The new you no longer needs to review items individually because you know deep within your being you can create what you need when you need it.

Deep or Quick Cleaning?

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are tired, or perhaps not. It does not matter because all you dreamed of is coming true whether you are active or sedentary, alone or in a group. You cannot fail, nor can you pretend to do so.

You might question that last comment if your life seems filled with drudgery or emotional pain. You cannot yet comprehend how your life is better or how soon it will improve. It is similar to when you had the flu. You most likely could not remember how you experienced fun and laughter during that illness.

So it is now. Many of you are clearing issues you felt were necessary before jumping on your joy path – issues that were not a Universal requirement but a personal need or wish. Because some of you are perfectionists, you refuse to move into your new home or onto your unique path until your previous home is sparkling clean. It is a matter of deciding if you wish to clean before or after entering your path.

That is not to say those of you sensing your new being are clear of your past personal issues, but instead that you have decided to clear or clean after moving to your new home. This is similar to moving to a house with all you have or clearing out your closets and storage areas before moving.

Once you shift into your new being, you can eliminate extraneous items one by one – the more difficult path – or en masse, just as was true for your 3D home moves. You can either load everything into a garbage container or sort through items individually, establishing piles of items to be retained and boxed accordingly, then packing, throwing, selling, or distributing to charities.

You can choose the labor-intensive route or the quickly discard and leave process – just as you would when you relocated to a new home.

Even though this is not a complicated thought process, the physical process can seem overwhelming. Not because it has to but because of how you approach this shift or event. Are you deciding to review every piece of your 3D lives that affects your new being individually, or are you reviewing the pieces as one? And once that review is complete, how are you discarding your unneeded emotions and reactions?

This is a self-cleaning activity, with times and actions determined by you. It is no longer an en masse project, as has been largely true throughout your transition from 3D until now. So, some of you have become stuck in a quagmire of fear and indecision – should I review items or negate individual item reviews and toss everything that no longer feels comfortable?

For many, it is a confusing decision because you are concerned about tossing something that may be valuable later – a 3D thought process. The new you no longer needs to review items individually because you know deep within your being you can create what you need when you need it.

That is not to say you must approach this process in a specific way but to understand that if you are uncomfortable now, it is likely because you have opted to review instead of toss.

Neither approach is right or wrong. It merely explains why some of you are beginning to experience unexpected joy and others feel uncomfortable or burdened. How you would feel if you reviewed all your household items instead of tossing anything that was not immediately useful? And then, how you would feel if you threw away something you wished you had kept?

This clearing process is an individual choice without any wrong answers, even though it might appear that you should throw everything. For those of you who do not feel comfortable doing so, please know that if you reacted in the seemingly effortless way of just throwing or giving away your unnecessary emotions, sensations, etc., before accepting your new path, you would likely have regrets because those emotions are an important part of your being you wanted to explore just a bit longer.

You are on a unique path without rights or wrongs. So, just as you cannot determine the rightness of someone’s actions or feelings, you cannot pretend to be someone you are not. We of the Universes are merely informing you why you feel as you do.

Your actions are more fitting for you than any we or anyone else could relay. Allow that to be. And then allow yourself to be you in all your glory, whether that means a deep clean or a rapid movement from what was in your being to what is now. So be it. Amen.

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Feeling your future :Find reasons to feel good even when life offers reasons to feel bad.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/16/2024

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are energetic beings, having a physical experience. Your bodies translate the world of energy into your human sensory experience. Your science understands this. All that you see is your brain’s interpretation of wavelengths. All that you hear is your brain’s interpretation of sound waves. All that you taste is your body’s interpretation of chemical interactions and signals. Each of your senses is a translator of energy. The brain, the gut, the skin, and even components of your body that you have yet to understand interpret the energies around you and give you what you call your physical experience. They also give you what you call your intuition.

You are not as solid as you perceive yourself to be. Neither is anything in the world around you.

It is only because you operate at the “same wavelength” as the things around you that everything and everyone in your world feels and appears solid.

Here is a very simple analogy for your consideration. Most of you have seen a ceiling fan. When the fan is off or running very slowly, you can see all its blades, which appear quite physical. However, when the fan runs quickly and its blades rotate rapidly, they seem to “blur.” They don’t appear as solid to your eyes as they did when they were stationary or rotating slowly. In fact, if they rotate fast enough while your eyes are fixed upon them, it seems that you can see through them. This is because they are moving at a higher frequency than you typically process with your vision. In the same fashion, you can move your hand slowly and see it quite well, but if you “flap” it up and down rapidly, suddenly it does not appear as solid.

We, the angels, and all beings that reside in the non-physical realms are simply vibrating in a way that is more like your rapidly rotating ceiling fan. We exist in a frequency that is higher than your typical vision can process. Nonetheless, we, and your loved ones in spirit, are as real as that ceiling fan—whether you can see us or not. We are here with you, next to you, or relating to you from a distance via the invisible energies that connect us all.

This is why your focus is so important. When you focus on anything, real or imagined, you “dial in” to the energy of that reality and begin to sense it. If you think of a lemon, you are tuning into the collection of energies that you call a lemon. Since your body is familiar with lemons, you may start to imagine the feel, taste, or scent of the lemon. If you focus on this long enough, due to vibrational law (like attracts like), you’ll draw actual lemons into your reality.

Your tuning, via your focus, connects you with what you focus upon, starting with a connection in the realms of energy—a connection you cannot yet see. And although you cannot yet see the connection you form with your focus, you can feel it.

You can focus on paying a bill, connecting with a loved one in spirit, finding a partner, or feeling better in your body, and you will immediately be “dialing in” to that unseen reality. You can focus on people who have more than enough, who easily connect, or who have perfect partners, and if you are happy for them, then you are still “dialing in” to the unseen reality you desire. You can feel it.

If, however, you focus on the debt with disgust, on loss without an acknowledgment of the spirit, or on the unpleasant sensations in your body without anticipation of better, then you “dial in” to those unseen realities in your future, and you are just recreating what you are experiencing already, in the here and now.

When you say that “Faith is believing in things unseen,” you truly mean that faith is knowing that as you focus on something you cannot yet see, you dial into that reality. If you believe in the blades on the ceiling fan even though they are whirling too fast to be seen, you would be guided to slow the fan down or speed up your vision, and then the reality of those blades would appear.

If you believe in the reality of your own healing even before the higher vibrational reality of your healed condition is apparent, then you will be guided to slow down, listen to your healthy impulses, and allow the body to recalibrate to the higher frequency healed condition.

If you believe in the reality of a love that is at a higher vibration than the one you currently live within, then you will be guided to slow down, enjoy your life, and let your vibration naturally rise to the love of life that attracts your perfect partner.

Dear ones, the reason that your energy is far more important than your uninspired actions is that you cannot perceive a higher-frequency reality from a lower frequency. You cannot see the blades on your swiftly moving fan unless your eyes swirl to match their frequency or you are on a device spinning as quickly! Nor can you perceive the guidance to your loving and inspired solutions in life unless you are in a frequency close enough to receive and perceive that guidance.

Here is the good news. All heavenly guidance is broadcast on the frequency of love. You only have to find things in your life to love and your loving feelings will tell you that you are connected with a loving and fulfilled future. In this space, you’ll perceive your guidance so easily.

If you worry about money but distract yourself with pleasant, fulfilling moments of sitting outside and watching the clouds move across a beautiful sky, sensing the breeze, hearing the birds, and enjoying the spring air, you’ll feel good. In that good-feeling space, you are connecting with a good-feeling future. In that space, you have slowed down your actions, raised your vibration, and will perceive the guidance you need to make or allow more money.

If you have a terrifying situation around you, such as a frightening neighbor, bad weather, or the like, and you find even the smallest thing to feel good about—a song to sing, a thought of kinder times, inspirational material to read, holding a hand with someone dear and focusing on the love—then you are dialed into a more secure reality and will receive your guidance to safety.

You are energetic beings perceiving energy, emitting energy, and translating energy into a sensory experience. Your focus tunes your energy. Your feelings tell you exactly how the energies you are connecting with will feel as they manifest. You have time to adjust, and as you continue to do so, you create positive momentum toward a great-feeling future.

This is why, dear ones, so few of you have instant manifestation. You would not want it all the time! Until there is mental mastery, achieving a predominant focus on love most of the time, you have the gift of time to readjust your thoughts, shift your focus, and dial into the loving reality you desire. With practice, you do this more easily. With practice, your manifestations come more quickly. With surrender to love in any way you experience, you connect with the most loving reality possible and allow the miracles and dreams you truly desire to flow easily into your life.

It is easier than you think, dear friends. Find reasons to feel good even when life offers reasons to feel bad, for never upon your earth has there been a shortage of love to be found. As you cultivate the habit of looking for the good, your feelings will reassure you that you connect to a very good reality—and one that will manifest in your future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Beloved sisters and brothers, love yourselves, honor yourselves, be good to yourselves!

Upcoming happenings; assistance to volunteers; self-love; mission; emotional baggage; universal and cosmic justice

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. From time to time we have alluded to upcoming happenings that will shock most of Earth’s peoples to their very core. If any period could be considered majorly dramatic insofar as the world being turned upside down to shake out the dark elements, it is the period on your near horizon. In concert with mind-stunning revelations, energy surges will be activating ancient portals and anchoring them as interstellar beacons.

The unusual activity that volunteers will welcome and find energizing will be confusing and frightening to Earth’s peoples. As truths come forth in months ahead, both believers and nonbelievers will need to be steadied. Not only do you have the strength in mind, body and spirit to carry them on your shoulders, so to say, you are that strength, dear ones, and much, much more—you need only to trust that you are.

Still, you will not be lifting up the whole civilization yourselves. Many of God’s myriad emissaries—angels, spirit guides, your loved ones in spirit worlds, souls from off-planet civilizations and from Inner Earth, and the extraterrestrial special forces—want to participate, too. Most will be unseen, but you will feel their energy merging with yours, and together you will generate a tsunami of love’s high vibrations that will help stabilize the populace. Forthcoming developments will be lifechanging for every soul on the planet and the changes will benefit the entire universe.

When the chaos is quelled and your weary world has been rejuvenated, fourth density’s mopping-up process can start in earnest. If we were asked to offer a list of preparations for that task, at the top would be Love yourself. That isn’t vanity or egotism, it is knowing that you are infinitely greater than personality, character, talents, skills and achievements—you are a powerful multidimensional immortal soul made of Creator Source love-light energy. Loving self is acknowledging that you are an inseparable part of the Supreme Being of this universe and energetically connected with all other life on Earth and beyond. Loving self is honoring your god- or goddess-self, steadfastness in the light and perseverance in a difficult, vital mission.

You chose to help Earth’s peoples free themselves from darkness and remember that they are aspects of God and members of our universal family. Stirring their innate awareness of who they are entails your exemplifying who you are, and self-love is a prerequisite to doing that with certainty and comfort. Beloved sisters and brothers, love yourselves, honor yourselves, be good to yourselves!

Next on the list would be Get rid of emotional baggage. In Earth’s energy field of potential countless wispy streamers that look like hefty cobwebs are tagging along with robust streamers. If those “webs” were printouts, they would be statements like these: I never could do that as well as they did. Another attempt would just end in another failure. I was angry but shouldn’t have blamed her for what was partly my fault.  They know I deserve the job they gave to that new recruit. I’ll get back at him if it’s the last thing I do. How can I ever make up for what I’ve done?

Self-doubt, anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy, remorse and other low-vibratory sentiments are terrible weights on hearts and minds. If you are carrying a burden of that kind, please drop it—don’t let the past dictate the future. Make restitution and reparation where you can, set a realistic goal and take firm steps to achieve it, put forth your best effort in team projects, don’t compare your accomplishments with someone else’s, and love yourself as much as we love you.

A related issue, the estrangement that developed within families and between friends due to polarized opinions about vaccines and other mandates, is one of the many sad effects of the “pandemic.”  Please don’t let that very dark chapter of Earth’s history continue its destruction. Healing wounds and restoring loving relationships can come with forgiveness on both sides of the coin, in a manner of speaking: Forgive the persons who hurt you; and, with heartfelt apologies to persons you hurt, forgive yourself for inflicting that hurt.

Thinking and speaking carefully would be high on our list. Words—thought, spoken, heard, read and written—generate vibrations all along the frequency spectrum. That is true of everything you think, feel and do, and if your decisions come with gentle tugs on your heart strings, as if to say Good one!, the sensation is confirming that your choices are in line with your soul contract.

For instance, it is with good reason that most of you enjoy being in Nature and doing things that bring smiles and laughter. The energy of the lighthearted feelings those activities produce is aligned with your mission, and its high vibrations touch all who are nearby as it flows wherever in the world the power of love-light is most needed. That is why—and how—simply your BEing is helping Earth’s peoples awaken and feel inspired to change their world.

Recently my mother was requested to ask us, “How many souls are in the cosmos?” We replied: We don’t know, but if we did, could the requester comprehend a quantity of that vastness? A deep-thinking, curious mind is to be greatly admired, but would getting the answer to that question add joy or excitement to life or enhance helpfulness to others?

We mention that incident because it is good to know what helps you be the very best you and what doesn’t contribute any value. Giving thought to that occasionally is helpful to staying in top form.

Matthew said ‘A number of their major players in several countries have been executed.’ How do souls at your station reconcile respect for justice systems that condemn individuals to death and spiritual teachings that respect all life, judge no one, feel compassion and empathy and urge forgiveness?”

We do not attempt to reconcile those systems and teachings; rather, we assess them as the distinctly different entities they are. Without reservation we honor the sacred teachings and we cannot respect your justice systems. We see false verdicts that promote political interests or get opposition out of the way. Privately-operated prisons are filled with individuals whose infractions are minimal and innocent persons are imprisoned due to faulty defense or to protect the guilty who can bribe, blackmail or threaten their way to freedom. Those prevalent situations will be changing.

We want to address the matter of execution in our comment quoted above. Some time ago a reader asked us about “legal killing” and we responded in a message. Mother, please insert the pertinent part of our reply.

Darkness in your world cannot be extinguished completely if persons who committed crimes against humanity are imprisoned. Individuals who planned and carried out the “pandemic,” are involved in sex-trafficking and pedophilia, participate in satanic rituals or commit other atrocities are puppets of the darkness. As long as they are living on Earth, their thoughts and feelings will continue to generate the lowest of vibrations.

Vibrations, high and low, are contagious. It is easy to see how quickly the high vibes of joy and laughter spread. The spread of low vibrations becomes noticeable only after it is too late to reverse its destructive course. That is why the dark forces were able to annihilate civilizations in other worlds and obliterate entire planets. It is why that force twice was able to take over ancient civilizations in your world and much later, send the planet spiraling down into deep third density. Gaia does not want that to happen again.  [November 1, 2022]

Thank you, Mother. When darkness once again became dangerously entrenched on Earth, God authorized lifesaving assistance. A massive infusion of light, millions of lightworker volunteers and extraterrestrial special forces are part of the monumental aid “package” and another part is ending the physical lifetimes of individuals consumed by darkness.

Third density bodies are vehicles for only one incarnation, so let us speak about what happens when they die. A person’s etheric body and everything that made them unique—intelligence, knowledge, personality, character, attitudes, interests and aptitudes—automatically are drawn to the level of Nirvana where energy is the same as the energy of the person’s free will actions throughout the lifetime.

Life in that particular level is one aspect of what could be considered universal justice and the other is the lifeprint review, a lifelong movie that includes the exact feelings of every soul whose life the person touched. The review, which takes place soon after transition to spirit life, is a gratifying experience for persons whose lifetime energy is a reflection of their kind, thoughtful, helpful caring nature, and life in their level is wondrous.

The energy of puppets of darkness draws them to a tiny orb that is separate from flexible, multilayered Nirvana and where the composition is so dense nothing can escape. Lifeprint reviews there are interminable and agonizing, a lifelong replay of the massive toll of death and suffering those individuals caused.

Because light is anathema to them, only the spark that can be their saving grace is visible. If they accept the spark, more light is offered, and if that is accepted, light is provided until there is enough consciousness for a life to start over from scratch. The soul embodies in a form that functions instinctively, without intelligence or memory to influence action, and advancing from that primitive level to a thinking, reasoning, responsible individual can take millennia.

The ultimate justice is cosmic. We have been told that Creator Source expected all Its creations to be joyfully, constructively active so It could experience that, too, and for a while in deepest antiquity that is what happened. Then Lucifer and his adherents ran amok, and since then some of them have chosen to cause massive suffering, carnage and planetary devastation in every incarnation.

They have consistently declined the Supreme Being’s offers of divine grace and the only other way to stop them is to transmute their energy. However, like all other souls, they are of Creator’s essence, and only It is powerful enough to handle the density of Its creations that became consummate evildoers. After purifying their energy by extinguishing all awareness and memories, Creator draws that love-light essence back into Itself.

The existence of completely impartial, neutral universal and cosmic justice systems doesn’t lessen one iota the value of your spiritual teachings. Their light is helping to guide the society spiritually and consciously, and concomitantly with their advancement, justice systems will start serving everyone justly and incarceration will keep lessening until criminal behavior ceases. When the civilization is flourishing in fifth density, the tiny orb that was a separate part of Earth’s spirit world no longer will be needed and will be far distant from the planet and Nirvana.

Dear ones, on the other side of upcoming turmoil, the future of Earth and her civilization is shining. Their advancement will continue until there is unity consciousness and the planet glows with the vibrations of love, joy, harmony and prosperity. If you have moved on, you can see that glorious world from wherever you are and feel a grand sense of fulfillment that you helped your Earth family manifest it.

All lighted souls in this universe are cheering you ever onward and supporting you with the power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

[Note from Suzy: Heartfelt thanks to everyone who wished me a wonderful time in Panama. The many wedding-related festivities were fabulous, so were activities at the beach and celebrating a long-time friend’s 94th birthday—everything during my whole visit was marvelous! Being with all my dear family, especially the 10 beautiful great grandchildren, showed how swiftly 90 years can pass.]

Allow yourself to be.

Dear Ones,

Given the unique path each of you is creating, it is impossible to be correct in any or all matters. No one can verify your rightness, nor can you verify anyone else’s.

This is confusing because you wish for others to tell you how correct your words and beliefs are – as do others. You are all correct, for consensus is no longer appropriate.

Your new world is not totally chaotic; instead, it allows you to understand that your new or different beliefs are not wrong, nor are the beliefs of others.

To shift from 3D right and wrong, you must explore options that do not always feel comfortable. You are a new being in a new world. Even though you have repeatedly stated that fact to yourself and others, living in this new world is quite confusing at times. This is similar to how infants feel after exiting their Universal home for an Earth life. Nothing that was comfortable is now, and nothing that should be easy seems easy now.

You are discovering new skills, interests, and beliefs. Some are counterintuitive to your former 3D lives – and some are counterintuitive to your former Universal lives.

This is a new Universal view and action plan. You have created your new entity and a never-before-experienced Earth or Universal environment.

Given the newness of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, you should not be surprised that you feel uncomfortable. What seemed up is now down. And what seemed down is now up. A confusing time indeed. But a confusing time you have the skills to explore and develop.

So slow down. Explore your interests and your options. This is not a life-and-death time; it is merely a time of exploration. Just as was true when you were introduced to Earth, the multitude of times you likely explored Earth life during your 3D research. As an infant, you were so uncomfortable you visited your former Universal lives via sleep. Then, you resorted to crying because you had no other way to communicate. That is, until you adapted to the new environment and accepted language and other skills that could be adjusted according to your physical development and needs.

So it is now. Everything is starting to feel wrong, discordant, uncomfortable, and new. It is not necessarily fun new, but instead, something you have to adapt to and accept according to your interests and physical needs.

At the same time, you are beginning to surprise yourself with your new skills and interests. What seemed like a blah day becomes intriguing. And what seems like an easy, understandable day becomes confused and messy. Nothing is as it was. You are discovering skills you did not know you had, wanted, or knew you needed. Everything is new, including your relationships, physical abilities, and interests.

With a simple rattle, toddlers or infants can be amused for minutes, sometimes hours. So it is for you now. You might become mesmerized by a simple activity or negate something you have loved for decades.

You are new – just as is an Earth newborn. Allow that to be. Then, allow yourself to explore that newness with a fresh demeanor and acceptance of who you are becoming instead of who you once were.

Allow yourself to be. So be it. Amen.

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Find things, people, and situations to love here and now and bask in the vibration of love.What you water with love will grow, making reasons and room for more love to flow.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When we gaze at you, we understand your challenges, but our focus never wavers from love. We never let our focus rest upon your problems or your challenges. Instead, we focus all our love and attention on your most amazing future and what you are creating. To us, this isn’t really the future. It is an energetic reality, that exists here and now.

Suppose you were in an airplane and you looked at a car below. Suppose you knew the driver was agonizing about how to reach a destination. From your vantage point in the plane you could easily see the path. If you could you would want to encourage the driver. “Turn this way. You’ve got this! You can do it! I see it!”

Likewise, dear ones, from our vantage point we see the path to your desired destinations and we focus on it, love it, and guid you toward it.

While you are focused on a job that is driving you crazy, we are loving your future job and the joy you will feel when you are in it.

When you feel sad about being lonely, we are already loving the beauty of your future relationships.

When you want a healed body, we are focusing all our love on every healthy cell within you and celebrating its magnificent intelligence. We are loving your body’s capacity to heal and recalibrate itself once in the steady stream of creative life force.

We hold steadfast in a loving vision of all you desire, never joining you in your focus on undesirable situations but rather holding strong in our love of all you wish to experience. You, in your vantage point from the plane, would not help the drive below if you were to you fret about them taking a wrong turn. You are a far greater influence for good if you hold your sight steady on the path to their desired destination.

Like a parent who believes in their child’s happiness even when the child cannot see it, we never waiver in our attunement to your happiness, success, connection, abundance, and joy. We are your cheerleaders, your guides, and most of all, your tuning forks, holding steady for you, even when you are not, in the frequency of all you desire.

If you could focus more often on loving the idea of your dreams come true, then you would join us in “dialing in” to your desired outcomes. You would resonate with them, and allow them into your lives so much more easily.

Like a gardener, you can water your plants or water your weeds. You can focus your love on what you want, or love to worry about what you don’t. You can love the idea of your solutions and your dreams, or you can love all the reasons why you don’t believe they can occur.

Whatever you love will flourish and grow in your lives. So love to think about what you wish to see in your life and your world. Love thinking about the feeling of being beyond your problems. Love the kind of people you want in your life, or at least the thought of them. Love thinking about the future you want to see. Love the idea of flow, grace, and ease. Love the idea of feeling loved by the Creator of universes and your angels.

Some of you say you can’t believe what you can’t see and, therefore, cannot love what you cannot believe in. Then love what you can, here and now, because, in the vibration of love, you’ll attract more. You’ll teach yourself the power of your own loving focus.

There is no more powerful ly transformatiive, no matter the conditions in your life, than for you to pick anything and love it. By flowing love in this manner, you’ll attract more to love and enjoy.

You don’t earn love. You can’t fake love. You choose to love.

The object of your love doesn’t matter. No matter what inspires your vibration of love, in that vibrational you’ll attract better. You’ll hear your guidance. You’ll receive your miracles.

If you cannot yet love the things you cannot yet see, then find things to love that you can. Love your bed, your dessert, your chair, your coffee, your dog or cat, your child, spouse, friend, the sunrise, or the feeling of your pillow. Love your breakfast or the voice on the radio.

Find things, people, and situations to love here and now and bask in the vibration of love.

What you water with love will grow, making reasons and room for more love to flow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Independence, freedom, and joy are one path. As are dependence, sameness, and fear. Which do you choose for yourself? More importantly, for this message, which do you choose for those you love?

Corralling Loved Ones?

Dear Ones,

You likely have a need to ensure loved ones also enjoy this new world.

Your loved ones are receiving life support by being in your presence. So there is no need to lecture, cajole, beg, plead, hope for, or any other approach that indicates you are their instructor and they are your pupil.

Your instructor role is over, as is any other approach that slows you down to care for or worry about others. This is a new world, and you are a new being.

As a new being in this new world, you must understand that others are as capable as you. You are not better or worse than anyone. You are you. But you are not them, nor do you want to be. If you had the same needs and interests as others, you would revert to 3D sameness and social control.

This new world requires independence and personal capabilities. If you were to help – or, in reality, push – others in the direction you felt best, you would be directing/pushing them onto your path – not theirs.

Others are as capable as you. Something difficult to remember because, for eons, you have subconsciously known you were an earth angel protecting, herding, and directing others to this new world. That role is over.

It is now the time you feared in 3D of “every man, woman, and child for themselves.” Something you never allowed while of 3D in this or any earth life. Had you acted on that phrase before now, social mores would have placed you in an emotional corral or a correctional facility.

This new world is different in ways you cannot yet imagine, for it is the opposite of what you once expected of the earth and yourself. It cannot be otherwise. Because when you transition from fear to love, the spectrum of your beliefs, activities, and emotions also transition. That is unless you refuse to accept what is new. Something many of you are attempting without success. Attempts that are merely moving you off your chosen path and confusing those you are trying to shift in ways you know are “best” for them.

New world, new thoughts, and new actions.

Perhaps you do not understand that concept because your need to herd others to the right place is so deeply ingrained you do not know you are herding, forcing, encouraging, or trying to help others find YOUR path.

In 3D, there was a clear line between those who were capable and those who were not. The correct action was to herd those not capable into the capable corral. For indeed, it was a corral – “Follow me, and you will be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Struggle to find your own path, and you will be lost.”

You struggled for eons to eradicate that caretaking role, to allow, and more importantly, to encourage others to find their path. Directing others to your path is counterproductive for both of you. More importantly, doing so eradicates the objectives you struggled for eons to help earth beings achieve.

Independence, freedom, and joy are one path. As are dependence, sameness, and fear. Which do you choose for yourself? More importantly, for this message, which do you choose for those you love?

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New Earth Elements

  • Joy and peace predominate.
  • Fear is no longer fashionable.
  • Caretaking and victimhood are functions of pain.
  • It’s now easier and more comfortable to access joy than pain.
  • Societal shoulds no longer apply.
  • Karma is no more.
  • You’re a creator being.
  • You create your reality more easily than ever before while of Earth.
  • Your creations can be changed or altered at any time.
  • The forerunners – often Baby Boomers – were the bridge between 3D Earth and New Earth. Those following will eventually destroy that bridge.

We would rather call faith the ability to “focus on things unseen” or, even better, the ability to “focus on what you want to see.”

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/02/2024 • Angel Faith – How to believe in things unseen

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine you had a magical television. Whatever you were thinking would appear on the screen. The more emotion you feel about your thoughts, the greater the clarity and detail become. As your thoughts change, the picture changes. As your emotions change, the picture becomes clearer or fuzzier. The more you hold your focus, the more the story you are watching will evolve. Each time you shift, the picture on your screen shifts with you.

Dear ones, this is your life, except for one tiny detail. Unlike that magic TV, you get a time delay between what you think and what you start to see in your waking life. You get to build momentum before the “scene” starts to appear, and happily, you have time to course-correct before unwanted things begin to appear in your reality.

This is why faith, which many of you define as a “belief in things unseen,” is one of your most powerful tools. We would rather call faith the ability to “focus on things unseen” or, even better, the ability to “focus on what you want to see.”

When you:

F  – Focus your Feelings with
A  – Attention & Action
I   – In
T  – Total
H  – Harmony

you will eventually cultivate the faith you call a “belief in things unseen.”

Faith, as we know it, is not a passive belief in the benevolence of a God outside of yourself who will grant you favors. Faith is focusing your feelings with attention and action so as to exist in total harmony with the love that lives within you—the love that is you.

None of you will do this all the time, but the more you can, the better you will feel, and the more you will enjoy your guidance, magic, and miracles. Magic is not magical, dear ones; it is just a word you use when you begin to experience the synchronicity of the non-physical realms.

Miracles are not really miracles. They are scientifically predictable results of vibrational alignment.
Someday, science will understand this, but for now, understand that faith—your ability to focus your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with the love that you are—is your key to magic and miracles.

When you align with love, you align with the core essence of all things and all beings. You tune into a reality—the show on your life TV—where loving beings cooperate in ways beyond their individual comprehension. You are tuning into the reality where you are guided and in which you will experience beautiful synchronicities.

When you “focus your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with love,” then dear ones, you are not subject to the lower vibrational attempts to manipulate and control you. Aligned with love, you have compassion for all but a strong sense of self, trust in your guidance, and surrender to life’s daily offerings. You will have taught yourself, through experience, that what is in front of you will ultimately work out for you.

So how do you cultivate faith, dear one? We hear you ask this so often. The answer is a simple one but one that must be put into action. You practice. You focus your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with love as often as possible. You don’t try to fake love. You try to find things you can love. Don’t pretend to love people you don’t or can’t easily love. Focus on those you can. Don’t pretend to like the food you don’t like. Find food you do. Don’t focus your feelings with attention and action on what you despise to fight against it. Focus your feelings with attention and action on that which you love to empower.

If you fight hunger you will just see more and more of it on your life TV, thus empowering that “show.” Better to focus on those who like to feed and serve, thus empowering a more powerful reality. One will drag you down and disempower you. The other will raise you up, inspire you, and inspire others.

If you say you love and forgive your ex or former boss but feel your jaws tightening and your breath becoming shallow, then dear ones, your thoughts are noble, but your emotions aren’t there yet. Focus on something more pleasant! Use your precious tools of attention and action to be in total harmony with love by finding things and beings you can more easily feel good about.

If you love your dessert more than your former boss, bask in the glory of your wondrous dessert, wish this individual peace, then put them out of your mind by focusing on something or someone more pleasant. You would not want to watch every show on your television. You have your preferences. Likewise, you would not want to watch every show on your life TV!

Replace the things you no longer wish to observe with better thoughts. It isn’t that difficult. If we asked you to name the most frustrating person in your life and then list at least 50 better things to think about, you’d be able to write this list in no time!

There are no medals in heaven for choosing the hardest path to love, dear friends. As water tries to find the easiest course, love does, too. Be kind to yourselves. Don’t try to love the ones you can’t love right now. Love what you can, and eventually, you will be so filled with love that even your “worst enemy” (who we would call “your greatest teacher”) will be just another person on your path of expansion.

The more you practice “focusing your feelings with attention and action in total harmony with love,” the more you will cultivate what you traditionally call faith—a belief in things unseen. As you start to see your truly positive thoughts and authentically good feelings attract more and more in your life, you will see the vibrational universe in action.

You will come to know, through experience, that the unseen will not remain unseen for long. You will show yourself that the more you can focus on and feel what feels good, the quicker the good will appear on the “screen” of your life TV. We want the best show on earth for every one of you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

It’s time to celebrate your new being.

woman in dress standing with heart shaped balloon

Dear Ones,

It’s time to celebrate your new being. Even though there might be a few obstacles to your happiness, those obstacles will rapidly fall by the wayside. You now have a comfortable trajectory to your personal freedom and joy.

There will be times when your concerns might seem overwhelming or frightening. But those times will be far fewer and less threatening than has been true in this life or any other earth life.

This is the life you hoped and prayed for. This is where terrible events shift into minor irritations – perhaps not immediately, but more rapidly than you now imagine.

Yesterday was blanketed in fear. Your earth fears will now be minimal. More like stubbing your toe than breaking your leg.

You have entered a new world of being.

Perhaps you will have difficulties labeling this new life because it is not enmeshed in fear or angst; it merely is. And even though you will probably try to be who you once were for a few more days or weeks, that being is no longer part of your life.

So, you will whine and cry initially because your world is falling apart. Only to dry your tears and open your eyes to what is instead of what was. Your 3D life of pain and fear is over.

You will not fall but become buoyant, knowing deep within that it is over. What once was acceptable is no longer. And what was once fearful is no more.

It is over.

Again, some of you will attempt to hold on to your fears longer. Not because you enjoy being fearful but because that is the earth life you have always known. Being afraid of what could happen instead of what is happening.

Let go. Allow yourself to breathe the fresh air of this new world and your new life.

You have fought yourself and others. You have experienced unimaginable pain. You have saved others from their fears. But it is now over.

Welcome your new being into your life as soon as you are able. Some of you wish to hang onto what was just a bit longer. Similar to hoping someone you love never transitions from earth, even though both you and they know it is time for them to do so. Release your 3D self. It is time for you to shift into your dreams of peace and joy while of the earth in this lifetime.

It is over. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/24/2024 • No need to fear the future

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you have experienced fears about the future of your world, country, or individual lives. This is understandable. Many in your world profit from your fears. If you’re afraid that being uninformed will make you vulnerable to attack, you’ll spend hours keeping yourselves informed. If you’re afraid of lack in the future, you’ll buy more than you intended when something is on sale. If you are afraid of getting sick, you’ll purchase goods and services to prevent your demise and spend countless hours reading about possible conditions.

As a human race, you are just now beginning to understand that no matter what preventative or corrective action you take, if you take it from fear, you will not get the loving result you desire.

You could, of course, do these very same things for loving reasons. You might keep informed because you love knowing about the world around you. You might buy something on sale because you love making good use of your money so you can enjoy more. You might purchase goods and services because you’d love to feel healthy and vital. You are performing the same actions, but the results of a fear-based action vs. a love-based action are vastly different.

Most of you perform these actions for a mixture of reasons, part fear, and part love, and you, therefore, get mixed or diluted outcomes. For example, say you hear that the economy is bad. You may accept this, put off purchases you wanted to enjoy, and start talking about the bad economy, thus focusing on financial lack and hardship and therefore attracting it. Or you might feel perfectly fine and say (with both your energy and words), “I live in God’s economy where I’m always cared for, and things flow when I need them.” In the first case, you attract what you focus on. In the second case, you attract what you focus on! The more of you that focus on God’s economy of abundant flow, the more your world will experience this. At the very least, you will experience this reality.

So, when you hear about events, trends, and possibilities in your world, stop right there and decide how you wish to experience your world’s future. When the world cries that you are doomed to lose your job and be controlled by a group of ill-intentioned individuals, stop. Decide how you wish to experience the future. Most of you would say, “I don’t want that reality!” What do you want? Many of you want to have meaningful work that supports the life you wish to live. Most of you would say you want your freedom. How would it feel to have work that you love and that supports your life? How would it feel to be free?

You can use your minds as the tools they were created to be. Recall a time you did something that you would do for the love of it, and remember how that feels. Recall a time when you felt free, if only for a moment, and luxuriate in that feeling. As you focus on the things that inspire these feelings, you are creating the future that you will experience. You are influencing your world’s future as well.

You are not at the mercy of the external world. Even if someone were to order that your area be bombed, in the vibration of resting securely in God’s love, you would be guided to a safe place from which to create your future. Even if the economy were to become abysmal, in a vibration of flow and abundance, you would experience helpful souls, great ideas, and opportunities to support all your needs and wishes. Even if you were to lose your job, in a frequency of divine love, you would be guided to the one you like more.

So when the world tries to draw you into fearful realities and futures, stop. What do you wish to experience? How can you find those feelings? Not a single one of you would ever say, we want someone else to control our future, yet when you give your minds over to the fears being spread by others, you do just that.

Dear ones, you are so beautiful, so powerful, so loved, and so loving. You have the capacity to recall or imagine scenarios that will inspire beautiful feelings you want to feel as you move through this time/space you call life. You have brilliant minds that can be used as tools to tune into feelings that create realities beyond your wildest dreams.

So you choose, dear friends. Will you create a fearful future or a glorious one that influences the world’s direction as well? At the very least, you will enjoy life. At the very best, you will be one of the vibrational notes or “votes” that sways the course of human history toward a glorious future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You are entering a new comfort zone – uniquely yours – as is everyone who transitioned. During these first few days of seeming disharmony, know that a new pattern of self-rightness is developing.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel you know what is suitable for everyone. You will soon discover that varying degrees of sameness are more likely to feel right than everyone voicing the same beliefs. A bit like everyone agreeing on blue instead of all the colors of a rainbow.

You have focussed on one color for eons to no avail – trying to ensure everyone is thinking and acting similarly. Something that seemed comfortable at first, only to discover that you or someone you loved were outliers. ThreeD outliers were pushed into a corral, hoping they would assimilate through sameness – instead of glorying in their differences.

Differences are in. Sameness is yesterday.

Perhaps you believe otherwise. A belief that is or will soon be personally tested. You will want to remain part of a like-minded group, yet you will not want to condone certain concepts even though you might acknowledge their rightness.

In 3D, those who did not think or act similarly to you or, more importantly, to the social rules were either outcasts or forced into the right 3D basket of sameness. A sameness that has shifted throughout Earth’s 3D history. Overriding rules created by leaders, known or unknown. Rules that seemed reasonably suitable for you throughout the ages but never entirely right – unless you made that rule and never changed. So throughout this earth life and many others, you shifted with experiences and age but never deviated much from the dictates of right and wrong.

For example, in ancient Greece and other societies throughout the ages, homosexuality was accepted, even glorified. Today, homosexuality, even though not thought as inappropriate as it was a few decades ago, is still not an accepted norm. So many homosexuals are hesitant to acknowledge their homosexuality to the general population. And the same is true for many beliefs or physical actions. This is in. This is not in.

That sense of rightness is a one-note life. It is time to expand your Universal repertoire to include varying degrees of differences and opposite opinions and actions.

This new world you created is a wondrous array of colors, sounds, actions, and emotions. Emotions and actions that are new or not aligned with what you once thought was correct.

When you allow others to be who they are, you allow the same for yourself.

You have shamed yourself into following the ‘right’ actions and thoughts of others. A shame that you are finally allowing to flow into the Universes to be repurposed into a new society of difference instead of sameness.

Your first thought is likely that it is not possible to live within a society where rules do not apply or are not necessary. How will you know if you are functioning as a social member or a renegade? How will you know right from wrong? Thought processes drummed into you for life after earth life, encouraging you to ignore your inner needs for the greater good of society.

You are beginning to experience the difference between limiting beliefs to what is right within that society – or testing new beliefs that feel right for you but may not be suitable for your partner, friends, or family.

There are no rights or wrongs in terms of your actions or beliefs. An inner adjustment as you discover a new interest and try to ensure that your partner, friend, co-worker, or family member feels the same. Not because this new interest is the end of your search but because you have difficulties believing your new interests or actions are appropriate if no one is thinking or doing as you are.

Sameness, in a sense, is easier than individuality because others help corral you into the proper stance – and you are not alone. Even so, social demands are confusing if your inner messages are contrary to those social dictates.

You are different than Ethan, Richard, Silvan, or Lydia, and rightly so. The ease of, and discomfort of, knowing who you are because you are part of a larger group that dictates to all in that group – is over. So is your inner scream, “That’s not what I want or who I am!”

You are entering a new comfort zone – uniquely yours – as is everyone who transitioned. During these first few days of seeming disharmony, know that a new pattern of self-rightness is developing.

Followers will find themselves less and less attached to the reality of this new world. Those of you who glory in your uniqueness will find social followers boring, repetitive, old-fashioned, and no longer part of your inner repertoire.

If you feel somewhat disconnected from those you love or interact with, you are shifting as you hoped. Those who question their new thoughts and actions will have more difficulties adjusting to this new world.

Allow yourself to flow into self-rightness with your beliefs and actions.

Attempt to follow the wishes, actions, or thoughts of others, and you will feel uncomfortable beyond anything you can imagine – as if you are 18 years old, sitting in a first-grade class, hoping no one notices how different you are from the other first-grade students. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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If you are happy and having a beautiful day, you might still run into an angry person, but if they don’t match any frequencies within you, they won’t disturb you.

Disengaging from the darkness

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/17/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are in a constant dance with the energies of life around you. You are all empathic beings, capable of feeling anything you tune into. You can feel the feelings of others. You can feel the resonance of life around you. You intuitively understand what frequencies are compatible with you in a given moment and which are not.

If you are happy and having a beautiful day, you might still run into an angry person, but if they don’t match any frequencies within you, they won’t disturb you. They’re not compatible with your loving vibration and can’t drag you down. You’ll have compassion, look at them curiously, or simply decide to avoid them.

If you have some upset lurking within you, they might “trip your trigger,” but, having practiced tuning your energy, you can quickly find your way back to joy.

If, however, you are already in a space of upset, such a person would resonate with you, amplify your own anger and upset you even more.

Likewise, if you’re sad, you might not want to be around someone emanating joy unless you are reaching for that frequency. If you are feeling empowered, you might not resonate with someone in a victimized mood, and if you are feeling victimized, you might not want to hear someone preach about how you can be more empowered unless you are reaching for that frequency already.

As your saying goes, wherever you go, there you are.

This ability to feel life around you is one of the many reasons it makes sense to love and accept yourself even when you’re down. You will attract and resonate with those who have similar compassion.

It makes sense to reach for the best vibration you can find so you’ll be able to feel your higher guidance and resonate with others in these higher spaces who can amplify your own good feelings and receive higher guidance.

As you choose to love yourself and find reasons to feel better, you will find that you no longer have any desire to engage in the dances of density and darkness.

There are those upon your earth who live in such fear that they demand your agreement, often in unloving ways. There are those who take their anger out on the innocent. There are those who learned in early childhood to get their way by being endearing, seductive, demanding, or manipulative and still keep engaging in these behaviors into adulthood. There are those whose pain is so great they cannot find a way out except to take it out on others.

These are not horrible souls. All souls are made of one light. However, these are souls who are lost, at least for a time, in the denser energies. Don’t drive them further into the darkness with your hate, dear friends. Remove your attention from their bad behaviors and pray for them, with the hope that one day, your prayers will help lift them into greater light.

We are not asking you to like unlikable behaviors. We are not asking you to feel good about bad words. We are not asking you to fall in love, in the human sense, with those who hate and hurt. We are simply saying this – you do not have to fall into density because others around you want you to join in their pain.

You can remain in your light, your joy, and your loving vibration no matter what others choose.

We know this isn’t easy, but it is the path to your deepest freedom. You may have to live with them, work with them, or get on the bus with them, but you do not have to engage in the energies they emit, for they are calling for attention in unloving ways. You do not have to give them your attention.

You get to choose where you place your focus. You get to choose what vibrations you empower. You get to choose if you will get sucked into the argument, become defensive when attacked, or feel a need to justify your goodness to those who couldn’t see it, even if your light was blinding in the moment.

Dear ones, we love you. Most of you have not been taught to exist in a space of soul-level love. You have been trained to make nice, defend your honor, demand respect, or despise those who are unloving to you. None of this is necessary. Life can be so much easier. You can live without letting the negativity and drama into your emotional space.

You can choose, and choose again, not to dance with the darkness, no matter who offers it to you or how vehemently they offer it.

Not everyone is in a space to understand your love and your good heart. Not everyone is in the space to communicate kindly. Not everyone is able to learn and dialogue in their present moment rather than demanding agreement. Not everyone is in a space to behave in a decent way on your planet, and yet that does not mean you need to engage.

When those lost in darkness cry for love and attention in unloving ways, give only their truth your attention. Give only good behavior your attention. Give their light within all things your attention, but withdraw your focus from hurtful words and behaviors.

If someone betrays you, don’t betray yourself. Give yourself love and kindness, seek soothing and healing, and then move on. Don’t give them further power over you, with your attention to their unloving behavior. You don’t need to defend your right to be treated with honesty. Of course, you deserve honesty. Not everyone is in a space to offer it. Withdraw from those who can’t, or at least ignore their lies.

If someone speaks to you in anger, either speak back in kindness or don’t say a word. Don’t respond. Let them sit in your silent presence with their own unpleasant vibration and then walk away when you can or change the topic. Their anger isn’t about you. Their anger is about their disconnection from their own loving spirit.

If someone attacks your character, embrace your true character. No one can damage your reputation to those who think for themselves! Others can only make you look bad to those who also look for what is negative. These aren’t the people you want to impress anyway.

Let your dignity, love, and good character speak more loudly than any words you could possibly offer. Let those who must think ill of you take responsibility for their own unpleasant feelings while you choose to feel good about yourself. Speak the truth of your own character only to those who can hear it.

“Don’t cast your pearls before swine” simply means that it is useless to offer your pearls of wisdom and truth to those who cannot recognize them for what they are.

It is time for you, dear lightworkers, to disengage from the denser energies that have tried, often successfully, to bring you down for lifetimes. It is time to stop dignifying the denser behaviors with your attention. A parent who peacefully sends a misbehaving child to their room with a loving but firm attitude is far more effective in teaching the child than one who hits, hurts, screams, and punishes. Likewise, when you send adults who are unkind “to their room” symbolically by remaining firm, loving, and refusing to dance with the bad behaviors, you are far more likely to have an impact than if you get knocked out of your own loving space.

When we, in the heavens, look at those you would call the most loathsome of all human beings, we see their souls. We remember their light. We pay attention to and amplify through our love anything good or kind they do, no matter how small. We do not dignify their density with our attention. When they wage war, either literally or figuratively, we gently whisper to their soul, “Remember. You are light. You are love. You want love. You want to feel safe. You want to feel right inside of yourself. There are kinder ways to go about this. Remember.” If we were to offer them only hatred and reproach, it would drive them deeper into their darkness. Our desire is to help all souls find their way home to the love that you are.

The paradigm of punishing those in darkness has never rid them of their darkness. The paradigm of defending your honor instead of just standing in such an honorable space that those who have the eyes to see it will see it has never convinced those who can’t. The paradigm of insisting that those who don’t respect themselves enough to be loving should respect you has never worked. An eye for an eye has never helped either party see clearly how to find and feel love once again.

Instead, you can stand so firmly and powerfully in a space of knowing your own goodness, light, and beauty that the unkind behaviors and actions of others will not find a way “under your skin,” so to speak. When you know who you are, you don’t require the validation of others. When you know how you should be treated, you walk away from those who don’t. When you respect yourself, you don’t need to lower yourself to dance with those who can’t. When you live and abide in the truth that you are precious, unique, and loved by your Creator, the opinions of those who are disconnected can no longer sway you.

You can withdraw, either literally or energetically, from the tugs and pulls of those who want to engage with you in the lower dances. You can remain silent, pray, send love, or simply focus on anything and everything that feels better.

Alignment with love is alignment with the power that breathes life into all creation. Whenever you focus on the simplest thing with love — your coffee, your spouse, your dog, the light filtering in through a window, a beautiful thought — you exist, in that moment, in alignment with the Creator. Stay there as often as you can, for in this space, the power that creates worlds will guide you with impulses of joy, grace, and ease.

Don’t fight the darkness, dear ones. Don’t engage with it energetically, no matter whose mouth or behavior it comes through. As often as possible, focus on that which you can love, for love is the only true power in the universe. When you empower love, the darkness cannot exist in those spaces.

We know your loving hearts. We know your light. Heaven knows who you are. Rest assured that if you rest in this love as often as possible, then those lost in darkness will have no power over you, and you will become powerful beacons of light for those who are reaching for a higher and happier reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You will likely astound yourself almost daily in the next few days. “When or where did I become interested in that?”

Maybe Isn’t an Option

Dear Ones,

Adjusting to new thoughts and actions before you transitioned was often a convoluted process of accessing all the information you could gather about the change and then creating a method of adapting, perhaps through discussions with others, writing, or meditation.

Your new adjustment process is much less complicated. You merely continue with your life without much, if any, emphasis on how you are different.

As a result, you will find new activities or interests more readily than ever before while of the earth. Interests that may surprise you because you did not necessarily plan to participate in that action or activity. It just happened.

You will likely astound yourself almost daily in the next few days. “When or where did I become interested in that?”

You must then decide if you wish to follow through with that interest or if it is a fleeting thought you have moved beyond or explored in your sleep state.

Decisions have become a yes or no paradigm with no correct answers other than what you feel when you explore that piece.

Should you explore further even if you do not feel a spark of interest when you do? That is your choice – choices that are expanding rapidly throughout this week and next. Instead of deciding if you wish to purchase a green or blue jacket, you will be offered all the colors as choices or actions.

You will clarify who you wish to become, not in terms of shoulds or have-tos, but of self-interest. This is no longer a time of trying to make something or someone work with all the decision shades it once contained – but instead more of a yes/no process many times daily. For you will be offered anything and everything imaginable. There will not be time to refine those decisions. Instead, it will become “Yes, I’m interested” or “No, I’m not.” And if your decision is no, it will be a definite no without the need for further exploration.

In the past, you pondered for days, weeks, or even years. “Am I interested in this relationship?” “Should I try to shift this relationship more to my liking or accept it as it is?” “Should I buy this?” And on and on, trying to fit within parameters that were not right for you. You will now decide in minutes or hours instead of days, weeks, or years.

There is too much opening in your world to waste time exploring something mildly interesting.

The difference between now and your past was that you needed to run your decisions through socially accepted behavior patterns. A process that most often included discussing the decision with friends or relatives to ascertain if you were ‘right’ to negate that person or action or if you should accept the so-so feelings to continue something of little interest to you.

Many relationships will evolve or end. Not because either person is bad or wrong, but because you do not have time to ponder your interests. Doing so with each decision would become overwhelming.

“Maybe” is no longer an option. Nor is “Give it some time.”

You are now in your full flitting state with little need to wait and see or to play through a “Maybe if I do this or that, it will become right for me.”

Your days will rush by with little need to slow yourself or your actions as you flit through decision after decision. Some of you will be very tired, even emotionally distraught, as you shift your decisions process from shoulds to interests. Others will be exhilarated as you toss aside your social restrictions.

However you process this part of your journey, you will be on your path with a distinct knowing who you are and why you selected that path. And even though those decisions might be refined or changed later, for now, you are flitting rapidly from one action to another without worrying about allowing enough decision time, what others might think, or who you should be or were. This rapid personal decision time will change your life.

Allow yourself to be surprised but also be thankful that you are finally allowing yourself to evolve as you wish and need instead of who you think you should be. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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The Richness of the Moment

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/10/2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

During a given day, you have thousands of moments in which you can appreciate life’s simple pleasures. In a single second or at a single glance, you have countless things to focus on.

Suppose you are drinking coffee with a friend. In a single second, you might appreciate the aroma of your beverage, evoking feelings of warmth or well-being. You could look deep into your friend’s eyes and notice their concern, evoking feelings of compassion. You might see the logo on your cup for the first time, evoking a sense of appreciation, curiosity, and wonder within you. You might notice the kind soul holding a door open for another, evoking feelings of love. You might notice the person next to you joking loudly, evoking feelings of humor. You might hear a song you like in the distance, evoking feelings of energy and inspiration. You might be talking about something that happened in the past, evoking all those associated feelings, or you might be talking about something you’d love to experience, thus evoking all the wonderful feelings associated with that experience.

There, in one second of your life, you have a rich tapestry of choices. When you see your lives in retrospect from heaven, you will see this way. You will see the rich opportunities for love, good feelings, connection, and appreciation in each moment. You will see the depth and breadth of vibrational choice you had in every second of your life. And dear ones, we don’t say this to put you down in any way, but in heaven, you will wonder why you didn’t take advantage of this wealth of love being offered to you more often. You aren’t bad if you don’t. You simply have a life experience that could be better. As your angels, we wish for you only the most loving and joyous life experience possible, and we constantly try to draw your attention to the best in a given moment.

For example, we know you miss your loved ones who have transitioned into their greater being. It feels like you have lost love, and in truth, you have lost the human sensory experience of it, person-to-person in 3D. But in the same instant that your loss feels so intense, your dear ones stand next to you in the present moment, offering a new sensory experience, a new and deeper connection, and an even more profound love. Reach for comfort when you’re grieving, and when you can, sit quietly, breathe deeply, and for a moment believe in the love that wants to embrace you. In time you will feel it.

Likewise, when you face a health challenge or when you’re in pain, it is hard to think of anything else. You do what you can. You can focus on the comfort of a blanket, the softness of a pillow, a beautiful song, the laughter of a child, or the dog who lays his head in your lap and demands attention. You can focus on a movie or a good book for awhile. You can explore new ways of eating. This isn’t easy, but the love is there in each moment, waiting to help open you to the life force that heals.

Even when you worry about your loved ones and your world, the love is still there. You can look for the good people in your life, the kind ones in the store, and read the stories of young people helping your planet. You can tell yourself humorously, “Well if the world is going to fall apart, I may as well have a good day!” You can appreciate a ray of sunlight filtering into the kitchen window or your meal cooking on the stove. How beautiful the present moment is and rich with opportunity to experience love.

The more you attune to the good in life, no matter how large or small, the more good you attract. The more you notice the things in your life with appreciation, the more there will be to appreciate. Even if you are sick, the more you notice the little moments without pain or problems, the more you support your body in good health.

The practice of looking for good when bad things happen feels counter-intuitive, but that is only due to your conditioning. A child is born looking for good. Your animals constantly look for good. All of nature grows towards what is to its benefit. Only humanity is trained out of this natural urge, but you can return to it. You can start to notice the abundance of love offered in so many small ways, in a given moment. As you practice, your life will slowly but surely become a tapestry of loving moments in a life rich with love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Feeling Good is Feeling God.