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If your holiday activities activate joyful feelings, enjoy them! If they activate painful feelings, then it is time for a change.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/26/2022 • Have An Authentic Holiday Season

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you move into your holiday season, breathe. Remind yourself to relax, slow down, and enjoy the moment. It is better to do less with more love than more with less love. It is better to fully engage in the activities you choose rather than rush through them and, in so doing, miss the moments of your life.

The universe responds to you as you are now. No matter what you have or haven’t done for lifetimes, decades, or even in the past five minutes, now is all that matters. You are who you are because you are thinking thoughts now. You are experiencing what you experience because the universe is responding to your vibration now. Often what you are vibrating to is the result of many thoughts you have thought in the past. You develop patterns, momentum, and, therefore, vibrations that are well-practiced. Nonetheless, the universe is responding to you now and only now.

Suppose you were a musician. Imagine you practiced a song until you could play it by rote, only to discover a little later, that a few notes were off. You would have to re-learn the song. Teaching yourself the new notes might take a great deal of practice and perseverance since the old ones were so well-practiced. You could do it, of course. It would just take some effort.

Likewise, you have many practiced patterns of thought. Some are “on key” because they create feelings of love in your life. Some are off the key of love because they don’t make you happy. Some are complex notes – a little love mixed with a little less. It may take some work to practice new thoughts that feel like love. It may take some diligence and compassion for yourself to develop new habits. You can do it, however, and the rewards are well worth the effort.

The holidays, especially, have many practiced patterns of thought. Some activate beautiful feelings within you. A song, a smell, a particular food, the twinkling of lights, or the lighting of a candle can activate vibrations of warmth, joy, and comfort. For others of you, these can activate very painful memories.

If your holiday activities activate joyful feelings, enjoy them! If they activate painful feelings, then it is time for a change. Create new traditions, new beliefs, and new activities that please you more. Do this, whether or not the new is related to the old. You don’t have to celebrate just because everyone else is. You don’t have to mail cards, go to gatherings, or play special music if it doesn’t give you joy. You may prefer a quiet retreat or a simple gathering of friends. Do what makes your heart sing. Bring a new you to the present moment. Be like a child. Look for what is interesting, pleasing, and fun – wherever you are. A child may cry one moment but then quickly look for what is more enjoyable the next. So can you.

Dear ones, your holidays are meant to be a season of light. Emotions are running high this year, yet you can embrace the light and the love within you more dearly than ever before. Permit yourselves to slow down, savor the moments, and live in a state of love. What you do or who you are with, who understands, approves or not, is infinitely less important than whether or not you choose to honor your own heart.

As your world struggles to recreate itself, let the light of the season be born within you once again – in this moment and the next, with honesty, authenticity, and a commitment to your own good-feeling season.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/19/2022 • Living in Appreciation

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Those of you who are soon to celebrate your holiday of Thanksgiving know that the holiday centers around appreciation. You take time to appreciate family, friends, or some quiet time for yourself. You take time to appreciate a diversity of food, fun, activities, or rest. You take time to put the world’s problems aside so you can enjoy the things that truly matter in your lives – love, laughter, relaxation, sharing, & caring. Even if you spend the holiday alone in peace, you take time to commune with that which is peaceful and beautiful inside yourself. Dear ones, every day can be a day of giving thanks. Every moment offers opportunities for appreciation.

In traffic, you can appreciate your car, the songs on the radio, the person you love the most or the sky overhead. If you are ill, you can appreciate the warmth of a cozy blanket and a cup of tea. If you are feeling scared, you can appreciate a moment of laughter with a friend or perhaps a song that gives you a few moments of peace. You can step outside, pluck a blade of grass, and appreciate the miracle beneath your feet.

While the world rants and raves about its problems, you can see its miracles. While those around you might try to convince you of all that is wrong with life, you can seek out and appreciate what is right. While the doomsayers tell you the economy is failing, the world is coming to an end, and that your climate is going to hell in a handbasket, you can smile and choose to live in God’s economy. You can appreciate the moment in front of you – right here, right now. You can take a moment and marvel at nature’s miraculous ability to regenerate, sometimes without the slightest bit of help.

Dear ones, make every day a day of Thanksgiving. Make every day a day of seeking out things and people to appreciate. In the meanest of individuals – if you were to look hard enough – you could find something to appreciate. Perhaps they have a passion that comes out in unpleasant ways but is nonetheless still a passion. Maybe they are angry because they feel helpless, because in their depth they care strongly about an ideal. Perhaps the person who just cut you off in traffic is afraid of being late, but at least they care about meeting their commitments. We are not saying you should stick around for bad behavior if you can avoid it. We are not saying you should pretend it doesn’t exist, or give it another second of your focus. However, when bad behavior is unavoidably in front of you, you can still look around for something to appreciate.

When you don’t like something on the news, you can appreciate your remote control and switch the station! When the relative you try to avoid starts lecturing you, you can point out something about them that you can appreciate and then change the topic. “I love that you care about me so much. I love that you want the best for me. Thank you.” then change the topic or walk away. Or maybe you’re around someone ranting about their beliefs and trying to impose them upon you. You can easily say, “Isn’t it wonderful to be alive and to care about something so passionately! Better than being apathetic!” then switch the topic or walk away! You have the power to find something to appreciate in any given situation, and while some are certainly harder than others, you have the choice to align with the love that you are and feel good – or not. Your choice to focus on appreciation is for you first.

Dear ones, you are the lightworkers More accurately you are the light-focusers. You are the lights that can choose to shine your love upon the areas which you can appreciate, and in so doing amplify those vibrations upon your earth. Look for peace. Notice peace. Be peaceful, and more and more examples of piece will come into your field and awareness. Look for levity. Be lighthearted. Appreciate those who are and more and more of that energy will come into your awareness. “Seek and ye shall find,” dear ones. Seek things to appreciate, and you will find more and more wonderful things in your world to appreciate.

Spending your life seeking out things to appreciate enables you to open the windows of your perception to all that is good, loving, and beautiful. In so doing, you will see the light amidst the darkness, harmony despite the chaos, beauty, love, and grace, even in a world that is certainly stirred up at the moment.

You are the light workers, the light focusers, the appreciators, and the ones attuning your world into a higher, happier, more beautiful space… one moment, one soul at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/12/2022 • Keep the Magnet On!

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe deeply. Exhale. The vibrations of all creation just flowed through you in that single breath. The energies of all you love and all you hate just flowed into you. Your intelligent body, connected to the Source, attempted to take in all of the frequencies that support its health, happiness, and well-being. Your mind selected and filtered the frequencies that match the vibration of your thoughts and the emotional charge around them.

You are in charge of what you take in and what you release. Your feelings tell you in a given moment precisely what vibrations you are resonating with and which ones you are not.

Suppose you are angry. You go about your day dwelling on frustrations. As you breathe, you resonate with all the frustrated people on earth. You resonate with things that will frustrate you. God and your angels emit only love, help, joy, kindness, and beautiful frequencies, but in your upset space, you selectively filter out the kinder energies and tune yourself into the not-so-pleasant ones ones. You turn on the TV and see an ad that upsets you. You get stuck behind people in traffic. Memories arise. Fears and feelings of helplessness arise. At some point, you may realize that you’re spinning into a very unpleasant and chaotic state of being and, there, a chaotic experience of life.

Perhaps you have a moment of awareness. You want to feel better and don’t want to feel like things are spinning out of control. You take a deep, slow breath and relax into it. As you breathe, even if only for a moment, you are a vibrational match to love. You chose to honor your desire to feel better. That is self-love. You decided to stop yourself from spinning into chaos. That is self-love. You chose to focus on something simple that you knew would help you calm down. That is self-love.

In that moment of self-love, you began to resonate with love. In that vibration, you are resonating with all that is good, beautiful, healthy, and happy. You are allowing the cells of your body, which are always calling for love to receive a healthy vibration. In this breath, you are unblocked, experiencing a greater connection to the Source, and beginning to turn towards a kinder reality. It is that simple.

Suppose you proceed with your day more relaxed, with a more objective perspective. You start to choose better-feeling thoughts. “That’s more like it,” you tell yourself. “There are things to be happy about. There are things to appreciate. I can acknowledge myself in this moment!” Now you are creating more positive momentum, and, like a snowball rolling, your day begins to improve until you feel loved and peaceful once again. It really is this simple.

Dear ones, if you truly understood the vibrational nature of your reality, choosing better-feeling thoughts would become your single highest priority.

As you feel yourself moving closer and closer to feeling love, you come closer to feeling the Source within. As you choose better-feeling thoughts, your system sifts through the soup of frequencies in each breath and resonates more clearly with those of love. As you appreciate a sunset and have a moment of appreciation, in that breath you are resonating with all who appreciate, all who feel life’s abundance, and all that is beautiful and there to appreciate. In that vibration, you draw more abundance to you, more beauty, more peace, and so much more love. All of this occurs in that one breathe during a moment of appreciation.

Some of you don’t feel you can manifest, but you can. You may think you’ve tried, but you may not realize that you oscillate between high and low frequencies so frequently. You don’t always stay tuned into a loving reality consistently enough to have your magnet draw the loving person, thing, or situation that you wish to you.

For example, suppose you want a lover. One moment you focus on the delicious thought of one. You are moving towards your lover. One moment you focus with appreciation on your sandwich. In that moment of loving your sandwich, you are attracting a lover. Another moment you are feeling pretty good about an accomplishment. You are moving towards your lover in that vibration of love. However, you get to the end of the day and get frustrated. “Where’s my lover? They’ll never come.” Now you’re not in a vibration of love. Temporarily the magnet is off. You get to the weekend, “I’m lonely. I’m miserable. I’m bored. I’m tired or doing things on my own. Those thoughts may all be true, but they don’t feel like love. You’ve temporarily switched your magnet off. Most of you go through life like this – on again, off again, on again, off again. Hence, it can take a while to attract what you want.

However, here’s the good news. You don’t have to focus on what you want at all. You just have to focus on anything that feels better. Love is love whether you are loving the thought of the future you want to create or loving your sandwich. Love is love whether you are loving feelings of being on vacation in your future or enjoying your chair. Love is love whether you are thinking of the partner you wish for with delightful anticipation or enjoying a moment listening to a beautiful bird singing outside your window. Love is love whether you are focusing on having a lot of money in your future and how fun that would be, enjoying a penny you found on the sidewalk, or opening the door for a stranger.

Maybe you can’t think positively about the lover that isn’t here yet, but you can still attune yourself to love! You can enjoy the day, the weather, your couch, your sandwich, and all the other good people, things, and animals in your life. In that fairly consistent vibration of love, you’ll still attract your lover.

Maybe you can’t think positively about the future of your world at the moment, but you can enjoy your tea, your coffee, the good people in your life, the folks that think positively and do good. As you maintain a fairly consistent vibration of love, you are helping to create the better world you want to see.

You can avoid focusing on a highly charged topic and focus on anything that feels like love, and in that vibration of love, you’ll begin to attract so much more of what you would love to see.

Love is love, dear ones, and no matter how you find it, focus on it, and most importantly, choose it, it is the highest, most beautiful, most magnetic vibration on the planet. Even if you are grieving, you can focus on the love and attract a connection with your dear one beyond your wildest dreams. Love is love.

Choose better-feeling thoughts –thoughts that feel more loving – as often as possible. In so doing, you allow yourself to experience a beautiful, happy, healthy, abundant life no matter what the rest of the world is doing. You can, one breath at a time, keep your magnet for love on and live a life that reflects that love right back to you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/05/2022 • Focusing out of fear

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you celebrated your holiday of Halloween last week. You make light of the fearful and dress in ways that express your fantasies, alter egos, and sense of humor. You share sweetness with the children and decorate with colors that even bring to life the relationship between opposites – orange, the color of vibrant, passionate life and expression, and black, the color of a womb-like stillness and potential. In so many ways, you temporarily free yourselves from the fear of death and bring it to the party of life, so to speak. Then on the very next day, many of you celebrate your connection with the dear ones in spirit, be it via All Saints Day, Día de Los Muertos, or a variety of other global holidays that celebrate man’s connection to those beyond.

We love these celebrations because they temporarily remind you of the love you have for those who are in the awareness of the eternal once again.

They help you make light of the thing you fear the most and acknowledge the life beyond. They allow you to play around with various costumes and identities and to connect with the innocent little ones who love their outfits, be it the ones they put on for the holiday or the physical costumes they were born within!

Can you imagine living this freely all the time? Can you imagine thinking of death and the things you fear and finding they are powerless to drag you into the depths? Can you imagine looking even at the death of a dear one and realizing that although you certainly miss and mourn their physical presence, they are present to you in ways far beyond what you experienced together as seemingly separate beings?

Can you imagine taking all your political, financial, and physical fears and making light of them as much as you make light of the fearful during your Halloween holiday? Dear ones, from the perspective of your human self, your fears feel grounded in “reality,” but from the perspective of your soul – knowing its incredible power to create – your fears are without a vibrational foundation.

We are not making you wrong for your fears! You are human, conditioned and taught through experiences to be wary of what might come. Being angels, we must remind you that you are spirit, vibrational tuners, able to attract safely, security, connection, well-being, and so much more. We must remind you that the minute you have a fear, you can take deep breaths to calm your biology and then, from a calmer space, remind yourself, “I do not need to create what I fear. Let me focus instead upon that which I love.”

The violence in your world has its roots in fear. The anger in the world has its roots in fear. The disease in your world has its roots in fear. Conversely, peace and harmony in your world are rooted in love. Compassion is born of love. Well-being comes from allowing love to flow freely through your physical vehicle.

You need not fear, dear ones. The external world has little power over those who manage their vibration consciously. Even if you’re not there yet, you can keep proving to yourself that you are a powerful vibrational being.

Take one thing you love and think of it often. It can be a quality like peace or humor. It can be a person that embodies the qualities you love to interact with. It can be an item or an animal. Focus on how much you love this. Think of how much you love situations or beings like this. Feel into it by imagining you already have this quality or being in your life and enjoy the sensations as often as possible. Then see how this focused love reflects back to you in your life.

At first, you may see only opposites as your old beliefs don’t let go easily, but if you persist, you will begin to see more and more evidence that vibration creates. You deserve to see all your fears and phobias in the same light as your Halloween figures and decorations – perhaps spooky but powerless to affect your reality if you vibrate to a higher love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The Angel’s Message this week.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

How could you ever believe in lack when the abundant generosity of the universe is present everywhere you look in nature? You want love and love is all around. You want to feel secure, and everything you need is there waiting to flow into your life. You want joy, and there is joy at every level – macro and microscopic waiting to be enjoyed.

Look at the flowers that bloom even more after you cut them. They love to delight you. Look at the grasses that, no matter how much you mow, offer a new and softer carpet upon which you can walk, and the animals can graze. Look at the trees, sprouted from seeds often tinier than the tip of your finger, that give with such abundant generosity they support entire ecosystems. The sunlight shines abundantly, and the waters are available for you to pray them into places of need. Your earth, dear ones, is pure love, giving so selflessly and in such abundance that her generosity surrounds you.

“Yes,” you say, “But earth doesn’t pay my bills!””She doesn’t stop people from destroying ecosystems.” “She isn’t bringing me a date!” There are so many arguments defending the illusion of lack. Technically you aren’t being paid by nature, set up on dates, or seeing her influence directly on your political systems. Nonetheless she holds steady in a vibration that supports each and every one of you as surely as God and your angels do the same. We never waiver in holding the vision of all that you desire. We never waiver in holding the vision of the best, most loved, most abundant, and joyous, version of you. We never waiver in our commitment to call you, with love, towards this reality. No matter how you argue for lack, we hold fast in our knowledge of abundance. No matter how hard you argue that you are unloved or unworthy of love, we love you.

So if you want a relationship because you want to give and receive more love, start to give and receive love where it is readily available. Let the sunrise caress your face and the breeze tingle upon your skin. Feel the solidity of the earth beneath your feet, securely holding you onto itself in great stability as your planet spins at a dizzying rate through space. Allow yourself to feel soothed by the music of life all around you – the song of the birds, the purr of your kitten, the happy panting of your puppy… your own steady and rhythmic breathing and even, if you listen closely, the life-giving beat of your own heart.

If you want more money, attune yourself to, and appreciate the abundance all around you. Notice the generous leaves that carpet and nourish the forest floor. Imagine the abundance of the oak tree whose acorns feed whole communities of animals. Look at a single plant in a garden, sprouted from such a tiny seed, now giving its food to the masses in as much abundance as it can.

Look at a puppy who gives love with such unselfish and joyous abandon. Look at the worms that till your soil so the plants can grow and the countless types of bees and bats that work tirelessly to pollinate your crops. See how many apples a single tree can give and how a tiny stream can nourish so much life around it.

Dear ones, as you start to tune into the vibrations of love and abundance all around you, absolute magic will begin to unfold in your lives. First of all, you will start to feel better. Nature is God’s news – good news. Nature is abundant, and the truth of Divine abundance feels good. Nature is love made manifest and not trying to be anything else… and love feels good. If you are willing to receive her gifts, both physical and vibrational, nature can help and assist you in finding the frequencies that allow you to receive all else you want.

The subject you ponder in a given moment is far less important than how you feel about it. If you think about money and feel despair, far better to look at a pine tree and notice its incredible generosity, thus tuning yourself to a frequency of abundance in which the money can now flow. If you want a relationship, but thinking of one causes you grief, then turn away and look at the birds who sing for the joy of it and for your delight. Receive the love offered by a single flower blooming only for your pleasure in that moment. Receive the gifts and the love all around you. Let yourself feel your own loving and appreciative heart. Do that often enough, and soon you will fall in love with life and attract love in every area of your life.

You don’t have to think of the things you want to manifest. If they inspire fear, doubt, or pain, better not to think of them at all! Far better to attune yourself in an easier way to the feelings you desire. Then, in that frequency, you will attract all that matches the feeling. Wondering with delight at nature’s capacity to give, her resourcefulness, her support for the life around her, and her unselfish nature will cause you to feel the unblocked support of the Divine. Perhaps, you will realize that you, too, are cared for in an even greater fashion if you can avoid blocking this abundance.

As we have said often, allowing yourself to feel good is allowing yourself to feel God. When you attune to these pure frequencies that nature offers – love, abundance, generosity, joy, peace, etc., you allow yourself to tune into the Creator’s love in a form that has no fear, no doubt, and no blockages to allowing it to flow freely to you.

Nature’s nature is to nurture. Receive her love. The vibrations in the human race are very intense right now, but nature freely offers a constant source of truth, love, peace, harmony, and abundance. Receive her love. Marvel at her generosity.

Let the others around you do as they wish, but know that in your attunement to these higher energies, you can live and incredible life in which all you desire begins to flow to you as generously and abundantly as nature itself.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/22/2022 • Do your Personal Rules Serve You?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

One of the most loving beings to ever walk the earth said wisely, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to God what is God’s.” There are, of course, laws you must follow by virtue of living in a given society or signing a contract with a landlord or an employer. However, there are many personal “rules” that you adopted because someone else told you – or is telling you – that this is the way you must live.

Look at the personal rules you follow by rote. Do the “rules” you learned decades ago resonate with you today? Does it always feel right to eat your dinner before dessert, finish your work before play, or make nice instead of speaking up? Must you finish everything you start, or are you allowed to put a book down if it no longer captures your interest? Are you allowed to rest when there are still things to do? To receive without giving anything but gratitude? Can you trust your body, mind, heart, and soul, or must you get the validation or approval of others? Are you satisfied with the way you look, or must you “gussy” up or trim down to fit a superficial image of perfection that was forced upon you?

While these things may seem small and unimportant, there is great value in examining your “personal rules” to see which ones genuinely resonate with your heart and serve you vs. those you are following because you learned to do so. When your rules honor your heart, you feel good. You are in agreement with your soul. You are happy and in a high vibration. You are attracting good.

For example, if you try on an outfit and disapprove of yourself, that feels terrible. Your soul sees you as beautiful, and it doesn’t matter who or what media told you that you must be thinner, prettier, or more stylish. A more authentic personal rule would be “I must please myself,” or “I must treat myself as the beautiful soul that I am regardless of superficial appearance.”

Likewise, suppose you learned that you must “work hard and earn your money” before you can relax. When dear ones, does that rule allow you to relax? If you feel passionately happy about your work, then you’re fine. If you feel burnt out, tired, and cranky, you might want to make up a new personal rule such as “I work best when I am in balance,” “I make time for myself to honor my soul,” or “I work hard and play hard,” or whatever suits your heart, your joy, and your authentic self.

So many of you are not happy these days. You are following the personal rules others set forth for you that do not agree with your own heart and your soul. See if any of these fit you, and you’ll see a few of the “personal rules” that no longer work:

  • You criticize yourself based on the standards you learned.
  • You feel you must be aware of what is going on “out there” even if it doesn’t make you happy to do so.
  • You can’t rest till the endless to-do list is done.
  • You can’t say “no” to another without feeling guilty, wrong, or like a bad person
  • You feel you must look a certain way, have a particular relationship, or earn a certain amount to be “successful” when the happiness you truly crave in a given moment is so much simpler.

What might seem unimportant in the greater scheme of your life is very important to your vibration, which always dictates what you attract or allow in your future. If you constantly force yourself to ignore your own heart, your heart will speak up more clearly –  often in the form of some discomfort, illness, or upset. We are not suggesting you must get rid of all your learned rules. Some of them serve you well. Brushing your teeth regularly, for example, contributes to a healthy mouth. Perhaps sitting quietly in the morning or cleaning up before bed serves you. Only you know which of your “personal rules” serve you vs. which ones you are serving.

We are not here to give you new rules. Rather we are suggesting that you drop into your hearts and have a look at which “personal rules” serve your joy. The energy on your planet is intense now. Each one of you is feeling, more strongly than ever before, the alignment or the disagreement that you are having with your own soul, which along with your angels and guides, is constantly calling you to the life that you have decided you truly want to live.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/15/2022 • Look for the Love!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In a world that feeds you a steady stream of drama, you can be at peace. In a world where the news would make you think things are spiraling down by the moment, you can discern a greater truth – love is everywhere – present, emerging, expanding, and interacting in the most beautiful ways! It is present in the interactions between caring human beings. It is present in the joy between you and the animals you adore.

Love flows through you as you lovingly water and trim a houseplant or plant a seed with loving hope in your garden. It is streaming into the meals you cook with love and the meals you reheat as you look forward to nourishing your body.

Love is in the grass under your feet, growing and reaching for the light. Love is in the coffee or tea that you drink. Your beverage originated in a seed that waited patiently for the rains, pushed through the surface of the soil, reached for the light, harnessed the energy of a star millions of miles from your planet, surrendered to the harvest, processings, and packaging, rode for miles in a box or bag or container via planes, trains, ships, and trucks, and then sits her, in your mug, allowing you to extract the best of its journey, all for your morning beverage. Love lives to love you. You live to love.

There are, of course, people on your planet who have forgotten the love attempting to push up from within them, as much as the force of life pushes a seed out of the shell. They fight it, resist it, deny it, and disbelieve it. They feel they must take matters into their own hands. Can you imagine a seed straining against the growth within, trying so hard to stay in the shell and dictate how it will receive the water that could soak into it freely? Can you imagine that seed trying to build irrigation canals to funnel more rain to itself because it needs more and more water to help it break free from its own resistance? We know this is a small analogy, but perhaps it enables you to see that those who resist the love trying to rise from within are straining, stressing, manipulating, bullying, angering, even killing when all they have to do is surrender to their own hearts.

Love is in a constant flow, continually expanding. Love is always calling you towards that which you truly desire. Love is saying, “Look over here. There is a person you want to talk to who has a bit of information about that job you want.” As you look for the item you want in your market, you notice a person that seems familiar. You have the urge to talk to them. Love is calling.

Love is present in the cells of your body inspiring them to inspire you by creating feelings from within. I am thirsty. Are you listening? Did you get that drink of water? Love is saying I need to stretch. You feel a tight spot and a natural impulse to move. Can you allow for this.

Love is present in the little bug on your carpet who is waiting patiently to see if you are going to kill him or carry him out. He is surrendered, knowing he can’t control you but must allow for love to carry him into nature or into the light. He has instincts. He’d rather live just like you, but he has no real fear of the illusions of death. He just asks for your love either way.

Are you open to love, dear ones, or are you fighting against its desire to reach you? Are you focusing on all that makes you sad, mad, frightened, doubtful, etc.? Do you believe in those who would have you think you are going to die, experience financial ruin, or be part of disaster if you don’t listen to their points of view? Or are you believing in love?

The Divine is Love. You are embodiments of the Divine, never separate from love. You breathe in love. Love makes your heart beat and your cells hum. Love is within every facet of creation – physical and otherwise, always calling you to greater love. When you are focused on feeling better and better, you are allowing love to seep into your awareness. You are like earth allowing the spring rains to soften and flow through it with nourishing waters.

Dear ones, you choose whether you believe in the ideas that being fed to you about how your world is spiraling downhill, how people are going mad, and how your earth is going to self-destruct… or whether you believe in love. We see a world, growing and expanding into greater love, even if it is going through a bit of the “teenage” phases of self-awareness. We see a world whose population is increasingly conscious of their connection with their Mother Earth and young souls coming in with a mission and inspiration to clean her up and live in harmony with her. Your problems today inspire solutions tomorrow. Generations who felt they could not change are being replaced by generations who will not settle without change. You are evolving, moving forward, not backward, into greater love.

So, what does this mean for your daily lives? Believe in love. Look for it everywhere. Feel the love in your coffee or tea, your blankets, the sunrise, the trees, the birds that sing to you, and the spouse who may be rushing to get to work because they care about the family. See love in the man who is scowling on the bus because he wants attention in his misery. He is crying for love. Pray for him. See love in the boss who is short-tempered because they care so much about doing good work, the helping hands of a clerk carrying a bag to the car for someone in need, the smile of a stranger, the person who lets you in while you are in traffic, and the one that doesn’t who is attempting, albeit awkwardly to love themselves and tend to their own schedule.

Love, whether buried deep beneath bad behaviors or easily visible, is there, dear ones. Can you make it a little game in your hearts, “Look for the love?” If you do, you will begin to discern it everywhere – where it is easily visible and where it is not. Those who behave badly will feel so much less threatening and personal. You’ll see them as souls crying for love. When you are connected to love, you’ll be guided and impulsed in ways that help you avoid the consequences of others’ bad behaviors.

You’ll feel better. Your life will flow. Good will come to you by surprise, all because you chose to embrace what you know deep down. “I am a spirit, having a human experience. I am sourced from love. I live in love whether I see it or not. I am love having an experience of it or not, whether I feel it or not, and so is everyone else.

Dear ones, love is rushing to your planet now in mighty streams. You have prayed for it, called for it, and directed it with your hopes and dreams for the better, increasingly so over the past few years. Open to it. Let it flow through your hearts with this simple game: Look for the love.

You are not only gifting the world with this game but opening up to all the love you desire in all the ways you desire to experience it!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/08/2022 • Feel • Be Real • Let the Love Flow!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There are so many “energy releases” going on around your planet right now. You see it in Mother Earth releasing energy via her storms and in human beings releasing energy in their own swirling outbursts. You feel this inside of yourself in various ways. Many of you have been more reactive than usual and less tolerant of behaviors that never quite suited you. Many of you are feeling strong surges of emotion that you’ve stuffed but can no longer ignore. Many more are having sudden physical challenges appear and then disappear just as quickly. On a happier note, many of you are also feeling a renewal of life, an urge to get going, or a desire for change.

Your upsets are shaking loose. The floods of tears are flowing, and the fires of your passions are burning brightly.

You can no longer make yourself wrong for being who you are in a given moment without feeling some pain. Your lives would be easier if you could accept yourselves – as you and your earth go through this incredible metamorphosis. The future butterfly does not make the caterpillar’s stillness wrong. The future oak does not belittle itself when, as an acorn, it bursts open. Nature does not judge itself in the process of evolution. We are gently and lovingly suggesting that you decide not to make yourselves wrong for the expansion and evolution that is in progress inside each one of you.

You are all being called to be more “real” about who you are in the world. You are learning to be more authentic in your conversations, your actions, and your choices about how you want to live your lives. You are learning to pay more attention to what you want to eat, what you wish to do, and how you want to express yourself in the world. You are all bursting out of old false personas and being called to be true to your own hearts.

So many of you learned you must fit an image of who you were told you “should” be instead of simply being who you really are. So many of you have been stoic when you really wanted the comfort of kindness. Many more have pretended to be “nice” when you were seething mad or ready to cry in pain or frustration. Most of you, at times, have pushed and compared yourselves instead of listening to your own bodies and hearts. A great many of you were taught to make others comfortable by suffering through the discomfort of stuffing or ignoring your own feelings. This does not serve you.

We are not suggesting you stay stuck in negative feelings. We are, however, saying if you wish to raise your vibration, you must start where you are at. You must accept yourself where you are. You must choose to love yourself as is whether you are joyous, angry, sad, frustrated, hopeful, hateful, or passionate. Wherever you are is where you begin.

Take a moment and think about an emotionally charged topic – the first one that pops into your mind. Get in touch with how you feel about it. Can you accept this feeling as is? “I am in love. I am really angry. I am just so sad.” Whatever you feel right here and now, simply own it. Then dear ones say the name of God as given to Moses, “I am who I am.” I am sad. I am who I am. I am upset. I am who I am in this moment. I am discouraged. I am who I am in this moment. I am so happy I could burst! I am who I am in this moment. We are calling you to see your perfection even as you expand into more.

If a little child has an emotional outburst, they would deeply resent you telling them how they should feel, or worse, to stop feeling at all. Hopefully, you would pick them up or speak sweetly and soothe them. Your acceptance and love will call them to a more positive and loving space. The same is true for you. If you tell yourself you should not feel as you do, you will feel that way more strongly. If you hug yourself and say, “It’s OK. I am. I am who I am in this moment and that is perfect even as I expand into more,” then dear ones, you will be soothing, calming, and loving yourselves. You will be inviting yourself to a greater love.

It is time to stop trying to please others or others’ beliefs, and to start pleasing the Divine within. We are not telling you to break laws of course, nor to do things that intentionally harm another. Instead, we are talking about paying more attention to how you feel and making choices that feel loving, better, and true to your heart. We are talking about listening to what resonates with your own body rather than any amount of well-meaning advice given by others. It is lovely to learn from others and take others’ views into account, but in the end, do what resonates with you. Think about what feels good to you. Act when it feels good and if you must do something you don’t care for, find a way, creatively, to find something good within it.

Being the real you in any given moment is how you open up the love of the universe! Being the real you in any given moment puts out a vibration that says, “I may not be perfect according to anyone else’s standards or even my own right now, but I choose to love and accept myself as I am. Even as I grow into more, I am perfect in this moment.” This is a vibration of love. This is a high vibe. This is an energy that permits you to be carried into kinder realities and to perceive your higher guidance.

You are perfect as you are, even as you expand into greater awareness.

Use your mind to sort, review, analyze, and create, but use your feelings to be the compass that tells you clearly, “Either I am in agreement with my soul’s view of life and myself here and now… or I am not.”

Dear ones, your soul is you –  the greater you. Your soul is already the energetic version of the expanded, loving, abundant, joyous being that you wish to be. Your soul is an extension of the Divine, eternally connected to the universe. The Divine knows how to get where you want to go, and as you accept yourself, no matter how you feel, no matter who you are or where you are in your life, then you open up the loving guidance and blessings that are always waiting to pour into your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Living in your own flow: When you feel good, you will know you are in your stream, aligned with the happiest possible version of yourself…Don’t go with “the flow.” Instead, go with your flow. It calls to you via your very own natural impulses and your very own joy

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/01/2022 • Living in your own flow

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you exists in a beautiful stream of energy. The stream is created and updated with every desire you have – with every wish, every intention, and even with each problem you notice. Each situation inspires new desires.

You add a new current to your stream every time you have even the tiniest loving desire. This stream is your flow – your personal guided path to all that you’ve asked for. This stream takes the easiest and most joyful path, much as a physical stream carves its course in a path of least resistance.

The stream adjusts its course often. Perhaps you didn’t feel like leaving the house yesterday, but today you can’t wait to go out. Perhaps you could meet the person of your dreams today if you took that walk you feel like taking. Tomorrow they might go to the grocery store, so the stream might give you a happy urge to run to the store for a container of ice cream. The stream adjusts to changing conditions – both inside of you and in the external world as well. The stream, dear friends, is you – the future you, the energetic template of the best, most loving, most satisfied possible future self. It beckons you forward and readjusts with each choice you make.

Your stream may join with other vibrationally compatible streams and then separate once again. You say that your “paths cross’ and indeed, this is so energetically, even before it is physically made manifest.

When you feel good, you will know you are in your stream, aligned with the happiest possible version of yourself. When you feel bad, you are resisting your stream and the happiest version of yourself.

Say you want a relationship. Simply by having this desire, you have created a stream of energy that already intersects with the energy stream of another who, similarly, is calling for the type of person you truly are. Your streams are guiding you towards the type of relationship you both want. This intersection of energy streams may happen soon in linear time or farther down your path, depending on how consistently you are in your own stream. If you’re happy, you’re aiming straight for each other. If you’re upset, frustrated, lonely, or angry, you’re delaying your own joy. For example, if you want someone fun and exciting but are constantly focused on how dull your life is, you’re not yet a match. If you want someone who finds you wildly attractive, but criticize yourself often, you’re not yet a vibrational match. You must find ways to feel good here and now so can align with the current carrying you to your ideal match. You don’t want to be in a negative current carrying you to a match for that!

Say you want a new job. You have created a stream of energy that merges with the the streams of those who want someone like you for the position. You will both be guided towards a mutually agreeable and perfect situation.  You can surrender, trust your feelings, apply only to the jobs that feel right, and bring your authentic self to each interview. The interviewer can trust their feelings about you as well. Here, in this mutually compatible vibration, you have a perfect job situation. Alternately, you can push yourself, ignore your guidance, and find a job that matches your sense of urgency…which is not likely to be as ideal.

The intersection and dance of these streams is unimaginably beautiful. It is as lovely as your central nervous system, as intricate as the dance of the stars, and even more so because it is constantly shifting and changing. This is why your guidance appears in the present moment instead of a five-year plan. This is why you need to trust your feelings about the decisions you make now. This is why mindfulness is so important. When you are in touch with yourself and feeling happy at the moment, you are in the stream, navigating life on the most joyful path.

You will not flow easily with your stream at all times. Sometimes you’re not flowing with it at all. Nonetheless, when you face new challenges or situations you don’t like, you add new desires and, therefore, new currents to your stream. The moment you turn your sights towards your desires and away from the challenge, you hop in the stream, allowing yourself to flow towards even greater love.

Trust your feelings, dear friends. They are your indicators of whether or not you are in a flow towards all that you desire and all that you have already, through your desire, energetically created. Don’t go with “the flow.” Instead, go with your flow. It calls to you via your very own natural impulses and your very own joy

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Are you creating life or is life creating you?

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/10/2022

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is great movement on your planet earth right now. There is great love being sent to you by the heavens in response to the asking. There is great potential for manifestations and dreams to come true.

The question to ask is, “Are you creating life, or are you allowing life to create you?”

In truth, you are constantly creating your own experience of life – drawing people and circumstances to you as a result of your vibration. However, since your vibration is a result of your focus and your response to what you focus upon, many of you are allowing your vibration to be dictated by the world around you.

Nonetheless, just because the world offers you something to focus on does not mean you have to make the choice that is offered. For example, your world offered you plenty of fear around the pandemic. You had a choice to focus on fear, focus on being prudent and practical, focus on being healthy and happy, or any combination of those ideas. One is not more right or wrong than another – they simply offer you a different experience. The world offered you a sad and sudden war to focus upon. You could have focused on fear and hatred, but instead many of you focused on love and prayer and averted a world war.

The world has offered you unthinkable racism.You can focus on the horror, or you can focus on inclusion, a love of diversity, and an appreciation of the beauty of all beings. You can start in your own circles and spread love outward from there.

The world has offered you news about shootings and violence. You could focus on the horror, hatred, and anxiety, and vibrate with that news, or you can focus on prayer, love, faith, and intentions to rest in the security of Divine love.

Dear ones, you create your world with your conscious focus, or your world will affect your focus to the point where you allow it to create you.

Don’t let the world focus you into despair, hopelessness, frustration, or fear. Don’t let the world focus you into believing your climate is going to hell in a hand basket. Don’t let the world focus you into believing you are not safe, that well-being is out of reach, and that abundance is dictated by markets.

Instead, claim your God-given power to focus on the reality you wish to see. Focus on the good around you now. Focus on the solutions you want to see. Focus on appreciation whenever and wherever you can.

We’ve said it many times, and it bears repeating since not a single one of you was raised with an awareness of the impact of your energetic vibration. Your energy is more powerful than any effort you exert because in a high vibration, solutions come, guidance comes, helpful people come, your needs are met, and your desires are fulfilled. You live in a flow of energy that is in harmony with those in harmony around you.

When you have a problem, raise your vibration and wait for the solution. When you are upset with someone, focus away from them temporarily, raise your vibration and pray for God to heal the situation. When you have to have a difficult conversation, raise your vibration. Focus on what gives you joy. Focus on a mutually loving outcome. Focus on the good qualities in yourself and others.

When you don’t know what to do and feel without purpose, raise your vibration. Give yourselves permission to play, explore, rest, and know that you’ll find purpose on that path if only sitting in peace and emanating light, which is always needed.

When you feel worried about your money, raise your vibration. Find inexpensive or free things to enjoy. Take a walk. Watch beautiful videos. Savor your meal. Laugh with friends. These are abundant vibrations that, although unrelated to money, will help money flow into your life once again.

Seen through the lens of a high-vibration, the world will seem like a magnificent and magical place. Like the Divine and your angels, you will see humanity as a group of beings growing, evolving, becoming more accepting, less judgmental, more open, always and forever moving towards a greater and grander experience of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann & the Angels – 09/03/22 • Guided by your natural impulses

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is a natural order and flow to all of life. An impulse comes from the Creator in each moment to all of creation, orchestrating it in a beautiful h harmonious dance in the same way that the brain coordinates every cell in the body. In each moment, the Divine reads your heart, your energy, your intentions, and desires, and in the very next moment sends you a natural impulse to guide you.

These impulses are your natural good feelings. For example, you may have a long to-do list but feel like doing something different. You will struggle to accomplish your to-do list if you fight that feeling. However, if you listen to your natural, inspiring impulse, you will feel happy, elevated, and inspired to accomplish all you must do with ease.

You may, for example, have an idea about what you will prepare for dinner, but you feel a natural craving for something else. Even if you make the meal you planned, unless you receive from it the nutrients you need – at that moment – the other craving will continue.

You may be sad or grieving, and you have a natural urge to wrap a blanket around you and take a nap to quiet your mind. While you undoubtedly have things to accompiish, if you surrender to this urge, you will find that peace returns more quickly than if you fight what feels natural and soothing to you.

You don’t have to agonize about your problems and over-analyze them nearly as much as you do. It is far more productive to think about the outcomes you want in a way that gives your pleasure. This good-feeling focus puts you in a vibration where you can sense the natural impulses that will guide you easily towards your solutions.

Your feelings are the clearest indicator of your guidance. Your good feelings open you to receive the impulses to do, say, and think things that will be of service to you. Your bad feelings remind you that your reception is not in a clear state. You might think of it this way. Your good feelings tell you that you have “five bars” on your internal wifi. Your bad feelings tell you that the signal has too much static.

This is why we often urge you to reach for the most soothing and best feelings. This is how you open to receiving a clear signal.

You can raise your vibration by focusing on something external that pleases you, or you can focus on an internal thought that gives you pleasure. You can even use your imagination to conjure up pleasing scenarios that raise your vibration. Love is love no matter how you find its frequency, and in the space of love or appreciation, you will feel the impulses that guide you. You can’t fake good feelings. The universe reads vibration and your energy never lies. You can, however, learn to find good feelings.

Think of a time when your phone signal was weak. Chances are likely you began to walk around to see if you could find a spot with better reception. Perhaps you took your phone and pointed it in a different direction. Maybe you found a room where the signal was clear. In any case, you figured out how to raise your bars and have your conversation.

In the same way, you can “try out” different thoughts to see which ones feel better. Do a little experiment now. Think of a person you don’t enjoy. Notice your body. Is it loose or tight? Notice your breathing. Is it deep or shallow? Notice your feelings. Are they elevated and harmonious, or chaotic? Now think of a person you love and adore, and if one does not come to mind, perhaps think of an animal, a favorite place, or even your favorite blanket – something or someone comforting, loving, nurturing. Now notice your body. Is it looser or tighter? Is your breathing deeper or more shallow? Do you feel more harmonious or chaotic?

Next, think of something you like about yourself. Perhaps you have a caring heart. Perhaps you’ve helped people in your past. Perhaps you have a unique and quirky style. Ask your soul to help you think of something wonderful about yourself, and trust the first thing that pops into your mind. Now focus on that. Imagine you are proud of this good quality. Imagine God and your angels loving you and acknowledging you for this quality. Now how do you feel?

Dear ones, play with your thoughts. Try them out to see which ones feel better. Do this often. As you slowly learn how to attune yourself to higher vibrations, you will more easily feel the natural impulses that guide and assist you. Care about how you feel so can sense your guidance.

You are never alone. You are never without incredible love and assistance. You are never without guidance. You can only attune yourself to it or not. When you do, your life enters the glorious and harmonious dance of creation, no matter where you were the prior moment. Challenges can be solved quickly and easily. The body can heal. You can be open to the life, the goodness, and the guidance you truly deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Aligning with a fast flow :Right now, the human race is asking for more love than ever before and, at the same time, wobbling between accepting and resisting it.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/27/2022

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

A massive stream of love is flowing into your dimension at this time. The past few years have caused countless individuals to pray for so much better upon your earth. While the Divine is always sending you a mighty stream of love, it is you who decide how much to allow into your reality. Right now, the human race is asking for more love than ever before and, at the same time, wobbling between accepting and resisting it.

This is why you see so much chaos right now.
This is why some of you feel such fatigue. As clearly as a boulder causes turbulence in a swiftly flowing stream, resisting love also causes turbulence in your lives and your world.

When you are flowing with the currents of love, you feel good. When you’re not, you feel bad. It really is that simple. You are made of love. When you are not focused on things that feel good to you, you resist love to varying degrees. This doesn’t make you a bad person. It just doesn’t give you the most pleasant experience of life.

We know there are things and people that trigger your anger, but your anger is a loud signal to turn away from them and turn your attention towards better, towards what you want.

We know that losing a loved one can trigger profound grief. Try to focus on the love that is beneath the grief. Love feels good. Longing feels terrible. Love flows with the stream. Longing resists it. You want to connect with your dear ones in spirit. You want a relationship. You want to feel their bliss. Allow yourself your tears, of course, but when they subside, focus on the happy memories, the presence of your dear one, even if you can’t feel them yet, and even if you don’t quite believe it is possible. Make space in your heart for the eternal bond that you share, and anticipate that at some point, you will connect with them in a new and even more amazing way. We would never make you wrong for your human grief. We gently seek to assist you in finding the energy of love and joy in which you will connect with your dear ones.

It is easy to blame the external world for bad feelings, but ultimately you decide if you point your thoughts upstream (away from the flow of love) or downstream (aligned with love). Ultimately you decide. If you focus on all the craziness in your world or if you look for the good. Ultimately you decide if you are problem-oriented or solution-oriented. Ultimately, dear ones, you choose to tell happy stories about your future or dismal ones. You get to choose to focus on the pain or the good, even if you must imagine the good for now. You choose. Do your best… one better-feeling thought at a time.

Love wants to flow unobstructed. It wants to help guide you towards all you desire. When it is stuffed, denied, or ignored, it finds another outlet. Sometimes in disasters, people put all differences aside and focus on what is most important. Love is allowed to flow. Sometimes when you have a feeling come up that you’ve stuffed, you must choose to love yourself through it. Sometimes when you have a physical challenge, you must choose to love yourself and embrace more self-acceptance than ever before to heal. These challenging circumstances are not necessary, but they are the consequence of not permitting love an easier outlet.

For example, most physical conditions are not the result of one massive blockage but rather the result of years of denying your own feelings in small ways. Physical issues can be healed much more quickly these days by consciously aligning with love. Focus on what it would feel like to feel good. If you cannot do that, focus on anything that feels good. Little by little, seek a better feeling and celebrate it each time you find it. Your body knows how to heal. You will be guided to proper care and assistance. The mighty current of love informs your cells and constantly wants to bring your body back into harmony. Focus on anything pleasant to allow love to work its wonders.

Likewise, if you have an old emotion pop up, don’t push it away or try to ignore it. Love yourself through it. Ask how it is trying to guide you to greater love. “Anger, how are you trying to guide me to love?” Perhaps it tells you that revisiting a particular upsetting topic from the past that makes you feel bad is not a self-loving choice and that you would be better served by shifting your attention to what you want. Your anger will dissipate as you permit yourself to focus forward.

“Sadness, what are you trying to tell me?” Perhaps it is trying to tell you that you feel something or someone you lost is unattainable or unreachable. In this case, surrender to thinking about what you want, even if you don’t know how your desire might come about. Surrender to imagining an incredible connection with a dear one in spirit. Surrender to imagine an even better relationship than the one that didn’t work. Surrender to imagining that house you want even if you don’t know how to get there. Surrender to imagining a future where you feel good, happy, and free, and look for those feelings in small ways now. It would be sad indeed if you all had to answer your own prayers using only what you know. The creator of universes wants to help. Believe in that. Trust in that.

As you align your thoughts with those people, things, situations, and above all, thoughts that make you happy, your manifestations will come much more quickly. You’ll enjoy delightful, magical interactions on your path. Rather than struggling, efforting, and stressing about how to solve your problems and challenges, surrender to love. What feels better? Put your focus there. Allow yourself to feel good. Do you have a problem? Stop struggling and trying to figure out the solution. Anticipate the outcome happily and wait for the inspiration and magic to unfold. The creator of universes does know the best and most benevolent solution.

Dear ones, you are loved beyond measure. You have called for a mighty flow of love. Surrender to it. Give yourself permission to turn your thoughts away from what drags you down and towards all that uplifts. It is better and more productive to focus on appreciating a single flower instead of getting angry about politics! It is even more powerful to imagine a world at peace, in harmony, filled with kindness and compassion. It is better to enjoy your drinking water with appreciation and therefore align with love in such a simple fashion than to fear drought. It is even more powerful to anticipate the lush reservoirs filled with water. Do what you can to point your thoughts with the currents of love in the simplest of waysn and you will reap the benefits of being carried forward by this mighty stream!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Good everywhere!

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/20/202

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Relax. Your world is not coming to an end. Your countries are not falling apart. Your world is not sliding downhill. Plenty of people who feed you information on a daily basis would like you to think so. Fear sells. Drama sells. Scarcity and lack mentality sell. Drama IS out there, of course, in so many ways. Dishonesty is out there. Greed is out there. Manipulation, bullying, and abuse are out there.

Of course, these things exist, but what is presented to you is by no means a representation of the whole of humanity. Billions of kind, loving souls quietly go about their business every day. The majority of them will never make your news. Nonetheless, every loving thought, word, or deed is celebrated as good news in heaven! If you could see the “news” from our perspective, the good far outweighs the bad.

There are wars. There always have been. However, countless souls are striving to create peace in their own hearts, homes, lives, and communities.

There are souls lost in greed and dishonesty, but many more live generous, kind, compassionate, caring, and honest lives.

There are indeed floods, earthquakes, asteroids, and volcanoes, and many are affected as Mother Nature releases collective emotional pressures. However, there are countless more individuals who are living in the only true security which is that provided by your connection to the Divine.

We know about your economy and your markets, but money – while necessary and fun – is not your security. Money is not the source of your generosity. Money is not the solution to your worries. Money is a by-product of your willingness to trust and believe in the abundant universe and the creator’s love for you. Are you struggling to answer your own prayers, or are you acting on inspiration as we guide you to joyful solutions to your prayers? Are you focusing on life with appreciation or lack? We see an abundant universe. We are constantly striving to guide you to see it so you can experience it. We want you to know abundance in all areas of life – money, love, expression, play. We love you.

You get to choose your news. You get to choose your point of view. You get to choose your thoughts, or they will choose you, and without exception, the vibration you emanate will continue to attract thoughts, things, and people who vibrate on a similar level.

We are not casting aspersions on your media or your journalists.They are dear souls, responding to a collective vibratoinal asking. They help you see the situations you wish to change, and those you wish to empower. They are letting you know some of “what’s on the menu” in the buffet of life, each from their unique perspective. Many journalists are courageous angels, diving into the dark situations, and often, also, finding the light. Many wish to share wonderful, positive, engaging stories, or even horrific stories with the intent of inspiring help. When the world wants more of the positive, more will be offered. Humanity is comprised of individual points of view, but you also create a mass consciousness, and larger organizations tend to respond to the collective vibration.

If you were to approach a buffet with your angels, we’d be so excited to point out the dishes we know that you’d love and adore. We’d bring you to the things that would delight you! We’d say, “Look here! Here’s that dish your grandma made when you were six years old that you loved so much! Here is a dish you admired once while walking by a restaurant with the menu outside. Here are your favorite fruits and some you haven’t tried that we know you’d love. Look here! Here’s the desert section, and these, over here, will work fine for your body and delight your senses.” Never would we say, “Watch out for that! Don’t eat that! Don’t look at that!”

Dear ones, we guide you only to what fulfills your desires. We guide you only to what delights and nourishes you
– in response to all you have asked for throughout the course of your entire life. If fifty years ago, you had a wish and still have it, we still try to guide you to it! When you attract anything less than love, you have simply been in a vibration less than love that the world matches. We are always guiding you on the happiness path.

Imagine, however, that you have a complaint about an item at the buffet. Suppose you made your discontent clear the last time you visited. As you return, you go straight to the buffet and look for the offending item. We are whispering, “Look here, you’ll love this!” but you are still looking for that thing you didn’t want and don’t like. Suppose you find it. Now you’re really upset! “Look at that! It has no right to be on the buffet! I want to talk to the manager again!” Still, we whisper, “Look over here. Here’s something you’d love.” Dear ones, when you focus on the offending”items” in the buffet of life, you can’t hear our subtle, loving guidance towards what you want.

You can choose to look for things that are pleasing in the buffet of life rather than focusing on the ones that aren’t. Look for the kind people when you are out and about. Some days you’ll notice only the scowling ones. Can you instead decide you will be a source of light and kindness? Can you focus on feeling genuinely good inside of yourself first and imagine emitting that feeling? As you shift your vibration, you will shift what you see and attract.

Good is everywhere dear ones. Your world is not coming to an end. Your countries are not falling apart. Your economy has no power to drive you to ruin. Every time you have a single loving thought, speak a single kind word or perform an action rooted in love, you become part of a vast stream of love moving your planet earth into a new era of light. Both the currents of love and the extremes of resistance to it are becoming increasingly obvious, but you don’t need to worry. Love will prevail, one soul, one choice, at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

We want to help you learn to focus the energy that creates worlds and to allow your dreams to flow to you in grace.

Messages from Ann & The Angels – 08/13/2022 • No pressure…

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

While we always advocate reaching for the best feeling you can find and being as positive as you can be, we understand that there are times when you just can’t find a positive thought. Sometimes you stumble into a well-practiced, deeply conditioned set of beliefs. Instead of possessing your own mind, you feel possessed by it. Take heart. There is a way out of those mental “spin-cycles.”

Start by being kind to yourself.
Give yourself a hug. Talk sweetly to yourself. In our unconditional love, we would say to you at these times, “It’s OK that you’re angry. We love you. God loves you.” “It’s OK that you’re in deep grief. You love so much and want something so deeply. You’ll get there. You’ll learn to feel that connection with your loved one in time. Be easy on yourself.” “It’s OK that you’re jealous. You just want more and don’t understand you can have it yet.”

Dear ones, learn to soothe and accept yourself with unconditional love and kindness at those times when you just can’t find a way out of your own feelings. Self-acceptance is the way out. Love yourself where you are. Choose, choose to soothe yourself, and talk sweetly to yourself. Choose to give yourself a hug. Choose to wrap a blanket around you and take a nap. Choose to distract yourself with something healthy and kind. Then, as you begin to feel just a little better, or a little more neutral, reach for a slightly better thought, a slightly better feeling, and then again.

It won’t take long to spin upwards into a better vibration and even if you fall right back into those old feelings again, simply repeat the proces… again and again and again. In time new habits, new conditioning, and a new awareness that you need not stay stuck in bad feelings due to external circumstances will help you reach those better-feeling spaces more easily.

You are never being “tested” or “judged” by God or any of us in the heavens. You are being loved… always, forever, unconditionally, and without exception. Your loved ones in heaven know the challenge of being human and feel, therefore, understand you profoundly. The angels and the Divine see the purity of your soul, your courage for being on earth, and all the love you are reaching for. We feel you, and we love you.

All we teach and share is to support your joy, your happiness, your harmony, and your abundance. All we share is to help you find the space to receive what your heart desires. We are not trying to get you to measure up to any external standard, although so many of you have learned and integrated the notion that you must. In our eyes, you already “measure up.” We are not trying to keep you “out of trouble” with the Divine. The Divine is love beyond your imagination and sees you as nothing less. Instead, we live in this love. We want you to experience, enjoy, and share the truth of your beautiful soul while upon the earth. We want to help you learn to focus the energy that creates worlds and to allow your dreams to flow to you in grace.

Once you taste the beauty and grace of choosing love, there is no other option that satisfies.

This is why you feel good or bad. When you are vibrating at the frequency of love – which is your very essence, your most profound, and authentic nature – you feel good. When you don’t, to varying degrees, you feel don’t feel so good.

It is easy to blame the world of others for bad feelings. People do things that are so unthinkable they don’t deserve your focus. When you – either purposefully or accidentally – focus on unloving acts, it doesn’t feel good to you. It becomes your challenge to shift to a more loving focus. “Turning the other cheek,” as Jesus meant it, was not about turning the other cheek to be slapped again but rather about turning away. Turn away from the unloving behaviors. Turn away from the unloving words. Turn away from the problems, dear ones, and turn your heart towards love. Turn towards solutions. Turn towards the good in life. Of course, you cannot ignore the problems and challenges in front of you, but you did not come to remain focused on them. You knew you’d see them, desire better, and then use your will to focus on better as soon as possible because this is how you create a better world.

You see wars, and you want peace. Focus on peace, love, prayer, and joy in your own hearts and homes. Focus on the good people who are making love, not war – through their kindness, their prayers, their acts of charity and mercy, and their kindness to the children and elders. Focus on moments of pure, unadulterated, peaceful appreciation for anyone or anything. Then you will end the war between your mind and your soul, for your soul sees only love emerging. You will feel good when you look for love where love is easier to see. When you learn to see love anywhere, you’ll feel magnificent and free.

You see disease, and you want health. Focus on the feeling of vitality, what you look forward to doing when you feel better, and when the world feels better. Focus on the never-ending stream of well-being flowing to all of you all the time, waiting to correct any ills. Focus on the amazing intelligence in the body that is constantly informed by the Source. Focus on anything joyful and healthy and happy and then dear ones, you will experience greater health. Your soul sees only the stream of well-being capable of correcting any imbalance if left unblocked by fear, doubt, and denser vibrations. When you can acknowledge this, you feel better and better. When you see limitations, you don’t.

You see limitations, and you want freedom. Focus on the areas in life in which you are free. Focus on what you can do. Focus on the fact that the creator of worlds and your angels can assist you in finding some way to satisfy nearly any desire, if not in the immediate moment, then soon. Focus dear ones on the magnificence of the natural universe and its free-flowing evolution. Focus on your freedom to dream, to go anywhere, and do anything in your mind. As you tap into this freedom, to avenues for external freedom will be revealed. Your soul can never see you as held in limitation or bondage because it knows your power to create. When you feel this way, you feel good. When you see limitations, you don’t.

Dear ones, you are powerful beyond measure. The power of your focus is immense. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “If you have faith the size of a grain of mustard, you can move mountains.”

If you had total belief in the love that flows to you and through you, you’d revel in thoughts of peace, and then peace would flow into your life and emanate outward to those around you.

If you can enjoy the thought of being in a healthy body, or the feeling of anticipation as you dream about what you will do when you feel healthy and wonderful, then you have already begun to allow your own healing. If you can contemplate the miraculous way your cells connect to the power that creates worlds, and begin to feel even the intiest bit of relief you are already beginning to recalibrate your body to its natural state of harmony and health.

If you can focus on the delicious feeling of being free to create, your external world will reveal ways to become more externally free.

When you can’t find good feelings, be kind to yourselves. When you can’t find the positive, then love yourself where you are. Sometimes you feel so hopeless that a good tantrum releases some pent-up energy. If you allow yourself a healthy, private rant, you may feel better. Sometimes feeling a little better isn’t a feeling great just yet, but it is a little better. Allow yourself the evolution into love. Allow yourself to love yourself where you are, and then look for the next best feeling. Be kind to yourself. Accept yourself. That is love. That is a better feeling.

You are never judged. You are always loved. You are always supported in even the slightest bit of a loving vibration that you emanate. We are always here, laboring in love to assist you, heal you, help you, and love you in all the ways that you desire. Your attunment to love, little by little, is what lets it all in. In your willingness to simply accept yourself where you are, you allow love in. As you reach for even kinder feelings, you allow more love to flow into your lives.

Be kind to yourselves. Be accepting of yourself, no matter how you feel. Choose to love yourself even when you can’t find a positive thought, and then reach for ones that feel a little better, one bit at a time. You are always, and eternally, unconditionally loved.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 08/06/2022 • Embracing the Divine Child

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Play with us for a moment here… Imagine living your life as an innocent child. For a moment, set aside your worldly concerns and either remember or if your childhood did not permit such freedom, imagine living this way…

Imagine waking up, eager for the adventure of the following day. Perhaps you were doing something you enjoyed before bed and you can’t wait to wake up and get your chores done and play again. Perhaps you have the promise of going on an outing that you are looking forward to and you’re not sure if it is tomorrow or ten days from now since time isn’t a concept you’ve fully mastered. Perhaps you are thinking of all the fun things you can do in your life. You may have school and school work, but you just do it and you breeze through it while looking forward to the rest of the fun you have imagined.

Perhaps you look at someone very angry and different from you and you watch them with a sense of wonder. “I wonder why they’re so mad? What’s wrong with them? Are they OK?” Perhaps you see someone crying. “I wonder why they’re so sad. I want to give them a hug. It’s going to be OK.” You’re fresh from heaven. You know the truth. Perhaps, someone you love died. You miss them but you know they’re in heaven and you talk to them in your mind.

Dear ones, this innocent wise one still lives within you. It is the authentic you at your very core. It is the pure, unadulterated, innocent, wise, knowing, trusting, spirit within you. No matter who did or didn’t acknowledge this bright beautiful core of your being, it exists. No matter who abandoned you or controlled you, it exists. No matter who cherished you, advocated for you, belittled, ridiculed, shamed, or abused you, it still exists – untainted, innocent, pure, wise, and waiting for you to bring this beautiful light of God within to the surface.

We hear you. “I was abandoned.” Many of you were abandoned by human beings – some physically, and many emotionally –  but you need not abandon your own pure and beautiful spirit. “I was abused.” Yes, we see this. Many of you were treated in unthinkable ways by those who lost their ability to think and feel from their spirit years before you were born. You need not abuse yourself any longer by denying the purity and grace and beauty within. “But I was stolen from, robbed of my innocence.” Dear ones, we understand that others who felt impure have convinced many of you that you are not pure, but that is a lie!

Even if someone has defiled the temple of your body, the spirit within is pure, holy, unadulterated, and innocent still. You may have forgotten. You may have been convinced by those who were convinced of their own lies. You may have been conditioned and trained to please the belief systems of others, and nonetheless, this pure, wise, innocent, holy being exists within, patiently waiting for you to acknowledge its presence.

Take a moment. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself for a moment to relax into the knowing that there is a pure, wise, innocent, and holy being within you. This is no less than the spirit of the Divine – in the form of your unique, precious, and very individual soul. This is your core essence, the true you as an individual. This is the part of you that although you may have forgotten it, it has not forgotten you.

This is the part of you that is pure light and will never abuse you but waits patiently to surface, knowing that as soon as you stop abusing yourself it will arise within. This is the part of you that can never abandon you and never will, although you can temporarily forget and thus “abandon” it. This, dear ones, is the you that you want to re-connect with or connect with more deeply because this is the you that is unfettered, unbounded, and knows no limits on what is possible in life. This is the you that dares to dream.

Take time to connect with this part of yourself. Take time to ask, “Spirit within, innocent one, dear core of my being, wise one within… (or whatever name you choose) come to the surface. Rise up within me. I love you. I am here for you. I will not abandon you a minute longer. I will not criticize you when you come up within me, offering suggestions that delight even if they seem unachievable or impractical. I will not negate your purity, your innocence, or your wisdom. Rise up within me, and guide me. I love you. I know you are the truth within me. What would you like me to know right now?” Then wait. Breathe. Wait for the pure, innocent, wise, loving being within to tell you – present-day you – what it wants you to know. Then, be open to receive the pure, innocent, wise, loving guidance from your true self.

Do this often dear ones, and your life will start to change. The Divine child wants you to enjoy life and embrace every moment with a sense of adventure. The Divine child rests in the security of God’s love. The Divine child does not think to judge fact, fiction, or form. The Divine child loves to love…and dear ones, that is the true, deep, real, wise, innocent, loving, you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/30/2022 • Your Greatest Purpose

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As hard as it is to fathom, everything and everyone on this earth has purpose. There is not a single person, no matter how filled with light or disconnected from it that is without purpose. There is not a single thing in nature without purpose. There is not a single action without purpose, nor even a single thought. Everything and everyone on this earth contributes to the expansion of love, whether it is by actually expanding love, or by triggering a desire for love in the hearts of those who experience or witness their unloving acts.

Think back on your life. At times you have expanded, grown, and desired more simply because something caught your attention or appeared in your imagination. Far more often, however, the desire to expand and grow came because you found yourself in circumstances or situations that weren’t so pleasing. Suddenly a lukewarm wish may have turned into a burning desire for more. Suddenly your heart awakened to your truth. Suddenly you felt a pang of honesty within and knew you could no longer settle for less.

So even your exes, your crazy co-workers, the people that cut you off in traffic, and even those who have been your greatest challenges have been launching pads from which your heart skyrocketed into dreaming of more, better, kinder, futures. Even the most lack-filled times have catalyzed your desires for abundance. Even the wars upon your planet catalyze more and more hearts to pray for peace, to become generous and kind to their fellow man, to put differences aside, and to say “there but for the grace of God go I” and I am grateful for my life. I will appreciate what I have even as I wish for more.

The political leaders you don’t like serve a purpose for they fuel the desires of all no matter whether you agree with them or not. Those who dare to stand out for their beliefs cannot help but inspire contrast, and therefore desire. They are often catalytic converters, dear ones, for your very own hearts. They move people out of apathy and into envisioning more of the future they want. They stir up vibrational change.

The recent pandemic served its purpose. It brought up within the human race a deeper desire for connection, kindness, well-being, a cleaner planet, more time in nature and so much more.

Bringing this discussion closer to home, everything you experience, see, do, think, and feel serves a purpose.

What purpose might your anxiety serve? It may be telling you that you have plugged into the world or the opinions of those who have influenced you too much and it is time to plug back into the Divine and the beings that love you and know your security.

What purpose might your anger serve? It tells you that you need to change something in your life – be it your situation or your perspective.

What purpose does your fear serve? If it is a temporary real fear, it might be protecting you but if it is an ingrained, programmed fear, it might be telling you that you can’t keep giving your power away to the external world and it is time to spend a lot of time with the Divine in silence, plugging back into the source of all that you fear you could lose.

Dear ones everything serves a purpose. Everything brings you closer to love whether directly or by catalyzing you in the direction of love.

Rather than resisting the circumstances, situations, and people in your lives, or even the feeling, or thoughts within your own mind, surrender to them – momentarily – and ask yourself, “How is this trying to bring me closer to the experience of love? You will hear an answer. We will help you hear it. When you do, turn your thoughts toward the love.

If you are angry at a person who has wronged you, ask yourself, “How is this trying to bring me closer to love?” Perhaps you can see that you ignored your heart for some time. Perhaps you can see that you were existing in a vibration of suspicions, insecurity, or battle that drew this experience to you and now you want to shift that vibration. Perhaps you’re simply done and it is time to turn your sights towards a brighter future?

You will hear your answers if you are truly willing, and then dear ones, set a course towards love once again because love feels better, attracts better, and the expanded experience of love is the ultimate point and purpose of your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

When something is bothering you, take a breath, drop into your heart, and ask one simple question, “Dear God, what do you want for me now?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In every heart there lies a wealth of knowing. Deep within you are all the answers you would ever seek. What is the next step in your life? Why are you here? How can you relate to others who don’t relate too well? All the answers lie within dear ones. Far more powerful than your search engines or your computers is the Infinite mind to which you all have access.

When something is bothering you, take a breath, drop into your heart, and ask one simple question, “Dear God, what do you want for me now?  The answer may come as simply a quality the Divine wants to share with you – peace, relaxation, love. It may come as a message of love. It may come as a simple thing for you to do that would feel wonderful. “Dear God, Dear Divine Source, what do you want for me now?”

The Divine wants nothing from you, and everything for you. Mankind has created the notion of a demanding deity. The Divine wants you to know the love that breathes life into you. It wants you to relax into that love, and aim that love with your thoughts toward what you wish to create. The Divine wants you to have the most harmonious, loving, and kind experience of life. The Divine wants you to feel inspired, passionate, connected… and when you do not, the Divine loves you still the same. The Divine always wants to guide you along the kindest, most loving path.

You were not put on this earth to suffer. Suffering comes from disallowing love. You were not put on this earth to find one “right” way to be. All ways are right for the soul living them. Even in the deepest, darkest moments, there is a longing for more – a reaching, however awkward toward love.

You don’t have to suffer to desire the experience of love. You don’t have to have an agreement to have the experience of love. You don’t have to do anything, earn anything prove anything, or justify anything to experience love. It is given freely, yours for the taking, or rather tuning to be more accurate. Love is the vibration that lives within and sources all creation.

You are in the middle of a huge shift in human understanding. So few of you were taught that a slow, steady, ignoring of one’s own heart, even in the tiniest ways can gradually lead to suffering, or that a torrent of self-deprecation can bring it on quickly. So when you’re suffering, be it with the stress of getting to work on time, or the death of a dear one, don’t beat yourself up. Love yourself first. Be kind to yourself. Soothe yourself as much as you can for in this reaching for love you allow healing, you allow grace, you allow guidance.

The way out of any suffering – be it minor stress or an agonizing life event – is to choose one kinder thought, one more loving or soothing action, and one more moment of allowing yourself to feel good after the next. You can take a breath and appreciate the beautiful day. You can temporarily take a moment away from the stress and enjoy a good song on the radio. You can momentarily shift from grief to a happy memory of your dear one, for love and pain cannot exist in the same nanosecond although it is very common to swing back and forth quickly.

With every tiny bit of kindness to yourself, you allow love to return you to a kinder state of being. In every small moment of appreciation, you contribute to the greater good upon the earth.

