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Worldwide Synchronized Meditation March 11, 12 & 13 New Delhi, India

Let’s keep the momentum going!
Millions of people participated in the Syrian Prayer Vigil, and the impact was absolutely amazing. Now it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to heal the Heart of the Mother itself!
James Twyman and will be present with three and a half million people at the World Culture Fest in New Delhi, India, and over 10 millionhave already committed to join in the world synchronized meditation. Our goal is for at least 100 million people to stop for 15 minutes at noon in their own time zone March 11, 12 & 13 to heal the heart of our Planetary Mother. What better place than Mother India to focus such a revolutionary meditation.
Our ultimate goal is to attract at least a million people to be part of an international community that is ready and prepared to respond prayerfully whenever a world crisis occurs in the world. (If you singed up on, then you are already part of that team.) Over the next month, before the India meditation, we will promote this vision far and wide, and with your help, we will reach out goal of creating a New Earth.
The Fun has just begun!

Healthy Dance Events -The New Underground Is Here.

Educational programs to ban for ever the existence of any kind of toxins -such as alcohol,drugs,cigarettes,meat etc- in our world and specifically in the clubbing and dance scenes are being put in place as we talk.
This is one of the New Earth Realities taking full effect as Humanity becomes aware of its holiness.
Such a program is Feel More Than Fine/The Party that Nikos Akrivos,Dj & Holistic Life Coach, has been experimenting on since 2010 , kickstarted in Ibiza.

‘From the day i discovered the negative aspect of alcohol specifically in my body it made even bigger sense to me that there is something wrong in our world.One drop of alcohol is enough to take us away from our divinity and connection with higher self.It has been very hard work to share this message with the clubbing scenes.

My Greek ancient ancestors used to celebrate by drinking fruit juices and eating raw vegan food while being entertained with their favourite music of that time.I am doing the same thing,the only difference is that i have spent the most amazing times of my life in Ibiza for the last 18 years where Electronic Dance Music is the queen.We had few people attending our events,not more that 20 but all of them felt the positive effects of it,the next morning they wake up.No secondary effects and a great happy sensation that lasted for few days as most have witnessed.
We are now ready to take it to the next level as humanity awakens ,there are so many reasons to celebrate brothers and sisters,join our community right here to  learn more or be part of our events across the world.








Expand to Understand – MOTHER GOD

Imagines 7 billion people waking up to the fact that there is no bad or good.Everything and everybody labeled as ‘bad’ or ‘dark’ was created to fulfill its purpose of existence.Even what we call ‘cabal’.Everything and everybody labeled as ‘good’ was created to fulfill its purpose of existence.’Bad & Good’ creating a polarity on the planet in order to experience a low density reality also called 3dimensional and 4th dimensional which were both based on ego & material possessions.This has lasted for the last 13,000 Years.When we remain peaceful and calm in the core of our being,our ego still exists but this time it is in service of our heart and when we accept this truth by remaining present in the moment being grateful for what is and eager for what is unfolding,practising kindness,compassion and unconditional love 24/24 it is all is requested in this timeline while Earth and Her Children are Ascending together in the 5th Dimension and Beyond rushing towards The Golden Age of our Humanity’s existence NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE EVER.

I invite you to both read and   listen to this message from Mother Sekhmet followed by Mother God. She delivers a transmission intended to bring amazing  healing understanding to you and to Earth at this important moment.

Photo on 08-02-16 at 15.57








-Clean Contaminated Water
-Activate Water to Heal Diabetis.
-Healing From Cancer.
-Recovering From Addictions,
-Regrowing a Finger that is damaged.
-Healing Asthma,Psoriasis ,Alzheimer,Emphysema etc.
-Feeding ourselves in Space (without the need to eat).
The Blueprint by Keshe Foundation costs no more than 200€ to make at our own homes.
6 hours of our time to LEARN and REALISE that the future is already here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 19.08.07

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.28.29

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 13.41.31

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 17.42.34

It is natural to feel preasure on the head and tingles of vibrations throughout the body, seeing energy, and feeling more intuitive with an inner knowing without any doubt, along with an increased feeling of joy and unconditional love/commander Vrillon

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

January 27 2016

While it continues to be important to maintain a balanced presence within every moment of the Now, the ongoing activity of transformative energies coming in as photonic light through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun system of Alcyone continues to gradually expand the Earth and humanity in frequency. Depending on how much DNA you have activated through all the light downloads and upgrades, the more light you will be able to maintain within your Aura and morphogenetic field. This awakening into a fully conscious multidimensional being is determined by the level of light quotient you uphold and maintain, which activates you into a light body expression.

It is important to know that while your Higher Self knows all there is to know about reality and all that exists, yet you ask the reason behind why you have incarnated on the Earth in this Now and what it is that you came to do on this plane of existence.

DNA Activation allows you to access this information through daily going within the heart in stillness. This is all that is necessary to activate your dormant DNA.  Cultivating stillness increases your light exponantially into higher levels of awareness, activating energy blocking potential and your original divine blueprint.

Upon activating your DNA, which your light will as it increases, eventually reaching its climax and activating you into your highest state in consciousness;  you will begin to be more open to your extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, direct cognition, intuition, and telepathy where, with practice, it will all feel natural and you will get used to using the abilities daily.

It is important to know that while the frequencies being radiated to the Earth through the Great Grand Galactic Central sun system are raising at a very fast rate within every moment, many on the ascension path are experiencing these intense 12d and higher density in consciousness waves in many various manners of being.

Many on the ascension path are experiencing an awakening in consciousness, while feeling more at peace, grounded and balanced with an intense feeling of lightness in frequency while the lower ego mind is dissolved. It is natural to feel preasure on the head and tingles of vibrations throughout the body, seeing energy, and feeling more intuitive with an inner knowing without any doubt, along with an increased feeling of joy and unconditional love.

While many living in the mind are feeling stress, with endless challenges, anger, sorrow, feeling confused and lost in 3d everyday drama’s where the lower ego mind is in constant bombardment of these individuals, many are always fighting in an endless conflict of the mind fighting themselves, feeling sorry for themselves in endless suffering and limitation and much ignorance and fear. This is where you can see why these beings are in a low frequency, insisting to live in this state of separation. You can see just how one cannot ascend to the 5th dimension with all these blockages, as fear does not exist within our hyperspace community of ascended beings. It is seen as a virus.

I am aware that there are individuals who have been propagating the various information that has been released on the Internet about ascension from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, in which these individuals have convinced many who are awakened that this is all a hoax and an Agenda that is part of the government’s plan to take over the Earth.  I just want to clarify that this is in fact the government spreading fear in their last attempt to hold onto power and control all of you. These beings are claiming that those who are aware of their nature as unconditional love in being the Light are confused and programmed by the government’s psy-ops program sent through electromagnetic radio frequency. In conclusion, they are saying that even I am programmed for giving out the truth to who we all are and how we claim our power through love and peace. These, ladies and gentlemen, are merely scare tactics. If you look deep within your heart to see if what I say to you is truth or illusion ,you will find that I have never mislead you.

One such individual is the channeler known as Greg Giles, in which this individual has written a long paragraph confessing that all the information he had so far channelled from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command were messages he had rather been recieving from the C.I.A and the U.S government; that he was confused and takes full responsibilty for misleading his followers. This is all to create confusion in those who come across these messages. Before I read this last message from him, where he had even said that he would take his blog down, I had been informed by my brother and ally, Jose Contreras, through Anne DeHart from the Hollow Earth network about this, that the real Greg Giles had been taken aboard our Motherships as his work had been completed and therefore had to leave the planet which he did, as he is the son of Sananda,  which Commander Ashtar personally confirmed to me.  This is where the confusion about me being a clone, just after I had been away for 20 days, and returned, where I had left without telling anyone came in; as everyone thought I would do the same and tell you all that I was confused in which everything I had so far shared came from my imagination. This is not true, my brothers and sisters; everything I have so far shared with you is as genuine as the air I now breath. I would just like to clear all this confusion and bring it into the light that Greg Giles, ladies and gentlemen, is not the Greg Giles you all knew. The originator of Greg Giles last message claiming to be in confusion and programming is a clone and I just wish to clarify this, as nobody has. This is most likely from the government itself.

Continue remaining within your heart center and go within for clarity, bring the light forth from within and keep focusing on peace and love for all on this planet. Focusing on fear will only bring one in a low vibration and in much confusion. This is real. There is no hoax here. May you all shine bright and ascend with the Earth upon reaching the Galactic core within zero point. Those who continue to entertain the mind will be teleported to another duality plane where they will continue with their life of Karma in endless reincarnation cycles.

I am Commander Vrillion of the Ashtar Galactic Command.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

The Art of Ascension


Humanity’s Ascension : Prime Creator Confirms Priority Number 1.

Acceptance,Allowance,Gratitude.Mastering Our Physical Body.Blessing Our Food and Our Environments at home or where we travel.

Focusing our attention into our ascension is what matters more in this timeline of our existence as human beings.

I am here to elevate myself and Gaia.If you think same way welcome,if you are not i have no time for nonsense

-Pleiadian Teaching-

Ascension is the accelerated process of evolution that all sentient  being go through with the arrival of photons from the central galactic sun since December 2012 accelerated by the passage of inhabited planet Nibiru.Intending to raise our vibration constantly in our day is the best gift we can offer to ourself the planet and of course everybody around us.

Low Frequency will always rise to meet The Higher Frequency states the Resonance Law in physics.


Humans we carry the living library of the existence of the universe in our genes.We are All equally important.Every  action little or small counts right now! Every smile,every act of kindness,the love we send out to All  is transforming everything around us and  assisting Ascension for the benefit of this Universe and  of many more others.(Yes we do have this great responsibility and honour to serve through our existence)

Love is the way,through meditation and prayer,connecting and asking help from our Angels,Ascended Masters,Father/Mother God.

Raising our vibration can be done also by being with others while keeping this intention in mind.Nothing better in my opinion than an alcool free daytime event,dancing preferably outside with bare feet on the ground with friends sharing crazy wisdom and raw vegan food.

Ascension is about learning that we are vibration and that we have the ability to raise it through our machine called emotions.

Intending to Feel More Than Fine in the core of our being is accelerating our Ascension.

There are many fun ways to raise our vibration be integrating movement,prayer and meditation.One of them is Yoga.But i am not going to talk about this cause it is so widely spread already.There
other ways ,that you mind find easier too to start with.

In these next videos i am sharing how to do this while dancing,while doing Pilates,Qui Gond and a combination of Pleiadian/Mayan Teachings.


If you really like any of those please go ahead and watch.It is important that you like it because if you don’t it can have the opposite effect.IT IS ALL ABOUT BEING PRESENT WITH YOUR BREATH WHILE YOU MOVE.I invite you to be your own artist ,find and combine what resonates more with your heart.

So here we go :



Nikos Akrivos

www.Feel More Than






Inca Shamanic Recurring Life Trip.

Before I incarnate in this life I was existing as Pure Light Expanding.
I came here to experience the low density of material world and to bring light in ”dark” places according to where my passions guide me.It is the only human life i incarnate but I Am An Old Soul.In one lifetime i have already lived many parallel realities and lives in a very accelerated pace.In one session of recurring life trip of one hour with the help of an Inca Shaman (without the use of any drugs ) i have remembered all again.The time i suffered the most,the time i was in most service to the Light and the time i was the less.

Do you see the orb on my face? 🙂NikosatCuco,jpgHealer1




The goal is to unlearn ,NOT TO learn.
There is no NEED to be worried over the performance or in relation to aesthetics, there is no NEED To fake.
Each movement is right.
The goal is not to be disciplined, beautiful, strong, confident, coordinated, as we so often taught in dance.
In many ways, this dance is the antithesis of everything we’ve learned that dancing is supposed to be.
The whole being is allowed to melt in the rhythms, allowING ITself to relax and let CRAZY wisdom guide EVERY movements.
No dance experience is necessary, just the desire to move.

DANCE MUSIC  432 HZ &  528 HZ:Dj Nikos Akrivos



FRIDAY 29 TH JANUARY 2016 : 17H00-20H00 AND



A few mixes 🙂






Lucid Dreams/Learn To Fly

Last night i had an amazing experience,i found myself flying and following a guy that was using a futuristic air flying surf. My view was breathtaking and exciting  at the same time as i knew somehow that i was safe.This is what Lucid Dreaming is all about: to be aware that your are dreaming in your dream.

How was I Flying?By using my wings!

To be able to lucid dream in a consistant /conscious way you need to follow a certain way of sleeping.

I usually go to bed at 22h (between 22h and 02h is the best time for the body to regenerate) then wake up few hours later to read ,do some yoga , meditate or create music depending on my levels of energy.An hour later i tend to go back to bed and this is the time where i am lucid dreaming.

Try for yourself. The feeling of it when you wake up is amazing,you are living another life where there are no 3dimensional limitations and that is brining a lot of satisfaction to your being.

Being able to lucid dream consciously is also helping to manifest better reality in our life.


Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos


6 fingers :A Sign of Evolution.High Six!!!!

David Wilcock talked about 6 fingers printing on a stone of Padmasmbhava,giving the message of evolution for humanity:

”A Tibetan Legend of a man who descended down from space. Leaving hand prints into the stone, with 6 fingers on the hand”

”…ET Human Padmasambhava, came from space in an egg, taught the monks of Tibet how to turn into a light body. takes 7 days. Your body shrinks down to about 9 inches tall, rainbow appears of the hut. Then people start to see them in their dreams…”


Find more about David’s Blog/Predictions right here:
hqdefault (1)In 2014 i have posted a  link sharing this in my video but strangely is doesn’t work anymore.Here is the video:

and here are few more videos with 6 fingered families proving this:


Why i don’t drink the toxin that kills cells called alcohol.

A few years ago when i used to dance,dj or party in clubs i was always having some alcohol in small doses believing everything i was told ,like for exemple that wine is beneficial to my general well being.

Till i had few ‘accidents’,like for exemple having sex with a girl that i couldn’t understand why i find  in the same bed next morning ,not to mention the big headaches ,the overall depleting of energy in my body,mind,spirit complex and the dramas following with my sex partner.

Take a look at this article back from 2011:

There is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol consumption.

And i want to add that alcohol is not only bad for our physical body,for lowing our vibration and making our immune system very weak,one drop of alcohol is enough to stop the connection with our soul which in turn disconnects us with our higher self.

This has as a result to manifest things we don’t want in our lives.Very simple to verify that,look the chaos around us and you know what i mean.



Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos


We Are Electromagnetic Beings/Holistic Life In Modern Cities.

Our blood stream is like a current of electricity creating a magnetic field around our body.Anybody who has a basic notion of physics can understand this and a child that makes the experience playing with magnets will get this very fast.

The magnetic field around our body,also called aura can be seen by specialised instruments and by people who have developed the ability to see it.Whether we see it or not,it is always there in the same manner that positif and negative coexist in a magnet.

The magnetic field around our body can also be compared to the function of vibrator of our mobiles telephones or even better exemple to the function of vibration on sex toys that can be high or low.A strong magnetic field creates a high vibration, a week magnetic field or aura a low vibration.

High vibration means that we are strong in our body,mind,spirit complex.Low vibration makes our immune system weak and therefor we can get ’sick’ very easy.

In order to achieve a High Vibration daily and especially for those of us who live in cities,big or small,a holistic approach integrated in our life style is calling.Here are few basic steps till you manage to create your own way that talks more to you.I invite you to:

1.Become  Vegan,Learn Tantra,Laugh often.

2.Be Thankful,Meditate and Ask Protection from Your Angels

3.Breath properly.

4.Stretch and Move with your favorite activity.

5.Learn Techniques to Ground and Center Yourself(Reiki/Chi Gong,Yoga)

6.Take off your shoes and walk barefoot ,search for direct contact with Mother Earth.Best option : walk on green grass on a rainy day.Dare to take off your clothes and let the sun , rain ,air touch your skin.

7.Intend to be around high vibration people.Low frequency will always rise to meet the higher one,which is also he principle of resonance in physics.Party Time!!!

8.Spin 33 x 3 times a day clockwise as explained on my youtube video that i post here along The Mayan movement.

9.Listen to music attuned on 432 Hz or 528 Hz,i post few mixes of mine here.Avoid as much as you can waves from wifi,bluetooth,radio and of course TV.If not possible ask The Angel of Quantum Cleansing Oustacarti to help and protect you and your house.

10.Avoid at all cost cigarettes,alcohol,drugs,animal products that create holes in your aura and block you from connecting with your higher self.

11.Sleeping between 22h-02h is the best time to help our body,mind,spirit regenerate.


All Humans we carry the living library of the whole existence in our ‘junk’ DNA.It is waking up and Father Mother God is experiencing Life through us.

This is The Secret and The Gift called Present.

Making the best to elevate ourself is the way to true peace  in our world and the only way to be in service for our planet as Earthlings.

Let’s reach for the stars and be soon with our galactic brothers and sisters that are also looking forward to be with us guided by  the most radiant of our brothers, Sananda aka Jesus Christ.

Do you believe in UFOs?

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos

Self Cleaning Energies/Centering/Grounding

Daily Practise  to SELF Center & Ground & Clean The Aura.

It is the first thing i do as soon as i wake up from bed.

Place your hands in meditation position,say Thank you to Your Self ,Your Angels/Higher Self/God,Goddess for Being Here and Now.

Visualize energy coming from the center of The Earth into your heart.Take your time and feel little by little YOUR connection with Mother Earth.Take Your Shoes off for a better connection.

When you feel you are present with this energy,focus your attention to the energy coming from our Sun to the Crown of your head and then to you Heart.Take your time.

When you are ready place your hands in various places as shown in these pictures.Visualize energy going from your heart to each position you place your hands.Take your time from 1-3′ for each position.

Visualize energy going from the center of each one of your cells around each one of your cells all over your body.

See you body being covered with White Blue Golden Light.

Bring back your hands in meditation position and BE THANKFUL.



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Release The Champion In You.


Author:Nikos Akrivos,

Holistic Life Coach & Musician