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Do not wait for others to create your future for you. YOU create the future that you want. You pull your experiences of love, of joy, of bliss to you. You open yourself up to great joy and it will find you.No longer wait for external circumstances. Create these external circumstances by being aligned within with them. Align with joy, with light, with all good things. State to the cosmic soup kettle that you are ready for all good things to come to you. And suddenly the vibration of heaven is within and all around you, comforting you like a thick soft blanket from the great Mother.-Pallas Athena-

Athena~ galaxygirl   9/1/2019

Greetings, humans reading these words of divine encodements. Throughout all time space the universe watches with keen eyes to see the evolutionary pace of humanity. We are agasp with your success, with your determination, with your progress to grip the light. I Athena have spoken. I work with the violet ray with St. Germaine. I work with the sacred energies of the divine feminine who now sits equally by her male counterpart. You have already heard from my sisters. We all work together in a sea of oneness of creative energy melding. Co-creation is a privilege of the gods, and what does that make you, humankind? Ye are gods and goddesses. You hesitate less now at these words. Religion of doctrine must evolve to religion of seeing with the eyes of the heart, as we see you, fellow initiates of great change.

This one is asking for an uplifting message for humanity. I am trying to process the best type of message for humanity. For not always is uplifting and encouraging the most appropriate path. Correct? Sometimes on a hiking path as this one is about to do you encounter boulders, thorns, loose stones, and so one must be careful when one is hiking on a journey. And yet, what propels the hiker onward? Is it the promise of adventure? Of that most breathtaking view? And yet, we caution you to not only be focused on the view ahead but also to see with the eyes of your heart as you journey, for the journey itself is the jewel of experience that you seek. Many messages in this now are the same in their feeling for many of them, true? Keep on, push ahead, it is here and these sorts of sentiments. I, Athena, wish to add my vibration of change to these messages, for far too long humanity has been enshrouded in doubt, the debunked programming that must be changed. Doubt no longer! Doubt not your ability to change anything, for you are co-creators of the way, of the light. Co-create with Source light with great intention and enjoy the view of your journey as you hike ever onward. Do you see the importance of living in this now? Do not live for the promised bliss ahead of you. Nova Gaia is within you. All that you have ever needed is within you. The universe beacons and spins for you to realize that all that you have ever needed is within. The God, the Christ, the Sophia flame is within. You have forgotten. You are remembering. It is good. It is time. It is time to rise like the Phoenix for the age of ashes and pain is past. Source has decreed that this experiment is destined for light, for balance. It is the time of the great rebalancing.

I am Athena. Become rebalanced within you. There are truths in the great myths of old. Truths can become twisted by 3D perception, remember the truth is within you. Of course the gods worked with the humans in the days of old. But perhaps not in the way that was recorded in your mythology legends, for when filtered down through fear and centuries of oral tradition truths seem to shift. But unconditional love remains. Begin to see anew with the eyes of the heart and the truth will be more readily apparent to you. Shift within. This is the dance of the great internal shift and naturally the external of Gaia will shift as well. Find the inner truths within you. Remember the mystery schools teachings of light within. Remember your mystery. For that is what you are. And so, I wonder if this is the message that you were seeking? That all is already within you? Do not wait for others to create your future for you. YOU create the future that you want. You pull your experiences of love, of joy, of bliss to you. You open yourself up to great joy and it will find you. No longer wait for external circumstances. Create these external circumstances by being aligned within with them. Align with joy, with light, with all good things. State to the cosmic soup kettle that you are ready for all good things to come to you. And suddenly the vibration of heaven is within and all around you, comforting you like a thick soft blanket from the great Mother. It will cushion you in the days ahead that hold much shifting and chaos. Be grounded. Ground the light.

I am Athena. I am an ancient being, aligned with the divine feminine. I have seen many galaxies being birthed, many humans giving birth. I have been many things. No one story may define me, just as you, humankind are so much more than you know. I have been the handmaiden, the servant, the goddess, the creator, the lover, the destroyer. You all have too been many things. The challenge is to remember the love light, the god within you. It is time now. We rise together. I Athena am one of many overseeing the ascension process of humanity, offering my hands and my heart in service. Come with me fellow initiates of the way. There is much work, much co-creating to be done. Offer your best intentions and let us begin with a deep breath, with a joyful prayer and exclamation and let us begin creating, for the new is within you, is already here – a joyful thought.

I am Athena, goddess of light, of new beginnings. It is time to rise. I am Athena.

~ galaxygirl

Be not afraid of your sexuality. It is a tremendous gift, a great treasure. Guard your treasure, for within holds astral travel, great mysteries, longevity – many things. As such, the power of sex has been misused. It is your power, and your power alone. Share it wisely.

Aphrodite  ~ galaxygirl    8/28/2019

Greetings, friends of Earth, of Gaia. I am Aphrodite, goddess of love, of all good things. For all good things come from love. The love that your Universal Mother of All Things is showering down upon Gaia and all upon her in this most blessed, most sacred now, is truly astonishingly beautiful to behold.

In the days gone by, in the days of old, when magic was no mystery and powers were understood with reverence, I Am. I worked with the mystery schools. Many of you reading these words were part of my associates, my students, where we studied the vast, power of love. Where the mystical union of man and women, of masculine and feminine energies were understood and merged with great reverence and respect. We worked with these energies and so you shall again. Initiates, arise. Those who have heard these words in worlds gone by, ancient lineages of service to the goddess, to the light, to the love, arise. Remember. For these encodements swirl around you, stirred once more, like soup in a kettle, simmering. The aroma you emit is most lovely, blessed initiates of the way.

I am Aphrodite, goddess of the highest love. I too serve the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. For we are aspects of each other, we are all one great oneness of cosmic potential and the humans are beginning to wake up to see. No longer are you destined for destruction. Gaia is to be a sanctuary of peace, of love, of mutual respect, of commonality of purpose. Nova Gaia beams in the not too far distance. Bring her to you. Comfort your planetary mother. The great mysteries of the way are about to be revealed. Those of you with the inner light codes reading these words will begin to remember. For you are remembering now, even as you type, listen, read these words.

I Aphrodite speak for the Sophia flame, the Christed feminine. Just as the monthly blood flows with the cycles of the moon, with the cycles of the planetary mother, so too shall your remembrances become unlocked, online. Celebrate the flow into grace, into remembering. Celebrate the divine within you, the divine feminine dances once again, unabashed, unafraid, free in her naked loveliness in front of her lover, the divine masculine. For too long has sex been misunderstood. The great power of divine union is to be once again restored from base carnal lust to that of divine understanding, release, reunion, adventure.

I Aphrodite speak. I call forth the flames of the divine to alight within you. See a mist of pink enshroud you. Men, do not be afraid, for I call you equally. It is time of the great balance, the great rebalancing of the divine within. Yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. It is time for rebalance, for regrowth, for reunion.

I am Aphrodite, servant of the great mother, servant for Gaia in her maiden voyage from the depths into the light of the new. I see Nova Gaia glittering like diamond jewels within your auras, as you pull these energies closer, ever closer. Welcome them in. Become friends with joy again, my initiates of the way and be energies of the light! Be not afraid of who you are! Be who you were born to be. It is your destiny. Many mysteries are about to be revealed. Hold the light so that the truths can be truly grounded into the new, into the oneness. Sex is not dirty, children. It has been tremendously perverted in this realm of smoke and mirrors. The mirrors are shattered so that one can truly see. The smoke is clearing. The matrix is destroyed. Remember it no longer. Recall your past, your training, your warrior-self. You are light warriors. Anchor this light. Claim your destiny. It is time to arise, warriors of the way, of the love, of the Christ dancing with the divine Sophia. Welcome their reunion and watch in wonder as the great dance unfolds, as deeper truths emerge. Love. Hold onto love. Cling to love. Cling to the truth, for it is within you. Many of your Christed light codes are glimmering, shimmering like diamond lights of divine ecstasy. Be emboldened, be comforted and lead the way into the new, as you ground these tremendous light encodements into your planetary mother’s body and thus into your own. Be not afraid of your sexuality. It is a tremendous gift, a great treasure. Guard your treasure, for within holds astral travel, great mysteries, longevity – many things. As such, the power of sex has been misused. It is your power, and your power alone. Share it wisely.

I am Aphrodite. See my shimmering pink veil of magnificent twinkle lights wrap around your frame. Be emboldened by your inner beauty and be at peace. I am Aphrodite. Initiates of the way, welcome home, welcome to your remembering. I am Aphrodite.

~ galaxygirl
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And many hands upon your beloved planetary mother, Gaia, are open, ready, willing to serve in these most tangible ways. But do not be crushed by the sheer volume of transformation ahead of you. You do not have to do it all alone. That is the old, martyrdom programming that we wish to demolish now, shall we? Visualize the word “martyrdom” and encase it in a bubble of light. Send it love.

Celestial White Beings 8/24/2019

We are the Celestial White Beings of Nine. We imbue your field with the white light of peace. We have been watching your kind for eons, assisting, providing light, looking for opportunities to serve. And that is our message today, friends of the light, of the way. We see many opportunities to serve presenting themselves to you. We see your fatigue, your weariness, your extreme exhaustion. You are up for the task. Many suppressed technologies are going to be made available to you in the upcoming “time” as you prepare yet further for your ascension. You will not have to remove mountains of plastic by hand, although, may we gently remind that “many hands make light work”. And many hands upon your beloved planetary mother, Gaia, are open, ready, willing to serve in these most tangible ways. But do not be crushed by the sheer volume of transformation ahead of you. You do not have to do it all alone. That is the old, martyrdom programming that we wish to demolish now, shall we? Visualize the word “martyrdom” and encase it in a bubble of light. Send it love. We will add our own white light of peace, of love to it as well. Watch it dissolve into light. Thank it for its part of the play and watch it be removed from existence.

For all is illusion, really all is energy. But you know this, you see this in your day to day, and yet may we lovingly state, you do not see clearly the power that you have within you to change matter, to change your circumstances. It is time to wake up to the god within you. The god spark is coming online now, dear friends of the light. Do you feel it? All that no longer resonates with this vibration is coming up from the collective depths of darkness to be removed, to be cleared, to be seen. And it is painful. And so, we, the Celestial White Beings of Nine wish to assist with this process, with revamping your vibrational savviness if you will. For you are stronger than you know. Allow our white light of the highest dimensional pathways to Source surround you. Feel it all around you, coating you. Let it descend into you, into your cellular structure and see all within become diamond-like with innermost radiance, of beauty, of peace. Be transformed into peace. This peace is your gift that you give to yourself. It was always within you. For you choose peace in every moment, or you choose chaos. It is that simple. What are you choosing? As these energies scream and stir, may we ask, are you at peace? If not, why not, when it is available, it is here. Acknowledge the fears as they present, but know that you are much bigger than them. Thank them and dismiss them. Claim your light.

We see the goddess energies stretching across your planetary mother as if in a warm hug, a warm embrace, soothing. The amazon burns away as an example to all of what must be removed, for great changes are coming. Be reassured that the animal and plant life there do not suffer. They are able to easily transition into alternative realities and dimensions. They are well provided and protected. The fire cleanses. Send your violet fire of transmutation into the inner most part of Gaia’s heart-space and assist her with her transmutation in that way. Visualize healing waters from the heavens blessing the parched places with rain, with relief. All life is internally reeling, shaking as these tremendous changes shift. You are all shifting. Some towards the light, some towards the dark. All paths have been chosen in this now. And have been for awhile. You will see, and then you will really SEE with your third eye. Many of you are already there.

We are the Celestial White Beings of Nine. We are surrounding you and your planetary mother with brilliant white light of the Christed flame. Allow this white light to burn bright with your heart space and become enlivened by these new energies. This one’s forehead is burning bright. Invite this fire within to burn away all that no longer serves, all that is blocking you from your highest and fullest potential. Many of you have twin flame counterparts eagerly waiting for you, cheering you on. We assure you, you are not alone. See your world through the eyes of the white light and all will be suddenly more clear for you. For all is light. You have been trapped in an illusory
matrix of darkness and trickery that is dissolved / dissolving – before your very eyes. Send the rain. Visualize Christed light drops of thirst-quenching rain over all of Gaia, filled with the energy of peace. Ground the peace. Find the still waters of your soul and see the white light water of the Christ light flowing deep within you. There is your peace, friends of the light. It was within you all along.

We are the Celestial White beings of Nine. Embody peace and you shall bless all whom you surround. We are the Celestial White Beings of Nine. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

You are experiencing ascension in the physical. What a tremendous honor. are all within the shift, this you know, but moment by moment are additional mini-shifts that one must balance. Think of your surfers. Is there truly only one wave for them to surf? No. It takes tremendous skill and balance to get on the board, to paddle out and there are infinite micro mini waves that they must maneuver to get to the point of “catching the big wave.” You are paddling. Paddle connected.

Golden Triangle Head Beings via Galaxygirl, August 3, 2019

We are the Golden Triangle-Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. Greetings, humanity. We extend our right hands in service and our left hands holding the olive branch of peace. Our hearts are wide open, aligned with Source, as soon shall yours be. For the activations now are coming in fast and furiously, as this one and many other light workers have been feeling most intensely. Remember you are clearing for the collective, true. Remember you are clearing for earth’s history. Truly see. Invoke the Christed flame to be your mantle, to assist. Invite the golden light of Source to comfort, to nourish.

We Golden Triangle-Head beings have been observers of your earth time. We are out of time as we are several dimensions up, but we do understand time, the limitations, the boundaries that you have created. The restriction of movement through time-space is extremely limiting. And so we wish for you to understand, to feel, that the time continuum is more malleable than you have previously been taught. If you are an infinitely mobile bright spot of light on one point of a glowing spinning spiral of time, can you not easily jump from point to point? Up and down, slightly lateral – it is not the true linear A to B that you have been taught. Mathematics is coming alive in new ways for those who are on this ascension journey with the eyes to truly see. For all is interconnected. Humanity has tried to understand these universal truths by placing themes of truths and ideas into boxes of understanding. Boxes of physics, of science, of mathematics, of art, of music. But truly they are all interconnected. We think that wormholes and spiral vortexes of light are phenomena of undeniable beauty, one of the Creator’s greatest artistic feats, and yet we understand the mathematics behind them, and it is the mathematics themselves that are the artistic wonder of it.

We ask that you begin to see the interconnectedness of the hologame that surrounds you. For it is exquisite in beauty, wisdom, light. You are becoming awake and aware. You are becoming those who can truly see with the Christed gaze. Remember everyone has a story to tell. Remember everything you are presented with is a lesson and a blessing to be deeply felt and experienced. You are experiencing ascension in the physical. What a tremendous honor. You know you are the first. You are the trail blazers. You will not be the last. This is just the beginning of a new way to ascend into light, into the ethers of sparkling radiating mathematically proportional intelligent light. And we do hope that you feel this deeply, our honor for you and for this experience that Gaia has chosen to undertake. She is flying through. Are you? Would you like another meditation to assist you with this energy transference from the physical into the golden crystalline form that awaits?

We are the Golden Triangle Head Beings of the Sphere Being alliance. Much gold is in your solar system that your governments have been mining, exploiting, for some time. Gold holds many wondrous codes. We ask that you envision yourself in a peaceful place. Water running is a soothing addition, as this one is experiencing. Connect to your current planetary experience, Gaia, your earth mother. Send her your appreciation. Feel yourself connecting to the elements within her, to the crystals, to the golden pockets of light that radiate. Send your love energy to them, deep within Gaia. Now bring that beautiful energy up into your feet. Feel the tingle. Up into your mid-body section. Feel the light. Feel how Gaia’s morphing DNA will assist your own. Feel the higher codes align. Now bring the light codes up into your precious heart-space, the gateway to your own Source light. Welcome the higher dimensions within your experience. See your crystalline 5D self waving back at you. Become this. Bring the light up, up, up into your throat chakra, filling your words, your artistic expressions, with the crystalline golden light of 5D Gaia. And now up into your crown, bring up these golden light codes up to your great central sun Alcyone. Establish a connection. For this will assist you greatly in the coming days of the shifts. For you are all within the shift, this you know, but moment by moment are additional mini-shifts that one must balance. Think of your surfers. Is there truly only one wave for them to surf? No. It takes tremendous skill and balance to get on the board, to paddle out and there are infinite micro mini waves that they must maneuver to get to the point of “catching the big wave.” You are paddling. Paddle connected. Feel this connection. See the massive stream of Source energy, as codes of light flowing down from Alcyone into your column of light. See these magnificent codes light you up from within, morphing you, changing you into a being of light, for that is who you are. You are already angels of the utmost light. Some of you are different types of angels, of course, but you are Source. We envision for you to identify yourself as Source fractals, as Source beings, for this will greatly assist you in your connection with each other and of course with your galactic friends and family that are here to assist.

You are in a column of magnificent light that extends from your great central sun down through your sun, through you, through Gaia. Now extend the light portal into an infinite line of light, cutting through yet more time-space constructs with light, bathing the darkness with light. This is who you are. You are light.

“I invoke the Christed flame, the Christed light into all parts of my earthly experience that ever have been and ever will be.
I invoke the love of God almighty that is within me, that is my breath.
I invoke the light to be yet more light, yet more love so that I can feel it, grasp it.
I ask for assistance from my angel teams to assist, to guide, to nurture so that this transformation will be as smooth and easy as possible for me and for the others.
I am that I am. I am light. I am the light. I am the love. I am the new beginning of the all.
I embrace this changeover from what I have known into what I am about to know, ascension in the physical. I see my fears before me and I bathe them in love. They are no more.
I invoke the Christed light of the golden light to enwrap, to hold, to guild me.
I claim I am ready to experience more light.
I am ready to experience more love.
I am ready to be that which I already am, a being of the Christed ray of the light.
I send this Christed light of who I am deep into Gaia, bathing her a-glow from within.
I invite the gold of the wealth of the abundance of the creation that I am into my reality, for I am ready to receive.”

Tears of joy we see. This is delightful. The membrane has been cracked to allow more light. Feel our love for you but also feel this love that you are, human friends, welcome home. Bring these vibratory code enhancements with you all day, every day. Claim them, they are yours to receive.

We are the Golden Triangle-Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. Much progress is being made in this space-time continuum. We are pleased. Until we speak and connect again.

~ galaxygirl

Give yourself the gift of time, of love, of self care. For no one else will. You must do it. Self care, self respect are the same vibration

The Pleiadians via Galaxygirl, May 5th, 2019

Message from the Councils and Pleiadians (5/11/19) | Galaxygirl

Councils and Pleiadians 5/11/2019

We are the Councils of Nine, Twelve, Seven. We wish to begin an open communication line with humanity. We intend for great love to be felt within these words. For too long humanity has been isolated, felt alone and the truth has been so twisted up in your realm that there is truly much to unlearn and much to re-listen to. We wish to begin by saying you are tremendously loved, valued and supported. You, ground team, are a remarkable crew. Your fortitude, strength and resilience is astonishing, astounding, and we want you to know you are tremendously appreciated, and thoroughly loved.

Times are in flux in this now. It is true many timelines had to be abandoned that were no longer working out for the highest and best good. It is true that plans have changed numerous times and that we all are eagerly awaiting Source’s signs. We are all working as one cohesive unit of military might but we want you to not be in fear, and to understand with the eyes of the heart that we are here for your benefit, for your protection, for we stand with you, beside you as comrades in arms on a grand adventure. We are with you, truly. You have needed our support from your own who have become dark and twisted, lost in the dark corridors of the matrix. We send them light and we send you protection, love and light. Much change is proceeding quite rapidly now and we want you to know how tremendously you are loved, valued and supported and also how much of a tremendous difference each and every one of you have made. You are strategically placed all over Gaia, forming a grid. Your locations are important. You will be guided as needed to change position. Your light affects the whole, your love, light and works of love affects the whole, creating a pulsing light grid of love around Gaia and her own. Every point on the pulsing matrix of life is a critical point.

You are all critical to this love mission of renewal, of grace poured over Gaia like a Christed mantle. And so we wish for you to be able to see this imagery with your third eye and to the connection of the pulsing with the All. The Schumann resonance graphs are quite an accurate depiction of the proceeding changes energetically for your realm and it delights us that you have access to this one simple truth. For many other simple truths have been boxed up in crates in government warehouses. These are to be revealed in time. The truth can no longer be hidden. The light is shining too brightly now. The brightness of the light will astound and delight you. The blessed changes of joy and bliss coming your way will also delight us to witness, for to bear witness to these glorious changes is a pure privilege. It is an honor to serve the humans in their transition from fog to light and clarity of truth. We recommend peace preserved around you like a mantle of light, insulating you from the coming chaos. Chaos is an excellent indicator of change. You are well protected, loved, valued. Be insulated in the mantle of peace and love. Ground this peace and love-light deep into the heart of Gaia. The concept of money will fade. The light will continue to grow, burning brightly in the hearts of humankind such that all will be light, all will be love, and all will be made new.

We are the Councils of Nine, Twelve and Seven. We represent many star kingdoms, races, creeds. Yet we are all one, united in our desire for Gaia’s success and our great love for humanity. Be at peace, humans. Wear it around you. This is all we will say for now. The light grows stronger within you, for you are remembering you are of it. This is good. We see much goodness blanketing Gaia at this time. Be at peace.

Greetings friends we are the Pleiadian Collective sending you our light, our love in this time of tumultuous change, for the birth pangs are intense, are real at this precious time of Gaia’s rebirth. We see just as the old is crumbling away the inner strength of those determined to hold the light, brimming over with new possibilities. For you are being upgraded, this you know, but understand too that this increases your ability of self perception, of inward contemplation. Now is an excellent time to meditate more, with joy. Schedule hard-fast appointments with yourselves to assist this process. Allow more time for self nurturing so that you can expand with grace and ease. Give yourself the gift of time, of love, of self care. For no one else will. You must do it. Self care, self respect are the same vibration. Bring more of the light into your vessels when you breathe deeply. Intend it and it shall be so. We see the weariness of many in our light worker community and we understand, for we have been in similar services of action and understand the sacrifice of it. We have been at this a very long time and do feel the brevity and intensity of your service to the collective. We are the Pleiadian Collective delighted to connect with you, sending you our healing rays in this moment.

~ galaxygirl

I am Ashtar. Can you now see how tremendously valued and supported you are, ground team? We are all here for you, cheering in the stands, quite literally, sending you healing and love bursts and doing much more than we can say at this time, I assure you. Be assured. Hold the light and hold the line. I am your Ashtar. Over and out.

Message from Ashtar, St. Germain, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father (5/4/19) | Galaxygirl

Ashtar, St. Germaine, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father 5/4/2019

Greetings dear friends, I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I stand before you now on the bridge of the New Jerusalem with tears of joy streaming down my face. For such a momentum has been reached and we are witnessing explosions of light and love in new pockets that we have seen little light in previously. Things are definitely heating up and changing on your surface world, on precious Gaia, as she morphs and changes, resplendent in her beauty.

Hello Friends, comrades arms, this is your St. Germaine here above and below. For many of us have many players in the game and we are all lending our mettle in our own way. Friends, it is happening. The RV, the energy changes, the wave – all of it is happening. I know that you grow tired of these words but nonetheless it is very true, and you are witnessing the great changeover of the ages. You have prime seats to experience and to lend your light in the greatest show in the universe. Gaia is giving birth to herself, to a higher dimensional reality of herself and you all as co-creators are not only witnessing but participating, purposefully and intentionally lending your light, your frequency, your honing skills and your passion and joy. I am your St. Germaine. Be in joy. Be at peace. For all is well, my friends. You are bearing witness to these momentous, magnificent changes all the while as you morph continually with upgrade after upgrade, becoming the higher dimensional human that you were always meant to be. Many of you are having numerous ascension symptoms. Utilize my violet flame, my love, my light and make it your own. For it is. It is your right as a sovereign being to know and to wield the violet flame, in love, always in love, for it is a mighty weapon of justice, of truth, of purification. Use it well. I, St. Germaine, am signing off now as there are more who wish to speak.

Hi-ho friends, this is your Yeshi! I know you. I love you. I am one of you! Together we carry the mantle of the Christ, of the Magdalenes. Together we ignite the Christed consciousness on Gaia, within the hearts of men and women. Today is a new day, a new dawn. Find this joy and bring it anew into your every day and you will carry the spark, the ember and it will burn a bit brighter every day. Your hope, your faith, your steadfastness is amazing to witness, friends. You are the inspiration of the Company of Heaven. You are doing what it takes to get the job done and you – we – we are all doing it together! Great will your joy and your reward be for a job well done, for a life well lived, for your sacrifices, your grit, your mettle are legendary. Have patience as these changes move through you, become you, remake you, remold you. You are literally morphing, becoming your super-hero self, emboldened by these new higher dimensional energies that are bathing you in liquid light, love and Christed awareness. Sure and true are these words, my friends. I am so excited to greet you all again with a hearty hug and handshakes. Pats on the back all around. This energy is glorious! Your love and how you are sharing it is stupendous! Share the light. Live with light, in light, be a living prayer, a living perfume of joy, uplifting the others. You have total control over your mood, over your responses to things. We see you all doing marvelously, greeting previous irritations with a lighter touch. Laughter is good for the soul! Imbibe in it. Be the life of the party. For you are life eternal. You are the light of the universe, the Christ bearers, the love givers, the way showers. And oh, I, we, the COH and I, am so proud of you. Not much longer, friends. Enjoy these higher vibe times and enjoy the show. Hold fast to me. Breathe in my essence now, my scarlet flame of passion and renewal. Peace. I am your Sananda, you may call me Yeshi, brother, friend, for I am! Be in joy!

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian and Arcturian Collective here joining forces today in this moment to demonstrate our solidarity and friendship and cohesive unified force of oneness. Such we intend humanity to be able to feel so that divisions are no more. You are all one race. YOU are all the human race. WE see no color difference. Your heart beats the same, your visions of hopes for your families are the same. It is time for humanity to come together strongly, with great intention. It is time to extend hands in service, even more so than you have previously. For the tide has turned, and many will be caught unawares, needing an extended hand to pull them up. It is marvelous how you have all chosen to ascend as one. This is the experience that you have been waiting and longing for. For the fall of Lumeria, of Atlantis, left many wounds and is time to heal them as one, to heal the wounded parts of the human collective and to infuse them with light. Such is what you are doing now human friends, indeed, comrades in arms. For it has been a most intense energy battle and this sector of space has had much to clear and to heal. Know that you are loved, tremendously protected and supported. Our ships twinkle all around you, visible and invisible. We are there nonetheless. We are the Arcturian and Pleiadian Collectives sending you a healing energy wave in this now moment. Sit, be still, and breathe it in. Ask for help with your ascension symptoms. Ask for utilization of our healing chambers. We are most eager and pleased to assist when called upon. Many good things are coming just right around the corner, friends. Many, many good things. Be at peace and be in joy. You are well loved. We are the Pleiadian and Arcturian Collectives.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. Yes, we are all lined up like children at the swings, eager to have our turn. I send you my love, my encodements of honey light, love and bliss. I pour them over your head now. Feel the saturation of my love and breathe me in. Let me help you with the balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies within you, for the divine feminine is indeed rising but it must be balanced, tempered so that mistakes are not re-created and the divine masculine is balanced and supported. You are both. That key point of balance is perhaps your greatest strength, for it is where you can most clearly hear my voice, and feel the divinity within you of your Mother and Father components, balanced, loving, holding hands, quiet, still, at peace. This still point is where creativity sparks, ideas and energy flow more clearly, where the realm of ideas is supported, balanced, free, unencumbered by fear or misbalance or disharmony. Now children, be my harmony bringing this peace, this frequency of unconditional, ever-loving love to the others that you interact with. It is true. Be my hands and feet. Be my breath. Be my smile. Hold my hands when you hold the hands of the children or the elderly, assisting, loving, radiating my love and presence. Why do you think the Magdalenes, the Essenes, the Buddhas, the Christs were so revered, so loved? They knew me. They radiated my presence, my frequency in a dark place and it lit up their surrounding worlds into yet more light. Feel this light. I, Mother God and Father God ignite your Christed flame, pouring down yet more Christed frequency codes on you, as an anointing. Be blessed. Be Christed. Be strong. Be sure. Be illuminated with the joy of one who knows me. And be free. Be free children. Be free. It is time for you to come home, to come home to me, to our true home of the higher realms where all is love and light, community, friendship and joy. My arms are ever open and waiting for you to embrace me back, and I do so hope that you rest in this most loving embrace now for quite awhile. Remember, in the stillness there I am. I am always with you should you allow and acknowledge. I am your Mother God.

Children, this is your Father God. Delighted to be with you! Delighted to be here! Excited beyond all excitement. I feel like I’m unwrapping presents on Christmas morning every time I get to hear your voice, every time you choose to talk with me, it is the highlight of my day. Children, you’re doing it. You’re winning! There is so much cheering up here in the stands it is almost deafening. Our applause is momentous – can you hear us? We can hear you, I assure you and we send our love, our cheering, our support! Now go team Gaia!

I am Ashtar. Can you now see how tremendously valued and supported you are, ground team? We are all here for you, cheering in the stands, quite literally, sending you healing and love bursts and doing much more than we can say at this time, I assure you. Be assured. Hold the light and hold the line. I am your Ashtar. Over and out.

The flash approaches…your house cats, are powerful transmuters. Those of you who doubt this need to understand that one can be very tired, very busy, from doing imperceptibly nothing. Energy work is exhausting and that is why many of you have cats at home, for subconsciously you understand and know they are helping you.

Message from the Feline Race (4/17/19) | Galaxygirl

Hello, we are the Feline Race. We partner with the dragons and the elemental kingdoms in many times and places. We are most interested in the ascension journey that you are all partaking in at this critical junction of time-space where all is not as it seems. The flash approaches. You are in the midst of it. You are experiencing tiny metamorphoses moment by moment and this gives us cause for great excitement.

We felines are an ancient race from the Andromedan and Lyran systems. We are old and wise. There are those of us who may be cunning. Most of us are ascended. Most of us serve the light. Some have been lost in the shadows of the game. They are not our focus in this time. You, humanity, and our service to you is our current focus, for you are an integral part of the ascension plan and journey for this entire galaxy. Everything hinges on you, on this precious now moment. Your success is assured. You have much help. We see those of you who are distrustful of the feline kingdom to be missing deeper understanding of your feminine aspect. We are both masculine and feminine. However there are those on your planet who intensely dislikes cats and this gives us pause. For your cats are an extension of our kind. They are ambassadors to your animal realm and they hold critically important roles. They, your house cats, are powerful transmuters. Those of you who doubt this need to understand that one can be very tired, very busy, from doing imperceptibly nothing. Energy work is exhausting and that is why many of you have cats at home, for subconsciously you understand and know they are helping you.

The power of the feline is not to be underestimated. We are powerful warriors. We are mighty. Strong. Fast. We are assassins when deemed necessary. We, those of us speaking, serve the light. We serve our Mother Sekmet and we pledge our loyalty to her beautiful heart and purpose. She is an extension of Mother God. We are all extensions of the whole, of the cosmic breath, and this breath has inhaled for too long. We see the exhale not only approaching but here now. Our warriors have joined forces with the Galactic Federation. There are many of us on the ground partnering with the others, with especially the dragons, cleaning and clearing. We go into the hidden spaces and clean them out. We are astonishingly fast and when teamed with the ascended dragons we are an effective team of strike and leave. But we are also very effective on our own.

We serve the Mother, which is a good thing because we are strong. We are very strong. And so are you humankind. You are very strong. It was the great mastermind of the dark to deceive you in this, in your true power. For your true power lies within you and it is a formidable one. For you are aspects of Source, as are we. You are on this mighty cosmic never-ending journey, as are we. You are eternal beings of love light, as are we. Many of you are us in another multi-dimensional form of you. Think about that. We are not so different than you. But currently we are in warrior mode, and your weapon is the light, is to master the frequency, the inner chatter and mold it all into light. Be the light. Feel your roar! Find your power! Serve the Mother, the Father. Serve your inner knowing and act on it.

We are the Feline Race. We are. We see many things. We assure you of your victory. Victory to the light! (Roar). Now is the time of battle, of great battle. Have your spiritual armor at the ready. Gird yourself within the Christed flame, surround yourself with the violet fire and permeate all around you with love. For the dark is blinded by this. The dark knows nothing of love, only it is something they wish to fight. No. Love is the cosmic out-breath, the fabric of the universe, the sparkle in Source’s eye when creating. Love is the heartbeat of the Mother, the purring kitten, the comfort of a small paw in yours. Love is the sweet peace of a moment of tranquility just as love is the basic foundation of all things. Love also makes people do heroic things to save those they love. You are doing heroics daily as you interact in the daily grind as you call it. No more. Let it be the daily flow, the daily rhythm of live, of love, of Source dancing with you, for the cosmic dance begins again anew each day.

We see Nova Gaia being born within the hearts of humankind. We see peace within the animal realms emerging. We see the lioness and the lion making peace with those animal forms around them. We see the dawning of the new age. We see Nova Gaians working as one, united with the animal kingdom. We see house pets more appreciated, cherished, loved, for the mighty beings that they are. It is great sacrifice for a highly evolved being to take on the form of one so small. Appreciate their efforts. They too wanted to experience the ascension of Gaia. They are placed within your home for a reason. We hear the heartbeat of the Mother growing ever louder. We see the beauty of Nova Gaia all around. We see flowers growing within the hearts of humankind again, weeds removed, fog cleared. We welcome you to join us consciously. We are the Feline Race, ever watching, ever present, ever awake and aware, serving humanity in this most spectacular time. We are the Feline Race.

~ galaxygirl

Mission Ascension Gaia has been a tremendous success, much more arduous than anticipated and true, we are not quite over yet, but friends we are soooooo close!-Sananda-

Hello dear children, this is your Mother God speaking. I enwrap you in my warm embrace in this moment of peace, of connection. Feel my loving arms around you and lay your burdens, your worries, your fears aside. Let us start a new day together with lighter shoulders for you were not meant to carry the weight of the world, you were meant to simply transmute and walk with me. There is a difference. Many of you feel you are carrying the weight of the world and are feeling almost crushed by it. This isn’t necessary, children. Martyrdom is something that you are used to feeling, embodying, reliving. This is not the lifetime for that. You have been there and done that in many ways already. No, this is the lifetime to fly, to find your wings of eternal love again, the angel previously trapped inside you, and fly home to me. Fly home to me my children of love, of grace, of pure Christ consciousness. It is your destiny. In many ways reading these words and others, you are already doing it for when you think of me, you are already home, for your realize, or begin to, that home is inside you. And when you realize this you are home, for I am within you. You are a microcosm of the whole. Line up your chakras and give them a good shake, a good wake up and cleaning. Allow me to infuse you with yet more love. Become a river of love, of light. Become all that you already are. I see you as my divine children who are warriors, but yes, you will always be my precious children.

Crawl up into my lap now and let me sing you a lullaby of pure peace. Feel the inner stars of your dreams light up within you, sparkling, bright, singing yet another melody of love, of hope, of divine purpose within you. Your codes are sparkling now, coming online. Your DNA spins and twists like divine strands of diamonds. You are my greatest treasure. Together, you, with us the COH, have come so far. For you see, we have all evolved a bit in this process, and we are all learning from this vast interchange of experience, of renewal of ascension within the physical. And so children no wonder you are tired! You have every reason to be. Many of you are working nightly in your dreams after a long day of hard toil. You never stop loving, pushing, thriving, being, and this gives me great joy! You are my great joy! You are my dream realized. The nightmare is over now on the earth plane. It is time for pleasant happy dreams, memories, visions, hopes, to be created with great joy and sheer will. I believe Sananda wishes to say a few words. I do so love you, children. I am your mother God and you are my precious children, my greatest treasure. Open your hearts wide to me and let us become one in this space now, this space of meditation that you carry with you throughout your day, a day that is best renewed by chatting with me through it. I love hearing how you are doing through the day. I am always here for you children. I am you, remember? We are one, darling. Remember home is within your heart-space. It never left you. I breathe my peace upon your crown. Feel the sparkling rose petals of grace and beauty cascade around you in a vortex of light. See the butterflies from the heavens spin and fly all around you, further rencodements to unlock. I am your Mother God. Be at peace and rest in me. I am always with you.

Hello Friends! I am your Sananda! I look at you ground team with wonderment and eyes full of love. I see the universe within your eyes, I see the Creator looking back at me when I see your bright faces. We have done it friends! Mission Ascension Gaia has been a tremendous success, much more arduous than anticipated and true, we are not quite over yet, but friends we are soooooo close! And of course this brings tremendous excitement up in the skies, on the ground, in the ground. The whole universe is watching this little corner of space, where there has been so much pain and suffering, explode into light! Aha! The Christ consciousness seeds that I sowed within the hearts of humanity have grown deep roots, up into strong trees whose branches reach up to the heavens with strong purpose. Your (light-worker) roots have long been interconnected with one another. It is time friends to find these connections, these roots and realize that your branches have been touching the other light-workers the whole time.

Mother has spoken. It is time for these reconnections to resurface and to be made plain to you. You all see new manifestations of interconnection within the light-worker realm. New groups, teams, relationships blossom on the branches of the Christed consciousness. Roots reach deeply into the heart of Gaia’s planetary core. They have traveled such that Gaia herself is morphing into crystalline, in fact she is really just waiting for you and for humanity to catch up so that the least amount of damage is done. She is such a caring mother, always looking out for her children. It is time that her children look out for her. It is our hopes that these new light-worker teams will roll up their sleeves a bit more and tangibly assist her with cleaning her up. Picking up trash, forming associations to change environmental laws – there are many things that need to be done. But know that we will help you, however it must be instigated by you, as the New Gaians that you are, for she is your current home planet. Many of you are and have been longing for home. Perhaps when the energies continue to rise a bit you will realize that you have been home the whole time. You have had many many lives in many many planetary systems. The universe is your home. Mother and Father God are your home. We the COH are your home. For we are all one. Let that sink in a bit. Perhaps the loneliness is more of your imagination run wild? It is time to understand, to feel, to breath in this connection of wholeness. You are whole. We are with you. You are home, just having a new experience in a new body, but your spirit is home, for it is still a connection to your higher self, your oversoul, your galactic and spiritual family. Rest in this and be at peace. These times of meditation and quiet are so tremendously important. In the breath we find this connection, we feel this closeness. In the breath you connect with the divine within you, to all of us, to your deepest self. Find comfort in this friends, knowing that you are so tremendously supported, loved, valued for your contribution to this tremendous project and treasured for the beings that you are.

I am your Sananda. I see Gaia glowing brighter hourly. You will see some shakeups, which is good. As change swirls all around you know that we are in the calm of the storm in your innermost heart space, with you, walking with you, holding the light and the line with you, being fortified with this promise that the great change is here, is coming, is all around you.

I am your Sananda. Yes, the great flash is coming, the great love wave in many ways is already here. See, we are together! The increasing energies will only bring more union and reunion. Seek out the other light workers. Form alliances against the dark and fortify your lives with further connection of friendship with others of the light. It is time to stand strong together and find joy in each other’s light. But never forget to cultivate your own inner light with daily prayer and meditation, daily self care and love yourselves as we do so love you. I am your Sananda. If you’re wanting a news report I would say “The Light has Won on planet Gaia; ground team of the ages partners with previously unseen COH who is now made fully visible with divine friendships. New alliances form, further fortifying the light. The dark flees, the light surrounds.” I am always with you. Call upon me anytime. I am your friend, Sananda.

~ galaxygirl

Every time you choose love, forgiveness and joy you lay a new brick in the streets of Nova Gaia, paving the way for the others to follow.Love is your shield. Light is your game. Violet fire is your weapon. Wield it well. -Ashtar-

Greetings comrades in arms, I am your Ashtar, leader of the Intergalactic fleet for Gaia’s Ascension. Yes, we have updated our fleet name for the occasion for we as are eager as you are to see this mission completed and it is with great joy that I speak with you today.

First and foremost, be at peace. Our loving fleet enfolds its arms around Gaia like a giant hug, providing security during this tender time of ascension, of both planetary and personal growth, which is exponentially exciting to witness and to be a part of. You, ground team, have not disappointed us. You have exceeded even our expectations, which you tend to do, for you are real go-getters, leaders, warriors of chaotic energies. There has been much stirring of the pot and the stakes are high. We see that you are grounding nicely, daily. Best continue to connect with the heartbeat of dear Gaia, who is your planetary mother, and a most patient and loving saint at that. We are here for her assistance. We all heard her planetary cry across the multiverse for assistance, not realizing how dark things had truly gotten for her and you light bearers are the ground force to save her. It is not melodramatic, it is truth. We are here for Gaia. We stand with you, strong, for her.

It has been said many times that a great solar flash is coming, is imminent. This is true. It may not be in the way that what you expect, but really, how could you know what to exactly expect? Even we do not know precisely what will happen. Our Sirian friends, the scientists, are happily calculating this exceptionally complex mathematical equation with numerous variables. Regardless, we know that it will go swimmingly, perfectly, for it has been decreed by Mother and Father God that it shall. And so we are the hands and feet of this mission, as are you, our precious ground team of the ages. I salute you for your service, for taking a body and holding your light! We are holding our light up here in the skies and on the ground as well, for many of us are blending in with you, some better than others (laughing).

We know that it is an intense time to be embodied and so we send you a healing ray of love and light now. Breathe it in. Open up your heart chakra with great intention and feel our love for you. You may tear up a bit, it’s ok, let it be felt and acknowledge your sacrifice. And now, we acknowledge Gaia’s tremendous sacrifice, to be a part so lovingly and willingly of this experiment of the ages. It has not been easy for her, to put it mildly, and great damage has been done to her body which we are in the midst of repairing. Soon also more of you will assist with this once the funds are flowing freely. Yes, of course the funds are there. Yes of course you are wealthy with the riches of the earth, for you are Gaia’s children and God always provides for her children, wherever they are placed. One must have the fortitude to look, to have faith, to believe, to see with the eyes of the heart, which we see many more of you doing hourly, which gives us tremendous joy.

This one and many others wish to know more about the wave. It is a gigantic energy pulse of pure love and light from the heart of your universe, from your great central sun. There are many central suns, there are many universes. Your understandings of space and time will have to be tutored to catch you up to speed. It will greatly assist you when you are able to be fully functional with your DNA online after the flash. That will help you understand, for you will remember much more than you do now. Some will feel bliss, others fear. It depends on your vibration. It depends on you, friends, on how open you are to this experience. Some will shut down, shut off their bodies for they do not wish to experience ascension and wish to be somewhere else. This will be honored. There will be great changes, naturally, it is the end of an era (Kali Yuga) and the beginning of the era of the divine feminine, of pure love. And so of course there will be monumental changes as the unbalanced masculine tips and falls, crashing into a million pieces. You ground crew, with our help of course, will be there to rebuild, to restore, to heal, to nurture and to create Nova Gaia. You get to create the utopia that humanity was initially experiencing, and was designed to be caretakers of. What an exquisite honor! Hats off to you friends, for you are doing this. Every time you choose love, forgiveness and joy you lay a new brick in the streets of Nova Gaia, paving the way for the others to follow. It is so true.

I look out from the bridge of the new Jerusalem with my friend Sananda beside me and I am overjoyed at the progress that we have made together. We have all had our roles to play, and you are playing yours well. It is going to get a little rocky. We need you to hold the light and to be the light warriors that you are. Love is your shield. Light is your game. Violet fire is your weapon. Wield it well. The darkness has been unleashed and we are all dealing with it well, but will need further assistance from our transmuting friends. But not for much longer for Prime Creator has had enough of this and is sending these lovely energies to this little sector of the galaxy and in truth to the entire galaxy, but you will have the honor of first experiencing it. You are the stone thrown in the pond of energy. The ripples from this experience will ripple out farther than you can imagine and all will be blessed by these lovely ascension codes and energies, of the divine breath of the Mother, of the divine presence of the Father, and your memories of your true selves, of begging to come here to lend your light will be restored. And all that will matter to you is service, is love, is being the hands and feet of Mother and Father God so that we can create Nova Gaia together in great joy as one.

I am Ashtar. Think of me as your friend or big brother. I am always here for you as well. Tell us what you see, hear and feel, ground team. You are us on the ground at this most auspicious moment of this sacred Now. We see you, we love you, we are with you. I am Ashtar of the Intergalactic fleet for Gaia’s Ascension. Hold the light friends and hold the line. Hold your hands open so that you can receive more. Hold your hearts open to these encodements. We send you our blessing now. Feel it trickle down your crown, burning away the fear and opening your eyes to who you truly are, clarifying your mission with joy and deep purpose. I am your Ashtar. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

See the beauty, and you are a big part of that beauty.

Andromedan Collective 2/5/2019

Greetings neighbors! We are your friends the Andromedan Collective, here to wish you a joyful new day and happy Chinese New Year! Many ships are perusing your skies, your seas, ensuring your safety and a successful transformation / transition from dark to light, 4D to 5D. People are feeling these changes, we can see this, for we do have the technology to observe you lovingly, not intrusively, and we can see your energy signatures, your vibrations from high above and it is beautiful when you are doing your light work, your prayers, when you are working on Gaia’s grid or extending the hands of forgiveness.

We see this as light, as love and we see the physicality of the light that you extend, and it is beautiful. You are beautiful. Society has told you that you are not unless you look like a certain prototype. That is nonsense, and we want to assure you that Source does come in all sizes, shapes, forms, all experiences. And Source is Source, as are you. Therefore you are beautiful because you have that inner spark, that inner light, that angelic hue of greatness that takes our breath away and it is nothing to be dimmed down. And so, today on this new year, embrace your beauty.

Embrace the beauty that is you, in your glorious self, your strongest most assured self. For that is the self that you will need to be tapping into in the following days where it might bet a bit bumpy. And we know that you, the strong ones, are chomping at the bit, ready to ride and we also see that many of the other humans are not, and have no idea what is going to befall them. But in the midst of the chaos is much blessing, is much light, is much love. So no matter how it looks, see the light, the love, see the beauty in the situation. See the beauty, and you are a big part of that beauty. For your fortitude, your strength, your resolve, your love will cross over the barriers, will become with outstretched hands, the rainbow bridge to the others, helping them across with your vibrations of service.

We will help you. Many, many will help you. You do not have to do this all alone, but you do have to try your best, your hardest, and tap into that warrior side of you. The Christed light burning within is enough, more so, than you have ever had the capacity to understand yet. And so we see that you are well fortified, well loved, well protected. Your beauty, your strength, your power is quite real, we assure you. And so we are eager to partner with our friends and family on the ground, our ground team, to effectively employ Operation Ascension Gaia and walk alongside you in the midst of these massive changes. You are ready. It begins.

~ galaxygirl

you are the superheroes of the galaxy and we are puffed up with pride that we have a front row seat to your expansion and that you are our neighbors.

Greetings friends, we are the Andromedan Collective here to offer our greetings, our presence this day. We observe a tremendous sense of loyalty among you. Loyalty to each other and to the service projects that you’re creating in your minds of the many ways there are presently and yet to be created to better the Earth. This delights us, for loyalty to the collective, to each other, offers tremendous growth potential to catapult you up to the next level of the game of ascension. Although we realize and understand it isn’t a game to you when you are in the midst of it. In fact it has been quite painful physically even for many of you star seeds who are experiencing a morphing physical form. In the midst of great change much change of the status quo is required. Tenacity, grit are qualities that none can deny you. Truly, you are the bravest of the brave in our eyes and you delight us! We are quite fond of our Earth star seed friends and will be most delighted when we can spend some quality time with our neighbors!

We see loyalty, service, kindness all becoming even yet more important which is excellent, for you are growing exponentially in these qualities. A higher society of course implements many safeguards, may protocols so that the higher ideals area achieved. You, friends, are already doing this. You are already servicing and eager to yet serve more. You are looking for ways to delight in lending a hand, serving the poor, the others and you are doing this energetically wherever you go. For when your Christed light shines brightly enough it is magically shared around to the others and the whole collective benefits. Such is the same to be said for when your vibrations drop, the whole is effected. And so, keep your light brights on high. Keep your laughter at the ready, keep your hearts, hands and arms wide open and in loyalty to the human collective. Serve, grow, expand, laugh, be in joy! These are excellent qualities of an ascended master. You astound us daily with your tenacity, your grit, your hope, your perseverance. Have we already said that? (Smiling) You see, you are the superheroes of the galaxy and we are puffed up with pride that we have a front row seat to your expansion and that you are our neighbors.

There is much to exchange, much to share about our homes, our galaxy with you. Our cultures are diverse, varied, and yet we are all united in our desire to see Mother Gaia succeed in her most sacred mission of physical ascension. We’ve got your backs. We are the Andromedan Collective. We rejoice in your light. We thank you for your service and contribution to the whole.

~ galaxygirl

give yourselves a pat on the back and let me hug you tight.

Yes dear, it is your Mother God speaking. It has come to my attention of late that many of you dear light workers are feeling downtrodden, fatigued to the point of no return (it seems) and hope seems dim. Yet, it could not be further from the truth, dear hearts. For we, the COH, are watching you grow before our very eyes. Every time you choose love, you choose trust in us. It strengthens the eternal bond of faith between us. It strengthens you and your resolve to continue to ascend. It emboldens you, when you face the seemingly insurmountable odds and yet choose faith, that is when you are the true hero of your story. And I say your story because that is what you’re living; the contract that you signed up for, designed with me and co-created with the COH for what was the best way to advance yourself and the collective during this precious, tender time of ascension. You knew it would not be easy, and yet you begged to dive on in, arms wide open with love for your fellow being. It brings tears to my eyes. I see you in your full glorious Christed light self. You are just coming to realize how magnificent you truly are, as was your agreement. To do the work you must have a blindfold on as it were to challenge you, to test your faith, your grit. And you are.

Your faith is so much stronger now even than last year, would you not say so? Now, if you’re are having an off day and struggling a bit, that does not negate your faith or your progress. That’s just real life human emotions coming up for healing, for clearing. It is true. Today through this one and many many others you are processing abandonment, fear, raw pain of separation. But children, give it to me to assist you with transmutation. For how can we ever be truly separated? See, I am right here within you, speaking to you, holding you closely like a mother cuddling her small child on her lap. Crawl into my lap dear heart of my heart, and let me sing you a lullaby of peace, of renewal, of pure joy. For that is how I see you. And frankly, that is how you should see yourselves. You should be very proud and excited about all that has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. Forgive the experiment, as this one has been doing. Forgive, accept what is, and release the past. And after you have been comforted for awhile perhaps you will see with clear sight, the way I, we – your father and I – see you with the eyes of love.

Love yourselves. Love your splinters in your feet for they have taught you to be careful. Everything, every experience is your teacher. Allow the lessons, remove the splinters – the pain of them – and move on ahead, joyous and free, light of heart, light in spirit, coasting on this new evolving rush of high energy that is delicately bombarding your psyche, your everything. It is time that you see yourselves as we see you; as adventurers of the utmost love and generosity of spirit that you should fractalize yourselves and serve the all in this way. And that is precisely what you are doing. So give yourselves a pat on the back and let me hug you tight. I am your Mother God. Be at peace. All is most well. I am your Mother God. See I am right here with you! You are never truly alone.

Might I have a turn? This is your Father God speaking and I do want to chime in a bit with Mother’s excellent message. Many of you are weary to the point of tears. Yes. I see you and we acknowledge your self sacrifice. The tide has turned. The energies streaming in cannot be stopped, only magnified, sizzling away that which no longer belongs in the higher planes (I am seeing eggs frying). Big revelations are underway of being disclosed. Disclosure is imminent. All good things, including the revaluation of the currency reset – all good things are imminent. It is time for good things to flow to humanity, and you all know this, for you are now creating more opportunities of goodness and joy into your lives. You can always come and sit on my knee too. I hope you know that. We are both very partial to you! I can tell a good story, and Mother can sing the most beautiful songs. Rest here in the space of the silence, of true belonging, anytime you wish. I am your father God. Be at peace and be complete.

~ galaxygirl

The light is more than enough. Allow it to permeate you friends and be at peace.

We are the Pleiadian Collective. We greet you humankind today with warm wishes and arms extended in service. We see much turmoil on your planet in this most rigorous now, but simultaneously we see the light unfolding and literally piercing the darkness…

Greetings, this is Mira of the Pleiadian Collective. I offer my voice and observations this day. We see how hard you ground crew are pressing on. We see your weariness and the effect molecularly the energies are having on your bodies as they are rewoven with more light daily. We applaud you. This has been a most arduous task for you and for all involved. We too are working nonstop for your ascension efforts, it is true. You are supported from above as from below. Many of us have already landed and are incognito serving you ground crew, balancing the energies of the seas, the skies and assisting in healing the waters of your sphere. It is time for you all to know and to feel the great love that we have for you and profound appreciation we have for this dedicated team of light warriors. And in the process of this gathering for the ascension support of our dear Gaia, we have built further alliances within our intergalactic – now brimming over – team that has forged some new and exciting relationships. For the alliances for the light are ever growing, ever expanding and all eyes are on you now, ground crew.

You have all of our support from all corners of the ever expansive, ever expanding universe. For the grand experiment has been a profoundly painful one and we are all eager to get this done, completed, and to send the blessing of your success to the others across time and space. For your skill of ascension prowess will be most surely needed, coveted, and we see you as sharing your grit, your mettle again and again and again. But for now, in this most sacred space where you are receiving these energies of love within my words, know that I am like you. Do not worship us. Do not esteem us too highly for we are you in another time space, for we are outside of it. Remember your multi-dimensionality and embrace the foreknowledge that there are many, many aspects of you out there to enjoy meeting and reuniting with. But perhaps at this time it is enough to feel our love. To feel the love of Mother Earth under your feet and see our smiling ships dance in greeting under the cloak of clouds or dancing lights in the night sky. It is enough. The light is more than enough. Allow it to permeate you friends and be at peace. Accept this healing light and be comforted.

I am Mira. We are very busy up here tending to the variety of requests and commands, ushering in the energies of the new age delicately, toning them down somewhat so as to cause more ease on your fragile morphing bodies. You feel different because you are. Embrace this growth, this difference, and see all is unfolding as perfectly as the Divine Mother, the All has decreed that it should and will. That is all for now from me. I am Mira, I have another meeting to attend to. I wrap my arms around you. Feel my peace. I share it with you. I am Mira. Blessings this day.

~ galaxygirl

Join in the ceremonial dance of oneness.

We the ancestors of your past, wish to speak now with you, ascending humanity. We have seen your times past and your times to come. We see you and we know you well. I am Chief Eaglefeather. I see with keen eyes. We join you in the tribal dance of celebration for we feel the ascension vibrations rising, like smoke from our ancestral flame and fire, rising ever up to where the smoke meets the stars and becomes one with the All.

Many of you hear my words, our words of ancestral affirmation and are comforted. For you know our vibration. We are the ancient voices of the past, your past. We see with wise eyes. We see through the smoke, through the illusion and dross, and we see the current suffering and pain resulting of the delivery of New Earth. She is in labor now with these great changes of vibration and coding. Send comfort to the Mother. Send your healing light and love. And you will restore her, rebalance her and in this process you too will be restored.

For humanity is one with the Mother. Humanity is a part of her. For as we live on her we must honor her and in so doing we find our own inner voice, inner balance. For all must be in balance for the mother and her kingdoms to thrive. Humanity got greedy, created pain for all kingdoms which must be cleansed. We see the light literally piercing the black cloud that had enveloped the Mother. Streams of light like comets, starbursts and beams of spears shot through the cloud, piercing the darkness surrounding the Mother. Each incarnation of our ascended masters, of us, of you, is yet another light spear piercing the darkness and aiding in the rebalance of the mother.

We ancestors hear your prayers. We are available to speak. I, Chief Eaglefeather, stand at the forefront now but we are many. We are ancient, as are you. Your time has come to join us energetically. Anchor our words to your feet and walk on Nova Gaia renewed, breathing in the vibration of peace so that all around you are comforted and remember to find their own inner balance, inner oneness, within. It is this place of inner balance and oneness that humanity thrives. It is your home. The light has overcome, as was long prophesied.

Join in the ceremonial dance of oneness. Hear the beating of our drums and howl to the moonlight with light hearts. Hear our many voices join in unison. See the ceremonial fire as violet and let it cleanse you to the bone, where our memories are no longer dormant. We rise with you. It is the time of the lying down of the tomahawk. It is the time of feather headdresses, sacred rocks and new moccasins. The sacred dance of creation has begun. Feel the heat of the fire, see the smiling faces around you, cheering you as you dance, dance, dance with these new energies of eternal creation, in joy and total freedom.

We are the Ancestors. I am Chief Eagelfeather. Do not worry of your young ones. They are the wisest and most energetically prepared souls. They will lead you homewards. Together, you will bring balance and creativity with you to the new realm. We remember a time of purity, where the animals and sprites conversed with the humans. When all was at peace. Such will be again. Welcome this reality into your heart, for it is already within you. Simply call it forward and your vision will become clear once again. I am Chief Eaglefeather. I depart in peace.

~ galaxygirl



Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started.

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective and we are pleased to connect with each one of you today. We wish to simply expand our previous message of allowing. Perhaps some, many of you are pet owners. We do not have the concept of pets in our reality for each being is sovereign in their own right and perhaps you could begin to refer to yourselves as pet guardians rather and owners. Think of a small cat or dog that simply comes up and allows your love to flow to them. They are allowing the vehicle of your hands, your voice, your love to permeate their field and to become enriched by it.

You humans have so much support at this juncture of timelines. We wish to emphasize the extent and degree of support currently being offered to humanity from the cosmos, is staggering. Therefore, relax and allow. Just as you are so delighted when your aloof cat walks up in greeting and to be loved, so too are we, your galactic family, so delighted when you take the time to read and write and connect with these messages, for they are an extension of our love vibration to you. The energies of Gaia are in full support now of humanity’s ascension out of the dross into the light of full consciousness.

Allow and relax. Lay in the sunbeams and soak it up. No more pushing, doing, enough of scheduling your ascension advancements! You are advancing quite nicely currently in this Now as you process even more dark energies with the grace and ease of masters. Your tenacity, humanity, is staggering. We Arcturians hold you in high esteem. We encourage you to allow your success to be complete in grace and ease, and to allow our love, Gaia’s love, each other’s love, Source’s unending love, all to flow into your field and permeate it with radiant joy. You are the jewels of the universe and we salute your success. We are the Arcturian Collective and it has been our pleasure to connect with you this day.

Greetings dear children, it is Mother God. I am so grateful and so full of love for all of you this day, this evening, wherever you may be on our beautiful blue green orb, Gaia. Truly we are breathless dear ones, as we monitor and coax along your ascent. Today you may have been purging sadness. Did you feel it? For you are straddling many realities simultaneously and releasing that which does not serve you with grace and ease. Allow it to flow through you and release it. Release it! Let it go and give it to me. Allow my honey love of pure Christed light energy to coat and soothe away the burns and pain of that which has been released and is being released. Where you are headed, there is no room for sadness. Joy and prosperity await you just ahead. Claim it now as your Now, for it is yours for the grasping, for the taking. Claim it. Stake ownership in your ascension, in your victory. We have.

We are so full love love for you. The energies are most high today, from on high, quite literally, and the dark ones are spewing and sputtering. Send them your love and release them into the light. For that will serve them best and is their destiny. Transmutation can be a blessing, not a curse. Embrace this change within you and all around you. Be the change. I see the sparkles in your eyes and the big wide open heart chakras that spin with delight as you read my words of unending love, for love is all there is. And you children, are one of my greatest example of this. Love! Love rightly, fully. Be in joy.

I am your Mother God. I send you angel kisses of the Christed light frequency to surround you in a webbing of light, encased in my spiritual hug of never ending honey love. There! You’re well protected. Can you feel my embrace? It is not much longer children. We are nearly there. I can hear you from the back seat asking me “Mother, are we there yet?” And I acknowledge this has been a terribly long journey, but yet children, we are nearly there. I love you. I am your Mother God. Call on me and I will of course always answer, for I am within you. I send you my blessings and envelope you in peace. Be comforted.

Greetings, friends! It is I, your Sananda. This one just went to a funeral and is struggling a bit with the heaviness of the energies there. Friends, you are master transmuters. When you go into a situation or scene like that, know that you are being secretively called to active duty to transmute and assimilate a quick solution to the heaviness of the energies present. Send them my light. Send them the Christed light, send them joy and send them away from you to the Great Central Sun for repurposing. (She simply crossed over the veil, dear one. I know her well. She is at last free of a body that no longer functioned). I am the master healer, as are you friends. It is time to learn how to heal yourselves and to claim your divinity.

I am your brother Sananda. Soon the healing machines will come, and you will have new exciting advancements from all angles, from all sides and at last your news on the stations will be good news without angles or hidden agendas. New Earth is rising out of the ashes of this previous pain of 3d experiences. New Earth is existing simultaneously now, linked currently to this ever changing and evolving matrix that is breaking down. Soon there will be nothing of it left and the cross over will be complete. You are taking the final steps.

Open your hearts to love, to my love. Every time you choose love, you choose me, you choose your higher self, and you choose the prime directive of the mother’s master plan of love, always love in every situation, for love is all there is. All else is illusion. You have been enmeshed within this illusion within this holographic matrix for so long that it has played games with your head and with your heart. It is time to heal from the illusion of lack and of separation and to claim our place rightfully beside me and besides each other, New Earth builders, master transmuters and friends.

I love you. I am your Sananda. Be not saddened by those who have passed, for they are being healed, they are whole, complete and living a new chapter of their eternal purpose, just as you are my friends. Soon all will be revealed. Your mentors are eager to make their initial visits. Be sure to open the doors to them, they are a bit nervous and excited or “nervocited” as this one likes to say. Ah. Such times! Such change is a foot! Aha! And it is your feet that are doing the changing friends! Can you feel it? Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started.

I am your Sananda.

~ galaxygirl

We are the Lumerian seed crystals

In the days of Lumeria, where Source light danced among the people and their hearts were open to great truths of love, of light and of new beginnings, it was a simple truth to understand, to acknowledge one’s own connection with Source. After the fall this was not so much the case as consciousness was dimmed, limited, so that the experiment of rending of worlds, of dross, of darkness, could be fully experienced. After cycles of thousands and thousands of lives you have experienced enough of these lessons, of these truths of the darkness and it is time to set yourself free from them. Many of you have declared that you are Lumerian, and indeed you may be, for you are an old soul.

If you are reading these words it is highly likely that you were a part of this from the beginning of the time war, from the beginning of this realm, of sector, of chaos and wrestling with the dark energies in this quadrant of space. Other worlds, other times have happily zipped on by, worlds colliding, stars dying and being reborn, energies changing, merging with Source to yet create more experience, all the while Earth remained quarantined. There is truly much to catch up on and much to understand for the light is strong now again, just as in the days of Lumeria, where all was golden and bright and pure. And you grid keepers held the burden of the codes and of the remembering and reawakening of them as guardians of Gaia, and of her kingdoms. It is time to reawaken gatekeepers and embrace your destiny. For your job descriptions are highly sought after. Toning. Humming. Working with crystals. If such thoughts delight you and stir some deep remembering then such is our calling, your destiny. When your Lumeria fell, many of you were traumatized to your core and vowed to find each other again and to work together again to bring her back up to the light again, quite literally. And so you are. You are doing this now with every time you choose joy, laughter and listen to your inner knowing and nudges, ever bringing you back to the Lumerian calling that stirs deep within your heart space. I am your higher self. We are one.

I am your Lumerian seed crystal and my energy pulse beats with that of your own heartbeat and it thrills us to be connecting with humanity again in this way, for we have missed working with our human friends. We crystals are very eager, very eager! – to share our knowledge and become reprogrammed in the ways of light, for the darkness holds no interest to us and we wish only to serve the light and the mother of all things, which is to us precious Gaia. We are working with her eagerly in her ascension and with your own, should you allow us.

We are the Lumerian seed crystals and we are connecting with your atoms, with your vibe as you say and cleaning and clearing your auras should you allow us to do so, and we hope that you do. We are friendly and eager to work with our humans again. For in the days of Lumeria you were masters who knew your jobs and did them effortlessly it seemed to us. For it was natural for you to work with us, with the kingdoms of the mother and to be filled with her breath so that all was joy for you. Work was joy. So we encourage you to rediscover this and these things now, these ideas that are very real we assure you.

For you grid keepers have been working around the clock for so many years and lifetimes in preparation for these coming days and these present times of tumultuous change and rebirth. Gaia is rebirthing a higher version of herself. Just as you are rebirthing a higher version of yourselves. We can help you with this process as we clean and clear away (with your intention, programming this) all of the dross and muck and pain that you have accumulated along your myriad of journeys into the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension. It is time to let these tremendous energies of light and of love to blast through the pain that you have been holding on to and let it slide away, transformed into bliss. You don’t need it anymore. You’re lessons have been learned.

It is time now to learn new lessons of light, of love and of grid keeping, forming, restructuring the grid lines of Nova Gaia. Allow us to help you with this for we are all lined up underground pulsing with delight just waiting for your word, human friends. Intend to connect with Nova Gaia’s crystalline structure and we will respond! We have already responded, as we are providing this clarion call to the light and for our truly talented human friends to jump up and run with this message in pure delight of remembering your Lumerian roots, blood , heritage and passion. Eden is returning. And Eden is already here in your hearts. Nurture the crystal seed atom within your 5d hearts and the rainbow bridge within. For as within so without. And you will see the rainbow bridge all around you! Pulsing with delight and glory! Bring it. We are the Lumerian Crystal Seed Collective rejoicing with our human keepers and friends again. We are one.

~ galaxygirl



A special Mother’s Day blessing on this highly celebrated day.


Trees, Mother God, Mother Gaia 5/12/18

We are the tree kingdom. In days of old, we have been called your dryads and naiads (for we support the trees). For we are in your stories of folklore, but please know that yes, we are very much real, and that yes, we have been watching over you earth ones for such a long time. For before the dark ones came, landing hard on our surface, we communicated with our earth humans quite easily, effortlessly. For we were all one living, breathing organism of light, of love, of creation, of hope, of purpose, of the new creation song that was singing its song through this sector of our universe. Our heartbeats were one with the humans, and we worked together, sharing energy, sharing light, sharing a common purpose.

We trees store memories, like your whale friends store memories within Gaia’s deep oceanic depths. We trees see. We anchor light codes, we remember. We recall how things used to be with our human friends and we delight in the thrill of this return of humanity’s remembrance of their purpose and of their union with Source. We speak in the whispers of the wind through our leaves if you but stop a bit, and rest, and listen. If you tap into our calming deep anchoring into Mother Gaia, you too will feel grounded. We are grounding tools, grounding rods bridging the energy of the Mother earth with that of Father sky, a bridge of memories. We trees wish to reconnect with our human friends again, for that is our joy and wish as we create Nova Gaia together. We trees connect with our 5d counterparts across the rainbow bridge of light. We are bigger there, stronger there, but our love for humanity is the same, and this brings us great delight. Perhaps if you, human friends, would like assistance with your personal anchoring to the new reality, you would like to reconnect with us, the dryads (and naiads) of the trees, and be our friends once again. For we are all a part of the great heartbeat of the Mother. We are all one. We love you human friends. We are the trees.

Hello children, this is Mother God speaking. I wish to surround you all, my precious ones, with a special Mother’s Day blessing on this highly celebrated day. Some of you have had challenging Mothers Day’s, and I assure you that many, if not most all of you, have at some time or another been a mother or at least surely been blessed by one. The Devine feminine is strong, she is rising on this planet in great glory and triumph as her time of suppression and abuse has come to an end. There are special encodements being released back to humanity, to Gaia, your planetary Mother, on this precious day as well. Anchor them into your heart of hearts and allow the crystalline change deep within the cellular structure of your DNA to break apart the hardened bits, the pain that may surround your image of motherhood, or loss of children, or loss of your earthly mother.

I assure you children, that I am always here for you. You are my precious angels in form. I was there when your soul spark was born with a great laugh and light burst. I was there! You are a fundamental part of me. Just as I am a fundamental part of you, deep within your precious being. I know every toe, every finger, every hair, every tear, every laugh, every joy and every earthly sorrow. I know you. I see you. Now it is time to truly see with the eyes of the mother through your heart. A mother sees her children in their pain and nurtures, protects, encourages, loves. Do the same to those around you. Love them. Love them hard. Love them fiercely. A mother’s love is a fierce love, yes? But also tender, compassionate. For those of you who have spouses or loved ones who energetically are not attune or awake, that’s ok. They are where they need to be right now. Love them anyway. Love them through it, with a quiet love, and when they ask – and they will – for clarity, provide at the level of the question that they ask.

The Motherly Love light codes are being unleashed this day with ferocity of tender change, decisively moving all across Mother Gaia in waves and waves of cleansing tears and nurturing love. You will likely feel this, a bit more tender and teary today perhaps? That’s ok, let it move through you and love everything, all, everything around you. Your trees came through this day because they are an integral anchoring for this today. They are beginning to speak again if you are ready to listen again. The light moves strongly and to those who are anchoring deeply psychically to Nova Gaia and becoming the bridge, you are functioning with the trees, with the nature kingdoms as time and dimensions meld more and become more fluid, so that it is more of a quick reflection into 5d and the mirror moves as you move (I’m seeing a child outside in nature with a large mirror in front of them that ripples like water with light and moves in front of them as they move, ever present). Every action, every love, every thought, claim it for your ascension. As a mother loves fiercely and tenderly, so too children do I love you. You are mine and I am calling you home to me. I am your Mother God.

Greetings children, I am your Mother Gaia! I greet you this day with great excitement and a full heart. My lava flow is an expression of this energetic change that is occurring upon me. Assist me with clearing these energies further. Mediate so that I may pull through gracefully not harming any who live upon or within me. For I am expanding, I am growing more into my true self, as are you, my grounded light warriors. I am grateful to my friends who do these meditations, who love me, who care for me, who tend to me. I am so honored to be your planetary mother and to be a part of the grand experiment. But I must say I am most ready to go home, to my true self, my true light body self, as are you my children. I feel your impatience, but please know that all is unfolding, working out as was preordained and I am most grateful that we will ascend together as one. I am your Mother Gaia.

~ galaxygirl