I wish that you could see my journey through my eyes.Only one has experienced this journey fully and that is God within me.This same God is within you experiencing your journey through your eyes.And yes, it would be very amazing to see your journey through my eyes.Is this possible while in our physical bodies?the answer is yes and it demands practice and focus within.Do we have technology that can do this same thing?yes, we do.It has been used to delay the process of evolution of humanity and now this same technology is in the hands of the good guys, human beings that work hand in hand with the Galactic Federation of Light to release the collective of humanity from slavery.I have shared countless times here the power of collective meditation and praying and how it assists the light to do the work,especially when we do this collectively and synchronistically.There is a special page for this on my website.Now is the time to do your part of spiritual work.Sharing our energy for the highest good for all is never lost energy since this energy comes back to our being 10 x stronger.It is a win win deal.And the biggest currency one can invest on is more Love and Light in their being.Cause when more Love and Light fills our being, one knows that He/She is already FREE.It is so beautiful up here.I have already done 2 meditations this morning ,one around 1 hour and another one of 15’ listening to 40Hz music creating reality for the highest good for all.My ears are buzzing ,i am flying and i feel like hugging each and everyone of you.For now i am giving you a virtual hug, can you feel it? #FeelMoreThanFine