6 fingers :A Sign of Evolution.High Six!!!!

David Wilcock talked about 6 fingers printing on a stone of Padmasmbhava,giving the message of evolution for humanity:

”A Tibetan Legend of a man who descended down from space. Leaving hand prints into the stone, with 6 fingers on the hand”

”…ET Human Padmasambhava, came from space in an egg, taught the monks of Tibet how to turn into a light body. takes 7 days. Your body shrinks down to about 9 inches tall, rainbow appears of the hut. Then people start to see them in their dreams…”


Find more about David’s Blog/Predictions right here:

hqdefault (1)In 2014 i have posted a  link sharing this in my video but strangely is doesn’t work anymore.Here is the video:

and here are few more videos with 6 fingered families proving this: