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Look for the good in life. Appreciate what you can.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We are always here beside you. Never do you live your lives alone.Never do you have to handle a challenge without wisdom, a betrayal without a trusted friend, a loss without a reminder of your eternal connection to abundance. Never do you have to figure out how to solve a problem or create a dream.

Dear ones, before you were born, angels were assigned to help and guide you throughout your journey of life.You do not need to know our names. In our realms, names are simply a unique vibration of energy. You do not need to worry about what we want from you. We want nothing from you. We want only for you the loving life that you, yourself, wish to create.

We can support you insomuch as you believe in the Creator’s love for you and believe in your own dreams. Be open to asking for our help. Be open to receiving it. If you don’t yet believe, ask us for signs that we are around. Ask to feel the love that we have for you. Ask to be comforted. Ask us to demonstrate that we are here helping you… and then be open.

Too often, humanity has been taught to look for only what it has seen in the past or right now.Perhaps you have not felt loved enough, assisted enough, or acknowledged. This can easily prevent you from believing that we would love, assist, or acknowledge you.

We are not human. We are aspects of the Creator’s love for you – love made manifest so you can relate to it more easily!You can speak to the Presence of Love and Divinity within you directly or you can speak to us as individuals with a unique personality and function, and yet in each of those interactions you are talking to the Divine… simply in different forms.

So take a moment now. Sit. Breathe. Receive our love.We can help you adjust your energy so you become magnetic to that which you seek. We can, like your human ‘stage hands’ arrange things to help you more easily move through life. We can give you an experience of the magnitude of this love to the degree you are willing to believe and receive.

We can help you, but we are bound by the covenant the Divine made with you before you were born, to honor your free will.You have the power to choose to focus on that which is love or that which is not, and in so doing, you choose how much love we are able to share with you.

Look for the good in life. Appreciate what you can. Honestly ask for help when you cannot find the higher spaces… and in so doing, you will allow us to help, assist, and transmute all lower energies to those of light. 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The Angels via Ann Albers

My dreams for your joy and expansion turn into your dreams for greater expression of my love.

I never intended for you to suffer. When I dreamt you into being, my desire was to explore the many facets of self.I was still, silent potential and I began to imagine worlds, in much the same ways you – who are created in my image and likeness energetically – do when you are little children. I imagined worlds with beings of varied races and species. As I created, and experienced, these worlds within me, I imagined even greater possibility.

I imagined a world where a diversity of these beings could live in harmony.I imagined a world where I would experience myself within the diverse population. I would give you free will. I wondered what I “as many” would create, perhaps even beyond what I “as One” could dream.

And so your worlds were born.I have lived within them, allowing them a life of their own as we discover collectively who we can be. My loving will for you is that you dream beyond what I originally imagined for you, that you dream of a love that can be expressed in a multitude of forms, that you dream of interactions within our being that are loving, kind, and inspiring.

When I see you fighting and arguing and diminishing one another within me, I know I could force you to do otherwise, but in your freedom you grow in love, and I too learn the capacity of Love’s presence within our collective being. I could force you to be happy by simply shifting my dreaming, but far kinder to allow you to learn to seek your joy for in so doing you create new worlds and new lives as well. I could control you but there would be the love in that, for I have created you and want you to explore and create even more.

The moment you dream a dream with love, I am flowing my attention and energy into that dream.The moment you pray for a kind interaction I am dreaming of the deeper harmony between you. The moment you ask to be healed, I am picturing you in the perfection I have always witnessed within you.

You are in me, and I am in you. You are my love made manifest, separated in a multitude of beings and forms, and collectively we explore all that we can become. Through your choices and dreams, you expand love’s potential. Through your prayers you call forth greater awareness.

We are not separate. My love is your love. My dreams for your joy and expansion turn into your dreams for greater expression of my love. 

Whether this expression takes the formof your desire to build a house, dress a child for school, help the downtrodden, or have a fit of rage, all movements are, in their essence, working to expand our collective being into an ever increasing awareness of the love that we are.

I treasure you, dear embodiments of my love.Dream your dreams, and then relax as I guide you – gently and lovingly – towards their expression.

The Angels via Ann Albers

You can allow the ocean of love to carry and guide you, or you can attempt to solve your challenges all by yourself.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is within each one of you a vast reservoir of love. There is, within your grasp, a profound universe of wisdom. You have the answers, the resources, the strength, and the courage to overcome any obstacle in your path. You have within you the wisdom to discover the answer to any question. You have the love to light a path so brightly in front of you that you could never falter.

You have nothing less than the power that creates universes, working through you, for you, and from you to sustain and support each and every one of your dreams.

Close your eyes for a moment and breathe. Imagine that you are a wave upon the ocean. A deep presence rises up within you, shapes you, and moves you forward. You are never separate.The water is dynamic and moving within you. It is never the same. With each swell and trough you are created anew. The more you surrender to the power of the ocean within, the more you are moved effortlessly towards your destination.

With each inhale feel a wave of love rising up within you. With each relaxed exhale feel yourself sinking back into an ocean of love.Breathe in. Feel Love rising up within you and moving you. Breathe out. Relax back into the ocean of love.

Dear ones, when you have a challenge in your life or something you wish to create, breathe and feel the Presence of the Divine rising up within you. Breathe out and imagine relaxing back into the ocean of love.

Breathe for a few minutes in this fashion, and then ask, “What is my next step?” If nothing comes to mind, rest. There is nothing to do now, but relax, enjoy your life, and trust. If something comes to mind, no matter how small, trust, and take this next step. Just as the ocean moves a wave, the Divine moves you.

You are the ones who, through your dreams and desires, choose the destination. You either allow yourself to be moved towards these dreams, or try to create the movement all by yourselves. You can allow the ocean of love to carry and guide you, or you can attempt to solve your challenges all by yourself.Relax dear friends. Breathe. Allow yourself to be supported, loved, carried, and guided. Your life will become so much easier when you do.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
The Angels 

Channeled by Ann Dalbers

You can change your own life by focusing on all that is good right here, right now.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have good news! You get to choose your news! You get to choose your views! Will you focus upon the worlds ills, deceits, manipulations, greed, and problems or… will you choose to set your sights on all the good that happens all around you, every day.

Every morning the birds are singing. Every day, there are people helping one another and quietly going about their very loving days. There a people working to create a more environmentally friendly future. There are people working to grow and cook healthier foods. There are people assisting those in need. You are alive, breathing, and have a roof over your head…

Why waste your time giving the darkness your attention?

Some of you will argue with us. You have been deeply programmed to believe that your outer world has power over you. This is an almost universally accepted misconception.

You feel you have to “be aware” of what is going on “out there.” However dear ones, we reassure you that the way the universe works is purely vibrational and what you set your sights upon is the reality you will experience more and more with each passing day. Shift your focus, shift your life.

The concept is simple. However, because you have brains that have been programmed  to “watch out”and “be informed” it may take some time and effort to shift your focus towards better realities.

You can start in small ways, until you develop the ability to focus more consistently on thoughts that make you happy.  Focus on all that is working in your lives, all that is good, and all that is there to appreciate and enjoy.  No matter what your heath, finances, or state of mind, there is always something to be grateful for. There is always something good to notice. As you shift your attention more and more to the good, you will begin to experience it. As you shift your attention to the abundant universe you will experience it. As you shift your attention to the loving human beings, you will find more and more of them.

We are not asking you to pretend the dark is light. We’re not asking you to say bad behavior is Ok or that you’ll tolerate it in your life for another second. We’re simply saying (in metaphorical terms), “Don’t dignify the devil no matter who it comes through.”

If your news is dark, turn it off. If someone is spouting off with anger and you can’t get away, point a hand to the ground and let it drain off you then turn away without another word. If your bank account (or lack of it) has you in abject terror, look for evidence of an abundant universe. One apple tree can supply an entire neighborhood! People share all the time. “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.”

In truth “what is going on out there” is yesterdays news!  It was created by the vibration of your collective consciousness in the past.  It is a dead energy – an out-picturing of what “was.”  It has nothing to do with what “will be.”  Your vibration in the here and now is what dictates your future.

What is going on “in here” – within you right here and now – is creating your tomorrow.

Choose to focus upon that which gives you delight and joy. If you see something you do not like, immediately use that to focus on what you would like. You don’t like the deceit, manipulations, and greed in the world, so imagine a reality where people feel safe to be honest, and abundant enough to live in integrity. You don’t like unkindness so imagine a world where people treat one another with love and respect. You don’t like feeling lack so focus on what it would feel like to feel abundant.

These so-called “fantasies” are blueprints for your future, and open you to receive guidance that will help you get there!

Dear ones, we have only one news “channel” in our hearts and it is always “Good news.”We have faith in you. We know that even a small fraction of awakened human beings focusing on a bright, happy, abundant and kinder future can affect the whole world.

You already have!  What has one been hidden is being revealed to be healed. We see the children coming in with a passion for creating a better world. We know that no matter what things look like now, you and your world are evolving into a much greater and more beautiful light.

You can change your own life by focusing on all that is good right here, right now. As you do so, you give yourself, and the world, the gift of a new and brighter future! 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

We know that almost each and every one of you have been through excruciatingly painful circumstances.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Open your hearts to receiving the love that is all around you Breathe. Imagine your heart opening as a flower opens to the sun. It is in a state of open heartednes that you can receive all the gifts and guidance life has to offer.

Your world may be in a state of unrest, but always there is love. Your relationships may be kind or contentious but always there is love. Your bank account may be plentiful or sparse but always there is love. Your job is simply to keep your hearts open and look for love. “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.”

Think of all the wonderful ways Life is loving you right this very moment! You have the the sun shining upon you. You have food upon your table. You have inspiring books to read and programs to watch. You have birds to serenade you with their love songs each morning and night. Love abounds!

Look for love and you will see it shining forth through every natural phenomena and through every open heart.Nature herself is pure love. Your animals and babies are pure love. The open hearted upon your planet earth are allowing Divine love to pour through them. When you open your heart, and choose to love yourself, you allow a steady river of love to pour into your own life.

Can you go look into the mirror in the next few minutes and say to yourself, “I am lovable. I am loved. I AM LOVE.” You are nothing less.

We know that almost each and every one of you have been through excruciatingly painful circumstances.You have suffered loss, rejection, unkindness, and even abuse. You have been disillusioned, threatened and betrayed. However, you have also been LOVED, deeply, gloriously loved, if not by humans, by angels, by God, and by life itself.

When life is unkind make a determination to breathe through it and keep your heart open. Choose to love yourself. Pray to see the innocence of the others involved, for all souls, no matter how unevolved are simply trying to find love.The “un-evolv-ed” are those who continue to feel “un-love-d.”The ones that hurt you are hurting inside. Don’t join them.

People can inspire great pain in you when they cut themselves off from the source of love. But you have to ask yourself the courageous questions,“Where was I not loving myself? Where was I not being honest with myself? When did I ignore my guidance, stop communicating deeply, or refuse to walk away?” How did I break my own heart? How did I betray myself? How did I allow this to occur?”

Although it may be hard to see, in every painful situation, at some point prior, you received guidance, intuition, red flags, or signs that communication or a course-correction was in order. We in the heavens are always trying to steer you towards joy and away from pain. Rather than blaming yourself for missing the signs, take heart! You have learned.

Whether you feel joyous or heartbroken, love is here. Whether you feel rich or poor, love is here! Whether your world is stable or shaky love is here! Love is the eternal reality beneath the ephemeral circumstances of your life!

Dear ones, open your hearts right here and now. Sit. Breathe. Receive our love.Your earth is a tough school indeed, but if you are willing to remain open to Love, it is there for you in every single breath.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, June 23d, 2018

Many of you have been experiencing cataclysmic growth these past few weeks.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you have been experiencing cataclysmic growth these past few weeks. You are being freed from the burdens of your past, the emotions you’ve stuffed, and the reasons you felt you couldn’t entertain your own dreams. Some of you are repeating old patterns just to look at them one last time. Whatever was lurking in your depths is coming up. The old is burning away to make room for new life. Mother earth is growing! So are you.

As your planet purges herself once again of old energies and the frequencies that the human race refuses to feel, she is also bringing new truth, greater authenticity, and new life from her depths. You may feel this movement quite strongly as sudden bursts of emotion you thought you were done with, periods of dizziness, and if you are willing to sit quietly in the presence of the Divine and your angels – periods of increasing love, connection, and euphoria.

You are inseparable from your beautiful home there upon the earth. You are part of her ecosystem. What you feel she feels. What she feels, you feel. Here is how you can weather these changes with greater grace and love…

  • If you find yourself erupting in sadness or anger, breathe. Anything you’ve stuffed is coming up for examination. What is it you can no longer pretend is OK in your life? What must you do? What must you say to kindly and lovingly remain in integrity with your own spirit? Set yourself free.
  • If others erupt around you, do your best to clear the energies (ground yourself, journal, breathe deeply) and then remain compassionate. They too are bringing up old pains to be healed. Pray for them. Help set them free.
  • If you find old feelings “bubbling up” acknowledge them. Perhaps you’ve tried not to feel something – a desire to explore a new interest, a sense of unrest about something you’d rather not see, a desire for a relationship when you thought you were fine alone or a desire for alone time when you thought you wanted companionship. Your feelings are your guidance. Honor them.
  • Perhaps you’ve been feeling a need to purge your belongings, your activities, or even your relationships. Honor this. You are all being called to greater authenticity.
  • Perhaps you feel a strong draw to explore something new. Honor it if it is consistent with your ideals. Beware if it is not. What you are drawn to magnetically is your path of greatest growth. Growth can be joyful or painful depending upon your willingness to be honest with yourself.

Dear ones, while these energies may seem confusing, disruptive, and not always easy to weather, if you surrender to the truth bubbling up within you and stay connected to the Divine, you will experience the birthing of a beautiful new light in your life. Birth is a messy process, but new life is always beautiful.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels