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Reval Monies-Divine Mother-

August 26, 2020,

My dearest children, many of you are aware that the time of the Reval is drawing closer. Enormous strides are currently being made and that time is very near indeed.

Some of you are making great plans about what you will do with your windfall; some of these plans reflect the highest vibrations of love and light, some less so.

It is for this reason, to discuss the subject of money, of pure, creative energy, that I wish to draw close to you today, my cherished children.

Many imagine that when you finally have money, significant amounts of money, perhaps for the first time, you will finally feel able to breathe, to be free, to choose, to rebalance and realign.

Some of you have thought of wonderful ways of sharing your bounty with your loved ones. Even more commendable, some of you wish to share with those that you have never met and will never meet, simply because they are in need and, whether you know it deep in your bones or not, they are You; every bit as much as you are Me.

Now, I wish to gently draw your attention to a few points, in the way that a Mother does, when she knows the pitfalls ahead of her children.

It is widely known that money is not good or bad; it is the way you use it that reflects the light and the shadow within you. It is to this point I would like to draw your attention.

As much as you can, use your money so that it may reflect the light within you, the divine within you, the qualities and virtues that you have nourished throughout your lifetimes. Let it uplift you and others, may it free you and others, rather than bind you.

When you consider how to create with this great good fortune, consider how aligned your creation is with the best of who you are.

It can be tempting to wish to show off, or to teach others ‘a lesson’; these are parts that require healing, love and nourishment. They do not need to be condemned, nor do they need to be in the driving seat when considering how to use your new financial energy.

This money will act like a magic wand; it will transform lives – not least of all, your physical and spiritual life. Let that transformation carry within it the quantum power of the light, of divine love, not the binding, limiting power of darkness, for the time of darkness is fast drawing to a close.

You are now being given a chance to act, to create as the divine spark within you, to have the energy to manifest and birth your ideas into life. EnJoy it! Create in ways that bring joy to you and others.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: Understanding Telepathy

August 12, 2020,

J: Welcome back! I suppose it goes without saying (!) that there is much more to share about telepathy.

Ashian: Indeed this is so! We are excited to communicate more on this wonderful subject that will open up so many new opportunities for you, our brothers and sisters.

As we mentioned, we communicate telepathically onboard this ship, between family members and friends, even with humans. Indeed, it is our preferred way of communicating, as it requires far less energy than speech and it is a quantum leap ahead in terms of clear communication.

J: This morning I had no desire to talk to anyone, it felt as though it required too much energy and concentration. It’s not a feeling I experience frequently, but it gave me a very clear insight into how much energy speaking requires. I hadn’t really been aware of that before.

A: Precisely! And it is not by chance that you had this experience, just before we embarked on this communication!

J: Yes, I had rather begun to realise that!

A: So you have had a clear experience of the energy required for speaking. You may also have this experience when you are lost in an absorbing project, or if you are very ill; the amount of energy required to speak at these times can seem too great.

Apart from the energetic efficiency of telepathy, a very important, even freeing, aspect of telepathy is how greatly it will enhance your communication, expression, empathy and understanding.

You have a film title, ‘Lost in Translation’, this is apt, for even when people are speaking the same language have utterly different understandings and experiences of words.

For example, if two people are talking about mothers; one person had a loving, caring empathic mother, while the other had a very frightened, authoritarian and distant mother, their individual understanding of that conversation will be remarkably different, even if they are aware of how different their mothers were.

Telepathy overcomes this limitation. Information is transmitted in ‘packages’. These packages contain concepts, bundles of information, rather than words; they are almost like tiny living films which you watch and you feel; you experience the emotions of the person who is transmitting the information to you, as well as details and nuances, for example a look or a gesture, that would not, could not, be adequately expressed through language, as there are too many layers of detail and meaning to convey.

J: I have a sense of what you mean, because I have some limited experience of these packets or bubbles of expression, but not enough! I do agree with you, it makes complete sense that far less meaning will be lost, and expression will clearer so consequently our understanding of what another wishes to convey will be infinitely greater.

A: Indeed it is so. We find it so effective we would not return to spoken words among ourselves, though clearly not all communication when we initially meet with you, our brothers and sisters, will be telepathic. But for those of you who are ready and able for this…!

We also wish to note that some people are afraid of having their thoughts interrupted and their privacy invaded.

As you can imagine, using telepathy requires a society where trust, honesty and respect are the cornerstones. We never invade the space of another nor the thoughts of another. This would be inconceivable to us, but we feel that this needs to be addressed as we are aware of some reading these words experiencing this anxiety.

It may reassure you to note that we observe what you could describe as protocols as to when to communicate with others; for example, we are able to sense when they are resting or absorbed in something from which they do not wish to be disturbed. Such degrees of understanding will soon be yours too.

J: This is all really fascinating and truly I can’t wait to have some much richer, deeper conversations with loved ones. As we begin to understand that we are all one, this will evolve more rapidly.

A: There are many things to come that will help to enhance this ability, so continue to play with this ability and have fun with it!

J: Thanks Ashian.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Xiaera: Fear is Gold Dust

August 4, 2020,

Xiaera: Fear is gold dust.

J: Well, that’s a staggering thing to say! And yet I can feel your response coming and it makes complete sense.

X: Yes! You have intuited correctly.

For the dark side, fear creates loosh, the negative energy on which they thrive, like a grey soup of pain. For this reason, many on the path of ascension believe that they should not experience fear and that they should ignore or repress it when it does arise.

However, for ascending human beings, fear is gold dust. Allow us to explain why.

You are ascending, you are on the path of self mastery. It is a distortion to believe you should experience no fear, no apprehension and no worries. You are still incrarnated in physical form and you have not ascended completely, therefore the wide palette of human emotions are still within you and flowing through you.

Perhaps we should more aptly say that your awareness of your fear is gold dust.

Becoming aware means that you are honing your internal world with increasing precision, with nuanced awareness of when you are being triggered and where you need to heal. This is an extremely important step in self mastery.

When you notice emotions from the fear spectrum arising – including anxiety, apprehension, panic, feeling trapped, anger (a very important aspect of fear) – then you are no longer being run by that emotion, nor are you being controlled by the wounded part of you that has been triggered.

Noticing fear gives you the opportunity to stop and heal yourself, and healing creates light; it lifts the vibration of all life.

In that moment of awareness, you have the opportunity to nurture and heal the part within who was left unattended to when you were a child. In noticing and approaching your fearful inner child, you free yourself more and you increase the light quotient on the planet. Through tiny steps in your inner world, you create dramatic change in the external world.

It need not be difficult. It could be as simple as whispering to your sacred inner child, ‘I am here my love, you are not alone. I see you are afraid and I’m here to hold you and to help you. Tell me all about it.’

Sometimes you may get a response, an image, a memory, a feeling… sometimes you may feel a slight easing of the tension in your muscles… sometimes you may experience nothing. No matter what the outcome, it is always important to acknowledge your own fears, for they always come from your inner child, in a moment when you that did not receive the love and support you required.

When your fears are unacknowledged, they add to the loosh. When you notice your fears, you harness that energy and you transform it into spiritual gold dust.

Such is the power of your attention and intention: you can transform loosh to spiritual gold dust. That is the path of the Alchemist.

J: Goodness me, that was an exceptionally powerful channel, I feel really out of it right now. Thank you for that fascinating insight.

X: It is our pleasure and our honour to assist you all of you on your path to enlightenment.

This knowing that beats in your heart, with every heartbeat, is the knowing of your sacred, divine immortal Self. It is the divine that Is You, of you, created by you. It is all you. Soon, you shall know this not as a nudge, as a hope, or a belief, but as a life changing, soul-embodying expression of your Truth.

Cmdr Ashian: You are here to soar

The joyful new world, the bounteous new world that you are sense, that you feel in your deepest knowing, is the longing that drives you forward.  It is what gives you the courage to continue, the patience to forgive, and the compassion to heal old rifts and ruins.  
This knowing that beats in your heart, with every heartbeat, is the knowing of your sacred, divine immortal Self.  It is the divine that Is You, of you, created by you.  It is all you.  Soon, you shall know this not as a nudge, as a hope, or a belief, but as a life changing, soul-embodying expression of your Truth.
You are getting closer, and though you may see time as a line, and ‘release’ as distant, I wish to invite you to expand your hearts outrageously, to speak your words generously, courageously, and to let the love that flows through your veins, infuse every aspect of your interactions with others.
Love, and only love, the myriad forms of love – compassion, peace, understanding, forgiveness, joy, laughter, humour, listening, patience – is the key that opens the door; the door to your heart, the door to your soul, the door to your Ascension, the door to planetary Ascension.
When you are brought down, seek laughter, seek compassion, whether from yourself or from another, and then let the love re-emerge, stronger and more radiant than before.
Every knock, every low, shines and polishes your divine radiance even more.  It lifts your light higher, shines it brighter.
Yes, you have moments when you feel down, but that will soon end; that is a symptom of 3D life and the malevolent programming that has undermined your divine sacred nature for millennia.  It is all very soon to end.  
You are on the cusp, just leaning over, nearly at the point where you fly, where you soar into the greatest expression of your Self, a Self you never even dreamt was possible.
My beloved brothers and sisters, keep dreaming, keep resting when you need to, and above all else, keep loving. 
You are here to soar, and soar you will.
With very much love, Ashian.

We are with you, all of you. We are now so densely patterned around your planet and solar system that if you were to see how many ships and craft there are, you would almost not see the sky!-The Galactic Federation of Light-

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: Your Well Being is Crucial Now

July 1, 2020,

J: Ashian, I am here to today to ask what you wish to share.

A: Beloved Jennifer, it is wonderful to share with you as always.

We are with you, all of you. We are now so densely patterned around your planet and solar system that if you were to see how many ships and craft there are, you would almost not see the sky!

J: Really!

A: Surprisingly, yes. Vibrations are rising; great, universe-affecting revelations and changes are about to occur. We are all here, both to witness and to support you.

J: Can you say more about these revelations and changes.

A: They go to the very heart of your power and economic structures. All you have been told is false; you have been programmed to believe the lies and not notice the truth. This is about to end. The lies are now crumbling, soon to take some crashing blows.

J: Like what? Dare I ask!

A: My dearest, you may always ask! We may not always be at liberty to divulge. When the time is ready, you will see it, know it. And more information is to follow then.

Right now, you are in a ‘mini-lull’, a tiny moment of calm. Regroup. Recentre. Use what time you have – for we are aware that this period has brought enormous stress and strain to almost all – to nurture yourselves. We cannot say this often enough or powerfully enough.

J: We matter!

A: You do. Each and every one of you. Your well being determines your vibration. Your vibration determines the speed and ease of the awakening process currently unfolding on Gaia.

J: So loving and caring for ourselves isn’t… selfish?

A: Nooo. Not at all; my dearest hearts, each and every one of you, you are more precious to us than you can ever conceive. Your well being is our paramount focus. Not just because of the ascension process, but because you Are us. What happens to you is felt by us too.

You currently live in a shroud; a veil that prevents you from feeling the interconnection of All That Is. But how could anything exist outside ALL That Is? It is, as the reference point implies, ALL That Is.
Your well being increases your compassion and forgiveness for yourselves and others. That matters at this time because the frequencies of these emotions are what make the difference between riding a formula 1 car or a bicycle.

J: I get the picture! Self love, self care puts us in the faster, easier ride of a formula 1 car. Can you say more about self care? What should, or could, it look like?

A: We laugh with your self correction! There are no shoulds, there are only opportunities for different vibrational pathways.

Self care is anything that makes you feel more centred in your heart, any practice or hobby that leaves you feeling peaceful, content, and energised… There are no shoulds, for each one of you are unique and exquisite beyond measure, so that which replenishes you will also be unique.

J: You were going to say more about compassion and forgiveness…

Yes, these two emotions are powerful when directed inwards, because almost all of you are maintaining blockages due to the unconscious holding back of forgiveness towards yourselves, for things you have done, said or thought, which – now you are wiser – you would have chosen differently.

Free yourselves first. Forgive yourselves first. Let it be ok that who you were then, is not who you are now. It shows how far you have traveled on your journey, and the journey of each soul is sacred to All That Is.

J: Goodness, that feels very powerful coming through me. I hope those who read this channel can experience the enormous wave of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness you are flooding through me as I write.

A: It is not just for you; it is for everyone. There are no corners to All That Is, no pockets, nooks or crannies where the unconditional love of All That Is refuses to flow; you may refuse to accept it and that is your free will, it is honoured by all of us.

However, for All That Is, there is no holding back. There is only the flow of love. You, each one of you, may stop the flow by blocking forgiveness, but pure love is always there, waiting for you to allow it flow through you. You are the love and the light. We are all the love and the light.

We leave you with the guarantee of our deepest compassion for you, you who read these words. Right where you are. Right now. On this in-breath. You are perfection exactly as you are now. Exactly as you have lived every second of your life to this point.

Feel the depth of our unconditional love for you, you are worthy of it. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

J: That was very powerful, thank you Ashian.

A: It is always our pleasure to share and expand the love of All That Is.

All is well. You are progressing magnificently, and I do not use that word lightly. Even those of you who doubt yourselves, your energies are far more potent than you could possibly imagine.

June 25, 2020,

J: Xiaera, hello and welcome. What do you wish to share today?

X: Hello Jennifer, it is wonderful to connect. We bring messages of great light and joy today to all reading this channeling. You have passed a significant marker in terms of astrological alignment and soul vibration. All such alignments allow for greater leaps forward.

Now, a leap forward is not the Reval, or ‘the Event’, or other events that our beloved friends on the ground are looking forward to; indeed, what we see as a leap forward can look like a step backward to many of you.

For us, this means a deepening of the process of visibility, forgiveness and transformation. The process of detaching from the lies, distortions and poisoning of the past is not a linear one. As your compassion and heart energy expands, you – both individually and collectively – call forth more to be healed and cleared.

It is not a process for the faint-hearted, that is why you have to build your emotional grounding, stability and resonance, in order to accept and process the next wave of information.

Acceptance is key. You cannot forgive what you do not believe in. Many are choosing to awaken. Many are choosing to stay asleep; to pretend that life is ‘business as normal’. As the final stages of your ‘lock down’ progress into ‘opening up’, you will have another wave that will hit you with unexpected strength.

You know that this is not the first wave, nor will it be the last wave of clearing you will do. You have entered the storm waters*. You have committed to crossing this sea. And you are all, and I do mean All of you, are able for this.

When you feel overwhelmed, call upon the team that works with each of you, to lift you up, to provide you with safety, comfort and compassion. This will enable you to carry on another day.

All is well. You are progressing magnificently, and I do not use that word lightly. Even those of you who doubt yourselves, your energies are far more potent than you could possibly imagine.

J: Thank you Xiaera.

*My sense of this word was more than the actual word conveys; it seemed to me to be a rather like the ‘final chapter’, and while there will be huge storms, there will also be moments of calm and peace as we move into the mass clearing of the old age while simultaneously birthing the new age.

Remember that this is no longer a linear process, it is quantum. Enormous changes can happen very quickly…The inner work is everything, because it dramatically changes the external landscape for individuals and the collective. Love is the building block of ascension.

June 18, 2020,

J: How can we help speed up the ascension process?

X: This my dearest, is the question of the ages, and it goes for us as much as for you. Right now, humanity is in the final stages of labour. The pain is intense, there are more waves of pain to come, but you know the outcome will be good so, even though you want to stop, you continue.

Continuing with your service to the light, that is how you can serve.

J: Could you be more specific please?

X: it really depends from person to person. There is no one way, but there are general principles: underlying all of these, is love.

Whenever you are unsure of how to react, of what to do or say, return to love. Focus within, on your open heart. The very moment you do that, you align with the Legions of Heaven and the Galactic Forces; then, everything becomes possible. Aligned with love, miracles are invited in and can occur in front of your eyes.

What may be hard to see yet, is that the collaboration between all the awakened ones on Gaia, the Legions of Heaven and the Galactic Forces, has changed substantially. When you are aligned with love, the help we are able to give you is much greater than before.

We are now allowed to assist you in a far more active manner; we are allowed to inspire you; to drop ideas into your minds; and to melt hearts that are just about open to the power of love.

We are now in a position to work with you – as long as you are completely aligned with love. Your vibration calls us in and opens portals or channels through which we can collaborate with you, to speed the resurrection of the light, the rebirth of humanity and Gaia.

The distance that used to separate us is no longer, we have been given the go-ahead to assist and our assistance will only increase.

J: I know what you’re going to add!

X: Yes! It is all about alignment, it is all about the service to the light, holding a vibration of pure love that seeks neither revenge nor power.

You are the physicalised humans. The ideas and actions must come through you, for the core of this ascension process is mass ascension in physical form. We may assist, but we are only ever the midwives, not the mother giving birth. Our role is to support all that is in alignment with the highest good.

J: So, what happened to allow you to interact more closely with us?

X: The final battle was won. Now, there are those on the dark side playing their last cards, hoping that they can somehow win a decisive victory. They cannot. The war has been won, consequently we may assist you, so that change comes with greater speed and ease.

J: And yet, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, is it?

X: No, my beloved, it shall not. There is much preparation to be done yet; while you are sweeping away the old, you are also imagining and planning for the new. This takes time.

If humanity as a whole, were to be transported to the time of completion, you could not sustain it at present. There is still too much unresolved within your hearts, your institutions, your ancestry lineages.  All this is being cleared and, even if you don’t see us, we are actively helping with this process.

Our love for you is as great as our love for our children. We would not put you on a trajectory you could not sustain. By doing it this way, you free yourselves, you gain the skills and competence you need to truly be divine creators of the highest light.

J: Is there anything more you would like to add?

X: Only to remind you that the best is yet to come. There is an incremental journey. The longer you are able to sit in love and hold love, regardless of what is happening around you, the further along the path of mastery you progress. At what you might call milestones, certain events are … triggered … new opportunities for clearing and progressing – individually and collectively – are presented to you.

You are making unimaginable progress. Remember that this is no longer a linear process, it is quantum. Enormous changes can happen very quickly.

You are shining, all of you are playing your roles magnificently. Judge no one, simply offer everything to light, and watch the miracles unfold around you.

J: Ok, so I try to hold the light myself all the time. Often, I forget, or I slip, then I refocus and yet I don’t see miracles happening around me. I don’t mean to challenge you, but more to understand what you mean more clearly.

X: Miracles are not just burning bushes, or winning the lottery! Consider the process of ascension like building a town. Previously, you had to lay every brick yourselves, you had to make the cement and buy the bricks…

Now, every time you notice a wobble and recenter yourself, or you forgive someone who judges or blames you, or… or… or… Every act where you move from the shadow to love, we are empowered to lay bricks for you.

Your ‘town’ is taking shape much faster than you realize. Soon, at the rate you are developing the ability to stay in love regardless of what happens around you, it is not bricks we shall be adding, but buildings, parks, waterways and concert halls.

The inner work is everything, because it dramatically changes the external landscape for individuals and the collective. Love is the building block of ascension. Miracles are healing the shadows that blind you to love. Mastery is moving beyond emotional awareness, into Higher Self-awareness; the space where solutions appear and innovations burst forth effortlessly.
Now, have you noticed miracles?

J: Yes, I have!

X: Wonderful. Humanity is on the brink of mastery; it takes far fewer than you may imagine to tip the balance, then miracles even more evident will emerge.

J: Thank you

The process of awakening is the process of releasing the divine within.

June 17, 2020,

Welcome beloved hearts. I hope that the channels I share here leave you feeling loved, appreciated, uplifted and en-lightened. Only ever take what serves you, leave everything else. You are an incredible being of light and love, who chose to be here in this Now, to assist in the birthing of the Ascension physicalisation. Thank you so much. The divine in me salutes the divine in you.

The awakening process works on different levels: there are those who have slumbered long, who now have a feeling that things have changed, but they are unable to express why.

Of course, they see the changes after the global lock down, but they sense that something deeper has changed, even if they are not able to put into words what this may be. This group is experiencing a gentle nudging from the inside, a feeling that is sometimes hopeful, sometimes fearful.

Then there are those who are awakening to the lies that have been forced upon humanity, and this group can experience despair for some, anger and rage for others. This is proper, it is a stage of the bereavement process through which they must pass. Experiencing it and acting it out are, however, very different.

There is another group, who have passed through this process and have moved to understanding that all is love. If you find that, on some days, you drop from loving forgiveness into rage and perhaps even despair, this too is part of the process. Be gentle with yourself, then you can hold that vibration for others.

This group is currently focusing on light and love within, as well as sending love and light to those whose hearts lack this divine food, where divine love and light has been squashed, brutalised or suppressed.

Finally, there is yet another group of light workers, who not only know that all is love, but they are experiencing this directly, as their hearts open to direct experience of their Higher Self, so that the love that has lain hidden within them for so many lifetimes erupts within them.

All groups are necessary, just as all stages on the journey are necessary. You cannot jump from discovery to heart expansion directly, you do have to pass through the stages.

To create heaven on earth right now would result in disaster, because the majority of humanity would not be able to comprehend the leap and they would seek to recreate situations and behaviours that resonated with them, creating more chaos and pain.

The past needs to be cleared, the pain needs to be healed.

I am not saying that we are waiting for 100% healing, 100% clearing: we are awaiting the vibrational tipping point. And you are so very, very close.

All those who predominantly hold the vibration of love, hold a higher vibration than those predominantly living in fear; therefore, the energy they exude has greater power, due to its higher vibration. Fewer people, but greater light power.

The less you seek worldly power, the more you seek forgiveness and love. Paradoxically, through this process, your inner power grows. It is then that you have begun to surrender the ego, allowing the power of the divine to flow through you in the service of the highest good.

You are all, without exception, channels of divine love, some of you are more open to that love than others.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that your space and vibration is sacred. It is a part of the whole and it is serving its purpose in freeing humanity.

The process of awakening is the process of releasing the divine within. The Divine Mother Father One is an energy of complete love and acceptance. The journey to this vibration is the reason for all incarnations: the journey.

Where ever you are, whoever you are, you are of Me; you are sacred and welcome, forgiven and received within Me, no matter what.

the task at hand, for those of you who feel the urge, is to begin the conversation with your Higher Self now. It may be through art, through music, through automatic writing; it could be through sport, dance or even while you sleep. Set the intention to develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and it will evolve rapidly.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Xiaera: ‘New’ Abilities Quickly Coming Online

June 6, 2020,

Welcome, we are honoured to have the opportunity to talk with you all once more.

As you are all aware, there is immense clearing going on at the physical and energetic level. You may see chaos outside, but those of you with the eyes to see, know that this is the exposure of the poison that has beset your societies over millennia. It is now coming to the surface to be seen and healed. This you know, if you are reading this channel.

Along with external clearing, there is enormous internal clearing. You are clearing the karmic residues of the past, for yourself and for others. The results of this will be quite startling for some of you as ‘new’ abilities quickly come on line.

You may find your ability to hear, see, sense or know information is greatly attuned. You may see beings and energies that you have not seen before. You may hear voices clearly, lovingly guiding you. You may know information before it becomes available to you through normal channels.

This is because, until now, you have been wrapped in webs of dark light. Dark light is the distortion of pure love light. It lowers vibrations and acts as a conduit for negative programming that pushes you further from your divine right, your divine knowing, your divine Self.

This has been so insidious that you have not noticed it, you have thought that you were the worried, fearful, stressed, failing person your ego whispered to you: especially in your highest and lowest moments.

None of this was ever true; you are soon to know the full glory of your divine Self.

Your higher abilities are now coming on line for you. The dark web enveloping you and your planet is no longer. The energetic core used to feed the dark programming directly into your subconscious is no longer.

You are free.

It will take a while for the meaning of this to completely sink in. We would invite you to connect with your higher Self for greater clarification, as this is now more possible than ever before.

The conscious communion of you and your Higher Self is already taking place, and while there will come a moment when that is finalised and completed, in a blinding flash of illumination, you already have direct access.

The task at hand, for those of you who feel the urge, is to begin the conversation with your Higher Self now. It may be through art, through music, through automatic writing; it could be through sport, dance or even while you sleep. Set the intention to develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and it will evolve rapidly.

If you are unsure of the meaning of any communication, ask for confirmation. Signs, symbols and synchronicities are the language of the Self.

You are no longer in the spiral downwards, in the descent. You are in the Grand Return. You are rising up now, expanding into the fulness of who you truly are.

This is necessary, because the enhanced wisdom of your Higher Selves will be required to find inspired, compassionate and wise ways of healing the wounds of the past while creating a brand-new future. Your future is Heaven is on Earth, where Gaia is restored to her original glory and each one of you are restored to your original glory.

That future is not ‘at hand’, that future is here now. This is the Now of Ascension.

Living in alignment with the best of who you know yourself to be…You are now on a positive, high vibrating space. The clearer and cleaner you make your energy, intentions and actions, the more you affect, on a moment by moment basis, the lifting vibration of Humanity and Gaia and the healing waves of Light.-Jennifer Crokaert ~ Xiaera: This Hologram Will Rupture-

May 19, 2020,

Note: After an intense meditation process today, Xiaera (pronouned Sheer-a) came forward. I have never communicated with her before, not consciously, at least!

In explaining her session to a friend, the image I had was that we’re in a car on the Ascension Freeway.  However, what we see through the car windows is not the reality. It is a projection that’s been ‘harvested’ from the fear among humanity and developed into a hologram.

That hologram is projected onto our car windows, so we don’t know we’re on the freeway; but if we were outside the car, we would see mountains, nature, loving friends and Galactics everywhere. Very soon, the hologram will crumble.

Jennifer: Hello, do you have anything you wish to offer?

Xiaera: Hello, I am Xiaera.

J: Hello, thank you for connecting with me. I’ve never been through such a process. I see you as a tall feline on two legs, rather Human-like. Am I correct?

X: Yes, that is correct.  We are here to bring assistance and light to Humanity.

J: Thank you. As you may be aware, the present situation is upsetting a lot of people. What can you say to offer comfort or uplift?

X: The pain is noted.  However, if you could see your planet in the way that we perceive it, energetically, you would see that the waves of darkness are, though they swirl all over your planet, finding fewer places to land, to connect and to feed off of lower-vibration energy.

Although it may seem that many people are the same as before, deep within them, their energy signatures are evolving rapidly and becoming more refined. The light is now outstripping the darkness for the first time on your planet in millennia.

J: That’s great news, thank you. But what about some tangible change? This seems to be going on with no end in sight.

X: The ‘end’ of this process will be abrupt, a rupture, as if the hologram creating the current situation is ruptured. The true vision will spill out in different locations of the globe, as if a hologram is breaking down and cannot be sustained. It will fizzle and then disappear.

J: So are you saying the current virus is a hologram?

X: That is one way of understanding it. You are on the ascension timeline, this cannot be altered, but it can be seeded with lower vibration thoughts which are taken from humanity, and then woven together to make a picture, an illusion projected that seems real, but is not.

J: So we can disregard the virus and the protocols?

X: Not entirely. The virus can still make you ill, because it can be ‘launched’ in most people, triggered. However, it is man-made and weak.  It will collapse.

J: Can you make that more concrete for us?

X: It is not yet time. It will come.

The focus needs to be not on a vaccine, but on how you create expansion, joy. Now is the moment to look to your own life.  See the pains that still linger and actively heal them.  See where you have inflicted pain and make it right.

This is the time for releasing the last residues of the old 3D behind, coming into the alignment of creating only the good and the wholesome and the fulfilling. Living in alignment with the best of who you know yourself to be.

That is the message of this time. That is the single greatest action that humanity can currently take.

You are now on a positive, high vibrating space.  The clearer and cleaner you make your energy, intentions and actions, the more you affect, on a moment by moment basis, the lifting vibration of Humanity and Gaia and the healing waves of Light.

Very soon, these swirling grey energies will lift off the planet as they’ll have no one, or too few, to connect with.  Humanity will no longer provide a harmonic resonance for them. They will disappear, as will other phenomena associated with lower-vibration energies.

J: Thank you. So you are urging us to look within, forgive and be forgiven.  Is that correct?

X: Yes. There is no space in this process for fear. It is the expansion of healing love. It is the healing and perfect acceptance offered by the Christ energy that walked your planet. But you are all now endowed with this energy.

It is your birth right as Humans and it is now beginning to increase within you as the vibrations increase. So you may use your inner Christ energy and Divine Spark to heal yourselves and forgive yourselves and others.

J: That’s wonderfully simple~ if not always easy! Thank you.

X: It is a pleasure.

There is no forgiveness, only your own forgiveness of yourself.Start there, and you will contribute greatly to creating and manifesting your Light present, the eternal now.-Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commandor Ashian: The Second Wave-

May 13, 2020,

Jennifer: Ashian, what do you have to say about the present situation?

Ashian: My dear Jennifer, it is wonderful to be in contact with you. As you are aware, there is a great deal of work happening on ‘our side of the veil’, as preparations that have been a long time in the making are now being executed.

J: So the round up is happening.

A: It is very much happening, and it is not for much longer that this will be held in secret from all of humanity, for that is the next step.

J: What more can you add to that?

A: Soon events will move extremely rapidly, and for many it will seem as though events are too rapid. The mainstream media’s bias is about to fall away, and the outpouring of truths will then tumble forth like a series of tsunamis.

We do not wish to alarm anyone, but we do say that this will be an exceptionally intense period for all of humanity.

You, the awakened ones, will also have the additional role of balancing much of the negatively polarised energy that this second wave will release within the collective.

This second wave will be make it seem as though you are on an emotional rollercoaster – elated one minute, despairing the next. Take heart, our beloved brothers and sisters, ask us to assist you. Remember we can, remember that each one of you has a team working with you on this project.

J: Will the Reval occur then?

A: Much will begin to change, very quickly. As politicians and leaders in every field are removed from their roles, new spaces will open up and will be quickly filled by those who are worthy to hold sacred responsibilities.

With this new wave of stewardship, across all fields, laws that seemed impossible will be swiftly enacted, to protect and honour all life, from your precious planet to the flowers and trees, from the seas and air, to the animals and humans.

Moreover, the blessed gift that is a human life will finally be honoured. You are to transition rapidly away from the slave economy that has crushed the heart of every man, woman and child. Your divine freedom will be honoured across all realms of society – from the provision of homes, energy and food, to creative and spiritual pursuits. All is about to change.

J: That sounds amazing… but!

A: Yes!

J: Lots of people are still asleep; they litter, they are unkind to others, they rape and steal… They aren’t going to ‘turn good’ overnight, are they?

A: This is a valid query and we thank you for bringing this forward. It is true that Earth is a school and there are different grades in that school. Those who are in the older grades – the awakened lightworkers – will do a lot of the ‘processing’ of negatively polarised energy that is stuck and blocking others.

You came here to make that contribution. It was among the very hardest tasks associated with this Ascension process and only the most resilient were accepted as volunteers. Indeed, it was known to be so hard, that you were each given your own personal team, as a backup, to support you and assist you in your preparation time on Gaia, and then in your full engagement in the energy harmonisation plan.

J: But will that wake them up, open up their hearts and minds?

A: Dear Jennifer, it will. Only a minority will choose to stay stuck and move to a density more aligned with Earth’s 3D robes. People are growing and expanding inside themselves in ways that are not obvious to your human eyes. This first wave has changed many, many. The second wave will change yet more.

J: Sorry if this is silly, but how is this all going to happen?

A: Not at all. In the first instance, everyone has the opportunity to bathe in the new energy release and cleansing tsunami of love and freedom that will wash across the world in the aftermath of these changes.

New stewards, who see themselves as genuine representatives of the people and their area of specialisation, be it medicine, transport, legislation, nutrition… they will, almost seamlessly, come into place.

Now, this will not be overnight, but given the scale of change, it will be extremely rapid.
With their arrival, the so-called rules that have bound their respective industries and services, will change rapidly. Force will dissolve, power will be derived from authentic wisdom mixed with a sense of stewardship that reflects the highest good.

New – or what to many will seem like ‘new’ – developments will rapidly be introduced to the people through your media and the funds will be put in place to build them where that is necessary and to buy them, where that is appropriate.

This transition phase is just that, a transition. It is not ‘The Event’, but it is ‘An Event’, one which is necessary to ready humanity for more rapid evolution in consciousness and closer partnership with the Galactics.

J: Does that mean that meetings are still a while away?

A: Not so much, for ‘time’ will become more fluid, and meetings will become more common. What I am addressing here is the wide-spread, active Galactisation of Gaia’s population; the process whereby humans recognise and identify themselves not as Gaians, but as Galactics, taking a fully awake, collaborative partnership with us.

J: That’s a lot of food for thought. Do you have anything further to add in closing?

A: Only that each and every one of you are completely loved and accepted, exactly as you are. There is no forgiveness, only your own forgiveness of yourself.

Start there, and you will contribute greatly to creating and manifesting your Light present, the eternal now.

J: Thank you so much.

A: it is always our pleasure and our blessings to you all.

The moment when children are respected as wise beings, equal to adults, with voices that speak Truth, is soon to be upon you.-Divine Mother: To all Children-

May 3, 2020,

My beloved children, and when I say this, I speak not to the grown ups, but to the children of the planet. You are truly among the bravest and the purest of souls.

You have ventured into physical birth – a first for very many of you – to help this precious planet ascend and take her rightful place as a spiritually evolved home for spiritually evolved souls.

The barbarism and cruelty that is currently leaching out of all corners of life on earth is extremely difficult for your delicate psyches to endure. The cruelty, thoughtlessness, aggressive and, sometimes, barbarism that you are experiencing in your homes is even more difficult for your to endure.

You are not alone. You are never alone. A condition upon which you were allowed to incarnate was that you would have about you, at all times, a team – not just one guardian angel – but a small team of beings dedicated to you and your mission in this period.

Your sleep is the most valuable, productive time in your day/night cycle. It is then that you are cleared of the energetics of the day, healed, reaffirmed and tutored, so that you can continue to shine your pure light, in the face of almost overwhelming odds.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed, bored, angry, agonised or indifferent, optimistic or excited, all this is the result of your deep inner knowledge of the trajectory of planet. You were born with a blueprint for this time and for your role in it.

You are already creating true and profound energetic differences around you. Why do you think you have barely been affected by the current virus? It is because your energetic frequency is too high for it to affect you.

It is your pure, refined energy that is adding the ignition fuel to the current clearing process. Soon, this quarantine will end, truths will be revealed from which no one on the planet can hide, and it will feel as though the sewers are running through your streets and homes.

My precious children, it is your energy and your infinite love of humanity that will rapidly transform the pain, shock and horror that is to come into acceptance and forgiveness. Because you come from higher planes, compassion, forgiveness and understanding are the natural calibration of your soul’s DNA.

You will teach your parents and elders how to love unconditionally and how to forgive unconditionally, for many of them cannot do it without you. You came to teach, to show by example.

The moment when children are respected as wise beings, equal to adults, with voices that speak Truth, is soon to be upon you.

You are ready for this. This is the time for which you were born. As your loving Mother, I could not be more expansive about my love for each one of you, your teams and the magnificent work you are all undertaking.

The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love.-Divine Mother-

April 28, 2020,

My dearest children, there is not one of you who has not been deeply hurt. There is not one of you who is free of the scars of a human lifetime.

The Earth School has been a brutal learning ground; a place where each one of you has been brought to your knees so that you would be forced to turn within to discover your inner healer, your divine source, your eternally free, pure and liberated Self.

For every victim, there is a transgressor. For every right taken, for every blow inflicted, for every abuse perpetrated, there was a perpetrator. The children of mine who perform these actions are among the most bruised and wounded of my children.

They have sought to hide their pain – from others and themselves – by lashing out, by taking what they seek for themselves, not realising that this leaves them feeling even more hollow and alone than they were before.

You, my dearest children, are deeply loved and cherished by me. There is nothing I haven’t seen. There is nothing I haven’t already forgiven. You are forgiven by me, for I know the agony, the shame and the fear you are trying to bury.

You are not lost.

You are not invisible or forgotten.

You are constantly present in my heart, every minute of every day; in the vast timelessness of Divine Love you are nourished and nurtured within me.

