Allow yourself the patience to live within for a few more days or weeks. Those following will catch up more rapidly than you now believe.

New Earth is Humming Along Just Below the Surface

Dear Ones,

You have waited patiently for eons for this transition. Now that it has arrived, you are tired of waiting. Most of all, you are tired of telling others amazing information about a new world that never seems to appear.

Even though most humans elected to be part of this transition, they are at varying levels of competence. That truth has little to do with you in your mind, but everything in the grand scheme of things. For you forerunners do not have the numbers needed for the final push of humans from fear to joy and love.

You have been at the forefront of this transition since your entrance to the earth in this lifetime, knowing many would find you out of step with the norm. Yet you were prepared to persevere despite all.

That is, you were prepared to persevere until our recent Universal information raised your hopes. Our Universal extra boost of hope the past few weeks was needed during the extreme energies pummeling you and the earth.

All is shifting more rapidly than you imagine – just not today.

Even though those following you planned to do so before entering the earth, they now need indicators that it is safe to do so. You forerunners are those indicators. For you are hiding little or nothing about who you are or are becoming – an action that is braver than you realize. For if our Universal information is a mirage, you will be “out in the cold” from outer-directed life.

So it is once again, you are the brave spirits daring all to point others to a new age of peace and love. A new era that is often difficult to detect given the anger and rage that seems rampant within countries, communities, and families. The back and forth arguing that exhausts you.

You are so tired of fear, pain, and anger that you find it amazing anyone wants to continue those fear factors.

Those following are now often throwing temper tantrums of “You can’t make me live in love.” In essence, fighting to the last second to hold onto what is no longer wanted or enjoyable.

So it appears as if you are alone and overly optimistic about something that will never happen, like those who gave away their belongings waiting for the end of the world on December 31, 1899.

As we observe those following you, we are also amazed at the tenacity of those clinging to fear despite an inner knowing that love is much more peaceful.

Do not despair. Just as the earth did not end on December 31, 1899, so it will be that those who are self-programmed to shift from fear to love will do so rapidly. Not only because you pointed the way of doing so, but because they are self-programmed.

Outer-directed earth is no longer. Inner-directed earth is forming. And a vital component of that inner-directed earth formation is you.

Can others not see how painful a life of fear is? Our response to that question is they will – just not today.

Those following you are most often terrified. Not of leaving the outer-directed world of fear, but of leaving a comfortable but mostly unpleasant life. What if they make a mistake and declare themselves inner-directed only to discover that outer-directed remains the “in” lifestyle.

Of course, the opposite is happening. Not today and maybe not tomorrow, but the tide is rapidly shifting from those dipping their toes in inner-directed waters and finding them deliciously comforting to discovering how cold and isolating outer-directed living has become for them.

The majority of humans decided before their earth entrance in this life that they would be instrumental in the shift from outer-directed 3D to inner-directed new being. That time is now.

So be patient a bit longer. Even if you have not noted such yet, you will begin noticing media outlets softening their rhetoric – not because of income as has been true in the past – but because they too are beginning to sense a different world. A world based on love instead of fear. Those outlets who propagate fear will find fewer and fewer interested in their fear antics.

In truth, your new world is humming along – somewhat below the surface for now – but an inner-directed world that is about to explode into reality because of your patience, courage, and tenacity.

Allow yourself the patience to live within for a few more days or weeks. Those following will catch up more rapidly than you now believe. At the same time, allow them the freedom to be as they are catching up. For forcing anyone into anything is outer-directed or, in your current terms, counter-productive to your needs and interests.

This shift will not require years or even long months because the light is flickering for most earth beings. A flicker that will become an overwhelming and loving reality within weeks instead of years. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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You bring forth your manifestations from your own self revelation.

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Sunday, January 9, 2022

You bring forth your manifestations from your own self revelation.

So the important demonstration is your own faithfulness in Self.

As you go beyond mind as you go beyond past considerations you will move to a place an inner sanctuary where all is possible.

We invite you to travel there now.

As you will step in as you will have it it will be so.

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Your Astral Travels ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Your Astral Travels ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

woman in black brassiere and panty with blue and purple light
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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very happy to see how you all have been benefitting from the adventures that you have been on while asleep and while traveling the astral plane. Now, we understand that most of you who are receiving this transmission do not remember those astral travels at night when you wake up. However, you do take bits and pieces of what you are being given, and you do incorporate that wisdom into your everyday life.

You get activated. You receive knowledge, and you get to know soul family members of yours better when you take those journeys that you take. Now is a wonderful time for you to begin to start remembering more of what is already occurring in these astral travels. And so, we are working with your higher selves and your guides to establish different dream symbology that you will easily be able to interpret as a message about what you actually experienced while traveling in the astral plane.

We invite you to write down your dreams when you wake up or to record them with your recording devices. And then we suggest that you do some dream interpretation work to better understand what it is that you have already downloaded from us, from Pleiadians, from Sirians and from many other beings representing the different star systems throughout the galaxy.

You can bring more of this information back to your conscious minds now that you have reached the level of consciousness that you have reached. And so, this is a wonderful time for you to expect to receive more, not because you haven’t already been receiving, but because you are ready to understand more consciously what is going on during your astral travels. You are ready to more consciously apply what you are receiving to your day-to-day living.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

open your hearts and allow GOD to work through you.-AA Michael through Sharon-

Archangel Michael

Week 38 Message

I am Archangel Michael, here with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

Allow me to answer your question, Sharon, please. Her question was, “What does Noah’s Ark have to do with this now?” And you realize there is a connection.

God has been patient with humankind. He has watched and helped you through your learning, He has guided you and walked you through some of the worst catastrophes that could be created. But there is one species of humans that refuses to learn, and this is the earthling. For many reasons, in fact, earthlings have tried to get to higher realms, over and over again, you have tried and you have not succeeded. When the era was over, you were given another chance, because that is what God is about: forgiveness and he forgave you your inability to return to Him. He seeks always to find ways to open up His Light to you; it is if you can see it that is the problem.

There have been many Noah’s Ark’s incidents, where the animals were taken on board a ship, not a water vessel but a space ship in fact, and were preserved in order that the catastrophe that humanity would create for itself would not affect them. Yes, the rains that came at the time of Noah were created by humanity. You still do not realize that the negativity of your weather is due to your own negative energies. Is earth in fact due for another period of grave weather? It is indeed! The energy of the planet responds to the energy of the people.

God did not bring the rains. The people did.

Gaia has divorced herself as much as possible from the third dimensional earth, the earth still so many live upon. This earth will see much sorrow in coming years, and this is because you create that sorrow. You have brought all of this upon yourselves, and as many of you have noted, it is time to face up to what you have created now, and learn to change yourselves through it. Those who will do so will see God’s Light. There will be weather changes because the weather responds to your mindsets; there will be many changes in your systems and that is because these changes are created by you.

So how do you focus? On rain or shine? Which is your choice? Where do you hold your heart despite the gloomy outlook you may see before you now? That is what He asks of you. Do you hold Him in your heart or do you hold what you see as the reality in your heart? Do you have faith in His love for you or have you forsaken all, including divine love?

It is always darkest before the dawn.

This does not mean you do not deal with reality. In fact you do, because you are the creators of it, therefore you must live and experience it as well. All that you create, presumably has been created by you to enjoy but many of you do not know this. You believe some other factor as being the creator of life and you are a victim of its dictates. This is misuse of universal law. You are the creators, and you were given many opportunities to create a world of wonder for yourselves but you did not. However you experience your reality, go with God in your heart. Do not forsake Him, do not say this is a Godless world because He is with you if you will let Him be.

You must all band together because there is safety in numbers. Yes, grouping with others of like mind, perhaps P groups in your country, will help you to stay safer. The more informed you are, the safer you will be as you will be able to take appropriate action.

We will continue with these meditations in order to reduce the severity of what is to come. 2022 will be a year of great change. Much will be revealed to the public, and the entirety of what you call life will be changed.

Many of you will turn to God and blame Him for what has befallen you. This is an abdication of your responsibilities of divine creation, something that has plagued earth for many eons. He has given you the ability to create your own lives, your destinies and goodness for others yet it has come to this sad state. As I said before, earth attracted this darkness. And now you see where it is taking you – to a place of godlessness.

He waits to see what you will do next. Each and every one of you, do you pledge your heart to Him now? Do you pledge your livelihood to Him? Do you ask His help in bringing Light to you, your children, your city and the rest of the world? He is doing this with those who have asked, but now please open your hearts and allow Him to work through you.

Be not angry at those who are still in ignorance. We realize it is difficult when you understand but they do not. You are a collective and you all must hold Light. For some this Light has gone out, or it glows dim now, and for those you must pray the hardest. Do not judge them, do not blame them. Pray for them, those who seek to take this world away from its God-given bounty.

And this week, we again will ask you to flow your Love into the fifth dimensional grid. Also, please send your love to someone who has gone against all that you now know to be the path that would save humanity. Send your love to one who you call an enemy, and bless them with all that you would want for yourself.

It is time for earth to finally heal. He has decreed that you will make the change that has been so long in coming. Many many centuries of trial and error and now you are positioned to get it right; to finally ascend as a race. We are here for you, always. Hold us in your hearts and let no ill will in.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your guide, I am your champion, I stand behind you when you are challenged, we are Legion.


Me: God! He just has me bawling every time he speaks like this. Wow! The energy that comes through me is incredible! Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

resistance to change, Medbeds and Financial Freedom.

Every time i get into conversations with people in my surroundings in Greece there comes a moment when i expand into our evolution as one humanity and our freedoms coming forward where i can clearly sense huge amounts of resistance. I speak and nobody is there to get the memo and the feeling good news. Not throwing flowers to any of us , truth be told through that is what Vibrational Frontliners get. And how can we resolve that quickly? by ‘turning the other cheek’ and not engaging at all. Acceptance in appreciation of what is. Yet if i am writting this it is to share with you the reader where we are heading at. Medbeds are already present in every country i hear from rumors, under military protection and the reason is simple : medbeds are to be used by all and for free. No one will be able to charge money for the advanced level technology that surpasses everything that exists in this now moment. There are many immitations out there, yet none of them has the power to regrow limps or rejuvenate someone from 80 to 50 or less if they want to. It is Galactic Technology. And there is a process for this to come forward. Same goes for the Celestial Chambers that will be offering even more options. Those who are most in need have priority over others and that makes total sense, right? From what i hear, medbeds will be placed in major cities all across the planet in big hospitals ,there is a stuff that is being trained to use them as we speak and more will be coming forward to learn as anyone can learn. There is no need to do medical ‘studies’ to learn to operate a medbed. Just the willigness to learn and serve in this way.


And next to that there will be holistic centers that will work in collaboration with the medbeds to assist each and everyone on their Ascension journey. Don’t forget even if technology is there , the work to be done is within for each and everyone. No, can’t skip that one. Life is sacred and change only happens from within out and never the other side around. So Medbeds will assist anyone to learn to release resistance and certainly remind their DNA who and what they really are and so the ‘work’ to be done after will be accepted with more ease. The ‘work’ is quite simple to itself: learning to go within for at least 15-20 daily and evolving to the stage where one is becoming the open door for Love to flow through 24/24 :

Deeply within you I have seeded coding and divine understanding of the pure love energy that you must now bring up and send out every moment of your day using your love breath to fan the sparks of all your fellow Gaians’ hearts. -Divine Mother-

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Folks! and i speak to all of you, wherever you stand in your journey, the financial systems are changing towards one that eradicate hunger globally in a wolrd that there is no more lack of anything for anyone. Call it NESARA/GESARA or any other more evolved name, it is coming forward and being implemented as Quantum Financial System.

There are Quadrillions and Septillions of GOLD recovered by underground bases/dumbs. What do you think all that money is for? It is for Humanitarian Projects and for all Citizens worldwide to ease our Ascension process till we reach a stage where it there will no longer need to be used at all as all our Galactic Families already do and through the use of Replicators that can create anything out of thin air be it a good meal, monies, a house, clothing etc. This is where we are heading!

Every senior will get at least 3000$ monthly income.This will happen for every citizen on the planet through our social security numbers. There is a process for that. The cabal tried to stop it countless times for many years. It is the main reason of all that we witness out there taking place. People must wake up and all needs to be done 100% safely. And the more amongst us that get into the ease and grace and flow mode the faster we will get there. I’ve been speaking about that with my parents and others and they all look at me perplexed , like wanting to remain in the same cylces of pain they are used to through the course of their lives. I call this a form of addiction to suffering and not having it easy in life. We came here for the purpose of joy and nothing less than that. I can’t change the way my parents choose to think or anyone out there, i can only spread love visualizing all people being open and receptive to the new, to Ascension to becoming officialy a Galactic Human. So through all that and also knowing that a split is happening, a dimensional split between those that choose no change to those that choose for evolution, the only thing that is left is acceptance of wherever one stands in their journey in FULL APPRECIATION as appreciation brings EASE. But if there is acceptance and i am seeing family members that do not wish to change , there is no real conversation to be made really, simply because everything i ll spit out they will fight it/resist it and everything they speak about is what is taking place through their perspective. Do i want to hear same stories over and over and over again. Nope and nope. No time for that. I focus on creating the new and offering my love to all through my prayers and meditations. And before seeing any resistant family members, i must remember to send the intention to have a good time appreciating them where they are .Some say spend 2 weeks with your parents and you can see if you are spiritual. Well, i have just spent being almost 2 years with parents in same house since the covid restrictions came around and i congratulate myself for that 🙂

Self Love IS THE WAY.

Namaste and Feel More Than Fine


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