days in grace. Take time and, if you like, make a list of what you want… as many things, conditions, and/or situations that you can think of. These can be as general or as specific as you like.

As you review your list make sure each desire inspires you and makes you feel good when you think about it. Try to avoid wording things in the negative. For example, if you wrote, “I want to be out of debt” that is still a focus on debt, and for most of you, will diminish your vibration. How about, “I want to live a life with more than enough?” Which thought, which statement, makes you feel better, more alive, and more inspired. Try this one. “I don’t want to be alone!” vs. “I want a joyous co-creative partnership where we fit like hand and glove and help each other expand and grow with kindness and joy.” Which thought feels better? Which focus feels more like love?

As you go through your list, read each statement to yourself. Shut your eyes and breathe and repeat it to yourself. Be honest about how you feel. When you say, “I want a joyous partnership” is there a sad or sarcastic feeling of “yeah right” in your vibration? If so modify the intention until you feel inspired by the feel of it, even if you have to say, “I intend to feel more hopeful about a partnership. I intend to see examples of great relationships.” Those thoughts might feel less daunting, and therefore more inspiring for now. You can always modify your intentions and expand them, but you must either find intentions that inspire high vibrational feelings or find other ways to find high vibrational feelings, because always and forevermore it is your vibration that dictates what you attract or allow.

You truly know this. You know that when you feel good, and you’re in a high vibration wonderful things seem to flow easily into your life. When you feel bad, or trip up and fall into a lower vibration, you get in the way of the goodness that wants to flow into your life.

We are not suggesting that you avoid your feelings. Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to work through a negative feeling before you can raise your vibe. Sometimes you have to wallow a bit in it before you can move beyond it. Sometimes you have to take it out on someone else to see that doesn’t work before you can reclaim your inner power. It is alright! These things are part of the human experience and you learn from them.

However, when you design your intentions for the life you wish to live, make sure that you can feel good about them, otherwise, it would be wise to make your intentions a little more believable and good-feeling. Then bit by bit, you can expand your desires as you learn to feel more and more hopeful and good about them.

Your angels want you to have every good thing that you want. We know how to guide you to the very essence of all things you want in perfect grace. You may not get the “form” you desire because sometimes you want something that isn’t really what you think it is! Sometimes you want a job or a house that doesn’t match the vibration of the one you truly desire. In these cases, we guide you to a perfect vibrational match.

When you are in a high vibration you can perceive your guidance. When you’re in a lower vibration you’ll match up with people in the world who are in a similar state. When there is a vibrational mismatch, conditions will shift and you’ll be guided elsewhere.

Your vibration alone allows or blocks all you desire. Make a list of desires and make sure you can feel really good about each one. If not, back off a little bit and create them a little bit at a time until your successful mini-manifestations prove to you that God does care, and we in the heavens will always work, in every way we can, to guide you on the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/17/2021 • Riding the Waves of love

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Look around you. You are spirit in flesh, the Divine experiencing its own life in a body, a personality, a time, and space. You – through your free will – are the creators and architects of Love in form. It is because of your human lives that the purse unbounded Love that is the Divine is molded and shaped into things, experiences, concepts, ideas, and systems. It is because of your existence, that Love continues to expand, grow, and find new expression.

You are far more important than any of you could ever imagine. Your every desire causes the entire universe to respond. Your every wish for better starts the wheels in motion for the universe to create better. Your every desire for yourself or others takes the raw stuff of the energy of Love and begins to mold it as an artist would mix and mold the clay of the earth. You, dear ones, are the architects of Love.

At times, you don’t feel so important, so necessary, so… more than enough! You sit on your couch and scroll through your phones. On your news or social media, you watch the buffet of the human experience parading in front of you. You like this and you don’t like that. You want this and you don’t want that. You see something that triggers a desire within you and you wish for better… and in so doing you set the entire universe in motion!

It doesn’t seem as if you are doing anything and yet, with your every simple loving wish, you sound a silent note of Love and energy that begins to travel through the cosmos. It joins with the energies of others who have wished for something similar and soon these collective notes of love begin to create a symphony of frequency – a tidal wave of love that begins to wash through other human hearts.

The more of you that have similar wishes and desires, the stronger the symphony, and the more hearts that are touched. The greater the love, the stronger the waves of energy, and the more hearts you will influence. This is how your simple desires become energies, which become inspirations, which become ideas, which turn to actions that become movements that create lasting change upon your planet earth.

The greater the degree of love with which your wish is made, the stronger your note sounds in the symphony of energies being emitted by the human race.

For example, suppose you witness someone discarding a piece of trash on the street. Immediately, and often unconsciously, you have a wish that people would value your earth and treat her with more respect. The love within that wish echoes out into the universe. Suppose someone else sees a car spewing pollution and beneath their frustration and disgust emanates a silent wish for cleaner vehicles and breathable air. The love within that wish sounds a silent note that echoes out into the universe. Perhaps yet another watches the earth being bulldozed for a parking lot and thinks to themselves, “Enough concrete! We need more nature.” Their wish echoes out into the universe. Even though these wishes are buried beneath a degree of negativity and discontent and are therefore somewhat weakened, still the love within them travels out into the universe.

Likewise, many of you during your pandemic saw the photos of clean water and witnessed beautiful clear blue skies. You loved this! You silently wished that the earth could remain this pristine. Your loving wishes sounded strong notes of love that collectively joined together to create a symphony of frequency that in its pure essence said, “We love our mother earth.” “We want her to be respected, cleaned up, treated well, and enjoyed.” As a result that symphony of love – created from your individual, seemingly “insignificant” wishes – has started to create a massive movement upon your earth even as we speak!

In fact, over the next many decades you will see massive improvements in how your mother earth is treated. There will be increasing awareness of sustainability. There will be whole movements to clean up various ecosystems. There will be trends in decor to include more natural elements and a resurgence of appreciation for parks and nature preserves. There will be more “Greening” of cities – rooftop gardens, solar and wind power, and so many wonderful improvements that stem from your simple wishes and desires! Even the souls of those planning to incarnate upon your earth – the future children – have felt this symphony of desire and are eager to come and live in greater cooperation with your planet! Your simple, seemingly “insignificant” wishes have joined together to change the human experience for generations to come!

So when you feel you don’t matter, think again. When you feel you don’t make a difference, remember you do. When you feel stuck, remember you are not. You are always creating change within. You are always setting the universe in motion. Even within your deepest anger, frustration, and disgust, the seeds of loving desire for better are sown.

Dear ones, you are the architects of Love. Love is the “Building material” from which entire universes are created. Love is the raw stuff that your desires shape into silent notes that become silent symphonies that silently, but potently touch and inspire human hearts.

Imagine right now if you sounded a single note through your voice. Imagine that it beings to join with others doing the same. Imagine that this music touches those who have not yet sounded their own and inspires them to join the chorus. Dear ones, imagine, you are hearing the pure Love of God sounding forth into the universe, turning into symphonies that uplift and inspire every open heart. You truly are sounding this symphony at all times, albeit energetically and silently, and your hearts which don’t need ears can hear. Your hearts are all being fed and fueled by this love. You, through your willingness to wish and dream are creating movement, change, and a wonderful new and beautiful life upon your earth.

When you are discouraged, remember this. You are all so very important. So very loved. So very crucial to the expansion and expression of Love in form.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Listen to your feelings

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you rebirth your world and your own lives, ask yourselves, “What do I want to take with me into this new reality? What do I wish to leave behind?” We are not talking about your belongings as much as your habits, your routines, your thoughts, beliefs, and stories. Think about this often… “Who do you want to be?” We don’t expect you to answer this quickly. You are like newborn children right now upon your planet. Individually and collectively, you are in a deep exploration of Self.

Ask yourself, “What gives you joy? What tears you down? What enlivens you? What exhausts you? What do you do from passion and what do you do from duty? How can you make your duties more pleasurable?” This life is not about suffering and survival and your hearts are waking up to the fact that you no longer want to embrace these old paradigms. Your souls are awakening at a whole new level. Your hearts are whispering. “We want change. We want to live and thrive and be alive, not merely exist!”

Some of you know exactly who you want to be, how you want to live, and how you want to proceed as you move forward. Many of you, however, are in a state of exploration. You aren’t the person you were two years ago and you don’t necessarily want to go backward. The energy no longer supports inauthenticity very easily. When you are in alignment with your heart and soul, you feel alive, impassioned, and vital. When you are trying to push yourself to do something without heart, unless you find a way to make it pleasant, you are feeling the pressure that you are putting on yourselves in the form of physical pains, frustrations, depression, and sometimes outright anger.

Listen to your feelings. They are the whisperings of your soul. They are the chemistry of your body responding to the programs of your thoughts. They are telling you when you are on track with the light within you and when your thoughts have strayed from focusing on the goodness in life and the goodness you desire.

Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle. Allow yourself to explore new activities, old activities, and activities that beckon you with joy. Allow yourselves to “try on” new thoughts, new ways of looking at life. Google “alternative perspectives” on a topic that you feel upset about or stuck on and see what you find. Let yourselves be as children, dear ones, for you are all wanting very much to create the kingdom of heaven upon your earth… one life at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Your vibration creates your reality, and you are free to choose your vibration; therefore, free to create any reality you wish.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/03/2021 • Are you really free? Yes!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

For many of you on this list, tomorrow is a celebration of freedom and freedom is, as you say, a very hot topic upon your earth now! It would be our wish that you could wake up every day knowing, cherishing, celebrating, and enjoying your true freedom! After all, you are and always have been, eternally free.

You could be locked in a cage and your spirit would still be free, for no one can contain or limit the unbounded soul. Any perceived lack of freedom comes from identification with the physical body and the world of the senses, rather than identification with your true spiritual nature. The more you identify with your spirit, the less you will feel restricted as you live, breathe, and move about your earth.

You alone control your thoughts. You alone control your vibration. You alone control, therefore, what you attract or allow.
 Your vibration creates your reality, and you are free to choose your vibration; therefore, free to create any reality you wish.

We hear your protests at times! “I cannot travel unless I get a vaccine! I have to pay taxes! I can’t do anything anytime I want. I can’t run red lights! I am in a body that doesn’t always cooperate. How can you say I’m free?”

To understand your freedom you must understand your true nature. 
You are spirit, having a physical experience. If you embraced this then you would tune yourself to the desired reality.

Say you want to travel but can’t go where you wish right here and now. So what to do? How are you free? Is true freedom being able to do what you want when you want? Dig deeper, dear friends. Why do you want to go where you want to go? What is the essence of what you wish? Can you focus on the feeling of already being where you want to go?

Can you revel in the thoughts, enjoy videos of your desired destination, love the idea so much that your high vibration alone might be the tipping point that causes the restrictions to be lifted? In the very worst case, you will conjure up the feeling you desire through your inner journeys without even having to leave your house! Perhaps you’ll be guided elsewhere to a place that gives you the same feeling of satisfaction and joy as your original destination, but is actually better at this time. Everything you want is because you want a feeling and you are free to tune into that feeling here and now no matter what is going on in your external world!

As you do, you become the vibrational blueprint of the change you want to see in your external world, and as a result, it will begin to shift and change to match your internal reality. You are a creator! You are free to create.

Suppose you want to run red lights. Perhaps you are a careful driver and you don’t feel it is necessary to stop when no traffic is around. Perhaps you want to get somewhere on time. Perhaps you want to experience the thrill of rebellion. Well my friends you are free. You can imagine the freedom of running red lights safely and then you will find that you have no need to rebel and instead feel free and quite fine in the flow of stop and start.

You are free to take action of course and experience the consequences that come with your vibration.
 Are you rebelling against something? Be careful, you may well attract it. Are you in love with flow? Then even if you stop you will feel the delight of flow. Are you simply not wanting to pay attention? You may attract other drivers who aren’t either and meet a little too closely! Your vibration will dictate what you attract.

