It is time to connect with your truest desires and give them time to bloom and grow, for those desires have always been meant to lead you to your highest life expression.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Your Highest Life Expression

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As you move further and further into the energies of the new year, you are being called to live your life authentically and to follow your innermost yearnings. Unfortunately, many of you have been taught to suppress those desires very early in life in order to please others. Even though you are adults now and in charge of your life expression, many of you haven’t given yourselves the time or the space to identify what you truly desire and what would be the truest match to you.

If this is the case, we offer you this question. If you didn’t know a single soul on the planet and there was no one to offer opinions or judgements on your decisions, what would you choose to do? Where would you live? What would you do for fun? What would light you up and make you feel brilliantly alive?

We urge you to ask these questions, not because we are encouraging you to abandon your life but because we are wanting you to identify what you wish to add into your life expression. If you fear doing this exercise would make you selfish or do something out of integrity, please understand this is an exercise of consciousness and when you operate from that alignment you would never do something harmful to another.

It is time, Dear Ones. It is time to connect with your truest desires and give them time to bloom and grow, for those desires have always been meant to lead you to your highest life expression.

This is the start of your new life on earth.-Saint Germain via Ngari-

Dear brothers and friends: St. Germain speaks to you…

The long wait is over. Everything is running smoothly and according to plan. The spread of wealth on planet earth begins today.

With My Great pleasure..!!

I would like to inform you that NESARA and GESARA were created for the highest benefit of mankind.

I can confirm that today the world is entering a golden age of love, abundance for all and great peace, which so far has been the privilege of a few.

We had to wait 20 years to see full NESARA/GESARA law enforcement. It was a dry and changeable road, but with the priceless help of Lightworkers, we made it!

There are still people who continue to fight the obvious victory of light, but they realize that the battle is over, and the war ends with the undeniable victory of light.

No insurance stir-fry date, January 15, 2023est. This is the start of your new life on earth.

Said the conch, we have entered the age of light with all its involved. Soon the whole world will know the truth they worked hard to cover them up.

From now on earth will be a full galaxy society, the beginning of heaven on earth.

Your world will be remade in a totally different way, with a more just society, with the distribution of wealth that is no longer in the hands of the minority.


the champagne can be opened..!!!!!!!!!

May happiness prevail everywhere..!!

Wanna see everybody party when my heart says so

“Still got bills I don’t know how to pay.”

Replace the word “empty” IMMEDIATELY!!! 🌹

From your friend and brother

-Saint GermainSherkman-

channeled by María Cecilia Ngari

The record:

Our beloved Mary… Been getting messages from Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command for almost 50 years…

She was the first group to bring this truth to us all….

So world reference in this episode

🔥 Lights have won 🔥. Thanks Fabio Trippitelli for the info

Who AM I? Manifestation and The Dance of Life within a physical ascending body.

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The ultimate truth is that You and I are God expressing our self in different ways within our physical bodies.
The observation within the physical world may be still one of separation, if one takes in account only what one observes with the 5 senses. And yet the ultimate truth is that You are God and everyone is God too. And in our ability of seeing ourself and all others as God no matter where they stand in their journey and how they behave in the now, lies our power of magical/alchemical creation for excellent well being, abundance, prosperity, freedom, awesome relations and true authentic joy for ourself and all others. And in mastering this way of seeing all as who they really are, we basically can manifest anything that we want to be, do or have.
Now, this is a knowledge that is deep embedded in me and i tend to make the best use of it most often than not. In fact my practice becomes better when i truly take the time to love myself, to tell myself : I Am magnificent, I Am Healthy, I Am Wealthy, I Am Loving and Kind no matter what arises, I Am Free, I Am Abundance, I Am Compassion etc. from a place of having achieved alignement through meditation with who i really am and truly feeling into it and knowing it and milking it and enjoying this feeling.
And so, does this not make sense and everything i ever wanted and asked to be , do or have in my life is already given? and by not doubting that and by practising this firm belief that it is already done, done, done and living life from that assumption i am basically the closest i can be to that version of myself, that future “walk in’ already walking in my shoes in the now? Talking about jumping timelines!!!and living already in the now as the highest version of all that i can be, do or have!
And so all creation/manifestation comes back to the word and thoughts and focus i am using while remaining in a state of appreciation, eagerness and fun for the rest of the time and knowing fully that because of Ascension and incoming Light there will be moments that i must take the time to accept whatever the beautiful uknown is bringing to my awareness. There goes the dance of Life within a physical ascending body.
And by only focusing on how we feel each and every moment we know how close we are, how aligned we are to our ultimate truth. Feeling good is feeling God.

What is, is old news. Everything. From the news you read, to the reality you think you are living and believe it to be true. Best way to live, find all things to appreciate in the now = Fun Perpetual Gratitude. And sustain an emotional hygiene on a daily basis that synchronises your being with Ascension = To Feel Good : meditate/create & chill & nap & take it easy when you don’t. Manifestations and Desires you want to experience are the bonus of  having taken the time to create an atmosphere around you, your own 5th dimensional matrix that allows those to be tangibly experienced. It will seem like magic to those around you but you know you have taken the time to get there and know what alignement to Who You Really are means. The law of attraction is not obeying to your words or validation of others, it obeys to how you feel. How you feel  now is what you attract. Learn and have fun making good use of it and you are then able to surf Life’s waves with mastery.

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos