You are a new being learning how to live comfortably and joyfully in this new world.

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Dear Ones,

It’s time to forgive yourself. Although you have likely read something similar elsewhere and felt guilty for not forgiving yourself.

What you feel guilty about most likely occurred in your former 3D life and world. You have been punishing yourself for thoughts, words, and actions that happened before you initiated your new being.

What was is no more.

If you are punishing yourself for something that happened after you initiated your transition, you are doing so because you continue to follow the rights and wrongs of the 3D world.

You cannot create a new world with new energies based on what was.

You are stepping into your new adulthood with tentative steps fearing you might make a mistake. Like a 3D teenager, you fear that one slip of your tongue or one wrong action will negatively impact your life forever. Or that you will ruin a special moment with your unsure steps into your new world. Thoughts that are holdovers from your 3D life.

But just as you do not hold an infant’s actions against them as they evolve, nothing you do or say is wrong. You are learning to be you. The end result will be a new being in a new world. You are merely in the somewhat tenuous state of becoming instead of being.

So it is you are adjusting rapidly to new goals, actions, and interactions. What was is no more. What will be is not yet formalized.

Even though you will make many missteps in your mind, in the eyes of the Universes, those missteps will merely be you testing your new skills and interests.

You are learning how to be yourself. Allow that to be. Just as you allow an infant to try new movements and techniques.

What you find interesting, exciting, or difficult will likely become essential to your new life.

You cannot make a mistake, for you are a new being in a new world. The only way to attack yourself is by believing you need to follow 3D powerbrokers or guidelines despite your inner messages to the contrary.

Babies somehow learn to walk, talk, and maneuver without much assistance from family or friends. And all babies do so within a few months of one another. How is that possible? Could it be that they are listening to their inner voice in ways that cannot be measured?

Most adults believe infants cannot make mistakes – that they are merely learning what they need to live in their environment. Newborns are more closely aligned to who you are now than is true for the 3D adult you once were. For both you and infants, follow your inner voices without concern about right or wrong.

You are learning how to adjust to your new environment in the most rapid, practical way possible.

A toddler’s comments are most often deemed funny instead of wrong and are forgotten unless an adult or older sibling relays those seemingly inappropriate comments to others. So it is for you now. Perhaps you say something without processing that statement through your 3D sifter. But then, anyone offended by that comment is most likely doing so because of their 3D shoulds.

You are learning to be you without 3D filters. Just as infants learn the basics of walking, talking, and motor control.

Allow yourself to do what feels right instead of what should be right in social situations. You are becoming a new you – not necessarily an easy task – just as was true when you exited the Universes to become a 3D earth infant. Allow yourself to make mistakes (in your mind only). Allow yourself to test your environment and being as you discover your new world in a new physical being. A being not necessarily new to the physical eye, but most certainly in terms of skills and abilities.

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Will There Be an Event or a Solar Flash? ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are very pleased to share with you the following transmission because we know that you all need praise and encouragement to keep going at times there on Earth. We love you so very much, and we want only the best for you. And we want you to understand that your higher selves also only want what is best for you. You are your higher selves, and your higher selves are you, but they are the part of you that has moved beyond the egoic needs. Your higher self is the part of you that knows your survival is assured. It’s the part of you that looks for the challenges, for the next ideal growth experiences. 

Therefore, nothing will ever come to you that your higher self didn’t feel was the next best thing for you to face in your lives. Remember that the next time you are resisting something or shaking your fist in the air. It is no one and nothing outside of you that has put that challenge in front of you. Now is the time to let go of fear, separation, judgment, resistance, and shame, because those are the things that keep you from simply knowing that you are your higher self.

The doorway to the fifth dimension is not out there somewhere. It is not an event that takes place outside of you. It is not a solar flash. It is you. It is you opening that doorway on such a consistent basis that you forget all about what you were afraid of, or what you were judging or resisting. We want you to have a selective memory and selective attention so that you can allow that which is the true you to come forward and not only be a part of this beautiful planet Earth, but also we invite you to see yourselves as the ones who are there to set the example to others of how to be and how to thrive. 

Will there be an event or a solar flash, or something like that at some point in the future? Possibly. But will it matter to those of you who have discovered the portal that exists within you, a portal that takes you directly to your fifth dimensional self? It will not. Therefore, we want to steer you away from predictions and prophecies and steer you back into yourselves, because your fifth dimensional higher self is certainly looking for more integration, not more separation. 

Your fifth dimensional higher self is not looking to board a spaceship to get off of your crazy world and get away from those who are ruining it for everyone, and that is because your fifth dimensional higher self enjoys the challenge so much of staying and transforming the collective consciousness within it.

Be love that is so undeniable that you transform every single person, every single being that is in your path and that even hears about you from another. That experience is far more powerful than something happening outside of you to rescue you from yourselves, from each other, from those you disagree with. 

Now is the time to get more heart centered than you have ever been before and to shine that light from within your heart brighter than you have ever let it shine before. That is the most satisfying experience that you can have right now, and it has never been more available to you than it is right now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Archangel Michael Request for this week.

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

I first wish to thank Sharon who is channeling today despite severe illness. Her dedication to this group is groundless and her desire to help the Earth is untarnished.

I will be brief today and ask you again to remain focused with your love on the new King Charles III. King Charles has sealed some deals this past week that will upset many people in days to come and his reign of coming terror must be stopped in time.

Therefore I ask you to help this week.

I am Michael. I am your teacher. I am your patron. We are legion.


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