The past is complete having served to bring the world to where it is now ready for the new and higher. You are in the midst of a massive consciousness shift.

Arcturian Group Message 1/2/22

Dear readers, welcome to the New Year which will be one that holds surprises and change. Much is going to be exposed during this coming year and some of it will shock you. Most of you have already intuited many areas of change but some things will come as a surprise.

Be not afraid or concerned dear ones, when familiar beliefs, traditions, and ways of going about your life no longer feel as important and fail to resonate as they once did. This simply means that your energy has shifted to a new resonance, causing you now to be out of energetic alignment with much you have always accepted as a part of your life. Preferences for food, clothing, employment, entertainment, and most outer activities will change, sometimes profoundly and sometimes just a little. You may find yourself being drawn more to silence and aloneness rather than to many of the outer activities you previously enjoyed.

Because everyone is an individual expression of Divine Consciousness, the journey that is necessary for this to become an actual attained state of consciousness never ceases. The spiritual evolutionary journey takes place over many lifetimes and includes whatever experiences are necessary to bring each individual to where they are open, prepared, and ready to embrace the higher dimensional realities of who and what they are.

Evolution does not stop when a person awakens out of the third dimensional belief system, that is just the beginning. The third dimension is the bottom rung of a very high dimensional ladder and evolution continues infinitely through these higher dimensions. God is infinite and an infinite God simply cannot be understood with the finite limited human mind although many attempt it and many others think they have succeeded. God reveals ITself as an individual is prepared and ready. You have all gotten revelations that seem to come out of nowhere but did they really come from nowhere?

Ascension is nothing more than the expansion of consciousness through the integration of truth which then automatically dissolves the false and becomes a person’s state of consciousness. Because there is only ONE Consciousness, every individualization of this ONE Consciousness is already a full and complete but when a person does not understand this they continue to create and live in a world of illusion, experiencing the various forms of duality and separation they have ignorantly created. The spiritual journey is the process of peeling away the impersonal and false debris that every person in ignorance has over the course of many lifetimes allowed accumulate in consciousness..

Once a deeper fuller realization of truth takes place it does not mean you then leave your ordinary life behind, but rather means that because you now understand and have integrated the higher truths regarding yourself and the world, you can live in the world but not be of it. A higher state of consciousness automatically responds to the world in higher ways because consciousness is what you are. You serve the Light and assist with the earth’s ascension process simply by being who you are.

There is no need to continually struggle with attempts and activities designed to to express love to someone or something as many religions teach. Your consciousness of ONEness and recognition of the already present Light within every person serves to automatically bring love into every situation. This is Lightwork, which is what you came to do. There will be occasions where some action is required, but in general the higher sense of Lightwork is that of no struggle, no looking to save, heal, or fix the error you see around you but rather simply holding firm to truth and bearing witness to the Divine Reality that is ever present even when it doesn’t look that way.

Even those who choose to remain in old energy feel the resonance of the higher dimensional frequencies of Light you carry in consciousness. Some may dislike you for it even though most don’t understand their reaction. Others will be drawn to this higher energy but do not let either response concern you because you have already or are close to graduating beyond seeking validation from people, places, or anything outside of you.

You may have noticed that increasingly more people seem to be involved in helping others. Often it is on a very basic level and through some rigidly structured group but it represents a first step toward awakening into a consciousness of oneness which is how evolution works, one step at a time.

Those who are stuck in old energy and refuse to budge preferring to hold fast to obsolete ideas of separation and duality, war, greed, and self serving will gradually find their positions becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as the world changes around them. There are many struggling to hold on to power in the belief that personal power keeps them safe and supplied. Anything formed from beliefs of duality and separation have no law to hold them in place, only a belief in them and as these beliefs diminish, so do their outer forms.

Meditate often, resting in the true nature of your being even as you go about your day. Mediation for some is seen as another means of begging some concept of god for what the person believes they do not have and need. Never go into meditation with the idea of attaining something you believe you do not have for this will simply strengthen the belief of separation. Rather let your mediation be a resting in the silent awareness of “I have because I AM”. Mediation is simply allowing yourself to rest in the realization of oneness with God.

It is normal and natural for extraneous thoughts to float through when mediating. Never go into angry resistance or believe you can’t meditate because this happens. Just allow the thoughts to float through without giving them attention or power while continuing to focus on a silent awareness of oneness. Do not look for lights and voices and experiences you may have read or heard others talk about for this will limit your own personal experience and can actually be self created. It may seem to you that nothing happens when you meditate, but know that whenever anyone goes within with the intention of resting in “I AM” something always happens on the deeper levels.

As a person evolves they begin to live meditation and the need for structured sitting meditations become less. The state you sought through meditation simply becomes your state of consciousness, always with you as you go about your work, interactions, fun, and whatever. It is simply a matter of keeping one tiny bit of awareness always tuned within and aware of Divine reality which in turn allows you to easily recognize the Divinity of others even those who may be unpleasant or rigid in their negative beliefs.

The whole purpose of choosing to be on earth in these unusual and intense times is to assist a sleeping world awaken to their true nature, to the fact that God is not an old man in the sky as so many have been taught but rather is Omnipresent Consciousness which in turn makes everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled on the third dimensional level a material concept of Reality.

The world you know seems very real. You experience pain, lack, and limitation in many forms. In ignorance over the course of many, many lifetimes everyone has accumulated and stored dense energy that continues to express outwardly but is presently clearing from your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As long as human consciousness continues to believe that the third dimension is the only reality, they will continue to manifest it as their personal and global reality.

Every person is a creator, a God Being creating his or her world from the substance of their consciousness, a consciousness that in reality is Divine/God/ Consciousness but over time has become conditioned and clouded over by beliefs of good and evil, separation, and two powers.

This may cause you to ask why some very kind and loving people have many problems. It is because they are still creating from a three dimensional state of consciousness. There is no unexpressed consciousness. Never are troubles or suffering personal but rather these things exist as expressions of an impersonal universal belief system of separation that individuals have ignorantly allowed to be their state of consciousness. The human/material sense of good is just as illusory as the human sense of bad. They are simply the two ends of the hypnotism stick.

Present times are difficult for everyone, the spiritually awake as well as those who are not. Everyone is feeling the intensity of earth’s energy at this time. High frequency Light energies from the higher dimensions are stirring up and exposing pockets of dark energy that have lain hidden and often disguised as ordinary people, places, or things. All will eventually be exposed and dissolve into the nothingness that they are formed of.

Do not sit back waiting for this or that to happen or praying for some particular event to take place. The Divine Plan has been activated and is unfolding as it must for the highest and best good of all. Your job is to hold the Light of truth while trusting that all is proceeding according to plan personally and globally which means accepting that in spite of appearances the reality is that everything is already perfect and whole.

We know that you are tired. Try not to compare present times to the past, longing for things to go back to the way they were. The past is complete having served to bring the world to where it is now ready for the new and higher. You are in the midst of a massive consciousness shift.

Creations formed from higher states of consciousness can only be better than those formed from the lower resonances of the past.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/2/22

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Trust in yourselves. Trust in those that are mentoring to you, guiding you. Trust in the plan.

Archangel Michael: Timelines Are Now Diverging

by James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael. I come at this time to be with you. To be with you more, and more, and more. Myself and many others that are your guides that are working with you are coming into your space, I will say, more and more. If you will become aware of those of us that are here to bring you forward, to continue to guide you.

But up until now, many of you have had this guidance, but you did not fully believe that it was there. But in the times coming ahead, you will feel it more and more. Some will even see evidence of our arrival of our more full connection with all of you.

And it will be in many various ways that this will happen. Some will see. Some will hear. Some will feel. The connection will be there regardless of how it comes to you.

Just know that this is in process. This is part of your ascension process. And it is only for those at this point now that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. So know that you, in this moment now, are preparing yourselves—not that we are preparing you, but you are preparing yourselves—to move more fully into the new higher dimension that is being formed on this planet right now, making it easier, more access to it than you have ever had before in this evolution as a collective; individuals yes, but more as a collective.

And now I want you to consider an analogy, and picture this, if you will.

Those of the collective, mankind, coming to a fork in the road. As you approach that fork: going left, going right, or going straight ahead, you are unsure of which way to go. And many are veering off into the left fork. Many others are moving ahead straight. And then there are those of you who have already taken the road to the right, for you know that that road leads to full connection with your Higher God Self, with the Cosmic Source within each and every one of you, and you have already made that choice.

Then there are many that are going straight, going as they have always gone, not veering off either way, following what they think is their path, and unknowingly moving forward, following the comfort zone that they have always known.

But those that are moving straight ahead also at some point will come to a fork themselves again. They will then have that choice once again, whether it is months, or years, or lifetimes ahead is up to them and their Higher Self.

And then there are those that have already veered to the left. They are the ones that will continue to be steeped in darkness, and will and have decided to not go straight or to the right.

They will continue on their path, their path that will take them away from this planet entirely. For they have chosen not to ascend, chosen not to move up into the higher vibration because they cannot withstand the higher vibration. They cannot be in that frequency. And they shy away from it, thereby moving down the path to the left.

Of course, this is only an analogy. But it is something for you to consider as you contemplate the idea of timelines. For you can replace these paths now with different timelines.

The timeline to the left is the one that those of the forces of darkness have attempted to hold on to, to bring as many along as they can on that timeline, even to the point where they kill off a huge majority of the planet and continue to hold their souls to that task. That, of course, is not being allowed.

The timeline, of course, that continues on straight: that is the timeline that many at this point have chosen, because they do not know; they are as yet asleep. And they have so far chosen to continue on asleep.

At some point, can they awaken? Certainly. At some point, those of you that have moved and are creating your own timeline, a timeline that leads into the fifth dimension, you are there to assist those that are moving straight, moving on the continuing timeline that they have been on.

So think of this as timelines now are beginning to diverge more and more. This is why you are noticing your families, your friends, those that are pulling away from you, pulling away from your ideas, your ideals. For they do not understand. They only understand what they know. They do not understand what is possible, as you do.

So continue to trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in those that are mentoring to you, guiding you. Trust in the plan. For it is an unbreakable plan. It cannot be stopped. And everything is leading you in a direction that continues to follow that plan.

I am Archangel Michael. It is always a pleasure that I can be with you and share with you, and to help you more fully understand who you are and what you are here to do.

You are all here for a great mission. Some of you have already taken up that mission. Some are moving along to another part of a mission. You are all being guided to follow that path and that timeline to the right.

You don’t need to know the exact details you just have to be open to the discovery of your truest matches that make your soul sing.

January 1, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Open to What Makes Your Soul Sing

What does freedom, what does soul expansion, what does joyful self expression look like to you?

An even better question might be what do they feel like to you, because these are some of the core traits of 2022 and beyond. You don’t need to know the exact details you just have to be open to the discovery of your truest matches that make your soul sing.

That is how you allow the full potential of unfoldment and open to receive the gifts it holds for you. The universe has been excitedly waiting to watch you open those presents! As you step up into the energies of the new year, if you simply commit to allowing your life to get as big and beautiful as it wants to be, you will be setting yourself up for the most marvelous new experiences and brand new levels of attainment.

You are fully supported in stepping into your fullest, ever-unfolding, glorious expression of self, so embrace the wonder of where you have arrived and all the up-leveling that is now possible for you.

Archangel Michael January 2022 Message (text and video).Ronna Vezane

Michael’s Message

Beloved masters, Ascension means attaining a clearer awareness of Self, and accepting the fact that you are a White Fire Seed Atom Facet of our Mother/Father God
As you delve deeper and deeper within yourself, you come to realize your intimate connection with the ALL THAT IS. Once you have felt the exquisite bliss of a heart-to-heart connection with our Mother/Father God, and you are able to draw fully on the Adamantine Particles of Love/Light, your yearning for love is gradually fulfilled.  Your hunger for sustenance will also be satisfied, and you will be given the strength, will and determination you require to joyfully complete your earthly mission.              Energy is generated via the frequency patterns of attraction, rather than patterns of resistance or friction. Thoughts, words and emotions have either a helpful, or a detrimental effect on the physical vessel, and they also create a certain band of frequencies within your auric field and beyond. Thereby, your reality on the physical plane is created. The laws of the Universe state that  “you must always experience that which you create.”                   REMEMBER: THE SPOKEN WORD IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD. THE LANGUAGE OF SPIRIT IS COMPOSED OF LIGHT, SACRED GEOMETRY,  IMAGERY, SOUND AND COLOR. WHEN YOU ARE RADIATING THE REFINED FREQUENCIES OF LOVE ALL AROUND YOU, THE NEGATIVE FORCES WILL NOT AFFECT YOU.

My brave Ones, you must become a tributary of the River of Life, a channel for the Divine force of Creation. Stagnation begins immediately when you stop the flow of Adamantine Particles into  and through your Sacred Heart. As you become a Sentinel of Light, your aura will grow and glow as you become illumined by the radiance of Spirit. You, your home, your neighborhood, city, state, province and country all have an auric field, whether it is bright or dim.  The heart and Soul of each country must be revived. When unity consciousness is lost, the Spiritual life force of a country begins to wane.  Remember, everything that exists has an aura. The divinity and awesome power of the Creator is in everything!              Many Souls are what could be termed spiritually bankrupt, for they have either used up their allotment of Adamantine Particles of Life / Light and are now so steeped in the lower frequencies of the Third and Fourth-Dimensional world that they can no longer tap into the cosmic river of Life and draw forth the full-spectrum Light of the Creator. Or since early childhood, they have not been able to attain the required level of harmonious frequency patterns to ignite their allotment of Adamantine Particles stored within their Sacred Heart.               Unfortunately, many dear Souls take with them into death the greater portion of their allotment of Creator Light. These are the tormented Souls who feel unloved and have led a life of suffering and often isolation or violence, which was created by a sense of hopelessness, feelings of self-hatred and inferiority. They often focus their hatred and frustration outwardly, blaming others and fate for their failures, while all the time being unaware that they are the source of their own pain and suffering.               Many of these precious ones choose to come forth on what could be called the lower spectrum of Shadow and Light. At a Soul level, they chose the overlay for the life’s drama they would experience because they wished to overcome certain imbalanced frequency patterns from the past. However, many times the path they chose is too much of a challenge and they fall back into the negative patterns of many fruitless lifetimes. Those who have the least freedom of choice are driven by obsession, addictions and unconscious impulses. They are controlled by past negative influences that are very difficult to correct. Remember, dear hearts, you are not judged by anyone but yourself, and you will always be given an opportunity to overcome past transgressions. Self-forgiveness is the first step in healing the past and reconnecting to the power within.              It may seem heartless and uncaring; however, a Self-master will gradually end relationships with people they are no longer in harmony with. There should be no judgment, just a gradual letting go and a withdrawal or severance of any energy cords of attachment. It is usually the other person who  ends the relationship, for they can no longer receive the “emotional energy’” they require from the enlightened person.              So many lonely Souls are seeking their Soul mates, and this is taking place around the world as more and more Souls reach a certain level of harmony within.  For millions of you, this is the time when your Soul has reached the furthermost point of Its journey of separation, and you are now in the midst of  the journey of “reunion and integration”. Your Soul has gradually been infused with a Divine discontent which is slowly filtering into your consciousness, and you have  turned inward in order to tame the ego and reconnect with the Soul, the OverSoul, and the multiple facets of your greater Self.  You now have the potential to connect with the many Facets of your Soul family, your Higher Self, your many OverSouls and your God Ray (I AM Presence).              On the other hand, many Soulmates have similar Soul vibrational patterns but do not necessarily have similar physical auric patterns. Soul frequencies are stronger than physical frequency patterns, and they are stronger when you are in an emotional, heart-felt state.  If the radiance is strong enough, the beauty of Soul shines through; however, it may not be strong enough to overcome the physical, emotional and mental traits that are not in harmony, one with another, in order to create a lasting, satisfying relationship. Physical relationships are difficult at best on the earthly plane, and especially when you are striving for Self-mastery, and you are in the process of “knowing thyself,” which leads to constant, transformational changes within and without.              My brave ones, never forget, you are eternal and immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells. The Sacred Heart is the temple of the Soul; therein is the Essence of life where true love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity begins. The Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness which are etheric crystal prisms of refracted Light called Rays that beam forth the Essence of Creation.              Death is a metamorphosis, a changing of the cloak of flesh for a cloak of Light. You have but one life and that is eternal. You have assumed many roles while on your journey throughout eternity; however, you are as you were in the beginning within your Sacred Heart: a Divine child of the Supreme Creator. To become “Christed” is to realize your Divinity within, and then following unerringly the guidance of your God Self. In the higher realms your vessel of Light is pure, perfect and indestructible. Envision a wholeness that has never been altered and has no imperfections.              Staying centered within the Sacred Heart maintains your connection to the higher levels of God Consciousness, and assures a steady flow of Creator Light, Love, and Life. The Superconscious mind is a magnet for higher, godly truth. The desire body is a generating force within each person.  You are dominated by either the ego desire body, which is controlled by the physical senses or the spiritual “righteous” desire body, which is controlled by the Higher Self.              The subconscious, subjective mind is ruled by the conscious mind and past conditioning. It is programmed and reprogrammed through vibratory influences, whereby the lower, negative thought forms of the past have convinced you that you are sinful, weak, imperfect and inferior.  Throughout your many past life experiences, you have created a powerful vortex of doubt, depression, fear, scarcity and debilitating disease, which leads to premature death.  These harmful  thought forms have been repeated over and over again until they are firmly entrenched within each individual’s subconscious mind, as well as within the collective conscious belief structure, until they become the accepted reality of the masses.                           Your Sacred Mind always knows the truth and it will eventually override the misconceptions of the conscious mind which can be reprogrammed as you strive to clear the subconscious mind of negative influences. Your Sacred Mind is the direct connection to the God Mind. Moderation in all things results in equilibrium, balance and a sense of well-being.               Self-mastery leads to control of the physical emotions and the thought processes of the lower mind. A Self-master stands firmly centered within the Sacred Heart in the midst of chaos and change, holding fast to the wisdom of the Sacred Mind ─ as it gathers strength and guidance from our Father/Mother God  ─  always an observer of the process as all illusion slowly fades away.              Ascension means attaining a clearer awareness of Self and accepting the fact that you are an extension of our Mother/Father God.  As you delve deeper and deeper within Self, you come to realize your intimate connection with the Creator. Once you have felt the exquisite bliss of a heart-to-heart connection with our Mother/Father God, and you are able to draw fully on the Adamantine Particles of Love/Light, your yearning for love is gradually fulfilled.  Your hunger for sustenance will also be satisfied and you will be given the strength, will and determination you require to joyfully complete your earthly mission.              Energy is generated through frequency patterns of attraction, rather than patterns of resistance or friction. Thoughts, words and emotions have a helpful or detrimental effect on the physical vessel, and they also create a certain band of frequencies within your auric field and beyond. Thereby, your reality on the physical plane is created.  The laws of the Universe state that you must always experience that which you create.          As you begin the process of integrating the many Facets of your Higher Self, you will also tap into your higher creative abilities. You must learn to perfect a state of alert relaxation, whereby you are the cocreator as well as an observer of the process.  You must be patient, for there is a preparatory stage that must be followed in the process of activating your higher consciousness powers and attributes.              The language of the unconscious and subconscious minds is primarily imagery.  The activation and integration process of the subconscious, conscious and Superconscious minds is greatly accelerated by the deliberate practice of perfecting your imagery and visualization skills.  Perfecting your Tele-thought skills requires an intense will to succeed, along with determination and concentration.              Your progression into the higher realms of consciousness is a gradual awakening process, whereby you awaken to the nudgings and wisdom of your Soul Self, and your Higher Self-OverSoul.  As you step onto the Path of en-Lighten-ment, you initiate the process of developing a conscious, mindful awareness. You must first focus on the physical aspects of your Being: your physical vessel, the chakra system, your emotional nature and your mental capabilities. Gradually, over time, as you balance, harmonize, and integrate a certain degree of unity consciousness within your physical State of Being, you are ready to access the vibrational patterns, wisdom,  attributes, and abilities of the higher Fourth- and lower Fifth-Dimensional realities. This is the basic transformational process called Ascension in Consciousness.              This procedure includes joining, balancing and integrating the right and left hemispheres of the brain, gaining and access to your Sacred Mind, as well as balancing and harmonizing the seven etheric mind centers within the physical body called the Chakra system. As you ignite the Kundalini Fire that is stored within the Root Chakra and your reserve of Adamantine Particles of Light (which were stored there at birth for future use), you begin the process of opening and activating the Seven Seals of higher consciousness.  You will gradually gain access to you Sacred Heart center, and your Diamond Core God cell begins to blaze forth, thereby magnifying and radiating in greater force the dynamic Rays of God Consciousness. This is your own special formula, your Soul Song, which was encoded within your crystalline structure before your journey into physicality. Your task is to magnify, increase and add to this Soul Signature of Light as you move deeper and deeper into expanded God Consciousness.              You must realize that you exist in a whirlwind of vibrational frequencies created through your own forceful thoughts, actions and intention.  While existing in the lower frequency environment of a Third- and Fourth-Dimensional reality, you only have access to energy  forces composed of Primal Life Force Substance, the half-spectrum Light of the inharmonious material planes of existence. These vibrational frequencies will respond to your thoughts and actions, whether positive or negative, eventually manifesting materially depending upon the force and repetition of your thoughts. Your mental state of mind determines the outcome of your creative endeavors.  Universal Law assures that you will experience the resulting manifested expressions of your thoughts and actions, whether positive or negative.              Are you willing to strive to maintain a balanced forceful nature so that the frequency patterns you radiate forth into the world are loving, kind and beneficial to all? If you are truly serious about developing your latent skills of telepathic communication, it is important that you devote some time each day to study and practice.  Create a sacred space where you won’t be disturbed and ask your guides and teachers to join you there.  As you gradually attune to the higher realms and clear the distortions of the past from your personal column of Light, which connects you with your I AM Presence (God Self) and our Father/Mother God, you will slowly develop your ability to maintain a constant Alpha State level. Thereafter, you will enjoy an ongoing relationship with your Higher Self/Selves, your guides, teachers, the Cosmic Council of Light and the angelic realm.  That is your ultimate goal. My brave ones, we know there can be much pain, discomfort and fear as you move through these accelerated processes. Know that, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony. When you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come into your Pyramid of Light and we will give you courage, lift you up and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your Sacred Heart center, and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God.  I AM Archangel Michael.   Transmitted through Ronna * Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included. Read Messages Online English: Japanese/日本語:  Spanish/Español: Swedish/svenska: