3D to 5D Boost UP-date

3D to 5D Boost UP-date : In the United States FOR America : Vac-cine passports & mask mandates are dead. Fauci’s & MSM & most politician’s / bankers credibility are dead. We are thankful for the few that do the work for all humanity with The Alliance, Military and President Trump to start with. Big Pharma exposed. Bi-DAn admin falling off the cliff. Rats and Traitors exposed and eating each other alive. More countries are following. Matrix is breaking down for All to witness. WE remain in Celebration mode from withIN out at all times, it’s the best formula to keep keeping on . Don’t ask to be understood, go within and allow the LOVE of The Creator fill your being with authentic joy and from here take inspired actions if you feel so. Do everything you want/can/need with joy from within ONLY. Anything else is not of service to you and any of those around you. The changes seem to be slow but as one can observe from the first part of this post it is accelerating and tangilbly manifesting now in the physical world. This won’t last forever ,this too will pass but before we can go on the next level, there is much more to be witnessed .Enjoy your pop corn and don’t get sucked in the fear based illusion playing out. Know that you are SAFE. The Galactics and Angelic Beings got our backs at all times, they work 24/7 to keep up with what is needed and our efforts in prayer & meditation are more than ever needed as each one of us is SUPER powerful in our intentions and only such collaboration guarantees 100% success. SUPERMAN AND SUPERWOMEN when you know, you know! Galactic codex will not be violated any longer. It is the end of Power on Others people. Power from with-IN people are LEGION . LOVE HAS WON. Communities are coming together be it physically ,online or telepathically through our collective meditations. To Be Loving and Kind with the Self and All others no matter what arises is the ART of POWER from with-IN. This power gets stronger the more ones spends time constantly with consistence and consistently with constance to go within for at least 15′-20′ daily. That’s the formula of success feeling it and living it in THE NOW. Not in the future, right NOW. And what one feels right NOW creates the best possible timeline where one is the highest version of what one can be, do or have. And So Be It. And so it is. AHO, NAMASTE AND HALLELUJAH Feeling GRATITUDE of what is and however it plays out and EAGERNESS of what is coming at all times.