The Spirit of Freedom | Isis via Pamela Kribbe

by Pamela Kribbe

I am Isis. I am the free spirit in you all. You can see me in the movement of a bird, flying through the sky, or in water running through a river channel. I am always flowing and moving. My energy cannot get stuck in limitations based on fear and the need for control. I am a female energy, free of limitation.

I am here today because the female energy on Earth is awakening to a higher level of itself. The female energy has been suppressed for a long time, but there was a reason for this happening. There are big cycles of development in your human history and the male and the female energies are both developing themselves, trying to get to a point of balance within human beings.

You are neither male nor female, you are both. And you are not dependent on either of them; you are a free spirit with no limitations. If you get caught up in the idea that you are only male or only female, you get imprisoned by limiting thought-forms which have been passed on to you by the traditions of your society. To be a free spirit, you need the element of play in your life: playfulness, joy, freedom from limiting structures, as well as both the male and the female energies available to you, whether you are a man or a woman. Tradition has forced you into limited images of what it is like to be male or female and you are all suffering from those images.

Now, as a start, if you are a man, I would like you to imagine that you have a female body, or if you are a woman, imagine that you have a male body. Travel with your awareness into your body, into your heart, and feel that you are free inside yourself. Imagine, just for fun, what it would be like to have a body of the opposite sex. You have actually lived lives as the opposite gender, so it is not as hard as you might think. Notice the difference in energies when you are in the body of the opposite sex. What would change for you if you were in this body? Would you do things differently; would some things feel easier for you? Just play with this image and welcome the energy of the opposite sex – it is part of you.

The energy of sexuality has been completely perverted by human traditions of fear and limitation. Sexuality and the soul, the free spirit, belong together, but most religions tell you otherwise. They state that the human passions, such as sexual desire, are of a “lower” nature, whereas the energy of discipline and rules, and focus on the “higher” nature, is supposed to be good and pure. However, when you make a division such as that, you sever yourself. The energy of sexuality is not just about sex, it is really about life. All life comes forth from the sexual energy in humans and in nature, and the dance of male and female energies is at the core of life itself. The energy of sexuality is badly in need of healing and of a different perspective.

Now, I ask that you connect to your second chakra which is in the middle of your abdomen. Sense how the source of creativity inside you is located there. True creativity comes from the soul and is free of limitation, and although it is also sexual in nature, it is not limited by the narrow definition of sexuality. True creativity is vibrant and alive; it wants to explore and express itself in a passionate way, and this is what happens when the soul connects to the physical plane. When the soul gets embodied as a human, the body can provide you with joy and pleasure, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The reason why sexuality was considered suspect, and was suppressed by religious traditions, was that there was a great fear of the female energy. In male-dominated societies or communities, the female energy became a threat because it breaks down rigid power structures and opens up to feelings. There is a paradox inside the male energy: at some level it yearns for sexual union, but at the same time it has an immense fear of sexuality in the wider sense of the word. The fear is not so much of the physical act, but sexuality as aliveness, creativity, exploration, going beyond limits.

For example, when you fall in love with someone, you lose your sense of boundaries and you enter into unknown territory, and this feels magical to you. But the energy of falling in love is not just about the relationship between a particular man and woman, it is more universal than that. It is about the joy of exploration, of moving beyond the known into the unknown, of feeling the magic and the miracle of life. This very free energy of moving beyond yourself, of transcending your boundaries, is at the heart of the female energy, but it was a threat to the ruling powers, and especially to the male power structures.

When you suppress and make suspect the true meaning and vitality of sexual energy, you create many problems for yourself; you become neurotic by suppressing a vital part of yourself. You miss the freedom of living life joyfully, of feeling whole unto yourself. You become divided against yourself and you think you need to obey rules and disciplines that do not come from within yourself, but are imposed from without. You alienate yourself from the source of life and this is what has actually happened in human society. Because the powers of life and true creativity were feared, the energy of control and suppression took over and it killed the human spirit.

Things are changing now but you can still see the effects everywhere around you. Most people are depressed, perhaps not in the clinical sense, but they use only a small part of their true potential and only have a limited connection with their free spirit, their soul. They are blocked by judgments and rules and principles which they think they should obey in order to feel alright, but these laws are not coming from a true spiritual source.

I now ask that you invite my energy into the whole of your body, to welcome back the spirit of joy and freedom and lust for life. You are whole, you are not divided into good and bad parts. This idea is nonsense; every part of you is alive, and the life inside you is looking for a heartfelt expression. All parts of you can and do desire to participate in this expression. Even the dark emotions or passions have a core of light inside them; they just need to be transformed by a spirit of kindness and understanding, and not be held captive by fear and suppression.

So invite my spirit into your heart and feel that it is your own. I am not outside you, I am present in every cell of your body – I am life itself. I am the part of your soul’s energy that loves life, that wants to enjoy it and to have adventures. I am the part of you that is not afraid of change, of moving on, and of accepting the new. Allow me to flow into your body and regard me as your friend – you can fly with me.

Imagine that you have wings and fly upward, and, for awhile, you leave the heavy energy of Earth below you. You see the suffering on Earth, the physical suffering, but most of all you see the emotional pain. Most people on Earth feel very imprisoned inside themselves. They cannot get out of themselves because their thoughts limit and restrict them. And as you look down upon this suffering when you are up in the sky, you feel free because you know youdo not have to change anything; you do not have to do anything to save humanity. You know that when you embody your own free spirit – when your trust your own desires, your passions, your true creativity – you then become your own best friend and you start to radiate an energy that is helpful to the people around you.

It is important to realize that when you express this energy of freedom, it might be frightening to some people because you are knocking on the doors of their prison cell, and doing this can sometimes feel as a threat to them. They may think you are too wild, too different, too free; but just let them be and do not argue with them, do not waste your energy by doing that. You need all your awareness and energy to stay focused on yourself, to preserve that energy of freedom, and to hear your own soul’s guidance.

When you embody the spirit of freedom, of love, life, and joy, you also need to be very perceptive of the energies around you. Feel from your heart where your unique soul’s energy is welcome and can flow easily. Whenever you feel exhausted around someone or in a particular situation – when you feel drained – just leave. Do not exert yourself trying to change things because change happens in ways you cannot predict. So you do not have to focus your attention on creating change or working for it, and you do not need to convince other people of what to do. If you keep attuned to your own heart and to the source of life in your abdomen, then you will know what to do: you simply follow the flow of joy. What makes you feel alive and vibrant and inspired is where you are meant to go.

There may be times in your life when you feel you cannot go anywhere with this energy. It seems there is a lack of people or situations which allow you to fully express yourself, but this is just a part of your journey. In order to learn to respect yourself, even when you feel alone and misunderstood, go out into nature. Feel the energies of nature in places where it is wild and free, and you will feel at home there. You must respect yourself and, to some extent, you need to be solitary to do this.

You are here to create a new kind of consciousness and you do this by staying true to yourself by not trying to change anything outside yourself, by listening to the voice of your heart, and by not getting too upset by people or energies that might resist you. Just leave them be; you do not need to be involved with them. Fly up high in the sky, again and again, to remember who you truly are: a being free of limitations, and your energy will change and affect the people around you. However, changing others should not be your primary concern, it will just happen. You are here to find joy in life, even in the midst of heavy and dense energy. And by preserving the spirit of joy, you will give hope to other people.

Take good care of yourself; you are much more cherished than you think. There are angels around you all the time; you are never alone, even in the midst of darkness. You are always connected to the source of life, the life that transcends all boundaries.

Thank you for receiving my spirit within you.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/12/2022 • Keep the Magnet On!

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe deeply. Exhale. The vibrations of all creation just flowed through you in that single breath. The energies of all you love and all you hate just flowed into you. Your intelligent body, connected to the Source, attempted to take in all of the frequencies that support its health, happiness, and well-being. Your mind selected and filtered the frequencies that match the vibration of your thoughts and the emotional charge around them.

You are in charge of what you take in and what you release. Your feelings tell you in a given moment precisely what vibrations you are resonating with and which ones you are not.

Suppose you are angry. You go about your day dwelling on frustrations. As you breathe, you resonate with all the frustrated people on earth. You resonate with things that will frustrate you. God and your angels emit only love, help, joy, kindness, and beautiful frequencies, but in your upset space, you selectively filter out the kinder energies and tune yourself into the not-so-pleasant ones ones. You turn on the TV and see an ad that upsets you. You get stuck behind people in traffic. Memories arise. Fears and feelings of helplessness arise. At some point, you may realize that you’re spinning into a very unpleasant and chaotic state of being and, there, a chaotic experience of life.

Perhaps you have a moment of awareness. You want to feel better and don’t want to feel like things are spinning out of control. You take a deep, slow breath and relax into it. As you breathe, even if only for a moment, you are a vibrational match to love. You chose to honor your desire to feel better. That is self-love. You decided to stop yourself from spinning into chaos. That is self-love. You chose to focus on something simple that you knew would help you calm down. That is self-love.

In that moment of self-love, you began to resonate with love. In that vibration, you are resonating with all that is good, beautiful, healthy, and happy. You are allowing the cells of your body, which are always calling for love to receive a healthy vibration. In this breath, you are unblocked, experiencing a greater connection to the Source, and beginning to turn towards a kinder reality. It is that simple.

Suppose you proceed with your day more relaxed, with a more objective perspective. You start to choose better-feeling thoughts. “That’s more like it,” you tell yourself. “There are things to be happy about. There are things to appreciate. I can acknowledge myself in this moment!” Now you are creating more positive momentum, and, like a snowball rolling, your day begins to improve until you feel loved and peaceful once again. It really is this simple.

Dear ones, if you truly understood the vibrational nature of your reality, choosing better-feeling thoughts would become your single highest priority.

As you feel yourself moving closer and closer to feeling love, you come closer to feeling the Source within. As you choose better-feeling thoughts, your system sifts through the soup of frequencies in each breath and resonates more clearly with those of love. As you appreciate a sunset and have a moment of appreciation, in that breath you are resonating with all who appreciate, all who feel life’s abundance, and all that is beautiful and there to appreciate. In that vibration, you draw more abundance to you, more beauty, more peace, and so much more love. All of this occurs in that one breathe during a moment of appreciation.

Some of you don’t feel you can manifest, but you can. You may think you’ve tried, but you may not realize that you oscillate between high and low frequencies so frequently. You don’t always stay tuned into a loving reality consistently enough to have your magnet draw the loving person, thing, or situation that you wish to you.

For example, suppose you want a lover. One moment you focus on the delicious thought of one. You are moving towards your lover. One moment you focus with appreciation on your sandwich. In that moment of loving your sandwich, you are attracting a lover. Another moment you are feeling pretty good about an accomplishment. You are moving towards your lover in that vibration of love. However, you get to the end of the day and get frustrated. “Where’s my lover? They’ll never come.” Now you’re not in a vibration of love. Temporarily the magnet is off. You get to the weekend, “I’m lonely. I’m miserable. I’m bored. I’m tired or doing things on my own. Those thoughts may all be true, but they don’t feel like love. You’ve temporarily switched your magnet off. Most of you go through life like this – on again, off again, on again, off again. Hence, it can take a while to attract what you want.

However, here’s the good news. You don’t have to focus on what you want at all. You just have to focus on anything that feels better. Love is love whether you are loving the thought of the future you want to create or loving your sandwich. Love is love whether you are loving feelings of being on vacation in your future or enjoying your chair. Love is love whether you are thinking of the partner you wish for with delightful anticipation or enjoying a moment listening to a beautiful bird singing outside your window. Love is love whether you are focusing on having a lot of money in your future and how fun that would be, enjoying a penny you found on the sidewalk, or opening the door for a stranger.

Maybe you can’t think positively about the lover that isn’t here yet, but you can still attune yourself to love! You can enjoy the day, the weather, your couch, your sandwich, and all the other good people, things, and animals in your life. In that fairly consistent vibration of love, you’ll still attract your lover.

Maybe you can’t think positively about the future of your world at the moment, but you can enjoy your tea, your coffee, the good people in your life, the folks that think positively and do good. As you maintain a fairly consistent vibration of love, you are helping to create the better world you want to see.

You can avoid focusing on a highly charged topic and focus on anything that feels like love, and in that vibration of love, you’ll begin to attract so much more of what you would love to see.

Love is love, dear ones, and no matter how you find it, focus on it, and most importantly, choose it, it is the highest, most beautiful, most magnetic vibration on the planet. Even if you are grieving, you can focus on the love and attract a connection with your dear one beyond your wildest dreams. Love is love.

Choose better-feeling thoughts –thoughts that feel more loving – as often as possible. In so doing, you allow yourself to experience a beautiful, happy, healthy, abundant life no matter what the rest of the world is doing. You can, one breath at a time, keep your magnet for love on and live a life that reflects that love right back to you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels