A Message to Light Bringers – September 2, 2022

Today our writer speaks again with the spirit of John Lennon:

OR: Greetings, John! It’s been a while since we spoke, at least in written form!

JOHN: Greetings, friend—and to all! Happy to speak. And so, what is the issue?

COR: The issue is that we are having to deal with very intense Earth situations right now.

Yet we are feeling and seeing more than ever the presence of our Star Nations families, the closeness of NESARA, the vibrations on this planet and in humanity moving up to an increasingly higher level.

A White Knight of the Ashtar Command has reported that basically, the energies being unleashed on this planet to help us Ascend are being sent in as powerfully as they can be, without reducing us to shreds!

JOHN: Completely true! I wouldn’t argue with that!

COR: It means we’re being stretched further than we ever have been energetically, with obvious intense effects on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Politically, we’ve got A Handmaid’s Tale happening here in the US regarding women’s human rights.

And economically, millions starving in various places, dealing with war, or losing their homes to flood or fire, if they didn’t already lose their jobs and income from the plandemic.

JOHN: I want to be annoying enough right now, to say, “Isn’t it great? The old system—falling to pieces! It’s what you’ve waited for!”

It’s what I waited for, most of my life, in that last turn upon the Earth.

COR: Yes, and you helped to speed things along that way, and we are thankful for that. And it does signal the end of the au regime, but it’s still very, very hard on a lot of people.

JOHN: Yet NESARA looms! And once it comes forth, the situations you mention, whether war or hunger or climate disaster or poverty—all of it, gone either immediately or after a few weeks’ time.

COR: It leaves one wondering what other extreme measures will be taken by the old power crowd, so they can kid themselves there’s still a way for them to hold onto their crown and scepter.

JOHN: There isn’t. They know that.

COR: Yet these are people gifted in the art of lying to themselves and their minions!

JOHN: They cannot lie to their overlords. Who are being escorted off the planet, by the way.

COR: How are they still in control, the old hierarchy?

JOHN: Well, for one—and you’ve heard this one before— The masses are somewhat holding on to a lot of the old Earth life construct, out of preference for what is familiar. And out of fear that whatever comes next might not give them even the hard and unsatisfactory life that they had for millennia.

Many are thinking, albeit subconsciously, “There are so many changes happening! What if the new structure I intuitively feel coming in, is not as good as the last one? “And I hate change! What is going on? It’s too unsettling!”

COR: Yes, I do sense that.

JOHN: And you’ve heard others on this side of the fence say the same.

COR: How do we offer these ones who are frightened of change, such a beautiful vision that they happily release all entrainment to the old Earth oppression and inequality?

So that they happily reclaim their sovereignty and stop feeling it’s safest to be ruled by the old hierarchy?

Because the old hierarchy tends to feel we’re just cannon fodder.

And they’re always loading the cannon.

JOHN: Well, people have been trained for millennia to see the mistreatment they suffer as being “for the greater good of all.”

They don’t see injustice half the time, because they’re too afraid to think independently. That’s gotten too many people crucified over the years.

So what remains is for these higher energies, and everyone’s higher self, to reach Breakthrough—

That point at which they awaken to the moment where they see that there are far higher ways of living than what Earth’s people are currently experiencing.

And oddly, all the extreme weather, the natural (and designed) disasters, and climate shifts are helping to awaken those who are willing to be awakened.

And I will say, that though every single peaceful Light Warrior wants to believe that everyone they know will be brave enough to step aboard the ship of Awakening, some have shut their eyes to it, imprisoned by the old programming, or their own infant souls.

I feel they will come forward when ready. But it cannot happen before then.

COR: Because of free will?

JOHN: That’s the kind of planet we all chose to experience, yes.

COR: I can grasp that everyone has their own path to walk, and I know we cannot interfere with that If the Archangels can’t intercede unless the path is laid for that—unless we call them in with great power—than simple humans can’t interfere!

JOHN: But that’s the odd part, friends!

You can “interfere” in the sense that you speak to and of other people as if they were already fully enlightened, fully awake.

You energetically call to that part of them that would love to wake up and see the truth and feel emboldened in that moment to remember Who they really are—you can do that!

It’s what all of us in the higher planes have been doing—speaking to you all etherically as being with us, one of us, in alignment with your higher selves.

Stand on a street corner and yell at people to “Wake up!” and they’ll never do it. They’ll cross the road to get away from you.

Speak to them as if you were honored to meet them—speak to the Light within them, and know it’s there—and they will either love you to bits for it, and want to awaken all the more—

COR: Or run in the other direction, because they aren’t ready.

JOHN: But at least you gave them the platform on which to expand and become ready!

Don’t think it’s all down to us here in the upper dimensions!

It’s always down to all of you. You wrote it that way.

COR: We created this intentionally?

JOHN: It’s a very high path.

Love people where they are, and speak to their higher aspect as if they had already evolved into that, and you are on a path of real mastery!

COR: Wow! How beautiful.

JOHN: And yes, call upon the Ashtar Command! Call upon the Archangels and Ascended Masters!

They’re not just here for Lightworkers. They speak to all.

Tell them you are, as a planet, ready to Ascend, and you willingly call in their assistance on every level, including active intervention to assist humanity, enact NESARA, and to actively dismantle the old corrupt Earth structures.

Many of these beings are physically on the ground now, as you know. They are doing all of the above, and more.

They have never turned their backs on humanity; they were awaiting the invitation to help you break through the matrixes of religion, media, government, so-called education—all of it!

COR: And in all of this, “we are never alone.”

JOHN: That is so! We are all of us here to assist. Namaste, friends! Call upon us! Our wisdom is here for the taking, and our Love flows to you all at every moment.

COR: Thank you, my friend!

JOHN: [Bows to all] At your service, always.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Message from Ann & the Angels – 09/03/22 • Guided by your natural impulses

framed picture with inspirational text hanging on wall
Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is a natural order and flow to all of life. An impulse comes from the Creator in each moment to all of creation, orchestrating it in a beautiful h harmonious dance in the same way that the brain coordinates every cell in the body. In each moment, the Divine reads your heart, your energy, your intentions, and desires, and in the very next moment sends you a natural impulse to guide you.

These impulses are your natural good feelings. For example, you may have a long to-do list but feel like doing something different. You will struggle to accomplish your to-do list if you fight that feeling. However, if you listen to your natural, inspiring impulse, you will feel happy, elevated, and inspired to accomplish all you must do with ease.

You may, for example, have an idea about what you will prepare for dinner, but you feel a natural craving for something else. Even if you make the meal you planned, unless you receive from it the nutrients you need – at that moment – the other craving will continue.

You may be sad or grieving, and you have a natural urge to wrap a blanket around you and take a nap to quiet your mind. While you undoubtedly have things to accompiish, if you surrender to this urge, you will find that peace returns more quickly than if you fight what feels natural and soothing to you.

You don’t have to agonize about your problems and over-analyze them nearly as much as you do. It is far more productive to think about the outcomes you want in a way that gives your pleasure. This good-feeling focus puts you in a vibration where you can sense the natural impulses that will guide you easily towards your solutions.

Your feelings are the clearest indicator of your guidance. Your good feelings open you to receive the impulses to do, say, and think things that will be of service to you. Your bad feelings remind you that your reception is not in a clear state. You might think of it this way. Your good feelings tell you that you have “five bars” on your internal wifi. Your bad feelings tell you that the signal has too much static.

This is why we often urge you to reach for the most soothing and best feelings. This is how you open to receiving a clear signal.

You can raise your vibration by focusing on something external that pleases you, or you can focus on an internal thought that gives you pleasure. You can even use your imagination to conjure up pleasing scenarios that raise your vibration. Love is love no matter how you find its frequency, and in the space of love or appreciation, you will feel the impulses that guide you. You can’t fake good feelings. The universe reads vibration and your energy never lies. You can, however, learn to find good feelings.

Think of a time when your phone signal was weak. Chances are likely you began to walk around to see if you could find a spot with better reception. Perhaps you took your phone and pointed it in a different direction. Maybe you found a room where the signal was clear. In any case, you figured out how to raise your bars and have your conversation.

In the same way, you can “try out” different thoughts to see which ones feel better. Do a little experiment now. Think of a person you don’t enjoy. Notice your body. Is it loose or tight? Notice your breathing. Is it deep or shallow? Notice your feelings. Are they elevated and harmonious, or chaotic? Now think of a person you love and adore, and if one does not come to mind, perhaps think of an animal, a favorite place, or even your favorite blanket – something or someone comforting, loving, nurturing. Now notice your body. Is it looser or tighter? Is your breathing deeper or more shallow? Do you feel more harmonious or chaotic?

Next, think of something you like about yourself. Perhaps you have a caring heart. Perhaps you’ve helped people in your past. Perhaps you have a unique and quirky style. Ask your soul to help you think of something wonderful about yourself, and trust the first thing that pops into your mind. Now focus on that. Imagine you are proud of this good quality. Imagine God and your angels loving you and acknowledging you for this quality. Now how do you feel?

Dear ones, play with your thoughts. Try them out to see which ones feel better. Do this often. As you slowly learn how to attune yourself to higher vibrations, you will more easily feel the natural impulses that guide and assist you. Care about how you feel so can sense your guidance.

You are never alone. You are never without incredible love and assistance. You are never without guidance. You can only attune yourself to it or not. When you do, your life enters the glorious and harmonious dance of creation, no matter where you were the prior moment. Challenges can be solved quickly and easily. The body can heal. You can be open to the life, the goodness, and the guidance you truly deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Cheer UP!!! (and message from Ashtar through Sharon)

Ashtar comes with a powerful message and before sharing this with you, i will share part of my experience and why i feel it is the best way to move forward with ease and grace, especially for the already awakened ones that are doing the big part of the work as boots on the ground, always of course supported by Mother Father God and entire company of heaven.

You know who you are and more and more are joining!!!

At the same time this is an active discussion i am engaging with with the Light Beings seen from my perspective.

So, back in 2012 we were told that Ascension was going to happen and it it did not happen because our souls collective chose that all humanity will ascend and not just a few, which i find beautiful and at the same time, made me kind of angry when i became aware of it. Since i already do the work on myself , assisting others 1:1 and doing large healing events…now instead of ascending we will stay around for as long as it takes to allow others to become aware of the power of alignement with source -which btw it takes only 15-20′ daily inner work, going within and feeling and becoming addicted to the only form of addiction i say yes!!! =alignement to Source-

And so being here, the observer of all that is taking place now , having done the work of shifting the whole planet to the higher dimensions and having lived in communities without use of money and having experienced the plus and minus back in 2012 and 2013, my take on this is that for as long as it takes for humanity to wake up collectively i will live my life abundantly and enjoy my multidimensional life and be a way shower through my own example of living a prosperous life on all fronts while using money in whatever form it comes, digital or other and i will enjoy this experience because i came here for the purpose of joy. Yes, i have been busy and still i am creating autonomous/ eco-sustainable/ high tech and galactic and vegan conscious communities and events and i am planning to stay around for very long time within my physical body to get this done…as it has already begun…there is 20 billion $ city build by Elon Musk in Africa and 500 billion city being build in Arabia Saudi…there is already The Venus Project existing for many years… and of course all the Light cities already existing in the Higher Dimensions…All will connect at some point!!!! There is a new financial system (QFS) being put in place to serve all, it will take time to reach all as each and everyone must do the work to go within while also being supported along the way to do so…the journey has always been from within out and our free will planet did not make that easy at all. The Galactics know all this of course! So are we going to be patient or see the things all around us and be eager and excited??? To me the sense of patience, or when in channeled messages it says: it is not finished yet…my answer: well, it never gets done, it always unfolds, that’s Ascension and one can choose to struggle being patient-which in my sense carries a low vibe as a word, while for others is a quality…i like to say : no i am not patient, i appreciate what is and i am eager for what is coming and i enjoy the journey all along , i vibrate high and i create reality that is beyond the wildest imagination as i allow all 12 aspects of Deity to flow through me with ease and grace at all times:


And when more Light and Love comes from Source and i feel any kind of resistance, i go within and allow the divine energies to make me more of what IAM. One with God and One with All Creation.

There is only joy and love here and ALL IS WELL AT ALL TIMES.

AND i am expanding this love to Source from within my being and to all Light Beings and particularly Ashtar Command in gratitude and appreciation at all times. Namaste, I Love You, We are ONE.


Here is the channeled message.

September 2, 2022
Ashtar Sheran
The Next Steps

Me: I’m always being led to things I need to see, all the time. In the creation of my life, I co-create with my guides in order to bring information to you. I describe my process and my own education and I came across a HUGE puzzle piece this morning. I personally believe we all work together in this process, no one works alone.
David R. posted a video with a guest who knows and lives Constitutional Law – the laws that the Founding Fathers of America along with St Germain’s help instituted upon the inception of the United States of America. What this guest named Paul and this guy is a dynamo, made clear is that Constitutional Law aligns with Universal Law. Right now Corporate Law or Maritime Law is being practiced and that has nothing to do with your rights, particularly your God given rights to freedom and self-determination.
I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this video because there are people either opposing this message or people not ready to hear it. I feel sorry for you. Channeling Ashtar Sheran is only as controversial as mentioning Mr. T. these days and I’ll be doing both. All I can say is: “Congratulations!You guys have another 26,000 years to change your mind so don’t let this message panic you.” As for the ones who are ready to hear it, these are the next steps: Re-instituting Constitutional Law and it’s not anything near what you’d think it is.
Ashtar: Yes, Sharon. Hello everyone. Yes, It’s not what you think it is. How can you understand Constitutional Law or the Law of Freedoms, Universal Laws when you’ve never experienced it or have used it without realizing you were?
The system that you work within, we have pointed out to you, is a financial system and the entire point of it is monetary gain. If you’re not rich, then assume you’re one of the ones doing the giving, not the taking. The system is based upon exploitation of the people of earth, particularly children.
Now, what is happening on this earth right now but particularly in America is the re-introduction of Constitutional Law which is based upon Universal Law. The gentleman in the video defines it very clearly and I do recommend you listen to what he has to say.
You have been incorporated from the very day you were born, you became an asset in the system. You have been bought and sold, traded for the very potential you have to make someone else rich. Yes, and it was pointed out that on government documents your name is always printed in capitals because this is part of the incorporation, the embodiment of you into the system. How do you make others rich, you ask? By the taxes you pay, by the amount you earn, the amount you purchase and the amount you pay out in taxes particularly. Your bank accounts earn profits which you see nothing of, instead you are made to pay for use of the ATMs which cover banking salaries and so forth. The unseen monies are then paid off to your owners. Yes, your owners.
Me: Creepy!
Ashtar: Indeed, Sharon but none of you were any the wiser. The person who owns two cars is then double of value of the person who has one car. The more they drive and the bigger the car’s engine, the more the American dollar will be buoyed. The economy car, such as yours Sharon, is not that valuable hence your net worth is less to the powers that be.
Records of your expenditures, your purchases, are collected and are available to anyone who wishes to purchase you or others from your country.
Me: Super creepy!
Ashtar: So Constitutional Law, which aligns with Universal Law, dispenses with all of this. These laws recognize you as being a sovereign person and in charge of your own identity and your own life, your own possessions and so forth. It sees you as being self responsible and responsible to others.
Me: Yes, I keep saying there’s freedom in responsibility but few believe me. They mistake freedom for escapism.
So, Ashtar, will we see many of the money making institutions being dispensed with? Such as taxation organizations?
Ashtar: Yes, they will be. Upon re-institution of the Constitution Mr T will be the next Constitutional president after a hiatus of 200 plus years. He will be in charge of dismantling the Corporate American system. There will still be a financial system in place but this system will be more benevolent to Americans and will continue until such time they are ready to disband it and work on other terms.
The work isn’t over yet, my dears. Not at all.
And yes, Mr T is a Jesuit. He is part of the system that wanted to allow for free people in North America and he has been working as many of his ancestors have for years in order to free the people of America and ultimately the world again. The Jesuits recognize universal law. They are an old religious order that worked with universal law and had knowledge of alchemy. The Jesuits were suppressed in Europe and fled to America in order to start their own colony, a colony of free men. Of course they were infiltrated a hundred years later and the rest is history.
Me: I’m just wondering, Ashtar, why they would do this instead of trying to take us over themselves and exploit us themselves? Is this part of a retaliation strategy against the Rothschilds or just a “look and see what we can do” kind of thing?
Ashtar: They are people of a higher order, Sharon. They are the families of Light that I have spoken of. To see their brethren restricted and exploited as they have has hurt them. Those who practice Law of One as the Jesuits do understand that to free yourself all must be free as well. In the beginning, of course, they will still profit from the system at hand. The entire system will not be dissolved immediately. People will still go to work and moguls will continue to profit, however there will be less suffering on the part of the people.
Me: Aha. Thank you for that, Ashtar. LOL I feel sorry for them having to fight for 200 years to practice Law of One openly on this planet. Nothing is lonelier than those who understand it, even rudimentally, who are aggressively confronted by dualistic thinkers.
As for the moguls still making money off of your sweat, folks, that system isn’t going to disappear until we learn to live without money. Money is an institutionalized tool that holds a lower frequency. People in the galaxy don’t use it because they’re of higher frequency than financial systems are. However the Jesuits are obviously not beyond profiting. They’re not martyrs; they’re still human. So it seems like they still want to make money and get rich but in a system that’s improved from the system we have now, correct?
Ashtar: Yes, that’s correct. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s said. And of course, as the people grow, life on earth will take on an ever-increasing freedom. As you come to understand more of what God’s freedom is, the more you will embody it.
Me: It seems counter-intuitive to have a financial system where people go to work with governments that honour the Law of One, but you can’t change everything in a flash. It will continue to change as people evolve and become more like their galactic brethren.
Ashtar: You’ve been talking to Ivo who tells you what life is like on your home planet so you don’t understand Law of One living as being possible with the dualistic system you’re in now, the money earning system but then earth has to transition, Sharon. What happens on Elteron is not possible yet for most people on earth. You have to change and evolve to that point. Remember the people of Elteron are millions of years ahead of earth’s consciousness now. As for you, you’re making that shift and you remember life there as one of never having to carry a wallet. You know how to live that way already. Those who do tend to find living on earth very limiting, in fact.
Me: Yes, true.
Ashtar: Now you are being led to this point in time, the point in time where the corporate bandits are being overthrown. You are only beginning to understand what true freedom is and it will take time before you fully understand again what it’s like to be a sovereign individual in a collective system, the same freedom we in the universe experience under the Law of One.
You will be taught. We will be here to help you but you will take your collective power back and begin to stand in your own rights. This shift is already starting and there is no stopping it now.
In future you will be driving your own system with little need to be governed by anyone. It will be the people’s system, not one of ownership.