During quarantine, for example, you were not free to travel with your bodies but you were free to travel anywhere you wished in your soul! There was great purpose in this time. You discovered, if you were willing, the internal freedom to choose a vibration, focus upon it, and experience its effects. Some of you had a glorious time resting, restructuring your lives, and disentangling your energy from the world’s. Some of you pushed against conditions so strongly you tuned into them and felt them even more so. Again, your freedom to choose a vibration attracted a result.

We are never, ever making you wrong for any of your choices, dear one. You live. You feel. You tune. You experience. You learn. You readjust. You feel. You tune. You experience. You expand… and so goes the dance of eternal life.

So next time you think about the subject of freedom, ask yourself, “What does freedom mean to me? Is it the freedom to do what I want when I want? Or is it the freedom to feel what you want when you want? In truth dear ones, everything you wish to do is because you want to feel something. Start with the freedom of feeling and then you’ll be guided to people, situations, and activities that match. That is true freedom. Even if you got your way every time you wanted it, the experience, the bank account, or the lover would leave you empty and dissatisfied if you were not able to find the feeling from within.

Dear ones, enjoy your freedom to think the thoughts that give you the feelings you want, and in that reality, you will also find great freedom in your external world. No longer will you feel restricted by others’ creations, but rather you will either be the source of your own or be guided in ways you cannot even fathom to the essence of all that you wish to experience.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

In 5D it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is how you create your life experience:Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As the human race continues your transition into the 5D reality, you are learning a very different way of living – one that has always been the way the universe truly works, but one that is more obvious than ever before.

Your focus determines your thoughts. Your thoughts (or silent mind) tune you into a vibration, and your vibration is made manifest first through your feelings, then by what shows up in your life.

In 5D it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is how you create your life experience:

Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.
Re-adjust Your Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.
Re-adjust Your Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.

For centuries, the 3D paradigm has been just the opposite:

Experience. Focus. React/Act. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience again… focus again… react/act again…

You have been taught to interpret “reality” through your five senses. You’ve been taught to observe and then to say, “That’s the way it is.” This is why in 3D you often keep attracting the same thing. You look at what is in front of you, focus on it, act on it, think about it, vibrate to it, and attract more of it.

You have a saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Our 5D version is “insanity is focusing on the same thing – vibrating the same – and expecting different results.”

For example, there could be many wonderful, uplifting, resonant people in your life, but you might have a tendency to focus on the one that bothers you. In truth, they don’t make you feel bad. Your focus makes you feel bad. They didn’t lower your vibration. You allowed your vibration to be lowered. They didn’t “dump energy” into your field. You focused on an energy you don’t resonate with. Dear ones, no one can insert their energy in your field, no matter how empathic you are, unless you focus upon it. A radio with all its broadcasts cannot make you listen. You can change the station, walk away, put on your headphones and listen to something more pleasant. You can choose to love the broadcast and feel better anyway, but in any case, the radio is just an object broadcasting and it doesn’t jump up, insert its wires in your head and make you feel a thing. Likewise, no one else has the power to choose what you focus upon or tune into.

We understand that there are many “blaring radios” on your planet right now broadcasting their opinions, some kindly and some not, but you can still choose your focus. If someone is yelling in front of you you can focus on the cute message on their t-shirt, on the light within them, on the birds singing overhead, on a pleasant thought within you about all the good people in your life. You get to choose. Some people make it easier for you to focus positively. You love them. Some people make it very difficult for you to focus positively. If you don’t manage your focus, you get upset at them (while you’re just upset at losing your happy focus and blaming them!) Nonetheless, the power of your focus still belongs to you.

We don’t say this to shame or blame you. We aren’t making you wrong for not knowing any better. You have all been taught to observe and react to life, to blame life for your feelings, rather than focus and then feel good. You just didn’t know how the universe worked because for centuries, this has been knowledge well-guarded in secret societies and mystery schools. Now, thank you on earth, it is becoming mainstream. You are not powerless. You are not subject to the whims of the world. Your feelings do not have to be tugged and pulled and jerked around by external circumstances.

You are the owner of your own mind. You alone get to choose your own focus no matter how compelling others try to be. You get to tune to the vibrations you choose. When you consciously strive to choose vibrations that feel good to you, your life will become better and better and better and better… no matter what anyone else is doing.

You can solve your world’s problems by focusing with great enthusiasm on the feeling of the solution. How would it feel to go outside and see blue sky and breathe clean air, and have clean waters? You know the problems are there, but focus instead on how would it feel to have them resolved. Some of you will simply empower the vibration of the solution with your loving focus. Others of you will be motivated by the Divine within to act upon this vibration and become part of the tangible change.

You can solve your relationship problems, at least inside of yourself, by focusing on the good in another, what you once loved in another, or if that is too difficult, on all the people you do resonate with and adore. You can focus on the birds, the sun, the wonderful things about yourself. You can work yourself into a good feeling space and just love the light within everyone. Stay around those you prefer, and when you can walk away without guilt from those whose behaviors don’t resonate with you.

You don’t get any awards in heaven dear ones for making nice! You don’t get any awards for martyrdom. You are all loved equally whether or not you enjoy your life experience. You can choose a reality that supports an easier, kinder focus, and a higher vibration. If you don’t have that in front of you right now, then you are in spiritual “boot camp” learning to master your focus independent of the influences of the world around you.

We, the angels, could easily tune into and feel your every hateful and fearful thought. We can tune into your anxiety, your jealousy, and your insecurity. We exist, by our choice in a high and beautiful vibration of love, not because we can’t feel lower vibrations, but because we choose to focus on the love we have for you. In that reality, we can witness and know the world’s pains while holding a focus only of your highest, deepest, truest, most beautiful self, and gently, constantly, reminding you of your power to feel and experience that too. We don’t fear your negative energy dear ones. We feel only our love for you, and in that reality, we become part of the change you are all seeking to create.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Your feelings are a loving barometer that let you know when you’re in a higher or lower vibration. They tell you whether or not you are surrendered to your heart and flowing gracefully towards your desires, or whether or not you are resisting a loving flow.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never in your human history have you, as a species, been clearer on what you want from life. Your pandemic inspired you to send cries unto the heavens. “We want to be in this together. We are one world.” “We want to connect! We are tired of hatred!” “We are tired of polluting the planet we walk upon.” “We are tired of doing things that feel meaningless, going through the motions in life, and feeling duty-bound.” “Dear heavens, we are tired…”And so many of you are tired, dear friends. Many of you are exhausted from trying to “push the river’ and/or resisting your own feelings.

All of you are acclimating to the new energies. You are all working diligently to raise your vibration so the new, increased, and beautiful flow of love can move you and move through you unobstructed. Like a wire not yet rated for a higher current, it is your resistance to love that makes you, like that wire, short circuit, burn out, or blow up!

Conversely, if you’re living in alignment with your heart, which most of you are in many instances throughout the day, you will feel more energized, passionate, and open to guidance than ever before.

Most of you are vacillating between these two extremes, inspired by a thought one moment, exhausted the next.

You have complete control over these dear ones! You can choose to surrender to the exhaustion, nap, rest, and be gentle with yourselves. You can choose to give your own thoughts a rest and do what feels good to you in the moment. In loving yourselves in this fashion, you will raise your vibration and find increased energy. When you are impassioned by or feel drawn to something, you will feel energized if you go with your flow of thinking or action. You will feel tired if you resist. You will feel energized by loving thoughts, and tired or even exhausted by anything less. Best of all, in surrendering to the heart, you surrender to your guidance.

Your feelings are a loving barometer that let you know when you’re in a higher or lower vibration. They tell you whether or not you are surrendered to your heart and flowing gracefully towards your desires, or whether or not you are resisting a loving flow. In neither case are you right or wrong, good, or bad. You’re just having a different experience of life. Don’t judge yourself when you’re in a low vibe. Just do your best to shift towards a kinder one. your thoughts are the tools you use to fine-tune your feelings.

We have said this many times. Be gentle with yourselves. To the best of your ability, listen to your hearts. Don’t push yourselves to do things you don’t want to do, or if you must, at least find reasons to like what you’re doing. To the best of your ability, try not to indulge in thoughts that bring you down. Instead allow your mind to naturally drift upwards towards what feels best.

You are all learning to live in a higher vibration. Watch your feelings this week and notice how they correlate to your physical conditions and physical energies. You will soon come to understand, through your own observation, that you are energetic beings who are either choosing your vibration or reacting to the vibrations of the world. It is always your vibration that dictates how you feel, what you will attract, and how gracefully you flow through your days. We wish you ease, grace, joy, and dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

In very practical terms this means you will feel happy and free when you let yourself be who you really are in a given moment and when you choose to feel as good as you can, regardless of the conditions and behaviors of those around you.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have a saying upon your earth, “A rising tide raises all boats.” We would add, “as long as the rope that tethers the boats to the dock is long enough to withstand the tide!” Can you imagine what happens to a boat tethered by a short rope during a high rising tide? You already know the answer – either the rope must break, or the boat will flood.

Think of yourself as one of those little boats tethered to a dock. imagine the dock is the foundation of beliefs you have espoused throughout your life – who you thought you must be in order to consider yourself a good person, what you decided you must do to please others, what you feel makes you lovable, worthy, desirable, spiritual, what you believe makes others lovable, who believe others must be to be good people, etc.

To the degree that you have granted yourself the freedom to decide which beliefs serve your heart, your joy, and your loving true self, and which do not, you have granted yourself a longer rope. To the degree you feel controlled by these beliefs, and controlled by others, you are tied to them by a very short rope.

So here you are now, flooded by tidal waves of the most intense and beautiful energies of love the planet earth has seen in centuries. Like those little boats, you are either riding the rising tide of love by being true to yourself in a given moment and allowing others the same, or like a boat on a short rope you are feeling the tugs, pulls, and strains of being tied to unloving beliefs and behaviors while the rising tide of love strives to set you free.

In very practical terms this means you will feel happy and free when you let yourself be who you really are in a given moment and when you choose to feel as good as you can, regardless of the conditions and behaviors of those around you.

Conversely, you will feel strained, frustrated, angry, stuck, or exhausted when you are tethered to “who you think you should be” and when you allow your joy to depend on the conditions and behaviors of others around you.

For example, suppose someone makes a request of you. If you honestly feel like doing it and you do, you’ll feel happy, abundant, and inspired. If you don’t feel like it and you kindly decline without any guilt whatsoever or offer an alternative plan, you’ll feel good as well. In both cases, you’re riding the rising tide of love by loving yourself enough to honor your own heart and inner compass. You’re loving the other enough to be honest with them. Whether or not they accept your authentic answer with grace depends on the length of their own rope.

Now suppose you don’t feel like doing this favor, but you do it anyway. You make nice, do it out of duty, or because you feel must in order to be a loving person. In this case, you’re actually being unloving to yourself and dishonest with the other. You are tethered to beliefs about who you “should” be, and you are straining against the rising tide of love. As a result, you’ll likely feel tired, bitter, resigned, or simply out of sorts depending on the degree of disconnection from your true feelings.

Similarly, if your happiness depends on the agreement or behaviors of others, or upon external conditions in your world, you have tethered yourself directly to them with a very short rope! You will feel the stress and strain of tugging against the rising tide of love that wants you to give yourself the freedom to create and to be happy regardless of the external world.

Dear ones, it is no longer possible to comfortably resist the love rising up within each and every one of you! Honor your own hearts. Be true to yourself. Love yourself enough to be lovingly honest with yourself and therefore lovingly honest with others. Love yourself through your less-than-loving moments and have the compassion for yourself to choose the next best feeling thought. Choose your own feelings. Create your own reality through a higher vibe and live your lives freely – untethered from the behaviors or beliefs of others.

And then when you are authentically able to do so, love the light – however dim it might be – within the “unlovable” enough to pray for their upliftment. As you fan the flames of truth with your prayers and loving intentions for all beings, you allow the rising tide of love to raise you up as well.

The tides of love are rising up within you. Don’t fight them dear ones. Be gentle, kind, and loving to yourselves. Untether yourself from external conditions. Breathe, receive, and know that love very much wants to “float your boat” and carry you upward into a kinder, more honest, authentic, and harmonious reality. It may be a bit bumpy as you learn to untether yourselves – both individually and collectively – but more and more you are discovering what the freedom to love yourself and others truly feels like. Soon very soon, if not already, you will find that it feels very much like heaven on earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

care about how you feel and tend to your own feelings

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time upon your planet earth to care about how you feel and to tend to your own feelings. Like a gardener nurtures his or her plants in all phases of development – whether they are lying dormant in dark soil, sprouting, blossoming, or releasing their seeds – so too you can gently tend to your heart at all times. Whether you are in a phase of dormancy, creating new life, enjoying a harvest, or letting go, your feelings matter. Your feelings let you know whether or not you are in a higher vibration and traveling on a grace-filled path. They are your guides.

All periods of life are equally important. 
Without being dormant in the soil while waiting for water and warmth, a seed would not be motivated to reach for the light. Without the growth, it would not bear fruit. Without the fruit and release, it would not bear seeds to create new life. So too, all phases of your life, and cycles of your growth have value.

Some of you are in a resting, dormant phase right now. Like a seed in soil you aren’t terribly motivated to do anything. 
In this phase you honor your feelings by resting, relaxing, removing any pressures you put on yourself, giving up artificial deadlines, and cocooning. You may crave time to daydream, contemplate what you want to create or who you want to become, and time to just “be.” You will want to take extra good care of your body, eat gently, move gently, and allow nature to take its course in your mind and heart. You will feel good when you listen to your body and mind and refuse to push yourself.

As you give yourself this tender time to rest and relax, the force of life itself is growing and creating movement within you. If you honor your feelings, you will love these dormant phases of your life. Even while resting, you can be in a delicious, peaceful, passionately appreciative high vibe, and therefore on your kindest path. If you fight your feelings, however – even if you get the physical rest you need, but your mind is not at rest – you, like the seed without water and warmth, will need to stay dormant much longer. Better to listen to your feelings and get back in the natural flow of your soul’s journey.

Some of you are in a phase of sprouting right now. Like the seed pushing above the soul, your energy is guiding you to think and act in ways that will help you create new life and change. In this phase your feelings might be inspiring you to get things done. You may have an urge to learn, grow, re-organize your home or life, shift your diet or physical habits, create a morning or evening routine, get to work on a project, work to shift your mindset, or do anything that you feel impulsed and interested in doing.

This is a phase of guided growth, where your positive feelings help steer your actions. In this phase, if you fight your feelings, you might feel frustrated, cranky, or even angry because life is pushing you to think or act in ways that you genuinely want. You might be less tolerant about interruptions, drama, or tasks that don’t catch your interest. We know you have certain things you are required to do so while you’re in this phase, you may have to prioritize a little time each day for your inspired action.

Some of you are in a phase of harvest. Like the seed that has grown, blossomed, and borne fruit, this is a time to celebrate and enjoy something you have accomplished, be it a dream come true, a project you desired to achieve, or a new awareness that you have been growing into. In this phase, your feelings might guide you to enjoy you to enjoy your creation and bask in your success. Even if you are growing past a tough situation, in this phase your feelings will guide you naturally to acknowledge the gifts and the growth so you can reap the harvest from all you have experienced. You may feel like sharing your gifts and/or wisdom with others, because you feel full and abundant in your heart and life.

If you fight your feelings during the time of harvest, and push yourself immediately towards new growth without taking time to enjoy and celebrate what you have created or how you have grown, you may feel burnout, numbness, or a sense of emptiness. These feelings remind you that you deserve to enjoy the good you have created. You deserve to reap the rewards of your own growth. You deserve to feel and bask in the fulfillment of your efforts and your accomplishments. Your feelings remind you to enjoy the harvest as much as you would enjoy a ripe tomato plucked from the vine rather than immediately burying it so the seeds could grow a new plant. This phase of harvest and enjoyment is needed. It is a high vibrational platform from which to create your next set of dreams!

Lastly, there are times when you are in a period of release. Like the plant that has bloomed, borne fruit, and now dies unto itself to release seeds to create new life, you too will have phases where you have either outgrown your own creations, beliefs, or ways of being. Your previous creations may feel satisfying and a little boring, as you start to feel the seeds of desires for more. You may find that suddenly thoughts, behaviors, relationships, or situations that you previous felt fine with, no longer feel good, or even tolerable. In these phases, you are not only releasing the vibration of a former creation so you can create more, but also planting the seeds for your future. You are dying to something, in order to create new life.

In phases of release, you may feel the urge to change jobs, shift relationships, clean out, repair, sit quietly and dream, let go of old disempowering thoughts, beliefs, or habits. If you listen to your feelings, they’ll guide you to do so easily, without pushing yourself. If you don’t, you’ll feel upset, frustrated, stuck, clueless, or even angry at the past. Life itself is urging you to move forward, let go, and create more.

These cycles of life occur in both grand and small ways. They occur every day, several times a day. On different topics you may find yourself at different phases. For example, you may be enjoying the harvest of creating new friends, while enjoying the release of a job that no longer serves. You may feel completely uninspired to clean out your closets, but you have great desire to create art.

We offer these cycles and their typical feelings as examples to help you figure out and fine tune your relationship with You!

We’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating – In the 5D reality that you are entering, your energy matters far more than your efforts. Guided, inspired, good-feeling action is productive, whereas dutiful, forced, uninspired action is not helpful at all.

If you pay attention to your feelings, you will know when to rest, when to act, when to celebrate, and when to release. If, in the minute you notice you are not feeling good, you turn your sights away from the external world and back to your own heart, then you will be able to quickly raise your vibration, feel good again, and get back on a kinder path.

There are no wrong ways to feel. They are emotions that feel good, indicating you are on a joyful path, and emotions that don’t which remind you to take note, and get back on a joyful path. All have value. None of you are “too sensitive” from our perspective. All of you were born with a highly-refined, sensitive inner compass. You felt deeply as children. You were deeply guided. Now is the time to pay attention to what you feel once again, since this guidance is increasingly important in your 5D reality.

Dear ones, you matter. Your heart matters. Your feelings matter – in fact a very great deal because they are your spiritual barometers in life. You were meant to enjoy your lives. You were meant to choose thoughts that make you feel good. You were meant to naturally gravitate towards what resonates and away from what doesn’t. Care about how you feel, and try not to let the external world push and pull your heart towards its own ends. Again and again, we will remind you that caring for yourself and about yourself is not selfish.

A happy, inspired, high vibrational human being is a mighty light upon this earth. A person in their natural flow is naturally and organically guided both towards their own desires, and also to serve in ways that are mutually satisfying, joyful, and create even more abundance and flow for all involved. Trust your feelings.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Surrender to the loving, better-feeling impulses within. This is your guided, grace-filled path to the manifestation of your dreams.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be gentle with yourselves. These are intense times upon your planet earth. A mighty force of love is cascading into your planet right now and it is stirring up all that was once stagnant, releasing all that was once stuffed, and pushing up against all the walls of your resistance to love.

This force of love is catalyzing the massive awakening that humanity, collectively, has prayed for. You are re-birthing yourselves, and birth can either be a glorious experience of surrender, or a tough process of pushing past the pains of resistance.

You may feel this birthing in many ways. You may find yourself thinking differently about what you want or who you want to be. You may feel outbursts of emotion – profound love, or sudden tears of anger or frustration. You may have physical conditions suddenly appear to be revealed and healed. These strong waves of love are purging you – mind, body, and soul – of all that no longer serves so you can become and experience more of what you truly desire.

Think of a seed. It lays dormant in the dark cold ground all winter. It is content within its shell until springtime. As the sun warms the soil, and the rain waters seep into the shell, the force and Source of life itself stirs within the seed, impulsing it to sprout. The sprout grows within the confines of its shell until, at long last, its desire for expansion pushes up against the shell. What once protected is now confining. The force of life within that sprout will summon a mighty energy to cast the resistant shell aside, so it can grow into all that it is destined to be.

So too, a caterpillar who was once content to crawl on the ground is suddenly impulsed to attach itself upside down to a plant, spin a cocoon, and surrender to its own process of death and rebirth. The force and Source of life is the impulse that guides it. The Source of life is growing and expanding into something greater within. Eventually, the cocoon that once protected becomes confining. The butterfly must exert a mighty force to reach past the resistance of its former security blanket in order to become all that it is destined to be.

Your mother earth is no different. As she stirs within her own heart and soul, she shakes, and suddenly the crust cracks and hot magma from within her beating heart rises to the surface creating new land, new soil, new life, and new opportunities for all that live upon her. A mighty force is required to overcome the resistance of the crust in order to allow the creation of new land. There would be no life on earth without this process.

A mother feels life stirring within her. Eventually baby and mother receive an impulse, and both must surrender to the contractions to allow for the birthing to occur.

You too are experiencing the impulses of the force and Source of life within yourselves. Many of you are feeling an urge or impulse to try something new. Some of you are feeling urges and impulses to do things you’ve long put off. Some of you are feelings the urge and impulse to simply rest and relax. Some of you are feeling the impulse to love yourself more by making healthier, happier choices for yourself. You might have an impulse to take a class, clean out your closet, take a nap, change your career, shift your relationships, create better boundaries, to share your heart with love, walk away from a situation with an awareness of how it once served as a protective shell from which you are growing beyond.

Moment by moment, this force and Source of life within impulses you to take the kindest, easiest, healthiest, and happiest next step on your path.

To the degree that you surrender to these natural impulses to create a more loving reality for yourself in each moment, you will feel better. To the degree you resist these natural impulses to create a more loving reality for yourself in the moment, you will feel worse.

While most of you were taught that feelings such as inner conflict, stagnation, and anger are the result of undesirable conditions in the outer world, we’d like to share a more powerful perspective with you:All negative feelings come from resisting the loving impulses that are trying to guide you towards what you – yourself – have asked for.

The question is not, “does the outside world make it easy for you to feel loved and loving in a given moment” but rather, “Are you allowing yourself to feel loved and loving in a given moment?”

You learned, for example, to blame your inner conflicts on the external world. In reality, all inner conflict results from your mind being conflicted with your heart in a given moment. Give yourself permission to listen to your heart. Suppose you want a new job. You feel you should look for a job, but you want to rest or call a friend. The Source is guiding you to rest, or call the friend. Your mind is telling you to act. Surrender to your heart. Perhaps in your resting you’ll relax and hear your guidance. Perhaps in calling your friend you’ll get an idea or a tip on how to find the perfect job. Surrender to the force of life guiding you. Choose to trust in the unfolding journey, in your guidance, and in perfect universal timing.

Likewise, many of you have been taught to blame feelings of stagnation on external situations. In truth, stagnation results from you thinking that your feelings don’t matter. They do. Care about how you feel. Choose a thought or action that feels a little better each time you can. If you are sad, that might be a good comforting cry. If you are upset, you might need to vent in a safe and healthy way. There is always the next best loving step to take. Drop into your heart and reach for it with your intention. Ask, “Heart how can I best love myself now?” Listening to your own heart’s desire to feel better creates movement.

As well, almost all of you have been taught to blame your anger on others or external life situations. You say, “This made me angry,” or “They made me angry. Nonetheless, without its human label, “anger” is the same force that causes the seed to sprout past the shell, the butterfly to climb out of the cocoon, and your Mother Earth to erupt in a volcano in order to create new life. It is the forceful push of the birthing contractions, and the push you sometimes need to expand, grow, and give yourself permission to shift your awareness into a kinder and more loving reality.

For example, you get angry at a person driving erratically in traffic. Of course, you don’t like this behavior. Of course, you’d prefer kindness and sensitivity, but why the anger? Why not just roll your eyes and go back to enjoying your drive? In this case, the anger is a force saying to you, “Stop giving other drivers power over your peace and your life. You alone have control over your vibration. Take back your mind. Take back your power.” Focus back on a wonderful song on the radio, a conversation with a friend, or the peace of the drive and suddenly anger is gone.

You would almost certainly be angry at someone who lied, cheated, betrayed you, stole from you, or abused you. The burst of anger is saying, “Of course you don’t want this behavior in your life. Move forward as fast as you can. Stand your ground if you must. Speak your truth if you must. Take action for justice if you must, but after that don’t give them another ounce of your precious life, attention, and energy. Let’s create better!” Anger is a force propelling you forward into a kinder, more loving reality.

Dear ones if you can look at your feelings this way and realize that all positive feelings indicate a surrender to the loving impulses of the Source, and all negative feelings indicate a resistance to the loving impulses of Source, then you will more quickly move in the direction of your happiness, health, peace, serenity, security, harmony, and resonant connections.In each moment, no matter who has done, or is doing what in your life, reach for the best feeling thought that you can. Be kind to yourself. Get the help you deserve when you need it. Listen to your body. Put good things in your mind. Accept yourself as you are. Love yourselves dear ones as you wish to be loved, for you are all worthy. Reclaim your God-given power to be happy and to create the life you truly want, one kinder thought at a time.

As you learn to surrender to being kind to yourself, and doing what is right for yourself, then the people who have wronged you, the ones you fear, and the ones you thought had power over you will simply become irrelevant to you as you move forward into your own loving life.

Your vibration is what is relevant. Your joy is what is relevant. Your relationship with the force and Source of life within is what is most relevant of all.

You are nothing less, Dear ones, than the power that creates worlds experiencing itself in countless forms. You are loved. You are guided. Your unique perspective and desires matter. We want for you the best of what you want for yourself.

Surrender to the loving, better-feeling impulses within. This is your guided, grace-filled path to the manifestation of your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Relax more often.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/15/2021 • Relax… let your vibe naturally rise

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine you are sitting by a clear mountain stream. The air is pure and clear. Take a deep breath and revel in the feeling of the air flowing into your lungs. Release gently. Feel a slight coolness in the air mingling with the warmth of the sun. Imagine your bare feet on the smooth rocks or the cool grasses. Watch the wildflowers waving in the wind. Perhaps you’d prefer a beach or a forest. That’s ok too. Imagine a beautiful, peaceful, and happy place and just “be” there, in your inner world. Relax. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the “view’ or the sensation. Bask in the serenity. Take your time and come back when you please.

While this exercise seems simple – perhaps pleasant but not so meaningful – there is actually great value in your moments of relaxation. When you relax, your field naturally attunes itself to higher frequencies. We can channel our love and healing energy into your field and to help attune your energy to what you desire. In relaxation, your body naturally opens, energetically, and physically to the circulation of blood, lymph, nerve signals, and Divine love.

There are as many ways to relax as there are humans on the planet. You can find peace in meditation, during a quiet walk, or by observing waves on the beach or the stars twinkling in the heavens. You can relax by silently watching a candle flame, enjoying a stroll with your dog, or listening to beautiful music. Some of you find certain activities relaxing – cooking, jogging, skiing, or even playing video games. The ways in which people relax are endless. Only you know what works best for you.

Far from being lazy, when you relax you are deeply connected with the Source of all creation, and therefore open to love, grace, goodness, and guidance.

Relaxation is far different from choosing to numb yourself. Relaxation calms the mind and draws you into the present moment with strong feelings of contentment, appreciation, or bliss. Numbing, on the other hand, intentionally prevents you from feeling.

The actions that induce either relaxation or numbing may look the same. The energy that you bring to the moment is what makes the difference. For example, you can reach for a glass of wine with an intention to drown your sorrows, or you can reach for a glass of wine and be fully present to the experience. You can savor its scent and taste, enjoy its warmth, and revel in the good feelings of relaxation it engenders. In the first case, it is an act of numbing that pinches you off from the higher frequencies; in the second example, it is a mindful act that opens you to higher frequencies.

Likewise, there are children who play video games to avoid unpleasant feelings, and who use the games to numb out. Meanwhile, there are many who play video games because they feel passionate and vibrantly alive with all senses and positive feelings fully engaged. They are intensely present, immersed in a world of intuitive feeling beyond mind, and deeply relaxed. Similarly, you can numb out by watching television. or you can watch and revel in the moment with contentment, and appreciation.

Unless you are consistently happy, passionate, and eagerly engaged in life, there is nothing better you can do to elevate your energy, than to create time each day to enjoy some form of relaxation.

When faced with challenges or problems, relax before you jump into action. Breathe. Escape to your inner paradise as we’ve guided you or, if you prefer, choose any other method of relaxation that works for you.

Many still think that relaxing is just a way to temporarily escape the “real” world. We in the heavens view it as a way to attune yourself to a world that is more real than the one that your physical senses perceive. Relaxation allows you to naturally tap into the world of energy and good feelings – a world of incredible love, wonder, peace, serenity, harmony, order, and joy that lives just beneath the surface of all you perceive.

Relax more often. Allow your vibration to rise naturally, and therefore draw to you a better and kinder future, all the while enjoying deep peace, and serenity in the here and now.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

It is time to drop into your hearts and listen deeply to what feels right, good, and loving to you in a given moment, then do that, focus on that, marinate in those thoughts and actions.


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time to let go of your expectations for yourselves, your future, and one another. It is time to create instead, to dream. It is time to drop into your hearts and listen deeply to what feels right, good, and loving to you in a given moment, then do that, focus on that, marinate in those thoughts and actions.

The world, and everyone else in it, is quick to offer you a multitude of ideas, opinions, and suggestions for how you should live your life, solve your problems, and manifest your dreams. The problem is that no one else lives in your body. No one else has your exact mind, nor do they know the deepest desires of your own soul. No one else can dictate to you what is best for you. People can offer suggestions and ideas with which you may resonate. They can also offer many with which you don’t. What you do, how you choose to think, and how you feel as a result, is all up to you.

There are so many streams of thought upon your planet. Some people are happily seeing the end of your pandemic. Others are seeing the potential for it to go on forever. Some people are truly done with the fearful energy of the pandemic, while others will hold onto it forever. Does this mean the world will have a pandemic forever? Absolutely not. Does this mean covid will be around forever in one mutated form or another? Absolutely yes. So, what to do dear ones?

There is only one answer… Do what feels right, authentic, and loving inside of you. Do what feels uplifting and inspiring, safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy. Do you feel like staying home and ordering in? Then do it. Do you feel like going to gatherings and hugging people? When you are inspired, guided, and permitted, do it. Choose. Learn from your choices. Make new ones. In this fashion, you find yourself in the stream of life that you, yourself, have directed.

The Divine offers an endless stream of love to every aspect of creation from the smallest components of your cells to entire galaxies and universes. The Divine coordinates the dreams and desires of all creation. All beings, from the smallest components in your cells to the vast galaxies are consciousness and have needs for their continued existence. You have the free will to express your desires as well. If you can imagine, the Source weaves all dreams and desires into streams of grace for every particle of consciousness on the planet, for every system, and for every being.

You, dear ones have called forth a very unique stream of love and grace from the Source – one that you can either float with or struggle against. With your desires – both explicit expressed and those subtly wished for as a result of seeing the things you don’t care for – you have directed the unconditional love of God in a stream that will guide you, if you line up with its currents, towards all that you’ve asked for.

You do indeed have to go with a flow, but not just any flow… your flow, your unique, perfect, individually designed, and constantly updated flow!

It is easy to tell if you are aligned with your very own stream of grace. When your energy is flowing with your stream, you feel good. When your energy is resisting your stream, you feel bad.

Imagine yourself in a river. If you are floating unimpeded, the ride is exhilarating or gentle and peaceful. You are carried easily downstream. If the river is blocked with boulders, or if you try to cling to the trees on the banks, you’re fighting a mighty current. You’ll wear yourself out, bang yourself up and maybe even feel as if you are drowning. You know these feelings in your own life. You know the exhilaration of being “at one” with the flow of love. You know the pain of hanging on to something that was once a part of your life but needs to be let go. You know the frustrating feeling of obstacles created by fear and doubt. And you know the drowning sensation that ensues when you focus on what is not working in an endless eddy of frustration. Dear ones you can feel your relationship to the stream that you, yourself, called forth.

So how do you get back in the flow that leads to all you seek, when you feel you’ve strayed? The answer is simpler than you might imagine. Right in the moment when you notice you are feeling bad, frustrated, angry, upset, sad, worried, doubtful, or any other unpleasant emotion, imagine yourself in that stream. Try out thoughts that feel better. Flow love towards anything you see in front of you. Do something that you enjoy as soon as possible. Relax. Release the obsession with the problem by focusing on something that feels better. Give yourself permission, as you would do with an upset child, to distract yourself with something better for the time being. You’ll know when you are aligned with the stream again because you’ll feel relief. You’ll start to feel energy moving through you. Maybe you won’t yet feel positive, but you’ll feel better.

Dear ones, surrender to your natural desire to feel better. Surrender to your natural desire to focus on more pleasant things. If reality “sucks” as you might say, stop facing reality. Focus forward. Find the stream, by searching for better thoughts. If you can’t pay a bill and you’ve done what you know to do, focus on a better thought, “The universe has access to infinite possibility. I am still here, alive, and have paid many bills I didn’t know how to pay.” Or “Wow, look at that sunset. Gorgeous. For just a moment I think I’ll sit here and give thanks for all the beauty around me.” Worry might try to grab you again. People might tell you to be “more responsible,” but dear ones, respond to your own hearts first! The stream wishes to carry you to your solutions.

There are many streams of thought in your world now. There will never ever be one right one. The common denominator in all of them however is love. Choose to love yourself enough to do what feels best now, to think the thought that feels best now, to take the actions that feel inspired and joyful. Free yourself from the bondage of pleasing others and floating down their streams, and instead find and align with your own, one better feeling thought and action at a time.

Many small currents join to make a stream. Many small streams join to make a river. Then, dear ones, many rivers travel, as you travel, back to the Ocean of Love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Listen to what you truly feel like doing in a given moment. Be authentic.

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are feeling that you want to create change, but not all of you know exactly what changes you want to create. It is OK! You are feeling the stirrings of new life moving and growing within you as surely as a pregnant woman feels the stirrings of life as her baby matures from within. You are all giving birth.

You are birthing a new reality here upon your planet earth – one in which the unity of life is recognized, and the diversity celebrated. You are birthing a new relationship with your Mother Earth, a new respect for her needs, and how you can more wisely and kindly use her resources for your own benefit and joy. You are re-birthing your relationships with one another – being more authentic about who you are, what you wish to do, and who you want to dance with.

Most importantly of all, each one of you is re-birthing your relationship with yourself.

While you were confined in quarantine you had time to dream. You had time to really look at what you missed and what you were happy to release. You had time to be very honest with yourself about what you want to experience. You dressed more comfortably. You relaxed your need to meet social expectations. You listened, when you wanted to be out in the world, and when you wanted to withdraw.

You rearranged your homes to better suit your lives. You discovered new hobbies. You turned to meditation, education, and prayer. Many of you allowed yourselves the freedom to explore questions such as, “What do I like to do? What do I want to learn? What do I want to create?

Who do I wish to be when the world can’t see? Can you be that person when the world can?

As a result of these times, you have changed. You have grown. You know more clearly how you want to feel, what type of environment you want to work in, whether you love staying at home or if you miss travel, whether you love time alone or miss your social life. You know better who you want to spend time with and who you don’t. You have new hobbies you enjoy. You have discovered new talents within.

You have fundamentally changed your relationship with yourself.

If you aren’t sure yet how to integrate all these changes in your life mas you move forward, just take life one day at a time. Trust yourself. Listen to what you truly feel like doing in a given moment. Be authentic.

Let go of the need to please others, and instead please the spark of the Divine within by accepting yourself in each moment.

Make your joy in the present moment a priority. A full cup spilleth over. It is time to give from your abundance, to uplift from your joy, to spread peace from your own peaceful heart. It is time to take care of yourself and your own happiness first. In that space, you tend to the spark of the Divine that IS you, and you become a light to the world.

When you can’t find joy, find healthy comfort. When you can’t find comfort, seek healthy relief. When you can’t find relief, seek healthy release. Be kind to yourselves.

During this incredible re-birthing, you don’t have to figure out your entire future. All you have to do is live authentically, one moment at a time.

Do you want to rest? Love yourself and do it soon as you can. Do you want to pick up or ignore a phone call? Do it. Do you want to travel? Dream of it till you can do it. You are re-birthing a new and beautiful relationship with Self – one based on self-acceptance, self-love, and an honoring of the light and beauty within every single experience you desire to have.There is no need to worry about the details of how your lives are going to work out. A mother giving birth has dreams, but no clue how her child will grow, nor what he/she will become.

Birth involves a commitment to the journey, and you are all on a glorious journey of expansion right now.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/24/2021 • When you feel good, you feel God.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As long as you live in a human body your heart is beating as it attempts to send oxygen-rich blood to every one of the trillions of cells in your body. Likewise, your nervous system is firing, sending signals along neurons to harmonize and maintain the dynamic balance of the body. You have, within your own physical vehicle, an entire universe, with a multitude of systems sending signals, flow, nourishment, and removing toxins.

Likewise, the heart of God is always beating, and we say this metaphorically because the Divine is the energy behind all creation, and “God’s heartbeat” is really the constant expression of love from the Source, pulsing ever-outward and circulating – seen or unseen – within and between all of creation. You, like each cell in the body, receive a never-ceasing flow of love, and a never-ceasing flow of signals guiding you along your desired path.

Last week we talked about the signals that you call your guidance. This week we’ll talk about circulation. Love – like the blood in the human body – is always flowing to you from the Source. It is the very life within you. It is the power that creates and animates the human body and the power that makes your physical heartbeat and your physical lungs breathe.

The heart pumps without any judgment about any of the trillions of cells. Likewise, the Source sends waves of love pulsing within you, to you, and through you without any judgment whatsoever. You do not have to earn this love. Never are you unworthy of this love. You do not have to do a thing to receive this love. It is God’s circulation. It is unceasing. It is always there for you to either feel, experience, enjoy, and use to create your dreams… or you can pinch it off. In truth, you can’t ever pinch off God’s love, but you can pinch off your experience of it.

A simple rule of thumb is this: When you feel good, you feel God.

When you don’t feel so good, to varying degrees you have cut off only your experience of this love. The circulation of love is always there but in a higher dimension that is harder to feel when you are in a lower vibration.

How to return to the experience of love? You have heard us say this many times this year… One thought at a time, choose a better feeling thought. As you feel better, you feel God’s circulation of love. You know these moments, dear ones. When you’ve been in love with anyone or anything you are truly in an experience of this circulation of love. When you’ve admired a sunset or felt appreciation for the water in your shower you’ve felt this circulation of love. When you have a kind thought about yourself or another you’ve felt this circulation of love. Whenever you’ve felt any love, you’ve felt God’s love. When you feel good, you feel God.

Don’t beat yourselves up when you don’t feel good, and you don’t feel God. Just remind yourself, “Love is here for me now. I just have to open a little bit more to feel it.” Then think one better feeling thought at a time until you begin to feel this love. It feels like a feeling of lightness. It feels like a feeling of coziness, security, pleasure, joy, and in its most blissful, unimpeded form, ecstatic appreciation and enthusiasm for all of life, or those pure moments of unimpeded inspiration and flow.

It doesn’t make you a bad person when you aren’t in this space. We simply want you to allow, open, and know the joy of the Creator’s love for you! In this love, you cannot feel lonely. In this love, you feel secure. In this love, you can more easily “forgive thine enemy” if you have any because you realize that it simply feels better to stay in love! Truly dear ones, in the experience of the Creator’s love answers, come, insight appears, inspiration is normal, and miracles happen with great frequency.

So strive, when you are not feeling good, and not feeling God, to remind yourself. “Love is here for me now. I just have to allow it, open to it, and reach for it, one better feeling thought at a time.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

We don’t give you a 5-year plan or even a 5-day plan. Rather, we guide you in each breath towards the kindest and most loving path to all you have asked for.-The Angels via Ann-

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The energies upon your planet are intense at this time, perhaps more so than ever before in human history. You have collectively prayed for a new reality. You have collectively asked the heavens for support in re-creating your lives as individuals, nations, and a global community. Each one of you has angels guiding you to experience these changes in the healthiest, happiest, and most harmonious way for your own unique and beautiful soul.

Moment by moment, day by day, we guide you with loving impulses and inspirations. We don’t give you a 5-year plan or even a 5-day plan. Rather, we guide you in each breath towards the kindest and most loving path to all you have asked for.

The easiest path is the one that brings you joy in the here and now. We guide you step-by-step, constantly adjusting to the ever-changing and shifting conditions upon your earth. In every breath more than 7 billion people make different choices and emit different vibrations. In every breath your energy shifts and changes too. We try to steer you, like flowing water, to move or go around any obstacles in your path.

Consider this example. If you wanted directions to a remote destination, you would likely pull out your phone, consider the maps offered by your GPS, and decide upon the quickest, easiest, or most scenic route depending upon your objective. Now suppose you are in the car, on your chosen path, but your phone suddenly detects an accident or a road closure up ahead. If you are listening to your phone’s guidance, you will be re-routed along the new best path.Your angels are very much like the GPS on your phone and, as some of you like to joke, we are indeed your “God Positioning System!” We are always trying to guide you on a path that will assist you in elevating your vibration, and allowing what you want to flow into your reality.

In a high vibration you more easily perceive your higher guidance. In a lower vibration you will also perceive input and impulses that come from similar-vibration human beings who, like you are emitting energy and sharing opinions. As well you may feel your own fears, doubts, and conditioning in the mix of the energies you receive. Think of it this way: in a high vibe you perceive a clear signal. In a lower vibe, there is static on the line, and you must pay attention more closely to hear the signals of your higher guidance.

How do you know when you are receiving higher guidance?It is actually quite easy. Impulses and inspirations from your angels and guides feel wonderful, uplifting, fun, interesting, or inspiring. Feelings, impulses, and “inspirations” from others who might not have your best interest at heart feel like things you must do to get what you want, things that don’t necessarily feel joyful to you in the moment.

For example, suppose you want a job or a relationship. Your well-meaning relatives and friends might suggest you spend hours, looking online. They might try to set you up with people you’re not interested in. They might recommend jobs that don’t inspire you. They may even get upset and judgmental if you don’t listen. “You’re never going to get what you want just sitting there!” Your own conditioned inner voice might give you similar, well-meaning, but pushy lower vibrational guidance. You know it is lower vibrational because it just doesn’t resonate with your heart. It feels exhausting, uninspiring, demoralizing, or upsetting.

Suppose you truly do enjoy looking online. You may look forward to it as much as some people enjoy a treasure hunt or doing online research. If so, your angels and guides will try to give you impulses at the best possible times to “catch” the moments of opportunity.

If however, looking online feels burdensome, your angels and guides will amplify your own natural inspirations to play, explore your interests, rest, travel, daydream, or cocoon or any one of a multitude of activities that you truly feel like doing. These activities will be ones that feel easy, good, and uplifting to you, even if they seem to have no logical relationship to your goal of the new job or the new relationship.Nonetheless, as you do these things that feel good, you raise your vibration. You are being guided to elevate yourself into a space of joy and receptivity so you are ready when the job or relationship arrives. Perhaps you will meet someone during your playtime who will point you along the next step on your path. Perhaps you’ll surrender to your heart and at long last be open to the guidance you’ve really been waiting for. In a high vibe and space of joy, you’ll interview better, come across better on your first date, or notice the opportunities when they’re presented.

in every moment, given the state of the world and the state of your own energy, your angels and guides are guiding you along the path of joy. When you listen to your heart you’ll either perceive their guidance, or be guided – one better feeling thought or action at a time – into a higher vibration where you can more easily perceive our guidance. Life, and your angels, never give up on trying to steer you back to joy.

For example suppose you are disappointed and sad and you’re just trying to “tough it out.” Your angels are guiding you to thoughts and things that will uplift you. You may have a fleeting moment of feeling like taking a walk, but given your state of being, you think, “That’s too much trouble.” You may receive a feeling from us to call a friend but you think, “I don’t want to bother them.” Nonetheless, you still have guidance. You may be inspired by your own feelings to watch a sad movie that is a vibrational match. The movie triggers your tears and after a good cry you are able to release disappointment and sadness and focus on the better feeling thought of hope. Now thinking about that walk feels better, and you take it. Now we impulse you and help you feel like calling your friend again and this time you don’t think it sounds so silly.

Likewise, say you are in a difficult relationship, be it with a co-worker, spouse or other individual. You are trying to be loving and kind but deep down you’re angry. Your feelings are your own guidance system, telling you that you need to change yourself or the situation.

As always, depending on your deeper desires, your guides are always trying to inspire you to the path of greatest ease, flow, and joy. Perhaps you have thoughts of a kinder and more loving job or relationship. We are showing you that you can dream of this and manifest better – either in this relationship or another. Perhaps you feel an impulse towards self-love and the desire to speak up and share your heart, but then you think, “They don’t care.” Maybe that’s right but we see that sharing your heart, would be the next better feeling step. Perhaps you are feeling more and more like leaving this situation but instead of listening to your guidance and manifesting a way out, you think, That’s just not practical.” Perhaps it isn’t practical, but we are inspiring you to point your mind towards feeling of freedom so we can help guide you along the path to its manifestation. If you keep ignoring your higher guidance, it might take the other person matching your angry vibe with “a straw that breaks the camel’s back” to trigger your anger more strongly so you, at long last, start to manifest a kinder situation for yourself.

Sometimes the most joyful path means you have to let go of beliefs, people, or situations that don’t work to make room for those that do. You can’t always get from a deep dark mood to a glorious one without taking intermediate, better-feeling steps. In these denser moods, there are denser souls and situations that will match your vibration and without knowing, steer you back to better feeling thoughts. Like the canyon walls direct a river on its most natural and joyful path by blocking its flow, life and similar vibrational souls will bump into you until you choose kinder, easier thoughts and more self-loving actions.

As you become more practiced at keeping your vibration higher – one better-feeling thought at a time – it will be much easier for you to perceive and act upon higher, loving guidanceIn the meanwhile you can sort out higher guidance by paying close attention to what feels best in your heart, in a given moment.

We want for you, what you want for you. We want to help you find better feeling thoughts, so you can act from inspiration rather than desperation. We want to help you when you seek comfort, so you can feel our love even when you don’t see love. We want to help you embrace your natural abundance so you can trust in life’s flow even when it is not yet made manifest. We guide you because we love you and we want to assist you in making all your dearest dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Your feelings are perfect indicators as to whether or not you are allowing or resisting the flow of Love through the universe and through yourself.

Messages from the AngelsMessages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Upon your earth there is an unprecedented flow of love creating movement and change. You have, collectively called for it. In the confinement of quarantine, you longed for freedom. In months of separation, you cried for connection. Watching the horrors of racism you prayed for unity. Going within and creating better futures in your inner world, your desires were prayers that called to the heavens for support!

Unlike any time ever before in human history, love is flowing to you, through you, and when permitted, from you! Love is flowing into a world that is ready to rebirth itself into a brighter, greater, grander, more glorious, kinder, unified, creative future! You are the ones creating this change by your willingness to dream it. You are the ones allowing for it by your willingness to tune yourself to the frequency of love. You start with love and kindness for yourselves, and then you spiral outward, expressing your love for the world according to the dictates of your own Divine inspiration.

As you move forward, it is good to understand that the greater the flow of Love, the greater the magnitude of your feelings – both positive and negative.

If you watch a physical river, there is little disturbance when a gentle flow reaches a boulder in its path. However, a rushing river suddenly creates massive gurgling, bubbling, frothing waves when its powerful current runs into a boulder. So too, in a greater flow of love you notice your own boulders of resistance ever so much more strongly!

Your feelings are perfect indicators as to whether or not you are allowing or resisting the flow of Love through the universe and through yourself.

When you allow love to flow to you and through you, you feel bliss. In resistance, you feel pain. Most of you feel varying degrees in between, with occasional peaks on both ends of the spectrum.

For example, when you are immersed in the present moment, genuinely enjoying and appreciating what is in front of you, and not thinking any thoughts that would block the rushing torrent of love, you can feel a bliss that was once accessible only to those who worked diligently on their spiritual practice and meditation for decades! Many of you will find yourself seeing energy, perceiving spirit more clearly, and being bombarded by inspired thoughts that guide you to your dreams. These are the moments, dear ones, when you have no resistance whatsoever to the flow of love. These are your moments of heaven on earth!

When you experience (as so many of you are!) what we call emotional eruptions 
or sudden outbursts of intense “negative” emotion, this is simply an indicator that you have run up against a pocket of your own resistance to the flow of love.

Perhaps you’re focusing on something that bothers you, rather than something that pleases you. Perhaps you’re trying to push yourself to feel a certain way or do something that someone else says you should… but you don’t feel this way. Perhaps you need rest, food, or recreation but you’ve been ignoring your own needs. Perhaps you’re judging yourself or another or trying to impose your will on another. In any of those cases, you’re resisting the natural flow towards greater love and joy. These behaviors and thought patterns are taught, conditioned, humanly accepted, and understandable, but the bottom line is that resisting love’s flow doesn’t make you happy.

In fact, resistance to love’s flow is at the root of all human pain and suffering.

Sometimes you can begin to shift out of this resistance easily. You can take a breath and imagine you’re breathing in light, love, and goodness. You can breathe out and imagine sending love out into the world. Sometimes it is truly that simple to return to the flow of love. In this very natural rhythm of breathing, of giving and receiving, you can easily return to its flow.

If you hold your breath, however, you start to feel a craving for air. Your body tightens. The circulation of nutrients, waste removal, and nerve signals is diminished. Likewise, if you refused to exhale you would want to burst.

Similarly, if you don’t shift your focus to take in a vibration of love offered to you in each moment, you crave love in ever-increasing measure. If you don’t flow love outward in some form on a regular basis, you will feel like you want to burst.

We’re not saying you have to like everything. We’re not saying you have to receive human love from everything or everyone, or even flow love outwards to everything and everyone at all times. This would be an ideal state, and while it is a lofty goal, we’re simply reminding you that you can re-enter the flow of love, much more easily, no matter what is going on around you.

Find an easy way to take in love, even if you simply focus on a single pleasing thought. Find an easy way to flow love outward if only by praying for, or appreciating anything or anyone in your life, especially yourself.

The object of your attention matters far less than finding the feeling and flow of love. This is an extremely different paradigm from the one most of you learned, and a critical understanding to help you navigate 5D reality with joy.

We’ll say it again:

The object of your attention matters far less than finding the feeling and flow of love.

Your objects of attention simply help you tune your energy. You can focus with internal or external attention on anything that pleases you and begin to experience the flow once again.

You can allow love to flow to you, by taking in the beauty of a single wildflower, a single beautiful thought, a wonderful song, a joyful video, a delicious meal, a kind thought – anything that plugs you into feeling love and enjoying the moment. Breath that in.

You can flow love outward by appreciating a beautiful color, sharing a kindness with someone, praying for anything or anyone, simply sitting and imagining light filling you and emanating from you in silent presence. You can do good deeds, think kind thoughts, and allow yourself to be a beacon. You can flow love first and foremost by being kind to yourself. Breathe out.

Opening to a small flow leads to a larger flow if you are willing to continue in this fashion, reaching for a focus that feels more like love. As you continue to open and release areas of resistance to love, simply by shifting your focus, you will soon tune to a more blissful feeling space.

We know there are times, especially during periods of “emotional eruption” when you feel it is nearly impossible to re-enter the flow of love by finding a single pleasing thought! When someone triggers your pain; when life seems unfair; when you have focused too long on something upsetting – in these cases, it can feel as if you are possessed by the very thing you do not want to see! These intensely unpleasant emotions arise from feeling disconnected from the flow of love.

In these cases, you have become temporary, obsessively entangled with your focus on a negative object of attention, and have therefore removed your focus from the multitude of things, people, situations, and inner conditions that would assist you in finding the feeling and flow of love.

It is oh-so-human to blame the triggers of your eruptions! 
If only he/she/it would be different you’d feel better! That may be very true, but in assigning blame, rather than re-entering the flow of love, you render yourself entirely, spiritually powerless. It doesn’t matter if what upsets you is a person, a situation, a republican, democrat, a vaccine, an unvaccinated person, one masked or unmasked, a rotten piece of fruit or a rotten behavior, a traffic jam, a horribly abusive people, or any one of millions of displeasing conditions.

We speak plainly here because we want to help you reclaim your power to feel joy. We want you to know your power to focus on a kinder feeling thought and thus to disentangle yourself from vibrations that do not please you. We want to support you in your soul’s bliss, your unfolding desires, and in living, breathing, and contributing to the flow of love!

In this flow of Love you are aligned with nothing less than the Creator of worlds! You become the change for the world. You become powerful creators. You become effective communicators. You become part of the solutions instead of vibrationally reinforcing the problems.

We know this isn’t always easy. There is plenty going on in the world to upset you right now, and many practiced negative emotions that are quite socially (but no SOUL-cially) acceptable.

Many of you have been asking us in your heart – What do I do when I experience an emotional eruption and I can’t find a better feeling thought? What do I do when I feel stuck in negativity? What do I do when my ex/mother/father/brother/sister/boss/child is being so terrible I can’t focus on any of the good people in my life? What do I do when I worry night and day about the country/the economy/my health/death, etc.? What do I do when I get stuck on a focus that feels terrible?

In these cases, dear ones, you can gently begin to release your resistance to love’s flow by first, being kind to yourself. Make the choice to accept yourself where you are and love yourself through it. There’s no need to berate yourself. There’s no need to criticize yourself because you’re a spiritual person who “should” know better. There’s no need to beat yourself up because you can’t find a single positive thought in the moment. You could only calm a screaming or crying child with distraction or, that failing, by soothing them until the emotion dissipates. When in an eruptive emotional state, you must grant yourself this same accepting, allowing, kindness.

Practically speaking, love yourself enough to allow the unpleasant feelings to flow through you in the healthiest and most responsible way that you can, and they will dissipate. Say to yourself, “Well I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m jealous. That’s where I’m at, and that’s OK for now.” Then vent in private – in a journal, to God, or your angels. Wrap a cozy blanket around yourself, and cry the tears, without judgment. Immerse yourself in your jealousy and journal it until you wear it out and realize you don’t want to feel powerless. Breathe deeply. Allow the unhappy energy to move and simply observe it flowing as if you are watching debris that was deeply lodged within you float up and out.

There will often be nuggets of loving gold once the intensity of the “negative” emotion dissipates. Under your sadness, comes a desire for comfort and kindness. Under your anger comes a desire for more balance or to move away from non-resonant conditions or beliefs. Underneath your jealousy is a desire to embrace your power to create.

As soon as you are able, gently steer your mind towards better feeling thoughts. Gently release your resistance to love. “I’m proud of myself. I allowed myself to feel and it didn’t kill me. That was brilliant to just feel and observe, rather than re-act in a hurtful way! I love myself no matter what. I accept myself no matter what. Strong feelings won’t kill me. Better out than in. I love myself. I have compassion for myself. I feel better now. I am going to create more comfort, to move closer towards what resonates and away from what doesn’t. I’m going to learn to create. I’m no longer resisting love…” Hug yourself. Get yourself a glass of water and imagine filling it with love. Drink it.Then, open to love’s flow. Imagine opening your heart like a flower to the sun. Breathe slowly and deeply and with each in-breath imagine that flow of love pouring into you and through you. If you continue in this fashion, you may fall asleep. You may still have resistance and want to retreat back into upset. You may want to distract. Do your best to sit, breathe, open, breathe, and receive. You want to feel better. You want to be happy. You want to feel loved.There are no “wrong” feelings dear friends. Your feelings simply indicate whether or not you are allowing or resisting love. They tell you what vibration you are currently tuned into, so you can choose whether or not that is the magnet with which you want to attract or allow your future.

There is no judgment from the heavens in this conversation. Resisting love does not diminish who you are in any way. It simply diminishes your experience of who you truly are.

In this very intense and beautiful flow of love, be kind and gentle with yourselves. Embrace yourselves where you are. Don’t push yourselves to do or feel what you do not. Don’t run from your feelings. When you can, gently shift to better feeling thoughts. When you are in the midst of emotional eruptions just observe the “debris” flowing through you in a kind and healthy way, until the “love” inevitably follows.

You are birthing yourselves anew. Your earth is birthing herself anew. Love is being birthed in a massive rushing flow right now. Enjoy the process. You are freeing yourselves from eons worth of conditioned resistance to love. You are freeing yourselves to see, be, experience, and express the love that you are made of.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

When you want a better life you must be willing to let go of what no longer resonates with who you want to become, but if you do so with zest for the adventure of life it is a joyful, albeit perhaps nostalgic, letting go.-The Angels-


April 3 2021
Death & Resurrection = New Life
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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you celebrate Passover, Easter, or even the coming of spring or fall, you are celebrating the reality of life eternal, and the inability of death to vanquish that Life. Death seems so real in your third dimensional reality because the body can, and will, eventually die. Death was “built into” your experience here on the earth, not as some horrible end but rather, as a way in which you can return to the greater, more glorious dimensions from which you came.

Death – of the body, or one of the gazillion mini-deaths you experience throughout your life – need not be painful. Some of your masters upon the earth have simply shifted their focus into the greater reality, thus “dying” simply because the spirit withdrew. Illness, disease, and devastation are optional ways to expand beyond the body when one is complete. You can, instead, intend to simply withdraw in your sleep when you’re done with your soul’s desires at the end of this life. You can love yourself enough to embrace life as you desire, while you are here, thus allowing the healing and rejuvenating energies keep your body health, or restore it, until your soul is ready to expand back into the greater understandings of reality.

Likewise, the many “mini deaths” you experience throughout the course of your life can be either painful or joyful. The seed must die for the plant to rise above the soil, but it surrenders willingly. The child within must merge into the greater adult self as you mature, and if you allow this to happen kindly it is a graceful transition. When you reach for a happier career, you must leave your old one behind, and this can be done with enthusiasm and positive expectation. When you want a better life you must be willing to let go of what no longer resonates with who you want to become, but if you do so with zest for the adventure of life it is a joyful, albeit perhaps nostalgic, letting go.

Death, dear ones, is part of life itself. You were meant to expand. You were meant to grow. You were meant to create and to make use of the current unpleasant situations in life only as launching pads for a better reality.

In order to birth a new world, you as a collective human race, are dying to the old one. There will be no “going back” to normal. There will be only “going forward, and it is a glorious reality you are moving towards, even in spite of all the birthing contractions you continue to witness.

So as you celebrate Easter, Passover, Spring, or Fall, ask yourself, “What do I want to to die within me? What new life or situation do I want to resurrect? Do you want to let judgment die so you can be resurrected into peace? Do you want to let the fear of physical death die so you can be resurrected into feeling fully relaxed in the flow of life? Do you want to let old upsets die so you can experience freedom and joy? Do you want to let an old identity die – one that identifies with suffering – so you can embrace yourself as nothing less than a magnificent child of the Divine?

Dear ones, what would you like to release so as to resurrect something better?

If you like, divide a piece of paper into two columns. On one side, make a list of what you wish to let go, and on the other write down what you wish to resurrect in its place.

The items on your list can be simple of profound. I want my messy closet to “die” so I can resurrect order. I want my old diet to “die” so I can eat food that nourishes me, body, and soul. I want an old upset to die, so I can resurrect innocence, joy, and freedom. I want my complaints about XYZ to die, so I can resurrect hope. Write down a list of all that you are willing to allow to die, and what you want to resurrect instead.

Now, every time you focus on one of the items that you wish to release, quickly switch to the one you want to resurrect. For example, if you open your messy closet and start to mutter, quickly switch to your desired resurrection. “Oh yes! I wish to resurrect order!” Take a moment and see how that might feel. How would it feel to resurrect order? Just imagine it. If you feel like doing something about it, do it. If not, don’t.You will quickly learn what you truly wish to release vs. what you don’t, and we have no judgment whatsoever about any of it. Maybe you realize you are fine with your messy closet after all, but even in doing this exercise you have resurrected a higher vibration of peace. Maybe you get the sudden urge to clean it out, and you have once again found a path to peace. In either case, you resurrected peace with you!Likewise, suppose you want to die unto an old upset with someone in your past in order to resurrect emotional freedom and joy. When you think of your old hurt, catch yourself and remind yourself, “I wish to resurrect emotional freedom and peace.” Take a moment. Imagine that. Feel that. What would emotional freedom and peace feel like? This has nothing at all to do with the other person. This has to do with the energies you are resurrecting – calling to the surface – within your very own heart.

Your resurrection is always within your power, no matter the external world.

Death happens within first. Resurrection happens within first. As you shift your energies within, then your outer world can change. The choice to stay in a situation or mindset or to expand beyond it is up to you… and you have eternity to play with these energies! There is never any pressure from us to rebirth yourselves. There is only support to help you keep what you want alive within you, and move beyond what you don’t.Happy Passover dear ones. Happy Easter. Happy Spring, and to those of you in the southern hemisphere, Happy Autumn. Allow yourself at this wonderful time of year, to look at that which you want to keep alive, that which you want to release, and that which you want to resurrect within.

There is great Love moving to you and through you every day, but it is especially intense upon your earth at this time. Enjoy it, make use of it, and allow yourselves to resurrect yourself in any way you choose.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

As you earth continues to rebirth itself we wish for you an awareness of your incredible freedom.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you earth continues to rebirth itself we wish for you an awareness of your incredible freedom. Each one of you regardless of external circumstances is free to tune your energy to attract and allow the life you want. When you focus, in your inner world, on the things that you appreciate and give you joy, on the people you resonate with, the causes you admire, in this joyous space of thinking about what makes you happy and inspires you, you begin to draw it to you.

You have, however, been taught to place an inordinate amount of focus on the external world. We know you must focus on the external when it must be dealt with and we celebrate your focus upon all that you enjoy within it. However, if you start to think of your life force – your attention and energy – as your most precious resources, then you will start to become a bit more discerning about how you use your focus.

One of the things that robs you most of your precious life force is judging yourself or others, resisting yourself or others, making yourself or others wrong (even if you/they are!), and focusing on what you don’t like in yourself or others, instead of focusing on what you do like about others, and best of all, what is right inside of you.

If you were the thumb on a person’s hand you’d never make yourself wrong or insist that the pinkie agree with your perspective! You wouldn’t be jealous of the jewelry on the ring finger, or upset that the pointer finger gets more attention. As a thumb, you’d know that you had a special place, perspective and purpose. You’d revel in the fact that you help grasp and move objects. You’d take pride in the fact that your person uses you to hit the space bar on the computer and type on their phones. You’d understand that each of the other fingers had their place and purpose too, in spite of the fact, or rather because of the fact that they are different. None of the fingers need agree with each other’s place, perspective, and purpose. The hand – the greater Self – is always guiding them to work in harmony, just as the body is guiding both hands.

Likewise you don’t have to agree with anyone. You don’t have to insist that your perspective should be right for them. And you don’t have to agree with others who insist that their perspective is right for you. There’s no need to argue or agree. You have a right to be you! Listen if you must but just keep being your sweet, wonderful self!

Everyone, including you has an inner “hot line to the Divine” because the Divine IS your greater self, and the Divine wants everyone to live in a harmonious dance whether that means living and working together physically as the heart and the nerves do, or moving apart on your own paths as many cells in the body must in order to function according to their own design. You would not find the bone in the heart or the heart in the bones, for example.

If you listen to yourself and do what feels best in a given moment, you will find your place among those who are resonant and – naturally, easily, without judgment, argument, or the need to be right – you will naturally move away from those who do not resonate. It really can be that simple. The universe was designed to be that simple.

When you look at nature, you see the absolute perfection of each part of an ecosystem. You can also see the complete absurdity of imagining that one part of nature would insist that its way is right for another. Would a bird insist that a fish must fly? Would a tree insist that the moss must climb to the heavens? Would a rock insist it must roll instead of being content in its purpose of holding the soil in place? Would you make the bugs wrong for their existence? If you did you’d have to eradicate the birds that eat them, the forests that the birds seed, and the air that the forests produce for your life and lungs, and as a result your own life. Everything, every little, tiny part of creation, has purpose and value.

So do you!

As you surrender to this very basic fact of existence, you stop struggling with life. You find freedom, joy, and a flow of grace that guides you easily towards your desires. In a higher vibration wherein you accept – even if you don’t understand – the perfection of life’s dance, you avoid becoming entangled in the very common, unpleasant disagreements that seem to be part of human life. The all-too-common dance of “I’m right/You’re wrong, I’m right/Life’s wrong, I’m wrong/Nothing’s right,” and so on, has never truly made anyone happy.

You can be right about others being wrong, but that will never make you happy.

You can be right about life being wrong, but that will only drag you down.

You can be right about yourself being wrong, but obsessing about your so-called flaws or mistakes will never allow you the growth that makes you feel better.

The only thing that truly makes you feel alright is to realize that all human beings are all right for their own soul’s own growth and expansion.

So how to feel right when life feels wrong? How to feel right when you feel others are wrong? How to feel right when you feel wrong? It is actually not so hard at all dear ones. Just ask yourself a question many of you have heard many times…

Would I rather be right or would I rather be happy?

If you answer, I’d rather be right!” gently ask yourself, “Why?” Why do you want to be right? Isn’t the ultimate goal of being right, being happy? You tell yourself you’ll be happy if another acknowledges that you’re right. You’ll be satisfied if life conforms to your expectations. You’ll be happy if you’re perfect according to the standards that were programmed into you before you even had a choice to believe them. Is that true dear one?

Question yourself deeply. Do you really think you’ll be happy if someone who hurt you suffers? Dig deeper? Wouldn’t you rather just let them go, free yourself of the burdens they heaped upon you, and be happy now?

If you wait for the external world to conform before you choose happiness, you could wait for lifetimes.

Being “right” is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. You have been trained to feel as if your very worth, identity, and being is threatened if you are “wrong” yet nothing can invalidate your worth in the eyes of your creator. Nothing can invalidate the precious, perfect, and unique role that you play in all of creation.

Your ego can feel threatened, but your soul, your creator and your angels all know your value. Best of all, when you truly embrace your value, independent of external validation, you will attract people and situations that easily mirror it back to you. Until then, if you hold on to a need to be right and for others to agree, you will likely receive struggle in return.

For example, if you are stuck in traffic, you can blame the cars in front of you. You may be right. You can blame yourself for starting late. You may be right. You can blame the city streets for not having enough lanes. You may be right. You can honk your horn and the cars in front of you will honk back. The situation can become more unpleasant. Or you can stop blaming and say, “Here I am. I can’t change it. I may be late. So be it. How can I enjoy this moment in time?” You could turn on the radio. You could pray for everyone in traffic. You could sit and think about everyone and anyone you love… and in choosing any of these options, you can be happy!

Perhaps you have been the subject of unkind or abusive behavior. You can certainly blame the abuser and you may well be right. You can blame yourself for getting into a bad situation. You may be right You can blame the world and its programming, and you may be right. You can focus on the injustice and therefore attract more injustice to you. The Divine is always trying to guide you towards a more loving experience of life, but there are many in this world who will willingly match this kind of focus.

Wouldn’t you rather be happy? Wouldn’t you rather focus on how far you’ve grown, how much different you are from the people that hurt you, where you are going in your future, how strong you are, and all the good in your life now? Wouldn’t you rather stop giving those who were unkind to you your power, and reclaim your joy? It is up to you dear friends. It is a choice to focus upon that which makes you feel better.

We know you have been deeply immersed in conditioning that subtly teaches you that you that being right is a higher priority than being happy. Question this often throughout your day. Anytime you feel yourself justifying your own unhappiness, ask, “Would I rather be right about why I’m unhappy – even if I am right – or would I rather be happy?” Then, if you want to feel better, choose better feeling thoughts, one thought at a time.

Far from “letting others get away” with something, or becoming a “doormat” your vibrational frequency of joy will attract kinder others, shine a light upon and reveal untruths, and guide you along a path of ease and grace!

If you truly choose to elevate your vibration by letting go of the dance of right/wrong, and trusting in the vibrational universe to draw like unto like, then dear ones, you will tune into greater happiness. In doing so, you release the people and situations you feel are “wrong” and let them spiral off along their way, while you proceed along the path that is “happy” and therefore ultimately most “right” for you!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

After reading this paragraph shut your eyes, breathe for a minute or two and simply open to receive our love for you -The Angels via Ann-

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/20/2021 • Memories, Daydreams, Tuning in the Present

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Look around. What is happening in your world right here and now? What room are you in? Are you in your car? Outside? Take a moment to appreciate your computer, phone, tablet, or the device with which you are reading our words. Take a moment to appreciate your environment. Take a moment to appreciate yourself for taking a few minutes to connect with those of us in the heavens who love more than we can possibly ever convey with worlds. After reading this paragraph shut your eyes, breathe for a minute or two and simply open to receive our love for you. Do it now, if you like.

It is in this place, this moment, this very perfect time that you call now, in which you can access the Divine, your angels, and the miraculous power that creates worlds. For just a moment, after you read this paragraph, shut your eyes, breathe, and receive our love once again. This time, after you feel us, play with us. Imagine yourself in a future where you already have something you deeply and dearly want, be it a situation, a feeling, or a thing. As you receive our love and imagine your future, we are sending our energy to empower your creations. Just take a moment, in this moment, and then come back when you are ready.

We are often asked, “How can I be present here and now while imagining my happy future?” This of it this way. Here and now, you can watch a futuristic show on your TV. Here and now, you can watch a historical documentary. Here and now, you can watch the news, the movies, the cooking channel, or a variety of other programs. Here and now, you get to tune into anything you please.

When you tune into the past, you are asking the universe to recreate the past. The higher dimensions will always and only match your loving vibrations, but there are plenty on the earth who will unwittingly cooperate with the lower ones. That’s why we recommend you only tune in only to what you love about the past, and when painful memories seem compelling, slowly and gently steer your thoughts to ones that feel better. Tell yourself, “I am strong. I am capable. I made it. The past is over. Here I am now and now is better. In this moment I am safe. In this moment, as a I read this, all is well. Now is new.” In this fashion, by focusing on better feeling thoughts in the present moment, you release the unpleasant past’s grip on your future.

Likewise, when you think about the future, imagine the best and you will bring those good vibrations into your here and now.

It is your energy, not your words that dictate what you are tuned into. You can’t shout at the TV, “I want to watch channel 5!” You have to tune into it. You can’t tell your voice activated control, “I don’t want to watch channel 3!” It will likely either ignore you or say, “OK, I’ll tune into channel 3!” Your devices, dear ones, are starting to teach you more and more about the 5D universe! You can only tune into one channel, one vibration at a time. It is either something you want to tune into, or something that blocks what you want.

So, as you sit in your here and now, you can focus with appreciation on something pleasurable from the past and thus call more of that to you. You can focus on the best possible future and draw that to you as well. You can simplify all of this and appreciate life and all that it offers right here and now. In so doing you are tuning into good feelings, higher vibrations, and therefore drawing unto you absolutely everything you desire!

The simplest thing you can do is to breathe, and open to receive our love. Appreciate what is around you. Appreciate yourself. Then go enjoy your day, one moment at a time, knowing that in a vibration of love and appreciation the entire universe is assembling the sum total of all your dreams and guiding you towards them… one beautiful moment at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

This is why your feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Messages from the AngelsMessages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Sleep is a glorious experience of dying unto the “self” and expanding into your greater being. In your sleep your consciousness temporarily ceases to identify with the body and mind. You re-emerges into a greater awareness and understanding of yourself as a soul. You surrender to love.

This is why, when your mind is not in the way, deep healing can take place in your sleep. This is why you can go to bed with questions and wake up with answers. This is why your feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

This is also why, when you don’t sleep well, it is important to find a way to temporarily tun off the mind and just “be,” for it is in your sleep or in your restful states, – when you are free of thoughts and concerns– that you return to your soul’s natural state of being. You become open to receiving love, flowing, trusting, relaxing and surrendering into the perfection of life.Whenever you can turn your mind off, calm the thoughts, and simply surrender to love, you open to a miraculous flow that is an ever present, steady stream of energy from the Source – a love that is always trying to help and assist you.

Even if you don’t sleep well, you can put on beautiful music and just feel it moving through you. You can breathe deeply and slowly into the heart until you feel yourself relax. You can meditate, walk peacefully in nature, cook, pet the dog, or do any number of things that allow you to switch the mind temporarily off and “lose yourself” in the moment. In these spaces, without the usual chatter of the mind’s habitual filters, you receive unfiltered love. In these space of receptivity, miracles are possible, solutions easily accessible, and guidance available.

While you can easily open to this flow of love in sleep or in mind-less states of blissful being, you can also open to it consciously and willingly during your everyday waking hours.

Stop for a moment. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourselves, “I am loved exactly as I am.” Allow the truth of this to flow into your body, mind heart, and soul. Stop putting conditions around why you should or should not be loved and open to a greater truth. You are loved.

Say to yourself, “I am open to receive the magnificent love of my Creator.” Imagine opening your heart and feeling this love flooding into your awareness.

Now say to yourself, “The Divine loves me exactly as I am… Exactly as I am.”
 Breathe that in, and allow it to permeate your being as if water is seeping into every corner, crack, and crevice of your soul, or light is filling every little area within your body. Repeat this several times while breathing into the heart and let it fill you. Willingly feel it. Embrace the truth of it.

Something deeper than your mind knows the truth of these words, for the Source that lives and breathes within you knows its own love. Open, open, open dear friends. Let the love that creates you fill you. Stop resisting love. Breathe. “The Divine loves me exactly as I am.” Allow it in.

When you sleep you surrender to this love. When you find ways to shut off your mind, you surrender to this love. When you consciously and willingly surrender to this love, you become open to miraculous help, healing, and change even while wide awake. Try this exercise several times a day.

You want to surrender to love. You want to feel it coming to you. You want to feel the truth of the fact that you do not have to earn your Creator’s love. You do not have to be “worthy” of your Creator’s love. You do not have to achieve anything, be anything, or do anything to receive the unconditional, ever flowing, never ending love from the Divine.

You, dear ones, and all of creation, are constantly able to receive this love. Only you can decide if you will open to it.

The flower does not have to earn or be worthy of the sun that constantly shines.

The ground does not have to earn or be worthy of the rain that will inevitably falls upon it.

The animals do not have to earn or be worthy of the sustenance that is freely offered.

The cells in your body do not have to earn or be worthy of the nourishment that is constantly provided to them.

You dear ones do not have to earn or be worthy of the love that flows unceasing to you.

Open. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourself, “The Divine loves me exactly as I am.” Deeply allow these words to seep into you, fill you, soothe you, and ultimately remind you that you are and always will be beloved, cherished, and whole in the eyes of your creator.

In one moment of truly allowing this love in, your entire life can begin to change. Breath, dear ones. God loves you exactly as you are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Each one is living in the reality they believe in.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine two people are standing next to each other. A new person comes to stand between them. Suppose we asked the original two, “On which side is the new person standing?” One would answer truthfully, “They’re on my left.” The other would answer truthfully, “They’re on my right.” It is easy to see in this example that each person – answering from their individual position, perspective and point of view is telling their truth.Likewise, suppose we placed a piece of chocolate in front of two people, and asked them, “Is this good for you?” The person who doesn’t eat sugar would reply vehemently, “Absolutely not!” The person who takes delight in sweets would answer, “Absolutely yes!” Again, who is right? We would suggest that, from their unique position, perspective, and point of view, they both are. Each is sharing their truth.“What if,” the one who loves chocolate argues, “no one enjoys chocolate anymore. The chocolate shops in the world will disappear. I will no longer have the freedom to buy and eat chocolate unless I grow and grind my own beans. It’s not fair! You should like chocolate too!” The other says, “My goodness, if everyone eats like you do, they’ll be sick! My health insurance costs will go up and I’ll end up paying for people who aren’t responsible for their health. I’m not supporting that!” Who is right? Again, each one is sharing their truth. Each one is living in the reality they believe in.It would be far more useful if the one who doesn’t like chocolate said, “How wonderful you are choosing what delights you! I am so happy you have found what resonates. I think I’ll go ahead and give you my chocolate.” The other answers, “Thank you! I hope you find other ways to enjoy sweetness in your life that resonate with you. Perhaps you’ll find my love and acceptance sweet!” They hug and go their way in peace – one to the chocolate shop and another to enjoy a garden-fresh meal.

So you see, the question is not whether or not you are right. You are always right in your own mind and reality. A better question than “Am I right,” might be, “Is my position, perspective, and point of view useful? Does it make me happy? If not, can I find a more positive and powerful point of view? “Project this idea into the questions so many disagree about upon your earth, “Who is the right leader for a country?” “Are vaccines good for you?” “Are masks effective?” “Explain why?”If you ask a million people to answer these questions – through their unique position, perspective, and point of view – they would give you a million slightly different answers! We ask you to consider this. Who is right? Who is wrong?There are still many people upon your earth who believe the world is flat. They’ve done their math, come up with their arguments and in their reality the world is flat. It would take someone brave enough to set prior conceptions and explore beyond the limits they perceive, in order to experience the world as round. “Ah ha!” you say! “They’re crazy! The world IS round,” and we would say to those of you who insist on this truth, that according to your position, perspective, science, and point of view, it is round. Again, it would take a person brave enough to set aside prior conceptions of physicality and explore beyond the 3D to experience to see your “round world” as simply a symphony of energetic vibrations in relationship to other energetic vibrations! In this more expanded view reality, it is neither flat, round, or even solid, but rather a dance of frequencies!

So who is right? Who is wrong? We would answer again, all of you. Each one of you, given your paradigm, position, perspectives, and points of view has your own truth. Your truth is right for you. What gives you the greatest joy; what feels like the most love – for you – is right for you.

This is a radical 5D concept in a 3D world. So many of you are dead-certain you must know “the truth” about any given thing upon your planet earth. And yet, we ask you to question, “Why?” In some cases, there is good reason. In some situations you want to know what is true so you can take appropriate action.

However, in many cases, there is no positive purpose in trying to dig up, justify, or demand agreement for “the truth” when in reality you can more joyfully focus simply on living “your truth.” For example, someone tells you “this is good for you” and “that is bad.” “You should eat greens.” “You shouldn’t drink coffee.” “You should get a vaccine.” “You shouldn’t get a vaccine?” What to do in a world of so many varying truths that are often at-odds?

Dear ones, there is one truth that will never fail you, and that is the truth of God’s love and God’s guidance… for you, personally, as you live your life day by day. Tune into that when you are confused and you’ll get answers that are right… for you.

“Dear God, is this resonant with me? Is this supporting my intentions?” Whether it be a food, a supplement, a treatment protocol, or a pair of shorts you will get a feeling of yes or no. You will get “your truth” straight to your body and mind’s “energetic in-box” via feeling or knowing, words, or imagery. If you’re not certain turn back to God and your angels, “I think you said this, but I’m not certain. Please try other ways to get the message to me.”

There is a “truth” for you on any given topic, in any given moment, that guides you along a path of least resistance to love. There is a “truth” that leads you closer to the Love of the Divine, which is ultimate truth.

So how do you make this practical? Suppose you like one political leader and your friend likes another. Each of you has your own truth, and you don’t agree. If you are both emotionally mature, you can agree to disagree, dig deeper, and share the ideals you espouse rather than insisting one leader or another is better. You can agree to avoid the topic and have more uplifting dialogues on things that interest you both. If one insists on demanding agreement, the other is likely to walk away and find those with whom he or she resonates with more easily.

Is there an absolute “right” or “wrong” here? Certainly not about which leader is best. Certainly not about what course of action is best, for ultimately the two souls involved must decide for themselves. We have no judgments whatsoever in the heavens! However, we do know that allowing others to have their own truths, while allowing yourself to have your own, frees up tremendous energy for you live the happiest life possible. If you live according to your own inner compass, you are always steered towards people, situations, and opportunities that resonate more easily with you. You allow others to do the same.

Next time you feel a need to insist on being more “right” than another, ask yourself, “Can I simply be OK being right for myself?” “Do I really need others to agree with me, or am I just afraid they’ll force their views on me if I don’t defend my own?” “Does my need to be right come from fear, a need for love, a need to be seen as more intelligent, to feel more competent or more helpful than another?” “Does my need to be right come from a fear that another I care about can’t find their way?” Can you simply accept your truth, knowing what you resonate with? Really dig deep. Why is it so important to be “right” for anyone but yourself?

Next time someone else insists they are more right than you, listen with love and simply be content knowing your own truth. You don’t have to agree with them and you don’t need their agreement.If you are right within yourself, right within your own soul, living your personal truths, and listening to the Divine within, you will know the absolute truth of the Love that lives within you. You will feel happy, free, settled in yourself, and joyful.

When you are in agreement with yourself in your inner world, you will not require agreement from the outer world.

You need not fear the decisions and truths of others. You need not feel victimized by external circumstances because you will realize that living your truth, living in alignment with the Divine within, you can create any experience of reality that you wish to enjoy!There are as many “truths” on a given topic as there are human beings upon your earth. There will be agreement on many things, but never on everything. It doesn’t matter, dear ones. Go within. Find your deeper truths and live according to them.

You are guided – each one of you – individually, by the Divine, each one along the path of least resistance to love; each one of you being gently steered ever closer to the deepest Truth of all. You are sourced from Love. It is Love that breathes the very breath of life into you. It is Love that makes your heart beat and keeps galaxies turning. It is, and always has been, Divine Love leading each of you on unique and beautiful pathways, like a multitude of rivers running their individual course, all returning to the vast Ocean of Love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels