Balance, laughter, joy, gratitude and appreciation are vibrational tickets that allow you to move from one dimension to another.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ A Bigger Playground

October 18, 2021, via email

We are here inviting you to acknowledge who you are and to begin to step into your mastery. We continue to offer you simple ways to shift energy throughout the day; again we remind you that gratitude and laughter are powerful tools to shift energy.

This practice is most important because as you begin to shift your vibrational offerings, this shift allows you to begin to move into different dimensions. Remember that the dimensions are nested levels of vibrations of energy and consciousness.

We are inviting you to practice ways of riding these intense energy waves that are being generated from the stars. All are watching and observing your planet and the skillful aware manner that you manage frequency, energy and vibrations. This is your time to shine. This is your time to own the ability to move from one dimension to another with ease, grace and skill.

Remember that you are first a divine energy being and that divine energy is what animates and creates your physical form.

Everything you experience as solid and “real” are vibrations of energy, held or locked in place by belief systems. If for a moment you could set aside all the mental programs about your reality, you would experience an entirely different perspective of what you call reality. Practice letting go of your perceived ideas of what is real. Practice asking yourself often, what am I creating with my energy, vibrations, thoughts right now?

Make it a conscious practice of shifting or pivoting from a low vibration/frequency of worry, stress, fear or anger into one that is gentler and uplifting. Practice turning up your volume so to speak to one of loving kindness and grace. Each time you shift to offering a higher vibration/frequency you are capable of moving to a higher dimension. Become aware of these subtle shifts in your awareness.

In the holograph of the corridor of time your sages and wise ones have all spoken of the ability to shift from one dimension to another or one state of awareness to another. They have offered suggestions of prayer, meditation, fasting…the shamans and mystics have offered mind altering herbs and ceremonies of dance, drums or sounds to bring a shift of consciousness. There are scores of methods, pathways and tools that have been offered to humanity throughout your history.

All these suggestions and techniques are for the important purpose of shifting your awareness to understand that the world you view is only one small perspective of the whole. There are levels and dimensions and timeframes in which an aware individual can experience and, so to speak, ‘travel’. This is our invitation to you.

Let us give you this example; imagine a young child is raised in a small house, all their needs are met. They are happy and their entire world that they consciously know is that small house. They become an adult yet never venture out of the small house, believing that the space of the small house is all that exists. Their parents only know and see the small house as reality. They are taught nothing more. Everything they experience, all their beliefs and mental programs tell them that reality is this one small house. As long as they do not believe, they cannot see a different reality.

Imagine now that something happens and they are shocked out of their stance and beliefs. They briefly catch a glimpse of a bigger reality beyond the small house. This is the beginning of expanded awareness. They are shocked, even amazed. They might even question their own beliefs; perhaps there is more than the small house. They even share with others about this new reality that they have seen. Everyone invalidates them, shames them, even mocks them. They begin to doubt what they experienced.

This is what is happening on your planet right now in a big way. People are being shocked out of their stance of what’s real. When no one believes them, they doubt their own experience. It then becomes frightening, it is fearful and they have a tendency to run back into the small house rather than explore the new reality.

Another example here, you have the television in your home; even though it is turned off at this time you could simply activate it and there would be a program or news or movie. There are various selections and offerings here to view, different realities so to speak.

Imagine all the assembled electronic equipment called TV, is much like your brain. You can switch the channels, you can find a memory of the past which invokes emotions or you can review a channel of your worries or you can envision and get a sense of your possible futures.

Yet you are still in the small house, or you are still in the box of the TV. You are still in your small mind; you are still in your beliefs about this limited reality.

We are encouraging you to step out the door and embrace the countless realities that are only a frequency/a vibration away. Allow yourself to imagine traveling to the stars. Allow yourself to imagine being a tree, a rock, or some animal, what might that feel like. Allow yourself to see energy in its different forms without an overlay of your beliefs. Allow yourself. It is a practice. It is an intention. Allow your imagination to be free.

There is much assistance being given at this time to awaken humanity to the rich tapestry of multi-realities. It is a bigger playground…a freer playground. It is riding the energy flow, it is reading the energy signature of the moment.

It is opening the door to all possibilities and stepping into an awesome new awareness of being unlimited. As a multidimensional being and a galactic citizen, now think of the size of your playground.

As you increase your personal vibration and frequency you operate at a higher resonance. This invites the expanded reality; the bigger playground is open to you. Balance, laughter, joy, gratitude and appreciation are vibrational tickets that allow you to ride into realities of wonder and awe. Balance, laughter, joy, gratitude and appreciation are vibrational tickets that allow you to move from one dimension to another. Be at peace, Beloved the ‘team’

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