I sit in vigil, constantly by your side, awaiting the awakening with you, the moment when the fear is finally dissolved, when you can take the pain of the shadow no more and you surrender, crumbling inside as the pain flows through you.

This is the moment that must occur in every soul journey. The Turning Point. The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love.

You fear that you are too bad, too sinning, too violent to be acceptable and lovable, to be forgiven. Indeed, your shame may be so great that you fear asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt.

Turn first to me. You are already forgiven. I have seen it all. I have experienced every moment of it and you are already forgiven. I have waited for you so long, I have yearned to share my unquestioning, unwavering love with you since forever.

You are now home. Together, we will heal the fear, the scars of agony that you tried to avoid. Together we will make good the fear, the pain and the agony that you forced on others. There is only acceptance here.

I know your journey intimately. I knew it before you even began, so nothing is a surprise to me. Nothing shocks me. Nothing is beyond my ability to love and heal. It is all within me. Everything is Me, both the shadow and the light.

So, come to Me. Rest in me. Surrender your pain and shame to Me. Let me heal you, even when you fear you are unworthy of healing.

Every child of mine is worthy and deserving of my love, because every single child of mine is a part of me.

Notice that fear, thank it for showing itself to you, bless it, love it – poof! It is released. Gaia and the entire population are now forever free of that distortion of love.

March 13, 2020,

Divine Grace: In fear, there is fractured love.

The tide is turning.

Look not at the seeming chaos, look instead into the space: there is peace. In the infinity, there is the finite; in the pain there is the release.

In the fear, there is fractured love.

You may be looking at the world around you and wondering what is happening, if it is going crazy. This is a release on a massive, global scale.

Imagine the accumulated karma of tens of thousands of years. Imagine the karma of one person to another, of citizens, of armies, of a global population to the planet that nurtures them.

This is the explosion of that karma. This does not mean that everyone will be sick. This means that almost everyone will have the opportunity to transmute fear into love.

That is the sacred quest of this time. Can you transmute fear into love? Can you see the chaos around you and find love within?

Can you notice the fear within, and find the love also within?

Love is so strong that as soon as you have found it, it transmutes the fear. Have you noticed when you have finished a depressing conversation, you turned away and you noticed a child playing, a bird singing or a person smiling, how your mood instantly lifted? Three seconds spent in love, in connection with the essence that is your essence transforms three minutes of pain. Transmutes it and returns it to the divine.

This is the age of energetic recycling!

Transmute fear into love; notice fear and bless it with love. Poof! You have done it, that fear is forever free of your earthly density. It is returned to the purity from whence it came. That is your divine power and your divine right: to transform as I do.

If you notice fear within, that is wonderful.

I am so pleased, because then you are actively engaged in the recycling process. You are not just looking and spotting the ‘splinter in your brother’s eye’, you are noticing the splinter in your own eye.

Notice that fear, thank it for showing itself to you, bless it, love it – poof! It is released. Gaia and the entire population are now forever free of that distortion of love.

Do you see now, how the scale of the current moment, is allowing for the most enormous, the most unprecedented expansion of fear into love?

Do you see how this is eons worth of trapped fear and pain rising up to the surface because it knows that now is the time to return to love?

You, my bravest light workers and love weavers, you are the heroes of the age; you volunteered to step forward for this enormous task and you are doing it with divine grace.

~ I am the Divine Grace

Everything that you are currently experiencing in your physicality is Not because you are distorted. It is because you are coming into alignment, so that you are fully facing the rising sun, and so that, on seeing the rising sun, you may melt into it and become one with it.

December 20, 2019,

Do not confuse healing with alignment. Healing implies that there is something wrong, something mutated or infected, a distortion that needs to be corrected.

Alignment, on the other hand, is about direction. Alignment takes as its staring point, that you are already perfect, it is just that you are looking in the wrong direction.

In these end times, please do not mistake any physical symptoms you may experience, whatever label they are given, as a distortion. Please, I sincerely ask of you, not to fall into fear, blame, shame, or confusion.

Everything that you are currently experiencing in your physicality is Not because you are distorted. It is because you are coming into alignment, so that you are fully facing the rising sun, and so that, on seeing the rising sun, you may melt into it and become one with it.

Yes, you may of course pursue the health of your bodies and minds, but I ask you to undertake that with a heart that is free and clear, a heart that embraces the knowingness of your perfection, a heart that realises that this last segment of the journey is your interdimensional, multi-dimensional alignment with All That Is.

This alignment, though intricate is subtle; although deep, it is done in the most sensitive, well-considered manner, in agreement with All That Is and your Higher Self. It is a process of immense grace and when you are able to muster even the smallest droplet of grace, of genuine trust, of acceptance and surrender, your alignment is greatly magnified.

This is the final stage, my dearest, beloved, bravest children. You are doing it. You have done it. I have seen into every one of your hearts and I know the trust and radiant beauty of each one of you, my precious light holders.

You are almost here, almost arrived and fully aligned, bringing your still slumbering brothers and sisters with you. There is nothing but gratitude and love, praise and thanksgiving, for the journey you have undertaken.

This is the season of birth and celebration, of new beginnings; it is a season that marks, in the Christian world, a completely new beginning based on truth and forgiveness, compassion and love.

My blessing to each and every one of you is that your new beginnings become manifest before your very eyes, as the sun rises to greet You.

Jennifer Crokaert