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My Galactic Disclosure Continues.

Yesterday,September 19th,2018 about 9pm North West,Greece,i had a sudden interruption of my internet connection and since i never tend to create resistance to myself and always believing that there is a reason for everything, i came out in my balcony, take a fresh breeze of air and the first thing i did is look up in the clear sky and there it was again:2 intense white light flashes sending (me?) a signal right above my head and then after that i saw about 5 or 6 galactic ships,2 crossing each other on a speed faster than aeroplanes and yet not too fast, they were perceived about 2 to 3 minutes.2 of them stopped for a while, it felt like they were doing some intense cleaning in the sky as right above them, the usual chemtrail plane was passing by, i  recognise this one by the sound it makes which is quite different from a normal aeroplane with passengers.Then a fleet of about 4 to 5 ships were following each other on a an almost straight line.At the same time i captivated an intenser sound of the higher spheres,i can hear the higher spheres almost all the time now and can even captivate higher or lower frequencies,Angelic presence or upgrades of Ascension.Clairaudience,part of my new abilities now, must be because of my love for music!

Here is the first part of my disclosure so far:

More Testimonies with proof! in The U.S.A.

My Lucid Dream Last Night.

Last night,i was with my soul sparks family after requesting to meet them.And it was marvellous amazing fun fantastic awesome to be and chat with them.I just feel like going to bed again, you know that feeling, right?right.Unconditional Love pouring all over.There were 4 of them,3 adults and one child and they were speaking in a language that sounded more brazilian than anything else.The most funny part is that there was a dog-with very big expressive eyes that looked me straight into my eyes with so much love-that was of red-pinkish color.Hilarious,i know.Towards the end of the dream,i was in the arms of a female presence, felt like Mother Love,very compassionate cosmic hug,i woke up while being in there and i could hear my breath and a second breath, like being in 2 different dimensions simultaneously, the one here in 3d,the one on the other dimension,i don’t know if i should call it 5th or parallel dimension, must have been the breath of my mother spark soul, it’s all new to me right now, most probably i begin to remember where i come from,maybe another planet?we shall see if this follows up!

I just share this since i’ve been working on remembering my lucid dreams for a while now, going to bed always at 22h-23h(the only reason i stay awake after 22h is for Jared Rand’s Global Meditation) and waking up around 3h30-4h00 as mostly it happens naturally.This is a moment i do another meditation expanding my Light to the world, work on my manifestations and maybe do some house  cleaning or yoga if i have the energy for it till i drop again ready for another 3 hour sleep.It is then that i have the most vivid ludic dreams that i am aware i am having while sleeping.Try it!it is very fun,all you need is to intent and ask to meet your soul sparks family(as shared by Dancing Dolphin in previous channeling posted on this website)

Ascension Update & High Vibrational Fun Recipe!

What to eat,shall i eat?with all the Ascension energies pouring through, there is little room left for choices of food as far as IAM concerned.If i eat any cooked foods,i feel my body needs extra energy to digest them which makes me kind of sleepy and not at the high top i like to be vibrationally, as it is in this state that i deliver and can be my highest version of all that i can be,do or have.So,while keeping my diet to a minimum high vibrational whole foods,i like to have fun with what i eat,it is all about joy and satisfaction, right?right.There are plenty of recipes to be found on the internet,to keep tummy satisfied and also remain high vibrational all day and night long.

Of course food and drinks,is not everything,meditation and exercising the body, being in nature and always always being aware of the now moment brings us with ease and grace smoothly to the next upgrade of Energies.Yep,it is an ongoing thing and we got to make Ascension normal by  making sure to live a holistic (fun laughing dancing) lifestyle as we enter 5D-New Earth Reality which btw it is the only way to enter into that state/dimension.Joy is everything.

Meditate with Joy and laughter and dance here

Will everybody be able to ascend in their bodies?all 7 billion people?my deepest wish for all them that it may be so,we ‘ve been praying collectively and keep on doing so,thanks to the amazing work of Patricia Cota Robles that you may find here i see the Light taking control in everything and for sure things are much better now than only few years, months and weeks ago even if what it seems to be out there is the exact opposite.It all makes sense from a higher perspective when one realises that older cells carrying memories  from the past are being released bringing forward all kind of no longer needed memories and one of  the best ways to deal with them is to burn them into the Violet Fire of Saint Germain.You may find information how here.

Use these powerful affirmations daily and any second they are needed.

There is only God operating here and anything that is less that is not of the unconditional unlimited love of Mother Father God is not allowed to penetrate my/our field 3 x.

IAM my IAM Presence and IAM  with The IAM presence of All Humanity.

Transmute ,Transmute by the violet fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire,

IAM a being of cause along, that cause is Love,the sacred tone x3

So here comes the cherry on top of the cake 🙂


Raw Vegan Snickers:

Print recipe



For the chocolate

  • 1 cup organic coconut oil (melted/liquid)
  • 1/2 cup organic raw cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup organic maple syrup

For the caramel

  • 1 cup organic medjool dates
  • 3 tablespoons organic maple syrup (or raw organic honey for non-vegan)
  • 2 tablespoons organic peanut butter (or almond butter)
  • 1/2 teaspoon pink himalayan salt
  • 2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon organic vanilla extract

For the filling

  • 1 cup organic peanuts


Step 1 Place the caramel ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth (stopping to scrap the sides).

Place the chocolate ingredients into a medium sized bowl and stir until smooth.

Put a thick layer of chocolate on the bottom of your mold, muffin cups, etc.

Put a layer of caramel mixture (patting down with your fingers).

Add a layer of peanuts (gently pushing down into the caramel).

Add a final layer of chocolate to completely coat the top.

Place in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes or until hardened.

Store in the freezer until you are ready to eat/serve (they will melt at room temperature).

Enjoy! The Healthy Family and Home


Recipe inspiration:  Original Snickers Bar (SNICKERS® Brand ®/™ SNICKERS and the SNICKERS Parallelogram are registered trademarks of Mars, Inc. ©Mars, Incorporated)

Recipe source:

Dance Floor Meditation (Part 2)

I finally managed to upload the full set ,somehow youtube or FB wouldn’t allow me on my live sessions,probably because of limited wifi in the area i am at for now.Lion’s Gate is climaxing on Saturday at 11:11 am at this moment we will be having a global meditation.

Information posted here.

In Gratitude to Be Here in the Now,Ask Your Higher Self,Guides, Angels,Archangels,Mother Father God to guide this Dancing Meditation.Inhale and Visualize White Light coming out from the nucleus of each one of your cells,Exhale and Visualize White Light around Your Whole Body,the town or city you live,expanding out to the area and country and all around Planet Earth.Continue expanding your Light around our Solar System,reaching Central Galactic Sun and Supreme Creator.You Are The Glorious Light of All That Is.Make this affirmation:IAM All That IAM,IAM Unlimited,IAM GOD,IAM!And slowly let your body follow the rhythm of the music celebrating this truth while keeping on repeating this mantra vocally or internally.Feel The Power of it.Let’s Dance.

The master plan for Earth’s Golden Age

The master plan for Earth’s Golden Age was predicated upon your world’s readiness for international reconciliation and cooperation by your year 2007. It’s not that the cause of the delay began then, but rather that the council had expected your society to have reached that stage of spiritual and conscious preparedness by that time.

As we continue, you shall see why the expectations were logical, why they were not met, and why that year on your calendar was pivotal in the council’s timeline. Everything took place beyond your concept of time, but we shall do our best to explain it within a sequential frame of reference.

The plan came about because Gaia, the soul that eons ago embodied in what now is your homeland planet, sent out a call for help. The negativity that had accumulated due to civilizations’ relentless blood-shedding had so diminished Earth’s light that her ability to remain in orbit was severely imperiled. The two previous episodes when the planet’s very life was at stake, the release of amassed negativity happened with such cataclaysmic force that all life forms perished.

Gaia loved them all, even the people who contributed to the negativity, and each time of departure sorrowed her deeply. This time she wanted her residents not only to survive, but physically ascend with her planetary body, which would be restored to its original pristine health and beauty so all of her life forms could flourish and live together joyously and harmoniously. Her clear vision of that Earth became manifest in the universal continuum.

