We invite you to feel proud, to feel eager about returning to the world in all the ways that you want to, and we invite you to show your fellow humans what you have discovered that is within you through this time that you’ve had of self exploration.

A Progress Report for Humanity & an Invitation ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are playfully inviting you to join us in our appreciation of humanity at this time, as we see you raising your level of consciousness there in spite of the circumstances you are living. It is a time for you to be in appreciation of yourselves as individuals and as a collective, because you have spent this time that you’ve had to be more isolated in a way that has served you. You have had no choice really but to go within and to look at what you’re still holding onto, what buttons of yours are getting pushed, and what you still need to heal and forgive.

Now, when you take those simple steps forward during a time like a pandemic, you rebirth yourselves. You will get through it, and you are getting through it, but you don’t have to go back to living life the way that you were before the start of the pandemic. You get to decide who you want to be, and you are more clear now than ever about who you want to be in the world.

When you utilize time that you are given to go within you find that you have a lot to give to your fellow humans. There are a lot of ways the entire world is benefitting from you being there at this time, and hopefully you have come to that realization by now. We are eager to support you in your work, in your contribution to the human collective consciousness, and we are constantly extending out our nonphysical hands to you and inviting you to join us in the higher-frequency range.

By connecting with us, you can feel fifth dimensional, you can access more of the fifth-dimensional energies, and you can experience what it’s like to have completed the shift. All of that is available to you right now, and it is especially available to those of you who are willing to look within yourselves during a time of greater isolation. Of course, it’s available to everyone, but if people do not have the capacity at this time to do the work of self examination, they will continue right where they left off before the pandemic began. It is always going to be important for you to see how something like this time serves you, rather than just looking for villains to point fingers at.

And you will always see that nothing outside of you changes until you change what’s going on inside of you. We see enough of you doing that to feel very optimistic, and of course, we know that you have made the difference that you wanted to make on your world because we can feel the collective energy of humanity. We invite you to feel proud, to feel eager about returning to the world in all the ways that you want to, and we invite you to show your fellow humans what you have discovered that is within you through this time that you’ve had of self exploration.   

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

grant yourself permission to be happy no matter what the world around you is doing.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/08/2022 • The Freedom to Live & Let Live

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath and promise yourself that this year you will grant yourself permission to be happy no matter what the world around you is doing. Grant yourself permission to feel free in your spirit no matter the restrictions you witness in your world. Grant yourself permission to know what you know when you know it, no matter who or what is trying to convince you to think as they do. You are uniquely you, and you didn’t come to be or to please anyone else. Neither did anyone else come to earth to be or to please you. There are those with whom you will naturally fit with and those with whom you will not, and this is exactly how your earthly life was designed to be.

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Make it OK inside of yourself to be different in your opinions about life situations. Make it OK to be unique in your perspectives about what is right or wrong for you. Make it OK for others to be themselves as well. You didn’t come into this world to create or experience “same-ness.”

Imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing only one fruit, one vegetable, one meat, one milk, and one brand of one of each item.
There would be no contrast, no diversity, no choices from which to explore the unique palette that is solely yours. You would be soon bored with your food, bored with your lack of choices, and you would never come to know the full, glorious range of recipes and meals that you could create. You would never know what you like in contrast to what you don’t. There would be no room for creative expression or diverse experience.

Life is like that grocery store. You knew there would be vast diversity of thoughts and opinions and you were excited about that before you were born. You knew that you would walk into this life much as you walk into your grocery stores and have a vast variety to choose from. You would “sample life,” so to speak, and from that exploration, you would come to know better the unique and precious soul that you are.

You knew you would hear a diversity of opinions. You would be presented with a diversity of thoughts on right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy… and through your explorations, you would come to know what is good for you, what is right for you, what is healthy for you. Through your explorations of the contrast, you would create new ideas, new recipes, new ways of living in harmony with one another and the planet.

Through your exploration of contrast, you knew you would naturally gravitate towards some people, places, and situations and naturally move away from others… and this is exactly how life was designed to be.

So as your world strives to coerce you into sameness, allow yourself to listen to your own internal compass. In some areas, you will coincide with the opinions being presented to the mass consciousness. In other areas, you will disagree. That is OK. Live and let live. No one can steal your freedom to tune your vibration to any reality you wish to live. No one can control your mind unless you let them. No one can tell you how to feel because that is your right to decide and yours alone.

You are perfect, precious, and unique as you are, even as you expand into greater awareness. We love each and every one of you in your vast diversity of expression, awareness, and opinion, for you all contribute to the beautiful and rich diversity in this tapestry of life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

What of your own determinations and preferences?

A Message to Light Bringers – January 7, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this connection with you today.

Today our writer asks a question of Archangel Michael, who is amongst us here in the Collective:

COR: Greetings, Lord Michael!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Greetings, dear one!

How may we be of assistance?

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COR: From what I understand, you are on the ground now, working in the physical, along with your Legions of Light, and with those of the Ashtar Command who are Earth-based.


COR: My question is, What is the best thing for Light Bringers to do at this time, as we see plans coming forward now to erode what few freedoms are left to humanity?

State and federal governments are pushing the Jab agenda no end. In New York, they don’t want to allow children into public spaces without proof of their having gotten the Jab.

There are presences in New York state government also trying to pass state legislation that includes denial of medical care to anyone who refuses to take the injections.

This is purely to increase tolerance for lack of freedoms and medical tyranny in a few states here and there—in the name of safety and security—with the longer term plan of rolling out those restrictions and demands in all 50 states, and across the world.

In Austria, plans are to require all persons to take the Jab, or face fines or imprisonment, with Germany not far behind. Australia and Canada also taking extreme measures.

Meanwhile, people are still becoming ill, whether they’ve gotten the Jab or not, so their rationale is wearing thin.

If you were a human on the Earth right now, and seeing these measures happening, what would your response be?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: For one, be aware that you are viewing your position as being one of response, and in some ways, reaction.

We would get the upper hand in this situation very quickly, friends!

You are not here purely to respond or to take your cues from an expansive power structure that has claimed influence and control on the planet for so long, that your brain’s neural pathways are set to bow to their determinations and preferences.

What of your own determinations and preferences?

What of the influence of your Light, and the Light of millions of empowered souls on the planet at this time?

And the new brain and new physical construct that humanity is now experiencing!

Set your own program in place, based on higher Love, and your increasing command of energetic co-Creation.

Create it as something that bypasses their outmoded methods easily.

This is not resistance. It is a higher creation than that.

COR: And so, how on Earth would we do that?

Literally—how do you do that while on the Earth, right now?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: You begin deciding what kind of Earth life you would most celebrate for yourself.

Then extend the invitation to all around you, and all of humanity by extension, to do the same for themselves.

And most assuredly, you are choosing a form of living in which all persons are valued.

All have a voice, and honor their own path, and that of all others.

Now, you will be wondering, must I honor the path our former controllers, whose agendas, as irrelevant as they are now, and whose levers of control and influence, as insipid and ineffective as they are, nevertheless represent on ongoing insult to humanity?

COR: Excellent question!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: And we would say, Yes.

But not to the point where you feel they decide for you how you will feel about life, how you will respond to these threats of a loss of freedom and choice.

Or how you view your own co-Creative power, which is getting stronger by the minute.

Why is it, do you suppose, that they are working so hard to pass these measures so quickly, and in so many places around the world?

They know their day is done!

They have called out to other presences in the Universe to build them up against the continuing building of human soul expression and Ascension, yet this is in vain.

All of you connect increasingly now with your soul’s Light, and the higher Light and transformative energies of the Great Central Sun.

As they say, there is no stopping you now. Though yes, they feel they must try.

COR: I feel like asking, How close is this going to get, this race?

Will it feel like we’re not going to make it some days, those of us wanting to protect ourselves from the nanoparticles and the other adverse effects of the Jab?

And the dark agenda overall.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: It may feel that way at times.

Yet our point is, is that your starting place?

Watching the “news” and taking in the propaganda? Believing the emotional effects of the lower energetic transmissions as if they were “gospel truth”?

Is that how you start your day, or your energetic signature?

COR: Hopefully, no!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: No indeed. You know better than that, all of you.

COR: So we build a sort of mental/emotional and energetic fort around ourselves with positive thought and expectation?

With chanting mantras and meditating, and spending time in Nature?

And then we greet all this from the co-Creational stance of, “I do not allow this. I AM resonating with the New Earth frequencies, and we are collectively co-Creating human sovereignty on this planet, for all time.”

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: All right. This a beautiful and high intention.

Yet we would change the “I do not allow” to “Humankind now creates our own higher forms of reality.”

As you say, “I AM,” say, “Therefore, I AM and WE ARE resonating with only those frequencies of the New Earth,” and so on.

COR: So that we’re not speaking in resistance, or feeling to be in resistance to what is happening.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: There will be some who create resistance to what is happening, and that is their role and their path at present.

Yet we encourage the majority to create from the positive space of holding clear the vision and the inner feeling—the inner reality—of that which they desire Earth life itself to mirror from them.

So in other words, you have for millennia mirrored the energies of that which was injected into you energetically and mentally by the old power structure—actually, a disempower structure, both for themselves and for humanity.

COR: Yes. We sort of printed out into 3D life whatever they typed into our hard drive, you might say.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: And so now—all has shifted.

If you will grasp that you create your own life and own experience—if even only a relatively small percentage of you hold that energy within you—you will bring your planet with you on that journey.

COR: That sounds like a miracle!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: It will feel to be one, in some ways.

Yet it is as natural as the leaf sprouting from the tree branch in spring.

This is how your Universe functions, and we heartily encourage all to realize the choices you have by grasping that particular creational law of this Universe.

Why would you ignore such, dear ones?

Why would you give up your chance to create something so beautiful, so empowering, so freeing and celebrational, that you will hardly recognize that world, once you have created it?

COR: Yet I feel like it could take a long time!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: No. It need not. Indeed, it cannot.

COR: Because we don’t have much time?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: You don’t need time!

So release all stress that you are fighting the clock’s hands. That too is an illusion.

All time is an illusion. Come out of that now.

The more powerfully you feel your magnetism to that freedom which you so much desire, the more time is immaterial.

Why? Because you are already there, dear ones.

As you grasp your power, you are already there.

COR: A slight side question—what do we do with the suffering martyr paradigm that so many are falling into mentally, due to that pattern having been established in past lives?


Write out whatever you believe or intuitively know happened to you and others in those lives.

Get it out of your system. Then smile at it.

Say, “Thank you” to yourself and others for that experience, which showed you yet another streak of color in the tapestry.

Yet that dark thread is not more important than other, Light experiences.

It need not prevail now, in any way that is determinative in your current life.

COR: Thank you, Archangel!

Your words have inspired and assist us, lord! We are full of thanks and great appreciation.

I know you are on the ground, working constantly to assist us.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: With so many millions of others, they could not ever fully be named.

Yet you know their presence; you feel their support.

And so—be of good cheer, fellow Light warriors!

All is well, and shall be most well.

You know this, having heard it so often—

You are never alone.

COR: Namaste, Lord!

We will see you on the bridge of the New Jerusalem!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Indeed you shall!

[Bows deeply] Namaste, friends!

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