Deeply within you I have seeded coding and divine understanding of the pure love energy that you must now bring up and send out every moment of your day using your love breath to fan the sparks of all your fellow Gaians’ hearts.

Hello Dear Ones

At this time I would like to ask that any and all resistance that you might carry within you to this task be released as it will only prolong or interfere with what we wish to accomplish and we have a great deal to get done in a short period of time.

My main concern is for the lightworker community. I do not feel there is an adequate guide [i.e., instructions] prepared for you all to know how to move forward after all that is to be revealed. I wish to offer support and advance training for those of you on the ground who will be assisting your fellow Gaians.

I would begin by saying within each of you there burns a light so bright, so pure. And never has there been a time more important that you step in to the knowledge, the full knowledge of your light.

What is to come will be very difficult for a time for the majority of those remaining on the planet.

Reach deeply now, deeply, ever more deeply into your connection with the One, and I ask you to pull into your consciousness the idea of my personal guidance in each and every contact you have with another person. I want you to step into each moment where you come across any person and you must begin in each moment to live from your light, your blessing pulsing that light everywhere you go.

I give you the image of a fire that has gone out and the ashes are still warm and you know deeply within yourself that there is still a spark somewhere to be found in those ashes. By bringing your light and your light blessing to each and every experience you have with those on the planet, you are fanning those ashes, looking for that spark, gently breathing the breath of your divinity over the coals or the sparks of your fellow Gaians.

And sometimes you will accomplish this with your words; sometimes you will accomplish this by sending your light out directly to that person in the grocery line or at the gas station, just sending them the breath of your divinity, the memory that you carry within you, sharing your light knowledge and offering comfort, sparking peace and community within the collective.

I ask each of you to begin doing this moment by moment and picture the grid of light emanating from each of you that will strengthen in connection and spread out all over the planet – a roadmap of light leading to each and every one of you- to and from each and every one of you.

Many of you are not sure what to focus on during this pivotal time and I wish to prepare you for what is to come. I urge you to step into this work- it is extremely timely.

Begin now by offering energetic support in every interchange you have with every single Gaian that you meet. Let go of every other thought except building that pool, that reservoir of deeply refreshing and healing love, my love, the Mother’s Love.

Each and every time in each moment that you seed this love in your communities, in your interchanges in every transaction, be it energetic, personal, or spiritual, you are adding to that collective pool or reservoir that will be available for healing after the shock that is to come.

I join with you now in offering this divine love from my heart to all on the planet.

You are my lightworkers

You are my Way-showers

You are those that have come to Light the Way.

It is time.

Step into the knowingness that you brought with you.

The moment by moment seeding of my love consciousness is upon you: For this you came to the planet, for this pivotal moment in history. I now invoke the Crystaline codes that call forth this deeply-held understanding of my intention for your work, your lightwork on the planet at this time.  Deeply within you I have seeded coding and divine understanding of the pure love energy that you must now bring up and send out every moment of your day using your love breath to fan the sparks of all your fellow Gaians’ hearts.

I offer you blessings as you begin this focused work for me.

Your prayers, meditations, and powerfully loving intentions over the last few years are coming to fruition-Jesus Through John-

by John Smallman

Now is the moment to choose to accept that God’s Love for you is inexhaustible.

In this new year of 2022 you may expect great and uplifting changes to the way you live on Earth as humans because of your collective awakening.  It is to be a year that will inspire and delight all those of you who have been looking forward with great enthusiasm to the awakening, and you will not be disappointed.

Your prayers, meditations, and powerfully loving intentions over the last few years are coming to fruition as many, who up until now had totally forgotten that they had a divine purpose on earth as humans, start to seek a spiritual purpose in their lives.

This new-found interest in “things spiritual” will surprise and delight them, especially as they discover that they do indeed have a spiritual purpose – their true purpose – and that in this they are not alone!

All sentient beings are divine spiritual beings – mystics – but the vast majority have lost or forgotten their knowing of this because of the limitations that a life in form imposes on their abilities to access this aspect of themselves.  Nevertheless, the time of forgetting has ended!

People are remembering that their human lives each have an individual and essential purpose that can only be fulfilled by the individuals living them.

This is not chance, accident, or coincidence, this is the Will of God, the divine Intent.

Also, be aware – and make no mistake about this – that each individual’s personal intent is fully aligned with God’s.  There is only One – Source, Supreme Being, Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence, Mother/Father/God . . . LOVE – and every sentient being, every living intelligent being is included in this inseparable Oneness that is ALL that Exists.

There is no “beyond,” there is only All, because there is no need or possibility for any beyond.

Rest content, you and You – and that means all life, whatever form it may take, absolutely without any exceptions whatsoever – are infinitely and eternally loved by Source (choose any name or label for this infinity of Love with which you are One and with which you are most comfortable) from the moment of your creation without any possibility of even the smallest or briefest disconnection from that state, no matter how you choose to express yourselves in your lives in form as humans.

Think of any crime that absolutely and totally horrifies you, and know that the one who has committed it is as eternally loved by Source as are you.  Crimes are of the ego, and however real and unconscionable they appear to be, they are not real!  They are part of the illusion, the dream, the nightmare, the game of form in which you have all, without exception, chosen to participate.

To know God is to know the Truth.  The Truth is God, and so are you, each and everyone of you – again, there are NO exceptions.  All life is a divine creation of infinite perfection and love.  How could it not be so when the Source of creation is infinite LOVE, Who unconditionally and eternally accepts every individual expression of consciousness that It creates?

Judgment is a major and extremely negative aspect of the illusion or game in which you are immersed and must be left behind, discarded, and repudiated when the decision to cease playing is taken.

To cease playing is to AWAKEN.  This is your destiny, your destination, and your Home – Fully Conscious, Fully Awake, Fully Aware, of your eternal Oneness in Love.

Your awakening is inevitable.  However, because eternally and forever you have have free will, you can delay your awakening indefinitely – that means for a very long TIME – but, of course, time is an aspect of the illusion that will cease to be when enough of those in form choose to terminate their engagement with it.

When time is terminated there will be no illusory or imaginary space in which the illusion/dream/nightmare can continue to be experienced, and there will be no egotistical motivation to be separated from Mother/Father/God, Love.  All will, with complete personal individual free will and total integrity, choose to return home, to reawaken into fully conscious awareness of their divine nature – LOVE – and engage with the infinite state of JOY that that awareness IS!

God is your true nature, your only nature, It is you, even though, while immersed in the game/dream/illusion to even think that that is possible appears to be the ultimate form of arrogance.  When you accept that you are and always will be just as God created you, your egos dissolve.  Your egos do not want that to happen!

The egos’ survival depends on you believing the negative self-judgments that you have about yourselves.  It wants you to believe its constant stream of messages informing you of your unworthiness and guilt that make you unacceptable to your infinitely loving Father.  When you let go, and trust that your Father loves you unconditionally, you will find yourselves in a most wonderful state of peace, as all those egotistical thought streams just fade away.

Your true nature is Love.  Therefore it is absolutely essential that you go within, to your most holy inner sanctuaries every day, and then set the very powerful intent that only you can set, namely, the intent to allow Love to join you there and embrace you.

Only your belief that you are unworthy of Love’s Presence prevents Love’s embrace from enveloping you.  When you cling to that invalid belief because of feelings of shame or unworthiness, you are effectively choosing not to allow Love to enter.

Therefore let go of those beliefs and allow, and Love will enter and embrace you.  That is Love’s sole desire and intent, but It will never override your will to remain separated.  Your personal choices are always honored, so you need to take responsibility for them by being aware of what they are, and then, if you so choose, you can change or terminate those with which you no longer resonate.

Now is the moment, this very instant as you read or listen to this, in which to choose to accept that God’s Love for you is inexhaustible and closer to you than you can possibly envisage.

Then, choose to open your hearts and invite It to embrace you.

It will, because, just like you, It is All that exists and It’s one desire is to be fully present in your conscious awareness, just as you are in It’s.

There is only Love, and therefore You are Love, there is nothing else that you could be.

So be Love consciously in every moment and continue even more powerfully to assist those who are right now stirring in their sleep, wishing to awaken.

Your loving brother,


Those days of continual confrontation are over and time is best spent in bringing people together, sharing the wealth of the world to raise living standards…There is so much to look forward to in the near future, so prepare yourself for the wonderful times that are coming up.

crop young woman writing schedule in diary on sofa
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

January 2022. Mike Quinsey. 

One year ends and another commences and I believe that people are now ready to accept that we are not just in a year of change. It will be the way our New Age settles in bringing with it the energies that will enable new ways of doing things, so that we can bring the New Age into being and enjoy the beneficial changes that have been held back from us for so long. The positive energies far outweigh the negative ones and we have much lost time to make up.
Know for certain that we shall be helped to replace the old with the new.
Best Wishes to all for a happy New Year.
Mike Quinsey.

7th January 2022. Mike Quinsey.

The years fly by and here you again sensing that the problems created by Covid are now short lived, and looking forward to an end of the virus so that life can return to some semblance of normality. The authorities seem keen to extend their control over you and appear to desire that you are regularly vaccinated against the virus. Whether it is justified and really necessary is still to be determined. There is a growing disquiet amongst many people as they see an authority ready to force people to vaccinate, when many have declined the offer out of choice.
In general terms it would seem that the vaccination program is unable to cope in spite of millions of people having already had the jab. There is clearly a need for some clarification as to how effective the injections have been, as it would appear that they cannot establish how long protection lasts. Clearly some people have stronger Immunity systems than others, and those with weak systems will experience more extreme forms of Covid that can be extremely difficult to eradicate.
The experiences you have been pushed into have in their own way brought many problems to the surface inasmuch that they cannot be ignored. Extreme weather has occurred all over the world affecting humans and animals alike and has resulted in the destruction of their habitat and loss of life. You expect things to fall to the lowest level before they get better and with your help, they can be speeded up so that you can plan for the future and get a clearer picture of what is necessary. You realize that things will never be the same again and changes must take place that reflect the New Age that beckons. We can assure you that you will get help but first we wish to see what are your true intentions.  It is time those who lead start to see peace as their first priority and stop fermenting the seeds of war. Those days of continual confrontation are over and time is best spent in bringing people together, sharing the wealth of the world to raise living standards. The wealthy countries are awash with money and it must be shared around if you are ever to raise the standard of living and protect lives. In these modern days it is a disgrace that so many people still do not have the means to survive the changes taking place now.  A World Government would seem to be called for but not one that simply promotes the wealthiest and strongest to positions of power. The right people for the times you are in can be found now in all walks of life and will be available if their services are requested.  Looking back serves little purpose if any at all, but can confirm where Man has failed to move on, clinging instead to that which enriches him. Wealth is not evil in itself but how it is used and you have just come out of a period where the Money was worshiped and used  at the expense of millions who live below the breadline. It is true to say that what you do to one you do to all, but remember negative things are often returned to the sender. We say again “You are One” and it is time you started to act like One by attending to the needs of the poorest. It does not mean ignoring your normal responsibilities but spreading any form of help fairly and foremost where it is the most needed. Dear Ones, positive actions made out of true sympathy eventually return to the sender in some form or another. It is just the way things are and you sometimes say that it is because “One good turn deserves another” and in so doing you build up your good karma as a result. You do not need to seek rewards as you automatically attract the positive energies by your actions.  As time passes you will find that negative actions will bring an automatic response.
Karma is not intended to be carried forward any longer but you will find it quickly dealt with. We say again that you should keep an open mind as to your future, as you will have so many opportunities to advance that you have not yet become aware of, that already exist. Holding fast to old expectations will only hamper your progress. By your earlier actions and deeds you have set up various possibilities that will come to you at an appropriate moment. So allow things to happen naturally and be sure they will be to your advantage. Some of the new ways may only be ideas at present but you will know that they exist. Your brothers and sisters in Space draw nearer each day knowing that in the immediate future the reunion will take place with much joy and love expressed. It will be a special occasion when families reunite with great celebrations. It is not that you do not know them or that they would appear as strangers, as they have all kept in contact with you mainly during your sleep time. However, you do not take those memories back with you when returning to the lower levels. Sooner or later you will have the most memorable times with your Pleiadian families. As the vibrations continue rising up  your enjoyment of life will increase until it  becomes a continual flow of love and happiness. It will be what you expect as the dark energies are gradually left behind and no longer able to interfere with our evolution. You will live longer and reach a point when your body shall always enjoy complete health. There is so much to look forward to in the near future, so prepare yourself for the wonderful times that are coming up.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Love, Nancy

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Authentic power will naturally lead you to authentic abundance if you allow it, and it is safe to embrace both.-Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young –

January 7, 2022,

The belief that money is power is prevalent on your planet, and that is true from a 3D standpoint. Many of you, as agents of change, have been rejecting the old power structures, and in doing so, have also been subconsciously rejecting money.

What we want you to understand is that as your relationship with power shifts from the old ways of separating power into the new ways of unifying empowerment, so will your relationship with money. From your new place of unity consciousness and empowerment, you will find it easier to embrace a more balanced flow of both giving and receiving, and that includes allowing the flow of money and other forms of abundance.

Just as you can have a conscious relationship with power, you can also have a more conscious relationship with money. We would even go so far as to say once you have one, you have the other. So at their core, money problems aren’t really money problems, they are power issues.

They likely stem from:

  • Fear of falling into ego, becoming like those you consider to be unevolved,
  • Fear of being judged,
  • Fear of owing another,
  • Fear of responsibility,
  • An unhealed belief system that money is the source of all evil, or some other disempowering or separating belief.

All of these issues heal as you evolve beyond 3D power structures into 5D empowerment, and as they do, your issues with money will naturally heal as well.

As you’ve been peeling back the layers to discover your true essence, you’ve also been peeling away the layers that kept you from experiencing your authentic wealth and your inherent ability to co-create.

What we want you to understand is this ~ As you step into your authentic power, all things shift.  That will open the door to ease with abundance, which ultimately is simply allowing yourself to acknowledge what has always been yours all along.

Do you see? Authentic power will naturally lead you to authentic abundance if you allow it, and it is safe to embrace both.