Accommodating Gaia’s desire and her body’s immediate need to start ridding itself of negativity required a massive amount of light, and God authorized powerful civilizations to provide it. The initial infusion stabilized Earth’s orbit, jarred her loose from deep third density’s entrenched negativity and enabled her to begin ascending. Naturally, that light and all forthcoming from those far distant sources would be available to all of her life forms, too, but how to motivate humankind to peer through the darkness that shrouded the planet so they could “see the light” was quite another matter.

It was at that point the council entered the picture. They accepted the task of inspiring the peoples to take charge of their personal ascension by receptivity to the incoming light so they could start generating their own with forcefulness.

This was essential for two reasons of equal importance to ascension: Light transforms bodies’ carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that can survive in vibratory levels that eventually Earth would reach; and by dissolving the “veil” between third density consciousness and soul-level knowledge, the light opens hearts and minds to the spiritual enlightenment that engenders soul growth.

After discussing all the intricacies, complexities and requirements involved—first and foremost that everyone’s free will must be honored in accordance with Creator’s edict to rulers of all the universes—the council came up with a plan. It had to be put into a linear timeframe for your understanding, and since it is your world, it could only be what you want it to be. Therefore, all aspects of the plan had to become part of the collective consciousness, that energy mass of countless thoughts, feelings and deeds that steers activity in Earth’s field of potential and determines what happens in your world.

So a major consideration was how to present the plan in a format that would start people thinking about it. At that time in your history, the United States was considered to be the most globally influential of all countries, making it practical to start there, and so it did—members of that government were inspired to form the National Economic Security and Reformation Act that is commonly known by its acronym NESARA. This legislation has been the dark ones’ target of manifold lies and sabotage, which led to denial of its existence by some who heard of it and to serious misconceptions by others.

If you don’t know what NESARA actually encompasses—it is no less than the basis of world transformation and spiritual renewal!—and its evolution through both light and dark passages, please read previous messages that give detailed accounts. [Special NESARA edition, August 13, 2006, provides background information; a number of other messages include additional coverage.]


Here is a tech house track i produced in 2016 with same title,video contains a message from Ashtar Command,enjoy!

Dance Floor Meditation

Dance Floor Meditation:

In Gratitude to Be Here in the Now,Ask Your Higher Self,Guides, Angels,Archangels,Mother Father God to guide this Dancing Meditation.Inhale and Visualize White Light coming out from the nucleus of each one of your cells,Exhale and Visualize White Light around Your Whole Body,the town or city you live,expanding out to the area and country and all around Planet Earth.Continue expanding your Light around our Solar System,reaching Central Galactic Sun and Supreme Creator.You Are The Glorious Light of All That Is.Make this affirmation:IAM All That IAM,IAM Unlimited,IAM GOD,IAM!And slowly let your body follow the rhythm of the music celebrating this truth while keeping on repeating this mantra vocally or internally.Feel The Power of it.Let’s Dance!

”The goal is to unlearn ,NOT TO learn.There is no NEED to be worried over the performance or in relation to aesthetics, there is no NEED To fake,Each movement is right.The goal is not to be disciplined, beautiful, strong, confident, coordinated, as we so often taught in dance.In many ways, this dance is the antithesis of everything we’ve learned that dancing is supposed to be.
The whole being allowed to melt in the rhythms, allowING ITself to relax and let CRAZY wisdom guide EVERY movements.No dance experience is necessary, just the desire to move”



You are much more powerful than any planetary phenomenon and when you go within nothing can affect your vibration and being.

Hello,these past days i have been witnessing extreme energies touching everything around me and for those who are not doing any meditative work on them self it has been very hard indeed.These are the moments that we need to keep our vibration high enough and not identify with what we see,proceed in F.E.A.R mode :Face Evidence And Rise. And so today i am going to share my experience with you:Feeling the energies getting stronger especially with the Full Moon Eclipse tomorrow,i felt it is time to isolate myself,find Mother’s Love within,you know this warm feeling of Peace and Serenity where you become aware that All Is One and That We Are The Creators of Our Reality.And so i took my bike and went for a 4 hour cycling in nature and meditation.The fresh air in my lungs and the prolonged exercise helped me raise my vibration to a much higher level than usually.On the way back,it started to rain.It was this beautiful warm rain,very refreshing for the local temperatures now in North of Greece.And so,at some point being completely wet,i made a stop under a tree to dry myself and i sat there for a while just watching the empty space between the trees.It felt like a deja vu.I felt like being in the past in the period of Roman Empire.The rain,the smell of it and of the trees,the purity of the air and some memory from most probably past life coming through.These kind of Deja Vu,keep on coming also in my dream states,sometimes it is more futuristic,more playful,more fun and sometimes more dramatic.And so what i always do,when i feel that there is a drama being played out i call upon the Angels and Archangels ,especially AA Michael with his blue sword and i blaze the violet fire of Saint Germain to release once and for all memories or experiences in daily life that no longer serve me.I see the whole space where i am staying being into violet and blue fire,keeping away all negative energies once and for all.I hope this sharing helps you a little more to keep your vibration high tomorrow and in August as we enter The Lion’s Gate and many meteorites rains are taking place that are really affecting greatly our consciousness.And all this can be received in fun way,just like i do with ease and grace or more in a dramatic way just i observe many around me.Do not participate in their dramas.Be a Beacon of Light and just send them Love and Violet Fire.That is truly being in service for The Highest Good for all.And always keep in mind that You are much more powerful than any planetary phenomenon and when you go within nothing can affect your vibration and being.

Love,Light and Blessings,


How About Laughing or Dancing During Meditation?

I always insisted to the fact that we have the power to change the weather conditions and that meteorologic predictions are only giving orders to a collective consciousness which did not become aware of the power  to create from within and instead chooses to accept what is given.And like the weather conditions we can also as collective change everything else for The Highest Good For All.Once again Kryon’s message gives us all we need to know and become aware of to the depth of our beings.And Joy during Meditation is Key.So Keep On Laughing and Keep On Dancing,especially during Meditation!




You Are The Creator Of You Life.

Time and time again comes this beautiful message that more and more people are hearing about,yet not quite understanding how this is possible,how that An Ordinary Day,Is Not An Ordinary Day if one has the skills and awareness to surf along the day remaining aligned with Higher Self while also Being Compassionate in Action.What is it to Be Compassionate in Action?Kryon explains here with a great example that I am sure most will identify with it and most probably and very hopefully will be able to take it to the next step in creating your realities always keeping in mind to serve The Highest Good For All with Ease and Grace,as this is what your soul wishes at all times.


Picture from our latest Ioannina Lake Retreat.

Credit:Photos by A&V Giotopoulos.



Your Merkaba

Visualize Yourself in a Violet Merkaba Field to filter only good vibrations to enter your aura,more often than you think friends,family and others without their awareness are bringing your vibration down.
Protect yourself and be aware at all times every where.
You can choose to allow low energies to enter your aura or not.
Up to you.

(Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body)


Question:  I wanted to find out about the Merkaba. I have been using the Merkaba now and again before and then on the call I thought well I should use the Merkaba every day and just put it around me. And then I thought to myself a few days into that, well, why am I doing that if my purpose is to bring the light into my body and get my body into a higher and higher realm. Why would I want to put something around me that would block that out a little bit or stifle the effects of that. So then I got into the question as to how to use the Merkaba, when to use it. Maybe I don’t want to just put it on me every morning and have it on all day. So what’s the best way to use that Merkaba?

OneWho Serves:  Wonderful question. When you use the Merkaba though, you are not keeping the light out. In a sense you are actually inviting the light in more. You are bringing the light in. It’s easier here when you use this. But you are keeping out the negative vibrations. Those things around you whether it be family, friends, acquaintances, people that you meet where you walk into a room and you feel those negative energies and they bombard you and they bring you down into a lower dimensional frequency, into lower vibrations. This can block that. It can literally repel those negative vibrations, those thoughts, those negative feelings and emotions away from you. Unless you want to let them in. It’s up to you. You can let them in or you can hold them off. That is up to you. You see?

read more here :

One Who Serves via James McConnell, June 3d, 2018

and here :

Sananda via James McConnell, June 3d, 2018


Keep On Dancing

We remain in alignement with our higher self at all times,aware of the vibration we offer at all times in all circumstances as responsible co-creators and manifestors of our realities  for the highest good for all leading to The Golden Age of our existence and what a better way to celebrate  Oneness than getting into the groove of this deep session while approaching next Full Moon.Celebrate You Beloved Soul!