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Kat Anonup Update: Juan O Savin and Q The Storm Rider, Winning Bigly!” Saturday, 23 October 2021

We’re about to experience the beginning of the flip.
It’s like the tide changing direction.
There is a specific event
& when that occurs
very shortly here now
it won’t be real until that event for many people.
But that event is so stark
& so precise
that THEN people will understand
that the other side CAN be gotten
& is about to ALLLLLLLL be taken down.
So it’s that FIRST DOMINO.
You could make the case that
in the last 5-years
somebody’s been putting together huge groups of dominos.
So you’ll see one section go down
& then the last domino
hits a little line to another section somewhere else
that starts that group & that all goes down over there.
A lot of people are of the opinion it’s all over in a day.
It’s just not the case here.
This is going to go over months.
It will certainly be a morale boost
[for Patriots]
but it’s not just a feel-good thing
it’s a very precise marker within that group of markers
that goes down pretty quickly.
It’s an indicator to everybody that
the war’s on
but we’re on the winning team.
And then you’re gonna have
winning here,
winning there,
winning somewhere else.
And all of those things happen over these remaining months
in a very dramatic fashion till March [’22.]

Increase in military activity

Do not panic, do not be scared , unless you work of course against humanity’s best interests. It has to go through this way for the highest good for all.

Remember: “War” is for the purpose of declaring martial law. Declaring martial law is for the purpose of announcing the fall of the cabal and the return of the Republic.

No need to worry. This is what we’ve been waiting for. (Steve Beckow)

Military action across planet to move to second phase.

Increase in military activity now given green light.

Increase in military activity (

Red October

The take down of social media beginning by Facebook, instagram and What’s up has begun ,it seems it is back today but things are now moving forward as We are entering now the next phase. To all of you reading this i wish Strength holding the space for all our sisters and brothers.

Urgent – Social media down over 75% of planet.

Don’t panic white hat operation.

Be calm.

There will be no real war.

This is the actions that so many of you have waited for.

I warned during my last podcast.

I gave the dates so hopefully you have all prepared.

Unless the plan changes dramatically, expect US and U.K. to lose all communication soon.

Some extra intel by Queen Of Canada : Romana Didulo who is real as a heart attack 😉 Enjoy! and join Feel More Than Fine channel too :

My Dear Fruitcakes,
Please make sure you are using the Telegram App from, not the App from Google..

Dear Fruitcakes,
To translate my posts to any language…You can use this online translator below.

Queen Romana, I am concerned that I wont be able to understand the 8 hour video that will show once the ebs has begun, will it have subtitles? Those of us that are deaf are concerned we will miss out

Whitehats Operations –
Stay calm 😁
80% of the world has no Social Media / Internet Communications…Expect to loose communications in US and UK too and the rest of the world.

IF you cannot comment- it’s fine…Telegram is overloaded probably with everyone coming over 😊

Remain calm 😊 this is what you’ve been asking for…And, I have prepared you for it…👸☝️🙏

When the Pissositos use Social Media to scare Canadians and Patriots around the World about Martial Law and turning them against their own Military and Special Forces…
Expect a Whitehat response…Capisce?

Now you know that even if Schiltz Book and all of their Major Social Media Holdings go down.. #Telegram and #Signal would be up and running 🤣😂

I wonder how many millions Schiltz Book users migrated to Telegram and Signal, today? 😎

Who arranged these Social Media Funerals, today ? 😂🤣

80% of the World experienced today what it is like not to have Social Media. Training Session day 1? 🤣

alm down my Dear Fruitcakes…
The truth is – there are millions of people addicted to Social Media for years…

Shutting it down permanently all in one go will push so many people off the edge. Just like when Drug Addicts or Alcoholics go through withdrawal stage…
So, stop all that pouting 😂

Training Session for both sides.
The ones who are still sleeping and the ones who are awake…

How many of you who are awake went to someone and said, I told you so?
Not supposed to…👽

Did you have Friends, Family Members or Co-workers message you to ask what was happening?

How many of you are aware that Schiltz Book users (1.5 billion) data were made public (dumped) on the Internet today?

Welcome to all of you 62,099 Patriots (and counting). Glad you found 👸 @romanadidulo, Channel. God Bliss You all ☝️🙏

Yes. This Channel @romanadidulo, has had an average of 1,000 subscribers join daily, in the last 4 days.

Thank you God very much for the full blissings. And so it it ☝️🙏

Isn’t incredible to witness real Patriots resilience? The 👸 @romanadidulo Channel continues to grow despite the efforts of the FakeTriots, PAY_Triots, Controlled Oppositions, DeepState / Cabal’s minions, and the egocentric bunch who have sabotaged our Go Fund Me, efforts for the BC Fire Victims…The criminals, corrupt and evil cannot withstand the work of light beings…

You see – when you donate via Go Fund Me, they have records of who made the donation (full name, credit card, email, etc) even if it is $5.00 😊

Plus, their mainstream media global efforts to discredit my work and person…

And, all those low vibe videos and tik tok created by several men from #Alberta, #Quebec and #Ontario… I know all that and more…

By the way, thank you, I have all of your information..

It’s high time for, Go Fund Me, to have change in Management- Me Thinks 🤔

Now, they (Pissositos) are shocked 😲 to see I released the Flag and the Seal digital art work to the Public so they can go out and print Flags for themselves or create a business selling the Flag and for Printers from each Province/Territory to print Flags and Seal.

Usually, the Flag is printed by a specific printer at a specific location #monopoly

And, I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo did NOT use my Royal Privilege to choose a printer to monopolize the printing of the Flag and the Seal…

Yes the Pissositos heads just went 🤯🤯🤯

Any guess on which businesses stock crashed or took a dive today?

Who lost $7+ billion dollars (actually close to $10 billion dollars) today?

Can we have you as our Queen worldwide???❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

About Global Emergency Broadcast System and Martial Law.

(pissositos = language use by Queen Romana to describe cabal puppets and their minions…the high ones have already been taken out of the picture )

10-2-21 Romana Didulo, Head of State, Canada
During EBS there won’t be social media except Signal & perhaps Telegram.

When the Movie Marathon begins the whole series goes for 8 hours 3 × a day.

[Kat Note: David Wilcock talked about this last year. Q Team have prepared a presentation during the Blackout period where there won’t be anything available to “watch” except what the Patriots stream on all apps: TV, iPad, laptops, computers, iPhones, etc.

What they have prepared is exactly what I have been hearing about for several years: 8 hours of TRUTH information to be streamed 24/7 for however many days Patriots need.]

Romana Didulo cont.:
EBS preparation check
Clean Drinking Water
Food for family & pets
A few tips in dealing with those in Shock / Trauma.
1) check in with yourself first before helping others

a) ask him / her if they would like something to eat or drink

b) IF no response is given it’s fine
The brain is overloaded & many cannot or won’t talk.

c) If you can, try to get him/her to walk with you for fresh air

3) Expect a range of emotions:
Denial, confusion, anger, blaming, sadness, acceptance, etc.


The Pissositos are in full blown panic mode!
They have their minions circulating videos
portraying Martial Law (Military Rule) as something bad
Martial Law is ONLY bad for Pissositos

During Martial Law
Military & Special Forces are there to take out the Pissositos.

It could mean our Military Personnel
are hunting down Pissositos in your area.

When the Power is cut off at night during Martial Law
IF someone knocks at your door – do not open it –
it could be Pissositos looking for a place to hide.

Let me make this very clear
A bioweapon designed to annihilate
children, women & men on Planet Earth is NOT a vaccine.

[Kat note: The mRNA Gene Modifier masquerading as a vaccine is the bioweapon.]

Romana cont.:

I have mentioned this several times before but as Martial Law and EBS are immanent I’ll mention it again.

These unmarked (no flags) Military Aircrafts/Helicopters/Space Crafts are ours.

These Aircrafts and Military personnel belong to the Alliance “Earth Defense Forces”.

The nonsense narrative about another planet colliding with planet Earth is a Deep State / Cabal fear mongering pornography.

There will be Military Working Dogs with the Special Forces.
If you have some extra dog food or treats
it might be nice to help them out.

10-1-21 Romana Didulo, Head of State, Canada

The Deep State/Cabal are out of ammunition.
Their Nuke briefcases scattered around the world
we have them all & they have been deactivated.

That was their last ammunition –
they threatened to Nuke Planet Earth
if we didn’t negotiate with them.

The Cargo Ships not permitted to dock at your Ports
were boarded & inspected –
for hidden Nukes, Adrenochrome, cocaine,
trafficked Children, women & men from around the world, etc.

Please do a final check for your EBS preparation.
-Clean drinking water
-Non-perishable food (canned, dried, crackers, nuts, dried fruit)
-cash (no power no ATM)
-Food for family & 4 legged Family
-Cooking stove or BBQ to cook your food without electricity
-Warm clothes (no heat in the house)
-Toilet Paper for 30 days supply max

Don’t be popping that pop-corn while you’re waiting
it’s for EBS yes, not before


10-2-21 Whiplash347
WW3 Scare Scenario.
All Lights off.

____________________If you wish to read more from this blog go here

Gene Decode on Afghanistan

“The Afghanistan Taliban was backed by the Alliance. They are NOT evil and have not killed anyone. They have placed the ISIS-K terrorist that was informed by Biden Administration to have a kill list, and set off two bombs that killed 131 people in Kubal. The truth is that the Taliban burned all the Opium fields and it the first country in the world that has NO DEEP STATE in control of their Country!!

“From the DoD: Because of the GESARA implementation on Wed 25 Aug related to the global RV release, the Rockefeller Deep State / CIA struck back with the Afghan twin suicide bombers at the Kabul Airport on Thurs. 26 Aug that killed 13 US military personnel, wounded 18, and killed 95 innocent Afghanis who were working with the USA. Unfortunately, the fake Biden admin people shared Intel with the Taliban that produced a virtual “kill list” for Deep State ISIS-K forces as reported to Gregg Jarrett by military sources.

“Trump destroyed ISIS and locked up the remaining terrorists at the Bagram Airport. Biden’s Military abandoned Bagram, allowing the Taliban to release the ISIS terrorists. ISIS then became ISIS-K and attacked Kabul Airport, killing Americans and Afghans. The Afghanistan collapse has signaled world nations to abandon the Petro Dollar and cut off a main supplier of illegal drugs, guns and child sex trafficking across the globe.

“Afghanistan is the first liberated country with NO Deep State players in the government. They declared all masks and mandates done, as soon as the good Taliban took over. They burnt all the Opium fields. The real reason the Deep State America was in Afghanistan was the opium, controlled by the CIA rats. The Intel they gave they have fled to Switzerland in a DUMB’s, near the CERN headquarters and a country in South America. I was told that the “Rods of God” might be used to destroy these DUMB’s or has been. American left 85 billion of the equipment, the Alliance plan to give the Good Taliban to fight and jail ISIS-K. The CIA is being shut-down, thank GOD!!

“The Three Gorges Dam has been totally disabled and does NOT produce electricity, even the 27 nuclear reactors that are underneath. The evil human experiments are cleaned out and the Adrenochrome processing. The 3GD may NOT be taken down, in light that the only thing left is the massive computer for the Bit Coin is there, and in Alliance hands, 52% of the Bit Coin mining.

Weather Wars, Storms: The Deep State has lost the ability of the HAARP but still can seed clouds and form severe weather. Ida was formed from the Africa continent, and was timed to be in New Orleans the same as many major storms in years past. They cannot influence as much, the Sierra Dust from the deserts does NOT allow the storms to be as large.”

Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 3, 2021 | Operation Disclosure Official

Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) of a COVID-19 body.

Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) of a C—OVI___D-1__9 body. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but rather as a bacteria that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by clotting in the blood. It was found that Covid-19 disease causes blood clots, which leads to blood clotting in humans, and causes blood to clot in the veins, making it difficult for a person to breathe; Because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly. To find the cause of the shortage of respiratory power, doctors in Singapore did not listen to WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on COVID-19. After doctors opened and carefully examined the arms, legs and other parts of the body, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and filled with blood clots, which impeded blood flow and also reduced the flow of oxygen in the body causes the death of the patient. After learning about this research, Singapore’s Ministry of Health immediately changed the Covid-19 treatment protocol and gave aspirin to its positive patients. I started taking 100mg and Imromac. As a result, patients began to recover and their health began to improve. Singapore’s Ministry of Health evacuated more than 14,000 patients in one day and sent them home. After a period of scientific discovery, doctors in Singapore explained the method of treatment by saying that the disease was a global hoax, “It is nothing but intravascular coagulation (blood clots) and a method of treatment. antibiotic tablets Anti-inflammatory and Take anticoagulants (aspirin). This indicates that the disease can be cured. According to other Singapore scientists, ventilators and an intensive care unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this purpose have already been published in Singapore. China already knows this, but has never released its report. Share this information with your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends and colleagues so that they can shake off the fear of Covid-19 and realize that this is not a virus, but a bacteria that has only been exposed to radiation. Only people with very low immunity should be careful. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Victims should take Asprin-100mg and Apronik or Paracetamol 650mg. Source: Singapore Ministry of HealthMoved (must read)*Forwarded as received*@NicholasVeniamin

US, Non-Vaxed/Non-Masked/Non-PCR Testing Employment Page by State A to O.

US, Non-Vaxed/Non-Masked/Non-PCR Testing Employment Page by State.

Link to States from letters  A to O,  click here the link below.

Pennsylvania-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Rhode Island-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

South Carolina-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

South Dakota-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Tennessee-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Texas-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Utah-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Vermont-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Virginia-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Washington-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

West Virginia-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Wisconsin-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

Wyoming-Employment non-vaxed/non masked/non PCR tests

🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸  Q 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Q 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Q 🐸🐸

Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don’t play Politics.

HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government of Canada,
Queen of Canada/President of Canada
#WWG1WGA 🙏🇨🇦 🇺🇸  🌎 🐸

Cease And Desist Groups Europe.

Cease and Desist groups are taking over all over the world. We The People are called for action. To know more about it, join your country’s group. This is only for Europe:For Europeans Note: Queen Romana’s main channel is you are not a Citizen of the individual Countries listed below or living in it – please do not join. Links to join:

Albania -Cease and Desist

Austria -Cease and Desist

Bosnia -Cease and Desist

Bulgaria -Cease and Desist

Belgium -Cease and Desist

Cyprus -Cease and Desist

Czechia -Cease and Desist

Croatia -Cease and Desist

Denmark -Cease and Desist

Estonia -Cease and Desist

Finland -Cease and Desist

France – Cease and Desist

Greece – Cease and Desist

Germany – Cease and Desist

Hungary -Cease and Desist

Ireland -Cease and Desist

Italy -Cease and Desist

Kosovo -Cease and Desist

Latvia -Cease and Desist

Lithuania -Cease and Desist

Luxembourg -Cease and Desist

Malta -Cease and Desist

Macedonia- Cease and Desist

Montenegro -Cease and Desist

Norway – Cease and Desist

Netherlands -Cease and Desist

Poland -Cease and Desist

Portugal- Cease and Desist

Romania -Cease and Desist

Slovenia -Cease and Desist

Slovakia – Cease and Desist

Serbia -Cease and Desist

Scotland – Cease and Desist

Spain – Cease and Desist

Sweden – Cease and Desist

Switzerland -Cease and Desist

Turkey -Cease and Desist

UK – Cease and Desist

Ukraine – Cease and Desist

🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Q 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Q 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Q 🐸🐸🐸🐸

Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.I don’t play Politics.

HRH Romana Didulo, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada, Queen of Canada/President of Canada #WWG1WGA🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎🐸

Telegram: Contact @romanadidulo

T.METelegram: Contact @romanadidulo

Trump Time Travel Miracle Explained



1 Trump Time Travel Miracle Explained REMASTERED (1 of 7) Jetson White 2 We’ve Got the Magic Wand REMASTERED (2 of 7) Jetson White 3 How Tesla’s Tech Applies to Humanity’s Future (3 of 7) Jetson White 4 Trump Time Travel Technology (4 of 7) Jetson White 5 The Time Travel Miracle is More Than Q+ (5 of 7) Jetson White 6 Who was John Titor? (6 of 7) Jetson White 7 The Divine Time Travel Operation (7 of 7) Jetson White 8 The Tesla / New Yorker Hotel Theory Jetson White 9 Birthday Tribute to Nikola Tesla Jetson White



Military Tribunal Convicts Bill Clinton

Quick note :i usually don’t post most of the changes taking place, focusing rather in creating the new .And since for the moment we are in a period of eager anticipation /creation and in the name of all 8 million + abducted children on our planet this article reflects the changes happening behind the scenes as we speak :

Military Tribunal Convicts Bill Clinton – Real Raw News

Radical action about medbeds & travelling restrictions begins from Canada to Global.

Hey maybe i am wrong about sharing all that information…it is the reason i don’t share much intel…well we shall find out soon 🙂

Q & AQ: Queen Romana, will we be placing #Intergalactic_MedBeds_Chambers inside Schools accross the Country?A: Yes. #InterGalactic_MedBeds_Chambers will be installed inside Schools, community Centres, etc.*These #Intergalactic_MedBeds_Chambers technologies were #GIFTED to “The We The People/Humanity long time ago. But, were stolen and hidden by the DeepState/Cabal/ evil fake Royal Families and elected Politicians, to continue their pharmaceutical Industry profiteering.We now have control over these #Intergalactic_MedBeds_Chambers technologies and they are being mass produced for the, “We The People of the World”.*Peace and Prosperity. Or perish

Re: Airlines (Domestic + International)Airlines companies requiring passengers to first be #injected with pharmaceutical industry concocted poison disguised as vaccines or PCR #tested, effective today, are not permitted to land in Canada 2.0 or do Business inside Canada 2.0These Airlines operating business licenses and landing permits in Canada are hereby #revoked with immediate effect.Penalties for violating this Royal Decree is #Five_Billion_Canadian_Dollars ($5,000,000,000.00) #DAILY and will be charged for Crimes Against Humanity.

Re: Cruise Ships (Domestic + International)Cruise Ships companies requiring passengers to first be #injected with pharmaceutical industry concocted poison disguised as vaccines or PCR #tested, effective today, are not permitted to dock in Canada 2.0 or do Business inside Canada 2.0These Cruise Ships operating business licenses and docking permits in Canada are hereby #revoked with immediate effect.Penalties for violating this Royal Decree is #Five_Billion_Canadian_Dollars ($5,000,000,000.00) #DAILY and will be charged for Crimes Against Humanity.

.I don’t play Politics.HRH Romana Didulo, @romanadiduloHead of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada,Queen of Canada#WWG1WGA🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

Dear We The People Message on Telegram through Romana Didulo.

Dear “We The People” of the #World,Please, read these slowwwwwly.👇1) We control, the #Vatican2) We control, #London (no more fake UK Royals)3) We control, #DC4) We control, #QFS (new banking system)5) We control, the #Internet (new system)6) We control, the #Satellites (new system)7) Our #Military is with us!😎 We control, the #media (new system)9) We control #pharmaceutical industry (bye bye)10) We control, everyyyyyyything, everyyyyyyything, did you hear #everyyyyyyything!!?? 😂Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

HRH Romana Didulo,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada,Queen of Canada#WWG1WGA🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

Dear Canada 2.0 🇨🇦

Re: #UNTroops in Canada = #FakeNews 👈

There are #Zero UN Forces in Canada.

The Military Aircrafts you see landing/departing are:

1) #US Special Forces Aircrafts

2) #Global Allied Special Forces Aircrafts

3) #Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces (unmarked = no flags) Aircrafts

4) IF, you see #unique Aircrafts -they are our #InterGalactic Federation Allied Special Forces.

They are in Canada per my prior informed written consent.

~Peace and Prosperity~

HRH Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
Queen of Canada

#WWG1WGA 🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🌎

Greek strawberries “made in Bangladesh”

I thought i share with you this article to show what really takes place behind the scenes of the fruit and vegetables markets that are not ethic/organic certificated…I always buy my foods at shops that offer organic and ethic quality, it may cost a little more but i know i am respecting all those that participate in bringing these foods on my table and one can truly feel the taste of these foods as when something is produced with love and care it reflects that and when it is not like in the conditions described here, well the energy is something else. Always buy organic and ethic ,even if you must eat less.



The shops along the main road of Lappa, a small village in the northwestern Peloponnese, differ from the shops you’d find in other provincial areas in Greece. The signs on the few shops − cafes, souvlaki joints, bakeries − written in Greek, intermingle with other shop signs that are written in Bengali.

There’s a restaurant serving Bangladeshi food and a clothing shop. There’s a mini market where you can find everything from groceries to mats, blankets, fans, next to packaged products, all of which are made in Bangladesh. The shop owners, who are from Bangladesh, are well aware of the needs of their consumers: the community of thousands of their fellow migrant land workers, who live in the area and work in the strawberry fields.

Sometimes, they meet these consumer needs in imaginative ways, combining various products and services. The clothing store also sells tools and spare parts. Inside the mini market, a separate area has recently been created behind a wooden structure – a barber shop. A haircut costs €5 and a shave is €2, thus providing the owner with an additional income. “When I told my accountant what I wanted to do, he laughed, but he told me it was possible,” he says.

Two death announcements in Bengali

Three men sit in plastic chairs in front of the shop. One watches a cartoon on his phone, another sips an energy drink with a straw. Next to them, on a pole next to the shop front, two death announcements in Bengali have been posted.

The first one says that Odan Mahmad Rajun committed suicide on March 21, 2021. The second one announces that twenty days earlier, Amin Mia (amin means beloved) died of a heart attack. Amin Mia had recently come to Greece to work, like all of his compatriots. And like most of his compatriots, he was undocumented.

It is estimated that four to five Bangladeshis die here every year. Each time, members of the community and the embassy in Athens organize the repatriation of the bodies − a journey of more than 6,500 kilometers.

The “distortion” of the population in Manolada

There are people, in all regions of Greece, who fear that local populations will become “distorted” by the arrival of refugees and immigrants. There is one area, however, where this “distortion” has already occurred, but it is a welcome change and for years it has become a necessary one. This area is Manolada.

“Manolada” refers to the broader area in the prefecture of Ilia in the Peloponnese, about 40 kilometers west of Patras, which includes the villages of Manolada, Nea Manolada, Neo Vouprasio, Lappa, and Varda. The most recent census in Greece took place in 2011. At that time, Manolada had a population of 844, Lappas 1,000, and Neo Vouprasio 128. But the actual number of people living in the area is much higher.

As we drive along the road that connects the villages, we arrive at Nea Manolada. Although it’s Sunday morning, there’s not much traffic at the church in the center of the village, rather all the activity is outside the neighboring betting shop, where a group of men of Indian descent are gathered, with betting slips in their hands.

Next to the Greek shops, the abandoned village houses and the two-story dwellings with large yards – a community has developed, people who live in dilapidated farmhouses and makeshift camps, well-hidden from the main streets.

They mostly live without papers, undocumented, invisible to the Greek state. Like Ali.

Manolada’s “red gold”

Although his soft voice, facial features and body type suggest that he may be much younger, Ali tells Solomon that he’s 17 years old. In 2004, when Ali was born, strawberries in Manolada were among the many products cultivated in the area and there were 1,200 stremmata (approx. 300 acres) of strawberry fields.

The reason the teenager from Bangladesh and up to 10,000 migrant workers have come to the area is that in past decades, strawberry production has increased rapidly. In 2012 covered 12,000 stremmata (approx. 3,000 acres) and is currently estimated to have exceeded 15,000 stremmata (approx. 3,750 acres).

Manolada cultivates more than 90% of the total strawberry production in Greece, which is almost entirely available for export. In a recent report, one of the major producers in the region, Giannis Arvanitakis, refers to an “exclusively exportable product” adding that “only 4% of production” is slated for the Greek market.

“Red gold” – the term coined by the Greek prime minister at the time, George Papandreou − refers to an industry worth tens of millions of euros which is constantly growing. According to the Union of Fruit & Produce Exporters, every year the region’s strawberry exports break the record of the previous year.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, when producers were forced to discard part of their product, as it could not be exported, strawberry exports generated 54,967 tons (worth €71.7 million), which was an increase from 2019, at 45,178 tons (€55.4 million).

In 2021, production and exports are expected to exceed that of the previous year. And producers estimate that by 2025, ​​strawberry fields in the area will cover 25,000 stremmata (approx. 6,200 acres).

Greek strawberries by Bangladeshi workers

It is estimated that the integral reason for the success of the strawberry industry is the dam on the Pineios River, which makes the soil of Manolada so fertile. Another key component is the cheap labor.

Until about 15 years ago, in Manolada, the labor force consisted of Albanian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Egyptian land workers. Since then, while a small number of mostly Bulgarians and Romanians still arrive at the beginning of each season, the vast majority of land workers are Bangladeshis and to a lesser extent, Pakistanis.

The relationship that has been established between the strawberry production and the labor force that ensures it, has become so well-connected that the majority of Bangladeshi land workers in Manolada come from the same city, Sylhet, which is located in northeastern Bangladesh.

In recent years, Solomon has visited Manolada several times, and has covered, among other topics, the challenges that thousands of land workers faced during the pandemic.

During our visits, we discovered the existence of “second generation” land workers. For example, young men who came to Manolada to join their fathers who have been working in the region for years, or cases like Ali who came to find his uncle, after he told him that “there’s work to be found here” (but Ali didn’t meet him after all, as the uncle moved on to Italy).

Bangladeshis are much cheaper than their Balkan predecessors, as they are content with a daily wage of €24 for a seven-hour workday, compared to €35-€40 for other nationalities.

In addition, their body type and relatively short height are considered ideal for both sowing and harvesting strawberries. Moreover, another factor is their mild temperament and status in the country: they are considered “quiet” and they “don’t create problems”. As most are undocumented, their fear of being deported or arrested causes them to not react as a community.

The strawberry industry employs both highly skilled land workers, who may have more than ten years of experience, as well as newcomers who head to Manolada as soon as they cross the border. The season starts at the end of September and ends in late June. At its peak, after December, it is estimated that up to 9,000 land workers, work six days a week in the greenhouses. The housing conditions in which most of them live are no different than the greenhouses where they work.

The camps of Manolada

The camps are scattered among vast strawberry fields. They consist of about a dozen makeshift shelters constructed using reeds for the base and frame. The “walls” are made with the same plastic sheets (used for the greenhouses), reinforced with blankets.

Bangladeshi land workers speak little Greek, only what they’ve learned through work. However, they’ve learned the Greek word that describes where they live: parāges or “shacks”.

In the camp we visited, more than 100 people were living in dozens of makeshift shelters. Most sleep on pallets, in two rows on either side of the space. With so many people living in such a small space, it is impossible to follow social distancing rules. In the spring, the heat inside the shacks is stifling, and the fans which are constantly working, are run on makeshift connections to power sources.

In most parts of the camp, the smell is also suffocating, as the toilet is simply a hole in the ground. There is no running water and those who live in the camp must wash outdoors; thus in winter they are often sick, and if unable to work, they don’t receive their daily wages.

Two stalls act as kitchens and there are four water tanks sheltered under a canopy. There’s a makeshift mosque, where some of the workers go each afternoon after work, in clean clothes, to pray.

The necessary system of “masturs”

Kasef has been in Greece for a year. He crossed the Greek-Turkish border at the Evros River, and as he traveled inland, he was caught by the authorities and detained for 15 days at a police station. He was then held for three months in Drama, at the Pre-Removal Detention Center of Paranesti.

He has received a letter urging him to leave the country within a month and has applied for asylum. Kasef says he has been wearing the same pants since he arrived in the country and complains that because he is Pakistani, he receives less pay than the others.

“There is very little work,” he says. If Kasef was in Greece a few decades ago, he would’ve spent his days wandering the fields asking for work. If he was in a northern European country, he might have turned to an employment agency.

But not in Manolada. Here, land workers don’t have a strong tie to their employers − they often don’t even know their employer’s full name, perhaps only their first name, if it’s even their actual name. Land workers in Manolada rather build relationships with the masturs, who act as mediators between workers and producers, and in the camps where the workers live.

The masturs or commanda are their compatriots. Usually, they’re people who’ve been living in Manolada for years, who started out as land workers, can speak some Greek, and have gained the trust of the producers. They no longer work in the fields. During the day, they can be found at the village mini-markets sipping energy drinks or ordering supplies for the camp, which are purchased on credit and always paid in full at the end of each month.

“It just can’t be done without the mastur

The masturs maintain close ties with local producers. When the season is over, they don’t travel to other areas like the other workers, but they remain in Manolada to help with other work.

A small producer in the area, who agreed to speak to Solomon on the condition of anonymity, stated that the mastur is crucial for the operation of the industry, “without the mastur it just can’t be done,” he said.

He employs about 20 land workers in his fields, he explained, and he can recognize about half of them. He only knows a few of their names. And he is unable to coordinate and communicate with them on his own. He simply tells the mastur how many people he needs, and the mastur takes care of the rest – he goes to the camp and gathers the needed workers.

The mastur is given all of the workers’ wages and at the end of the month he distributes the money to them, keeping €1 per day of the €24 per day which each person receives. However, in recent years some mastur in Manolada ask their compatriots for €100-€200 at the beginning of the season to find them a job, causing their indignation.

It is extremely rare for land workers living in the same camp to work for the same employer. During the season, depending on the needs and the available daily wages, they can be employed by more than one producer − always through the mediation of the mastur.

€40 rent for a plastic tent

The land workers are obliged to pay €30-€40 per month in rent to the mastur, money that usually goes to the owner of the field. However, when we told the small producer who spoke to us that every migrant living in the camp on his field is paying rent every month, he replied that he has not received any payment for this.

“Let them just give me money to cover the electricity bill and I don’t want anything else,” he said.

For the owners of fields, where up to 100 people are housed in camps, there is a tax-free monthly income of €3,000. We visited a farm house where there were a total of 65 people living in a shared common space. The residents there pay €30-€40 each per month − a total of about €2,000 per month for living in horrible conditions.

The shooting incident in 2013

The living and working conditions in the area first became widely known in 2007, when a fire in a camp broke out, exposing the crudely-built structures. But the event that brought international attention to the situation in Manolada occurred in 2013.

In April of that year, about 150 Bangladeshi workers, who were employed in the strawberry fields, went on strike and demanded they be paid their back wages. Their employer, Nikos Vangelatos, who had been in the area for a few years but owned a significant percentage of the total production through contract farming, refused to pay them.

When an attempt was made by the employer to hire other land workers to replace them, 150 of the unpaid migrant workers gathered to protest. Their supervisors initially fled, only to return with shotguns. One of the supervisors opened fire, injuring 30 Bangladeshis.

The incident made international headlines, and reports described the industry in Manolada as “blood strawberries”. An international boycott followed. Since then, the strawberries cultivated in the area are no longer promoted as being from “Manolada” (which used to be a mark of a quality product) but rather from “Ilia” (the prefecture where Manolada is located).

The absence of the state

On April 30, 2013, in the aftermath of the attack on land workers, the Regional Council of Western Greece met. After condemning the incident and calling for an investigation of the responsible state authorities, Deputy Regional Head of the Ilia Prefecture, Haralambos Kafiras referred to these “three essential conditions for restoring law and human dignity to the region”:

  • issuing proper documentation to immigrants, so they can live and work legally
  • developing safe and hygienic living conditions
  • protecting the workers’ labor and individual rights

Vassilis Kerasiotis is the lawyer who represented the injured land workers. In 2017, the case was heard in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and the accused supervisor was condemned, in 2019, to a reduced sentence of eight years imprisonment, which can be paid off at €5 per day.

Kerasiotis still maintains strong ties with the region. We asked him if he thinks things have changed in terms of the three essential conditions, in the eight years since the incident occurred.

“These three essential conditions are interrelated. Clearly, the main issue is to regulate their employment status, in a framework of legal seasonal migrant land workers. The rights of legal immigrants are more easily protected than those who are undocumented,” he told Solomon.

“However, this will create a more transparent system, without using mediators in the recruitment of land workers needed for agricultural production.”

“Unlawfulness” by the state

Following the decision of the ECHR, which issued a judgement against Greece for violation of the prohibition of human trafficking and forced labor in the agricultural sector, the Greek state was obliged to comply and ensure decent living conditions for the thousands of migrant land workers.

In order to comply with the ruling of the ECHR, the government created Article 13A of Law 4251/2014, a provision that Apostolos Kapsalis, (a researcher at the Institute of Labor, established by the General Federation of Greek Workers), calls “unlawful”.

Article 13A of Law 4251/2014 includes provisions regarding the “employment of illegally residing third-country nationals in the agricultural sector”, who are allowed to work legally and be insured via worker’s checks.

However, as Apostolos Kapsalis explains to Solomon, “the only way for an immigrant to work under Article 13A and be insured using a worker’s check, is to be ‘deportable’. If he isn’t, he must receive a deportation order against him.”

What does this mean in practice?

“For example,” Kapsalis explains, “someone is in the country illegally. An employer wants to hire him, so the immigrant gets a deportation order against him from the police station. But a suspension of deportation is issued because the employer hires him to work for six months under Article 13A. However, after six months, as soon as his job is completed, the immigrant still has a deportation order pending against him.”

The paradox created by Article 13A is that, until then, the immigrant did not have a pending deportation order which he was forced to obtain in order to be able to work legally for six months.

“Although Article 13A was supposedly introduced in the context of combating forced labor, what remains is still a form of obligation and absolute dependence of the employee on the employer,” says Kapsalis.

A payroll expense or fertilizer?

Certainly it’s in the interest of the workers to be employed and insured via a worker’s check, and it’s no different for the producers.

Since 2015, when the tax code was changed, the expenses related to the payroll of land workers were deducted from a producer’s taxes. Rarely, however, are there enough land workers who can work legally, with credible sources estimating that only one in twenty workers in the greater Manolada region are employed with insurance.

What’s most common is that documented Bangladeshi workers are insured using a worker’s check and also receive the salaries of additional workers, collecting thousands of euros in their account, which they then distribute to their fellow workers.

“They themselves don’t work, that’s their job, but one day the tax office will catch up with them,” said the small producer. He added that not establishing a framework so that land workers can be employed legally has various consequences – tax evasion, lost revenue for insurance funds − and that every year his accountant is forced to seek a solution for his payroll expenses.

In 2020, an investigation by Lighthouse Report in collaboration with Der Spiegel, Mediapart and Euronews, shed light on how producers in the region listed their payroll expenses as “fertilizer” on their annual balance sheets.

According to the balance sheets of the largest producers in the region, on paper, producers appeared to have employed only about six to ten people for each field. But consistent with the workers and given the size of the land, several hundred workers are needed to cultivate each field.

The Convention that was never ratified

One might think that the state should intervene in the case of Manolada, but the truth is that the state, (in addition to a peculiar tolerance for the continuation of the terrible living and working conditions in the region), lacks the legal framework that would actually give it the ability to act.

Although Greece is a country with a large agricultural industry, the state has not created specialized legislation for carrying out labor inspections in agricultural regions.

In 1955, Greece ratified the International Labour Organization’s 81st Labour Inspection Convention on “labour inspection in industry and commerce” and effectively used this to establish and operate the Body of Labor Inspectors (ΣΕΠΕ) in Greece.

However, since 1969, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has recognized that the inspection of the agricultural sector has its own specific features and requirements, and in general has separated the industry from the inspection of the workplace, with a Convention signed in June 1969 in Geneva.

The ILO’s 129th Labour Inspection Convention on “labour inspection in agriculture” provides the overall framework with 35 articles, which stipulate that each country that ratifies the Convention should have a system of labor inspection in agriculture, which will operate under a special department of labor inspectors-civil servants, whose main task will be to inspect working conditions in the agricultural sector.

However, currently Greece has still not ratified the 129th Convention which offers the necessary legal arsenal to combat labor exploitation issues in the agricultural sector. Thus, to date, inspections have not been carried out in the fields, but mainly indoors (packing plants), because the 81st Convention (which Greece has ratified) stipulates that inspections should be carried out in covered areas.

The two previous governments had expressed their intention to ratify the 129th Convention. On July 14, 2017, the Minister of Labor at the time, Efi Achtsioglou, stated that “we are entering the final stages for the completion of the procedures for the inspection of agricultural regions. The unclear legislation and inaction that allowed and tolerated Manolada-type situations is over.” However, four years later, and the 129th Convention has still not been ratified.

It’s either Manolada or a detention center

For the majority of Bangladeshis in Manolada, the reality is very different in relation to what the traffickers had promised them before they arrived in Greece: most still lack the papers they were promised, the wages are significantly lower, and many intend only to stay here until they decide what their next step will be.

Often, those who get papers leave the area; some open their own shop in a city or work as dishwashers in restaurants. However, until they get their papers, in the meantime they prefer to remain here, where they know that the police − who are tolerant of the workers who ensure the region’s production of “red gold” − will not bother them.

They may not know much about Greece, but they know that if they are caught by police somewhere outside of the Manolada area, they may end up in a Pre-Departure Detention Center and they know they could be held there for up to 18 months.

The 65 Bangladeshis we met who were sharing the small farmhouse, showed us videos on their phones of such a detention center in Corinth, of the uprising that followed the suicide of a Kurdish detainee last March.

In the video, young men can be seen shouting at the guards, from behind the barbed wire that restricts their lives for endless months.

The Bangladeshis tell us, “No, it’s better here.”

The article is published in the context of Solomon’s in-depth series of reports on “Migrant workers in Greece in the time of COVID-19 ″ and is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Office in Greece.

Greek strawberries “made in Bangladesh” – Solomon (

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