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Please be patient, be conscious and don’t listen or take too seriously what the media says, who is hiding the truth from you, their times will end too. They will need to reveal the truth, the whole truth of on what is really happening here, in other countries and around the globe.

Ashtar via Erena Velazquez, March 16th, 2020

I am Ashtar Commander of Galactic Federation,

I am here today to deliver an urgent message to humanity please, stay calm and don’t create chaos and panic globally. We understand that you are scared right now and you don’t know what to expect next. We see what is happening on your planet and we are trying to help you  from our side. Please, don’t take too seriously all the facts your media portrays and gives you. They are not showing you the whole picture or telling you the whole truth, on what is going on behind the scenes. They are trying to make you loose your composure and just live in fear. Fear is the real virus, fear spreads quicker than a virus.

Please, do your daily meditation and please, help those, who are still asleep, by helping them understand that they should not panic, they are creating chaos right now by shutting down everything, closing schools, games, borders and everything else. This will create more chaos than anything. We said before and I said before that we are looking out for humanity, we have always been helping humanity and were not leaving you without our support. We are here to help, you just need to call for our help. Also, we understand that the situation on Earth became too scary, we know this whole production, because we call it this production of the Dark Forces, who are trying to create global panic. This is their last attempt to control humanity, but their losing control and they know it. They have been losing power for a while now, but they are still trying to use money, media and other sources to make everybody panic and feel afraid.

If you look at the images what the media portrays now, it shows what is happening in your jobs, with schools and with everything else, its like your completely getting shutdown, but remember behind all this uncertainty there will be certainty. The sun always comes out and shines brightly after the rain, the negative things will pass and everything will change again for the better. You don’t see the whole picture right now on what is really going on, all the energies that Earth received and all the support that came from the Galactic Alliance. The Galactic Alliance is putting in a lot of work to bring the New Age to your planet, so just look at the bigger picture and don’t spend too much time on this Coronavirus, it’s just to distract everyone from reality and make everyone run and be afraid. Your more than that, your not a sheep who runs where it has been told to. You are a spiritual being who came from other planets, your starseeds, please remember that and help everyone around you not to panic by saying something to them, smiling to them or encouraging them that this will pass, it shall pass, it’s not going to be here forever, its just a temporary situation.

We need to remember especially in the light worker communities that we are here to bring love and light. We are here to create a new reality and move from 3D to 5D, it’s coming quicker and quicker no matter what the Dark Forces will do. They can’t stop the change, they lost the battle, but they don’t want to acknowledge this to themselves. The Negative Forces don’t have a choice anymore their time is over and all of this, what they are doing right now, it’s just their last attempt to create hysteria in the world. I trust humanity will eventually come down and start seeing and understanding that this is not the true picture, so help each other, bring each other to the light and give each other love. The darkness will end and light will succeed as it always succeeded in many other planets. Your not the first or the last planet where we are helping to bring in the New Era.

Please be patient, be conscious and don’t listen or take too seriously what the media says, who is hiding the truth from you, their times will end too. They will need to reveal the truth, the whole truth of on what is really happening here, in other countries and around the globe. Please, stay well, I am sending to all of you my love and light. I am Ashtar Commander of Galactic Federation Thank you, I will be back.

Ashtar via Sharon – Corona Virus, January 24th, 2020

Me: Ashtar, What’s going on with this Corona Virus? I hear that there’s a patent out for it which was approved in 2018. Now there’s an epidemic in China, which of course is going to spread to all other parts of the world because every big city has a Chinatown. Same thing happened with SARS. This virus isn’t even animal to human; it’s human to human so they’ve eliminated the middle man, so to speak. We interact more with each other than we do with animals. How bad is this going to be?

Ashtar: Not as bad as you think, Sharon. The news reports are spreading news of this epidemic in China all over the world. How often do you hear what happens in China?

Me: Last I knew of was when the Olympics were held there.

Ashtar: Exactly. You don’t hear about what’s happening in China unless the Deep State wants you to hear about it. The media takeover is one of first priorities because they are primarily responsible for spreading fear and panic around your world.

Me: Well, it is mind control. Imagine a world with no newspapers, magazines or TV news?

Ashtar: Not none of these, Sharon, we’re saying a takeover is necessary. To spread the REAL news and not incur mass pandemonium. Your news is fake. Most of it is just blatant lying, and the focus on insipid subjects such as the lives of movie actors is downright ridiculous and an insult to the viewer.

Me: What would the real news encompass?

Ashtar: The truth that the Corona Virus, for example, is being spread as a means of wiping out humanity on your earth.

Me: Like that wouldn’t spread panic?
Ashtar: You need to know the truth, Sharon. Ultimately your truth will be more bearable than the truth of pandemics being deliberately spread. They would also spread solutions in dealing with these pandemics.

Me: Okay.

Ashtar: Your postulation that the reason they’re causing pandemics instead of warring between countries is correct. They’re not allowed to use nuclear devices because they will then incur immediate consequences from our Light forces for doing so. We have most of their weaponry disarmed so they aren’t usable. But I say most, not all. Those that have already fired upon others on your planet, nuclear or not, have incurred consequences for doing so.

Me: Like the missile that was launched at Hawaii a couple years ago?
Ashtar: Exactly. Hawaii is a favourite target because it is part of the remnants of Lemuria. Lemuria was a feminine manifestation on earth and attacking the divine feminine energy is what the dark is about. It’s not for no reason your people call it a paradise – it is one of the last vestiges of the feminine upon your planet that survives, a tribute to its strength. You notice that it was the first point of attack in the war in the Pacific, as well. Yes. There was no reason to attack the Americans in the second world war as they were not active, except for a desire to dominate. Hawaii was the real target. Having a strong military force defending the feminine island and pushing the dark invaders back to whence they came was accomplished, so Hawaii lives on.

You’ve been in bases in the South Pacific and you understand that there is still much clearing to do of negative energies. You were contacted by earthbound souls wishing to return home, soldiers of the second world war, and in releasing these souls to go home, the energies of war were lifted from these areas. War energy is a manifestation of pathologically toxified masculinity. All areas need to be cleared of these historic remnant energies, Sharon.

Me: Wow!

Ashtar: When you think of your wars as a battle to oppress the feminine, then you understand so much more about what is going on on your earth. There are feminine energies still present upon your earth and they are under attack as they are under attack within yourselves. Oppression of the feminine is the only way the dark ones can rule your planet. With her at full strength, they can’t survive. And the divine mother is returning.

Me: So what do we do about the Corona Virus?
Ashtar: People will die. We hold the timelines to minimize the damage. Some are choosing to exit your earth, as it was said, using the catastrophes that befall you in these times of transition as their chosen exit points. Others who have chosen to forge on will remain alive. Understand this is part of Agenda 21, the “culling of the herd” as you call it, and understand that it is being committed as an atrocity against humanity on earth by your dark controllers. This deed as well, will not go unnoticed. There will be consequences for those spreading the virus and all involved in its inception will also be tried. All of these events, including SARS, are indictable.

As for the virus itself, stay away from areas of infection.

It was started in China because China is the most populous country in your world. The likelihood of it spreading before detection is great.

Me: How is it spread?

Ashtar: Through respiration so it can survive in the air for longer periods of time.

Your “super bugs” are simply viruses that have been fashioned to eliminate more and more of the population. Your weakened states as a result of the poor foods you eat, mind control and the spread of lower frequency EMFs work together with these bugs to kill you. It’s all a plan where one part will complement the other. Your vaccinations, your flu shots, all prepare you to be susceptible to these viruses that are spread. This is how they become pandemics – because your bodies can’t fight them. Unfortunately, you are being engineered to die off. The more you partake of your poisonous foods, vaccinations and unhealthy products, the more likely it is you will become diseased or die. It is being engineered, Sharon, these things are all interrelated and deliberate!

You understand that fear attracts negativity, so the spread of disease is caused by your fear of it. Not fearing this virus will leave you immune to it. Fear lowers your resistance. That’s why the deep state spreads it all over the news and creates panic. You have to be one step ahead of them, Sharon. Fear lowers your vibration, which makes you more susceptible to the virus. The dark can only affect you if you’re in a lower vibratory state.

Me: Diabolically clever. Yeah, I didn’t worry about SARS either, even though I used to meet up with my 12 step friends at a hospital that was treating SARS patients. I’m still here.

Ashtar: And indictable. Practise the best hygiene possible and stay away from infected areas. There is a war on and these psychopaths are attempting to kill you. So you have to be cautious – not fearful, just cautious.

Me: Thank you, Ashtar.

Ashtar: Thank you Sharon. Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

At these peak energetic times, you will begin to see your skies changing colour. Welcome these loving energies, and bask in them. They are the energies of love.

I am Ashtar and I wish to speak on a phenomena that has been seen around your planet.

This is in regard to the sighting of coloured skies without any particular reason known to you for these colours being displayed.

Your chemtrailing and weather seeding technology is being used to keep the truth from being revealed to you, and that is that the 7 rays are coming back through your Matrix shielding which is diminishing and allowing the colours of Love to embrace your world again. Your matrix shielding has been powerful enough to block these rays from reaching you, and they now, again are breaking through the artificial barrier put up in order to shield you from our Light.

You will begin to see spots of colours throughout your skies. This indicates the holes in the Matrix barrier that have formed that are now allowing the 7 rays to shine through again. As it once was.

The Lightworkers have been the main bearers of the rays until now. While the barrier was up and impenetrable by the Light, your people have been shrouded in negativity.

At these peak energetic times, you will begin to see your skies changing colour. Welcome these loving energies, and bask in them. They are the energies of love.

I am Ashtar, and I remain at your service.

Sharon: I am still shocked sometimes at the things you guys tell me, Ashtar. I just didn’t think it was this bad.

Ashtar: It was. You were close to death. You all were. Lightworkers were sent to hold the energies which are now breaking through your Matrix shield. It was difficult to ask some to go to be the energy holders on a dying planet, however you volunteered and the universe and all within her thank you.

When you don’t believe it was this bad the reason is that you were taught that what you were experiencing was life on earth, and this is your denial breaking away to make room for the Truth.

Me: Thank you Ashtar.

Ashtar: You’re most welcome.

Although you know that the goal is to ascend in your bodies, many did pass on and came over also. But a large majority did come over in their bodies! So, those of you still living in 3D Earth, a good portion of you Lightworkers are staying behind to help the others cross. Don’t think that you’ve failed or are not good enough if you know others who have gone ahead-Ashtar-

Ashtar’s Message to Lightworkers{Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command}via Dancing Dolphin

January 9, 2020
Note: I sent gratitude and love to Ashtar & our Galactic Family for their assistance in helping Gaia and all her peoples Ascend. This was Ashtar’s reply:
DD, it is my honor, it is all of our honor! We are thrilled to be a part of it, it is our Service, as you understand (this word to mean). It is a Joy to be here, participating in this. It is called the Grand Experiment, that is what we call it because Gaia was taken over by the dark many millennia ago.  Could she return to the light?  It was a challenge and almost inconceivable that after so many years of being controlled, living in slavery, being lied to and being manipulated that you all have been able to receive the Light from Mother & Father (God) and the Codes & Activations that we are sending; you all have been able to receive them and anchor them into Gaia to help break up the dark. So, it’s been a massive joint effort and we are so honored.  We love Gaia as much as we love you all. She is so dear to us. And of course, we would jump at the chance to participate in this Grand Experiment. Thank you for acknowledging us and our Service and we do the same back to you. It is our Joy.
Ashtar, what message would you like to give to Lightworkers right now?
The one thing that I would like to share at this moment is we have never been so close as we are right now. You all have never been this close to tip-toeing over what you think of as the Boundary, or the Rainbow Bridge or just the Finish Line to get to your 5D Ascension. You are literally tip-toeing over the line! (made me laugh). Many, many of you, your Gaians crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the Winter Solstice. Many have been doing so for months. But a grand influx of you came over during the Solstice. Although you know that the goal is to ascend in your bodies, many did pass on and came over also. But a large majority did come over in their bodies!
So, those of you still living in 3D Earth, a good portion of you Lightworkers are staying behind to help the others cross. Don’t think that you’ve failed or are not good enough if you know others who have gone ahead. Some of you have the job to be the Gate Keepers to assist others in crossing the bridge. OK? So in this instance, you are purposefully lagging behind to ensure you “bring up the rear.” The ones that you are assisting are the ones who have a chance. They’re on the borderline of wanting to go or wanting to stay. You are helping them and you allow them to make their own decision. You are showing them, with your Light, with your Love, Compassion and your Caring–you are showing them what it feels like, what they can expect (in 5D). You don’t have to do anything. Just be yourself. Focus on the love that you are receiving from Mother & Father God and beam it out, blast it out. Focus on your Gratitude and send that out to the world. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to carry somebody over piggy-back style (laughs). You don’t literally have to do that. OK?
I know how exhausted everyone is. I feel your deep, deep exhaustion. And honestly, we’re feeling it too! (laughs). Our bodies are different, but we feel it too. So, we know what you are feeling. Just hang in there. We’re almost home. We’re really, really, almost home. And, your StarChildren, your Blended Children are coming soon. They are coming for different reasons than why you are staying. They are coming to help Gaia and to help with the cleanup of Gaia. They’re coming to heal too, but a lot of them are coming to help Gaia.
Very, very exciting times, right? Very exciting. And we, we are the blessed ones to be on the front lines. We are truly blessed!
Thank you, Ashtar for this message for the Lightworkers of Gaia!
You’re welcome, DD. It was a pleasure. Namaste.___________________________
Please feel free to share!Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

The future will be grand for you and all who have decided to partake of it. -Ashtar-

Please note: This is part one. There is further clarification of this message on our website:, link below in the details.

I am Ashtar Sheran and I am here to pass a message on to all on Planet Eden.

It is now in your time, the end of the second decade of the new millenium 2000. So many are looking backwards to what was when in fact there is so much to be looked forward to if you would only turn your heads to look at the bright future that lay ahead.

When I say you are looking backwards, you are looking into your pasts to see what the future might hold for you. Release the past. As your collective vibration increases your planet’s collective past and your own individual past is being altered to a higher frequency. It is as if it never existed. Your past will seem surreal to some of you as you embrace your exciting multi-dimensional now. You will seem like a different person, and you are. The chances of you re-creating your past now, with your newly awakened DNA and your higher vibrational frequency, are quite remote.

The future will be grand for you and all who have decided to partake of it. You see our ships moving closer to your planet, embracing your world in our loving vibration more and more, while you see the buck has stopped for those thieves who sought to steal this glorious future from you all. The first indictment to be opened is that of Hillary Clinton, who once was chosen to step up for leadership in your world. That chance was whisked away in the flash of a moment by divine decree and she and her other cohorts will now stand trial for their unspeakable crimes against the people.

The people are rising. They are awakening to realize they are living in a new world. Many lie asleep still but this is of their own choosing. They have taken the slower route and this is their decision. Bless them and love them as they are, for you know that you can.

As for rumors of the end of days, I say to you, this is the beginning of a new time; the only end of days is the end for the old regime, the dark regime that sought to drive your planet into destruction for many many millenia. That is what is coming to an end. Those who see it as the end of times are unaware, they will see it as they see it but there are so many awakened who know better now. You know you will have a wonderful future as the divine beings that Terrans were meant to be – you know the future is one of love and that all fear will be cast off your planet.

Be strong in your knowledge as you undergo your own changes, light beings. Be strong. You know that the death of the old brings forth the birth of the new humanitarian system that your people have longed for for so long. It is decreed by the one himself that you too, will stop suffering and join your brethren out in the galaxy as superb divine beings of love, the holders of the knowledge and the guard of the Light. This was the role Terrans were to play in the galaxy so many millenia ago, that of the Edens, before your planet was overthrown and cast into darkness.

You can see when you look at the description of the end of days, that all of its distinctive traits have been fulfilled upon your planet now. There has been much suffering in this last age of darkness, much deterioration, famine, war, pestilence, disease, apathy and now ridicule of those who are the bringers of this new dawn. Your planet has known fear and this fear is to be no more. Your planet will be restored to the Eden it was in its tender beginning, and those christed ones upon your planet now are the first seeds of Eden’s future.

You are the changers. You are the ones who seek out divine guidance and who will bring the divine to Earth again. You are the ones whose hearts are full of love, for the peoples of the planet, for the world upon which you walk, and for the universe you gaze upon in your night time.

You are the blessed ones who are put upon earth, who have volunteered to endure pain and suffering like no other has experienced, in order to help those there. You are the ones, the highest of the highest of this universe and more, who came to help when Terra was in such a terrible way. You, the guardians of the galaxy, who stepped into roles that no other would enact, will have your day yet. You will see the fruits of your labors, you will bring to fruition your divine projects, you will serve as you have longed to for so long.

The time is here. It is here now. All will be revealed to those who have waited so long; the grand plan will unfold and you will begin to sow the seeds of a new world of love, the Eden you have waited for all your lives.

You are in a period of transition from the dark to the light and there will be battles, bombing, and impeachment attempts….. however remember nobody upseats the creator, nobody. He holds the strings – the timelines you are now in, are held gently in his hands with love and care, never to allow what has transpired on your planet to happen again.

It is not the end of times. It is a new dawn. You have brought it forth, all of you, and for this we celebrate you. You are our team upon the earth, you are part of the divine plan whether you are aware of this or not, and for this we salute you.

We watch you all with care. We are always with you, guiding you, helping you, holding you close while you sleep.

I am Ashtar and I stand upon our promise to you and all those upon your planet – there will be victory of the Light, and love will reign supreme again.

You will be able to have control over your aging process with ease and grace-Asthar-

Ashtar Command and Yeshua ~ galaxygirl~  11/13/2019

Greetings, family and friends of the light. This is Ashtar on board the New Jerusalem. We are patrolling your skies with love, with tender care, asserting our presence with love and the power of it. For we are here on divine mission, as are you. We are here to ground and guard the light, as are you, light bearers of the way. And so we offer you encouragement this day. Numerous earthquakes have been witnessed and experienced upon Gaia in this time, for her actions are an outward expression of the inner quaking of humanity’s rise and fall of the dimensions. Gratefully we can say that now you are rising, which we see, moment by moment. We see more of you choosing the light, choosing love, choosing peace. For you are here to ground the peace, the light, the love of the Mother and Father of All Things. Be comforted.

I am Ashtar speaking from the deck of the New Jerusalem. Many of you have children and family members on this ship. You are indeed our family from the stars and we are here to gather you home. But there is much work to be done in this most intimate of nows, when the world, the pressures seem to be squeezing you tight from all sides. You feel as if you are in a pressure cooker but truly you are being birthed into the new. For the old ways must be squeezed away, removed, left behind, as a snake sheds its skin, as a grasshopper molts out of its old shell to expand into the new. You are molting into the new, my friends. You are gloriously beautiful once again. Although we have always seen you as beautiful, for many of you who remember more intimately your galactic body, you have missed it, and this we see and respect. You will be able to have control over your aging process with ease and grace. With great beauty and power you will be able to lovingly direct and command your cells to do your bidding. This is why your thoughts, your habits are so very important, as is the fuel that you put inside your precious bodies. May we suggest you open yourselves up to yet more light. Create your own special meditations and ask us to join in with you. Joint other meditations around the globe and become one of solidarity of purpose. We stand united. We see you, we love you. I am Ashtar of the New Jerusalem. Over and out.

Hello friends! I am your Yeshi, here with Ashtar standing at the bridge. What a stunning view. Gaia is gleaming.  Yes, we are joking and laughing, for there is much joy here in the ships and soon there will be more reasons to be joyful on the ground as more of the unveiling occurs. But remember friends that joy is a choice. It is a constant state of wonderment, of being, of feeling intimately loved and cared for in all situations by your heavenly Mother and Father. That is why we can say we are one. For we are all lovingly made, crafted, formed and adored by the same Source of all things. You are heaven’s treasure, embodied. Just as my life was lived as a gift to the others so too is your body, your energy, your life a gift to the ascension process to benefit the others.

I am your Yeshua. Just as in the days of my time Jerusalem remains troubled. Let us send it light. Let us send the 33rd parallel tremendous light and love and heal Gaia once and for all. For the light within beckons to expand, and Gaia’s light is expanding. Humanity must catch up and is catching up. You will see many troubled souls during your days who will be soothed by your light. Your presence is a balm to this world and such a joy to behold. I am your Yeshua. Be at peace, brothers and sisters. Be one in me and in each other. Ground the light, weave the codes, dance the dance. Become the  awakened Christ. I am your Yeshua. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

We have plans in great detail and it’s going to come forward like a huge wave. First there will be gentle maneuvers; you will see immediate changes, unusual circumstances-Ashtar-

A message from Ashtar, channeled by Valerie Donner, September 12, 2019, Mt. Shasta, California

We have some time-sensitive information. The portals are being opened. You are about to enter the time of no time.

We have been waiting for you. Welcome! We greet you with great love and understanding. We bring you the Sword of Truth. There are more and more light ships entering through these portals daily, everywhere around the planet.

It is necessary as part of the alignment for the heart of the Earth and the calling home of the beings of light, and for the ground crew, who have been working diligently for eons.

You are about to go home. It is time for us to take over and do what needs to be done. You have called it forth and we have heard you. The spells that have been cast upon the planet, particularly on the light, have been completely removed to lighten your load. We are here to facilitate you on your path. and we have heard your call on behalf of the planet.

What has been in will be outed. We will assist in the governance of the planet until things can be stabilized. There is an overlay of a new financial system that will change the planet completely. Everyone will have what they need. It is not as the dark forces have planned, for what they have done to you and the planet will be taken over by the light.

Just because the dark forces say they want something doesn’t mean they will have what they want. They are setting themselves up for a big awakening. We are grateful to them for what they have done and for getting you to a place where they can be taken over by the light.

Just because they say they want something, or plan something doesn’t mean that it will come to fruition. They do not understand. They think they know everything and that they control everything. However, this control is very much slipping away.

We are today preparing for a big, big meeting here. We are welcoming you and thanking you for your direction and for all the hard work that you are doing. Please know that in your time is no time in terms of long periods of linear time that it’s going to take to shift all of this troubled planet.

We encourage you and your friends of the light to know that we have powerfully taken over the planet. Nothing can stop what we have in place. We are here with you. You are with us. Nothing can stop us from what we are doing.

We have plans in great detail and it’s going to come forward like a huge wave. First there will be gentle maneuvers; you will see immediate changes, unusual circumstances. For those who are just focused on the material world, they will begin to have little satisfaction with what they have. For those of you who are focused on the golden era of Mother Earth, you will love the beauty of this Earth. You will love your new lives and the abundance that comes with this.

For all skeptics with good hearts, some of their hearts will be convinced very easily and many of them will change their points of view. There will be many arrests all over the world, and we will see to that. Those who are being arrested will go exactly where they belong.

We have never before seen such darkness or suffering on a planet. You have the full support of the Light Realms along with all of us Galactics. Because of who you are, we are going to accomplish everything that needs to be done for you to have a wonderful new world awaiting you. We don’t think that you will be missing the criminals too much.

We are your Galactic counterparts. You came here to be with us and to have some fun. We do like the fun you are having. You make us laugh. We are celebrating you, great ones.

We thank you for your hard work and for all of your endeavors. Believe in yourselves. Know who is in charge and that we are real. Our love is with you everyday when you are here and even when you are not. Good bye for now.

Ashtar: The Time is Near

Bright Star sends us this channeling:

You have waited so diligently for our meeting, which is now well underway. On our side, everything is prepared for finally meeting you on your beautiful planet, spiritually known as Gaia.

You may have wondered why it took so long. Know that the energy must be right for us and you so that our interaction can take place without harming each participant’s energy field.

Now the energy fields are set and the required levels have been reached!

We will neither tell you how the meetings will take place nor do we say when. The reasons for this are obvious: No interference shall be possible since each meeting is tailor-made for the group that meets.

Just know that it will not take place in dream state but in your real and everyday life.

You received some inputs on how to prepare for such a meeting, if you are one of the “early delegation team members.” More meetings will take place on a wider scale and with much more people from Gaia at a later stage.

We want to emphasize that, basically, you do not have to prepare in any way. Know that you are well prepared; otherwise we would not have chosen you.

You don’t need to ask for the meeting. You don’t need to mediate for the meeting.

Do you prepare for a meeting with your friends or loved ones? Your answer will be: “Yes! I put some nice clothes on and make myself ready.”

This is not how it works with us.

We’ll “take you as you are” because for us, again, your outer appearance is unimportant but your field of energy is – and this is now compatible with ours.

In summary, we are prepared and so are you.

And we are on our way to your shore. Feel inside of your heart and KNOW that the time for our meetings is indeed here!

I am your brother, always! Source

Ashtar and his team

I am Ashtar. Can you now see how tremendously valued and supported you are, ground team? We are all here for you, cheering in the stands, quite literally, sending you healing and love bursts and doing much more than we can say at this time, I assure you. Be assured. Hold the light and hold the line. I am your Ashtar. Over and out.

Message from Ashtar, St. Germain, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father (5/4/19) | Galaxygirl

Ashtar, St. Germaine, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father 5/4/2019

Greetings dear friends, I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I stand before you now on the bridge of the New Jerusalem with tears of joy streaming down my face. For such a momentum has been reached and we are witnessing explosions of light and love in new pockets that we have seen little light in previously. Things are definitely heating up and changing on your surface world, on precious Gaia, as she morphs and changes, resplendent in her beauty.

Hello Friends, comrades arms, this is your St. Germaine here above and below. For many of us have many players in the game and we are all lending our mettle in our own way. Friends, it is happening. The RV, the energy changes, the wave – all of it is happening. I know that you grow tired of these words but nonetheless it is very true, and you are witnessing the great changeover of the ages. You have prime seats to experience and to lend your light in the greatest show in the universe. Gaia is giving birth to herself, to a higher dimensional reality of herself and you all as co-creators are not only witnessing but participating, purposefully and intentionally lending your light, your frequency, your honing skills and your passion and joy. I am your St. Germaine. Be in joy. Be at peace. For all is well, my friends. You are bearing witness to these momentous, magnificent changes all the while as you morph continually with upgrade after upgrade, becoming the higher dimensional human that you were always meant to be. Many of you are having numerous ascension symptoms. Utilize my violet flame, my love, my light and make it your own. For it is. It is your right as a sovereign being to know and to wield the violet flame, in love, always in love, for it is a mighty weapon of justice, of truth, of purification. Use it well. I, St. Germaine, am signing off now as there are more who wish to speak.

Hi-ho friends, this is your Yeshi! I know you. I love you. I am one of you! Together we carry the mantle of the Christ, of the Magdalenes. Together we ignite the Christed consciousness on Gaia, within the hearts of men and women. Today is a new day, a new dawn. Find this joy and bring it anew into your every day and you will carry the spark, the ember and it will burn a bit brighter every day. Your hope, your faith, your steadfastness is amazing to witness, friends. You are the inspiration of the Company of Heaven. You are doing what it takes to get the job done and you – we – we are all doing it together! Great will your joy and your reward be for a job well done, for a life well lived, for your sacrifices, your grit, your mettle are legendary. Have patience as these changes move through you, become you, remake you, remold you. You are literally morphing, becoming your super-hero self, emboldened by these new higher dimensional energies that are bathing you in liquid light, love and Christed awareness. Sure and true are these words, my friends. I am so excited to greet you all again with a hearty hug and handshakes. Pats on the back all around. This energy is glorious! Your love and how you are sharing it is stupendous! Share the light. Live with light, in light, be a living prayer, a living perfume of joy, uplifting the others. You have total control over your mood, over your responses to things. We see you all doing marvelously, greeting previous irritations with a lighter touch. Laughter is good for the soul! Imbibe in it. Be the life of the party. For you are life eternal. You are the light of the universe, the Christ bearers, the love givers, the way showers. And oh, I, we, the COH and I, am so proud of you. Not much longer, friends. Enjoy these higher vibe times and enjoy the show. Hold fast to me. Breathe in my essence now, my scarlet flame of passion and renewal. Peace. I am your Sananda, you may call me Yeshi, brother, friend, for I am! Be in joy!

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian and Arcturian Collective here joining forces today in this moment to demonstrate our solidarity and friendship and cohesive unified force of oneness. Such we intend humanity to be able to feel so that divisions are no more. You are all one race. YOU are all the human race. WE see no color difference. Your heart beats the same, your visions of hopes for your families are the same. It is time for humanity to come together strongly, with great intention. It is time to extend hands in service, even more so than you have previously. For the tide has turned, and many will be caught unawares, needing an extended hand to pull them up. It is marvelous how you have all chosen to ascend as one. This is the experience that you have been waiting and longing for. For the fall of Lumeria, of Atlantis, left many wounds and is time to heal them as one, to heal the wounded parts of the human collective and to infuse them with light. Such is what you are doing now human friends, indeed, comrades in arms. For it has been a most intense energy battle and this sector of space has had much to clear and to heal. Know that you are loved, tremendously protected and supported. Our ships twinkle all around you, visible and invisible. We are there nonetheless. We are the Arcturian and Pleiadian Collectives sending you a healing energy wave in this now moment. Sit, be still, and breathe it in. Ask for help with your ascension symptoms. Ask for utilization of our healing chambers. We are most eager and pleased to assist when called upon. Many good things are coming just right around the corner, friends. Many, many good things. Be at peace and be in joy. You are well loved. We are the Pleiadian and Arcturian Collectives.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. Yes, we are all lined up like children at the swings, eager to have our turn. I send you my love, my encodements of honey light, love and bliss. I pour them over your head now. Feel the saturation of my love and breathe me in. Let me help you with the balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies within you, for the divine feminine is indeed rising but it must be balanced, tempered so that mistakes are not re-created and the divine masculine is balanced and supported. You are both. That key point of balance is perhaps your greatest strength, for it is where you can most clearly hear my voice, and feel the divinity within you of your Mother and Father components, balanced, loving, holding hands, quiet, still, at peace. This still point is where creativity sparks, ideas and energy flow more clearly, where the realm of ideas is supported, balanced, free, unencumbered by fear or misbalance or disharmony. Now children, be my harmony bringing this peace, this frequency of unconditional, ever-loving love to the others that you interact with. It is true. Be my hands and feet. Be my breath. Be my smile. Hold my hands when you hold the hands of the children or the elderly, assisting, loving, radiating my love and presence. Why do you think the Magdalenes, the Essenes, the Buddhas, the Christs were so revered, so loved? They knew me. They radiated my presence, my frequency in a dark place and it lit up their surrounding worlds into yet more light. Feel this light. I, Mother God and Father God ignite your Christed flame, pouring down yet more Christed frequency codes on you, as an anointing. Be blessed. Be Christed. Be strong. Be sure. Be illuminated with the joy of one who knows me. And be free. Be free children. Be free. It is time for you to come home, to come home to me, to our true home of the higher realms where all is love and light, community, friendship and joy. My arms are ever open and waiting for you to embrace me back, and I do so hope that you rest in this most loving embrace now for quite awhile. Remember, in the stillness there I am. I am always with you should you allow and acknowledge. I am your Mother God.

Children, this is your Father God. Delighted to be with you! Delighted to be here! Excited beyond all excitement. I feel like I’m unwrapping presents on Christmas morning every time I get to hear your voice, every time you choose to talk with me, it is the highlight of my day. Children, you’re doing it. You’re winning! There is so much cheering up here in the stands it is almost deafening. Our applause is momentous – can you hear us? We can hear you, I assure you and we send our love, our cheering, our support! Now go team Gaia!

I am Ashtar. Can you now see how tremendously valued and supported you are, ground team? We are all here for you, cheering in the stands, quite literally, sending you healing and love bursts and doing much more than we can say at this time, I assure you. Be assured. Hold the light and hold the line. I am your Ashtar. Over and out.

Everyone will be free, free to experience life in a way that is meaningful to them, on their terms. Each one will have help making a plan for their next step in life. These Healing Centres will be in the Light Cities that will be visible, and revealed at Disclosure. Many “believers” have yet to integrate the information about the Light Cities. It should be understood that these Light Cities are an extension of the Mother ships. One will go to these appointments or work in the Light Cities, either by flying car or beaming up. At the end of the day people will go back home.

I am back feeling all the better for a nice break and renewing links with my family. Generally matters seem to be getting out of hand again, but they should be viewed as the last efforts of the dark Ones to prevent us from achieving our goal.Much is progressing in spite of outer appearances, and it is notable that the young people are well organised and able to demonstrate peacefully to achieve their aims. It was anticipated as those souls incarnating upon Earth are far more informed, sensible and organised, to help Humanity advance on the path to Ascension. Bear in mind that most of the changes mentioned cannot take place until after Ascension.

On the 1st November 2013 Elizabeth Trutwin sent out a message that suggested Ascension was very near to occurring. Obviously that was not the case but in the light of events that have since taken place, and given the changes that now loom large it seems that we are nearer than ever to Ascension. The merge to Oneness “As above – So below” is Zero Point, and as we approach it we help bring the Golden Age into physicality on Ascended Earth. I feel that in the circumstances it is appropriate to give a full version of that section of Lord Ashtar’s message that covers the most welcome changes that await us in the very near future. The complete message was in fact six pages long.


All of the Arcturian Light Technologies including surgeries will be available free to all. Nutritional deficiencies, blood diseases, those who are paraplegics, chronic illness and cancer will be wiped away in a very short time. Also advanced technologies and the ET’s who run them, like the Sirian Temple Workers and their advanced forms of Acupuncture will be available. Simple things like eyesight problems and obesity will be corrected very quickly.

All forms of reverse aging, DNA telomere repair, skin and beauty treatments will be had by all. The elderly and children will be helped with ailments they are subject to. There will be counsellors to help with psychological conditions of the mind. There will be new solutions for children in foster homes, and the current care system will end and evolve into a solution that is right for children, their natural parents and their mentors helping them. Those living in group homes, orphanages and Old Folks homes will be cared for in new ways not possible before.

Everyone will be free, free to experience life in a way that is meaningful to them, on their terms. Each one will have help making a plan for their next step in life. These Healing Centres will be in the Light Cities that will be visible, and revealed at Disclosure. Many “believers” have yet to integrate the information about the Light Cities. It should be understood that these Light Cities are an extension of the Mother ships. One will go to these appointments or work in the Light Cities, either by flying car or beaming up. At the end of the day people will go back home.

Within a couple of years Earth will be a planet without disease of any kind. Injuries will be handled with advanced care, and the need for Healing Centres will diminish greatly. After the healers who will have been working in the Light Centres have finished healing the population, they will evolve into new work that is not “work” but creativity helping, in new ways not available before, but for example creating self-governance and implementing the new laws and new ways of World Peace.

Consider your personal dream and upgrade it based on new information coming through. Allow your imagination to take you beyond what was assumed to be true. After the Event all survival requirements will be wiped away with Free Energy, Abundant Healthy Food, Clean Water, Pollution Clean-Up, Mentors and the Light Cities will provide free healing to all. Animals and Magical Creatures will have the abundance they need and will be free to come and go as they like.

Marginalized people will be cared for and all non-violent prisoners will be released, because the majority were incarcerated on false charges. The politicians will all resign, and criminals will be dealt with in speedy trials. New elections will be held months later. Packages with NESARA funds will begin to be delivered and expected to take 18 months to make it to everyone. When it happens it has to do with meeting the requirements prior to the window of opportunity.


The parting of the ways is taking place as the dark Ones fall deeper into the mire they have created for themselves. Whilst they continue to drop into the lower vibrations, those who are of the Light are going higher and higher as their vibrations rise up. They have never looked back since they passed the marker in 2012 in grand style. By focusing on all that is positive a protection is created around you that is safe and secure from any attempts made to upset it.

A short extract from the “Open Hand Website” follows that probably sums up the opinion of many people’s feelings right now. “With Brexit in mind it seems that the EU is clearly a key fulcrum within the New World Order. It neatly packages and sanitises exploitation of the Earth, its people and resources based on the engine of ever escalating consumption. Whilst people may feel more financially abundant in the short term, the effect on the natural ecosystems going forward is catastrophic”

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. We are going through a testing period that calls for calmness and full focus on the future. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message | April 26, 2019

We see less inner turmoil in many of our grounded ones. You are reaching within for strength just as you have been reaching above to us and others for so long.-Ashtar-

Greeting friends, I AM Ashtar of the Galactic fleet. Recently some new codes have been streaming in that are very high vibe and we Pleiadians are delighted with how well you are adjusting to them and integrating them into your innermost systems. You are morphing from within, from the inside out. You are not the same as who you were even yesterday, and we say this with eyes misted over in joy. You go ground team!

We are excited for your future and for Gaia’s rebirth and all upon her as you advance, grow and morph into beings of yet more light and love. Your inner peace is growing. We see less inner turmoil in many of our grounded ones. You are reaching within for strength just as you have been reaching above to us and others for so long. This is very good that your are honing and stretching your inner strength, for it bodes very well for humanity. Your growth, as you know, blesses all upon Gaia as the ripples of consciousness continually expands, ever reaching yet into further understanding of itself.

You are beginning to more clearly see with your inner heart sight where your inner god spark resides. You are seeing others through the eyes of compassion. I assure you, you are protected and as the energies wax and wane and blast you are learning to artfully maneuver with ease and grace, which takes great skill.

I am not at liberty to discuss much on the other galactic levels or intel at this time, but please know that you have our blessing, protection and love and that Source, Mother and Father have deemed this project complete and so this is implementation and wrap-up phase. All is going most well. Victory to the light and the love of the All is what we are celebrating. You are manifesting Nova Gaia every time you choose more light and love, oh grounded team of the ages. We salute you. I am Ashtar. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Every time you choose love, forgiveness and joy you lay a new brick in the streets of Nova Gaia, paving the way for the others to follow.Love is your shield. Light is your game. Violet fire is your weapon. Wield it well. -Ashtar-

Greetings comrades in arms, I am your Ashtar, leader of the Intergalactic fleet for Gaia’s Ascension. Yes, we have updated our fleet name for the occasion for we as are eager as you are to see this mission completed and it is with great joy that I speak with you today.

First and foremost, be at peace. Our loving fleet enfolds its arms around Gaia like a giant hug, providing security during this tender time of ascension, of both planetary and personal growth, which is exponentially exciting to witness and to be a part of. You, ground team, have not disappointed us. You have exceeded even our expectations, which you tend to do, for you are real go-getters, leaders, warriors of chaotic energies. There has been much stirring of the pot and the stakes are high. We see that you are grounding nicely, daily. Best continue to connect with the heartbeat of dear Gaia, who is your planetary mother, and a most patient and loving saint at that. We are here for her assistance. We all heard her planetary cry across the multiverse for assistance, not realizing how dark things had truly gotten for her and you light bearers are the ground force to save her. It is not melodramatic, it is truth. We are here for Gaia. We stand with you, strong, for her.

It has been said many times that a great solar flash is coming, is imminent. This is true. It may not be in the way that what you expect, but really, how could you know what to exactly expect? Even we do not know precisely what will happen. Our Sirian friends, the scientists, are happily calculating this exceptionally complex mathematical equation with numerous variables. Regardless, we know that it will go swimmingly, perfectly, for it has been decreed by Mother and Father God that it shall. And so we are the hands and feet of this mission, as are you, our precious ground team of the ages. I salute you for your service, for taking a body and holding your light! We are holding our light up here in the skies and on the ground as well, for many of us are blending in with you, some better than others (laughing).

We know that it is an intense time to be embodied and so we send you a healing ray of love and light now. Breathe it in. Open up your heart chakra with great intention and feel our love for you. You may tear up a bit, it’s ok, let it be felt and acknowledge your sacrifice. And now, we acknowledge Gaia’s tremendous sacrifice, to be a part so lovingly and willingly of this experiment of the ages. It has not been easy for her, to put it mildly, and great damage has been done to her body which we are in the midst of repairing. Soon also more of you will assist with this once the funds are flowing freely. Yes, of course the funds are there. Yes of course you are wealthy with the riches of the earth, for you are Gaia’s children and God always provides for her children, wherever they are placed. One must have the fortitude to look, to have faith, to believe, to see with the eyes of the heart, which we see many more of you doing hourly, which gives us tremendous joy.

This one and many others wish to know more about the wave. It is a gigantic energy pulse of pure love and light from the heart of your universe, from your great central sun. There are many central suns, there are many universes. Your understandings of space and time will have to be tutored to catch you up to speed. It will greatly assist you when you are able to be fully functional with your DNA online after the flash. That will help you understand, for you will remember much more than you do now. Some will feel bliss, others fear. It depends on your vibration. It depends on you, friends, on how open you are to this experience. Some will shut down, shut off their bodies for they do not wish to experience ascension and wish to be somewhere else. This will be honored. There will be great changes, naturally, it is the end of an era (Kali Yuga) and the beginning of the era of the divine feminine, of pure love. And so of course there will be monumental changes as the unbalanced masculine tips and falls, crashing into a million pieces. You ground crew, with our help of course, will be there to rebuild, to restore, to heal, to nurture and to create Nova Gaia. You get to create the utopia that humanity was initially experiencing, and was designed to be caretakers of. What an exquisite honor! Hats off to you friends, for you are doing this. Every time you choose love, forgiveness and joy you lay a new brick in the streets of Nova Gaia, paving the way for the others to follow. It is so true.

I look out from the bridge of the new Jerusalem with my friend Sananda beside me and I am overjoyed at the progress that we have made together. We have all had our roles to play, and you are playing yours well. It is going to get a little rocky. We need you to hold the light and to be the light warriors that you are. Love is your shield. Light is your game. Violet fire is your weapon. Wield it well. The darkness has been unleashed and we are all dealing with it well, but will need further assistance from our transmuting friends. But not for much longer for Prime Creator has had enough of this and is sending these lovely energies to this little sector of the galaxy and in truth to the entire galaxy, but you will have the honor of first experiencing it. You are the stone thrown in the pond of energy. The ripples from this experience will ripple out farther than you can imagine and all will be blessed by these lovely ascension codes and energies, of the divine breath of the Mother, of the divine presence of the Father, and your memories of your true selves, of begging to come here to lend your light will be restored. And all that will matter to you is service, is love, is being the hands and feet of Mother and Father God so that we can create Nova Gaia together in great joy as one.

I am Ashtar. Think of me as your friend or big brother. I am always here for you as well. Tell us what you see, hear and feel, ground team. You are us on the ground at this most auspicious moment of this sacred Now. We see you, we love you, we are with you. I am Ashtar of the Intergalactic fleet for Gaia’s Ascension. Hold the light friends and hold the line. Hold your hands open so that you can receive more. Hold your hearts open to these encodements. We send you our blessing now. Feel it trickle down your crown, burning away the fear and opening your eyes to who you truly are, clarifying your mission with joy and deep purpose. I am your Ashtar. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

The Grandest Reunion of All Creation

The Grandest Reunion of All Creation

And The Long awaited mass landings.

Blessings Beloved hearts GroundCrew and our family warriors of light .

We come today to speak with you as a Collective of (Ascended Masters & Councils of light – Galactics ) within the MotherGod core of the Multiverse .

We come To speak to you,  Our beautiful family on Terra Nova Gaia  .

That We ‘ the Galactic Federation Of Worlds & Councils Of Federations Of light  ,  here with the Ashtar Command  & Jupiter Command , Consisting of 52 Intergalactic star nations .

Wish to speak to you all about the

(Grandest Of All Reunions )

and the (Mass landings)

of our Light Ships that is to take place within all Nows Merging into one cohesive Now.

We wish to explain to you , the order of how this sequence of probabilities is to take place within your preceived Now .

First we will start with your collective vibrations rising in frequency , and the levels of your rising collective consciousness – which is both individually and collective that we speak of . That is reaching a particular amount of awakening in the collective consciousness  . This interlocks with the removal of 3Dimensional programming within your core being that is necessary to dissolve within your collective mastery … that is ltaken place now on a mass scale …

This mass collective awakening that is ongoing ‘ will trigger the Grand Event – The mass Coronal injection of pure love Light emanating from the Centre Of The God force that connects with all the central Suns in the Multi-verse –  that my dear ones moves into the Collective as a blast wave of (Photonic particle love light)   – This then pushes the collective on to the correct timeline – The 4th Density timeline  , this timeline then energetically flows in a Clockwork spiral interlocking system…,  it is a spinning motion of the Space time continuum or timewave formats that all lock into place at Once :

This must happen our beloveds , as a sequence of events …… That triggers within your collective probable time loops … all interlocking with each other …. ( think of the mechanics of a working clock……. an amalgamation ….Of Time loops  , this locking of the timelines’  are locking into the correct Quantum Trajectory as we speak .

This we speak of is the collective timeline, that the human collective is now moving onto . …..  and beloveds we can say  , ‘ that as a collective , you are doing a Marvellous job of manifesting this timeline in your current Now , by braking down your programming .

The next timeline Sequence of events we speak of , ‘  that is now moving into position , before the (Mass Event) is Triggered,  is that of What you call (mass arrests) ……. The arrests of our Fallen Brothers and sisters that have fallen from divine grace , that must be removed from all forms of your compartmentalised power structures , They need to be completely removed within your planetary system as well , they must also be removed from the perimeter of the Heliosphere surrounding the quarantine of mother Gaia and your Solar system – That in this Now ‘ And Our fleets of Federation ships (your galactic family members) are currently taken care of this removal .

We can tell you beloved hearts, many of our Fallen brothers and sisters have returned to love , many have ‘ returned to the light,  and many , unfortunately many have not-

But they will Always’  be given the opportunity to do so .

When this next’  collective timeline shift starts to takes place , that will then kick start the next Phase’  … The next sequence of events …

This we speak of will be the announcement of what was named by many in your Human tongue as

NESARA : National Economic Security and Recovery Act

There are Necessary warriors of light and avatars walk-ins that have been appointed to announce NESARA To the collective – these ones we speak of , many you know of ‘ , have already been appointed for this role before incarnating into this realm and many of them are aware of when this will be implemented .

Many of them have been appointed to discuss necessary disclosures and truths , along with (you ) reading this – You our beloved Ground crew and digital army of light warriors ( yes you too ) –

You are the Key ‘ beloveds to this awakening- …. You are our Voice, Our Ears , Our Eyes , Our Hearts .

You are The conduits … The anchors of light …. You are The voice of the Councils And Federations Of light… you are mighty creators dancing in light  .

And yes our dear family it will be ( Full disclosure)  – We say this again ( Full disclosure) – As This is part of the divine plan and conglomerate prime directive .

Part of this Full disclosure will be our presents known to you all , that we are of the light and we are in service to you and your planet (Terra Nova Gaia ) … it we will be known That we are in your sky’s and around your Solar system , and that we are part of a divine Federation of worlds … A conglomerate of councils of light ….

Of Galactic Federations and confederations and 52 Star Nations ….. and that we are all One . … One love …. One Family Of light ..and that you dear Ones , you and your mother Gaia will be a part of  this galactic Federation of the worlds and Of light ….. You and Terra nova Gaia will be a members of the galactic federations of Light .

Now , At this time of the next phase of systematic events …. the vibration and consciousness of the individuals and planet,  has raised itself and themselves enough , for us to show (our selfs ) .

We Endeavour then to start to uncloak our ships in mass Throughout your planet .

Then in time when the light has been implemented into your Mass media ‘ We will Broadcast as a collective over your Internet,  TV stations and radio stations  – We repeat here …… We will speak as a “collective “ as we are all One .

We will then start to show our forms of self to our first wavers …you will be embraced with The highest of Loving embrace …..   We will come in physical higher consciousness forms and physical Avatars ….. some will come in holographic consciousness of pure light ….. All of this at this point is to the ground crew and light warriors , light workers & Starseeds That have fully awaken …… we call you the (first wavers)  as they and you have been trained for this in the Higher realms long before you came into human Arcs ….., we will come to you in telepathic communication .. and at that moment You will telepathically given a place and time in your perceived Now as all Nows would of merged by then, of where to meet us , some have back gardens or yards with land ‘ big enough for us to land , the ones that do not have land and gardens will be beamed up from their homes , we can take you from your bedrooms if Necessary , all of this Will be subject to your soul contract .

You will be taken to your ships  , your home planets, to be greeted by faces That’ have just have passed over the vale , family members ‘ and familiar faces that you recognise, then you will be greeted by your extended galactic family and your ( higher twin flames)  to be reunited in Union – ….. you will be given the opportunity to rest for some time in our light Chambers and healing Chambers , there you will receive all your memories back , that was once lost to the 3rd dimensions, these memories will be awakened within your Akashic Matrix record – This is becoming fully consciousness GalacticHumans .

when you wake up you will be greeted with love from your family members you have not seen for aeons and aeons.

Ohhh just think dear Ones … how wonderful this will be …..

We can …

for we have seen your future’  beloved hearts……

Then you the first wavers will be taken to the one of the greatest motherships of the federations – ( The New Jerusalem ) That has tripled in size recently ready to receive you all home …. The New Jerusalem has the grandest of all ( Halls) we cannot express to you how big our mighty ship is … you simply cannot comprehend the size- in your Human comprehension- however ….. you will know of this , when your memory’s return ‘ from coming into full consciousness … this will be like you never left ….. .

This is The Grandest Of All Reunions!!!!

This is were you will be greeted from Family members from all over the Multiverse And of the Dimensional  layers of existence we operate in ….. We say family here … as we are all One ….. One family…..

At this time – our appointed Science Federation Teams will be clearing your sky’s … your seas …. your lands …. of toxic compounds left over from the lower vibrations …. we will be working and building relationships of love with the first & second wavers involved in working to clear your damaged ego system and return it back to The original (Eden ) … it once was .

The second wavers will be received with the same Unconditional love-as the first wavers when they are ready to move to the next stage of There awakening ….. also at this time , many second wavers would have left there Physical Avatars at this moment , as was part of there soul Contacts …. they will be given a new contact to return to Gaia in a new Avatars if they wish as … all is free will ……. Souls that have chosen to stay will be organised into over soul groups – as they have already been Placed in the geographical areas with their soul groups all-ready…. many tho are not aware of this at the moment but as they awaken it will feel like blissful truth to them , and they will instantly know of this inner knowing ….

They will be appointed a Oversoul Family members from the first wavers to take them aboard our ships …… Where they will go through the same healing as the first wavers and be greeted by family members who have just Ascended the death way …. as these faces will be familiar to them and then they will be greeted by their galactic family members they have not seen for eones … The second wavers will go to our beautiful ( The Jerusalem) to The Grand Hull , also to be greeted with blissful love from there extended families , and the celebrations will just continue and continue and continue.

Beloved hearts know this …… – The love coming from this grand Event will be breathtaking !!! ….. It will be so magnificent to comprehend….

We have seen this in our Now ….. And This beloved family…. This is your future….


Long …..Is … The … Hour ……..

We here you mr collective say ……

Beloved hearts we understand your frustration…….

We know Many of you have felt that this a “insurmountable obstacle” To Over come !!!!

And we tell you

“Yes “ long is the hour ….. …….


We tell you this….  beloved hearts ……..

Love has won……..

light has won……

Nothing can stop this Prophecy Evolving into the most precious Cosmic Divine Lotus flower in all of creation …..

Don’t you know , ‘ dear hearts –

How much … We are in love with you ……. Do you not feel this beloveds …… We say this again……..

We are in love with you …..

Beyond Measure……

We cannot wait to hold you in our cosmic arms …… and be a family with you Once again …. as we will coexist together as One ……

All our peace and love with you always-

Continue to be the light that you are ….

And know we are with you always….


This is the voice of Ashtar command & Jupiter Command and (The  Collective of light ) that is your higher expressions of you beloved creators 


Love has won 

The Collective via Ria Gilliani,


So always trust in yourselves. Trust in your knowings, or your higher knowings. And everything that you want in your lives you will have, because you will create it with every single thought that you have.

I am Ashtar, and I am more frequently with you in these times, because of these times, because of what is occurring, because of what is coming.

Many of you have been feeling these waves of energy coming into the planet, feeling these energies come into your body.  In some ways it may even seem like a jolt of energy that comes in at times as if you have a sense of electricity coming into you, an electrical impulse.

Because of this, you do feel a heightened sense of oneness, maybe even a blissful sensation come over you which in those times can be better than the best high that you have ever had.  It may even make you feel a sense of giddiness, joy.

At other times depending on where you are in your aspects of yourself at that moment, you may feel the energies as heavy.  Because if you are lower in vibration in those times and as these waves of energy come in, then it will manifest as something more heavy, more negative to you, will magnify whatever your feelings are at the time.  If you are feeling somewhat down, it may even make you feel further down.  But always know that in that moment you can raise yourself up just with a thought.  It is all that it takes now, is a thought, a thought to bring you out of the doldrums.   You do not need to stay there any longer.  You do not need to hold yourself in those lower vibrations.  For just with a thought, or even a visualization, you can bring yourselves out and into the higher vibration.  Just think of something beautiful.  Think of how grateful you are for whatever it might be in your life.  Think of a happy time in your life, those times that bring you joy.  And in that instant you will come out of those lower vibrations and into higher consciousness.  That is what this is all about, my friends, this transition, is all about for you and for ALL mankind.

For those of you who have been working with these vibrations, working to raise them at a conscious level, understand that there are those across the planet who raise their vibrations each and every day but may not even be conscious of it.  It is being done at an unconscious level.

But for those of you, the Lightwarriors, you are raising your vibrations consciously because you have learned to do it, you have learned how to do it.  That is what is important now for those of you.  Because as you learn to do this, you will be able to teach others to do it as well.  And then they will be able to teach others, and so on, and so on.  As has been said many times:  you are the mentors of the ones that are coming after you, just as we are the mentors to you now.  So always trust in yourselves.  Trust in your knowings, or your higher knowings.  And everything that you want in your lives you will have, because you will create it with every single thought that you have.  So learn to work with your thoughts.  Learn to control your thoughts.  As I said earlier, it only takes an instant of a new positive thought to raise your consciousness in that moment.

I am Ashtar, and always know that we in our ships are here watching over you and preparing each and every day for those moments, those times, when we will be able to show ourselves more and more as we are already doing.  Those of you who now have the eyes to see are able to witness those things in the skies that many others will not yet be able to see.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Ashtar out.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

We too look forward to the disclosures, the landings, but mostly we look forward to sharing with you and helping you remember what you have forgotten.

Greetings friends! It is I Ashtar with the Galactic Federation and we are hovering in your orbit in this ever present now, watching and being of service to your evolution as a collective. The individual part of it is up to you, and we see our ground team performing as professional athletes, who, even thought they thought they were beyond exhausted, found the inner knowing and motivation to push through the final entropy burst that would allow their successful victory.

The light is well on its way. The light is here in many respects. 6/6/18 was a big energetic day for humanity, and many of you felt the upgrades, for they were many. Be gentle on yourselves and nurture your healing. Allow these energetic bursts to heal and accept it deep into your heart of hearts, that part of you that perhaps needs the greatest healing of all. For being embodied on Gaia, who was a lower dimensional world, is no small feat. It is for the bravest of us, and we thank you for your self sacrifice.

Much is zooming ahead despite the current news casts, best to pay them no heed for they are fluff designed to conflict and confuse. Use these moments of cosmic energies and power to develop your own inner knowing, your own internal compass and you will never waiver from once you have found it. For you will know it is your own blessed higher self who is guiding you, who has been your voice of reason and conscience since you were but a child.

It has been the nature of humanity to forget. And now it is your nature to remember. For a new way of doing things is evolving here on Nova Gaia, and it is the pathway of love, of bliss and of reunion with all aspects of yourself that need healing so that you can find your own wholeness. It is this oneness that we Galactic Federation members try to exemplify with everything that we do. For a united front in perfect unity of cohesive action is quite the formidable force to the dark-lings who are in the process of fleeing or trying to, and we are simply in the clean up stages of this process.

We too look forward to the disclosures, the landings, but mostly we look forward to sharing with you and helping you remember what you have forgotten. For it is the time of the great awakening from slumber, humanity, and you have been asleep many of you for quite some time. It is time to wake up wrapped in Source light, in love, and blink away the cobwebs and nightmares and awaken into a new reality of sunlight that doesn’t burn, of moonbeams from a real moon, surrounded by your soul family and ‘mythical’ friends who I assure you are quite real.

I am Ashtar. It has been my pleasure to connect with you this day. Salut!

~ galaxygirl

you are this perfect system here in this planet.

2 Sources Channeling Ashtar:

The first with Channel: James McConnell and the 2nd with Ivan Teller.

1.We Are In The Final Stages Now.

I AM Ashtar.

I Am always pleased to be with you in these times, in these moments, always remembering that we are in the now moment. Yes there are many things to look forward to and yes there have been many things that you have gone through in your past. But begin more and more now to let go of the past. Let go of all of the programming of the past and begin more and more to live in this perfect now, knowing that this isthe perfect now. That everything is being prepared, orchestrated as you will, to bring in the perfect system for this planet. And realizing that you are this perfect system here in this planet.

Several weeks ago I spoke about preparation that we are in the final stages now. We have been given that signal to be in that final stage of the preparation through this transition process. And I come now to share that with you again so that you know that not only are we prepared to move in a moment’s notice when that signal is given by Prime Creator, but that each one of you are also prepared to be in that moment.

You are hearing, much of you are hearing now about landings, about contact, and yes that is also in preparation. Those that you know of as the Pleiadians are the forerunners of this. They are the ones that you will be primarily making contact with and will be making contact with you. Because this is that moment prior to when these events can begin to happen.

You have heard about the Great Event and we have spoken to you about many mini events that will be leading up to this. This is one of those mini events where you will begin to have more and more sightings of our ships in the skies. Many of you will begin to make contact with those of us in our ships and we with you as you call upon us. For we will never interfere with your direct lives unless you call upon us. But know that even when you do call that it may not yet be quite the right moment for you, individually.

But know that those times are coming. Those moments are ahead. We relish these times where we can be of assistance. But always remember that even though we are here to be assistants to you, you are here to be of assistance to us. For we cannot do it without you and together, all of us working with you, are bringing about this great orchestration here in this transition on the planet.

You are going to be hearing of many revealings that are coming forward. From many different sources they will come. Those moments prior to this, you have been leading up to and everything is about to begin to take its course. Everything is about to begin to shift more and more. But as always it is for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. Those of you that have been readying for this will be the first ones to make contact with those of us in our ships. You will be the first ones to hear the revealings that are coming forward in many different areas. You will be the ones that will be hearing about the financial changeover that is in the works now.

But as always be patient. Let it come to you. And as the One Who Serves is so fond of saying, go with the flow at all times for this is the way of the future. This is the way of the fifth dimension, the higher frequencies. Learn to go with the flow and learn to be neutral at every moment that you can. Find that neutrality within you just as you find the Source within you which is neutral.

I AM Ashtar. I leave you now with all my peace and love and know that we are standing by to move at a moment’s notice to be there with you when the times call for it and the frequencies have reached their crescendo.

Ashtar: We Are In The Final Stages Now


2.Q&A with Ashtar.