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There is so much fun and wonder to be had in the discovery of the new matches and solutions that exist for you

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Exploring Potentiality

Dear Ones, you can’t be controlling and guided at the same time. You can’t decide you are going to do it all yourself and be open to receive at the same time.

You are going through profound change, both individually and as a collective. You are being made aware of what is not working for you so you can let go of the old, and find new solutions and ways of being.

Japan's HTV-5 cargo craft is illuminated with the Nile river below
Japan’s HTV-5 cargo craft is illuminated with the Nile river below by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

If you are perpetually exhausted by your life, it is a sign that you have outgrown where you are and you are ready for expansion and new discoveries. It is an indicator that you are ready to up-level into something that is a much better match for you and your soul’s agenda. Your soul is beckoning you forward into the new.

So allow yourself to be led. When you don’t know what to do next, get curious. Ask to be shown what is possible that you aren’t aware of. Give the reins to your team, who have the vantage point of being on the other side of the veil, and allow them to show you the way.

There is so much fun and wonder to be had in the discovery of the new matches and solutions that exist for you; that are patiently waiting for you. All you must do is be willing to explore in the realm of potentiality that exists just beyond what you can see, and that is exactly what your spirit team is in place to help you to do.

And if you hesitate because you think you might be disturbing us by asking for help, please know it brings us just as much joy to guide you into those discoveries as you have in making the discovery itself. It is great fun for us to get creative with our signs and synchronicities. We wait with bated breath and celebrate when you find your way to your next right time/right place scenario.

It’s all very simple, you see. We can’t know the joy of service if you don’t allow us to serve you. By asking for our help you honour us in our purpose, as we honour you in yours.

When you are happy, doing what you love, your energy vibrates at a higher frequency because love and joy are the reality.

The Arcturians via Marilyn Rafaelle.

JUNE 5, 2022  ​  ​ 

Dear readers, welcome to this message which in reality is your message because consciousness draws to itself that which it is in alignment with and thus through these messages you are attracting to yourself what it is you need to know, understand, and are ready for. This is why it is so important to be aware of what you hold in consciousness.  ​  World events continue to cause stress and confusion for everyone. Those who have attained a consciousness of oneness understand that there is an energetic shift taking place but they too are experiencing a sense of sadness because they know that the world could be so different. Never forget that a new and different world is the goal, the Divine Plan, and will happen. Allow the process dear ones for all is proceeding according to plan and anything not in and of Divine consciousness is temporary.   ​  Many of you are finding yourselves increasingly drawn to step back from activities and people that were once important to you. This is because you have evolved and your consciousness no longer resonates in alignment with some of these activities and individuals. It does not mean that these things were inappropriate or false, it simply means you have moved into a different state of consciousness.  ​  When you choose to withdraw from things that once played a large part in who you were it often brings angry responses from those who were involved with you through activities or as companions. Your withdrawal is seen as personal rejection by those not yet able to comprehend that energy seeks to align with like energy and your energy has changed.  ​  Love those who may feel hurt and rejected because you no longer enjoy doing the things you once did. Do not engage in argument. Participate now and then, because it doesn’t hurt to “play the game” in order to be loving on a level they can understand. It often happens that those who have been close long time friends are open to the idea that some things may feel finished for you and it is not a personal rejection of them. These friendships often continue in a higher and more satisfying form.  ​  Everything presently known and accepted in the third dimension belief system is changing. Some things will change radically and some not, but as collective consciousness increasingly awakens it cannot help but manifest as higher forms. Many long established institutions and belief systems will no longer be as they have been because the energy that maintained and sustained them will no longer exist.  ​  Those living fully in the three dimensional belief system and dependent on the outer world for their good are experiencing fear at this time. Change is destroying the illusory foundation they have built their lives on leaving them floundering and confused. However, the crumbling of a false foundation is often the wake up call necessary to force them into new and higher ways of thinking. Allow the process dear ones, just allow, trust and know that everything taking place at this time is a facet of earth’s ascension process even if things do not appear to be very spiritual.  ​  Third dimensional living is built on and manifests from what is already known and accepted in a universal consciousness of duality, separation, and two powers. Because they do not yet understand that all answers lie within, the majority continues looking to the “experts” in all areas of life–religion, philosophy, education, law, medicine, government etc. for answers, truth, and knowledge.  ​  Because most experts research, draw information, and come to conclusions through the three dimensional belief system, the facts they promote and which have come to be accepted as the final word on a topic, will change as consciousness changes, leaving these experts and those dependent on their findings confused, angry, lashing out, and resisting as new ideas begin to surface.  ​  The findings of experts have always been considered to be truth in the minds of most but as increasingly more individuals awaken and begin to trust their intuition they are starting to question many commonly accepted beliefs. Through their newly awakened awareness they are looking at the world with new eyes and choosing to reject many of the long held societal and religious rules that have held them in bondage.  ​  Many young people today are rejecting commonly accepted three dimensional rules and regulations to the dismay of their parents. Large numbers of very evolved souls chose to incarnate at this time in order to add the Light of their evolved consciousnesses to the collective. The majority of them long ago evolved beyond what the earth’s present day belief system still considers to be real and important. To their evolved states of consciousness, many current three dimensional rules and regulations just seem silly, unimportant, and irrelevant.  ​  The density of earth’s energy prevents them from actually remembering who they are and why they came. They don’t understand why they are “different” and frequently do not fit in with their peers. Because of this many have become depressed, confused, and even suicidal. However with time and maturity most will eventually come to understand that they must play the three dimensional game a bit in order to be understood by those not yet at their level of awareness and do what they came to do.  ​  Parents, do not try to force these children into three dimensional molds they have evolved beyond. They need loving guidance for living in a world that does not fully resonate with them, but allow your intuition to guide you rather than societal opinion.  ​  Fear is the reason so many continue holding fast to obsolete beliefs even when they have resulted in painful, unfulfilling, and sometimes downright horrible life experiences. Fear is nothing more than an expression of separation consciousness and is the underlying source of every discord on earth.  ​  When a person believes themselves to be separate from God, people, other life forms, and what they need, they feel unloved and unwanted. Not knowing how to deal with these emotions, they frequently blame those in their life lashing out at them physically, emotionally, and mentally in an attempt to prove that they are “somebody”, have power, and are worthy of respect and love. This can easily be observed in individuals rich and poor, some police, governments, some military, corporations, and in many present day three dimensional institutions.  ​  Open yourselves to the Light dear ones. Allow the fresh air of that which is new and higher to have a prominent place in your thinking rather than continuing to constantly compare the present with the past. Despite what many believe and hope for, the past is not going to return exactly as it was because the energy that formed it is no longer the same. Consciousness is the substance of form and the collective is in the process of opening to a new and higher state of consciousness.  ​  Allow yourself to let go of anything that feels finished and complete regardless of what others may tell you. Empowerment is the trusting of and acting upon your inner guidance and intuition.  ​  BEing Light does not mean you must always be consciously thinking of spiritual truth. Once a consciousness of truth and oneness is attained, it is yours forever and will continue to spiritually unfold because Consciousness is infinite. Know that you can never revert to an outgrown state of consciousness even if you should try as some have done in the hope that it would make life easier.  ​  When you are happy, doing what you love, your energy vibrates at a higher frequency because love and joy are the reality. Because there is only ONE, the state of your consciousness effects everyone else. Spending time in the nature, smelling and appreciating the beauty of a flower, watching children play, reading a good book, talking with friends, doing work you love, or engaging in a creative activity that you enjoy are all spiritual activities because they lift your energy into a higher frequency.  ​  The belief that you are not being spiritual when you engage in activities other than conscious worship or formal prayer reflects old religious teachings and dogmas that remain alive and well even today. Teachings that say the enjoyment of ordinary human living is not spiritual are still prevalent in some churches, even to the point of dictating rules regarding exactly which activities are spiritual and permitted and which are sins worthy of punishment.  ​  It has long been taught that suffering brings a person closer to God, that in order to become “holy” a person must suffer and offer the suffering to God in reparation for their innate human sinfulness as if God could be happy in the suffering of ITself individualized . Some believe that if they aren’t suffering enough they must help things along through activities that bring about physical pain. If suffering existed in Divine Mind, it would be permanently held in place by Divine Law, never to be healed or changed.  ​  These teachings began long ago because they allowed those in power, especially religious power, to control and take from the lives of a majority that was uneducated and naive. Most of you have lived lives under the influence of these beliefs and may find that they occasionally pop up in your thinking about suffering. Suffering can indeed be a wake up call for those who need it, but concepts about suffering giving pleasure to God must be seen for the nonsense they represent and once and for all be let go.  ​  Know that…  God does not, never has, and never will take pleasure in the suffering of ITself as you.  ​  ​

  We are the Arcturian Group 6/5/22 

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Facts and the deepest truth: Love-The Angels through Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,  There is a great deal of discussion on your planet these days about truth. On a given topic, the word inspires many perspectives in many different people. You have a thirst for truth, and this thirst is one for a deeper Truth – that you live and labor in love, and that all souls, no matter how awkward or misdirected, are also attempting to live and labor in love.  No matter the “facts” of a situation, the love that lives within and beneath all creation is the deepest Truth. It is the Truth worth acknowledging, the Truth worth centering your life around, and the Truth that will keep you in a vibration above all the lower vibrational 3D-“truths” that abound.  Your quest for truth often turns into a search for the facts of a situation. What actually happened? Who did what to whom? What are the “true” motivations of another? What is “real” in your 3D world? How do you prevent a virus from spreading? Which political leader did what, and why? Why do you feel “off” sometimes and like yourself others? Is it your energy? Your digestion? Your argument with the person you’ll never meet in traffic? Why? What happened? What’s the truth here?…  You could spend your life, dear ones, searching for facts. While this is often a worthy quest and we would certainly never make it wrong, there is one Truth that supersedes all others – one Truth that is always worth searching for. Where is love in this situation? How can I see love and be love?  We know you deeply desire – by virtue of your involvement in the physical world  – to search for the facts of a situation. You learn from them. You evolve as a result of wanting to understand your biology, your planet, and your human nature. You find better ways of interacting with one another and the 3D world, as a result of your quest for understanding facts… when you seek those facts with loving intent.  If, however, you seek facts from a fearful or angry intent, then dear ones, no matter where you look, you will find facts to validate your fear, your anger, your suspicions, and all that you resonate with. Far better to seek the facts with loving intent born of a desire to learn, to mprove yourself and your world, and to raise yourself above duality into the Oneness of the love that lives and breathes within you all.  As you seek “truth,” look first at whether or not you are seeking the “Truth” of love. Look at whether or not you intend to see through the loving eyes of the Divine, or to find fault with another. Are you seeking to find the good in a situation, and even if you see the “bad” are you willing to be part of a solution? Is your desire to validate your own fear and anger, or is it to find the facts because you love the world so much you want to improve it? Is your desire to make someone wrong, assassinate someone’s character find fault, blame, etc., or rather to understand the thoughts, feelings, and dynamics that have been in place to create a better world?  When you look at the murderer and search for the facts, are you searching for understanding to help prevent such horrific events in the future of humanity, or are you searching for facts to murder this soul with your own hatred?  Dear ones, we know that as of late, the “Truth” of love we are sharing is sometimes difficult to embrace. You have been taught to hate the hateful. You have been taught to find the facts so you can find the faults, and while this may be necessary to keep your social order, why not find the facts so you can seek the soul, and discover the disconnection so you can help reconnect perhaps even one soul, or a family, community, or even a nation with love?  Certainly, you can look at the “facts” and challenge yourself to stay connected with love. No matter how difficult. It is possible. You have not been trained to do so, but your heart and soul crave this connection with love, no matter the facts of the situation around you.  There are many “truths” in your 3D world, in fact, one truth for every person in every given moment in time. That is approximately 7.8 billion truths multiplied many times in a second for the brain processes “reality” very quickly. There are so many 3D “truths” dear ones. So many facts. So many perspectives. So many interpretations.  Are we saying turn a blind eye to the facts? Not at all. We are saying, however, that when you seek the facts with a desire to see the love beneath it all, then you will find the facts that support love, and be guided to solutions to the situations that have arisen from a disconnection to love.  In the 5D paradigm of reality, always and forever, your energy matters more than your actions. The “Truth” of love that lies within and beneath all 3D facts, truths, and perspectives is the one that will lead you to a life that is born of love, created from love, and lived in love.  So seek the facts, and see the facts, and as you do so, do your best to stay aligned with your deepest Truth which is love.  God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels  

How you feel is your soul giving you a resounding yes or a resounding no as an opportunity to consciously redirect your flow.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Fleeting vs. Repeating Thoughts

Dear Ones, your discomfort is always a redirectional tool. You may find that if your thoughts begin to repeatedly go in a certain direction, you start to feel worse and worse.

It is not necessarily the thoughts themselves that are creating the discomfort. If you had that thought once or twice and allowed it to go on its way, you likely wouldn’t feel much at all. Your discomfort is due to holding onto those thoughts which gives them an opportunity to start to build momentum and point you in a direction where you don’t really want to go. Your entire being is trying to get your attention to redirect and will get louder and louder until you listen.

Do you see? Thoughts are just thoughts when they are fleeting. Repeated thoughts place you on a path of creation. Whether that path is in line with what you truly want and deserve or not dictates the amount of ease or distress the thoughts bring. How you feel is your soul giving you a resounding yes or a resounding no as an opportunity to consciously redirect your flow.

The good news is, with your awareness you can easily choose a new direction whenever you want! It is no different than turning on your television and discovering it is on a show that is dark and depressing. You don’t have to sit there and watch the show and you certainly don’t need to watch the whole season. You can simply change the channel until you find something that is much lighter and uplifting.

If you can start to see your discomfort as your soul saying, no, not this way, you can quickly and easily open up to the discovery of an entirely new line of potential that is a much better match to your truest desires, thanks to the feedback of how you feel.

Feel More Than Fine Workshops in Ibiza 2022.

That moment when you witness something you really don’t like do you hate?
Or do you love?
What you choose affects your reality and the world.
Your energy goes around and builds momentum.
That’s how wars manifest.
If only we all knew our power as creators we would all take responsability of feeling good all of the time. That’s the real work to do.
Because once you control how you feel and act at all times you are free and a Sovereign Being wherever you are, whatever you do, with who ever you are.
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gray rocky mountain beside blue sea under white clouds and blue sky
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Ears buzzing? Sleeping patterns shift?

Ears buzzing and you feel like your head might explode maybe?🤯🥴

Welcome to the club🤣😂😅.

In nature/close to sea far from wifi zones etc you ll feel relief and lighter,do your best to stay out as much as you can today&tomorrow…lunar eclipse full moon and ascension energies all together…we have 3 collective meditations at 14/17/20h CET for 30′ each today as every SUNday. If you join you ll feel the power of all lightworkers coming together in the 5D field and beyond🙂.

#sundayunitymeditation  #feelmorethanfine 


Keep foremost in your thoughts that all situations are energy fluctuating at one frequency or another and every situation is affected by the collective thoughts and feelings of the populace. -Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward-

May 2, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Anxiety about what is happening in your world and disappointment about what is not happening is causing even the most dedicated lightworkers to feel downhearted. Gaia is aware of those feelings and has asked to speak to you.

GAIA: Beloveds, I am Gaia. God asked that one of Matthew’s recent messages include a message I gave to Suzanne several years ago. During those years you have endured a great deal, yet you have remained steadfast in your mission. I know living on Earth hasn’t been easy and I understand why you become discouraged at times. I, too, felt discouraged and despaired for long ages before universal family infused my body with light and caring lightworkers like you came from distant homelands to lift me out of the depths of darkness.

Your loving assistance is keeping me firmly, steadily progressing on my journey back home, and with joy I watch you help my people awaken so they can accompany me. Please feel encouraged by knowing your mission that still is underway on Earth already is a glorious success in the continuum! My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for all you beautiful souls whose help in manifesting my Golden Age is invaluable!

Thank you, Matthew for letting me speak.

MATTHEW: We thank you, Gaia, for your words of love and encouragement.

Now then, as for what is not happening—the truth about the “pandemic” and other truths coming forth—be assured they will. Part of the planetary cleansing process is bringing all deception to light. Please feel heartened to know the wisest minds on Earth and their invited extraterrestrial advisers are cautiously planning the many complexities of major global changes so they come in the order that will incur the least resistance and cause the least disruption in your lives.

Keep foremost in your thoughts that all situations are energy fluctuating at one frequency or another and every situation is affected by the collective thoughts and feelings of the populace. When those are of confidence and optimism about a beneficial outcome, the high vibrations sent forth raise the vibrations of the situation accordingly. The reverse also is true—the low vibrations of fear and pessimism about a situation lead it toward a negative outcome.

Let us speak about an aspect of that universal law of physics that determines what transpires and the result—ignorance of the truth about a matter doesn’t change the workings of that law. And ignorance of the truth is how dark hearts and minds have controlled the masses down through the ages.

Now let us apply that to what is happening in Ukraine. Mainstream media are not reporting what Russian troops actually are doing because the Illuminati don’t want the public to know that for decades Ukraine has been the center of their stronghold on Europe. They don’t want it known that they have been making and storing deadly bioweaponry and chemical weaponry in that country to use in depopulating the world— the people they call “useless eaters”—and enslaving the survivors.

The Illuminati don’t want the public to know that for decades they have held captive in tunnels and compounds many thousands of women, children and babies until they are used for sex trafficking, pedophilia, or human sacrifice in satanic rituals in numerous countries.

They don’t want it known that the atrocities and some property destruction attributed to Russian troops are being committed by Illuminati-hired mercenaries, or that in Ukraine they launder money from illegally-made fortunes, hack into computer systems around the world, and take down truthful information on the Internet.

Thus, without knowing any of that and believing the “news” about Russia, the public is unwittingly generating the low vibrations dark ones need to keep themselves viable and their activities going strong. So then, why have the Russian troops been successful in destroying hundreds of Illuminati entrenchments and rescuing many thousands of their captives? Because, dear ones, eliminating that darkness has been undergirded by the light whose intensity on the planet keeps increasing. However, the “price” of low vibrations directed to Russia is the prolonging of the troops’ mission and many needless deaths.

Now we want to address the view that messages of spiritual and metaphysical nature never should include politics. We have spoken at length about planetary and personal ascension during this unprecedented era in this universe. Would you know why that is occurring if we and other messengers of the light hadn’t told you Earth and her life forms are being freed from darkness? Would you know how the planet became permeated with darkness so it can be prevented from happening again if no one told you it was caused by political decisions down through the ages?

Politics simply is the conduct of governments. For millennia the masses lived in fear, sickness, poverty and hunger while their leaders—the heads of church and state—lived in opulence, feasted and waged wars to gain more land and power. Out of misery, anger, desperation, hopelessness and men being forced into battle, the masses became brutal to each other and the animals. The darkness that infiltrated the rulers and the ruled caused the planet to descend from high fifth density into deep third and be stuck there until 80-some years ago, when God honored Gaia’s lifesaving plea by authorizing spiritually-evolved civilizations to beam the intense light that enabled her planetary body to survive and start its ascension course.

When you volunteered to go to that third density world, you knew what you would encounter, but out of love for Earth’s members of our universal family, you went to help them. We have said that this truth you know at soul level needs to reach your consciousness so you can remain positive, optimistic and balanced in the midst of upheavals as the light uproots the darkness, and some of you think we are “taking a side” in this. Indeed we are, dear brothers and sisters, and so are you—we’re all on the side of the light! The battle never has been about partisan politics—that is one of the ways the dark ones have kept the populace divided, deceived and manipulated. Always the battle has been the light vs the darkness!

Mainstream media, educational systems and religions don’t touch upon that because they are part of Earth’s long dark history. When truths start emerging and the peoples are confused, disillusioned, distraught or enraged, you will become their comforters and enlighteners. They need to know it is not “enemy countries,” but darkness in political leadership that has caused civil, international and world wars, flagrant injustices, famine, diseases, impoverishment and wanton environmental destruction.

Often mainstream media and schooling portray specific countries as aggressors, the enemies of countries portrayed as peaceful and democratic. Designating “black or white” countries, which get switched when it serves the purpose of victors in wars, isn’t applicable in these times. In centuries past it was, when primarily the British, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese conquered native populations and established empires around the globe. As bountiful resources were discovered and better transportation methods came into being, the mutual benefits of commerce arose and many shades of gray developed.

Still, the powerful few have kept the masses downtrodden and warring commonplace. And the masses have wanted to live in a peaceful world where people are kind, honest and helpful. Dear family, by BEing the light you ARE, you exemplify that kind of life, that kind of world, comes from spiritual and conscious awareness and interacting with love. Your help in opening minds and hearts to this universal truth continues to be as Gaia said, “invaluable”!

Some of you are questioning China’s intentions, and one reader who enumerated that country’s developments during the past several decades asked: “Would it be possible for Matthew to elaborate a bit on this subject and say what he and the souls in Nirvana understand to be the mission of the Chinese people, and what benefits they will bring to all humanity?”

We are not overlooking dictatorship, “reeducation program” and continuance of the “pandemic” when we say China’s progress has been remarkable. What is most important in looking forward is, the country’s leadership is divided—some want to continue their stern governance and self-serving expansion in Africa; others want to end all vestiges of darkness, help the world’s entire population thrive and restore the environment.

The latter approach is fast gaining favor not only in China, but numerous other countries as well. It is being resisted in nations where Illuminati-controlled leaders are pushing vaccinations and trying to set world opinion against Russia. It won’t be all that long before those leaders are replaced by individuals who will act in unity with the visionary movement that is growing worldwide.

Now let us briefly address concerns you have expressed about other matters. If missiles with nuclear warheads are released by error, yes, universal family members will know and prevent their detonation. The dark plan to replace consciousness and free will with artificial intelligence obedient to commands never will see the light of day. The proliferation of 5G will continue for a while; until that technology is harmless, extraterrestrials will continue significantly reducing the emissions that damage brain cells. They also will keep reducing toxins in your air, water and soil until the polluting of Earth stops, and it will. Long-suppressed technologies will be released, but not in widespread use for a time, and implementing free energy for transportation and power also will take a while—your new cars and appliances won’t be obsolete any time soon. The Illuminati’s plan to hold onto their control of the global economy via digital currency is failing.

If there are severe food shortages, generous hearts and prudent action by civic organizations can prevent that from getting out of hand. The same circumstances underlying those shortages are increasing costs of all other commodities and here, too, sensible action and sharing resources can carry you through. Neither shortages nor inflation will be long-lasting.

Ultimately, absolutely everything in your world will be “loving and blissful”! However, we would be less than forthright if we did not tell you there will be chaotic patches along the way to that sublime world. The Illuminati who still are among the living haven’t accepted that their intention to dominate the world is doomed, and while they will continue to initiate or perpetuate unsettling situations, those efforts will not last long, either. You have the experience, inner strength and innate wisdom to deal with those challenges and help others do it, too.

Beloved family, your patience and steadfastness in the light will be well rewarded with welcome changes on the horizon and many, many wondrous changes on the far horizon! All light beings in this universe are cheering you ever forward and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love. ­­­­­­­­­­­ ________________________



Suzanne Ward

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The time of the slow turn of the wheel is finished. Humanity was given the opportunity to move gracefully into self mastery and into understanding the complexity of your global situation (the light and the darkness) in a gentle manner, providing plenty of opportunities to move into mastery, to practice holding your centre, your intuition. That time is gone. Those who did not avail of the opportunity will now learn a much harder way.

Time is up | Ashian via Jennifer Crokaert

astronomical clock in prague
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Jennifer: Goodness, I’ve missed you! When I feel into your energy, you feel like ‘home’, after such a long break.

Ashian: Hello to you, too! It has been a while… but we shall leave that there! We are here for more important purposes. We would like to highlight the upcoming changes, structural departures, ruptures…

J: That sounds pretty full on, you’d better explain yourself!

A: The time of the slow turn of the wheel is finished. Humanity was given the opportunity to move gracefully into self mastery and into understanding the complexity of your global situation (the light and the darkness) in a gentle manner, providing plenty of opportunities to move into mastery, to practice holding your centre, your intuition. That time is gone. Those who did not avail of the opportunity will now learn a much harder way.

The emotional overload will be significant, and lightworkers will become the first responders. All those who did not take up the opportunity to learn slowly will have to learn and assimilate enormous amounts of shocking information in very short timeframes. Their inner worlds will resemble the images of hell that you have seen in paintings.

They will rely on your Lightworkers for comfort, for compassion, for kindness and forgiveness of themselves, for ease from the shock that threatens to overpower them.

Being kind to yourselves must be a first priority. Put on your own oxygen mask first! That means: ensure that your energy is high, that you have enough good will to share, kindness to share.

If you are tired and grumpy, burnt out, angry or frustrated, then the person who needs your loving kindness is YOU…first and foremost. Put yourself first, or you will burn out too quickly to help anyone.

J: Yes, there’s a lot said about self care these days.

A: Yes! Because it has been falsely advertised as selfish and bad. It’s self-ful and GOOD. It’s vital, and that’s why they don’t want you to prioritize yourself and your own care, so that you remain tired and weak.

J: I love it: self care has become a revolutionary act!

A: But it has. Again, we remind you of the importance of balance in a time when it will appear that balance is entirely null and void.

Keeping your well being in balanced harmony will model to others that self care is important, even when the world appears to have gone mad. Holding the grief, anger and pain of others in a way that is balanced, where you are compassionate, but not boiling over with your own grief, anger and pain…this will model emotional balance; it will provide a reassuring comfort for many who feel unable to contain themselves.

The sharp, sudden shock is coming: humanity will awaken. If you wake up with the alarm clock at 4am, there is time to do everything calmly, peacefully. If you wake up five minutes before you must leave, there is only stress, confusion and anger. The choice has always been there, and each being was free to choose their timeline.

J: I don’t mean to be rude, but it does strike me as a tad unfair that those of us who have done the work have to deal with the raw, unprocessed emotions of those who refused to awaken.

A: Did you not train for this moment? Did you not come for this moment? Do you not think they would have woken up if they could have? The truth is that you light warriors are here for this time, knowing you would care for those injured by the fallout.

You woke up because your vibration was of a sufficient level to force an awakening; those who rested longer did so because they were unwilling – and therefore unable – to raise their vibration. The last thing needed is blame and shame, or arrogance and pride. This is a moment for sharing your common humanity, for speaking through your heart to their heart.

There was always going to be fallout; if it was not fallout type A, it would be fallout type B or type C. The reckoning was always going to come; and light workers were always going to be on the front line – that’s why you came. To be of service in a brutal war…. to create healing and quantum transformation where others could not.

This is your moment. This is your moment to let your light shine so brightly, so dazzlingly. You are ready.

You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

February 13, 2022,

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ The Means to Fulfill Your Desires

desire inscription amidst small flowers
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You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

Dear One,

All things in life are a part of the Universal Consciousness. This includes the desires of your heart. You have within you all that it takes to fulfill these desires and create the life you want to have. Know that each time you feel a deep longing, the seed of fulfillment is inherent within it.

There is a deep re-awakening within you, showing you a potential for all that you desire. This re-awakening results from your connection to God and the remembrance of the Angels who are guiding you always. As you commune more and more with this energy, your life will begin to take on the magical qualities you desire.

It begins with letting go. When you know in your heart that all your needs will be abundantly met, you can release the part of you that wants acquisition. You will now be free to discover the true desires in your heart. True desires have qualities that are fulfilled when the desires have been manifested. If the desire is for money, there is a quality that your heart seeks to have fulfilled — a sense of safety, an abundant lifestyle, or perhaps, simply freedom from worry.

Becoming aware of these qualities allows you to take action to gain these first, which will then allow the material form to manifest in a form which is in your highest good. The first step after discovering the qualities you seek, is always to ask for what you want, making sure you clearly state the qualities you are seeking to have. The Angelic Dimensions stand ready to assist you in the process of gaining all you desire in your life. Clarity is key.


It is truly God’s Plan to have all beings live in a state of abundant joy and freedom from fears: people living with peace, harmony and love in the world as well as within their families. These qualities are not too much to ask for in your prayers because they are the natural state of balance in God’s world. Your prayers you offer in order to attain them opens your mind and heart to fulfillment in your personal life.

It is also vital to be in the company of like-minded souls who believe that miracles are not only possible, they are also willing to have them manifest in their own lives. It is clear that in some situations in the world, only a miracle of divine proportions can create a solution. With enough people believing miracles are possible, there is no doubt that creative solutions, which are beyond the mind’s ability to understand at this time, will occur.

Begin now to allow miracles to manifest in your world. Be the first one to ask for Divine Intervention, and to share your belief with others, so that all may live in a new level of conscious awareness and abundant joy.

Those desires in your heart are there to remind you that miracles happen, and God provides you the ways to have all the good you desire in your life. Know that you are blessed and profoundly loved.

Call on the Divine Presence and the Angels, then allow the desires of your heart to be fulfilled. Remember,

You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

Truth from ashtar command.

This charade about projecting negativity on Ashtar Command has to stop and cleared out!!! -Nikos-

 Ashtar Command: An insider’s perspective Dancing Dolphin & her Higher Self chat

Received: Sunday, December 26, 2021

DancingDolphin: I would like to speak about the Ashtar Command, is that OK with you?

HigherSelf: Yes, of course.

DD:  Thank you!  OK, this past week some disturbing information was released from two sources in Spiritual circles regarding the Ashtar Command and how it does not contact people on Gaia—period.  Supposedly, anyone who has had contact with Ashtar or has received a message from Ashtar has been duped and is part of a psy-op program to spread fear-based messages.

I take offense to this for many reasons:

1.  My blended daughter, Ashtara is currently aboard the AC’s New Jerusalem starship, and she has given me many messages for the people of Gaia regarding our Blended Children.

2.  I have received a few messages from Ashtar and they have all been loved-filled. If they weren’t, I would not have taken them and I would not share them.

3.  Two of my Soul Sparks* who work with the Ashtar Command have been working with me on a novel since 2009. They are basically dictating the fictional novel to me.

4.  I have been aboard the New Jerusalem myself many times; I know Ashtar and Sananda personally and I have my own quarters there because I visit so often. This is not intended to sound boastful; it is just truth.

Could you please give us your perspective, dear H.S.?

HS:  I see that this has you upset, and I understand. This topic is, of course, very sensitive and personal for you. I would love to speak with you about this tonight!

As you learned many years ago in 1997, when you first read about the Ashtar Command, they are the military arm of the Galactic Federation and are headed up by Ashtar and Sananda. “Ashtar” is indeed his title, not his name. And Sananda is there (in one of his many roles) as a joint representative of the Ashtar Command; not to say that he is a military person, but he and Ashtar together head up the Ashtar Command.

The Ashtar Command has many ships. You have been on the New Jerusalem and the Neptune. You, dear heart do have a personal connection with the Ashtar Command. As you know, two of your Soul Sparks; Sheran and Laolin both work with the Ashtar Command, so, of course they will speak to you. These people you mentioned who recently talked about the A.C. cannot speak for the Ashtar Command. They may think they know the general business of the Ashtar Command, but of course, they don’t know everything. The Ashtar Command communicates with their Soul Sparks and those who work with them on Gaia. Two of your Soul Sparks work with them in the future and in the past and in all kinds of timelines. Not to mention that your daughter, Ashtara is currently serving with them.

I can confirm that there indeed has been an Ashtar Command psy-op running on Gaia. There have been negative energy influencers who have taken up the name Ashtar and gave channeled messages to many people who were unsuspecting of the negative message. This of course was to darken the name.

There have also been messages, rumors and false information planted and scattered about Gaia’s alternate news outlets that the AC was involved in trafficking of Gaia’s humans in the space slave trade. This is false. As you know, when the “dark” ran these negative psy-op programs, they were doing it to besmirch or smudge the name of whomever they were targeting, in this case, the Ashtar Command. They do this because of the stellar role that the Ashtar Command is playing in the Earth’s Ascension. They are the military arm; they are the ones on the front lines taking care of various off-world militants who wish to harm Gaia and all her peoples. The Ashtar Command was the front line to prevent this from happening. There are many operations where the Ashtar Command worked with the space fleet of Earth to defeat those who were attacking Mars and Jupiter bases. They were trying to get to Earth.

So, the Ashtar Command has excelled in stellar operations. They of course, do not look for adulation from Gaians at all. It is their Service. They are in Service to the One Creator; they are doing their job and do not look for anything from Gaians. They are working in partnership with the Galactic Federation of Light so that is their role, it’s what they do.

It is because of your personal connection to members of the Ashtar Command that you have been in contact with them, and you visit the New Jerusalem regularly. You have your own quarters there, visit your daughter and Sananda, and Ashtar allows you to come on the Command Deck whenever you wish. You have a role there as your current DD self. At this time, you aren’t aware of what it is and that is how it is meant to be for now.

So, your intuition on the news of this past week is correct. You’ve taken a few messages from Ashtar and he has communicated with you.

Daughter Ashtara is indeed training for the position of Ashtar as many others are. And that’s the way it has always been. You cannot just train one person for that position. It is a massive amount of responsibility, so many Beings are in training for that role. They work their way up and learn along the way with fantastic mentorship and training. Whomever succeeds in that position has had “a village” in getting there, they have had much support and that’s how it works.

DD: Thank you, dear HS! I did re-read the Ashtar messages that I have received over the years and the one that I posted on my blog and they are not fear based.   I feel badly for those people who thought they really were talking to Ashtar but weren’t.   

HS: Yes, channeling is not easy. One must always do their spiritual protections and state their intent so that only those of the light may come through them. That is what this one, DD does and that is the way to do it. “Only those of the Light may speak through me.” Command it and make it so. That way, only those of the Light may speak with you. That’s how it works. That is a head’s up to anyone who wants to try channeling. EVERYONE CAN DO IT. You most likely do it very often and don’t realize it. In your everyday conversations, if you offer advice, it might be coming from your own Higher Self.

Just make sure that when you are making the choice to channel, when you sit down and are intending to receive a message from a certain Being, that you first put your spiritual protections in place.  (DD note: there are many methods of spiritual protection available online, please research if you aren’t familiar with them). Then invoke that: “Only those of the light may come to me, speak with me, speak through me or give me a message.” Call on all your Spirit Guides, Angel protectors and you will be protected.

DD: Thank you so very much, H.S.! I am sharing this very personal message with the world because I wished to stand up for those like me who have a Soul Spark in the Ashtar Command or works with them directly and have communicated with members of the Ashtar Command. The information that the Ashtar Command absolutely does not communicate with anyone on Gaia is untrue and needed to be refuted.  


*Soul Spark – One of our many ‘lives.’ Past, present and future versions of ourselves throughout time and space which are all happening now. We can connect and talk with them! Try it!


Here’s the link to the Ashtar message that I posted:

Please feel free to share this message!

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Changing and leaving relationships, jobs, homes, countries, friendships and patterns of being is the norm of the lightworker tribe at this point in time, because we timed it to have massive karmic completion for this now moment.

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December 12, 2021,

Hello! Firstly, let me apologise for ‘going dark’ for so long, and a massive thank-you to everyone who took the time to personally email me to see if I am still alive: I am!

So, where to begin! Exactly two months ago ~ to the day, as it turns out! ~ I began a process of unprecedented spiritual expansion. I would spend hours every day in spaces and nuances of love that I have never known before; one day I would be experiencing tenderness in all its shades, another day it would be sweetness, on another day I spent hours in adoration.

Interestingly, I discovered that the true meaning of adoration is ‘to love without borders or frontiers, without beginning or end’ That really resonated for me. It has nothing to with putting the Divine on a pedestal, and everything to do with bringing the Divine into our hearts and melting into that sublime love that exists for us.

Another experience that I would like to share is that my understanding of the Divine has been completely altered. Previously, the Divine for me was a rather amorphous energy of love. But through this process, I became aware of the Divine Father as the divine masculine energy of presence, of beingness, of All That Is: an abiding force of love that expanded from All That Is to experience creation through the emergence of the Divine Mother as the divine feminine template, the expression of the Divine Father energy.

The Father is, the Mother creates. The Father is the air, the Mother is breathing ~ using the air to move, to create, to express the inexpressible in myriad forms.

We are, each of us, a blend of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine templates. One of the purposes of life, of all lifetimes, is to come into a balanced expression of those complimentary energies: it’s a balance that is different for everyone. We are, as a friend shared with me, the ocean in a drop.

But it goes even beyond this, this shift in energies. The deepening that we’re all going through is bringing into sharp focus where our karma is finished and clear. We are all being invited to move into new spaces of expression and expansion, in preparation for the massive upgraded energies that are flooding us even now.

Changing and leaving relationships, jobs, homes, countries, friendships and patterns of being is the norm of the lightworker tribe at this point in time, because we timed it to have massive karmic completion for this now moment. So if it looks as though your life is falling apart, pat yourself on the back: You’re rocking it!

Just as the Divine energy contains a masculine energy and a feminine energy, as we do as individuals, our soul also contains the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy template. It is my ~ current! ~ understanding that the soul also separates into a Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine expression: as above, so below. This is what is known as ‘twin flames’ (a phrase I really dislike as it’s so hijacked), so I prefer a term more like ‘soul twins’, until I hear of a better description!

This is important, because previously, ascension was achieved through transcendence and renunciation: overcoming our limitations, desires, failings, etc… at an individual level. Our ascension process in this Now space is achieved through integration: harmonising our masculine and feminine sides and healing our wounding ~ and through reuniting with our soul twin, to access and ground the ascension energies through the archetypal energy of the lovers expressed in its purest form.

Relationships that are strong will get stronger, becoming infused with greater tenderness, sweetness, passion, intuition and expansion, while relationships that are not aligned with this 5D energy will dissolve.

If you find yourself letting go of a relationship that is no longer in harmony with your energy, I invite you to invoke the greatest of grace and ease for all parties in the transition out of that relationship. Setting that intention really does help everyone, as I know from my own personal journey through the past two months.

So, dear friends, you can see why I’ve been quiet ~ there’s a lot going on at present, for all of us. These now are more expanded energies than we have ever experienced before, and the very best we can do is to be gentle and respectful of the evolution they bring to our lives. They are affecting us all in uniquely personal ways, bringing us to the right vibration for the New Chapter.

Actually, that may be better described as a New Book! It feels to me that we are only a hair’s breadth away from the vibrational resonance required for the house of cards to fall, and the divine light to emerge from within. So trust your heart and soul, trust your journey. It is bespoke to you, a gift from the Divine.

What others describe as ‘The Event’, or ‘Heart Opening’, or ‘Ascension’, or by many other names…seems to me to be an expression of the love and joy of the Divine Father and Divine Mother, their joy at their creation, expressed across time and space.

And just like the orgasmic expression we experience, it seeds new beginnings, new birth on every level.

Sending you much love, light and grace now and always.


Your authenticity is your greatest gift both to yourself and the world, for it is embracing your truest essence and offering your unique energetic contributions that add to the mosaic of the whole…It is time to embrace the glorious, ever-shifting and evolving essence that only you can provide. Not only is it more than enough, it is your purpose.

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November 4, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Authentic Purpose

Your authenticity is your greatest gift both to yourself and the world, for it is embracing your truest essence and offering your unique energetic contributions that add to the mosaic of the whole. From this perspective, can you see that your beingness is an essential aspect of your service? In fact, we would go so far as to say it is the foundation that is necessary for all other things to be built upon.

We realize that because you have been so conditioned to think busyness is good, and stillness is laziness or somehow wasted time, it can be difficult to embrace the power of your beingness. We would like you to understand your beingness as the perpetual path of alignment. It doesn’t mean that you never move into action, it simply means you take inspired action, and your choices are true energetic matches to both who you are and to the energetics of any given time. It is the way of heart-centred, soul led efficiency.

As making the grand shift from 3D doing to 5D being is essential to step up fully into the new, we highly advise that you explore and release any old conditioning that has led you to believe that your beingness is somehow less than enough. It is time to embrace the glorious, ever-shifting and evolving essence that only you can provide. Not only is it more than enough, it is your purpose.

Move out of ego, and into the high heart! All is well, with life taken in small moments—individual steps forward.

A Message to Lightworkers – October 22, 2021
This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

Once again our writer speaks with Saint Germain, and he is happy to offer insights into what is occurring now in your Earth lives, as you walk the Ascension path:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one, and all. How may we assist?

COR: What is important for us to know right now, whether regarding NESARA’s enactment or regarding lifting the vibration of our world to a higher level?

I have been following a wonderful guided meditation for invoking the power of the Violet Transmuting Flame, which I feel is more important than ever now.

As you are the creator and guardian of that Transmuting Fire, what would you like to share with us right now?

SAINT GERMAIN: Only that Transmutation is in the very air you breathe now.

And that humanity’s power to transform your world has never been greater!

And that contrary to what you are being told on most fronts, you are all capable of moving into a new and higher understanding of that capability now.

While your Sun now assists you in that empowerment more fully than ever.

COR: We hear from the Faction Three White Knights about the monoatomic gold dust coming in, and from what I understand, that Light is sentient.

It desires to heal us, to inspire us.

And it feels to me to be laying a path to higher consciousness.

Other than working with it in meditation, I’m not sure how best to connect with that energy.

SAINT GERMAIN: For one, thinking of anything with appreciation will assist your energies in opening to that experience, and playing with that particular expression of Light in the higher realms.

So most certainly, we would say, be Joyful in your thoughts of this Light coming in now.

The gold dust is a form of Light that is helping to transform the particular level of human thought that opens doors not only to new inventions, but to the possibility of forms of living that in the past would have been called too idealistic to experience in Earth life.

COR: So that might be things such as people only doing the work that most interests them, or having more than enough money so that they never stress over it again?

Or forms of healing that are completely natural and holistic, and offered for free, as well as war being considered null and void, and no longer a part of human experience?

SAINT GERMAIN: Those are some forms that you will have heard many say, so as to protect themselves from the disappointment of a dream deferred, “That cannot be. The world does not work that way.”

And now of course, in this new era, humanity is reaching for that, and much more.

COR: What do you make of these companies offering space travel?

SAINT GERMAIN: That is what one might call an “accidental” breakthrough in favor of what the Light Forces have been working toward for a very long time.

Accidental on the part of the old political/economic structure, in that they would not want the majority of the populace to think that space travel is normal and easy to do, even with the current outmoded technology.

Yet it is an intentional breakthrough on the part of those working on behalf of the Light, and that of course includes all Light Bearers, as you call them.

One does not have to design rockets in order to assist in any area of disclosure of higher technologies, and the presence of other races of beings in the Universe.

That much all of you know, as you travel the ethers in your sleep state.

Increasingly, the truth of those travels—the fact of them—is carried with you more consciously throughout the day.

This would be so, even for those who feel there is no “spirit” in human beings, and that there are no other beings exploring the galaxy but those they see around them.

COR: So is the Light coming in so great now, that even the darker agendas are being used for humanity’s higher good, somehow?

SAINT GERMAIN: That potential was always there, and enacted by many.

Yet it is far easier to attain now, yes.

COR: How do we take the current agenda for complete control over human health, daily living, and consciousness, and find good in it?

SAINT GERMAIN: Your first responsibility is to move into a place of calm and Peaceful nonresistance of what you yourselves have volunteered to witness first-hand.

It can never be that you will experience your own or humanity’s higher good from a place of fearful anxiety or hopelessness.

Merely witness, and maintain your own high vibration. For you hold the Light for human experience now.

As you note the tactics being used, and trace them to the desire on behalf of the old power structure to demote humanity into automatons and fear-based slaves, or to eradicate the race almost completely, you see through their increasingly thin to nonexistent veil.

Soon, no one will be able to lie and get away with it—unless perhaps, their intentions are very high, and they wish to spare someone unnecessary pain.

COR: Or spoil a surprise party!

SAINT GERMAIN: Yes! The potential for Joy must be preserved!

COR: What about the news broadcasts that lie almost nonstop?

While presenting “experts” whose comments and recommendations we have been carefully trained to bow to, ignoring our own intuitive understanding of what is really happening.

SAINT GERMAIN: And in the current atmosphere, what we describe now is ever-increasing: the ability to see through the lies of the news broadcasts, which in the main, are channels for propaganda.

You will note alternative news media coming forward now. This is not because “the internet was invented.”

That is so, but what was to prevent the internet from becoming yet another function of the old structure of control?

Those who came forward to play the darker roles have attempted to make it such.

Yet it is the current human insistence on the Truth being told that has ensured many independent channels of more trustworthy information, and more than that, the greater perception humanity is experiencing now.

You will see an increase in human desire to hear and respect their own higher wisdom; each person’s own sense of what is right for them.

Yes, despite so many having fallen for the current lies. Despite so many being led by fear.

Despite appearance, that tendency is becoming a thing of the past.

COR: Strange that I seem to believe what you say, and to have seen evidence of it, despite the numbers who are lining up to do as they are told, without investigating what it is that is being put into them.

And without asking to understand the true motives of those propagating what are being called necessary preventions.

SAINT GERMAIN: This is a kind of culling, in the sense that those who are seeking to maintain Peace of heart-mind, while being fully aware of the darker agendas, are powerfully in training for the creation of New Earth forms and communities.

COR: What of those who have fallen for the lies spread throughout the mainstream narrative now?

SAINT GERMAIN: There are many paths. Respect all. Allow all.

COR: It is difficult, when you see loved ones making choices that do not seem wise, whether it is trusting the wrong people, as if the old system will always protect them, when it has never done that, or harming themselves with drug or drink to try to hide from what these higher energies are revealing to us about ourselves.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet soon, there is no hiding, for anyone.

Those who choose to know themselves shall be assisted in integrating these finer vibrations.

COR: A revelation and a comfort, yet also a bit daunting.

SAINT GERMAIN: Move out of ego, and into the high heart!

All is well, with life taken in small moments—individual steps forward.

Remember that whatever dire consequence some will say awaits humanity, you are empowered to create!

To naturally flow into those circumstances that you image, expect, and celebrate most often!

COR: That would be a new reality, one that we know we have created, rather than accidentally coming across on the path.

SAINT GERMAIN: Now is the time, dear ones!

Do not delay!

As you put all of your world in the Violet Transmuting Flame, it is not to hide from that which distresses you, but to move all to the higher vibrational level, and the outpicturing that awaits you in the field of potentials.

Do you choose this? Leaving open the forms of all outcomes, yet calling forth the beauty of that which is for the higher good of all?

That New Earth which, at every moment, we see already in the process of Creation, as Gaia Herself reaches for Her newest and finest incarnation!

COR: So we don’t need to image exact outcomes, so much as blaze that Violet Flame in ourselves and the Earth, and come into a place of Peacefulness?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course. The images of what you are creating will come up unbidden, of their own accord.

And if you have no images, that is fine also.

The realization of your Creating is enough. Allow it to fulfill you.

And put yourselves in charge, dear ones—not some hidden, unseen authority structure which is fading so quickly that it is gasping for its last breath.

It cannot stand this Light. So place all its various machinations in the Violet Flame also, which is in constant communication with the monoatomic gold you spoke of, and the assistance of the Light Forces.

All is well. The center of Creation on your planet is in your own co-Creative heart-mind—not the halls of government or corporation.

You are the captains of this particular ship!

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain, as always! We take this to heart, and act upon it now.

SAINT GERMAIN: Namaste, dear ones! We are privileged to assist.

And be of good cheer!

We have seen your future timeline, and all shall be most well.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this post, at

Thank you.

Allow yourselves to experience.

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the capacity to feel joy, love, freedom, and power, and we recognize that more and more humans are discovering their ability to feel the way they want to feel. It is an exciting time for all of you, as you are developing an ability to determine what type of energy you are putting out into the world. We would say that humanity has been largely reactionary in terms of how you would feel what you feel. Something good happens, you feel a good-feeling emotion, and when something bad happens, you would feel a bad-feeling emotion.

The way that humanity has dealt with the issue of what you feel in a positive way over the millions of years that you’ve been on Earth is by putting yourselves in monasteries, caves, convents, anywhere you could find to essentially hide from the world. Humans on a spiritual path have typically attempted to transcend feeling, as if that is the answer. Other humans will deny their emotions, numb themselves to them, or try to think their way out of them. We do not recommend these approaches. These approaches are showing themselves for what they are.

Emotions are not to be escaped from or ignored. They are to be embraced, and you are to activate the good feelings in order to create the reality that matches those feelings. You cannot do that if you’ve closed yourself off to any emotion. Any emotion that you do not allow to flow through you is going to stifle the rest. So if you are one of the ones who is saying that you don’t really feel much of anything anymore, then you have to start by feeling what you’ve been avoiding. Allow yourselves to experience what has been right there beneath the surface of your conscious awareness for quite some time. And in so doing, you will open the floodgates.

You will be able to experience more love, more joy, more peace, and more of everything else that you want to feel. And that is true spiritual mastery. It’s not about hiding away in some spiritual sanctuary that keeps you from experiencing the rest of the world as it is. It’s not about making your lives smaller so that less can go wrong and affect you and elicit an unwanted emotion. This spiritual evolution that you are taking part in consciously is about feeling it all and then choosing from within what you’ve been able to access. That’s how you create your reality, instead of letting your reality dictate how you feel all the time. This is what you came to Earth and the Solar System to master.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

We will use the mass media to awaken and inspire people into a greater understanding of themselves and of humanity. Also Messages of unity, oneness and equality that we will broadcast to the whole world from enormous screens placed on the sides of our mother- ships.

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A Breakthrough Message From The Galactic Federation

Dear beloved ones,
We are the Galactic Federation of Light and we come with a breakthrough message from the Prime Creator to all of humanity.
The Prime Creator knows that there has been a lot of tension on your planet recently because of the failure of your systems to deal with the great change that has been taking place.
You have been through a lot, but now it is finally time for relief and reassurance. Rise up, shine your light and prepare for a very special message from The Prime Creator – a message of higher wisdom and hope.
The Prime Creator has given us permission to descend throughout your planet in large numbers, thereby triggering a massive positive chain reaction that will fall into place as soon as enough people receive our presence as a sign that what they have been waiting for has started manifesting on Earth.
Many of our ships will come by at low altitudes and make themselves visible to the general public. They may be seen in the sky at night, or during the day if they reveal themselves.
We are sending greetings of peace, hope and love to all of you. We want to prepare you for what is coming. The Galactic Federation has moved heaven and earth to be able to step forward openly with Disclosure, the announcement that we are visiting Earth, and our presence here.
The time for this event has been chosen carefully by our cosmic planners, as it is shortly after the end of this year’s solar maximum cycle and therefore the energetic conditions on earth will be particularly ripe for our arrival and teachings and therefore maximally beneficial and timely for you.
From now on, we can openly interact with the people of this planet. It is true that we have been helping you secretly for a long time but now it is time to let you know that your prayers have been answered — the initial contact has been made.
We are now allowed to communicate with the people of the world, and we will be translated into all languages and broadcast through various media, television and the Internet.
We will use the mass media to awaken and inspire people into a greater understanding of themselves and of humanity. Also Messages of unity, oneness and equality that we will broadcast to the whole world from enormous screens placed on the sides of our mother- ships.
The Galactic Federation will host open meetings on ships, where people can meet us in person.
There are many people in the world that are sick that don’t have anyone to help them. Or they just can’t afford healing treatment. So, we will provide free healing treatment to all of these people around the world that are sick.
We are getting ready. We are making the final arrangements to make the disclosure, and your world will change forever. Soon, you will recall who you really are. “Disclosure” has reached an all-time high, in accordance with the divine plan of the creator.
We are prepared for any obstacle or problem that is presented by what would seem like nefarious beings who want to delay the truth.
The most important thing we decided is to extend the end of this cycle and give way for the preparation for the people of this world and to allow the secret controllers of this world a chance to give up and surrender.This includes the dark forces, who know about this and do not yet know how to proceed. The process will turn out smoother than we had thought. This will avoid chaos.
Now is the time when you will find out who is lying to you, who has used you in some way, who has not cared about your welfare or that of humanity.
We are all very excited about this wonderful, life changing opportunity for each and every one of you. The moment is now, the time to act is upon us, the time to discover your true Galactic origins.
This is something that has never happened before in history and it will be happening now! The Earth’s population will see firsthand the origins of who they are in regards to their Galactic roots.
The plans to create a New Earth based on Universal Law, for the sake of all Life in Our Universe, have been put into motion. It is also a message of great, unexpected joy!
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation
Channel and Art by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

The true meaning of love is: freedom in security. -Jeshua through Pamela Kribbe-

Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

Dear ones, I am Jeshua. I am here in your midst and I connect with your hearts.

You are dear to me; feel my love and warmth. You are all in need of warmth; you have missed warmth and love in your lives. You have come to Earth with a memory, an inner knowing, of what love is. You knew the unlimited, absolute love, not the dependent, possessive love which is so prevalent on Earth. You knew a free, open love which gives the other person the space to be who they are and also gives you the space to be who you are. In that free space, you can feel safe and secure, anchored in your own being.

You have come here to bring that kind of love onto Earth. You are lightworkers, carriers of a new consciousness. But in order to spread that light and love here, it is necessary that you first recall it fully. The true meaning of love is: freedom in security. And that happens when you are allowed to develop yourself to the fullest – radiant and powerful – but at the same time, very gently and with tenderness. That is your true nature; that is who you are. You are an angel who has come here to plant the seeds of light – remember that.

But doing that here is an extremely difficult task, because when you were born as a baby, you entered into oblivion and you lost the memory of your origins. You absorbed all the heavy human energies – the fears, the sadness, the pain – which dominate the human atmosphere on Earth and you took them on. Often, in the first half of your life, you become lost in these energies, because you identify with them. You are unable to distinguish between that which you absorbed and that who you truly are, so you lose your mastery of life.

But at the very deepest level you know that you made this sacrifice in order to eventually transform, from within, the heavy human energies on the Earth; to ignite the light from within. That is the purpose of your jump into incarnation on Earth. And you have come so far already that you have begun to wake up inwardly. You are gradually remembering who you are: the lightness and freedom of that; the flexibility of your true nature.

Right now, at this time, allow those feelings to awaken, quite deliberately, in all the cells of your body. Your body is a conscious being, not just a hunk of matter. It lives from what is inside you and your consciousness is its highest authority. What ultimately determines the condition of your body are not material influences. In the end, it is you who determine that condition through your own choices by way of your consciousness.

You are now aware of your light, your origins, your angel being. Let go of the bondage of the human atmosphere of the Earth so that, as much as possible, the human energies of despair, pain, and suffering do not affect you. You are filled with light, it flows in and around you, it is you! The light does not come from above, or from without, it comes from within. You draw down your soul and welcome it on Earth.

Now imagine the color of your soul and allow it to flow through your aura from your head to your feet. Make your soul welcome and know that you are independent of the heavy and disturbing influences in the human atmosphere. Find that original core by going to your heart. Sense how there is a crystalline source of light there. And in that crystal, in that source, is a knowing, an inner feeling, which offers you everything you need. Feel the clarity, simplicity, and love in the energy of that crystal and know that you are free.

Now look at a situation in your daily life which causes you to feel heavy or agitated. Imagine that the light in your heart flows toward this heaviness and surrounds the situation with your inner light, the light of your soul. Then see your response to the situation: either you leave it be or you try to transform it; either you move toward it or away from it. Feel free and untethered to do whichever you feel is right. You are not dependent on anything or anyone else for your choices. Your divine core is eternal and wise, and enormously strong. Let your light shine freely – do not be afraid.

This light is what is needed on Earth. There is a lot of pain and suffering on Earth and you have been a part of it. You know what it is to suffer pain, to be blinded by illusions of fear and helplessness. This experience has given you a deep humanness and is part of your path of becoming fully conscious. Accept this experience, but step out of it and become free of it. Remind yourself of who you are – you are a teacher! You will plant the seeds of consciousness, and you are free to experience joy and to let go of suffering while doing it.

Thank you so much for your attention; I love you all.


You will begin to love everyone, even those that do not appear to ‘deserve’ it.

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by Jennifer Farley,

It starts as a gentle stirring…a feeling of love in your being. It grows and pulses outward to everything and everyone around you. It is send out to The Universe and is returned to you in waves. You will begin to love everyone, even those that do not appear to ‘deserve’ it.

This is when you know, really know, you are part of The Divine Incarnate.

~ Creator

The Greatest War Story Ever Told, the Light has Won!

Note : this describes IMHO pretty closely what took place in our 3D world, use your own discernment, take what you resonate and leave all the rest. Namaste, Nikos.

By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 24, 2021

The Greatest War Story Ever Told! The Light has Won!!

The informed people that have done their research know parts of this story; some know almost all of it. But to the general public, the “Greatest War in History” has been kept secret until this EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) that will be released in weeks if not a month away. The Alliance will release the horrible crimes against humanity in the coming weeks. Fake Main Stream Media controlled by the dark ones will be taken down. Yes, the mighty Alliance is made up of seventeen countries military forces and backed by the NESARA/GESARA laws (Global Economic and Reformation Act) signed in 2015 by all 209 countries of this world. Unknowing, the people ask, who is the enemy? What is the purpose? Well, the ones who do not know fully; have sensed it or know that there has been an evil part of humanity that has kept us in the dark. They have used every means possible for centuries and we are learning, it is really been for thousands of years. This enemy is a secret satanic society called the illuminati since the seventeen hundred’s and before that, the extension of the Roman Empire; The Catholic Church. Many calls it the Deep State, or the Cabal today. For they have bribed, threatened, killed, or usurped people, churches and governments to keep control of everyone on the planet. Of course, all people do understand this: for power, money and control of everyone and everything on the planet. Many published articles of the unbalanced financial statistics of the world, have stated in public articles, that the upper one percent control 60% of the world’s wealth. I am to enlighten everyone that the 0.1% of the super rich control 99.9% of the wealth, and most of it is hidden in tunnels and underground D.U.M.B.’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) at about three, five and ten kilometers down under our feet all over the world. I will tell more on these underground sanctuaries for the Cabal later, but these hidden to the world places was used to keep their major “Crimes Against Humanity” out of the eyes of the public, so they can do their evil without almost all from seeing it. This was to keep the normal population in the dark and uninformed.

Please understand, this “Greatest War in History” is a war completely different than storming the beaches of a country and taking it back. This is a war of information and infiltration.  This war is secret from the general population too. They used all back room deals, money, threats and murder to keep there evil will going. But the good people all over the world took a stand and God’s will of releasing this planet from all evil was planned for millions of years. The dark will turn to the light, as God’s will stand forever on for humanity. For one of the greatest laws of God is to choose, for most of humanity, we were told lies from all sources, to keep us slaves to them and even made us think we had freedom in many countries, but we did not: even in America. For even our great Constitution was usurped in 1871 and made into a corporation and owned by the Vatican, as all countries on the planet were.

The crown jewels in the positive direction was two great documents; “The Declaration of Independence” and “The Constitution of the United States”. Of course, God or Prime Source Creator did send his son, Jesus or Yeshua (real name) to NOT allow Earth to go too dark or evil and to help save it. Until the time of the “Great Awakening”. This time is now and the near future. The beginning of the “Greatest Transition in Human History”.

Understand, the real story is that the Roman Empire was transformed into the Catholic Church, because the leaders of the fading Roman Empire needed a way to keep control, and used Council of Nicea, the real Son of God, to use Jesus name and story by the Dark Side to keep control of the planet. This was confirmed by “Q” in a live interview we had. From Q interview, Jesus was sent here to NOT allow Earth to turn forever evil or to the Dark. Understand that people who are NOT conscious and still have a bicameral mind, cannot think for themselves and need to be led. The conscious mind thinks for oneself, researches, leads him/her self and reflects on what is their purpose in life.

The decisions made in 321 A.D. was to allow “how Jesus was to be betrayed and worshipped.” They decided what chapters or books were to be allowed in the bible and what were not. This led to a total totalitarian Catholic Church who decided most things in Europe at the time; who was good and evil, who was to be king or queen, until many groups broke away by the 1500’s with protestant churches and as did many governments. But the Catholic Church did reign over the “Dark Ages” and committed many “Crimes Against Humanity”, including leading the 199-year war with Crusades over their truth of Who is right? The Muslims or the Catholics on how they worship the same God. This is the same in modern times, to allow Pedophile Priest to just be transferred around and still commit the same crimes, and most not being prosecuted. Many Priest had children with their Nuns that were killed once in birth, and many graves around some churches. This is part of Catholic Churches non-holy real agenda. In the upper parts of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, they were worshipping satan. The Romans learned this from a small group that they conquered years before. This was to get power and money. They really worship satan. Plan and simple, if you do your research.

Let us move up in time, the American Revolution; the war was won by really farmers against the Crown of England in 1776. Then with the great founding Fathers of America creating two of the greatest documents for a government in history, and everyone knows what they are. But the Crown of England was not going to let a major money income or land go, without more fighting, hence “the War of 1812” where they burnt the White House and burnt one set of greatest documents in history. People have to “wake-up” to the fact that the European elite and the Monarchy were NOT going to let America go, infiltration was the next step. Therefore, in 1871, President Grant gives over power to the Illuminati by the Republic of the Unites States gets turned over as a Corporation owned by the Vatican and ran by the Crown of England. Look what B.A.R. means “British Accreditation Registry”, this should tell you everything the “Maritime Law” in the American courts system, not independent of the Crown of England. 

Next is the “The Federal Reserve”, in which, is owned by the Rothchilds, and is not part of the American Government at all. The Federal was bribed and usurped in 1913 into existents to control the money of America by the illuminati. Hell, the Titanic was sunk to killed the opposition to the Federal Reserve from being created. Therefore, the Rothchild’s and the illuminati controlled the U.S. Currency printing and how it was created and used.

All wars including the Civil war was created by the illuminati, tell what the illuminati member predicted three world wars. Albert Pike revealed in 1871 that the illuminati led world would have three world wars in the future. We did have two, they made great profit for their banking system supplied money to both sides. They got the results they wanted: created great sorrow and harm, so they can keep control of the world’s population. One can call the 9/11 false flag created by both the Bush’s Presidents, the CIA, the Mossad of Israel and the twin towers owners themselves. There were over six trillion dollars spent on the fake terrorists that were hired to do the CIA and illuminati bidding to have to go around the world and find a few people with bombs or guns that might harm a few people. This war was to keep going forever; that was their plan. Now, the World War III that Albert Pike talked about was suppose to be a fake alien invasion with real anti-gravity ships with robotic Grey Aliens inside the ships and have Special Forces really operate the ships. The mighty Alliance has stopped this plan, completely.

Now to tell the real heartbreaking news on human trafficking, pedophilia and adrenochrome processing and where it comes from. There was big evil on this planet; child sacrifice by the Catholic Church and satanic cults, and killing children for a chemical to extend their life, called adrenochrome. This is where we get into the top profit and selling drugs on planet Earth and beyond is adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is made from the blood of a child, younger the better, that has properties. To make the adrenochrome, children are shocked-electrically to get their adrenaline high and they then kill the children to extract the blood with a great amount of stem cells. The high adrenaline laced blood and the human stem cells will keep the blood drinker’s young. From the quote: “What exactly IS adrenochrome? In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline [also known as epinephrine] oxidizes. How is the chemical extracted? A potential victim is terrorized, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed and the adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.” Get it through to your head; these hidden REAL happenings on this planet, that six to eight million children get taken for mostly adrenochrome processing. This is pure evil. It did exist, out of sight on this planet. The mighty Alliance has stopped all of it, by September 2021.

The rescue of the children in the D.U.M.B.’s in the last five years, who were used to make adrenochrome, child sacrifice for the satanic cult of the illuminati and for sex was led by Special Forces of the Alliance. Pedophilia is normal in for many Deep State criminals. This is no different to many Hollywood people, politicians worldwide, and even many of the Royal Families. Epstein Island will be proof of that, even there are many more places and islands that this is carried out.

Back to history timeline, in the 1960’s, JFK was killed trying to dissolve the Federal Reserve, and the Deep State assassinated him for it, the money control is their main weapon. There are notebooks, thick ones, the Alliance has the exact scenario to take down the Cabal. But it has been in high-gear since the 9/11 false flag. The plans have been developed over that time. The Alliance goes back to Howard Hughes and Nicola Tesla, in the 1920’s. The Q team was formed by JFK in the 1960’s and after his assassination, 200 U.S. Generals & Admirals aligned with the Alliance and started the plan to take down the deep state cabal. It has been six decades in the making, and the current plan has been created and modified with the help of the military and using quantum computers for future timeline scenarios. The Q Anon group of 200 loyal generals, and concerned citizens that American would be taken over by socialism. After 9/11, the Q group make there winning plans, to be a win, no matter the Deep States does to counter act it. Understand, with Operation Mockingbird in the 1950’s created by the CIA. The Deep State has controlled 90% the Main Stream Media, and the major internet companies. Know that the Republican Tea Party, they slowly destroyed the image, reputation and heart out of just conservative Republicans on the Fake News Media. The Deep State mafia media did the same to the Q Anon group who followed the “Q” Drops posted on 4 Chan or 8 Chan from October 2017 to December 2020. People need to understand, this was a way to bypass the fake news to get information to the military and the public for the real truth. President Trump was the first one to “shout out FAKE NEWS” to the public, just one of his major accomplishments. President Trump was attack endlessly on Fake Media. Also, President Trump was the first to use “Twitter” to bypass the Fake News Networks to “make sure his words did NOT get twisted, by the corrupt press.

The major Wins and concerns over the last five years:

President Trump’s election in 2016 with a great win for the good side! Trump’s loyalty to the real people of the United States was a major blow to the Deep State. Hillary was supposed to win. With Dominion computer running, the Deep State thought that to swing 20% of the switching votes over to Hillary would win the election. They just did not understand the awaken American people to the same old crap that Hillary offered. I never seen that much mud-slinging ever in the election, and Hillary paid for it, the American people could finally see right through it!

Military action was needed to cut the head of the snake off as soon as possible happened even before Trump’s inauguration, with taking down the top 13 illuminati families. Let me tell you about the first major action taken by the Alliance and it was multi-raids at the same time on December 24th, 2016. Understand President Trump was first elected on November 8th, 2016. Trump met with the military Generals and Admirals, on November 9th, 2016 to discuss the take down of the top thirteen families of the world most powerful mafia called the illuminati. Know that President Trump was selected by our great military and Admiral Rogers met with him in 2014 to convince him to run. Since Admiral Rogers was head of the NSA, he knew that Trump was clean and without corruption. Back to the first raid that determined the direction of the planet; to the light (good) or the dark (evil).  They all lived in Venice, Italy. Why this was the perfect time to take-down the top families? This was the last day of the satanic festival of three days, and the Alliance knew they would all be at their homes. The military knew that the climax of the static ritual was to sacrifice a child. The criminals were vulnerable then. The Alliance assembled the best Special Operations, Delta Force, and Navy Seal teams, and were assigned one family’s home each. All top criminal families had to be taken down that night and not one operation could fail. The fate of the world was hanging on these operations that night. All operations succeeded is wonderous fashion. Much gratitude to the military who was a part of that wonderful operation. I hope you will be honored and have a movie made of this major part of history for humanity!

Understand about the evil underground safe haven for the illuminati operations. There are were over 3,500 Dumbs worldwide with 10,000 miles of Mav-Lev Trains in tunnels built by the illuminati connecting most major D.U.M.B.’s; to trafficking Children, people, Drugs, and processing Adrenochrome. The mighty Alliance has been taking out the tunnels and DUMB’s really since the 1980’s but the real push has been since President Trump first took office. Gene Decode kept all us Anon’s informed for years of the progress of the tunnel and D.U.M.B.’s worldwide, by the pattern of earthquakes that were about 3, 5, and 10 kilometers down, all over the world. His “decodes” were perfect to keep up on the secret war with the illuminati. What is the proof? Well, a normal earthquake has P & S waves in the signal, were a tactical nuke used to blow-up tunnels does not. The weapons explosion has only one wave, it why you can tell the difference. When they are exactly at these depths, it is clearly not fake. Also, we would get earthquakes at negative depth, means that the explosions were in Earth’s atmosphere, this was cloaked anti-gravity crafts of the illuminati being taken-out by weapons from the Alliance, once they started to try to escape. Hell, real proof was recently, that there are salt water geysers in the middle of Greece now, because what was there before was a Mav-Lev train tunnel that was taken out by Alliance forces. At one point, in the take-down of the tunnels and D.U.M.B.s, the Alliance lost about 200 special forces in an underground tunnel off of Iceland. They thought the Deep State agents were going to surrender, but once Alliance forces got there, they set off bombs and blow everyone up, including themselves. We need to honor their great sacrifice.

The real reason for the Norte Dame Fire was to stop the Child Sacrifices that were about to happen on Easter weekend. The Alliance warned the people inside to get valuables out of it, and five days before Easter Sunday, the Alliance hit it with a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) (Lazer Weapon) from space satellite or a TR3B U.S. Air Force anti-gravity craft. This happened on April, 15, 2019 and was a major win in the secret war with the illuminati. This was a warning to the Vatican to stop all child sacrifices. I found out later, that about 600 children were planned to be sacrificed that weekend, to try to resurrect Lucifer himself into a body. You do not think this can happen, ask again and research.

Biden did not win the Election in 2020, it was major fraud that Trump and the Alliance allowed to happened not only to arrest people who have done this for decades, but to NOT ever to allow it to happen again. This is to reveal to the American people and the world, for it has gone on forever in every country. President Trump who we knew won the majority, but really won by 80.4% of the real vote, also monitored by the QVS (Quantum Voting System). This will be revealed soon and President Trump will take office again, in grand style too. Once the EBS goes off.

We do know that Biden really just got sworn in to the old U.S. Corporations that Ulysses S. Grant allowed to be formed in 1871 by the illuminati. Grant was a drunk, and that was paid off, just like many politicians and government people of today. The original constitution was changed by these traitors back then. Currently, this fake corporation is bankrupt and defunct, and many Patriots do NOT know that. Fake Biden is president of absolutely nothing, except the 10 square mile area of D.C. that is really not part of America. About 80% of Congress members have been arrested and charged, the same as all of the Supreme Court. It was determined by the Military that these two entities that allowed Biden into office without a proper due process; was “captured entities”.

The Deep State threaten with 6 suit-case style tactical nuclear weapons if Biden is not allowed to go into office. The Alliance did not allow Biden to have the Nuclear Football (Nuclear weapons control suitcase) and any access to the Pentagon or intelligence from the NSA, or the Department of Defense.

Gene Decode reveals in early September 2021 the Alliance has control of the Cabal tactical Nuclear weapons. The Department of Defense releases on 9/21/2021 that they “the finding and disarming of 11 cabal nukes used as leverage by cabal to prevent their arrests”. It is all over for the Deep State rats, bring in the justice and arrest, let it rain Special Forces on these bastards! Understand, our Constitution has a way to make sure, turnover to a so-called new elected President is legal and lawful, the military had to take over the country, and by March 6, 2021 determined there was massive voter fraud, and the Department of Defense reinstated President Trump as Commander-in-Chief on March 11, 2021.

The illuminati are behind the American takeover, with the CCP to infiltrate our government and take over. It has been in the plans for decades, because the American Military have “become awake” to the knowledge the illuminati finances both sides of the war to profit and create great suffering of the population. The American military does not play those games anymore.

Here is what Commander Ashtar stated last year on 10/27/2020 about the Chinese CCP troops and goals of placing bases all over the world: “Why did the Communist Chinese military land on Canadian soil?

Ashtar: They are, in fact, the new Deep State army. Trump has much control over the American army now. Ashtar: They will try to install bases around the world however it won’t be permitted.”

In January to February 2021 timeframe, the CCP allegedly had troops in Canada, and the Mexican border to come over into America after Biden took office at about 250,000 to 300,00 range. The CCP had bought property in Oklahoma to place troops there too. The Alliance made good on their threat back to the Deep State to “take them out” when CCP troops went through underground tunnels in New York State to and we think in Pennsylvania from intelligence received. The first 25,000 Chinese troops were taken out in their underground D.U.M.B was by a F-16 who release a bunker buster bomb. The F-16 was hit with counter-measures and was flying cripple over Michigan after the release, where the pilot ejected to safety in upper-Michigan somewhere. The D.U.M.B. that had 50,000 troops in it was deeper tunnel, and the military used the “Rods of God” launched from a satellite which is “tungsten steel telephone pole shaped projectiles” that can penetrate up to ten kilometers down without using any explosive device, the impact is enough to destroy over a large area. The Chinese troops on the Mexican border and Canada have been taken care of months and months ago by Alliance forces, from sources. The take-out of these underground D.U.M.B.’s was confirmed by multi-military sources.  

The is the same for the exact timing of the Taiwan troops and American troops in battle with the CCP in mainland China is not known, but from my intelligence, the Taiwan government it was in early February 2021. We do know there were an American Carrier Group that was operating in the South China Sea and air-to-air combat did happen and the Red Air Force of China did suffer many loses that day. We do know that three Navy Carrier Groups (about 100 ships) were off the West Coast in the Pacific and two Navy Carrier Groups off the east coast in the Atlantic at one point in time to protect our borders.

The Alliance forces were clearly taking-out tunnels and D.U.M.B’s under mainland China months and months before that from reports and updates on the so-called earthquakes that were exacting ten kilometers down, where Gene Decode knows this is take-out of these underground evil safe havens for decades of this major criminal activity of Deep State operatives. Alliance Leader of Canada has confirmed the CCP is kaput, as she says it. This was two month ago. She also stated on 9/22/2021 that if you report that there are now Chinese troops on Canada soil, “you will be arrested to go what she calls a Spa. (Spa=Military Firing Squad/Hanging)”.

The Evergiven Ship stuck in the Suez Canal in March of 2021, was a major win for the Alliance. The mighty Alliance stopped many things to their destination, including: Weapons of Mass Destruction (nuclear and bio-weapons) Adrenochrome, aborded Baby Fetus tissue to use in vaccines, and live children in the ship’s containers. All containers were searched on the ship by Alliance Special Forces. The Evergreen ship that is stuck in the Suez Canal was stuck there to reveal many things including Child Trafficking. There were over 1,245 children rescued on that ship inside containers. There was about 1200 children found dead in the containers too. This is the illuminati worldwide trafficking system. The pilot of the ship was Alliance, but the holes in Microsoft software allowed the Space Force to hack into the ships software and take over the steering and ran it aground. It was carrying WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) too. Many other ships that were blocked carried weapons to start a war in the middle-east, the weapons were going to be given to the Muslims by the Israel Mossad. The plan is to reveal all in the news. The Deep State is losing 400 million an hour with the ships stuck, yeah!! With this, and the 10 days of truth on TV once the EBS is activated and everyone will learn about child trafficking and the crimes against humanity, so evil and real. Alliance Special Forces have been used to search and prevent any Deep State cargo, for the Clintons were part owners of the Evergreen Shipping lines.

From about April to September 2021, Myanmar and Afghanistan are now in Alliance control, they burnt all there “Poppy Field” which was the major source not only for illegal trade of drugs, but Gene Decode revealed 50% content of all Big Pharma drugs use opium and oil derivatives in their pills. How sick these deep state rats are. Afghanistan is now the first Deep State free country in the world. The reason America had to leave Afghanistan was to satisfy the NESARA/GESARA laws, of no foreign troops on anybody’s countries soil. Remember, peace agreement throughout the world.

The last major push for the illuminati, was creating the fake Covid-19 crisis and to get everyone vaccinated in the goal to depopulate the world to 500 million worldwide, for their final control push. This will blow-up in their face. The EBS will reveal all about the Covid-19, many Physicians, nurses and real researches have a ton of information on the internet by articles or videos. Simple, the Covid-19 is a bacterium, and can be easily cured with ivermectin or HCQ, hydrochloraquine. Also, the vaccines are poison, with many harmful chemicals inside to slowly kill you, the more jabs you get, the closer to death you are! Know that medical professionals pushing this “experiment chemical mix” that is NOT a vaccine will be prosecuted by international Nuremburg 2.0 Court system in the future. Understand, any drug or injection, the patient HAS TO BE INFORMED IT IS EXPERIMENTAL, or else the caregiver can be charged for that crime and they will be prosecuted. Understand, arrests have been on-going for the past five years and with ongoing military tribunals all over the world. Queen Romana announces that 2.7 cabal member were executed so far by September 2021.

On the safety of everyone’s money and finance’s, there will be complete takeover of the Planet’s finances is the QFS, (Quantum Financial system, that is unhackable. Everyone will have an account on this system in the world. To reset, there will be a GCR or Global Currency Reset, and R/V or Re-Evaluation of currencies, who countries was completely devalued unjustly like; Iraq, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. There will be more countries involved, but those are examples. 

What the Near Future Holds

The EBS will happen in the next few weeks or months, and final take-down of the Deep State rats all over the world. This is why Lynn Wood announced everyone should get three to four weeks of food for your family. The Alliance will be using the Space Force weapon to “black-out” electricity, cell phones, internet in a city area, the Alliance forces will use even total black-out maybe even two weeks either to flush them out, and capture them on the run or to keep the black-out and track them down inside the military quarantine area to their hide-outs. The Alliance already know who they are. Understand, most areas with very little Cabal members, like out in the country or small towns, probably will NOT see any interruptions to their services. Gene Decode used Melbourne, Australia as a Deep State strong-hold city. Expect tougher ways to corner these rats on these strong-holds. In America, we know Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and New York, as possible strong-holds. Understand, the Alliance will be out there to enforce martial law worldwide and to round up the Deep State rats, as Romana Didulo says in “unmarked Aircrafts (no country flag) is ours/Allied Forces.”

For the New Earth and its direction, humanitarians will lead the way, to rebuild the planet, with technology that was hidden and to stop all hunger, poverty, no one without housing and no children being harmed, ever! We will do it with zero-point energy; a way to free-energy, hydrogen or electric cares, food replicators, anti-gravity technology and the crown-jewel Med-Beds or Celestial Chambers to fix ALL aliments for the body. No one will be left out on the planet and all will share in the wealth and abundance of this great human planet. The first major transition of the planet will be in the next three to six weeks, from multi-sources, but exact timing is unknow. We do know this is a major transition for humanity.

Prime Creator’s Statement, the Crimes against humanity and against the Children, quote “Enough is Enough”. For God will always prevail over the Dark, for the “Greatest War in History” on planet Earth is the Light triumph over the Dark, the evil of this world. In the next few weeks or months, the EBS will reveal the Deep State’s crimes against humanity, humanity will cry in tears of sadness. This will be the “Great Awakening”. But with this information, we will realize humanity has reached the next step of evolution, to become closer to God, to know the truth of what happened. And to know more truths of hidden technology and the truth of the Galaxy and other worlds. For humanity is just really getting started, the final step to what is really real, and truthful. For so God will shine the Light on humanity and let the truth be told. The war over the dark has been won! Let Freedom reign throughout the cosmos, and let God’s light shine for everyone! God Bless Everyone! (Q Drop #3950)