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Dear Ones,

You are likely emotionally exhausted – beyond anything you can describe to others. For the slightest change in your routine creates a special effort on your part – which you find disconcerting and exhausting.

There are constant schedule disruptions and requirements this holiday season – as is true most years. The difference is that this year powerful Universal energies are bombarding you.

You are tired shortly after you awake and yet, at times, unable to sleep once you allow yourself to succumb to that exhaustion. Perhaps some of you find yourself in action and exhaustion patterns similar to when your children were infants.

So it is you are birthing yourself. There is nothing new in that last statement, for we, of the Universes, have been informing you of the same for years. The difference is that the previous energies exploding about and through you were minimal compared to now.

Such is so for a reason. Humans created both the anxiety and joy around this time of the year. The seasons are shifting, as has always been true. And the same with astrological patterns. Through the years, humans added holidays and celebrations to what has always been of the earth. This year, these seasonal/astrological annual events were given extra oomph by you and the Universes as a result of your request to shift the earth rapidly near the end of this calendar year. Such is so because these natural earth events created the perfect soup for a major transition.

It is as if you have contemplated creating this wondrous soup for eons and, in doing so, set aside the ingredients. You placed your soup pot on the stove when you began your transition, heating it to a slow simmer. Every transitional shift you experienced added another ingredient until all the ingredients were in the pot cooking for a soon-to-be-meal.

Because your soup is now at a full boil, you feel as if you are being tossed hither and yon working overtime to finalize your soup creation. As is true for all recipes, there is an end-point for your soup. That end-point is near the first of your new calendar year.

Even though our analogy is fun, it does not describe your fears that all is lost, that the world is going to “hell in a handbasket,” that never again will you feel settled or comfortable despite all we, of the Universes, relay to the contrary.

For the next few days, do not try to “read” yourself or anyone – just be. For just as is true with a spicy soup, the individual ingredients do not seem that important until combined into a new whole. So it is for you and all now. Your human/new being ingredients are blending into a new whole. Some were initially part of the soup stock (forerunners), and others were added as the recipe required. Some near the beginning of the cooking process (your immediate followers), others as the ingredients were called for. All timed perfectly for the end product – a delicious soup of 5D and beyond humans.

Perhaps you wonder why you needed to remain on the stove for such an extended amount of time. You forerunners are the stock, the starting point, and as you heat up with new energies, each following ingredient cooks or is prepared more rapidly.

So you feel as if almost your entire life has been cooking on the stove. And that the newcomers may be as gifted as you but not as dedicated. You probably feel that the “young whippersnappers” have it too easy.

We, of the Universes, wish for you to maintain the image of you as the soup stock requiring a longer cooking time, but those following creating the final taste. They need you to finalize their product just as you need them to add to yours.

There is no need to believe others are more or less talented than you in this new world. But to know instead without one another, there would be no soup.

So it is time to put aside your discussions of right or wrong, of he said, she said. The ingredients you are now upset about will soon be the spices of creation. Allow it to be.

And know that the amount of transition time is not important. For all of you decided at what stage you wanted to transition. You honed your talents for the time when you would add the most flavor, the most creativity to this wondrous new world soup. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Higher Vibrational OS

While the Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, may seem very simple at first glance, it is an intricate system that gives you all of the support and guidance you could possibly need for success on your journey. One interesting aspect that you may not have noticed is it contains a perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies, as well.

Surrender and flow are action oriented. They are expansive and forward moving which makes them masculine. Faith and trust are aspects that involve staying open to receive and are of the realm of connection and intuition, making them more feminine. The masculine leads the feminine and the feminine leads the masculine.

You get the full benefit of the balance that is inherently part of the Divine Combination by employing all of the elements together as a whole system and allowing them to work with and support each other. That is what creates the momentum for you to blaze new trails and make new discoveries, in a way that is energetically viable for you.

It is both simple and complex, which makes it accessible and effective. We refer to it as the higher vibrational operating system because not only does it lead you into those energies, it also sustains you within them. It is profound and beautiful and we highly recommend it.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ Removing Obstacles from Your Path

December 5, 2021,

Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.

When you pray to remove all obstacles, you are expressing your desire for full communion with God. You are asking for all that is in the way of your connection with the Divine Presence to be removed, so that you can consciously feel your alignment with love.

God is your partner in life. Prayer is the key to remind you of this partnership. Prayer is a deep and powerful action bringing you into the right frame of mind so your life will work for you in happier ways. Prayer is a tool for opening your heart. It brings love into every situation. Love is the greatest healing energy that exists in the world, so it serves you well to bring love into your life in a conscious way through prayer.

True communion with Spirit is a state of enlightenment. It is fully loving, courageous, free, and filled with joy. It is the happy state of knowing that the Divine Presence is always there to turn to so you never feel alone.

When you achieve the conscious awareness of your oneness with God, you will look at life from a state of joy, not fear. You will feel a sense of peace within you. In this state of Divine communion, your true freedom exists.

Pray with your heart, open your mind and be willing for miraculous changes to take place in your life. You were meant to be happy and at peace. You deserve all that is good. Know that you are a beloved child of the Source of all Light.

It is possible to live in love and full communion with God. The Angels are assisting you to make this deep connection at all times. You can call upon their grace to make joy your ever-present reality.

To have more harmony within yourself today, remember this simple suggestion from Archangel Gabriel:

Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

Send your loving energies to the world, to places that you wish to see move out of darkness.

I am Archangel Michael with my weekly message for those of the Angelic Warrior Group.

The evil agenda has been rolled out, and continues to be rolled out. You are wondering what there is to do about it.

This is what you can do about it. Send your loving energies to the world, to places that you wish to see move out of darkness.

As you are determining, there are varied levels of evil enacting upon your planet now. Some areas have made more progress in repelling the dark agenda, others have not.

You are living in the area, be it a country or city that you are living in, for a reason. The reason is that your energy is best suited for repelling the dark agenda for this area. Strong lightworkers are in areas that are very dark, lightworkers who are of lower frequency live in areas that have more light.

Sometimes you feel the need to move, and this could be the reason why: You are being asked to reposition yourself in order to align with another area that best suits your energetic capacity. Areas where there are many lightworkers tend to wake up faster than other areas, and one of these would be the United States. Areas where there are fewer lightworkers would tend to wake up more slowly, and as Sharon notes with chagrin, this would be Canada.

This week’s task, and it will be included in your tasks for all weeks henceforth, is to send energies of Light to your own capitals, your own leaders of state, your own governors, prime ministers, political parties, etcetera. This will be your task every week and we may or may not mention it, but this will always be part of our request of you from this time on.

It is something that perhaps you can do in your daily meditation or prayers. Think of your country and its leaders and send them white light.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your teacher, I am your leader and I am your servant. We are Legion.

Thank you, Sharon.

Me: You’re so welcome, Michael!

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