Dear ones we know there seem to be big problems on the earth. As we see it, these conditions have always been part of physical reality throughout time. For centuries, there have been human misunderstandings and so there have been wars. For centuries there has been a disallowing of love and therefore disease. For centuries the fires, floods, and earthquakes have simply been part of your mother earth’s cycles of cleansing. You see these things more easily now with your incredible technology. You can, if you wish, use technology to share the advances in love. There are people all over the world doing so much good – cleaning up the oceans, loving populations of animals that were contemplating extinction because their experience on earth was no longer pleasant. You can use your technology to send messages of love, hope, and inspiration.

You can, dear ones, use all things – be it technology or your own minds – to allow, share, or disallow love.

Choose love dear ones, as often as you can. Choose it one moment, and then the next. When someone angers you first love yourself and be kind to yourself. Refrain from the need to justify or defend your position. You know who you are. God knows who you are. We know who you are. Then, choose love again. How might you be kind to yourself? How might you stretch a bit further and “forgive them for they know not what they do?” Do your best. If you can’t choose to love another then “turn the other cheek” and look to someone or something you can love.

Think of choosing love as a game. How often can you choose it in the smallest ways throughout the day? Can you appreciate a tress in your neighborhood? Can you take a delicious whiff of your coffee, tea, or smoothie and pause for a moment to enjoy the wonder of it being there, from a source far away, in your hands, delighting you now? Dear ones, there are so many ways, so many tiny ways, that you can plug into the vibration of love. The more you practice, the more time you’ll spend there.

Whether or not you are attuned to love, we love you. In our eyes, you are already good, already loving beings, already birthed from and returning to, love. It doesn’t make you any more “good” to stay in love. Your soul is already good. It does, however, give you a wonderful experience of life, and it does motivate you to experience more love, express more love and create a life filled with love.

No matter what the world is doing no matter what others are doing; no matter who agrees with you or not, you all deserve this love. You came worthy. You are worthy. There is nothing that could disconnect you from this worthiness.

“Dear God, what do you want for me now…. ” Ask. Trust. Relax into this love and enjoy a more loving experience of life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/16/2022 • You are SO Loved

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this every week. We love you so very much. These are not idle words. They come with a vibration of love from the heavens, of unconditional acceptance, and of seeing your beautiful soul’s perfection.

We love you. Can you take a moment, breathe, and receive this love? Can you fathom that you are so loved that no matter what you do or don’t do, say or don’t say; no matter how you “succeed” or “fail” we love you. We love you in your proudest moments, and we love you in your darkest hour. We love you. Don’t just read those words, dear ones, take them in. Breathe them in. Receive our love.

You spend your entire life looking for a love you already have. Every desire is a desire to feel love in some form. When you desire a friend or a lover you desire love. When you desire a bigger (or smaller) home, you desire to feel love. When you want a good meal you desire love and when you wish to travel the world you want to experience love. When you want to fill your bank account you want to feel love in the form of security, and when you want to give you want to feel love in the form of it flowing through you.

Dear ones, everything you desire, everything you do, and everything you reach for is an attempt to feel more love.

You want to feel the love you already have.

We encourage all your loving desires. We encourage reaching for love in all forms and the expression of love. You want to expand your capacity to see love, be love, experience love, express love, and share love. You wanted to keep seeking, finding, and creating love in new ways upon your planet earth. It is your reason for coming to a place of such immense contrast.

You knew that in the contrast you would be intensely inspired to keep reaching for more love and to keep creating new ways to love one another. You knew you’d be inspired to love the animals, and the earth, and to find ever-new ways to express and share this love. Whether you have invented a new coffee maker, created a new recipe, assisted a person in balancing their books, connecting via technology, or in cleaning their home, you have helped to expand humanity’s experience of love.

We love that you are reaching for love!

The thing we encourage you to pay attention to, however, is those moments when you don’t feel loved… because you are.

We encourage you to pay attention to those moments where you choose not to love yourselves because you are always worthy of love.

We encourage you to stop criticizing yourselves, belittling one another, and telling stories about how you are not loved… because you are all, always, loved.

  • You may have endured horrendous hardship, but still, you are loved.
  • Other beings lost in misunderstanding may have treated you terribly but still, you are loved.
  • You may have made a thousand “mistakes” as you call them and still, you are loved.
  • You may have been hurt or hurtful and still, you are loved.
  • You may have been generous or greedy, abundant, or impoverished, and still, dear ones, always, you are loved.

So while you seek love in the external forms, sit, breathe, and receive our love. We say this so often you often read over it, but in truth, if you could make it a habit every time you feel a fear to sit, breathe, receive, and focus on the thought, ” “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.” Then let go. Accept what you feel. Allow us to work with you. In time dear ones the fears would dissolve.

If every time you were upset with someone and didn’t know how to proceed, you would simply put the battle aside and sit, breathe, and receive, while focusing on the thought, “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.” then the battles would seem so much less important, the ideas for harmonious solutions would come and you would soon prefer feeling peaceful to feeling angry.

If every time you didn’t know how to pay a bill, create the relationship you want, or face any challenge in your life you would sit, breathe, and receive while focusing on the thought, “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.” then dear ones you would give us a chance to help attune your energy field to the outcomes you desire.

We love you. The Divine loves you. There never was, is, or will be any condition placed upon our love. You do not earn our love. We give it freely because it feels exquisite to love you. You do not have to bargain for our love. You do not have to prove your goodness to receive our love. We know it more strongly than you do.

Dear ones, we love you. Breathe. Receive that now. Your world is in a very turbulent state and many of you are finding that the tiniest personal fear can plug you into a vast broadcast of fear. The tiniest personal upset can easily spiral into that current global vibration of impatience and frustration. The tiniest anxiety can easily feel out of proportion because the frequency of anxiety is running high among many on your planet now.

However, the frequency of love is strong, powerful, and constant, and the moment you tune into love in any way you can – be it your own love and appreciation, or simply loving yourselves enough to sit, breathe, and receive our love, then you will be elevated into new levels of love. The world has prayed for this and the heavens are pouring it upon you.

Next time you feel unloved in any way – fearful, anxious, angry, confused, or just down and tired – sit, breathe, and receive our love. Tell yourself as you do so, “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.”

That simple intention and action will open you to an entirely new relationship with spirit – one that we desire as well. In every moment, we love you and want to soothe you, help you, heal you, guide you, inspire you, and delight you, as surely as you would want to do the same for someone you are deeply in love with as well.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Feeling Fine Aligned with the Divine!

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/09/2022 •

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is upon your planet a great deal of fear right now, as the world slowly realizes that no amount of attempting to control others can guarantee your happiness, your safety, or your abundance. After centuries of attempting to control the external, it is time upon your earth when you are beginning to realize where your true power lies.

How is it some people sail through tough financial times with abundance? How does one person stay home and avoid a shooting while another is present for the incident? How is it that one person has freedom in their body while millions of others feel bondage?

The answer is, was, and always will be this – your vibration is 100% behind what you attract or allow into your life. Your thoughts create your feelings which are also recipes for chemical cocktails in the body. The chemistry of your cells creates different energetic emissions and you send out a signal as clear as a phone dialing a number, thus becoming a receiver to all else that matches your signal.

You came into this life knowing that you were free to create, regardless of the external situations or circumstances. You came in knowing that you could select from the buffet of life and focus on with great anticipation, what you desire. You knew these thoughts of anticipation would create feelings of delight, and these would create a chemistry in the body that in turn emits energies that “dial you in” to the reality you wish to create. You had no illusion before birth that you were at the mercy of the external. You knew you were free.

Here upon the earth, however, after centuries of conditioning that has been passed down, you have been brainwashed, trained, and indoctrinated in a belief system that you are at the mercy of the external. This will forever leave you fearful, unsatisfied, and angry. This notion that you are controlled causes great chaos in your hearts because in your depth, you KNOW you are vibrational tuners. Your soul knows that you are free.

When your human thoughts and beliefs beliefs are in disagreement with what your soul and the Divine know to be true, you feel bad. When your human thoughts and beliefs are in agreement with what your soul and the Divine know to be true, you feel fantastic. Usually, you have a mixture going on within you – agreeing with your soul on some topics and disagreeing on others.

For example, when you think of someone or something you love, you are in pure agreement with your soul who sees all things and beings as worthy of love. Love feels fantastic! Whether you are loving a person, a piece of chocolate, or a beautiful flower, in that moment of pure, unconditional love, you and the Divine are 100% aligned. You feel great!

Likewise when you feel free to choose your thoughts, feelings, vibration, and therefore reality you feel empowered. You feel good. You and the Divine are 100% aligned. If you allow yourself to ponder the miracle of you, you and the Divine are 100% aligned.

To the contrary, when you feel limited or bound by the actions or choices of others, you feel unrest, anger, or frustration. You are fighting with what your soul knows to be true. You are fighting love. You are fighting and arguing against your soul’s knowledge of its own freedom, and you don’t feel so good about this. Likewise, when someone misbehaves and you are unable to focus on something else, or the goodness beneath the bad behavior, you feel bad. Your soul and the Divine are always in love with all souls, always focused on who they really are, always empowering only the love within them, no matter how buried beneath bad behaviors.

Sometimes, dear ones, we understand, that you feel it is difficult to align with deep unconditional love. Nonetheless, you can always choose to love yourself and focus on something or someone better. You can focus on what you want, rather than what you feel another is robbing you of. You can focus on the things, people, solutions, situations, and outcomes that feel good. You do not have to feel good about bad behaviors. You simply have to take your focus and point it on something that does feel better, because then, you and your soul and the Divine are aligned. In that reality, you feel good. You feel God. You are moving towards all that you desire.

While some would say we are advocating a denial of “reality,” our truth is that we are advocating a focus on the real reality that lies beneath what you call “reality”. We are advocating for a focus on love, a focus on the goodness beneath all things, beings, and situations. We are advocating that you take your tuner and aim it at something which feels like love so you and the Divine can be aligned, and you can experience the love, safety, security, freedom, joy, and abundance that you came to experience.

Dear ones, don’t give your power to the external. There are many who would willingly take it. The insecure want you to believe they have power over you because they are not connected with their true power. Don’t buy into their stories. The wounded ones want you to believe they can hurt you so you’ll keep them company in their misery. Don’t go there. There are countless things in the world going on, where those who are not aligned with their soul and the Divine want you to believe that you are as powerless as they feel, but you are anything but powerless.

When you know how to aim your thoughts at things that feel good, you begin to control your very chemistry, your energy, and all that you attract or allow into your life. Dear ones, you are powerful. Don’t let the world convince you that you are anything less. Don’t let the world convince you that you are not free. Don’t let the world talk you into feelings of insecurity, lack, and disorder. You are so much more than that and a peaceful, abundant, harmonious reality is yours to focus upon and thereby to experience. In so doing, in allowing yourself this beauty and grace, you become a light for the world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Turn to the feeling of a better future. Turn to the feeling of a world at peace

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/01/2022 • Your Expansion into Love

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You came to this earth eager. You came wanting to create. You came, not because you were flawed, not because you messed up in prior lives, not because you wanted to learn to be a better person, but rather because you wanted to embody, experience, and expand love – both within yourself and within the world around you. You are nothing less than the love of the Source in human form, expanding love.

The oak tree wants to make acorns. The acorns want to grow into oaks, and these oaks want to make acorns. The acorns and oaks grow because the force of life inside of them is constantly expanding. In the surrender to their own expansion, they feed and shelter countless animals. They hold the soil in place. They drop their leaves in the Fall and fertilize the forest floor. Life, love, and the Source within always expand, grow, and contribute to the beautiful dance of life around.

Likewise, the oceans exist. They do not necessarily expand their volume at all times, but they expand their experience. They constantly shape and reshape their depths and their shorelines. They take in new substances offered by the earth and the rains, as well as human beings. They support different forms of life at different times and when life forms cease to enjoy their existence, they transition into the spirit realms again.

Life is expanding, growing, and becoming more at all times –  not necessarily more in terms of quantity, but more in terms of experience. Life is always trying to expand into greater love.

You too are expanding life. You too are part of this vast and immense force that creates worlds. As you experience situations here upon your earth, in this great buffet of life, you make choices. You have preferences. You dream of new experiences and in your dreaming – both individually and collectively – you call new dreams forth.

What you never intended to do was to focus so relentlessly on the problems that you hold them in your created reality. You meant to focus on better, kinder, more harmonious outcomes. You mean to expand love.

So when you see the difficult, and even horrific things going on in your world, acknowledge them of course. They are going on. But then, dear ones, turn to the light. Turn to the feeling of a better future. Turn to the feeling of a world at peace. “That is a fantasy you say.” We say, “It is until enough of you fantasize about it and call it, through your focus upon it, into reality.” If you truly tuned into the feelings of peace frequently, moving your focus back to peace when you wobble away from it, you would start to enjoy peace in your own heart and your own life. Your peace would ripple outwards and calm those around you. Little by little, dear ones, you would begin to change your world.

There are, of course, far more personal challenges. You want to create abundance. Then, dear ones, find the feeling of it, and every time you wobble away from that feeling, try to find a thought that makes you feel more abundant. Practice this until you feel abundant in your heart most of the time. Perhaps you are abundant with love, talent, kindness, and good people. Perhaps there are beautiful clouds in the sky, and a vast array of fruits to choose from at the market. Can you find the feeling of abundance and stay there until abundance flows to you? Life wants to expand your experience of love.

Say you lose someone. This doesn’t feel much like a creative adventure or an expansion for your soul. This feels like a loss. You have been trained to see it as a loss. We see it as an expansion. When someone dies, it simply means that they are ready to expand back into the non-physical realms. Some leave because they feel complete at the soul level. Some leave because they made a decision to do so before they were born. Some are simply feeling stuck and know, deep in their soul, that death offers more love than they are currently open to receiving here upon the earth.

In the other realms, the love of the Source is so apparent and overpowering that you don’t resist love. You don’t resist being a loving being. You don’t resist receiving God’s love. You don’t resist receiving the love of your dear ones on earth. You can look back on your life with all its ups and downs, but you see it through the eyes of love. You see the expansion that took place. You see all that you learned, and how you grew. You see the things you could have done better too, but without the judgments that you place upon yourselves on earth. You live in the light, in love.

So when you lose someone, by all means, first and foremost tend to your feelings. Seek soothing and comfort, and know that your loved ones in the light are not judging you in any way. They see you as cooperative partners in their own vibrational choices on earth. They know you love them. They are no longer harboring any judgments whatsoever. Reach for your own good feelings, as you are able and then you will be able to reach for them. In time, dear ones, as you focus on the love you have more than the loss or the longing, you will feel them. You will connect with them. They have so much love to offer you now in their expanded form. As you surrender to the love you feel for them and the love you feel for yourself, the compassion for self, the soothing you need, and the joyful thoughts of your time together, you will reach for their vibration and you will begin to experience the eternal nature of all souls.

You intended to expand dear ones, by seeing a variety of life and choosing among them. You intended to try new things, have new feelings, think new thoughts, and create new experiences. You did not intend to “get by,” “survive,” or “tough it out.” Every day, even if you do the same thing and have the same routine, you can reach for greater love in the experience.

Even in the midst of life’s greatest challenges, and often especially in the midst of them you reach for more love. You reach for greater kindness, greater harmony, and greater ease. You can do this while things are going well too, listening to your heart and acknowledging its desires when they arise naturally.

You are expanding beings. You don’t grow because you are flawed, any more than the acorn would consider itself flawed as it grows into an oak. You grow because the life within you seeks expansion into greater love. You are perfect now, even as you expand into more. The acorn is perfect as it expands into the oak. The oak is perfect even when it dies and fertilizes new acorns as its spirit takes life in new oaks.

Light, dear ones, is the substance that lives and breathes within you. Set it free within you. Let it shine without condition as often as you can. Be kind to yourselves and allow your dreams to play within your own minds until they cause feelings that match, and eventually become your personal reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

the path of least resistance…Stop telling the story of the boulder stopping you and start telling the story about how love is trying to help.

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/25/2022 • Flowing around the boulders

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many times you ask us, “When will life stop being such a struggle?” Our answer, with great love, is always, “when you stop struggling with life.”

Consider a stream. Unobstructed it flows smoothly, gracefully, swiftly, and powerfully. When it encounters an obstacle, such as a boulder that it cannot move, temporarily some of the currents in the stream push against the boulder. Their flow becomes chaotic, slower, and less powerful. Sometimes the water that runs into the boulder even bounces back upstream, temporarily…. until it surrenders to the greater current, joins the path of least resistance, and flows smoothly around the boulder.

In your life, when you encounter something that you consider to be a boulder – something you cannot change and do not want in your path – you have a few choices. You can rally against your “boulders.” You can struggle to change them. You can resist the fact that they even exist. You can resent the people, situations, and things that are unwanted in your life all you want and yet dear ones… there is an easier and quicker way around your boulders in life… and like that stream, it involves surrendering to the path of least resistance.

Suppose someone won’t cooperate with you. Your boss won’t give you time off. Your ex won’t pay child support. The slowest car in traffic won’t change lanes. You can’t get a customer service representative on the line… and the list goes on. You have encountered what you feel is a “boulder” in life – something, someone, or some situation that you perceive to be in the way of your graceful, happy flow in life.

You can sit and complain about the situation all you like but that is unlikely to change the situation. You can try to cajole, bully, or manipulate another person but that is unlikely to work as well. You can honk your horn in traffic or curse at the driver ahead of you. You can waste your precious life force trying to change the external circumstances – the “boulders” in your life – or you can surrender to your heart of hearts, surrender to love, and allow your guidance to carry you right around these perceived challenges.

This takes faith in the fact that you are loved. It takes faith in the fact that the creator of universes knows infinite resources and 7.8 billion people, many of whom could be helpful. It takes faith in the fact that the power that created your body can heal it, that the eternal source of all abundance can guide you to what you need, and the light that lives and breathes in all souls truly wants to assist you with more cooperative and harmonious relationships.

As you let go of the struggle with the things, people, and situations you don’t want, you make room for the things, people, and situations you do. You can’t push against a boulder and flow downstream at the same time. You can, however surrender to the present moment, to what is right in front of you, and in the very next moment, surrender to your heart and allow yourself to be assisted in flowing towards what you really desire – peace, happiness, abundance, kindness, harmony, health, and the things that you’d like, situations you want… perhaps coming in a way that looks a little different than you originally envisioned.

Are you willing to trust you are loved? Then, dear ones stop struggling with life. Stop talking about what shouldn’t exist, who shouldn’t be doing what, who is getting in your way, what is stopping you, or how challenged, sick, broke, angry, frustrated, jealous, or upset you are. Stop telling the story of the boulder stopping you and start telling the story about how love is trying to help.

We love you so much and we see a lot of your unnecessary struggles with life as we gently attempt to whisper in your hearts, “Let go. Let God. We want to help…”

There are many boulders in your world right now. Are you going to struggle with them, or allow yourself to flow around them? It is your choice. Next time you encounter what you perceive to be a boulder in life, stop. Breathe. Relax. Say to yourself, “It is what it is. Life is what it is. I am who I am. I know what I want… what next?” Drop into your heart and you will feel your next step.

Someone won’t cooperate? “They are who they are. I am who I am. I know what I want. What next?” Perhaps you will be impulsed to have a conversation from the heart. Perhaps you’ll be impulsed to work with someone else. Perhaps you’ll be shown a path to work around this individual. There are so many possible solutions. Your heart will tell you the next step.

As you stop resisting the boulders in your life and instead breathe, drop into your hearts and find the next step – the thing to think or do that feels kindest, easiest, most loving – then you, like the stream, will discover the path of least resistance, cease your struggling and be guided to the life you truly want once again.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/11/2020 • Who can you trust

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your world today, so many of you have been shaken, upset, and saddened by the seemingly random acts of violence that have erupted in the hearts of the hurting hurtful.

How do you make sense of what seems like a senseless loss of life? How do you feel safe in an uncertain world? How can you trust that you’ll be safe, or your children will be safe? We hear your cries, dear ones. Much more importantly we see you striving not to fall into hate, hurt, and worse the desire to hurt back. We see you striving to love, striving to trust, and striving to live your lives in joy in spite of some of the really tough things you witness going on in your world.

So how do you trust you will be safe? Trust, dear ones, is not blind faith in the external world, nor a blind faith in another soul. Trust is, instead, a by-product of your own connection with the Divine.

In connection with this Love, you can trust your guidance. In a vibration of love, you can trust your feelings, for in the higher vibrations your feelings are your guidance. In a vibration of Love, you can rest assured that you are loved, protected, and guided in harmony and joy.

In a higher vibe, you can trust yourself.

We are not saying you should blindly trust or ruthlessly mistrust the external world. Conditions and individuals vary from moment to moment. Rather we are saying that if you choose to exist in a loving vibration, you can trust yourself. You will know, in any given moment, what and who is right for you and who and what are not.

In a loving vibration you can trust that when a path, an idea, or a person is loving it will feel right to you – inspired, good, or attractive… in that moment. In a high vibration, when you get a not-so-pleasant feeling you can trust your soul is steering you in other directions.

So, dear friends, when you feel the frustrations, the anger, the helplessness, and the sadness that so many are feeling right now, remind yourself, “I am in charge of my vibration and in a high vibration, I need not fear. I need not feel helpless. I need not stay stuck in anger. I am powerful and can intend, imagine, and be guided to live in harmony, grace, ease, and joy. I can become part of the change I wish to see.

When you see the seemingly senseless loss of life, remember that those who expanded beyond their physical forms are not feeling sad at all. These little angels that left your planet recently are celebrating their success. They are celebrating the fruition of their pre-birth plans to be part of a grand awakening, calling the human race to pay more attention to those who are hurting, to love the lost a little more, and to remember, that all, ultimately are innocent – birthed from the heart of God and striving always to return to that love.

Pray for their families dear ones because they are the ones that need your love. Their little angels in heaven are very much aware of both their pain and their paths. These families need your compassion now and your love. Even if you never meet a single one of them personally, your loving vibrations will touch their hearts. They too are part of an awakening.

Then, dear ones, resolve not to hate the lost, the lonely, and the hurting hurtful in this world. Rather pray that their souls be raised up into a greater love. If you see someone crying out for help through their behavior, ask God, “What do you need me to do?” You may get “nothing.” You may be guided to give them a smile. You may be guided to do more, but in every case, with love in your heart, you will be guided.

With love in your heart, you are not only safe dear friends, but you are part of a team of brilliant, light-filled souls on this planet, waking up the world through your light, your loving kindness, and your prayers. You are part of a massive group of souls realizing the need for all souls to be loved and cared for. It is time to stop the cycles of hating the hateful, hurting the hurtful, and instead time to empower and usher in a new era of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels