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Your Tools For A Smooth Ascension.

Dear Beloved,

The Feel More Than Fine Project is about offering the tools for smooth path to conscious evolution in these auspicious times we go through as Humanity and Mother Earth. The intention is to assist each and everyone on their Ascension process offering blogs and guidance and a routine of global meditations and inner work to do that make the transition fun and joyful. And while we know the world is at its worst it has ever been (finally seen now as The Light is doing the work of showing all shadows), the world is also at its best it has ever been. And each and everyone has a choice to feel more than fine any given moment which in turn defines the experience that follow right after going through the sequence of : Focus, Silence / Think, Vibrate, Feel, Allow/Receive , Experience.

We are each indeed Creators of our reality every now.

If you have been following our work for a while you must have noticed that :

Every SUNday we gather globally for our Unity Meditation at 3/6/9 pm (Greece Time ) or 5/8/11 Pacific Time for 30 minutes each session.

Every Day at 21h21 CET for one minute for the Highest Good For All. (Rise Up Ibiza)

Every day at 3pm Est with Jared Rand. (please check Global Synchronized Meditations | FEEL MORE THAN FINE)

And even when not possible to attend any of those we have also the choice to do a meditation any moment of the day using the affirmation given by Archangel Michael : IAM my IAM presence and IAM one with the IAM presence of all humanity and follow up with our own individual meditation or follow with the meditations offered through Patricia Cota Robles YT channel, usually every Tuesday.

All those and guidance every other day of the week are offered for free while we keep on keeping on offering our service for The Highest Good for all.

So today we remind you to please consider making a donation to keep our costs covered while we eagerly anticipating Basic Universal Income and the prosperity funds to reach each and everyone of The Citizens of Earth.

Thank you and Namaste.


Time to focus and unify for the final Gate in this eclipse-eclipse-Solstice passage… this is a moment for acute practice of our Creator skills as the Golden Race DNA activates. Instant manifestation requires responsible qualification of thought, word, emotion and action. Consistent practice and self-correction leads to the new way of BEing in these energies.

Blessings Beloveds ~Into Solstice week we glow …

The Solar Eclipse was a strong shift point last Thursday. Deep gratitude to all who have been unifying in service to the organic Ascension. Most of us felt the drop-off of energetic support for the old narratives. Time to focus and unify for the final Gate in this eclipse-eclipse-Solstice passage.

Perhaps you feel the new frequencies which are shifting narratives to the higher realm outcomes. This collapse of old realities makes it clear: this is a moment for acute practice of our Creator skills as the Golden Race DNA activates. Instant manifestation requires responsible qualification of thought, word, emotion and action. Consistent practice and self-correction leads to the new way of BEing in these energies.

Utilizing new frequencies is a focus of the Crystalline Convergence. Join the Livestream next weekend or watch the replay afterwards.

Such a powerful Gateway, let us use it wisely – all week long!
 Solstice & The Crystalline Convergence
SUNday June 20 at 8:31PM PDT⁠Organic Stargate alignment; Incredibly powerful Zero Point energiesUnified Golden Race codes activate as Conduits of Pure ConsciousnessHUge support for coherent Hearts in Service to the AscensionAlignment with feeling and utilizing the new frequencies through the Heart StargateCrystalline Convergence weekend: SUNday Global meditation at 11AM PDT with the group beaming from Sedona. Additional meditation for Solstice peak at 8:31PM PDT.
Crystalline Convergence Access

Participants, login to access the schedule, prep video and bonus gifts.
Livestream access with the full 10 hour replay is still available HERE.
 SUNday Unity MeditationsJoin us in unified intent of creating peace and Ascension for all. SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight Time. 30 minute sessions.
Latest Article: Preparation for Higher Truth

This eclipse-Solstice passage requires effective self-evaluation. When the heart is coherent (neutrality) we may see ourselves more clearly. The heart becomes a conduit of the revelation frequencies.  [READ THIS ONLINE]

Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

The dark ones are weary too. They see the futility of their actions. They are now in more of a knee-jerk reaction to events than well thought out and planned and orchestrated offensives. They are holding on by the seat of their pants and the fabric is growing quite thin. Hang in there, sweet one.

Mellianna to T, May 14-19, 2021

May 14th

“Judgment Day” draws near. The Collective is calling for it and so it shall be. As you’ve so rightly stated it will be very tumultuous but necessary. A mother gives birth and it is very painful but necessary as it is a part of the birthing process. The end result, of course, is Joy of a newborn.

And so it will be here. Joy will follow the pain. You are more than ready, sweet one. However, many, even most, of your fellow Gaians are not. And that is as was expected. Many have had signs to offer them new knowledge, new insight but have refused or denied it. Many are caught up in their version of reality. Nonetheless, it is time. Be ready to broadcast the Love that you are. It will be in extremely short supply.

May 15th

Greetings, sweet one. It is another beautiful day, is it not? Expect more beautiful days going forward until such time as all days will be beautiful, including when it is raining, snowing, blowing or whatever. Mother Gaia is firmly in charge now. And she is “petal to the metal” now. She is as eager to restore Her perfection as you are and is doing so already. The next several days will bring much surprise and joy. Much of this revelation will be in ways you could not have foreseen. So in that way it will be particularly sweet. Our advice now is play, play, play! It is your nature and your grandson has it down cold. Follow his lead.

May 17th

[I was filled with doubts this morning about my role]

Blasphemy. We are on the verge, sweet one, of a TOTAL paradigm shift. Don’t be throwing in the towel so close to the “finish line.” This mood will pass. Your life will ease considerably so hang in there. It does feel a bit heavy right now but that is being created by the Dark Ones. They are at their wits end trying to figure out what to do next to “stem the tide.” But, like the tide, there is nothing they can do. It is over, fini!

May 18th

Abundance beyond your wildest dreams. And we are not talking just about money, though that is certainly a central part of it. We are also talking about an abundance of joy, of health, of happiness, of awareness, and on, and on, and on…! The time is very near. Keep your eye on the target.

May 19th

The time grows shorter as the days grow longer. Not much longer, sweet one, not much longer. We understand the frustration. [An image popped in my mind of an old cartoon of the end of a marathon, where the runners were so exhausted they could not break the tape. Some were chewing on it. Some were laying on it, and some were trying to pull it apart with their hands, but none were successful] Yes, the cartoon is a perfect metaphor for today. All are weary, but not just you.

The dark ones [I immediately questioned the use of small caps here as she had always referred to the dark ones before as the Dark Ones. See May 17th entry, for example.] (Yes, sweet one, we changed the “Caps” intentionally.) The dark ones are weary too. They see the futility of their actions. They are now in more of a knee-jerk reaction to events than well thought out and planned and orchestrated offensives. They are holding on by the seat of their pants and the fabric is growing quite thin. <grin> Hang in there, sweet one.

You know – all of you who read this – that this will be your most important work in the coming transition phase, right?

Sisters and Brothers! I am your Tim / Timothy in Agartha, the inner world of the earth.

In the Nordic countries, you have spring now and enjoy the progress of spring after a heavy, dizzying and eventful darker season. A lot has happened in your inner self and that is what makes a difference in your outer world.

Many of you, around the Earth, who are aware that much is hidden in the Earth’s interior – you will be mocked and laughed at by those who are still afraid, those who have not awakened.

But all of us here, who are your zealous followers and cheerleaders, we promise you that truths that make your fellow human beings tremble are on their way.

This channel has promised its loved ones not to triumph with a “What did I say?” but instead be there for those who may need answers to emerging questions or help with transformative healing.

You know – all of you who read this – that this will be your most important work in the coming transition phase, right? You are well aware that we are all equally close to the Source, that we are all in the Universe a Oneness.

The dragons have not only woken up – they have done an outstanding job through a great purge of the darkness that Gaia once possessed.

Even your knowledge of the dragons’ actual existence is something you Lightworkers / Light Warriors have been ridiculed for. Now you get the reward for your faithful work by regaining contact with your much-loved and missed friends – in their dragon form.

Realize that the Dragons are your Power that has now returned. Your DNA strands have been restored, the connection to your Mother Earth is total and you can now stand in your full Power again.

(A raven “talks” feverishly, as if to agree with Tim’s words. Thank you)

People on the surface of the earth – be so kind as to now take possession of your full Power. It is your birthright to regain power over your own life, over your own planet Gaia. Power without ego – the power in the form of Love. Love is EVERYTHING.

What you do in Love for your fellow human beings can never go wrong – just a force that grows and grows and grows…

Say to yourself, the words of your dear friend Yeshua:

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Light (Life)”

Be in your heart, be in your power / in the power of Love / in nature / in your Soul with your Beloved Mother Earth.

Enjoy the events that are now unfolding, enjoy the journey, the community, that everything goes according to God’s Plan.

See you Beloved Friends, Sisters and Brothers.

A big HUG and a LOT of Love to you all.

Agartherna by Tim / Timothy.

Playfulness can happen with little things – the way you arrange the food on your plate, wipe the fog off the mirror, put lotion on your toes, gently flip the pages of a book, fluff your pillows, in a million areas in your life.

March 30, 2021

Via email ~

There are no goods or bads, just nature thriving. You always have a choice to focus on what is going well.

We remind you to play. You have come to Planet Earth to play, and everything is play to your soul, even those things you would qualify as hard, challenging or overwhelming. It is all the experience of the soul, all an adventure, an opportunity to feel, taste and see. 

The soul is enjoying the sweet and the sour.

The human part of you, the ego, mind, inner child, has been taught what is good and bad but these are not words that the planet uses. 

The cricket is not good and the cockroach bad; the tree is not good and the parasitic plant eating it bad. Nothing in nature separates itself like this. 

And everything on earth is thriving whether it appears that way or not. The tree being consumed by the parasite is crumbling to the ground, this is a cycle of life and rebirth.

We remind you of this cycle of life, not to neutralize your experiences, but so you begin to recognize when you are trying to go toward that which you think is good and, especially, when you are trying to move away from that which you think is bad. 

Nature only speaks the language of “yes.” So if you are moving away from something you do not like, you are speaking a language your Planet Earth does not understand. 

Although you can get by on Planet Earth with that language, you will be facing many of what you call obstacles and road blocks.

We encourage you to play so that life gets easier. 

Playfulness can happen with little things – the way you arrange the food on your plate, wipe the fog off the mirror, put lotion on your toes, gently flip the pages of a book, fluff your pillows, in a million areas in your life. 

Remember that 99 percent of your life is going almost exactly as you want it to. 

We encourage you to play, especially these days. A playful nature will allow you to be very clear about where your next “yes” is.

A perfect analogy to describe your DNA is popcorn.

by Jen McCarty, March 30, 2021

via email

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving Humanity.

The Earth plane is currently experiencing an influx and bombardment of photonic light particles that is unlike anything the Earth realm has ever experienced before. The Ascension codes that are pouring forth from galactic central are activating so many shifts and transformations in literally every single person on the Earth.

For those that are on the awakening path, please know that these photonic light particles are interacting with your DNA, and work very much like a microwave. A perfect analogy to describe your DNA is popcorn.

Humanity’s DNA codons could be very much likened to popcorn kernels, and the photonic waves or light particles could be likened to a microwave oven.  As the photonic light particles (also known as God particles) stream forth from galactic central, this activates a somewhat heating-up process of the popcorn kernels.  It activates the transformation in the kernel and literally transforms its cellular and molecular structure.

This is exactly what is occurring for everyone on the awakening ascension path.

For those of Humanity that are not on The Awakening path, the photonic light particles are still managing to interact with their DNA, however, there is what could be perceived as a filter.  The filter ensures the particles / upgrades are stored on a more subconscious level as opposed to a conscious level (which is what is experienced by the awakened star beings).

There is always hope for everyone. If you are reading these words and feel like you would like to shift your spiritual vibration, all you need to do is drop your attention to your heart consciousness and place your ears very closely to your heart, to listen to the message of your heart and begin to take heed of these messages.

Many people are experiencing huge ascension symptoms at the moment, and it is highly recommended that you stay on top of your hydration by drinking lots of spring water. It is also recommended to drink electrolytes and also to drink coconut water that is infused with electrolytes.

The electrolytes enable the assimilation of the photonic light particles to occur in a much easier way. They carry the information/codes throughout the entire system as opposed to the energy getting stuck and concentrating in one particular area of the body.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated at this time of intense photonic light bombardment.

Welcome to March madness, everyone. There are so many shifts that are taking place in this multi-dimensional chess game that’s being played out on the world stage currently. From our perspective, it’s clear that the White Hats are in control, and what’s occurring is pure optics to awaken the sleepers.

Nobody knew quite the extent of how attached to sleep many of Humanity’s children and adults would be at this time. And we can all agree it is absolutely unprecedented.

The energies are now building up for the 4/4 ascension gateway.

In this transmission, we are being guided to work with the extremely powerful and transformative energies of Yeshua and Magdalene. We are being called to work specifically with the divine masculine consciousness to send forth a boost of spiritual protection and awakening energies to many, many divine masculines who are currently incarnated on planet Earth at this time.

We’re being asked to activate an alignment with their Christic blueprint and higher self consciousness. The divine masculine has suffered a great deal in the third dimensional realm, many of them forgetting the memo that this is indeed Heaven on Earth.  We’ve all incarnated to experience the most extraordinary bliss with our best friend and highest soul consort in the universe.

Many of the divine masculines have naturally gone into survival mode. It’s very important that this timeline of survival collapses now to make way for true awakening within the divine masculine consciousness.

Due to the fact that everybody has been challenged to our deepest core, in the 4.4 transmission we will also be working with the Arcturian rejuvenation pools. This is a profound blessing that has been dispensed from our Arcturian elder brothers and sisters, and they wish to share the frequencies of their rejuvenation pools, particularly for the 144,000 light warriors.

We are on the verge of a huge planetary awakening, and all that was hidden is about to be revealed. Many of our brothers and sisters are about to have their eyes opened to the profound atrocities that the deep state has inflicted upon humanity, and the 144,000 are being called now to step up as the true spiritual leaders and warriors that they have come here to be.

We are all positioned strategically on our grid points in order to assist in the harnessing of this awakening energy as the entire collective is flooded with the truth about what has really taken place within our planetary history.

As ever, we guide you and advise you to remember that what you are searching for is your consciousness being fully aligned and at home in the present moment. Your ego would have you believe that you are searching for something outside of yourself, something external, but the truth is you are seeking to know that you are at home in this present moment. You are seeking to become one with your master avatar self, which is fully grounded in the zero point field, the present now moment.

Please take this coaching message of the highest order deeply to heart. There is no external savior that will give you permission to step up to be the leader and masterful being that you have incarnated to be. Mother-father God placed your etheric crown safely in your auric field, awaiting the moment for you to reach up into your etheric field to place your crown on your own head.

The greatest illusion of the third dimension is waiting for someone that we perceive to hold a higher spiritual authority than we do to place our own crown on our head. This is what activates the timeline of procrastination and time-wasting. It is very important that all of you reading these words realize that if you’ve been waiting for a sign from spirit, this is it.

Please stop waiting for permission to be the leader and illuminated being that you’ve incarnated to be. This is your invitation to step up now and speak clearly, even if your voice shakes.

There is more information to share with you regarding the four-four transmission, which I will share in due course. I would very much appreciate all of you reading these words to please share this message. I have been heavily censored on all social media platforms and the only way this comforting message can read who it is meant to is by you sharing it.

I’m very excited to also share with you all that I will be offering the transmissions in a new format. Please see below for full details on how to book onto the transmission.

In love and light,

Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

4.4 Arcturian Healing Chamber Transmission

The 4-4 transmission will take place on the 4th of April at 9:09 p.m. UK time.

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a PDF with full instructions to join the call. This is an automatic process that takes place in the signing up process. Please check your email, it will be under Selfy.

Here is the link to book onto the transmission ~

Editors Note ~ The cost to register starts at 11 pounds, roughly $15 in USD.

It’s epic.

It is the One.

Nothing but your/the Ascension takes precedence now. For all of your aspects, every one of your timelines and “dimensions”. All eyes, hearts and energetic impulses are focused right here, right now, on this very moment which you are creating now. This life. Your life in 2021.

For this is the most glorious culmination of collective love, an outpouring of generational, universal intent – a brilliant force of cosmic light.

This moment is unique. The build-up to its eventual completion is something not before seen. For the Dark have done their part, and so completely, and in such a spectacular display of stubborn refusal to submit, that this time is unlike any other in dramatic expression, violent display, and absolute breathtaking conviction of role. Each pair of shoes firmly embedded in their chosen spot in the sand. The reveal is poised to be spectacular.

For this is a performance really. While it continues, you are focused on good guys and bad guys, rescues and heroes, hurts and triumphs, sinners and saints. At its completion, the masks and costumes come off. The real source and identity of each player in full reveal.

You are not dealing with only humans, but mostly humans. There are identities that will surprise you. There are still, and at this late date, actors and roles and reveals that will shock you. “Shock” meaning that you’ll find them to be completely unexpected.

For this has been the most magnificent performance, conducted by Masters. These Masters surround you now. It will ask you to look around today and see that. It will ask you to look beyond the mask.

One of the more challenging and even difficult components of full awareness will soon be apparent. It all gets swept up in Oneness. It is then that, while still playing the part, the human role you embody now, you will look around and realize that those you have hated, vilified, honored and praised, are absolutely cut from One cloth.

They spring from One Source. It is the same Source you are. You are One.

Once you are able to take the perspective of willing participant rather than victim, you will begin to realize the full range of your being.

These are words that perhaps sound hollow to your human ears. You live right now in a world gone mad, and as part of an oppressed slave race. Yes, this is your current role.

It is not your only role, nor has it been always on the side of the light. You have participated at every level and all sides.

As a Master, you have committed yourself to excellence.

The exquisite result of your efforts waits for you right now. It peeks around the corner, its brilliance unable to be contained or diminished by the Dark.

For you are the Masters of the Universe, putting on right now a magnificent performance for us all. For us all, as One.

You volunteered for this final act and were chosen for this final act. It is the “Superbowl” of Ascension Events and its players are in top form and ready.

Imagine the store of energy that builds for this culmination.

Thousands of years of oppression and frustration and suppression. The Massive Force of your emotions thus propel this Ascension Event.

Do you see?

Do you see why this moment, even this moment, is created by you?

It has always been you.

The pain, the glory and the decision to finally bring it to a close is all yours.

Dear, dear precious human. This life in shackles that you are seeing and breaking out of now, is merely one of many, many, many experiences. Experiences you’ve completed to gain perspective, and to perfect love. Throughout them all, you’ve built muscle and honed technique, delving deep into each nuance possible.

All so that you would know, without separation, what it is to be alive.

You’ve played your roles with gusto and still do today. As immersion feeds you with knowledge and sensitivity.

You are Masters, perfecting your craft.

You are here to create worlds.

That is all.

Thank you.


So much came through with this! Huge download of visuals and emotions.

Seeing all of us as Masters, orchestrating both sides, like puppet “Masters” almost, without strings.

Saw from Ancient to Modern times, a collective build-up of horror and pain and what that builds to, the power of that, the force of that, the brilliance of that. Words aren’t enough to encapsulate the accumulation and its intent.

I saw generations, civilizations, angels, multiple races, ancestors and brethren from the stars – all watching, smiling, together and right here with us. A “we’ve got your back” cushion of absolute pure love. Magnificent doesn’t do it justice. We are not alone. Not by a longshot.

What happens next is fueled by every lifetime, every role; by the All that is.

It’s epic.


We were chosen to go through the darkness first so that we could assist in this exact moment in time.

Jan 21 Written By Ashley Ulizzi

True Lightworkers, over the next coming days, weeks, and months, this is a reminder for those of us who have already walked through the dark, to continue to hold the light. 

Remember, we were chosen to go through the darkness first so that we could assist in this exact moment in time. We feel it. We were the pioneers that digested the deepest darkness long ago to co-create a brighter world and create more room for the light to illuminate the earth and bring sovereignty to humanity. 

Were here in THIS moment in time to radiate peace, anchor in calm, and let everyone know it’s going to be ok.  In fact, it’s going to be amazing. 

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, many people will seem like they have lost their minds. As trauma, attachment, and childhood pain is brought to the surface to be transmuted through the experience of current events – it can feel heavy and confusing. Most people have never been able to acknowledge or accept the darkness or truth within themselves, let alone the weight of what has been going on in the world for centuries. The world has been filled with a deeply ingrained dominance of cognitive dissonance, fear, and stagnation. That is about to change as the light is shined on truth for all to see.

This is a collective clearing that has been happening for some time, it’s come to its final push. This is a purge of ALL negative energies within ourselves and around, this is a time for massive self-care. 

Just as lightworkers collapsed their own inner ego and illusion to co-create the new world long ago, the majority of people on earth are now unexpectedly, too. They are not all prepared, and it’s our job to hold space for them and hold the 5D vibration of love.

There are so many people who genuinely have not known the truth of the world they have been living in. Many people have been living the 3D illusion to no fault of their own.  Many of the pioneers who knew this, have been mocked, made fun of, alienated, and labeled, but that dissolves now.  We must continue to hold the vibration of love and never that of “I told you so”.

Most importantly, we are here to be an example of what is coming. This is not the end of the world, this is the end of the illusion and the dawn of the golden age. 

I invite everyone to zoom out from all of the current events and distractions that appear to be real and prepare yourself.

Allow the light to pour on you. This is an exciting time to be alive. 

Ashley Ulizzi

The Undercurrent Grows.

Content is light-encoded to assist your journey.

Blessings Beloveds ~
The undercurrent intensifies as we near the Revelation Wave influxes. Perhaps you have felt this reality-shifting mechanism flowing beneath the surface realities. 

There is so much happening in this Now. The Zero Point where all is simultaneous begins to bleed through into our waking lifestream like never before.

Explore the multidimensional operation of this Divine passage. The distractions and polarities are purposeful, and become more intense, as these energies flow in.

In your Divine Heart, all is eternal, infinite, limitless creation. Re-heart your fields, thoughts, visions and focus often. Zero Point provides amplification – as well as photonic order.

In our Mastery, our Hearts are beaming the True Self, the Creator State of BEingness to all of these realms. Be a blessing to the Now. In Divine Service, we seize opportunities for kindness, moment by moment.

November Webinar replay Now Available

Guidance for this Now and Preparation for the December Revelation Wave. Receive video & audio replays at

Higher realms requested unified Gate & Grid focus December 12-14

The 12-12 has always launched brand new energies. The Revelation Wave is a Divine and powerful shift point for collective realities.

The Higher realms are encouraging all who work with the organic stargates and Crystalline grids to be outside, on the land, for three mornings in a row. We are opening for these consciousness-shifting codes, waves and photonic flows to utilize the organic stargates like never before. To honor this, we will gather for three mornings that weekend in Sedona.

December Live Gatherings in Sedona:

Saturday December 12 at 9AM MST
12-12 Gate & Grid activation
Private group of Gate & Gridkeepers – contact Sandra for details.

SUNday December 13 at 9AM MST
Live SUNday Unity Meditation at Cathedral Rock

Monday, December 14 at 9AM MST
Solar Eclipse Meditation/ Code Activation at Cathedral Rock

Gratitude to all continuing to hold the stability of Divine Love as the USA experiences *election month.*  Let us use our Responsible Creation tools and allow the highest outcomes to unfold with as much ease and grace as  possible.  Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Photo at top: Visiting the Grandest Canyon this week

The Great Awakening – A message from the future

Light Is pouring on the world right now, the darkness is being exposed for us to see. 

All the feelings are going on right now but know,

The light has already won. 

This year is not something bad that has happened, but something really good to the vibrational asking of so many.

Earth is going through a re-birthing process, we are literally creating a new world.  

So these old paradigms, systems, those 3 dimensional realities are falling apart. 

As humans we are evolving, and we have awakened to the point that it cannot be stopped

So what we are experiencing right now is a play out of many different timelines. 

We have people that are awake and know what is going on and just want the process to speed up, and then we have people who are dragging their feet clinging to their comfort zone, no matter how deceiving it may be.

The old systems in government, financial, sick care, big food, and pharma, HAVE to be exposed so that they can be dismantled for new systems to be put into place. 

For those of us who already know, because we’ve been playing in this arena for a while, it’s important to remember to hold space for those who are not yet there. There are going to be people who are not going to embody the bigger picture because they are vibrationally still in alignment with the old system.

The old system supports manipulation, control, and division. When people are programmed to think like victims it’s easy to sell them entitlement programs. Your power is easily given up to an outside source.

When we are participating in the lower vibrations such as fear, hate, shame, and division, our mind is constantly contracting and our perception of reality gets smaller so that we are more likely to accept what we are told, fed, shown, and battle those around us because we take things personally. So, people who are thinking differently appear to be a threat, only because in those lower vibrations we are so closed minded. 

When we start to evolve and CHOOSE to challenge our current thought patterns, we ask things like:

  • Am I willing to entertain that the opposite of what I believe, could be true?
  • Does someone gain something through me believing something to be true?
  • Does what I believe, support me in continuing to grow in my self leadership + freedom? Or does it support  a system that is not working?
  • Why does someone that believes the opposite of me, have that belief?
  • What do I notice about the energy or character of those who hold this belief?

When we are able to step back and challenge our own thinking, we enter into expansion.

Remember, Light is information and darkness is the absence of it. 

So as this awakening process happens, hold the light for those who, instead of trying to battle you, will be looking to you for guidance. 

When we play a part in the new systems, we come from a place of compassion, love, and freedom- the HIGHEST vibrations. Which is nearly impossible to explain to anyone who has never experienced the source of it within themselves, first. The only way to explain, is to embody it ourselves and lead by example.

As humans we are CREATORS. And, I am someone who does not even bother spending my energy fighting the old or what is happening in this moment. I am an activator, someone who jumps into the future and starts creating and living in the reality that I want before it’s the popular thing to do. I show up from that space, and in doing that comes with a lot of backlash and being misunderstood. 

The visionaries, the lightworkers, the awakened, the truth seekers and those that are open, who as a collective bring forth the NEW for humanity. Which is why those of us in that place, are calm during the chaos, we already feel the outcome because we created it.

Because of this, I have let go long ago, the fear of being judged, rejected, and criticized, which holds us in those low vibrations, and stalls us from moving forward with the awakening process. 

Some resist this process to the full degree because they resist the change that needs to occur within themselves, resulting in blaming outside forces for their problems, and giving their power to an outside authority when it comes to finding solutions. Self advocacy is recognized as unethical from this view point.

Change can be painful, change can be scary. Especially for those who have not already been living in the reality that is coming forth. This is why it is important to hold space for those along the way, compassion and forgiveness are key components.

Ones that are resisting at all measures, are fighting a battle externally that needs to be won within themselves first, in order to see things through a clear perspective free from layers of pain and trauma. The chaos is in invitation to free yourself from the layers.

“There is a lot invested in you not powering up right now. Be a disruptor and do the thing they aren’t anticipating you to do.” – Ange Peters

Most people can’t even handle the truth that needs to be found within themselves, let alone seek it out in the world…or accept it no matter how obvious.  Which keeps them trapped in the system of lower vibrations.

They keep their narrative alive by continuously trying to drag down people who share light and cause them to question, into their level of thinking and feeling.

This is what sets the truth seekers free from the matrix.

Truth seekers seek to expand while others seek to contract.

They will bring down anyone that disrupts their system internally and the one that supports them externally.

Make sure to observe what is pulling your energy, check in with yourself and settle inward. Observe all outlets and the negative energy you are receiving.  Make sure you’re not responding to the type of energy you no longer want to live in. This will get easier to do as you go, as your dominant vibration rises.

There’s a huge pull forward when we are tapped into our intuition, and it naturally guides us to truth. And in that space we’re able to have the unwavering faith of the world that is being birthed. 

Yes it’s uncomfortable in the now, yes it feels incredibly real. But when you are able to look at your current state from a 5th dimensional perception, it’s not so real. And it’s easy to see the 3D world crumbling. 

Stay focused on being your own leader and accept as much change as you can, cultivate resilience by being open to a higher way of thinking. The faster you shift and open up, the faster you will land in the space of knowing and trust.    

When we operate from our intuition we do not need outside sources to tell us how to think, feel or what to be, do or have. We harness our super power of intuitive knowledge which has been purposely suppressed to fulfill the needs of those who wish to control us through the old system. 

This is why the old system is falling apart.

People who have not yet discovered the light within themselves are having a very hard time believing that there is light in the world right now. There will be those who are still not willing to question anything, especially themselves, and they will continue to align with the lower vibrations. 

No matter how pure, and loving your intentions are by sharing light, some will take it personally. I can promise you debating is not the way to make anything happen, because the argument they are really having is one within themselves, and nothing you say or do is going to solve that. Send them love, and go about your journey, everyone’s wake up call is different. Hold the light.

I’m here to tell you it’s going to be ok. There are many pioneers in the new world that are eager to show the way for those who are excited and ready. 

This a message to hold the highest vibrations of love and light, to bring it forth even faster. This is a message from the future.

Ashley Ulizzi

About Intermittent Fasting

Ok,i am Raw Vegan for few years now and i am doing intermittent fasting eating around 8h00 breakfast and 16h00 my main meal and having a lot of water,tea or juices in between and that works awesome for me.Sadhguru explains here his perspective and while i agree with all i also add that after trying only you can decide what feels best to you as we go through our Ascension Process within our physical bodies which to my sense it means we can live hundreds of years if we want to.

Parallels Realities and Jumping Timelines

I come often to think that everybody and everything around me is a reflection of what i imagine and of what i think of them.And what i think of them brings me to what i feel for them.While my brain will try to go to past memories, i catch it before time by the way i feel.Because the way i feel defines how aligned i am with Source.And so if someone has been mean to me in the past and while my brain is trying to bring to the present this memory, i go directly to the way i feel about them in the now and since :IAM the Love,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth, this awareness allows me to raise my frequency and feel good about everyone and everything without being attached to the past and so creating a parallel reality where everyONE is loving and forgiving and kind.This is why it has been hammered so often that :YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.And so the more i do the work of reminding myself that IAM the Love,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth in deep meditation (at least 15’)the more my brain disengages from the past and comes to the present and creates thoughts that feel good almost automatically.The way i feel is directly connected to Higher Self/Soul and so the more i do this practice, the more through entrainment i create parallels realties that are getting closer to my highest good and the highest good for all which is what my Higher Self and hence me in this now really wants.And i believe what my Higher Self wants is one and the same with everyone else’s Higher Self fully aware that each and everyONE is different in the way they achieve this through passion and different interests in life.’Same Same but Different’ as they say in Thailand.
Does it always go up into better realities?no, because one gets affected by events that are felt through our senses and through meeting with many who are not aware of this Truth.That is why the term :to be in the world but not of it.To be fully aware that one is The Love and The Light and The Truth while walking down the streets among many who are not or even in social media(don’t stay too long, this can bring vibration down super fast).And by holding that thought as much as possible, one does greater service than trying to express with words anything.In this way, one affects the whole and creates a parallel reality for all around him/her.The name of the game is to not be affected by it, to keep vibrations high, to be loving with self and all others no matter what arises.That is to be The Christ Present in the here and now.And that is how i jump timelines and the name of the game is to go to a higher timeline where more of the things that are in my Vortex are showing themselves to me.
I am about to find out what is this day bringing to me and i know this is ALWAYS in direct relation about the way i feel in the now.If i feel good i better check for signs and if i don’t i better go within in meditation to calm my mind till i feel good again.And when i send out my Light for The Highest Good For all this feeling multiplies a 1000X and that is what it means to be Of Service:sending love to all that are in need on the planet ,feeling compassion and visualising beautiful outcome for all, these are very powerful tools that keep our timeline always high as what we visualise for others becomes also our reality.If i see all others being abundant and prosperous, i become it in the now.If i see all others being happy, with enough food on the table and the roof of their living over their heads and awesome mobility for all being healed and rejuvenated i become it also in my now.I am what i think and feel for all others in the now.I take responsibility for it.I Create It.I Rise and Soar and Fly within my beautiful Ascending Body firmly grounded on Gaia every now.That is the work to do.And i love every second of it.



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The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Structure bodies


The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Structure bodies
Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why? Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that just don’t make any sense? Or wondering why the people in your life seem to be reacting differently to you? Either they’re more excited than ever to be with you, or the complete opposite, they’re picking fights with you or being upset with you for no apparent reason? Or perhaps in going through what you consider to be a normal day, at times you feel as if you simply cannot keep your eyes open, like sleep is simply begging you to come and be with it? Does life at times seem empty and without meaning, even when you’re doing things that you used to love? Welcome to the ascension process, and the symptoms that many experience along that path. The primary thing to know is that you are not alone, and things will get better. For those folks who’ve been aware of and consciously involved with ascension, these physical and emotional experiences are all too familiar. Some of these folks have been experiencing the changes for some time, or may have even passed through them by now. For some this may go back a decade or two or even more. When confronted with these unusual and often unwanted experiences, the first thing we typically want to know is why?
Why are these things happening?
You may have heard it said that we’re shifting from carbon-based beings to crystalline-based beings. 
Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s more to our DNA than we have thought or that science has thus far been able to discover; that what we were told were the junk parts of our DNA are being reactivated. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about Pineal Activations and similar things.
These concepts are all very real, and even our physical sciences are beginning to be aware of them. It all has to do with the light energy that’s penetrating us, our world, and everything on it, easing us into the new world and a new way of being. So you could say that it isn’t just Nova Earth we’re building, it’s Nova Human as well.
Steve Rother and the Arcturian group add: “If you would see one of your periodic charts, you would know that the carbon-based structures you currently have and the silicon structure are actually only a few molecules away. With a few re-arrangements, you have a shift from one to another. That is happening not only throughout all of Earth, but also the plant, insect and animal kingdoms are taking on crystalline structures.
Archangel Michael and St. Germain commented: You eventually will not have the carbon-based bodies you have now; they will evolve into crystalline bodies and further along the path, light bodies, with less and less need for physical food to sustain you. Your energy will come directly from Source light and love. You have the ability to tune into this energy now as well. It is just that many of you are not aware of it.
List of Common Ascension Symptoms: Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or intense energy or stress. This is one of the first ascension feelings that a person usually feels. In the beginning, when the energy shifts arrive, they bring with them a new and higher vibration. Old patterns and behaviors are being pushed to the surface for release.
Feeling all this pressure going on inside of you can feel like great stress or that you are on overload. If you are still in a conventional life with mainstream pressures, this New energy can really add to your pile. You will eventually adjust to this higher vibration and much will be activated for release within you as well. More room inside for more of the higher energy!
This symptom is most definitely in the top three and very widely experienced. The ascension process purges so much of the darker and denser energies from us, that we find ourselves in them for quite some time. We may feel like things are simply never going to get better. And to add insult to injury, the outer world is no longer in alignment with the new, higher vibrating you.
Anxiety, panic, and feelings of hysteria.
When our egos begin to depart, they literally freak out as they do not want to cease to exist. It may feel as if everything is ending (most of everything is!). Your system is also on overload and you may feel as if you are hyperventilating. Things are happening that you may not understand.
You are also losing behavior patterns of a lower vibration that you developed for survival in 3D. This may make you feel vulnerable and powerless. These patterns and behaviors you are losing are not needed in the higher realms. When we experience death in a 3D world we can panic and have anxiety as we do not know where we are going.
A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar.
A craving for protein. This is another of the first symptoms that is felt by many. Our bodies are using up an incredible amount of fuel for this process.
As we are literally being turned inside-out, every ounce of energy that we have is being utilized. I have found it best to eat the protein along with being still during this time. These low blood sugar periods come and go for several years, but get much better as our bodies begin adjusting.
Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body.
This is another of the most common symptoms. Manifesting just about anywhere, this is a sign of purifying and releasing blocked energy that is vibrating at a 3D level while other parts of us are vibrating higher. You may feel pain in various parts of your body for several weeks and then it will simply vanish with no explanation.
Continual neck and upper back stiffness and pain.
Our spines are vibrating differently and also connecting to a higher form of light. This area of our body is where it all happens.
Skin eruptions and diarrhea.
Acne, rashes, and hives, etc. usually arrive when we are in the purging process and adjusting to a higher energy. Rashes are fairly common and diarrhea can last for weeks and even months. Be mindful of what you eat. Your body is going through intense change and cannot handle heavy foods that are difficult to digest. Use your discernment and consult your Higher Self if you are unsure of what to eat.
Heart pain and palpitations.
These symptoms are common for many. Our hearts are trying to accommodate a new and higher frequency. At times you can feel as though you are having a heart attack. When this happens it is important to rest as any exertion can make the symptoms seem much worse. Know that you are not dying! At times it may even feel like your heart has stopped beating, and you may feel fear. Stay calm! Keep in contact with your Higher Self for reassurance.
Periods of very deep sleeping.
When the energy is not moving and we are done for awhile, we get to rest. While we are integrating and preparing for the next phase of intense moving energy, we become very lethargic. It can become near impossible to keep your eyelids open in the daylight hours and daytime napping can become a regular and necessary habit.
Even if you think you can exercise your way back into some energy, you will usually find yourself dropping dead on the sofa at every effort.
Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping.
Our emotions are what carries the energy. When we are falling apart (and we are doing just that), we can get pretty emotional.
When we are releasing, we can cry at the drop of a hat. A sad movie can make us cry, or even a sad commercial. We can cry when we experience kindness. We can cry when we feel relief. We can cry when we see any kind of suffering.
These tears are a great cleanser and releaser. I always know when some New energy has arrived because I can simply cry while I am driving along in the car. This seems to be an on-going symptom that is here to stay for awhile. But at least it is fairly painless!
Night sweats and hot flashes.
At certain times you will become very hot for no reason. This happens when your Higher Self moves into close proximity to you for some reason. Their energy is much more dense than yours and when they are close to you, you will feel intense heat.
Feeling cold with an inability to get warm.
As your body adjusts to the higher frequency of energy, you may find that you have periods of intense cold. It is normal. Add an extra blanket to your bed and take hot showers or a hot bath when this happens.
Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams.
We are releasing many lifetimes of lower vibrational energy through our dreams. If you are one who receives their higher information through dreams, you will likely do a lot of releasing at night. I consider you to be lucky, as some are doing much of their releasing when they are awake.
These dreams usually do not make sense, but if you are good at dream analysis you can usually figure them out. These acid-trip-like dreams are up and visible because they contain energy that’s on its way out, never to return. Through this process we are releasing all of the negative energy we accumulated during our past lives.
Dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, and spinning.
This happens when our Merkabah is forming. The Merkabah is the transportation vehicle of the light body. It is a 6th dimensional cube that rotates and spins. During its formation you may feel periods of dizziness and vertigo as the cube calibrates itself with your energy. When this happens, sit down and take a break for a little while. It usually doesn’t last for long.
Overall body pain and days of extreme fatigue.
Our bodies are taking in higher density energy and this is the reason you will experience these symptoms. High density energy can make you feel as if your bones are crushing and your muscles ache as if you have just sprinted in a major marathon. You may suddenly feel as if you are 100 years old and can barely walk across the room.
Gritty, itchy eyes and blurred vision.
Very simply, our eyes are adjusting to see in a new and higher density of energy. When this adjustment has been completed your vision will be sharp and clear, and colors will stand out for you as they never have before. 
Memory loss and difficulty accessing words.
So many are having this symptom that we can only laugh as we try to converse with each other. “I was having a glass of…you know what I mean…that white stuff…uh…what’s it called?” “Did you watch the…er…that event where everyone competes from around the world?”
At times we cannot talk at all because we are simply unable to access much of anything. When this occurs you are going back and forth between dimensions and experiencing disconnect.
Another somewhat related occurrence is trying to type words and having the letters become jumbled in the wrong order. In this case, we are not in alignment with time and our flow is disconnected, as part of our energy is here and another part is further ahead.
Difficulty remembering what you did or who you talked to a day or sometimes just an hour before.
In the higher realms, reality is very much in the moment. If we do not hold something in our consciousness, it simply ceases to exist. We have no attachments. We are creating our own world around us through our beliefs and thoughts and what we do not hold onto does not exist.
Everything is brand new as we are starting completely over, moment to moment. We can tap into whatever we choose to at any moment and create and experience just that. This state comes and goes, but is practice for living in the higher realms. It can feel a bit creepy when it occurs. In addition, at times we are neither here nor there, as we are in between dimensions.
A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss of a sense of place.
“Where in the world am I? I do not fit anywhere and nothing seems to fit or feel remotely right! And I do not know where I belong or where I am going or what I am supposed to be doing either!” Ever had this conversation with the Universe!?
You have been knocked out of your old grooves by an energy shift and are in between realities. You have successfully left much behind and are in a very new space but have not integrated yet. A loss of identity.
You look in the mirror and have a strange feeling of disconnect as you no longer recognize that once familiar image. You almost feel out of body. Once this phenomenon occurs it never ends. You have released so much of your ego self, that you are no longer the same person, and do not have that attachment or connection to your physical vessel.
As you begin to access much more of your soul or higher self, you are not in your body much. You may still use your voice to communicate and other bodily aspects, but you are slowly beginning the process of disappearing and releasing the human form. In addition, you have cleared much of your old patterns and are embodying much more light and a simpler, more purified divine you. All is in order…you are OK.
Feeling ‘out of body’.
The same explanation as above. The physical body is the last to catch up. Much of us is now in a higher dimension and residing outside of our bodies, as our physical bodies are not there yet.
‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things.
As we can now access different dimensions fairly easily, it is common for many to see things out of the corner of their eyes or hear things when nothing is there. Many also experience ringing in the ears, which is common when we are going through “the tunnel” and accessing a higher dimension.
Depending upon how sensitive you are and how you are wired, this can be a common experience. Many are seeing orbs and vibrating blobs of color as well.
Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental illness of some sort.
We are rapidly experiencing several dimensions and greatly opening. Much is available to us now. You are just not used to it. Your awareness has been heightened and your barriers are gone.
This will pass and you will eventually feel very at Home like you have never felt before, as Home is now here.
Intolerance .
An intolerance for lower vibrational things (of the 3D), reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc. They literally make you feel ‘sick’ inside.
When we begin arriving in the higher realms and in a higher vibration, our energies are no longer in alignment with the old, outside 3D world. Through a severe intolerance to the old, we are being “pushed” to move forward…to and create the New.
In addition, you may feel like staying home or just being alone, as much of everything “out there” no longer matches the higher vibration of YOU. This is simply a very common experience of evolution. We are moving forward before the outside manifestations are. Being in the old can feel downright awful.
It is similar to having to “go back” after you have had a near death experience. As the ascension process continues, going back to the lower dimensions will not feel good nor will it be possible for long, as it is difficult to drop our vibration down in order to reside there.
You don’t feel like doing anything.
You are in a rest period, ‘rebooting’. Your body knows what it needs. During this time you may feel as though you have lost your passion and joy and don’t know what in the world you want to do with your life and don’t really care! This phase occurs when we are realigning.
At higher levels much is realigning as well. Things are being put into position so that all will be ready when you move forward again. In addition, when we begin reaching the higher realms, doing and making things happen becomes obsolete as the New energies support the feminine of basking, receiving, creating, self-care and nurturing.
Ask the Universe to bring you what you want while you cannot do it for yourself. And know that you are always being taken care of during the ascension process, even if it does not feel like it at times.
Those in the physical going through this process are very highly revered by all the cosmos. We are most certainly being watched over.
A longing to go Home, as if everything is OVER and you don’t belong here anymore.
We are basically done with our incarnation that involved raising the frequency of the planet with a goal of reaching critical mass. We achieved a lot of this through transmuting the darker and denser energies through ourselves. Now we don’t have to do that anymore and may feel like we simply want out of here and away from that experience.
What is coming next is simply divine and does not remotely resemble the first phase.
Sudden changes of friends, activities, habits, jobs and residences.
One of the most basic and prevalent experiences in the higher realms involves the Law of Attraction. Like energies always attract like and similar energies. This relates to the dimensional hierarchies as well. We will always be matched with what and how we are vibrating.
As we go higher and higher, this phenomenon becomes much more magnified and also becomes one of the basic cores of our reality and existence. Through the ascension process we evolving beyond what we used to be, and therefore the people and surroundings that no longer match our vibration simply leave our space.
This can sometimes occur rather dramatically or at times through a simple desire resulting from the inability to relate to them like we used to.
You absolutely cannot do certain things anymore. When you try to do your usual routine and activities, it feels downright awful.
Same as above. You’re no longer a fit and it’s time to move on to a much higher vibrating way of living, being, and creating.
Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m.
Much is going on in your dream state. You can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a break. This is also the ‘cleansing and releasing’ hour.
When we awaken in the middle of the night we’re not only in enhanced awareness, but we’re also in an enhanced state of creation. In this state, our ability to transform our thoughts into reality is greatly increased. The challenge is to become conscious of what we are thinking about, and therefore what we are creating. Instead many simply allow their thoughts to flow from them by default, thereby creating realities that are not really to their liking.
Meaning .. if you worry about not being able to sleep, and worry during this period that you are going to be tired in the morning because you can’t get enough rest, you’ll only be adding to the likelihood that you are going to be tired in the morning.
A much more useful plan is to enjoy the enhanced creativity and tell yourself instead that you’re going to be invigorated and energized by this period of heightened awareness and creativity. Then be amazed at the result!
Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings.
Bright light, crowds, noise, foods, TV, other human voices and various other stimulation are barely tolerable. You also overwhelm very easily and become easily overstimulated. Know that this will eventually pass and you will be able to ‘tune out’ and be in control of what you wish to experience.
Humming and/or ringing in the ears.
This is not Tinnitus, though it feels like it might be.
The other thing that will be happening very soon as a result of all the things that you are moving through, is that your ears will take another step into change. Some of you will hear ringing that will go on and on and on and on. Take it as a vibrational imprint for it simply means that you are vibrating in harmonics with a new alternate reality which is very close to yours.
From Archangel Michael: Oh, do not think that you cannot hear the sound
Artist: unknown

9 Types of Lightworkers: Which Ones Do You Resonate With?

Note:while i feel myself navigating between all the different types explained here,the one that i resonate mostly currently is the one of the wayshower.I believe that all the other categories are to be experienced by each and everyONE at some point -Nikos

Source: Fractal Enlightenment
Gridworkers Gridworkers work on the grids and gateways of the earth. If you’re familiar with the earth’s ley lines then you’ll be familiar with the belief that the earth has chakras and is a living, breathing organism. Gridworkers tap into the crystalline grid, which can be likened to the earth’s nervous system, and is believed to be one of the ways the earth was seeded. The crystalline grid is a creation theory of the history of the earth, and whether you believe it or not, there are many lightworkers who use their abilities to sense where dark energies exist on a spatial plane. Gridworkers could also be seen as spatial empaths; people who sense a karmic imprint when they enter a certain building, town, stretch of coast etc and are able to use that sense to transmute those dense energies with their compassion and loving presence. For those who believe in archangels you may be familiar with Archangel Michael’s violet flame; a visualization technique that can be adopted by those who know themselves to be a lightworker sensitive to spaces. When you recognise you’re in a place that holds those dense energies, rather than become overwhelmed by them, send a loving violet flame into that area in order to cleanse it. Frequency Workers A more general lightworker’s path is to be someone who aims to keep their frequencies high and transmute denser energies as they encounter them. This is easier said than done, especially when it appears that the whole ‘matrix’ or third dimensional reality – one which has a dualistic framework and thrives on the law of polarity – is dense and will constantly lower your frequencies as you practice not being affected by it. The experience is similar to surviving in a mad house where you know you’re sane but nobody believes you. Instead, try keeping your abilities and knowledge to yourself and nurture and cleanse yourself constantly. Being a frequency worker is tough because you are sensitive to news stories, people, places, agreements, beliefs… you may feel like you don’t want to leave the house. Instead, try to not take anything personally and integrate a solid attitude of self care into your existence. It’s good to have a few trusted friends or a site (like this one!) or youtube channel where you can increase your frequencies and know you are safe and understood. You are embodying the light and that is an amazing service. Hats off to you.
Transmuting Darkness/ A Timeline Worker If you are a particularly powerful empath and lightworker then you will be aware of timelines and the bleeding together and compression of time and action. That is, once you become aware of your ability to change a timeline (like stepping on to a parallel reality – one you’d prefer to be on obviously); you become aware of how this decision and action changes everyone else’s reality too. A timeline worker is able to take responsibility for an ancestral timeline for example, and absolve their family karma if their ancestors have racked up a lot of karma. A timeline worker embodies the knowledge that we are One, and takes the helm of this transmutation, lighting the way for others to follow. What you will find is the more you progress, the increasing number of darker entities will be attracted to you. They desire your compassion and actually need help. This is why, during meditation or throughout our day, those with strong empathic qualities will find thoughts that are sometimes alarming and extremely dark floating into their heads. They really don’t belong to us, and that is why meditation is fantastic because it offers us the tools for dissolving them with loving compassion. Third Eye/Future Seers Also known as clairvoyants. Seeing into the future is also a side effect of becoming aware of timelines. Third eye seers may get confused as to what everyone else’s reality is and may feel isolated from and misunderstood by others, but they will also be excellent at personal and even instant manifestation. The trouble, they may find, is that knowing the outcome can detract them from the process they desire and be surprised by the universe and therefore can trip themselves up before they’ve even begun. Bringing reality up to the same level of your expert third eye will be the challenge, as well as remembering to lovingly help others and not just use your abilities for personal gain. Blueprint Workers Holding the divine blueprint for the awakened earth and the whole of humanity may seem like a stretch of the imagination at first, and, much like the frequency and third eye lightworkers, you may be seen as weird or on drugs if you feel the need to share your visions with friends and family, but please keep the faith. Holding the blueprint for the new earth, or a heavenly version of human’s existence here on this planet is possible. So what does it look like? This is up to you to imagine and manifest through your own speech and actions.

Astral Travellers

Arriving at this vision may require you to better pay attention to your dreams or out of body experiences, if you are able to have and be aware of them.

In becoming a lucid dreamer you can voluntarily enter the Akashic records and access this ripple of potential or well of experience; asking questions and discovering what this alternative and harmonious ways of living could look like.


Rather than acting on these visions, you may be a lightworker good at carrying messages. Though popular entertainment may have its pitfalls, it has been the most prevalent medium for messages to filter through into the mainstream consciousness for years, something which has escalated in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The mainstream population don’t just get their knowledge from popular culture for no reason; think The Matrix, E.T, Donnie Darko, The Davinci Code, Cloud Atlas, not to mention the lyrics of legendary singers such as Bob Marley. These ‘messages’ carry an imprint with them and are often channelled in moments of heightened creativity where the conduit moves up into 4th or 5th dimensional frameworks and is able to channel the themes into a creative piece of art. Forget muses, a messenger lightworker is able to communicate these higher patterns to the masses in the form of undercover service, heightening vibrations and the collective unconscious.

Active Blueprint Weavers

Having accessed the Akashic records during a dream exploration, or perhaps moving up through the dimensions whilst raising their frequencies, an active lightworker will carry back an idea; usually an invention (think Nikola Telsa) or idea that can enhance our lives and manifest the global awakening by putting it into action.

These kind of lightworkers are what the world needs more than ever and will replace political figures, bankers and business men who have been serving themselves for thousands of years. Indigo, rainbow and crystal children especially have been springing up in this capacity; bringing fantastic inventions that could rock the world and completely reduce pollution and the abuse of resources.

These active blueprint weavers must start by removing their own carbon footprints and living in harmonious co-creation with others and start from there.


The Wayshowers are those who have done it; they’re the ascended first wave who are teaching others how to ascend and join them in the 5th dimension.

The 5th dimension is not a place, rather the same reality but where an individual is vibrating at a different frequency and are embodying the enlightened human. Their outer reality reflects their inner one and they are not suffering, rather are living their truth and are prosperous having mastered (and gone beyond) the 3rd dimensional material reality. This is often misunderstood in that we see Wayshowers as being monastic and owning nothing. That they’ve dedicated their lives to the truth.

Rather than being without, they have simply transcended the fear of lack. This means that they don’t need to plan for the future but trust that their higher selves will direct them and the universe has provided them with everything they need; life flowers for them in the moment and they have no need to survive but simply be.

So there it is the 9 types of lightworkers. You may find you have all or some of these attributes, but you most likely have at least one. There is a wealth of knowledge out there for each specific lightworker path, and last but certainly not least, the fountain of your own inner knowing.

Insight from 1st and 2nd Ascension Wavers.

I am first wave of Ascension and this let me be very clear makes no more superior than anybody else,just different to my task being on the planet.During the period of 2012-2019 i had to go through intense purification process creating the pathway with all first wavers to the higher dimensions for the rest of the waves and generations coming.The 2nd wavers are now in full process going through the stages of Ascension in much faster pace than the first wavers,which from one side seems cool and from another side is going to be super intense.Those ones are preparing the pathway for the 3rd wave of Ascension which is going to be even faster and so on and so on.And yesterday i was having a conversation with Lore,who is an artist from Belgium and we found out she was a 2nd waver from what she was describing.And the reason i am writting this is because what she shared with me i find mind-blowing of what is to come!!!We were speaking about New Earth education and how to assist children in learning processes and she shared with me that the star children will be attracting what they need to know through their hologram of existence.Try to rap your mind around this information here and see what is to become of our current educational systems.We the older generations even while on the Ascension awareness are just starting to comprehend how 5D world and beyond is operating.Now try to expand this thinking and apply to all other ways of living our lives,collaborating one with another and finding solutions that work for all.A few days ago,i introduced the term FEEL tankers instead of think tankers.Now,lets imagine that we gather few of the super kids and ask them to find solutions on different areas of life so they work for the highest good for all.Can you imagine with what speed we will be able to bring about solutions just with the power of our feelings?it is already happening in our individual lives for those of us who experiment with those ideas of deliberate creation,now multiply this a million fold and feel the results that will be coming out of our FEEL tankers for the highest good for all.



The Dimensional shift has accelerated at an immense pace, since Sunday and it is going to accelerate even more in the coming months.

Mothership Earth is has opened the throttles and is now literally flying at immense high speeds. She is now moving into Universal Unity, and thus is now accelerating into the 7th Dimensional state. 
We are in for more drastic and intense changes. Not only inner, but outer ones as well. The Old World is no more.
You can cling onto what was and what you think still exists and will find you are standing on shifting ground.
What you are still experiencing is but a holographic image of the old world – in truth it is not in form anymore. A lot of souls will so cling to the old world, and the holographic image of this, that they will choose not to ascend. They will choose to stay there, and continue the suffering and pain, in accelerated forms.
All have free will and choice.
This accelerated shift is reopening so much of what has lain dormant for billions of earth years.
As Mothership Earth gains momentum, all will rise again, and so many of souls who are awake and aware, are now stepping into much higher dimensional leadership roles.
This is a time when it will seem as you are living in no-form. The New You, is not quite formed as yet. Yet it is already there and operating, living and breathing in the higher Dimensional State. At times, when you need to step back into the holographic image of the 3D, it will feel surrealistic. It is like you suddenly find yourself acting in a Drama in which you not longer wish to act in. You will just withdraw of it all, for you refuse to get caught up in the illusions anymore. You have outgrown it. You have expanded beyond it.
This morning in meditation, I received a Divine outpouring of Love, in ways I never was able to receive before.
I was shown how the Divine is pouring this Love into every living cell, every DNA strand, every atomic particle on planet earth, into all and everything and everyone. This is the profound!
Open your heart center and allow this outpouring to pour into you. It will shift you even more. And with it your relationship with yourself and everyone else will shift.
I was shown how the soul families now gather, and how those would need to be together, are being drawn together. It maybe energetically at first, but it is happening.
For souls are not bound by the physical form. Souls can meet anywhere and in all dimensional states, parallel existences and Universes.
This is massive. This is intense. This is immense. I am running out of words to describe this.
The enormity of what is now happening is going to hit us in Tsunamis and Tidal Waves. This is unstoppable.

You are the healers, the lightworkers, and the gridworkers that humanity needs you to be, and you are doing more to help your fellow humans to shift their consciousness than you could possibly know.

Co-Creating a New Grid & Merging Dimensions ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are absolutely loving the new energy that we feel emanating from your hearts as you continue to grow and expand as souls, as beings of consciousness. We have felt the compassion within the average human growing and including more individuals that you hadn’t been thinking about. You are more aware now than ever before of where the compassion needs to go, where you can shine your light, and how you can help your fellow humans. You who have opened your hearts to those who are suffering at this time are the ones to lead humanity into the golden age, the age of shifting consciousness.

You who are awake have expanded yourselves out to include all sorts of people, and all sorts of other beings, because of that knowing that you have within you of who you really are as Source Energy Beings. We are not responsible for what you are doing at this time. No other beings in the universe can claim responsibility for how you have opened your hearts to your fellow humans in need. This feeling of love and compassion that you have within you is the ultimate service. And yes, you can take action based on those feelings, but just by feeling them, you all have created a new grid of energy.

You have assisted so many of your fellow humans in the co-creation of this grid of compassion, and end result of this creation is that you have brought more of the fifth dimension to where you are right now in the fourth. you are merging dimensions. You are making it possible to co-exist with those who are operating as if they were still third-dimensional beings. And that is because of the wonderful work that you have done on yourselves. You are the healers, the lightworkers, and the gridworkers that humanity needs you to be, and you are doing more to help your fellow humans to shift their consciousness than you could possibly know.

You will experience it fully at some point, but for right now you have provided yourselves with a beautiful sneak preview of the shift in consciousness. That is one of the more positive aspects of what you are living right now, and we can feel that you will continue this trend. You will continue to help others feel compassion for their fellow humans. You are the ones doing all the heavy lifting, and beings and collectives like ourselves are just here to support you, to cheer you on, and to love you through the more painful moments of your lives.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”