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The truth is a lot of positive events are happening now on Earth, and nobody is talking about it. This is going to change in the near future.

July 11, 2021


I am representing the Blue Avian Civilization, I come in peace to introduce myself and my race. My name is Tear-Eir. We are peaceful beings, who believe in Prime Creator’s statement that we are all One.

We are humanoid covered with indigo blue feathers over our bodies. We are from 7th and higher dimensions. Our Masters are multi-dimensional beings of the 12th density. We are slim and 8 feet tall. Our favorite form of communication is telepathic, we also have developed our own language, and we can communicate with sign language by using one hand.

We visited Earth a couple billions years ago. We like to move around and not to stay too long in one place. My civilization evolved from small little birds and became advanced both in spiritually and technologically. Our spacecrafts are huge the size of a full planet with the look of a round sphere. When we are stationed with our ship, no one can get through to us, especially the Negative Forces, we purposely block all of the portals in the area.

I am a peacemaker, so I travel to many different Galaxies, Universes and Star Systems and participate in meetings to keep peace in the Cosmos. Not every race wants peaceful coexistence like the Orions, Archons, Reptilians and etc., who love to destroy and enslave other civilizations.

We work closely with Pleiadian High Council, Galactic Federation of Light and many other Alliances. The Masters do their best to share our wisdom with other races. It’s important for us to spread our beliefs of living in harmony and peace with other beings. I like to use teleportation to see my students as I am 12th dimensional Master.

When humanity moves to 5th dimension, we have in the plans to come and visit your planet and share with you our enlightenment and knowledge. Each of you is a creator and can create your own future, and you don’t need anyone to tell you how, as you are multidimensional beings on the verge of creating a New Earth.

We recommend for you to use your own discernment about, what is the best for you as too many in your reality are trying to confuse and distract you from your real purpose of making Heaven on Earth. With each passing moment the veil is becoming thinner and thinner, and nobody is going to be able to hide the truth anymore from humanity.

The time is going to arrive when the ones, who mistreated and lied to you, are going to pay their dues for everything, they have done to the Human Civilization. All of the secrets hidden from the humankind are surfacing right now. The Dark Entities are starting to run without looking back. The truth is a lot of positive events are happening now on Earth, and nobody is talking about it. This is going to change in the near future.

I am grateful to Universal Channel for letting me speak to all of you today. Thank you.

The truth is in front of You.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Queen An-Ra via Erena Velazquez | June 16, 2021

June 16, 2021


I am Queen An-Ra, from the Grand Council of New Earth Council, which was formed last year. I removed the council members in our realty and in your reality from Alliance, who were working on behalf of the Negative Entities trying to jeopardize the progress with Disclosure and Ascension.

The truth that was hidden for a long time is starting to surface to the general population. The Darkness as usual tries to manipulate with your Media the humankind and some Light community by hiding information about the secret tunnels built globally under cities in every country.

They have been changing your reality daily with their hidden agenda and portraying themselves as elite beings, who are in charge of your planet. These entities brainwashed everyone for a very long time, so well that no one ever questioned or doubted that you were living in a false world.

Each day, I see that more and more of you are realizing the truth by seeing, what is going on around you. The Illuminati, Anunaki, Reptilians, Orions and others have been playing Gods thinking that it’s okay to torture and sacrifice kids, allowed for the Secret Space Program to be hidden from the humanity by saying that there are no other life in this Milky Galaxy or Universe, and they deprived you from prosperity and health.

These corrupted souls conducted themselves by violating Universal Laws and Codes left and right. They felt being untouchable and superior, and forgot one very important fact that no one can abuse others without eventual consequences. We all have a free will, and it’s not permitted to violate and force on someone their rules, which are not in compliance with basic right to live freely in the truth.

The Darkness never allowed for the human beings to flourish by being nurtured and happy. They are going to pay dearly for their crimes. Some of them already paid by being captured and put in jail. I personally removed many members from the council and Alliance, who were trying to slowdown and disrupt our progress in assisting Mother Earth during the transition to the Golden Age.

My daughter is going to take my responsibilities of leading the Egyptian Civilization, this is why Anubis built a new fleet, as it will be needed in the near future for different upcoming missions. On Earth she will proceed as the ambassador and overlook globally the construction of Light Centers. These centers are gong to play a key role in the intergalactic communication and interaction between humans and civilizations from the Cosmos. Also, they will provide healing technologies for the Earth inhabitants.

Our plan is only to assist your world, the majority of the load of work will fall on your shoulders. You are going to learn and understand, what it means to build the civilization from scratch and make it prosper and shine with Light and Love. Many of us are going to help and teach you, on how to become an independent and a free society without being controlled and manipulated by the controllers.

The Light always wins against the Darkness. Just trust and have faith that happy times are ahead for all of you. I am Queen An-Ra, and I am going to leave you in Peace and Light.

It was my pleasure to communicate with everyone today, and I am looking forward for more transmissions through this Universal Channel. Thank you.

Create Your Future in the Now.
Queen An-Ra

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Always remind yourself that you are not alone, there are millions of beings, who are supporting the success of this Ascension Event. You can invite them to participate in your group during meditations. They keep sending positive vibrations to help you in the transformation of this beautiful planet.-Sananda-

June 10, 2021

Greetings Light Workers and Light Warriors,

I am Sananda, and I am happy to communicate with my beloved humanity about a few important matters. I daily observe Mother Earth from my ship New Jerusalem, and I also receive briefing all the time about what’s going on your planet Earth.

It saddens me that many of you still listen and follow the news and information, which caries negative energies and full of different types of implants. The news sources and some individuals under the command of Negative Entities continue to spread their propaganda about the possibilities of big scale catastrophic events like the creation of a Black Hole, which can swallow this planet, allow the Luciferians and others to come through it, or make exact copy of Earth with negative polarities.

Let me explain and assure you, dear ones, that this is not going to happen, Ashtar with his fleet together with Alliances are monitoring your world 24/7, and Galactic fleets are not going to allow to transpire any catastrophic incidents, which could destroy the whole Milky Galaxy. Many disastrous occurrences were already prevented by the Galactic Federation of Light with the help from many friendly civilizations.

Your only concern at this moment needs to be on how to stay in high vibrations, which is extremely important in your transition to New Earth. The Light Workers Communities quite often create meditation events, please, when you can participate in them. The Collective Consciousness has been on the rise for a while, and more people are getting awake with each day.

These are deciding and influential times for the transformation of the human civilization. Please, be more selective, on what you are watching, listening and reading, as some sources can be indoctrinated with negativity or implants. The desperation of the Darkness is very high now, because they know very well that their battle is lost.

The Light represents freedom and happiness, and the Darkness is all about destruction and suffering. Always remind yourself that you are not alone, there are millions of beings, who are supporting the success of this Ascension Event. You can invite them to participate in your group during meditations. They keep sending positive vibrations to help you in the transformation of this beautiful planet.

You are stronger then you think, look back and see all of the difficulties you overcame during the countless lifetimes you lived. When your DNA is going to be restored to the original 12 strands, you will stay in these physical bodies for thousands of years without even any need for healing technologies.

After your Ascension, all of you will able to be on Mother Gaia as long as you want without leaving your bodies or you can move around the Universes, Galaxies and Star Systems. The power of being immortal is coming back, which was taken away from humanity by the corrupted souls.

This is not a fairytale, it’s the real truth, just imagine for a second, how wonderful it will be for you living your life without any worries about your health, money and etc. The Golden Age is finally approaching to this planet, which suffered too long. Especially, the Light Community that went through a lot of hardships.

Please, never forget, who you are, the Light, and you came here to save this world from being destroyed. I am Sananda, and it was my pleasure to speak to all of you today. Thank you.

You are the Light and Love

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Plato via Erena Velazquez | June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021


I am Plato the Athenian Philosopher, and I have been asked by Light Beings to speak to humanity today on their behave.

I was born and lived in glorious Athens, Ancient Greece a long time ago. Philosophers from different eras studied my work in written dialogues. I was fortunate and blessed to be born in a wealthy Aristocratic family, and to live until my early eighties of a human life.

Many historians have been fascinated by my name‘s origin of Plato, as my birth name was different. I am originally from the planet Plato a faraway star cluster. I arrived to Mother Earth as one of many other volunteers with the mission to enlighten the population and free them from the control of Dark Entities.

I was able to bring some significant advancements in the Ancient Greece, such as the Platonist school of thought and the first Academy of higher learning institution of Western world and etc. My purpose at this moment is to explain to you how important it is for you to understand, and to see that everything and everyone are connected in the Cosmos.

Light and Love spreads positivity and destroys the Darkness. The negative behavior brings only unfavorable results. A lot of your modern scientists, philosophers and inventors are suppressed emotionally and financially by the Dark Entities. They kept everyone for eons in illusion that there is no existence beyond Earth and that only life is on planet Earth. Also, they controlled all of development and growth of the human civilization.

Numerous planets are resembling and look like Mother Gaia, and some of them got destroyed by the corrupted souls, who first conquer the world they invade, and then they make the whole civilizations go extinct. Same destiny was carefully planned for this planet. Fortunately, the inhabitants here are going to stay safe, as you are protected by the Light Beings from out of space. The Collective Consciousness is also on the rise, and it’s getting close to reaching the critical point needed for Ascension.

In this part of the Galaxy every day millions of ships pass by. Eventuality in the future, the humanities advancement is going to surpass many other civilizations as a result of Starseeds, who carry immense knowledge, experiences and who live here on Gaia. All of you came from different Galaxies, Universes and Star Systems to rescue and save this world.

These negative entities are always trying to confuse and bring negativity to the Light community by sending misinformation on many subjects like that the soul can be switched during your sleep, no one can touch your soul. It’s one with Father, who created everyone, and you can also surround yourself with a special protection by asking Prime Creator. Another example, the Greys are not allowed to enter the Earth orbit, so they don’t have any bases here.

My recommendation please, listen to your soul and you are going to immediately recognize the truth from a lie. I am Plato, and I am delighted to delivery this message to all of you. Thank you.

You are the Knowledge and the Power.

Everything is in place and set up already like your new financial system and your new Republic. All you are waiting for the official announcement of everything.-Anubis via Erena Velazquez –

March 27, 2021


I am Anubis, God of Life, my Queen An-Ra send me here to delivery this message. Please, don’t get confused, your history portrays me incorrectly as God of Death, which is not true.

It has been awhile since my last message. Today, I would like to share with you some information. We are going to land after full disclosure. The Queen’s daughter is going to arrive here, as an ambassador with her Egyptian Fleet to start her work of helping humanity to move forward by building a new prosperous, healthy and a joyful society on Gaia, including helping to set up the Light Centers around the world.

After the Dark Ones are completely removed from your planet, we are planning to assist you with the launching of our technologies, it will speed up your advancement as a civilization.

Meantime, I am building a new Egyptian Fleet to aid the Galactic Federation in defeating the Negative Controllers, their stay has been long overdue on Mother Gaia. It’s time for them to leave and never comeback to this part of the Galaxy ever again. They are banned from many Galaxies and Universes, as they only bring enslavement, misery and torture everywhere they go.

I just want to clarify that I am creating a new spacecraft by using only my consciousness. Our ships are living entities, and we communicate with them telepathically. Each time new ships are created, they are more advanced then the previous ones. As you know by now, the essence of your being keeps evolving that leads to elevation of knowledge, so my civilization constructs unique and highly developed buildings, space vessels and etc.

We assist and build nations who are ready in their stage of evolution. Long time ago, My Queen and I were freely landing on Mother Earth. We built the pyramids in Egypt, and we also had a more advanced version of the pyramids, which we used to land our spaceships on top and beam down safely inside the pyramid without getting attacked. We tried to teach your scientists on how to use our technology. Sadly, we needed to leave as the humankind got influenced and started to follow the Darkness.

Now, humanity as a Collective Consciousness is evolving and moving towards Ascension. We believe that you are ready now to accept our assistance, as you are going to live a new existence without being controlled and suppressed by the Negative Ones.

My look is intimidating for a reason to scare off the attackers, who are always trying to invade us. We are considered to be technologically advanced Galactic Nation, so our planets are desirable for unfriendly societies. Some of them invade or destroy others territories to gain control, so my civilization always continues on developing new technologies.

You probably noticed the time acceleration in your world is moving very fast, in order to help mankind reach quicker a required level of consciousness to speed up the transformation from 3D to 5D. The time is going to continue to move faster and faster, as it’s needed to speed up key events on Mother Terra Christa.

Queen An-Ra and I are daily observing all of the things that are taking place around and on planet Earth right now. Recently, we have been rescuing many humans from other planets and colonies, who were used as slave labor by the Dark Forces. We are keeping all of them on one planet, and letting them recuperate, because most of them are in very poor health. They were forced to work under inhumane conditions. Once they fully recover, we are going to bring them back to Earth after disclosure happens.

Many things are going on behind the scenes globally, like the Alliance is now starting to do the work, what they were supposed to do in the first place, because all of the corrupted members have been removed or arrested by the work of Grand Council Queen An-Ra. They are preparing now to officially launch the Quantum Financial System. Also, the new Republic has been operating for some time now with the support of military. Everything is in place and set up already like your new financial system and your new Republic. All you are waiting for the official announcement of everything.

I am Anubis, and I am pleased to come through this channel and connect with all of you. Thank You.

Be Brave and Fearless

Channeled by Erena Velazquez