4 am bliss state.

In this moment that i am writing this, it is 4am, my heart is filled with so much love and bliss that is difficult to describe with words. Yesterday Sunday 15th of August, i was , as usually on Sundays, doing our 3 synchronized meditations of 30′ each for Christ Light Expansion (since 5 years with Sandra Walter) and to top this up at the end of the day we had an amazing activity of Light along Saint Germain and Mother Mary guided by Patricia Cota Robles on DAY 2 of the 35TH ANNUAL WORLD CONGRESS ON ILLUMINATION involving hundreds of thousands of Light workers around the World. And the way i feel and i am sure all participants do as well is a direct manifestation of The Tsunami of Mother God now elevating the planet and all life upon it. The level of Inner peace and Harmony is rising up! It is here ,it is 5D up to 12D , it feels Heaven, it feels Pure Unconditional Love, it feels like i can be, do or have anything i want, it feels that IAM Worthy to receive, it feels Freedom, it feels Liberation, it feels healing, it feels unlimited potential, it feels Ecstasy, it feels Celebration, it feels Pure Authentic Joy, it feels Passion and Enthusiasm, it feels Widsom and Enlightment, it feels Safety and Security and Divine Will, it feels Ascension, it feels Harmony, Balance and Understanding, it feels Forgiveness, it feels Clarity, it feels Balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, it feels Peace, it feels Prosperity, it feels Transformation and Transfiguration. It feels All That and much more. And my wish is that you reading this and all humanity may you all feel and know in the core of your beings the beauty of what is taking place within in the here and now.
In this moment as i am writting this i am sitting outdoords watching the stars in the clear night sky receving even more codes from on High , this is the name of the Ascension game: To Open to Receive more Love and Light , to align more with who I really am, with who you really are :
GOD ever expanding living a Human experience and for the first time ever in an Ascending body.
What a treat and a gift to be in the here and now, going through that experience!

Feel More Than Fine and Namaste!

Nikos Akrivos