Are you creating life or is life creating you?

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/10/2022

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is great movement on your planet earth right now. There is great love being sent to you by the heavens in response to the asking. There is great potential for manifestations and dreams to come true.

The question to ask is, “Are you creating life, or are you allowing life to create you?”

In truth, you are constantly creating your own experience of life – drawing people and circumstances to you as a result of your vibration. However, since your vibration is a result of your focus and your response to what you focus upon, many of you are allowing your vibration to be dictated by the world around you.

Nonetheless, just because the world offers you something to focus on does not mean you have to make the choice that is offered. For example, your world offered you plenty of fear around the pandemic. You had a choice to focus on fear, focus on being prudent and practical, focus on being healthy and happy, or any combination of those ideas. One is not more right or wrong than another – they simply offer you a different experience. The world offered you a sad and sudden war to focus upon. You could have focused on fear and hatred, but instead many of you focused on love and prayer and averted a world war.

The world has offered you unthinkable racism.You can focus on the horror, or you can focus on inclusion, a love of diversity, and an appreciation of the beauty of all beings. You can start in your own circles and spread love outward from there.

The world has offered you news about shootings and violence. You could focus on the horror, hatred, and anxiety, and vibrate with that news, or you can focus on prayer, love, faith, and intentions to rest in the security of Divine love.

Dear ones, you create your world with your conscious focus, or your world will affect your focus to the point where you allow it to create you.

Don’t let the world focus you into despair, hopelessness, frustration, or fear. Don’t let the world focus you into believing your climate is going to hell in a hand basket. Don’t let the world focus you into believing you are not safe, that well-being is out of reach, and that abundance is dictated by markets.

Instead, claim your God-given power to focus on the reality you wish to see. Focus on the good around you now. Focus on the solutions you want to see. Focus on appreciation whenever and wherever you can.

We’ve said it many times, and it bears repeating since not a single one of you was raised with an awareness of the impact of your energetic vibration. Your energy is more powerful than any effort you exert because in a high vibration, solutions come, guidance comes, helpful people come, your needs are met, and your desires are fulfilled. You live in a flow of energy that is in harmony with those in harmony around you.

When you have a problem, raise your vibration and wait for the solution. When you are upset with someone, focus away from them temporarily, raise your vibration and pray for God to heal the situation. When you have to have a difficult conversation, raise your vibration. Focus on what gives you joy. Focus on a mutually loving outcome. Focus on the good qualities in yourself and others.

When you don’t know what to do and feel without purpose, raise your vibration. Give yourselves permission to play, explore, rest, and know that you’ll find purpose on that path if only sitting in peace and emanating light, which is always needed.

When you feel worried about your money, raise your vibration. Find inexpensive or free things to enjoy. Take a walk. Watch beautiful videos. Savor your meal. Laugh with friends. These are abundant vibrations that, although unrelated to money, will help money flow into your life once again.

Seen through the lens of a high-vibration, the world will seem like a magnificent and magical place. Like the Divine and your angels, you will see humanity as a group of beings growing, evolving, becoming more accepting, less judgmental, more open, always and forever moving towards a greater and grander experience of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

A Message to Lightworkers

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

COR: My friends, I am wondering if you could comment on the recent death of England’s monarch, Elizabeth II. I feel it is the end of an era, but in a different way than most people think of that phrase—I feel it has a deeper meaning than just the passing of the crown from one person to another.

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are indeed aware of this occurrence.

Let us speak first on this moment of great shift and change that Earth life is experiencing—increasingly so, with each passing moment.

This is not really due to outer events, though outer events serve as indicators of the great shifts in the energies now reaching the planet.

Those shifts are greatly due to increases in the level and intensity of the electromagnetic frequencies flowing in from the Sun.

You will note the many coronal mass ejections, intense solar flares, and the openings and portals within the Sun himself, which are putting Earth in a stream of higher Light—the kind that transforms and transmutes at very intense levels of experience.

Considering how the Sun Himself is evolving to a higher level etherically, this is not surprising.

Yet it may strike most people who are aware of these activities that the Sun’s behavior in relation to the Earth is strange and unreasonable.

It feels to many to be too much change; too hard and fast a ride, evolving everyone on the planet, as well as the Earth Herself.

These changes can indeed be a very rough ride at times.

Rather than resisting the shifts occurring now, flow into them, even as you are crying with shock, grief, or upset.

Allow yourself to cry, to get the anger out in constructive ways, to go beyond regrets and questions about “why” certain things have happened in your life.

In fact, you know why certain things have happened!

You came here at this time to work out the old pain, shock, grief, and rage, that have been following you from one Earth life to another, remaining stuck in your etheric energies as soul imprints, and coming to the surface in each life, as something happens that draws up the old reactions, or taps the old wound.

Then you are astounded that any such terrible thing could happen, though you have yourselves written those events into your own timeline.

This would be so for Earth life and humanity’s own upward path to Ascension, as it is for each of you as individuals.

The shock you feel at having to re-experience old pain is very little compared to the upset you experience after you have passed out of an Earth life, and realized that yet again, you have not fully healed, or resolved old contracts from your previous lives, as well as the one you have just left.

And so the cycle of ongoing 3D Earth lives has continued. Until now.

In this time you are in, those of you wishing to Ascend beyond the third dimension have collectively decided that it is time to release, resolve, and fully end the old Earth trauma, grievances, and schisms that have plagued your planet, as well as your individual experiences.

Now, in relation to the ending of the nearly lifelong reign of the being known as Elizabeth II, we would say, here is another part of the old construct.

All of you who have chosen to live in higher Light have known on a higher level that the old way of Earth life is finished now.

So that while no one of conscience would desire the “end” of another in the physical (or from that technology which transmits their apparent presence), you and the Light wave flowing through your Universe now, have desired that the players leave the stage, regarding those who have for so long been in the roles of oligarchs, controllers, usurpers, and those related to such.

This is what much Earthly royalty has substantiated and represented, and its time is done, dear ones.

You have chosen such. Not we who stand with you in your Earth Ascension process, and your group and individual Ascension paths.

We honor and observe your Earth experience, flowing encouraging energies to you, and only intervene as allowed by Universal law, and as directed by your own progressions and requests for assistance.

We fully comprehend the mourning of those who identify with the empire that this one woman spent a lifetime representing, and we honor and respect that experience of respectful mourning, most assuredly.

Yet you are aware that humanity cannot move to the next level without the parts of the old system progressively leaving the scene, and that is what you see occurring now. That is the “end of an era” you are witnessing—not just a chapter of human history, but a whole aspect of planetary culture. Not only its pomp, traditions, and hierarchies, but the colonizing efforts it has sustained for millennia.

And that end is the door closing loudly on the old, oppressive Earth structures.

You will witness others leaving as well, to various destinations.

Indeed, many have left, being replaced by clones, impersonators, and the technology known as the solid hologram, amongst other shifts in identity of well-known persons.

You have on your Earth as well, shapeshifters who appear to be one sort of being—human—and who are in fact another.

These occupy many of the top levels in banking, media, government, and medicine all around the world, and not merely in certain countries.

This too is ending. Again, realize that this is not something “happening” to Earth and human life, any more than your own lives have “happened” to you, without your planning those events, including the ones you have most resented.

We do indeed see much grieving now in various places of the world, over the loss of this woman’s presence.

And we would say, that associating oneself with honorable behaviors and intentions, including the desire to serve a nation honorably, is to be respected. It is not so much the association itself—investing in the notion that one’s leader or role model is an honorable person—that brings such a principle into one’s life.

The one admiring the monarch who appears to serve in positive ways, to the best of their ability, is one to be respected, and supported in their grief over the loss of an admired leader.

And yet ever the form of that is changing.

As humanity invests increasingly in its own honor, and its own courage on its path of Ascension, the old hierarchical way of life, and the preference for it, will fade to the point where it is barely remembered.

You are the leaders now, and not because one who once sat upon a throne is no more upon the Earth.

You are the true leaders of this and all following generations, because you have chosen to move beyond the assumed limitations of being a “mere mortal,” “commoner,” or working person, and other diminutives. These too were roles you willingly played for a while.

Yet now, call yourselves by your true names! See yourselves as the gods and goddesses of Creation that you truly are, for you are at every moment now, despite the pains of rebirth, coming into your Divine strength and true selves.

Namaste, dear ones! Look up! We are in your skies! And we are here with you, always.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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