555 Stargate reminder.

Don’t forget the quantum shift begun officially on 555 (5 May 2021) because we collectively were ready for it ,which allows higher frequency energies of Love and Light from The Central Galactic Sun perceived as Solar flares to reach us. One easily notices that our Sun ‘burns’ much more than before but that does not mean it is dangerous :it really feels good to absorb the sunrays ,more than ever.For not being triggered into wrong actions the ‘trick’ is to always make 2 steps back and breath, Let go and Let God. And when i speak of Let God i mean action through inspiration and not because one must or should do so. Higher Self has the answers while mind tries to engage into physical action. One will notice that it feels more than fine to act through guidance from Higher Self and totally the opposite when one tries to keep on doing things the old 3D ways. Once again, take what you resonate with and leave the rest.Namaste.#feelmorethanfine