You are invited to begin use the superpower of your imagination

February 14, 2022, via email

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We are here, and we invite you to become aware of the many other realities that you participate in. We continue to invite you to become aware of your multidimensional beingness. Realize the importance to expand your awareness of reality. This is a subtle expansion, you and others actually do this at all times, yet do not recognize it as aspects of your multi dimensional self.

Let us give this example, you are interfacing with your third dimensional life as a human, perhaps even your role as a parent, a friend, a teacher, a mentor, a spiritual being, a conscious citizen, a gardener, a businessperson. These are roles or aspects that shift your behavior in subtle ways. You do not consider them separate from one another; they are just parts of you and your life.

Now consider the awareness of your multidimensionality, you are here in a hologame on planet earth, responsible for the physical vehicle in which you dwell, confined by beliefs of the limitations of this reality. You are also connected to the galaxy and respond to the energy matrix that is offered from the cosmic forces.

We want you to realize that you are able to read the energy of another being, taking in data like your computers, you are interfacing with other beings at all times, exchanging information, ideas, weavings of energy. You travel time, in a moment, you return to the past, zoom to the future, however, you only touch these time lines briefly and usually you touch it with regret or worry.

You have the ability to step into any hologame and experience any reality, with all its taste, smells, feelings, sights and “live” it so to speak. However be aware that in this current third dimension reality you have replaced this awesome multidimensional ability with the movies and with television. You are invited to begin use the superpower of your imagination.

We know that this physical life feels real in your consciousness. We know that you have responsibilities, loved ones and friends; you experience emotions of bliss and traumas. You feel pain and have thoughts and even puzzle at the mystery of why you are here.

Realize that you travel out of your body’s awareness often. You take an aspect of your multidimensional self to other dimensions and to other realities. This is especially true at this time. Many are beginning to consciously be moving from one dimension to another.

This awakening is being triggered by the cosmic forces that are bathing your planet, stimulating you to wake up to the truth of who you really are. You are a starbeing, here is this limited third dimension having what you are calling a physical life, which we invite you to consider is only “one cell.”

We sense your desire for us to translate this information more clearly. We are aware that you are struggling a bit, to put what we are giving you into understanding. You know this truth as a multidimensional being, it is how you operate. Yet you cannot always put what happens as a multidimensional being into words, because it is far bigger than your “one cell” third dimensional self to explain in words.

Let us offer this, using the example of the physical body as a metaphor. Image in the body, this physical life what you are now focused on, is only “one cell”. Your “NOW” life experience is only “one cell.” Yet you are truly multidimensional. This multidimensional self creates, nurtures, and sustains the whole in a very complex delicate balance.

You as the “one cell” are not aware of all the others tasks or other realities the total body participates in. There is the reality of the bones, the reality of skin, the reality of the heart, the liver, the circulation system; these are all just aspects of the multidimensional reality of the body. There is the brain, the thoughts, the feelings, the memories and on and on, yet the “one cell” awareness is not fully conscious of all that is taking place.

The life you are focused on in your now is this “one cell” of your total magnificent multidimensional self. There is much going on at all times that you do not recognize because of your veiled awareness and belief systems.

You as “one cell” do not even think about what beats the heart, how air expands the lungs, these are activities that are automatic. They maintain the “one cell” yet are not a part of consciousness. The “one cell” has other things to focus upon. There are frequencies, matrixes, realities that exist in which you are very active, yet as the “one cell” that you are focused upon resists this expansion or does not even know of the others existence.

So begin to honor your true wholeness. It is important that you begin to be aware of all the actions and activities that the physical body offers. Practice quieting your mind and place your attention on your heart, notice if you can begin to feel each heart beat. Focus your quiet mind on your breath, follow that breath moving into your lungs, expanding them and then exhaling. We want you to begin to practice being more than just “one cell.

Imagine that your body has a consciousness in every aspect. Every aspect, every part of your body is aware of the energy that is being offered in the cosmic downloads, the solar flares, the vibrations of the planets, the pull and push of the moon. There is much more going on then the “one cell” self recognizes.

Many are waking up to these awarenesses and many others continue to hit the ‘snooze button.’ Now is the time to explore all the inner realities of your physical body as well as the awesome realities of the other dimensions. Be the explorer. Be the adventurer.

Imagine that you can go on a vacation or holiday to another time and place. Imagine that you can go to a cosmic travel agent and book a trip to another planet or a cosmic time agent and book a trip to any experience in time or even a cosmic dimensional agent, where you can arrange to travel to another dimension. Make this as real as you possibility can. Allow yourself to play with this idea and suggestion. Shake yourself out of any limited beliefs.

We are playing with you here. We want to shake you out of your “one cell” thinking. We want you to realize how truly unlimited you really are. Each day make it a practice to imagine another reality, pretend, make it as real as possible. Feel it, sense it, see it whatever way feels best to you. Remember this is simply a game and you are meant to wake up and recognize that you are a divine creator.

Again we invite you to expand your awareness to include more of your multidimensional beingness. It is much easier than one might imagine, you do it often, now just recognize when you have shifted. Be at peace, Beloved the ‘team’

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