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this week :we will again focus upon Australia, particularly in sending light energy to Uluru. (aa Michael via sharon)

by Sharon Stewart

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

As we near the revelation of the first hurdle, and all of its consequences befall those who have perpetrated heinous atrocities upon the people of Earth, we move that much closer to the idyllic life that awaits all those upon the planet who have signed up to bring earth forward into its New Age.

This has not been without its delays, dilemmas, setbacks and its worries. But, you, lightworker have stuck it through understanding that the mind creates the matter and with this understanding you have held true to your ideals of the universe and the ideals that should also aid earthlings in their future quest of Light.

Again, we have many areas to choose from where our focus is needed. We asked you last week to focus upon your own country and many of you have done this, and this exercise was for you to understand the fourth dimensional mindset. This mindset is of service to others, yes, but in serving others you also serve yourself as you are included in those that you serve. Many of you understood that in sending Light to your own country, this would help to liberate you further.

It is the same with earth in its entirety, but also the same when you send energy to another country, for we are all One. All of humanity upon earth is a single consciousness and that consciousness in turn is a part of God or Creation. In helping others, you also help yourselves.

With this in mind, we will again focus upon Australia, particularly in sending light energy to Uluru. The native peoples of Australia are under particular attack, and they are the keyholders because they hold the information within themselves that the rest of you need in order to bless the earth again with the grace of a powerful human. They are indigenous to the planet, and many of you are not. When you trace your bloodline back, you will find it is extraterrestrial in nature. Although your bloodlines have adapted to life upon earth, you are still not the first peoples, and those first peoples now need your help.

I bid you please send your love and Light to Uluru.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your father, I am your mentor, I am your Light, we are Legion.


When the system finally does collapse the new one will already be up and running, so there will be little work in order to create a transition. The ones who are going to crash the economic system are you. Not the Alliance, not God – You will do so.

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Light Angelic Warrior Group.

We are nearing a cross point, an apex in the journey of rectifying the wrongs on planet Earth. This cross point will appear slowly within the next couple of months. It involves the crash of the economic system and it will begin to appear to all that it is happening.

When the system finally does collapse the new one will already be up and running, so there will be little work in order to create a transition.

The ones who are going to crash the economic system are you. Not the Alliance, not God – You will do so.

You are wondering how you will do this. You will do this via your thoughts. You understand that there is a new quantum computer system running on the planet, and you believe it is already underway and it is. However there are two systems running concurrently – God’s system and the system of evil. It is a question of which system you invest in, which system you believe in, which system you question as being faulty and which one you see as being more powerful.

Why do you not believe that the process of people waking up on the planet is so important? It is the most important factor in all of this. You are going through an individual experience collectively. This collective must stand on the side of God, the side of goodness, so more and more people continue to wake up.

The key factor in all of this is the mind, not your physical reality. Yes, people continue to struggle within the confines of the old economic system, but their minds seek out a better way of life for themselves and their families. Yes, people watch the news and they are upset with what they are seeing, but their minds are seeking out a better way of life for themselves and their families. Yes, they continue to get masks, perhaps they feel helpless and get inoculated in order to keep their jobs, but all of these things are making them think of a better way for themselves and their families. As they always have done!

The energies incoming now are the better way. These energies will now sync with your minds and what you desire to create. Most people on earth want better for themselves, and now this will be created – because it can be. Restrictions imposed upon your minds in history disallowed for this to happen. Now it can happen because these restrictions have been removed.

That is the difference. It is what your minds want, not what you actually are living right now, that is your future. You all want better for yourselves, and so it shall be.

Know that for many years, eons in fact, while humanity on earth was deposed, their minds asked, begged, prayed and wished for better. It could not happen because of restraints put upon you by the intervenors. Now it can happen because these restraints are gone. Your minds can now resume the task of recreating your world. Keep wanting better for yourselves, and when opportunity is created, take action. The only thing standing in your way now is your belief in the old, so release it. Embrace the new, use your imagination to create goodness for all.

On that note, today’s task will be to focus upon Australia. The original natives are suffering from prejudice and you see now that this is about global genocide. Please focus your Love and Light, your prayers on Australia in general and on these peoples specifically and strengthen them in order to strengthen their minds.

This is all about manifestation, nothing else. This is a battle of the minds – the minds of the demiurge as it seeks to destroy you, and your minds as you seek to find freedom from this scourge.

I am Archangel Michael. I am with you, you are with me, we are powerful, we are Legion.

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: We ask again that you focus your energy this week on your internet. Your means of communication with all others of the planet is being heavily censored and the wayshowers are having trouble lighting the way due to this censorship. You must hold the fort for yourselves to continue. The Light must prevail in your media.


I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.
These are wonderful times we live in. As you can see, the Light is being restored to a planet that had suffered for eons under darkness. In years past, many civilizations suffered from materialism, these civilizations were destroyed and then began again in a new era. Many of you have reincarnated over and over and over again never having learned the number one lesson that there is to learn: You are part of God.
He is in you and you are of Him. When you look at life in these new ways, you will begin to see that nurturing your relationship with Him is your first priority. And in doing this, you incarnate and He gives you opportunity to learn through interaction with others, for they are of God as well. (Unity Consciousness)
The only exception to this are those who have overtaken your planet. Long ago, they fell from the soul matrix as there was not enough Light to bind them to their soul, so they fell away. This left them in need of a food source and that food source became the humans in the galaxy. These ones are now almost gone, sent for recycling back to God.
(I can feel his sadness at having to say this!)
I am sad, Sharon, I am. That so many have sought to put others asunder, those who sought to separate God into pieces they could control. This is evil. Evil is almost gone. This is evil’s last stand as it has been eradicated throughout your galaxy and universe already.
The Lyran wars were the start of it, now the war on Planet Earth will be its end. It is glorious.
Negativity will be allowed to continue to exist but not on an unrestricted planet such as earth. Free will must be reigned in in the third dimension and so it will be done on other third dimensional planets where negativity is permitted. Negativity is a learning tool, but on earth the lessons were too great to be overcome, and the restraints put upon earthlings also too great to bear.

Now this is done.

We ask again that you focus your energy this week on your internet. Your means of communication with all others of the planet is being heavily censored and the wayshowers are having trouble lighting the way due to this censorship. You must hold the fort for yourselves to continue. The Light must prevail in your media.

I am Archangel Michael. I am of God. You are of God. We are Legion.

I leave you with my love, and the love of the Father and Mother.


send your white Light energy into your internet system. -AA Michael through Sharon-

I am Archangel Michael with a new task for the Angel Warrior Group.

This week has been a decisive week in the battle of the Light versus the dark. Much has been carried out with respect to your internet system, including a take down of your Facebook system. Now you are beginning to experience the consequences of the darkness’s control over you as they are being arrested, tried and punished for their evil.

You are seeing first hand through personal experience the beginnings of many changes that will occur upon your planet. Take a deep breath, and prepare for change because your next five years will be rife with changes that you may or may not understand at the outset. We will continue to do our best to serve you in explaining to you the reasons for these changes. With the remission of the dark cancer upon your planet, with their disempowerment, we will be able to speak more directly to you as operations will not be able to be sabotaged by them anymore. When they are finally disempowered, then we will be able to connect more with you and share more with you. You will not be in the dark as you have been.

You have had the opportunity to develop trust in the unseen, and faith in our words. This will help you enormously as you go through your lives. Those who as of yet have no multidimensional contact will be able to understand through others’ words such as this channel’s.

There is an overtake of your computerized system, with shutdowns of various nefarious functions. You will begin to see the restrictions we of the Light are placing upon them and will experience the new freedoms you will regain.

This week’s task is a bit different. We would like you to send your white Light energy into your internet system. Focus on charging your system with the white light of God’s love, and you will feel that you are planting the seeds for many good things to come.

We always work with your approval. We can intervene to change your minds, however your say is the final word.

Me: Yes, the topic of non-interference has come up, and that’s a load of Archon baloney. They ARE allowed to interfere and they have been. However they have to present things to us in such a way that we ultimately “vote” with our free will, yes or no, and that then decides the timeline we’re to go on.

AAM: Please focus on “peace and goodness” when you meditate on the internet system. However you wish to do this is up to you. Many of you are familiar with the frequency of the internet because you use it often, so trust yourself and your inner guidance.

With this I leave you. I am Archangel Michael, your leader, your teacher and a warrior for God’s Light. We are love. We are legion.

I bid you adieu.


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Neutralizing a Timeline-Ashtar via Sharron-

September 16, 2021
Neutralizing a Timeline

They’re a Virus that Invaded the Universe – or God. Any of them that have souls we can live with, but the soulless ones are a virus that we’re getting rid of.
Sharon channeling a personal channeling: “As our timelines go backwards in time, we eliminate the dark threat from our galaxy/universe. We’re erasing everything. If this war never happened, then neither could any of the other invasions. All history in the galaxy will be changed as a result.”
Me: No less than that, eh, Ashtar?
Ashtar: Correct, Sharon. No less than that.
Me: So when this last war is won, then the entire universe will go back to another timeline, the timeline that we were all on before the Draconians showed up in our universe? It will be as if it never happened. This isn’t just about earth returning to the Lyran timelines, it’s about the entire galaxy returning to a timeline of relative peace. Peace without the dark marauders, anyway.
Ashtar: Yes, that’s true Sharon.
Me: For some reason, that seems weird.
Ashtar: It is not as if we won’t remember the lessons we were taught, we will. And we can always re-experience these lessons by stepping back into that timeline. This timeline will not be destroyed – it will always exist within the universal time matrix.
Me: It’ll still be active? It won’t be destroyed?
Ashtar: Let’s call it neutralized. It will be harmless and only serving a purpose of instruction.
Me: But that will change everything!
Ashtar: Yes, it will.
Me: Are you sure this is for the best?
Ashtar: We are sure.
Me: How can you know this?
Ashtar: We can jump timelines, Sharon. You are already doing it yourself. We know what will happen when there are no Draconians or Archons in the universe. This virus will be eradicated on timelines that will allow for normal development of humanity in the galaxy.
Me: How will that look for the people of earth who are only just learning about these beings?
Ashtar: It will be a memory but you must understand that when you are multi-dimensional, you have any number of memories to chose from, and many potential realities to pick from to go forward in, so they will become just a potential rather than a race of beings that sought to take over the All and overcome all life in this multi-verse.
So it will not be erased, let’s say, it just won’t be the active timeline anymore. All three planets, all who were soul murdered by these beings, and all who experienced death at their hands will live again to carry on. God will be made whole again.
Me: Sounds like a Star Trek movie if you don’t mind my saying so.
Ashtar: LOL Yes, a bit overwhelming for you, but normal course of business for us, let’s put it that way.
Me: Was this timeline necessary for some reason?
Ashtar: Perhaps, perhaps to teach humanity to stop warring.
Me: Okay, thank you for that clarification. I’ll put that out on the airwaves.
Ashtar: Thank you Sharon. Thank you all for the work that you so lovingly do.
I am Ashtar. Adonai

Flushing Chimera Spiders Out of Europe.

July 18, 2021
Flushing Chimera Spiders Out of Europe

COBRA Report, July 13, 2021

“Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Light Forces have managed to completely clear all underground bases of the Chimera breakaway civilization, including the Congo complex.

Donald Rumsfeld has been captured by the Light forces on the etheric plane and taken to the Galactic Central Sun for reprocessing. He is no more. This leaves only two members (Kissinger and Cheney) of the Unholy Four still alive, and the Light Forces have now expanded their primary target list and renamed it Unholy Five. It now includes Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab. – (These men are chimera spiders, folks. COBRA wrote it within the context of other paragraphs referring to these spiders, and he writes very deliberately. He wouldn’t place that paragraph there if he didn’t mean to imply they weren’t Chimera acting as humans!)

Physical spider king and queen, along with most lesser physical Chimera spiders have been removed also. The remaining Chimera forces are now concentrated on the surface and nothing more can be revealed about that momentarily.”

This is what this channeling pertains to.

I am Ashtar Sheran, with a message for those of the Light upon planet Earth. This message does pertain to the flushing out of Chimera spiders from the surface of Europe. We are busy with other areas as well.

Sharon has put together a map of locations that are currently experiencing flooding and has correlated it to chimera bases in Europe. You can see by looking at it that the bases are being flushed out of any remaining spiders and spider eggs that may be lurking within the tunnels. Therefore the water is necessary. Spiders don’t swim and their eggs won’t survive in water.

As for flushing out of areas on the surface, this pertains to actual spider entities, invisible to the human eye, that live among you. When the human host is drowned, the spider is left to fend for itself, and they are being taken out quite nicely through this method.

You cannot see that there are spiders swimming among your cars, holding on to your homes for the sake of their lives, sitting in trees, however we can see them and we are eliminating them as they fight for their lives.

A very life force of the human – water – spells death to these beings. So be it. We are eliminating the last of them as I channel this.

The Chimera spiders were the overlords of this artificially intelligent system, running all levels beneath them with cruelty and malice, and now they are being removed, killed off. All the people on earth believe is that they are being flooded, but in fact you are being liberated.

The Three Gorges Dam operation in China was the first to rid the world of this pestilence. There will be other areas still that will be flooded, unfortunately. It is the most effective way of releasing them to their fate.

The Chimera were asked if they would join us in the Light. Their time has passed and they have refused, so these measures are necessary now.

We beg your forgiveness for any inconvenience and hope that you are not too stressed by this operation, however it was very necessary.


I remain

Ashtar Sheran

Soren of the Pleiadian Delta Forces – The Chimera Wars

The Chimera Wars

May 23, 2021

Me: Soren?

Soren: Yes?

Me: You’re around?

Soren: I have some time to talk to you, Sharon.

Me: We’ve been asked to help with the underground Chimera wars. I guess there are reports that they’re using Pleiadians to create loosh by killing them and incarnating them over and over, as well as Resistance members who may or may not be Pleiadian.

Soren: They’re also from other planets, Sharon. The Resistance is about 50/50 earthling versus other races.

Me: Thanks for that. Nobody knows much about them.

Where are you located right now?

Soren: I’m in my ship. We’re focusing our energy on China.

Me: Where the earthquakes have been?

Soren: Well, it’s a larger area than that. China is a big country and it has a large underground population, as you may know many Chinese are abducted and used as slaves underground.

Me: I saw many people of many races.

Soren: There’s a large kidnapping business going on in China. They take them into bases around Zhang-Xi.

Me: Sorry, I’ll have to look that up. Hang on. I’ve got Zhang-Xi yan. Oh, on the coast south of Shang-hi. That makes sense. Coasts are great places to have bases as well.

Soren: Well, they’re all over.

Me: Can you give us an update on what’s going on there?

Soren: Of course. There is a large Chimera population there in China and a few other spots around the world. Me: I’m sensing Iceland. We were also told by AA Michael about Johannesburg and the Drakensberg mountains.

Soren: There too. But Sharon, these creatures all have hierarchies. When you go for the top of the hierarchy, the rest don’t know what to do with themselves. They tend to surrender more easily when the main hierarchy is taken out and arrested.

Me: Oh, that makes sense. Like if someone arrested the bosses, we’d all have a day off. LOL

Soren: They really don’t know what to do with themselves when their bosses are gone, that’s how much they depend on their top echelons.

Me: Hmm. Says a lot for independent thinkers, doesn’t it? We don’t give up so easily.

Soren: Which is a good point, Sharon. Everything in their army rests on the top levels. When these levels are gone, the armies don’t know what to do, especially since they follow instructions given and have no prior notice of what they’re to do next. They really don’t think for themselves at all. That’s our advantage. If we were to lose Ashtar, and we won’t, but hypothetically, were that to happen, another would step up to replace him but his commanders would know what to do. We would still be united in thought and would work congruently.

That’s our advantage. And we have systematically taken advantage of their weaknesses.

We have their top echelons surrounded. There are a few other smaller pockets but the main ones were under China.

Me: Awesome! Now what about the poor Pleiaidans and Resistance members? We’re sending them light.

Soren: This is great, Sharon. Because we don’t have the full compliment of earth energies to direct in our efforts via Gaia, we need your help. You’re the ones plugged into your solar suns and you have the energies of these suns at your disposal. The ones from Alcyone are particularly helpful.

Me: The central sun, yes.

Soren: It’s possible to protect these Pleiadians from the reincarnation process they keep putting them through. They’re worn down and of low frequency again. If they can gain your energy, they would be able to fight for themselves.

Me: Would it be possible for anyone to go down into the bases and help them?

Soren: Physical removal? Yes, but difficult because the bases are so well defended.

Me: I saw a ship near my house today, a saucer. It just showed itself for a split second then disappeared. You guys are that close to earth’s surface right now. Are you like that in China too?

Soren: So close? Yes. We’ve breached all their levels of defense so now we’re dealing with the underground and these bases can be well defended.

Me: I just had a crazy intuition, Soren… one of us could merge with a Pleiadian or other Resistance member that’s being held hostage by the Chimera, and then when we merge with them, we would give them our energy and they would be able to free themselves. We’d also be able to get a look at the bases and see what’s going on for ourselves.

Anyone game to do it?

Soren: You would be strong enough to do this Sharon. I can give you names of some of the hostages.

Me: That’s cool, yeah!

Soren: Okay, names are Tirona (a female), Yelandra (a female), Corwin (a male), Drakyl (a male). These are Pleiadians. If they were all freed, then it would be possible to release the remaining members.

Me: How many are there?

Soren: About twenty or so, we think.

Me: How long have they been captive, and how did they get there?

Soren: Yes, some for 50 years. They have downed their ships, or captured them on the surface. There was a war going on for many years that ended in Project Mjolnir, and in this war some hostages were taken. As for Resistance members, many of them are either earthlings or Pleiaidians on the surface working in espionage as well as other acts of sabotage against the dark alliance.

So they’ve been kept for this time, a time when the Chimera and others of the Dark Alliance need to resort to efforts they haven’t made before.

Me: We’ve liberated a few people from the bases. I have a report from Pleiadian Tamara and her son, as well as earthling Dayla who was used as a breeder. Why am I hearing the name Dara?

Soren: She wants to merge with you so you can liberate her from the base.

Me: Oh, okay. I’ll work on that tonight. We’ve got to move those people out of there.

Soren: Thanks, Sharon.

Me: Thanks for your intel, Soren. We don’t hear much up here these days.

Soren: You have enough to contend with, I hear, but thank you for your help.

Me: I’ll put this out on Monday. You should start getting help Sunday night because of Archangel Michael’s request but with more people focused on it through hearing this video, you should get a higher light quotient headed your way.

Soren: Thank you.

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Ashtar Sheran – Update March 15 2021

Me: Okay, I’ve been following the Storm casually for a while, but on November 3rd, 2020, I was as surprised as anybody else when I saw the election results. So I started paying more attention, following it every day. On January 6th, I anticipated that “something would happen other than what did happen,” and on January 21st, I anticipated that things would be rectified and that Mr T would take office again. He didn’t. He seemed to be walking away, and we now know he isn’t – the military is running the United States and reporting to him. My personal belief is that he’s working in the background, in what way, I’m not sure. I heard he went to Switzerland, and I heard he didn’t go to Switzerland. Nice country though. One of my favourites.

For those of you who are familiar with the concept of “the elephant in the living room,” I just want to point out one big huge oversight that many people are making. I believe that very few of us are actually interpreting this from the correct perspective. Some have a religious perspective: This is God’s war and we are God’s army. Some have a military perspective: the military is going to do this and that. Some are contemplating good versus evil and some are contemplating left versus right.

Do you realize that if you lived somewhere else, like maybe in Myanmar, that you would have a completely different perspective than you do as an American? If you lived in Russia, you’d be hearing different news and everything would have a different focus, or in any other country for example. Yes, we’re all focused on what’s going on in the U.S., but the fact is we’re looking at it from the standpoint of what’s being played out politically and socially.

The elephant in the living room is this: We’re looking at it as an American issue, not a global issue, and not even an exo-political issue. It is actually a universal issue. Nothing less than that. As someone pointed out the other day, there are portals on this planet to what we call Heaven, and they are trying to use them to remove God as the creator of this universe. Nothing less than that level of evil. And of course, there is a fight on to regain or retain the portals for the Light.

Where are the ET’s in all of this? That’s your pink elephant. Ivo said that a galactic court was set up in the white house and people were tried there. There was confirmation to some degree when a draconian ship was sited at the white house within the same time frame. Yes, some have won their freedom, unfortunately. Kicked off the planet, I’m sure, but they are free.

Right now the action is on the ground and the main players are us. All of us are involved. So many have predicted a speedy return of Mr T and resumption of what most consider normal, but is that going to happen?

Did anyone predict a masked actor playing the role of JB? Did anyone predict the roll out of the v’s and people having to or willing to get it, and then now the large numbers of deaths? Everyone thought that it would all be stopped before it created havoc, but that hasn’t been the case at all. What is going on? We’re actually experiencing Agenda 2030 right in front of us. We’re seeing it roll out first hand. Did anyone anticipate the v lasting over a year? I did. I knew it wasn’t going to end at the end of the summer. Did anyone anticipate the return of Dr Anthony Jekyl and Mr Bill Hyde, showing up now and again to push the v agenda and then disappearing into the wind? Did anyone anticipate that they’d pop up now and again instead of being in our faces every day? Where are these two? Where did they go? Then there is the strange focus of persecution of one person only and the rest seems to go quiet. Right now it’s on the NY governor. And to some degree the Texas governor. Did anyone anticipate the resignation of hundreds of corporate CEO’s? Did anyone anticipate the resignation of the pope?

And my personal favourite: Has JFK Jr shown up yet? Oh yes, he missed showing up on March 4th. Bully for him! Gee, he keeps disappointing us. Maybe it’s because he’s actually dead!

We’ve got our focus on whatever news we can obtain here on earth. But ETs are still around, working in the background. Or are they? Now that the negative ETs are being dealt with, what do you think those of the Light are going to do? They’re going to step up. Anonymously, you won’t necessarily know who they are, although I’ve picked off a few of them. They are “boots on the ground” now as well. That’s why their ships are so close. Because they’re here. They’re here with us.

I’ve had a telepathic conversation with an Alliance member who goes by the initial “J”. I don’t have telepathic conversations with earthlings, so he’s not from earth, obviously.

Ashtar, can you please give us some intel on what you are doing, what we can expect in the next few months and where all this is going?

Ashtar: Hello again Sharon. I can indeed.

Yes, we are on the ground. As a matter of fact, there are more embodied Pleiadians walking your streets than you would ever have expected. They are working in your governments, in your agencies, your councils, lobbying for the good and for change. They also work with incoming energies in order to strengthen the changes going on on your planet. They work at a physical level, but always at metaphysical levels.

There are others who are visiting your governments via their ships, and speaking with governmental leaders. Did you know that all countries on earth have signed on to GESARA law? This is our doing as well. We were the ones who sold it, if you will, to your world leaders.

Me: As well as what? A threat that if they didn’t cooperate they’d go to jail?

Ashtar: We would prefer not to have to do so, but in some cases, yes, we had to resort to that. We would never harass or bully, but we simply made clear what the objective of our visits were, and if they didn’t comply, we would find someone else who would and give them authority. We’ve had a lot of clout with your governments. These Illuminati leaders know who we are. We simply came in and said, “We’re here. You know the future of this planet doesn’t include your evil, so now this is what you must do.” It was easy for your president to walk in and show all the evidence he had on these so-called leaders because we paved the way for his doing so.

We are boots on the ground, as you like to call it, Sharon. To exclude our benevolent contributions to your reports is actually foolhardy because you miss the hand of God aspect to our work here. Still so many don’t like to speak of extraterrestrials because they’re afraid of being ridiculed. They focus on what the people of earth are doing. Who do you think they’re working with? We are the representatives that are bringing God back to your planet, we had connected to those few so long ago who wished to do the same on earth. We of the universe are the overseers of what is transpiring on planet earth right now. To dismiss our contribution is missing half the story. You are the ones who pray – we are the ones who make your prayers come true! So many of you still give your power away to the dark ones, so many so that intervention was necessary.
To focus on what is happening at ground level, at the mental level, is the imbalance you have been living by all along. You are not taking into account the entirety of reality. You are only seeing it from a results perspective, but all the work that is put into achieving any result is being ignored. And there is work being done at many universal levels, the physical result that you see is simply the result that earthlings must vote on: how do they choose to respond to what they see? Where do they align their frequency: high or low? How do they choose to view all that is happening? There are many of you who understand pieces of what has gone into making everything on the physical plane happen, and some who have been involved in making it so. Sharon, for example, worked with a small team in order to clear the DUMBs of negative ETs and to help these victims escape captivity. Clearing the DUMBs has gone on for much longer than you realize. It has been decades in the making.

Me: What’s interesting to note is that Hitler’s daughter is coming up for re-election. Apparently she’s not doing well in the polls. Folks, you have to realize that when non-Illuminati candidates step up, and when people wake up, the right people are going to get voted in.

Ashtar: Exactly. You are here to do the work as well. It’s not entirely up to anyone but you on earth have the final say.

Me: Don’t worry, Ashtar, when that TV station goes up, everybody will get on board. They’ll all be reporting from our station because it’ll finally be the whole picture.

Ashtar: I see you’re chomping at the bit, Sharon.

Me: Are you kidding? I’m frustrated at the constant delays. I want to get this truth out there.

Ashtar: And so you shall.

Me: I think you are playing out a protective role as well, because how is it so many of these white hats haven’t been knocked off yet?

Ashtar: Yes, indeed, Sharon.

Me: I know some of them have been threatened but they’re still going. With the number of “suicides” we’re used to seeing apparently having stopped, and the white hats not being affected by this strange phenomenon, why are they able to take on the DS and still stay safe? There has to be something extraterrestrial playing out because this world is extraterrestrial.

What happened to the Men in Black, by the way?

Ashtar: They’re all taken off the planet.

Me: Oh gee, I was missing their 4 a.m. visits.

Ashtar: We are speaking to both sides. And we have arranged to get your world to be GESARA compliant. The Quantum financial system is now up and running along the Fiat system, which is going to implode at some point. Who do you think kept it from going under a couple weeks ago? Your white hats are working alongside us. Some of them, too, are starseeds and lightworkers and are aware of their origins. They work with us because we have been in contact with them for a long time.

You know you are protected, Sharon, by ships and other safety devices we use. We watch you constantly, you are always being monitored. You are always safe. We do the same for these white hats. Nobody is expendable right now. We need all hands on deck. And we have that. They are safe.

The beings of Light that have come to this earth are very involved in what is currently happening. Counseling, protecting, adjudicating agreements, warning on taking the wrong action, we have warned so many of them what will happen to them if they align with the DS any longer. They are turning now. You see this. They are turning to the Light. Why? It is our influence. There are many upon earth who have had extraterrestrial visitations and continue to right now.

In the same way that you are being mind controlled into believing the narrative, we of the Light can remove that mind control to allow you to wake up. We tend to do it locally in order to achieve localized results.

Me: Like by state maybe? Is that why there are blackouts? Because the electricity is turned off in the bases? And then you put forth your energies in order to help people wake up in that area?

Ashtar: For example, yes. Unfortunately, the earthling is basically a disempowered apathetic being who has allowed itself to be controlled. This is due to mind control. The feeling that nothing can be done to help yourselves is so prevalent so there were people we worked with specifically, usually lightworkers, who we groomed to step up and take action. Phil Schneider was one of them, by the way. He paid the ultimate price for his actions but he made his mark on your psyches. He started the P movement. He told people to stand up for themselves, and eventually people came to hear his lectures because they were more awake than the average. This is how we achieve results at the physical level.

Me: Yes, learned helplessness. Ivo and I need to take a shot at that subject one of these days.

Ashtar: We will explain, some day, our role in this in more detail. But know we are here, in large numbers, and we are helping to turn the tide for planet Earth. And yes, this is a universal issue.

As for the timing of events, first of all, all will happen at the best time to create optimal results. As for the events you believe will happen, it will not happen the way you expect. Mr T will resume his presidency but not in the way you expect. The fact that little has happened to date the way you expected gives proof of this. The reason your expectations are not accurate is because you do not have the whole picture, nor can you. To tell the people of earth is to inform the enemy. You are still as much a part of them as they are in control of you.

There has been no food shortages, martial law, internet blackouts, etc. Only in small, localized cases, and this was easier to deal with. Take each day as it comes and give thanks for the marvels you see before you. Your world is changing, for the good.

Me: I had an intuition, Ashtar. It told me that the vote had to be stolen and Mr T had to walk away because without this conflict to strengthen our minds, we would have remained more or less indifferent to those in power and many would have continued to go along with whatever they had decided for them. Mr T walked away so that people would become indignant, angry and even mortified at their treatment of them, is that correct? They had to be shown and they will continue to be shown.

Ashtar: Yes. It was necessary. The whole process will shake many out of their slumber and teach them to take back responsibility for their own lives. They will stop working for the government, and start working with the government. As we’ve told you, your participation is required in this. This is why events don’t transpire the way you anticipate: because you’re not fully responsible yet and you still expect things to be done for you. This is your transition period.

Me: Thank you for that. So that’s probably what Gen F and the Kraken lady mean when they say, “Get involved.” This is what they’re asking of people, because future governments will require the people be more active in decision making. This is about empowering the people again. Halleluah.

This isn’t about rescuing you. This isn’t about victimizing you. This isn’t about doing things for you. This is about re-empowering you. Yes, a Blue Ray would get that and I did. How you choose to stand in your power every day determines a lot right now. God is trying to tell you, “Stand up for yourselves!”

Ashtar: Events will unfold that will require your attention. Choose wisely and do not fear.

Thank you Sharon. We will speak again soon.



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I AM vibrant health, revitalizing energy and good vitality-Saint Germain via Sharon-

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so I went to the park. Sat in my car and stared at the sun with eyes shut for 30 minutes. It felt so wonderful! When I put my hand up to block the suns’s rays and see what colour showed up in my mind’s eye, it was a beautiful hue of violet with some pink in it. Third eye open! I love the sun. Everyone thinks you get vitamin D from it. No, you get vitamin G – you’re connected to God’s universal energy and it’s flowing into your body from the sun. Stop being afraid of getting sunburned. That’s all being done to keep you in the house and afraid of going out into the sun. It’s the sun that’s helping us go through ascension, folks.

I watched, “They Live,” with my neighbour yesterday. His friend stopped by and since we were on the subject, he started to say how he had sensed someone standing there watching him in his apartment, which is the old building I used to live in. This whole place is really haunted. There was one portal who just died, but there are still two more in the neighbourhood. These portals call in either ghosts or demonic spirits because we have a lot of them here. I’ve cleared out some, but apparently more have come along. I’m really impressed by these guys in their mid-to late 30’s who are having paranormal experiences. A shout out to you all! By the time you get to my age, you’ll be able to run circles around what I’m doing. The future of humanity looks so bright when I see younger people having paranormal or extraterrestrial experiences. We’re breaking through collectively to the true reality.

One warning, though. I’m watching several pundits talking about the Storm. I have a favourite, who is really focused on serving in humility. The other ones are more vocal about pushing their products, their clubs and refer to their friends as “really spiritual people.” I know nobody is doing this perfectly, but when I smell ego, I know that bullshitting, lying and exaggeration are around the corner. Give that sucker an inch and the Matrix will push the mile. Be really careful, folks.


The other night, after posting about the I AM Discourses, I was driving around, finding I was hitting all the green lights. I noticed this was unusual and I heard a voice in my head that said, “This is what you prefer, is that correct?” I said, “Oh, hi Saint!” and he greeted me. I said I do prefer all the greens, you can really go whipping around, and then he asked me, “Could I be so bold as to ask that I be the channel of your I AM discourse messages?” Since he wrote them, and Ivo could use a break once in a while, I agreed. I asked him, “Are you sitting in the back seat of my car?” “I am,” he replied. I guess that’s how you get all green lights – have an ascended master sitting in the back seat of your car.

There’s a couple basic points I’d like St Germain to make to begin with.

StG: Hello, I AM St Germain, master of energy, alchemist supreme and divine being of wisdom.

Me: Is that all? LOL

StG: It is the truth. I speak the truth, my love. Yes, do not confuse arrogance with the truth. I can certainly do more than attest to the fact that I AM all of these, and more.

Me: Point taken. Can you speak to these basic points, please?

St G: Very well. Yes. Throughout your lives, you lay claim to many things by saying, “I am.” I am this, I am that. At times these things are true, other times they are falsehoods. Perhaps you say, “I am very fat,” and you have an extra 20 pounds that you are carrying. Since you are not very fat,you are setting yourself up to become such because the body will respond to your commands.

Yes, you command your life. You are the one in charge of your energy, no one else. You often allow yourselves to be removed of your command of yourself through governments, other people, teachers, the police, your parents, however you are still in command of your lives because it is up to you to decide whether to defer to these authorities or not. You always have the right to say no.

Now, you have a legal system with very clear outlines. However you also have your court system that allows you to fight any charges you may have incurred.

You are always in charge of your energy. Always. You command it. You command it every day without realizing that you are doing so. When you consciously realize you are an energy being, not a source, but an energy being that comes from a great source, and that you consciously command that energy with which you have been granted.
It is up to you whether you wish to misuse this energy or not. You live in a free will zone. A human with free will, with no restrictions or limitations, is a very powerful being. Those upon earth were so throughout antiquity, before the overtake of the planet. Now you are slaves. Your energy is violated and stolen by others daily.

You must take it back. This is the theme for the new age that is upon you now. Taking back your god given power in order to create a better world for yourselves and others.

You must understand that I AM is the way to begin this. You are not in power; God is always in power. However, you have command over the energy which he has given you. He has left you in charge of yourself. He has not said, “No, you cannot do this,” or, “No, you cannot do that.” You can do anything you desire because you have free will. If you use it to usurp others’ free will, you will be penalized.

Me: It’s like a game.

StG: In a sense, yes. There are rules. However, you can be as creative as you like. Or as destructive as you like.

What you must realize about the words I AM is that they are an invocation. It is as if you are ushering a spell, repeating a mantra or reciting a decree: you are invoking divine power when you use the words “I AM.” So, when you say, “I AM fat,” you are expressing a desire to become so and your body will comply. When you say, “I AM broke,” you are expressing a desire to become so and your finances will comply.

Me: I used to say that all the time and I never had really good paying jobs.

StG: Because you misused the invocation. You are not aware of how powerful those small words are but look back through your life and see how you have repeated the words I AM and what you have created by casting this spell upon yourself. Has it worked well for you or not?

When you should utter the words I AM to create a negative consequence for yourself, immediately restate I AM and that invokes the energy of the God to cancel out what you have just ushered in. You are creators. You must take that seriously. And you have the power to create your own lives. So when you say I AM you are invoking that power. You are stating what you wish to have created. If you learn nothing else, please retain this message. It is of utmost import.

Me: I used to always say, “I AM so sick and tired!” and I developed the condition I have now, that of feeling sick and tired all the time. I did it to myself, I realize.

StG: And you can reverse it as well. Simply state, “I AM vibrant health, revitalizing energy and good vitality.” When you use the preposition “of” it lessens the impact, so dispense with that. Repeat that a few times and you will already feel the invigorating effect it has upon you. Continue to state that, many times a day.

Me: Thank you, St Germain.

St G: You are most graciously in welcome.

Now, the next lesson, of course, is to make clear that one is to avoid the use of words that pertain to limiting conditions. Such as sick, tired, bored, lonely, broke, ill, unwell… all of the words of this type are energies you are calling to yourself. It is a question of keeping them at bay, in a sense. Keep them away from your lips, never utter such words, especially after the words I AM. Otherwise you invoke the use of limits upon yourself and you do not wish to be limited. Being of limitation is not your true state at all; in fact the human is unlimited in its capabilities. Do not let that mindset overcome you.

I AM the presence charging this body with pure electronic energy.

I AM perfect health now manifest in every organ of my body.

I AM healthful of weight, energy and vitality.

I AM rich in excess of $amount.

I AM loving in all transactions of life.

I wish to also point out to you, and some may find this dismaying because they do not especially believe in a God, however because you belong to God by default – you are part of God – you must follow God’s rules to make your lives work well for you. When you do this, you bring good fortune to yourselves instead of misery. God is benevolent, but you must align with this benevolence and use the energy He provides to you wisely. Misuse it and you bring misfortune to yourselves.

Now, the last point we will make in this video today is the fact that the more you do this, the more it works for you. Do not do this occasionally; make a daily practise of invoking your good and it will come to you. Write out a paper of I AM statements you wish to see come to fruition and chant them daily. Invoke each statement three times for clarity.

Me: Thank you St Germain.

StG: I AM most graciously at your service.

There are a lot of ETs in your political systems, doctors, you name it. They’ll become more and more prominent now. It’s time for them to come out and lead the way for the rest of you.

Soren of the Pleaidian Delta Forces: We’re in China via Sharon


FEEL FREE to take this image to use to repost channeling on social media or your website. Please be sure to give Sharon Stewart credit, preferably along with my web address. If this image is nicked to go along with anything else but a Soren channeling, this is use without permission and is considered theft. 

​Me: Hi, Soren, sorry to keep you waiting so long.
Soren: LOL It wasn’t long.
Me: Yeah, you’re 5D. It was hours for me. I put out for a channeling on the Storm and you responded, saying, “We’re in China,” so, do tell, what are you doing there? Who is there? What are you doing?
Soren: We are in China. We’re in the bases underneath, we’ve got the Resistance, some Alliance military and militia from other friendly countries.
Me: Are you still rescuing people from the bases?
Soren: That’s pretty much over with, thankfully. That took a while.
Me: Yes, didn’t we say that the population in the bases could actually have surpassed the population on the surface?
Soren: It was pretty close. We’re shutting the bases down, of course, but we’re accessing Chinese military bases from beneath.
Me: LOL Yeah, they’re fighting with the U.S. Military because they came through Canada. I’m so embarrassed to be a Canadian right now, but it wasn’t my doing. It was Justin’s.
Soren: Not to worry, Sharon. We have this in hand. The deep state will not win. They can fight all they want. As for China, we’re attacking them from underneath. They are putting up a fight but when we come out, they don’t really expect us. So we have at least a moment’s advantage. We take captive as many as possible, but some are killed. We try to smokescreen them and let off gas bombs, things like that, your militaries have them, but we Pleiadians like to put them in suspended animation and just take them and put them on a ship. We have ships that are like your paddy wagons.
Soren: How do we put them in suspended animation? We can change time on them, or we can use sound to paralyze them. We do both. Your troops have ear guards so they’re not bothered by this. We try to do this with as little harm to human life as possible.
We’ve been able to capture some of their military commanders, but they’re getting wise to us and are moving around the country.
Me: They’re not over here?
Soren: Some are. Not all, though. The Chinese have a huge military, a lot of people in it. Many commanders.
Me: It is the most populated country in the world.
Soren: So we’re taking the bases and then overtaking their military installations as well, and then they do us the honour of coming to fight our occupation. We don’t even have to go and find them – they come right to us!
Me: I remember someone saying that before. They were happy because this made their winning even sweeter. You didn’t have to go and find them. What about Switzerland? I hear a lot of this has to do with Klaus Scwab and Davos, Switzerland. He seems to be king pin of sorts.
Soren: We’re still after him. They hide in the Alps and we can’t always get at them because their barracades are so extensive. But we’re still there as well. The other thing is they use clones a lot and the real ones, whoever is still alive, go into hiding. There are mountains in Russia as well where they hide. They’re fortified there as well.
Me: What about their going off planet?
Soren: Not as likely because we have the planet surrounded. All ships coming and going are checked, even boarded. Anyone carrying wanted members of the Illuminati or the Draco commander group are arrested.
Me: Could you do the same thing in Switzerland? Go through the bases?
Soren: There aren’t so many in Switzerland, but yes. We’ve been doing that.
Me: So how does your being in China affect the U.S. and the impending war there between the dark and the Light?
Soren: We’re weakening the Chinese army. You know from your warfare that eventually recruits are not as well trained when you have overtaken the bulk of the army. They get less training and are frankly, less likely to want to fight you because they are usually conscripts.
Me: So that still applies. I thought that went out with the Vietnam War. Conscription and such.
Soren: They still fight with guns. Some military operations have more advanced weaponry, but many just use guns.
Me: We’ve got to stop this nonsense. Nobody on this planet deserves war!
Soren: No, it’s unfortunate that that’s the nature of the beings who run this world. They’ll have to be overtaken by force; it’s the only way.
Me: Why do you say that?
Soren: Obviously because they don’t care about the law. They don’t care about the American Constitution and they’re not playing by the rules anymore. They created the rules that you lived by in order to ultimately break them. They know what’s going on on earth now, they know they’re done for unless they do something desperate and they’re doing it now. They’re fighting to keep people brainwashed and under their black magic.
They’re fighting to have you kill each other off. They know this will lower your frequency. The collective will incur a lot of negativity again. Just like world war 1 and 2 created so much for the 20th century. They knew what was coming; they knew we were here. They knew we were getting allies together to work to overthrow them. It was a matter of when. As it turns out, it took this long because they were onto our other efforts and managed to stop us.
Me: Yes.
Soren: A war will work wonders for their frequency. It will create enough loosh for them to live on, eve with earth going into the fifth dimension. They have artificial timelines that don’t respond to universal law. When earth goes 5D, the artificial timelines will still remain because they’re managing to fortify them now with this war. There’s a lot of negative energy to clear up.
Me: Yes. People need to keep transmuting. I know I do this at night time and wake up feeling rough. We’re eliminating a lot of the negative energy that will keep the 3D timelines alive.
Soren: You’ve noticed that people are dying. The one man you know has been a portal for dark energies, and now he’ll go and no longer will he contribute to dark energy on earth. These people will start to go in numbers. It has to be.
Me: So how does the average person deal with this?
Soren: Yes, hold your light. Stay positive. You’re switching timelines all the time and you want to be on the highest one possible anytime something happens, otherwise you suffer consequences you wouldn’t otherwise have. Stay positive.
Me: So there’s a lot of connection between China, the U.S. and Switzerland right now?
Soren: Yes, Switzerland tends to be where the Deep State is headquartered, it’s the site of all the globalist meetings and so forth. Good place for us to set out our spies, as a matter of fact.
Me: Yes, maybe you can disguise a seven foot tall Pleaidian in Switzerland. LOL
Soren: They’re not all that tall. But yeah, we are Nordics, a lot of us. Some are darker. You know because you’ve spoken to Pleiadians of all different appearance.
Me: Yeah. How about that German doctor, Heiko Schoening?
Soren: No comment. LOL
Me: I can tell he’s not from earth.
Soren: There are a lot of ETs in your political systems, doctors, you name it. They’ll become more and more prominent now. It’s time for them to come out and lead the way for the rest of you.
Me: Thanks Soren. Keep safe.
Soren: I will, Sharon. You too.

Who is Donald Trump?St Germain via Sharon

December 8, 2020
Me: St Germain, are you there?
StG: I am.
Me: I have some questions. There’s a lot of different opinions about Donald Trump. Some people say he’s a saint. Is he?
StG: To them he is.
Me: But is he a saint?
St: He may be.
Me: Oh he’s not yet?
S: No. He may become such. It depends on how well he does.
Me: Is he any kind of master?
S: No, not yet.
Me: Is he close?
S: Yes.
Me: is he an incarnation of you?
S: he is.
Me: So you school him, teach him, guide him…
S: I do.
Me: So he’s an earthling.
S: He is.
Me: Almost a master. Okay. Up for sainthood on earth.
Who was Kennedy then?
S: He was an incarnation of El Morya.
Me: Why?
S: Because of his placement in the Age of Pisces; it takes the will of God, a blue ray to deal with the negativity he was dealing with then, which has decreased by the way, so we have my incarnation ushering in the new age of Aquarius.
Me: Makes sense. But there were a lot of Indigo’s that came in in the 1950’s and 60’s.
S: Yes, but not as leaders.
Me: Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have a transmuter of energies in power in that time?
S: No, a man who already knew his power was one that was necessary. And he was religious and believed in the power of God, so he was chosen.
Me: So do you appear to Trump, embodied?
S: I do. In private he speaks with me.
Me: What I find so hard to grasp is that you get a man who’s a business man, who’s had 4 trophy wives and has lived a lifestyle rubbing elbows with the Illuminati and now he’s turned tail and become a saint to people on this planet.
S: It depends which side of him you want to see. You live in duality, remember. It is possible to view him any number of ways – bad or good. It depends on how you choose to see him.
Me: I’m just finding it hard to trust a business man, that’s all. Especially coming out of our ruthless economic system.
S: That’s your background. We have placed beings of Light in all fields.
Me: I’d have an easier time trusting someone like Princess Di or Mandela. Or a Ghandi.
S: They had different paths to walk.
Me: I suppose it’s not up to me anyway. Okay, thanks St Germain. Just let the poor man finish his breakfast first before you start the day’s business because he’s probably run off his feet.
S: Remember, he golfs every weekend.
Me: Yeah, that’s true. Thanks very much. I had to put this to rest.
St G: You’re very welcome, Sharon.
Me: Love you. xx

When the trinity is complete, the earthling will be invincible again. The Father will reign in your hearts. There will be no more Illuminati.-El Morya through Sharon-

I am hoping that this channeling will help all of you who can’t forgive themselves for some of the things they have done. What El Morya is saying here is that you acted without wisdom for example, so what do we do? We call ourselves “stupid”. When in fact you were learning to balance the God-fire within your heart. It has nothing to do with stupidity. We have to stop that judgment entirely.

I saw my entire life and all the lessons laid out before me as he channeled this. All the times I kicked myself for falling for something, for the times I’d let my friends down, for the times I let someone walk all over me. They were my teachers and you have your teachers too. This is why Ivo says life is love in action. You’re learning to be powerful, loving and wise by going through the muck you go through every day. This is God’s love in action, to help you draw closer to Him.

El Morya: Wisdom is a gift conspired through Love and through Power. I said that and I meant it. Do you see how you grow? There is the three fold flame in your heart and it must become balanced. When you look at the aspects of the three fold flame you see how you are out of balance, do you not?

Loving without power

Loving without wisdom

Empowerment without love

Empowerment without wisdom

Being wise without love

Being wise without power

Whether you realize it or not, you are all on a path to achieve self mastery. And the mastery is mastery of these three things. Life’s circumstances come to you to help you grow in any of these three areas.

When you look around earth today, do you not see many examples of these in action?

Me: Are you kidding? I WAS so many examples of these in action.

El Morya: So you were learning. You all must learn to balance these three facets of God’s power within you.

Loving without power: You see this. You see the frail, beaten down mother who loves all with abandon yet fosters no love for herself. This is loving without power. You feel sorry for people such as she.

Me: Yes.

El M: Loving without wisdom,

Me: Oh forget that, I was a master of that. A master of disasters.

El M: But you learned.

Me: I can think of so many examples of mistakes I made, or I dated men and didn’t realize they were into ego games I was so desperate for attention. I didn’t realize they wanted to show me around for the sake of rubbing it in their friend’s faces, of showing their friends up. I didn’t realize they were this egotistical.

El M: Yes. Now you have your perfect mate.

Me: I do.

El M: And you see empowerment without love all the time. Reference your politics. They hold all the power yet they are unkind and unloving behind your backs. And the people realize this but they allow it to continue. This is because they are unwise and without power. They have given their power away, which is unwise. Do you see? Perhaps they are loving the wrong people as well.

Me: I get it. I could write my life’s story just looking at these six sentences.

El M: You have many of your medical professionals who understand the human body but are not tuned in to the human heart of the patient. They are wise perhaps but lack love, which makes them foolish.

When the three are imbalanced, one may predominate but the other two must also balance up. To have one but not the other two is to fall very short of the mark. To have two but not all three still requires many hard lessons.

Me: Yes.

El M: Earth now suffers from a regime that is empowered but unlovingly so. They are unkind to say the least, but now they will be usurped, as all upon the planet are becoming more empowered. Many are capable of loving, many are capable now of the wisdom to see, and now they will take back their power. When the trinity is complete, the earthling will be invincible again. The Father will reign in your hearts. There will be no more Illuminati.

Me: Great. Can’t wait.

El M: It is happening now, my child. Just look as your world opens its eyes.

Me: Isn’t it wonderful?
El M: There is childish play, the casting of insults. This is empowerment without love, empowerment without wisdom. For if that one person who cast the insults would only see themselves reflected back in others’ eyes they would feel the loss of respect for them.

Me: Yeah, they say fake it until you make it. I like that.

El M: When you respect your contemporaries one day but not the next, then you are still capable of respecting them. You have fallen short and perhaps your flame is a bit low on that day, work again to raise it to burn bright again.

Me: Yes.

El M: Earth is a hard school, but such a wonderful opportunity.

Me: Yes.

El M: I will go now. You are fatigued.

Me: Thank you Father, I love you.

El M: And I love you too, my child.

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Political Playing Piece-Ivo of Vegan through Sharon-

Trump says: The FDA and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN, prior to the election, so instead it came out five days later – As I’ve said all along!

Me: Yeah, I wasn’t going to anyway, but I especially wouldn’t be having any of this vaccine coming out…..

BECAUSE it is for starters, a political pawn (a manipulation of the public), and if they waited till the election was (falsely) called to release it, then with it being a political pawn and not there for the good of the people, what they hell is in it anyway?

If you think there isn’t all kinds of stuff in there to stop your DNA from evolving, you’re kidding yourself. We are evolving now. They couldn’t stop us lightworkers so they are finding other ways to keep us under their collective thumb.

Why wouldn’t they release the vaccine before Biden was falsely declared president? Because they want to make it look like he was the one who is saving Americans from Covid, not Trump. He’s not going to get the win. Three states already have turned to reveal their true winner.

I just came across this in an article about how the Illuminati transgenders boys to become prominent ladies of society. Case in point: Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Big Mike Michelle Obama, and that blonde woman on Dynasty whose shoulders were bigger than her hips, way bigger. Crystal somebody. The article pointed out: VACCINES CHANGING THE CHROMOSOMES OF OUR CHILDREN. They hate women. They hate the divine feminine, the earth mother and Mary. But we’re coming back and we’re coming back strong. The Illuminati’s drive for male domination is going to all kinds of lengths. They want to convince you that boys are girls and that women have no place in our society. That’s what they’re trying to do.

I know there are people who transgender for compassionate reasons and I support that. But this isn’t a compassionate reason; it has to do with genocide of the female and total toxic male dominance. That’s a completely other issue.

Many of the women you idolize these days are transgendered boys. Look at Madonna’s sinuwey muscles and the fact that she even is that muscular in the first place. Sarah Jessica Parker is another one. Then there’s Michelle “Big Mike” Obama who has trouble hiding from us the fact he’s a well endowed male. I’ve heard even that these transgendered men then disappear into society again after they’ve served their role, and simply go back to being males. Kamala Harris is said to be another one.

THEY HATE WOMEN. That’s what this is about. The only way they can keep this world off balance as it is now is to disempower women.

I’ll link the website below that I got this from: “Important vaccine info. The more ya know the better!WI-38 is the cell line from a female (carrying two X chromosomes) injected into the male (Who carries only the one X chromosome and the weaker Y chromosome). You now have an overload of the X chromosome.

There are vaccines with male DNA too. The MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cells line used to cultivate vaccine viral components, only from male aborted fetus. When girls are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren’t just getting a Y chromosome but yet another dominant X chromosome on top of the two they already have. All of this is to destroy the natural male and female. Paying homage to Baphomet, the androgynous goat deity with male and female parts.” I edited parts of this out.

Like we keep saying, they want to play God. Only they want things set up their way, not the way God intended.

I remember when I was a teenager, horny as I was for guys, I suspected I could be bi-sexual. I had all my vaccinations when I was a child. Now I know I am completely straight, no inclination to be bi at all, and I believe that’s due to ET intervention. Here I am, prodigy of Athena, here to bring back the divine feminine to earth, to re-anchor her, thinking she was bi-sexual. Again, I have no problem with people who are LGBTQ, it’s just that I’m not.

Ivo: We had to work with your DNA to overcome what they had done to you with those shots.
Me: So they’re meant to interfere with your normal biological processes?
Ivo: Of course. Very much so. They are intended to make you into a child of the God of Saturn, the Goat Master. Baphomet is bi-sexual and so they want all to be on earth as well. That way, of course, the feminine can never become dominant because she is bi-sexual. With testosterone in one’s system, the male will always dominate.
Me: I see. Oh yes, folks, that’s what you’re subjecting your child to when you get them vaccinated. You have to go way down the rabbit hole to really understand these satanists at every level. Here they are trying to play God. And they’re doing it with your children.
Ivo: Why do you think they are called, “Kids”? Because the kid is a child of a goat, and that is Baphomet.
Me: They’re trying to turn this planet into one big Hell, one of their own design.
Ivo: Yes.
Me: And again, folks, you have to ask yourself, “If everything on this planet costs money, why are they giving you vaccines for free?” In Canada, anyway. I don’t know if they States pays for vaccines, but we don’t. They’d give them out to anyone who wants one. I haven’t been innoculated since I was a child, and as Ivo has said, they have had to overcome the damage these shots have done to me. For crying out loud, next thing they want to do is for us to grow horns.
You have to remember, folks, we’re dealing with people who are expert geneticists. Manipulating DNA is what everyone out in the galaxy does, for good or for evil. Why do you think that the galactic humans are all so beautiful? Because they want themselves that way and they have changed their DNA to allow for it.
What goes on on this planet is an extension of the galaxy. We’re not unaffected by what goes on there. We’re part of it whether we know it or not. Do you really need a shot to avoid getting the flu? If you get sick once in a while, big deal. Take deodorized garlic every day. It kills viruses. I realize people are very unhealthy these days and not very resistant to the flu. Kids get sick with colds all the time. We just think it’s normal. Suppose you started to question the normalcy of this, because it’s not normal for humans to be sick.
Ivo: It is not. I have never been ill and I am 350 years old. My DNA is normal and my body is in balance with my spirit. The reason that earthlings are not as healthy as I, is because of this intervention. Your planet is overrun by satanistic extraterrestrials with an evil agenda for you. You must come to terms with this and override their efforts to control you now otherwise it will only become worse for you.
Me: I have spoken to a human named Berladier. He was a red haired giant with curly goat horns. Berladier was the father of a family that was going extinct. Only his children were left with nobody to breed with. He said he was an old species of Lyran that was dying off.
Ivo: This is a good point, my love. Humans can grow horns. They can change their appearance in any way they wish. Your DNA is all encompassing. However, the form you have now is considered optimal for life experience for the human soul.
Me: Come to think of it, Ivo, I used the word “Horny” earlier in this message, and now we’re talking about turning humans into goats. Perhaps there is a correlation between sex and evil when we use this word. So I’m going to stop using it.
Ivo: Yes. Some of the Illuminati’s lingo does reach the surface population.
Me: Hmm.
Ivo: The fact that Berladier’s species is dying off is indicative of the fact that his is not the optimal design for the galactic human: ours is. Yours is particularly optimal however it has been and is being tampered with. Do not trust your medical science. Do not allow them to inject anything into your body.
Me: I don’t. I haven’t had a shot in ages.
Ivo: You have had an I.V. In a plastic bag running through a plastic tube.
Me: How else are they supposed to do it?
Ivo: They have other substances that are more neutral for the human being. Imagine a baby that is premature being IV’d with a plastic bag and plastic tubing? It speaks highly of the strength of the soul that this baby should live with these things being done to this. Your medical science is bedknobs and broomsticks.
Me: Yes, we have to reconsider everything. We can’t overlook one thing. We all seek balance whether we know it or not, because in balance there is power and love, but we are so off kilter here it’s not funny anymore.
Ivo: Correct. Examine everything. Everything you felt was good for you will be exposed.
Me: Man, we’re in for a huge shock.
Ivo: It must be done for your own sakes.
Me: Thanks Ivo.
Ivo: My love, we have worked with you throughout the years to keep you and your DNA on track to accomplish what you have set out to do here. But when you help us by not getting vaccinated and eliminating your toxic diet, it is much appreciated.
Me: Thanks Ivo.

Meet “Breeder” Dayla, Rescued from DUMB 4 Months Ago.

It took me a while to decide to post this,please read if only you want to go down this rabbit hole concerning Children in Undreground Dumbs.The Reality is more shocking than any horror movie,i am sorry but this is the great awakening too.

October 20, 2020.
“Breeder” in captivity


Dayla: They assigned a number to you. I gave myself a name that I remembered from a past life.
Me: So you remember your past lives?
Dayla: Oh sure. We’re totally in contact, but there are barriers to stop us from getting out of here.
Me: The breeder number is like our social security numbers or Tax Identification Numbers. However it is they want you to serve them, what your role on earth is for them. So they give you the appropriate number. You’re either a money earner and you pay for all of this, or you’re a breeder and you get a number, or you’re a bio bot soldier and you get a number…. yeah, don’t they issue numbers in prisons on the surface? Sure. They tell us it’s because names can be repetitive but numbers never are unless you want them to be.
Okay, I can hear you’re really trying to tell me this. Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who talks to me while I’m in the bathroom. LOL
Alright, all humour aside, Dayla, you said you had to give yourself a name, you said that your cycles are tracked and you’re bred regularly. That maybe is why they have the moon and synched them up to women’s cycles, so that they’d be more fertile. Seems to me, that ET’s aren’t fertile unless they will their body to respond that way. So we have no choice here and we have frequent cycles. This could be for this breeding purpose. All I can say if they wanted it that way, they got their wish because there’s a lot of us. Loads.
Dayla: Uh huh.
Me: Now what else were you telling me about becoming a mother this way?
Dayla: It’s them taking control of the God process. That’s what it is. They’re the ones who want to be the Gods. What I was telling you is how dehumanizing it is to have just a number, and then to have so many children you can’t keep track of them. They’re removed from you right at the start. You don’t get to bond with your child. You just have another one as soon as you’re ready.
Me: What happens to mothers who can’t produce anymore?
Dayla: They’re either killed or used for sexual purposes or eaten as meat.
Me: Wonderful. (I’m being sarcastic)
Now, I see you as a smallish blond woman. You’re … yeah, you don’t have a nationality, do you? Why did I see British?
Dayla: I was British in my last life. I was a Welsh woman named Dayla. I was a witch and was murdered for it in the inquisition. My soul was taken and I was incarnated into a breeder’s body by them and then I became a breeder when I was old enough. Until that time, I was assigned to a handler, which was a reptilian who regularly raped me.
Me: Ugh. That’s disgusting.
Dayla: It’s that I was an earthling before that I know there is life on the surface, and looking at what was around me, and also talking to people around me who’d recently been abducted, I could envision what it was like and how it had changed since my last outer experience.
Me: So you speak English then?
Dayla: Sure, I remember it from my Welsh life. I also speak Gaelic. And I speak Welsh, although a variety that would be out of date for you.
Me: No matter. My implant can translate everything you say to me. Yeah, I see here looking up that as soon as the Romans withdrew, that the Scots began to colonize Wales as well. So your lifetime in Wales was around?
Dayla: Around 1500.
Me: Oh my. You’ve been down there for 500 years? You’re 500 years old?
Dayla: Not exactly. I was held in stasis for quite a while until there was need for either more or a replacement breeder. There are women in the tunnels that are still waiting to be born to this fate.
Me: They have to be released. That’s easy. Anyone willing just go into the DUMBs, find these people in stasis and then send them light energy. The increase in energy will allow them to be released to the Light. Believe me, there’ll be benevolent beings there waiting to get them.
Dayla: You have experience with this?
Me: I have been down in the DUMBS astrally, and released people. We also went to a place on the surface, in England as a matter of fact, where they store stolen souls and we have released them as well. They keep them caught in some kind of frequency net where they can’t change frequency and it aligns with the net. When you intervene, then they can be released to the Light.
Dayla: Aha. Have you seen the spiders then?
Me: Yup. The Chimera. Nasty looking things. They web up the hallways and if you run into a web they come and eat you. Same as the spiders on the planet do, albeit they’re a lot smaller. Thank God. I know when I was there, I can’t imagine the horrors that the people we rescued went through.
Dayla: You have no idea.
Me: Do you know what kind of children you ended up producing? Not to be offensive, but I’d like to inform the public.
Dayla: (sighing) Augh! They used my eggs to create misfits! They created human spiders, they created human reptilians, they created human snakes! Glory be! It was disgusting. These decrepid creatures we produced. And the idea of being a mother, there is no love for these babies, none at all.
Yes, I hear you asking. We did produce many of the black eyed children that are on the surface.
Me: How did they get integrated into our societies?
Dayla: They have, yes, what do you call them? Producers…. procurers…. Yes, I’ll say procurement officers who bring trafficked children down to the bases and then send our misfits to the surface. And when someone’s child goes missing, it would not be out of the question to question whether the one who has replaced them is not one of the hybrid misfits that we underneath have produced. They’re capable of changing the exterior of a child entirely and then programming its mind with DNA from the stolen child. So you never realize your child is a replacement.
Me: Wow!
Dayla: Oh yes. That’s how they get them on the surface. And then there are people who simply adopt them or take them knowing they are evil children and not completely human.
If the mother or father is such a child themselves, and perhaps they cannot reproduce because often times these hybrids cannot reproduce, they will simply requisition one from the depths of hell.
Me: That’s what you call it?
Dayla: We called it a lot of things. But hell, yes, that’s an appropriate description. There was no glory in motherhood, let me tell you. None at all. It was a production line. A factory.
Sometimes they would mess with the child before it was born. They would operate and that was excruciatingly painful for the mother.
Me: I know. They were pulling these children out and helping them on the surface. I’ve heard of human babies with pig noses, for example. That’s what they were doing in Atlantis.
Dayla: Yes.
Me: Now, presumably, you wanted to die?
Dayla: There was no escape in death. They have your soul chained to their system. The only escape was rescue and finally, you came. We owe you so much gratitude. You stopped our lives of hell!
Me: Wow. Sorry, Dayla, I have to take this in for a second. Give me a second please.
Dayla: Yes, sure.
Me: I know I was tested to do this when I was a baby. But I’m sterile and I always have been. So that could have been my fate as well.
Dayla: It could have. Many women and men have gone.
Me: I’m a bit stunned.
Oh yes, I wanted to ask you why you were allowed to have your multi-dimensional skills, at least remembering your past lives and maybe a few more?
Dayla: We were kept as physical beings mostly but there were electro magnetic impediments to our escaping into the astral or beyond, yes. They want you to have these because then the children will have them. Then that way they can program the children to do what they want and this often requires they have a skillset that supersedes the physical human’s. That’s how they keep you trapped on the surface, you know, because you don’t believe you can do these things.
Me: I know.
Dayla: I know you can. And you are now, but so many don’t think they’re anything more than what they can see. What an enormous ruse they’ve pulled over on you. Incredible!
Me: I know. They’ve extremely curtailed us into believing we’re not powerful.
Dayla: Ah! Well, we knew it but we weren’t able to utilize any of these skills because of course they have you blocked. God forbid you get one human in there with full human capabilities and there would be hell for them to pay! But they kept us under lock and key as well.
Me: Do you know what they’re using these children for?
Dayla: Many for sexual purposes. Some they eat. Some they use for their super human abilities. This makes them super human, they believe. To have such a child and to control them, and then you’re empowering yourself with this child.
Me: Ah, I see.
Dayla: Some are armies. And they are destructive. Evil with super powers. Aye!
Me: Okay, Now, how are you doing now?
Dayla: Nice of you to ask, m’ love. I am healing. I was rescued about 4 months ago and am on a planet in the Pleaidian system. Of course, they’re trying to get us back. We hear battles going on in the cosmos between the light forces and our captors, but they will not get us back, we’re told.
Me: No, their time has come.
Dayla: I have huge mental scarring, and many trust issues as you might understand. I was asked if I wished to have this life erased and I may still do that if healing is not possible. They ask us lots of questions about things we don’t even understand but we can tell them because we’ve been there for so long. The captors are so arrogant they never believed we would be rescued, so they let us see too much. How their mind control and time technology works.
Me: Ah yes. We saw those machines there too.
Dayla: So we tell them. And it seems to be helpful so we keep telling them. We want nothing more to do with this evil. I would rather die than be captured again and if that were the case, I would kill myself.
Me: I can understand that.
Dayla: I see you can. Ah yes.
Me: There are some of us on the surface who took a lot on to heal the planet, and it has gotten to the point at times that we wanted to die. But you keep going, because you have hope.
Dayla: We had nothing. Not even hope. Then one day the door cracked open. We saw these soldiers, these men…. they were green! They had funny spotted jackets on and were holding bayonnets we thought. We thought, “Far cry that will get you in here!”
Me: LOL They’re not bayonnets. They’re either guns with lead bullets or they have advanced laser weaponry that we on the surface don’t know about.
Dayla: Well, it was bizarre. Considering especially what our normal was down there. To see people who seemed to be on our side. We were extremely confused. Extremely, to say the least! But here were these people who looked like us, firing their rifles and barking orders to others. With strange implements over their eyes.
Me: Night vision technology, yes. I think their guns also use laser beams so they know how to fire best.
Dayla: Well, this man came up to me, lying on my cot and he had tears in his eyes. He said, I think, “It’s time to go now.” From what I could understand. He had a strange accent.
Me: American. LOL
Dayla: America?
Me: Yes, the British, the Scots, English, Irish and the Welsh left Great Britain and sailed to a huge land across the ocean. That’s America. And then their accents changed.
Dayla: Oh I see. But he was, he was a dark man.
Me: Yes. We’ve mixed.
Dayla: I didn’t want to go with him at first and then I thought, “Could it be worse than this?” and I realized nothing would be, so I went with him. He took me through tunnels. I could barely walk so he carried me, this young man.
Me: (sniff, sniff) This is really something to hear….
Dayla: He took me up through the dark and then I saw light again. And there were people, and noise. I was put into a machine that flew. It was noisy and produced much air.
Me: LOL A helicopter.
Dayla: Well, I’d never.
Me: Times have changed, Dayla. We can fly now.
Dayla: Yes, it was like a big bird with wings that rotated!
Me: Yes. So where did you go? Do you remember?
Dayla: We went over the sea.
Me: Okay.
Dayla: We landed on a vessel. A sailing vessel with no sail.
Me: LOL No. It’s run by a motor. It’s an oil powered ship.
Dayla: Okay. And there was a lady and she helped me. There were more people later who would come in as I lay in my bed and they explained to me what was happening. I thought they wanted babies so I was saying I wasn’t ready to conceive yet.
Me: Did you say that to a man? LOL
Dayla: I said it to a woman, as it turns out. And she smiled and said, “You’re not going to do that anymore.” It was hard to communicate with them because they didn’t speak Welsh and their English was so different from anything I knew.
They tried to figure out what language I was speaking and they went on a box and it started to talk to me.
Me: Probably Google translate. Wow. I never thought of these challenges they’d have. You haven’t been up to the surface in 500 years and the last language you spoke was medieval Welsh. And here you are, frightened, and they’re trying to calm you down.
Dayla: They put something in my arm. That made me feel better.
Me: Yeah. Drugs. They do that a lot.
Dayla: The Pleiadians I speak to are better with language.
Me: They are. They could probably learn Welsh in a matter of a day or two and they might even have the old medieval version on record somewhere. They’ve only been circling this planet for eons.
Dayla: Well, I tell you it was something. I was scared but hopeful I would be released.
Me: If you were to come back to earth, you’d see it’s changed a lot, especially since medieval times. We know of some of the things you did then, we know about the Inquisition and burning of witches, we know about knights riding horses with lances. We know of the kings and queens and generally how people lived then. So now you’re kind of displaced.
Dayla: They said they could send me back to that life if I wished, and then I’d be allowed to incarnate again as a human in a new life afterwards.
Me: You should ask them just to put you back in time and then to the bardo state, so you don’t have to re-live a horrible death.
Dayla: That’s a good idea. I might do that.
Me: It might just help you to go back to the in-between real life instead of having to choose what to do now.
Dayla: For now, I’ll stay here and help them. They are always asking questions and trying to help more people.
Me: Good. Dayla, is there anything you need to add?
Dayla: I would like to be able to ride a horse again. They said they would get one for me soon. I always enjoyed that.
Me: Great!
Dayla: I know they’re trying to make me happy but (pause) it’s so difficult.
Me: Dayla, I thank you for this interview. It’s interesting to hear how American soldiers are viewed from a completely different point of view.
Dayla: Oh yes! And the boots! They had big shoes! My oh my!
Me: It’s an expression, “They do have big boots to fill,” which means they have a tough job on their hands. I know some of them broke down and cried. Did you get this man’s name?
Dayla: He said his name was Carter or Carson, something like that.
Me: Well, I bet you think of him every day.
Dayla: With gratitude, to be certain! This big man with strange eyes and huge boots with dirt on them.
Me: Oh oh. He’d better clean them, they’re supposed to be spic and span.
Dayla: What is that?
Me: Very clean. Boots have to be polished and very presentable.
Dayla: Oh. There were so many of them. Looking around, shooting their arms. Then the room went quiet. We were sitting, wide-eyed wondering if we were next. When they came over, we screamed. The room was full of screams. They waved their hands and put their fingers over our mouths. We wanted to bite them.
Me: Oh!
Dayla: They stroked our hair and our backs and smiled. I remember that that was a good sign for a human, but not so good if it’s a reptilian.
Me: Yes, when reptilians smile at you, it’s not a good thing.
Dayla: They let the room grow quiet and then they took us. He held out his arms to me and asked me to come with him. (crying) It was the first time I was ever asked if I wanted to do something.
Me: (sigh)
Dayla: I was confused but I went anyway. The other girls were going. Anything would be better than what we were living.
Me: True.
Dayla: If they didn’t like the baby, sometimes they would kill you.
Me: I can see you’ve been very traumatized.
Dayla: Yes. It was horrible.
Me: Dayla, I don’t want you to feel bad so I’m going to end this conversation. I know you’re flashing back, so please signal the Pleiadians to help you.
Dayla: (nodding head) I will. Thank you for caring.
Me: You’ll find the Pleaidians very different from what you’re used to.
Dayla: I do. They’re very kind.
Me: So are you for allowing this conversation, please rest and take good care of yourself.
Dayla: Very good. I will. Thank you.