Arcturian Group Message 1/1/23

JANUARY 1, 2023

Happy New Year dear readers. Welcome to a year in which you will witness increasingly more change, awakenings, exposure, and new beginnings.

New beginnings because the world’s collective consciousness which is the sum of all previous and present states of consciousness on earth is changing. It is becoming Lighter and more evolved due to presence of so many spiritually advanced souls now on earth with more continuing to come. Much that has long constituted the universal collective consciousness is dissolving or has already dissolved through the presence of so many spiritually evolved individuals on earth.

Divine Mind is the One and only mind and therefore the real mind of every person. However, in the lower resonating energy of the third dimension, mind, a channel of awareness for consciousness, is overshadowed with dense energies of duality, separation, and two powers becoming for all intents and purposes a human, personal, ego mind, a three dimensional concept of the ONE MIND.

The personal/ego mind is only able to access information and truth from outside of itself–from the collective. As the collective becomes increasingly illumined through the presence of the many high resonating states of consciousness now on earth who came specifically for this purpose, people will have access to and begin to draw ideas from a higher resonating collective and begin to implement them as spiritually evolved, new, and better ideas for living.

There will always be those who benefit from the status quo and resist change while continuing to cling to and promote familiar and less enlightened ways of solving problems and living life. All have free will to choose as they please, but changes are coming and resistance will prove to be futile because earth’s ascension is a Divine Plan that will continue to unfold in spite of any and all resistance.

The new year is seen as a time for making “New Year resolutions” because the start of a new year feels like a perfect time to examine the past year and make changes. However, most New Year’s resolutions never come to full fruition simply because people are consciousness with bodies rather than bodies with consciousness and whatever remains firmly established in one’s consciousness simply continues to manifest.

However, choosing to make resolutions for positive change indicates that a person is looking more deeply into themselves, recognizing how and what they would like to change, and are attempting to make it happen. The problem is that most resolutions are based in three dimensional concepts about how life could be better–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, concepts that never really address the underlying root of that which they hope to change.

Long accepted beliefs about how people or life should be in order to be right or successful are no longer resonating as true with an increasing number of individuals. People are beginning to recognize that change happens automatically as they let go of old concepts and allow themselves to expand and embrace ideas that are based in oneness rather than separation and competition. The inner is the outer and so in reality there are no victims but you cannot say that to those who as of yet are only able to understand life from a three dimensional perspective.

Let your New Year resolutions to be about observing, allowing, and ceasing to resist in the realization of yourself as SELF, a Divine Being who chose to be on earth at this time in order to add Light to the collective, clear remaining dense energies, and assist others to awaken. Let your resolutions reflect your evolved state of consciousness, your spirituality. Let them be about love, the reality of all life, and simply BEing.

Resistance adds energy and increasingly empowers whatever is being resisted. The clearing process often causes anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, self loathing, guilt, and all sorts of negative emotions to surface. Do not resist them for their presence does not mean you are reverting back to an old state of consciousness, but rather simply means that you are experiencing the emotions associated with whatever pocket of old energy is moving through. Observe, feel, and simply allow any negative emotions or thoughts. Allow these old energies to flow through and out without giving them power or believing that they are personally yours.

Refusing to give something power in spite of appearances does not mean ignoring someone or situation in need, saying to them; “God is all, it’s not real, its an illusion”. Many have gotten trapped in this three dimensional way of interpreting truth which is the ego based act of pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained. Living truth means assisting or stepping in with human footsteps when or if you are intuitively guided to do so while never forgetting the underlying reality and innate Divinity of all involved. This does not mean yanking someone out of their chosen lesson. Always listen to your intuition for guidance in these situations.

There are those who are not yet ready or able to integrate the new and higher resonating energies flowing to earth at this time and are choosing to leave in order to come back into the new earth at a later time. Others are leaving because they believe they can assist earth’s ascension process more fully from the other side. Death is always a choice . Not one made from three dimensional awareness but one made on deeper levels. Many were tired and just wanted to go home and Covid offered this opportunity.

Earth is a very difficult school of evolution but because there is only the ONE Life, no life is ever lost, wasted, or a failure. A person who leaves as the result of addiction, violence, or other negative choices quickly and with the help of Guides begins to understand what he was unable to while on earth. Every soul has infinite opportunities to return to earth armed with a new awareness and prepared to experience and move past that which held him or her in bondage the last time.

This is how spiritual evolution works on earth until at some point the soul has learned all it can from three dimensional experiences and is ready to continue evolution in the higher dimensions .

Pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for it takes a strong and dedicated soul to choose and graduate from earth’s three dimensional school of evolution and then even when it is no longer needed choose to come back in order to help others.

New energies and higher states of consciousness are giving birth to a new earth.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/1/23

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by Patricia Cota-Robles

January 1, 2023

Cosmic Beings from Systems of Worlds beyond our Great, Great Central Sun were given permission by our Father-Mother God to descend into the atmosphere of Earth to help Humanity in powerful ways that we had not been able to vibrationally withstand previously. Our God Parents gave these Beings of Light permission to remain here and to work with every person’s I AM Presence from the September 22nd Equinox thru the December 21st Solstice in 2022. Prior to returning to their distant Homes on the Solstice they blessed Humanity with an activity of Light that prepared each of us in wondrous ways for the Divine Mission we are being Called to fulfill in 2023.

On December 21, 2022, this activity of Light was encoded into the patterns for the New Earth in the Causal Body of God and will be intensified at a cellular level within every Human Being each time we participate in this Gift from the Cosmic Beings. If you have the Heart Call to do so, please join with me and Lightworkers around the World now as we empower this Gift from On High for every man, woman and child on Earth. And we begin.

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with my Father-Mother God. In Loving Gratitude I Breathe in my Life Force which is my Gift of Life. With every elevated Holy Breath I take my I AM Presence Consecrates every thought, feeling, word and action I express with Light and Love in appreciation for my Gift of Life.

I AM also One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth. Collectively Humanity’s I AM Presences now merge into One Luminous Being of Light that is cradling Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her within the Divinity of our Unified Heart Flames. Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth are now Breathing in unison with me as One elevated Holy Breath.

What I invoke for myself this day, I invoke on behalf of every person on this Planet, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth in perfect alignment with each One’s Divine Plan and the Highest Good for all concerned.

Now, Beloved Presence of God, I AM, through the Divinity blazing in every person’s Heart Flame I invoke the 5th-Dimensional Silent Watchers and the Cosmic Beings who are assisting us from Systems of Worlds beyond our Great, Great Central Sun. I Invoke the Solar Logos from Earth’s lineage including our Physical Sun – Helios and Vesta, our Central Sun – Alpha and Omega, our Great Central Sun – Elohae and Eloha and our Great, Great Central Sun – El and Ela. I also Invoke the Mighty Elohim and all of the Beings of Light serving the evolutions of Earth from the Realms of Illumined Truth.

On this sacred and holy day, through the Divine Intervention of the entire Company of Heaven now gathered in the atmosphere of Earth, I invoke from the very Core of Creation the most intensified frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving at this time. Beloved Ones, use this Gift of Light to accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is Transfiguring the carbon-based Earthly Bodies of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

Simultaneously, raise Humanity’s newly recalibrated spiritual brain centers as well as our mental bodies, our superconscious minds, our conscious minds, our subconscious minds and our physical brain structures into brand new levels of Divine Consciousness.

This elevated shift of Consciousness is now empowering ALL of Humanity to clearly hear the Inner Voice of our I AM Presence and the Voices from the Beings of Light serving us from the Heavenly Realms as they help us to attain a state of Listening Grace.

From this sacred space I hear a Voice speaking in the deepest recesses of my Heart Flame … and I listen.

The Divine Words reverberating in my Heart Flame remind me that I AM an Instrument of God, and that I have come to Earth during this critical moment to be the Heart, Head and Hands of God in the physical world of form. As I listen to these words I remember.

This remembrance stirs within me the Inner Knowing that I have been preparing for aeons of time for my Divine Mission during this Cosmic Moment. Deep within the recesses of my Heart I KNOW that I have all of the wisdom, strength, skill, knowledge, talent and ability I need to succeed in fulfilling my mission God Victoriously … I also have the courage to act NOW.

Suddenly, I hear the Voice of God calling me to a higher octave of Divine Service … I respond with willingness and enthusiasm.

The Voice of God reveals to me that due to the urgency of the hour a contingency plan for the Earth has been set into motion, and my assistance is acutely needed in order for the plan to succeed … I joyously agree to serve in whatever capacity I AM needed.

The Voice of God speaking within my Heart Flame reveals that the time is short and that I AM needed as a surrogate in this unprecedented Divine Plan to serve as an Instrument of God on behalf of ALL of Humanity. In deep humility and compassion I volunteer.

I take a deep Breath and I feel myself spiraling up a scintillating shaft of Light. In an instant, I AM standing before the August Presence of the Cosmic Beings that have come temporarily to assist us from Systems of Worlds beyond our Great, Great Central Sun. These Beings of Light have been given permission by our Father-Mother God to assist Humanity during this critical facet of Mother Earth’s Divine Plan in ways that have never before been allowed by Cosmic Law. This is being allowed now because the Love of our Mother God has at long last returned and is now reclaiming this Earth.

This Divine Intervention is being monitored by every person’s I AM Presence and will occur for every Son and Daughter of God in alignment with our highest good and the maximum assistance that we are capable of safely assimilating.

As I look upon these Cosmic Beings with wonder and awe, the Light of a thousand Suns seems to be radiating through their Heart Flames. Exquisite colors, fragrances, musical tones and frequencies of vibration beyond anything I have ever experienced begin to permeate my Being. As this wondrous Light enters the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of my Earthly Bodies, and all of the spaces in between these particles, I realize that I AM receiving a Baptism by Sacred Fire directly from the Heart of my Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

I now feel my Heart’s Call and I move closer to the luminous Presence of the Cosmic Beings. As One Luminous Presence they place their blazing Hands of Light upon my head and decree:

“With this Baptism by Sacred Fire from the Heart of our Father-Mother God we now Consecrate your Earthly Bodies.”

“We Consecrate your Mind to be One with the Divine Mind of God.”

The Cosmic Beings now place their Hands of Light upon my Heart and decree:

“We Consecrate your Heart to be the Open Door through which our Father-Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love and Limitless Abundance will flow to bless you and all Life.”

The Beings now place their Hands of Light upon my eyes and decree:

“We Consecrate your Eyes to perceive the Truth and to recognize perfection in all things.”

They now place their Hands of Light upon my ears and decree:

“We Consecrate your Ears to hear the still small Voice of God within your Heart for guidance and illumination. Truly listen and respond with Love to all of those who communicate with you.”

The Cosmic Beings now place their Hands of Light upon my lips and decree:

“We Consecrate your Lips to express only Truth and to communicate clearly, openly and honestly whenever you speak.”

They now place their Hands of Light upon my nose and decree:

“We Consecrate your Nostrils to Breathe in the perfectly balanced Holy Breath of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. This elevated Holy Breath will now revitalize, rejuvenate and heal your Earthly Bodies with every Breath you take.”

Their Hands of Light are now placed upon my hands and they decree:

“We Consecrate your Hands to bless and heal all that you touch.”

The Cosmic Beings now place their Hands of Light on my feet and decree:

“We Consecrate your Feet so that as you continue your Earthly sojourn you will walk the Path of Light. As you fulfill your Divine Plan, you will reach your highest potential as an Instrument of God.”

The Cosmic Beings now decree:

“In the name of the Cosmic I AM, All That Is, we decree that this Baptism by Sacred Fire and this Consecration through the Infinite Light of our Father-Mother God has been victoriously fulfilled for every man, woman and child on Earth. This activity of Light has been permanently encoded in the Causal Body of our Father-Mother God. And so it is.”

In deep Humility and Gratitude I express my appreciation for the opportunity to be an Instrument of God in this new and greatly accelerated way. Father-Mother God allow me to be the Open Door for the Light of God and a Force of Healing for all Life I come in contact with during my Earthly sojourn. In my mission of being an Instrument of God I magnetize into my sphere of influence every person, place, condition or thing that I can assist in any way with God’s Infinite Light. Give me the Divine Opportunities to Love all Life FREE on this sweet Earth.

I AM Open! I AM Willing! I AM Receptive! And I AM Grateful!
I AM God’s Infinite Light in Action on Earth!
And so it is, Beloved I AM That I AM.

Dear One, this week go within and ask your I AM Presence how you can add to the Light of the World in the most powerful way during this vitally important and wondrous time.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
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